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Death Club role play has been on pause for the last year and a half, due to time zone issues for the Game Master.  LadyBelz and I are pleased to be able to now continue where we left off.


This is the new Russian arc – A Stacked Deck.


This first post by LadyBelz was written in 2013, the following is my reply which was written today.  Hope you enjoy the return of Death Club.



Writer LadyBelz


Roleplay: Deathclub – The Great Escape



It had been almost two weeks since the sodomy and rape of Mia and Steve. Two weeks since Lotus had been an “unseen” guest in Yuri’s home and she was almost at 100% strength. Gia had been true to her word when she had told Lotus that no one would know she was there. Apparently there were strict rules in place about invading rooms that were not assigned to the person involved and no one wanted to get on Yuri’s bad side – if he had a bad side to speak of. Each day Lotus grew stronger while Gia kept her fed and safe. Lotus began practicing shadow fencing using a broom handle she had found in the closet. Gia explained having it as an extra measure of defense. Lotus simply shrugged and continued to get better. On days that Gia was free, she would practice with Lotus, giving the young Oriental woman someone to spar against. The first time Lotus had flipped Gia (to both women’s surprise), Gia pronounced Lotus healed and ready to leave. “Give me a day or two to work out the details and I will get you out of here.” Gia told her.

Gia took the opportunity to sneak out one night to retrieve Lotus’s bag that she had stashed away. She had been nearly caught when one of the guards who had not been assigned to patrol that section of the compound had come upon her as she was pulling the bag into sight. Before he could sound the alarm, she had put him down with a few well-placed kicks. While he was unconscious, she slit his throat and tossed him off the cliff to the water below. The sound of the ocean beating against the rocks masked the sounds of the struggle. It would be at least a day or two before the man was missed. By then Gia hoped to have Lotus safely away.

Opportunity came nearly 24 hours later. The one girl who normally did the household shopping with Gia became ill with pneumonia. As she was head of the servant girls, it fell to her to pick a replacement. There were very few people Gia trusted and Annalina, a servant who had the room next to hers was one of the few. When she was assured that everyone had gone to bed for the evening, she crept into the hall and stealthily made her way the few feet to Annalina’s door. She knocked gently, the sound echoing in the quiet of the hall. She looked around quickly, listening for any signs that someone heard. The door opened and Annalina stared out at her. “Is everything ready?” Gia asked, nearly whispering. Annalina turned from the door for a moment and returned with a wrapped bundle, which she passed to Gia. Gia took a quick peek at what was inside and nodded with satisfaction. “You must be careful, Gi. I think *he* is getting suspicious.” She heard the emphasis on the “he” and knew immediately to whom she was referring. “Has something happened?” Gia wondered. “There is a rumor that a guard’s body washed up on the beach near the main city. His throat was slit. The police were here this afternoon asking him all sorts of questions. They have their suspicions but know they cannot act.” Gia nodded. The last time the police had questioned Yuri about a murder, the police captain had been found dead in his home. There was no evidence of a break-in and no fingerprints were found. “Do not worry, my friend. I have always covered my tracks well.” Gia nodded. Annalina knew this to be true, but it didn’t stop the worry from reflecting in her eyes. “Rosalie will meet you behind the church for the switch.” Gia glanced up at that. “She knows which tunnel to use, correct?” Annalina nodded. Gia thanked her and returned to her room. Lotus sat up, eying the bundle in Gia’s hands. “What is that?” she asked. “This is your ticket to freedom.” Gia grinned, removing a long, blonde wig and clothing from the bundle, tossing them at Lotus. Lotus pinched the fake hair between her forefinger and thumb, easing it off her lap like it was something filthy. “I am not wearing this.” she scowled, shaking it at Gia. Gia simply stared at her, one dark eyebrow arched in amusement as if she were saying “You can and will and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Lotus wanted to smack her.



Despite her fierce stand, the following morning Lotus found herself following Gia through the house, blonde wig firmly perched upon her head and wearing a shapeless dress resembling a potato sack. She had been forced to endure the hour Gia made her sit so that she could check to be sure not even a speck of her luxurious black hair shown through. She was supposed to look like Rosalie so that no one would be suspicious. The final insult was when Gia passed her a small case that had blue-tinted contacts in them. She balked fiercely. “Yuri always checks the girls any time they leave the house. If you have any chance of getting out of here, alive, then you need to put them in.” Gia told her. Once she was suitably attired to Gia’s specifications, only then did they leave. With the admonishments to “Keep your head down.”, “Speak in a soft voice.” and “Do not speak unless spoken to.” ringing in her mind, she followed behind Gia, struggling not to glance up at their surroundings. Gia led her into Yuri’s study, where the man himself was doing paperwork at his desk. Gia stood across from him, waiting to be acknowledge. “Vhat do you vant?” he asked after a time. “It is time to do the household shopping.” Gia stated. “Who is to be with you?” he asked. “Rosalie.” she stated without hesitation. Yuri leaned back in his seat and finally looked at the two women. “Rosalie” kept her eyes on the floor beneath her feet. All Yuri saw was a submissive household pet and he nodded. He reached into a drawer and handed Gia a wad of bills. As her hand curled around the money, his curled around her wrist. “You have two hours. When you return, send her to my quarters.” he pointed at “Rosalie” who did her damnedest to repress the shudder that moved through her body. Gia nodded, not trusting her voice. She would make this up to Rosalie later. Yuri released her and sent them on their way. Once they were out of earshot, Lotus couldn’t help but comment, under her breath, but Gia heard it all the same. “Pig.” She had to repress the grin that threatened to cross her face.



They climbed into one of the Jeeps outside the compound and Gia started the engine. Putting the vehicle in gear, she slowly made her way through the gates and then down the hill. When Lotus assumed they were a safe enough distance away, she turned to speak to Gia, who immediately clamped a hand over her mouth and rapidly shook her head. Frowning, Lotus wondered what was going on now. Gia pulled a pre-written note from her pocket and passed it to her.



After reading it, Lotus looked at Gia, eyes darting around. She knew exactly what the note was in reference to. There were listening devices in the Jeep. Gia pointed to the radio dial and then gently tapped a finger on the rear view mirror. Lotus looked closely at both and spotted the tiny microphones on each. She nodded. Gia handed her a second note.



Lotus breathed a sigh of relief at that and leaned back into her seat. The further they got away from the compound, the more she relaxed. Once in the city, Gia parked the Jeep in front of the market. They went inside together, away from any listening devices, Gia turned to Lotus, who was clutching her belongings as a lifeline. “Go out the back, through the loading dock. The church is around the corner to the left. Rosalie will meet you there with a change of clothing. After that, you’re on your own.” Gia instructed her. On impulse, Lotus pulled the woman into a hug. “I owe you a debt I do not know how to repay.” Lotus stated, stepping back. “The only thing I require is this: if you see that red-headed devil bitch, punch her in the eye for me. She should not have left you behind.” Gia scowled. Lotus chuckled. “I plan to do a whole lot more to her when I see her once again. Thank you.” She turned to leave put paused. “Your brother is a dead man walking. I hope you know this.” she stated without turning around. “I know.” Gia replied. Lotus sighed once before she started walking again, not looking back at the woman who had saved her life. She did not know if that would be the last time she would see Gia again…


Stacking the Deck – Russia (2014)
March 29, 2014 01:15AM
Death Club Role PlayStacking the Deck


Location : Russia

Writer : CharlotteCarrendar

With the use of night vision binoculars, Wolf was again doing his nightly surveillance of Yuri’s compound from an adjacent property owned by an old farming couple that kept very much to themselves. Nikita had worked a deal to allow herself and Wolf to stay at the farm, working as farm hands, while at night they went on surveillance missions to see when it was the right time to go and make the break to free Lotus.

Hidden well from view with the night acting as a cloak, Wolf adjusted his binoculars, seeing into the compound and the usual parade of guards that were now patrolling the grounds 24/7. It seemed that Ayalah’s daring escape had only hardened Yuri’s resolve to ensure that the same thing did not happen again. Checking his watch, Wolf counted down and then peered through the green lens to see Yuri actually emerge from his house. A glass of whiskey in one hand a cigar in the other. He did this nightly, like a ritual. Over the course of the last two weeks, this was observed and noted. Tonight, he didn’t have his usual slave girl being dragged out and humiliated on the balcony. Creasing his brow, Wolf slowly adjusted the scope so he could get a better view. Yuri was talking to a tall blonde woman, who wore a distinct Russian military outfit; though he did think it appeared to be the type of clothing a dominatrix wore. ~She must be one of his lackeys~ Wolf thought to himself. The pair was in some sort of heated discussion; the woman raising her hands as though trying to convey her feelings. Watching with an increased interest, Wolf saw Yuri throw his glass of scotch on the floor of the balcony and then rounding on his guard. In one swift movement, he slapped her hard across the face. ~If only I could hear them~ Wolf thought again. The female guard held her face in shock, as the Russian tore strips off her, then thundered back inside. That was indeed unusual to see, for it meant that things were not exactly rosy in the compound. Maybe Yuri was losing his edge. He did lose a lot of guards when Ayalah was broken out.


Sadly there were no sightings of Lotus. This in itself was troubling, but it could mean she was being held in those dark dungeon cells that Wolf had seen himself inside the fortress like compound. Wolf’s thoughts turned to Lotus. The last time he saw her she was risking everything to save that bitch Ayalah, who demanded that the Japanese assassin be left behind. Setting down the night binoculars, Wolf sat himself up now that the night’s show was over. He cursed himself silently, as he did every night. Feeling he had no backbone, and that Lotus suffered now because of it. ~I will get you out of there.~ Wolf swore to himself, as he packed up his surveillance equipment and made a start back for the farm house, which was a two mile trek over the hills.

The Farmhouse.


Standing under the porch, there was a flicker of a red hue that came from the cigarette that Nikita was smoking. She didn’t go on the nightly surveillance runs, preferring to do her job by keeping the farming couple from getting in deep. Posing as farmhands, Nikita and Wolf had to hide their car in the barn so it would not be seen in a helicopter surveillance sweep that was done every other day by a firm that were contracted by Yuri to step up security in the area. Any trips made into the nearest township were done in the couple’s broken down car which was at least fifty years old. Dressed in traditional Russian country clothing, Nikita didn’t look at all like the stunning catwalk model that she used as a cover in Moscow. Instead her face was devoid of makeup, and her hair covered with a scarf; a long plait coursing down her back. Hearing the crunch of Wolf’s boots on the gravel road that led to the house, she stamped out her cigarette and blew a last smoke ring before venturing out from the veranda to meet him

“Zee anything unusual tonighzt?” Nikita asked in her husky Russian accent. Wolf swung the backpack down off his back and carried it in his right hand. Approaching Nikita he replied;

“I saw Yuri slap one of his guards, but aside from that, nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Any zign of Lotus?”

“None, they must have her locked up deep inside the dungeons. I know she can take care of herself, and she would be a danger to let out.”

Thinking for a moment, Nikita had an idea. “Tommorow, we go to market with the oldz couple. I know that they have business in the town. There is zomeone that might be ablez to ‘elp uz” This had Wolf stop in his tracks. “Who can help us?” This was the first time that Nikita had even mentioned having a contact in the market town close by.

“He…helped me once, and i know he haz no love for Yuri.” Nikita was being very mysterious about this man, and as she gestured for Wolf to follow her inside, she said simply. “I didn’t want to have to go to him again. I hate risking otherz, but I know what this Lotuz meanz to youz.” Taking two steps up, she looks back at Wolf and says. “He is the town priest. A good and decent man, one of the cloth.” She stopped and placed a hand on the door knob, about to turn it. The sound of the state TV station playing some music show playing faintly in the background. The old couple were sitting in their comfortable chairs, unaware of the danger that Wolf and Nikita posed for them.

“Yuri has amassed a lot of hatred from people in this town, but they are scared. I can’t zay I blame them. I know firsthand what he is capable of.” She stared back at Wolf with deep green eyes. “No more should die because of that man. And I don’t think I could live with myself if harm comes to the kind people of thiz farm. “ Nikita then reinforced her statement by saying. “We must be cautious.”

Wolf nodded in agreement, yet in his heart he could not let Lotus go. He had to save her, regardless.

The Market Place.


The farmer who was about seventy years old drove like a man of his age would – slowly. With his wife at his side, who was clutching a basket and with squawking chickens in the back – it was a noisy trip from the farm house into the town market. Wolf and Nikita, who were both wearing their country styled outfits, could barely see out of the grimy windows of the car as it chugged along the road towards the town. Anyone would think the engine was powered by hamsters and a shoe string. It had certainly seen better days and shuddered violently every time the farmer changed gears.

As the car chugged into town, Nikita spotted some of Yuri’s black BMW’s parked just near the bank. She cringed inwardly as the car putted past the line of cars. Someone was in town that day, obviously doing business, but this was the worst possibly scenario if they were spotted. Nikita leaned forward, her scarf covering much of her hair and shielding her face side on.

Spoken in Russian

“Zieg, пожалуйста, везти нас в церкви и мальчик, и я выйти и встретиться с вами на рынках.”(translation: Zieg, please drive us to the church and the boy and I get out and meet you at the markets.)

“Хорошо, ребенок. Но не займет слишком много времени. Мать хочет вернуться как раз к ее любимого шоу.”
(translation: Alright, child. But don’t take too long. Mother wants to get back in time for her favourite show.)

Nikita nodded, and then clung onto the seat in front of her, as the farmer increased the speed, changing gears harshly which caused the car to jerk violently in protest. Wolf was already tired of riding in the backseat. The seat itself had no springs or foam in it, so it was like riding on steel bars. They sure didn’t make cars like they used too. The old car pulled up outside the church steps with a loud bang and smoke pouring from the exhaust. The old farmer patted the dash and tried to sooth the worn out car, as his wife badgered on in Russia about how she didn’t want to be late.

Getting out of the car, Wolf pulled the top of his woollen Andy cap down low and dug his hands deep into the old coat that he had borrowed from the farmer. With Nikita alighting from the other side, the two stood on the steps, as the farmer took off again heading for the markets. Taking her hand, Wolf led the Russian agent up the stairs, and into the Church. Needless to say they were going to be in for a shock with what they would find inside.

The Church.

Inside the old style cathedral building, the Priest was serving communion to his small gathering of parishners. As the two entered from the main door, there was the scrapping sound of shoes on the tired floor boards. An elderly lady handing Wolf and Nikita prayer books, and gesturing for them to take their seats in the pews. There were a few rows to chose from as it seemed only a handful of the townsfolk were partaking. A few tired old faces looked back as Wolf and Nikita sat. Wolf taking off his hat after a stern look from one old nun. Up the front there was a row of nuns, all with their rosaries out and praying. As the two opened their books, to try and catch up one of the younger parisheners sat down beside them, and handed Wolf a flyer. It had a strange marking on it. A symbol of the number 7 with another 7 symbols marked through it. In a hushed voice he said.

”The flower has fallen and the bear walks beneath the New Moon on Monday.”

As quickly as he had spoke, he got up and took up a hymn book calling out a number as the congregation stood and started to sing. One of the nuns’s turned her head to look back. She had Asian eyes and blonde hair that showed through the top of her habit. Wolf took one look, and broke out in a grin.


It was Lotus.