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The Ronin & The Serpent

Part Ten

Seeking Justice



xZephyrZ: The Young Dragon rode to return, word of his failure had been sent forward, he knew Mitsunari would not be pleased to hear of his recklessness, but as ever would maintain his emotionless façade. He had certainly been rash, if only he had stopped.. thought, there had been minor casualties, but casualties none the less and the burden lay on his soul alone. (Seiyuu) “DAMN!” he choked the words out from behind teeth like prison bars. There was simply no way to vent his frustrations, he had to accept what had happened and look to the future. If all those years taught him anything it was exactly that. With that his eyes flicked up to see Takana, returned from relaying the Dragon’s message, he urged his horse forward as the shadowy man re-joined them so that he was by his side. (Seiyuu) “What news? Do we have any orders?” he questioned. Takana bowed his head slightly before replying (Takana) “We do not have any further orders but to stand by Young Dragon, they wish to re-evaluate our strategy now that we are facing a head on conflict with the Warlord, it was also requested you return at once.” The man hesitated for a moment (Seiyuu) “Is that all? If that’s the case we shall return as reque-“ Takana interrupted the Young Dragon, his face of a man who was deep in conflict within himself (Takana) “Dragon… Seiyuu.. Amongst the men.. I had heard of a Ronin who was sent to kill the assassin that murdered your father and rescue the daughter of another Lord who was killed, they were saying he was to return to a certain village, it’s not far from our current position, if you wanted more information about how he died…” he did not finish his sentence. Takana knew what the Young Dragon would do, but he could not afford to betray the orders of the Empire now, he had yet to redeem himself and launching his own personal crusade would fatally wound his chances, he waited for a reply. The Young Dragon looked away for a moment, set adrift in his own mind. He knew Takana would have figured out his dilemma already, the Empire or revenge? The Empire’s War Council would never approve of this kind of behaviour, but his heart was with his father.. he wanted all those who had plotted against him dead and this lead was priceless. (Seiyuu) “Then I ride for this village, how do I get there?” the man attempted to choke back the words, but he was bound by his life to serve the Young Dragon, he simply could not refuse (Takana) “I see you have already decided.. despite the consequences.. I will go with you, you need not face this alone!” Takana was determined to be there for the Young Dragon no matter the consequences, as far as he was concerned his soul belonged to him after back then. (Seiyuu) “No, you will not follow, I must face this alone, you will lead the Eyes in my stead, Mitsunari would be a fool to reject your aid in times such as these…” He paused only for a moment “So, how do I get there?” It was impossible to convince his master once his mind was made up (Takana) “A day north, follow the road you come to, it will be difficult to miss, they said it had been razed to the ground, may your soul be protected…” With that the Young Dragon would ride for the nameless village alone, unable to predict what lay ahead.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Riding high in the saddle, with her chin tilted up, she observed the guard that met them as they entered the land of Rikken. He was not at all happy to see the infamous Serpent, making sure to alert all, screaming her name and making a run at the horse. You could see the Serpent’s body tense as she hissed at the guard, only having the Ronin step in front of the guard – grabbing the man’s neck, and challenging his authority. “Her name is Ayame” This was a name she had not gone by in a very long time. Her brother practically threw the guard to the ground, and summoned the War Horse to come and meet him at once. Easing herself in the saddle once more, the Serpent bowed her head, the faint breeze toying with her hair. She did not like how this was going so far, and was concerned that they would be led into a trap. From a far house, the old warrior; Tyunayoshi appeared. In his right hand his boa staff. A troubled look swept over his features as he approached the Ronin. Casting a glance up at the Serpent, as she sat silently on the back of the horse, the old warrior asked. “I see you brought back a trophy, why is it not just her head?” He was under the impression that the Ronin sought to end the Serpent for her murderous ways, and yet she was sitting without binds on the back of his horse. The Serpent glared at the old warrior from beneath her veil of black hair. “You are still alive… Tyunayoshi. I thought my Master left you for dead.” Her voice had a cruel edge to it, as she made it plainly obvious that she cared little for the one known as War Horse. He chuckled, to hear that she still had a fire in her belly. “Your Master may have taken an eye as a prize…but not my life, my sweet Viper. “ he then shot a look at the Ronin and said. “Feisty, isn’t she?” Course, he had no idea…that the Serpent was Ronin’s sister. That was bound to come as a shock. :: Kekeyama sucked the grape into her mouth, chewing as she listened to her brother recount how the cards were dealt and their meaning. Clearly the Warlord was going to be the one to lose the most in this war with the new Dragon. Youth always has an edge over the frailty of an old man’s mind. Kekeyama pushed back from the edge of the tub, then rose up. Water trickling down across her body, as she reached for a towel, stepping out onto a soft rug. She started to pat herself dry slowly, her eyes locked on her brother. “Then we must choose our path wisely. I don’t fancy dying all for an old man’s misdeeds.” She then licked her lips slowly, as she came to mull over what would be a good option now. “I wonder if the young Dragon has a taste for women, such as myself.” What was she plotting? <3>

IceTe3a: Ronin watched as the old war horse came strolling down the path with a boa in hand, he noticed Tyunayoshi’s confused faucal expressions, this was going to be interesting to explain to him but Ronin was sure that Tyunayoshi would understand. Watching as Tyunayoshi came to a stand before them both he expected exactly what Tyunayoshi was going to say ‘I see you brought back a trophy, why is it not just her head’ Ronin stood there listening to all Tyunayoshi had to say just as Tyunayoshi and Ayame started fighting with each other. “Enough” he said loudly, walking over to Ayame he picked her up off the horse and placed her down to stand before him, placing a hand on her back he lead her in front of Tyunayoshi. “She is my sister, Ayame” he said as he glanced into her eyes with a smile “The warlord took her from my family at a young age, she did not know what she was doing, She is on our side Tyunayoshi” he said in a firm voice showing how serious he was “I have found her and she will never leave my side again. I have returned here to continue our plans If you have issue with her being here. Then you have issue with me as well and we shall take our leave, If you are fine with all of this than can we continue on inside so I can fill you in on what has happened” he glanced over to Ayame and smiled lightly “Be respectful to Tyunayoshi, he did not know your story and nor you his. I expect you both to get along” he demanded. : Kayne was watching Keke closely as she rose from the tub and dried herself off, wrapping a towel around her smooth body. Coming to a stand he heard her talk of their plans as he chuckled slightly, walking around behind her he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in closely as he leaned against the wall, her soft skin was hot from the boiling bath as it warmed up his skin in the process “I understand we have to tread lightly dear sister, but never forget we are not like the others around us” he smiled as he kissed the back of her shoulder his eyes started to glow a dull orange as his lips trails across the skin of her shoulder gently kissing her up to her neck he bore his teeth as he lightly nipped her neck. “I trust you to choose our path wisely Keke, you shall lead this one and drag me along as usual” he smiled gently.: The warlords army was preparing for battle, The guildsmen were working on new Battle weaponry as the builders reinforced the gates and walls, upgrading the defences with brand new Archer Towers. The warlord was up in the giant castle on the 12th floor high above the ground as he was surrounded by his new generals in the army. He gave them little power this time as they had to sit and take orders, No advise was to be given nor talking to be had whilst the warlord was in control. “ I want The men’s weapons sharpened all of them, Check the armors. Also make sure the guildsmen are working and not slacking off” as he barked out orders. He may have lost the battle but the war was hardly over, he had lost his advisers and his son but he would have revenge. As he glanced back into the cave “Have we managed to tame that cursed thing yet?” he growled as he looked down to the giant tent near the entrance of the cave, no doubt full of wounded failures. He would have upper hand this time he would make sure of it as a corrupt smile came across his face.

xZephyrZ: As the Young Dragon rode the storm which had been brewing within his mind unleashed all it had. Had he made the right decision? Should he turn back now? Would it look like he was running from his failure… again? What could he possibly do about his father’s death like this anyway? The Young Dragon shook his head in frustration, he was but a man, young at that, not wise, nor experienced, he could only take all this as it came. By now the Warlord would be preparing for war, the Ronin had to be back in the Lord’s lands, there was no trace of him at the fortress. The Serpent, the assassin that had been responsible for his father’s death, was also nowhere to be found, what had become of her? This future was too uncertain.. he longed for the peaceful days he had spent in the mountains with the men and women of the Eyes. How had it come to this? Fate was fickle.. why did the path to his destiny have to be so rocky and harsh, it was as if he was bound to the rocks at the mercy of the waves.. But he would take control of his destiny, that’s what he was doing now, he need not worry about his decision, as long as it was his own it would all work out. The Young Dragon reassured himself of this (Seiyuu) “Get it together.. you’re being stupid” he muttered urging his horse forward, he had found the path Takana mentioned, he need only follow it to find the Ronin, unaware of what surprises wait for him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was like watching two cock fighters squaring off against each other –feathers all ruffled and angry. It would take something special to stop it from turning into a physical battle. That is where the Ronin stepped in. He boldly called “Enough” and it was enough to make the pair fall silent. The Ronin reached for Ayame and lifted her from the horse, placing her down gently upon the ground. Her dress shimmering; smoothing to her frame as it settled upon the dust. Ayame felt the press of her brother’s hand to her back pushing her forward. She was introduced as his sister. This came as a complete shock to the old warrior, who stared at the Serpent more closely. The Ronin put forth his case, that she was stolen at a young age, and moulded into the very woman that stood before them. Problem was, Tyunayoshi knew the Serpent a lot longer than Ronin did. He didn’t trust her at all. The issue was that they needed the Ronin in that town, what with the likelihood of another attack, possibly from the Dragon Empire over the death of their leaders in this very square. Tyunayoshi frowned at what Ronin has said, about either accepting the fact of who she was, or that they would leave. “Keep her caged….I trust you, my friend, but not her. Trust is to be earnt, and she has a long way to prove that I am wrong.” Wise words, it would seem. The Serpent only nodded with a soft “yes”, when Ronin asked her to be respectful of Tyunayoshi . Would she hold to her word? :: Kekeyama exhaled loudly as her brother took her in his arms, and pushed her to the nearest wall. Her head tilting to allow his kisses that caressed her skin. His teeth raking her flesh. “Mmmm, my darling brother, I do not plan to let you down. You are my first concern, and I plan to provide you with enough females to sate your lust.” This was said with a heavy undertone as her own lust was rising. She brought both arms up and over her head – fingers interlocking as they shared a quiet and poignant moment. The siblings bond practically unbreakable. One would die for the other, and vice versa. “No doubt, the dragon will want to hear his future. We have quite the show to perform. Her eyes turning a sweet red as she gazed into her brother’s. “I’ll make you proud. I promise.” <3>

IceTe3a: Ronin nodded slightly “She will be by my side at all times, I trust her with my life just as I trust you Tyunayoshi” he shook his head slightly, People allowing past and emotions to run over their judgments such a unmediated and unconditioned thing they were showing.. Like untrained students rivaling each other. Grabbing Ayame’s hand he started to walk up to Rikken’s old place “How is the change over, are the guards and other lords accepting the young ladies claim to the title?” he said as he guided them both towards a outside table, taking a seat he let go of Ayame’s hand as he continued to glance at Tyunayoshi “The warlord was under attack as we left, it did not look good he was losing the battle.” He said as he went on and on filling in Tyunayoshi all about what had happened with the warlord explaining how he got caught, about Keke and Kayne and everyone else. He glanced to his dear sister and smiled “What are your thoughts sister? What would he do in this situation”: Kayne was kissing and nipping Keke’s neck and shoulder softly as she spoke of promises and safety “Oh Keke, you know I would do anything for you, there is no need for such promises.” As he leaned back and smiled His lust was outrageous that he was in agreement of, Only Keke could keep him on a tight leash, any mere normal female would suffer a painful fate if Kayne was released onto her. His eyes smiled with a devilish gleam “As you wish sister, I shall read him the cards. Just ask and I will do” he said in an almost submissive way although Kayne was anything but submissive, Keke just had that kind of control over him “ You would like to see this world at civil war yes? Burning in fire, the pain and screams of those dying under you” he boasted her title for her as he bit down on his own lip drawing blood as it trickled across his bottom lip. His body was warming up as he touched his lip with his finger glancing at his own blood “It’s been awhile..” he was stating how long it had been since he last bled, although he loved the feeling of pain being what he was it brought him pleasure.: The warlord grumbled slightly as he had learned the beast was not yet tame “How can you not tame it, we’ve been at it for years!” he barked as he sighed slightly “Get the magic council to study on it, figure out a way to tame it” he growled under his breath as a guard ran off with his orders, The magic council… gathered in the Warlords lands as they tapped into ancient and dark magics they were a peaceful bunch never going to war, but were useful for their healing abilities and knowledge on Lore among other things. They escaped their own lands coming here promising their wealth in all the knowledge for safety and the right to do as they please, the warlord accepted this as he knew they would be a very valuable ally.

xZephyrZ: It was finally in front of him, what would be a nothing to most experienced travellers the Young Dragon had been unable to escape the bombardment of this thoughts. He slowed his horse to a Canter now, one by one villagers passed him, throwing glares and strange looks at him without remorse, it was only natural they would fear outsiders. Approaching the one closest him the Young Dragon spoke up (Seiyuu) “I am looking for a Ronin, do you know anything of him?” The villager shot him a glance and kept on their way, head down. He tried again (Seiyuu) “Does anyone know anything of a Ronin? I heard he was in these lands, is he still here?” No replies came, it was clear the townspeople were wary of strangers now and who could blame them, these people had been visited by death, reaper of souls, they had lost loved ones without so much as a word. He gave up for now, riding further toward the town, coming toward the gate two guards noticed him and approached immediately spears pointed directly at him (Guard) “Halt! What business have you here? Identify yourself at once and state your purpose!” Once more it painfully obvious what had happened to these people, they were right not to trust him, with a slight sigh he spoke (Seiyuu) “I do not mean you or these people any harm, I am an envoy of the Dragon, his Youngest Son, I seek out the Ronin who recently graced these lands, please, I only seek more information about my father’s death” Of course he didn’t expect the guard to be convinced. The guard replied eyeing him grudgingly, he had recognised the tattered garb of the Dragon’s Empire, but this only served to make him more suspicious (Guard) “Do you expect us to believe this, it is impossible to prove what you say, and even if it is true, you could be the herald for an attack upon our lands, for the death of the Dragon and his Son… for revenge..” With this the Young Dragon dismounted his horse immediately falling to his knees and bowing on all fours (Seiyuu) “I am sincerely sorry for the losses you have had to endure, I will accept full responsibility on behalf of my father, you may take all my weapons and have me escorted by as many men as you please, I wish only to speak with the Ronin if he is still here”. Now it would be impossible for the guard to refuse, reluctantly he took the Young Dragon’s blade and pistol, taking a moment to gaze upon the Lorenzoni repeating flintlock pistol such technology was extremely rare in these lands. He nodded and replied (Guard) “Fine, we received the Ronin not long ago, we will escort you in to the town and inform them of your presence, your belongings will be returned when you leave, you may tie your horse up outside town, we will ensure it is not stolen” it was clear the guard felt a little uncomfortable addressing the Young Dragon in this way, perhaps no one had presented themselves so humbly before him in such a way, at any rate the Young Dragon was being taken to meet the Ronin, his heart jumped, this was it.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The stares and whispers didn’t go unnoticed by the Serpent, whose hand was taken by her brother; the Ronin. He led her into Rikken’s old place. The old warrior walked just behind them, still keeping a close watch on the Serpent. To him, she was like a coiled viper that could lash out in the blink of an eye. Hearing the Ronin’s query about the Child bride of Rikken, he was able to answer. “So far there has been no disputing her right to title. She was upset naturally to be brought back, but on hearing of the atrocities that occurred to these her people, she suddenly had to grow up, very fast.” Walking with the aid of his boa staff, he made a constant clacking sound against the tiled floor of the large house. As he passed those elders that had come out to see the arrival of the Ronin and his sister, again there was much whispered discussion. Coming to an outdoor patio area, the Serpent was lead to a seat at a table, where the Ronin sat right beside her, finally releasing her hand. The old warrior joined them, but remained tight lipped as he heard of how the Warlord faired in the past few days. “What of the Warlord’s son? Surely he will try to come for the child bride.” This was a good question, and the Serpent interjected. “He’s dead. You shan’t have a problem from him.” She didn’t say how he died or who killed him, but the old warrior already knew. “Turned on them as well, no doubt.” He said, staring into her eyes, as though trying to pierce her cold veneer. “An eye for an eye.” The Serpent said simply. “Touche’” Tyunayoshi uttered, looking back at the Ronin. Asked by the Ronin for her thoughts on the situation, she spelt it out clearly. “The Warlord has lost many to his cause, but don’t underestimate him. He didn’t survive this long purely on luck.” That was a fair warning, if ever there were one. :: Kekeyama was released from her brother’s hold, and she glided over to start dressing in a simple silk dress. The colour was blood red, fitting for a such a woman as Kekeyama. She smoothed her hands across the silken fabric, making sure it hugged her figure to perfection. Kayne assured her that he would read the cards, and play his part. Glancing over her shoulder she purred. “I want to be able to sip from a chalice made from the skull of the most powerful man in this conflict, as I watch the world burn at my feet.” She crossed the floor and ran her finger tip across her brother’s lip, before sucking her finger slowly and demurely. “You always did taste good.” <3>

IceTe3a: Ronin listened to everything they both had to say, as he didn’t bother paying attention to those around them staring and whispering, it was always going to happen; just something his sister was going to have to get used to, as he rubbed her hand for reassurance he smiled to her. “Right, I agree, we should not count the warlord down and out. And what of the Dragons army, We should expect retaliation from them as well” he sighed slightly as he rubbed his head, so much was going on he could hardly keep up with it all, “I am going to need three new blades eventually, I lost mine back at the warlords castle” he chuckled. “Tyunayoshi I want you to take charge of Rikken’s men, we need to make sure this place can be defendable and the men ready. We also need to inform the young lady of our plans” he nodded as he glanced over to his sister “Ayame? Will you help me defend this village when the time comes?” he knew she would answer yes; at least he hoped she would. As he smiled lightly, he glanced around the place it was clean as if nothing ever happened but Ronin knew better this was where he first laid eyes on his sister and where so many had died. After awhile of chatting Ronin’s ears twitch as he heard two sets of footsteps coming closer “Someone’s coming” he said softly as his eyes darted to the location from where the sound came from, he was on high guard having his sister near him, he would not let anyone harm her that’s for sure. A guard appeared around the corner leading a young adult male behind him, who could this young man be and why is he with the guard? Has he caused some sort of trouble only time would tell. :: Kayne leaned against the wall his back pressed against it firmly as his hues follow Keke as she glided across the floor with such grace it looked like she was floating. She placed on a simple silken dress, dyed the colour of blood red; He had to smirk at her choice in colours ironic really, as his dull orange hues were pulsing as they followed her. The blood on his bottom lip was collecting as it started to tip over and drip down towards his chin ‘I want to be able to sip from a chalice made from the skull of the most powerful man in this conflict, as I watch the world burn at my feet’ with a devilish smile creeping across his face he stated “And so you shall bask in the blood of the fallen their blood will fill your tub in which you will soak your beauty in, as you sit upon your throne with skull in hand and mere men at your feet, I shall see this happen for you my dear keke” He really would do anything for her, but from time to time he has gone off course and thrown a power play out no one knew which of the two were stronger, all that was certain was that when he went off the tracks from keke she pulled him back in. His hues following her as she crossed the floor towards him, her arm extending in front of his face as a single digit touched the bottom of his lip, soaking up some of his blood she retracted her hand and sucked the blood off her finger ‘You always did taste good’ she stated to him which was met with an arched brow “Shall you have only but a taste? Or will you indulge yourself in a feast.” He questioned her as he watched her carefully. He knew if this went down one path he would suffer some interestingly new scars upon his flesh. : The guard facing the old magic council had informed them of exactly what they were asked to do, “Tame a beast of the ancient times such as this one, is no easy task” one stated as the rest agreed “It can be done though, but not without repercussions” another stated at this point the guard was confused as to exactly what to report back with “ We shall have the beast tame to a point, were it will feel the need to protect this land but no more, This will not allow control of any kind” the guard nodded as he finally got an answer he could understand running off to tell the warlord, the dark mages formed a circle in their magical chamber, as they chanted (( [www.youtube.com] )) It sounded like singing to those who were not trained in their ways, it was actually an ancient language they used to consult with the dead, summoning and most magic they used.: The Warlord hearing this from the guards report nodded sending the guard away, ‘ so.. They knew a way after all.. no control but protection, that will have to do’ he thought to himself, The warlord had his army preparing itself and training, the blacksmiths making new weaponry and armors, the guildsmen creating new battle weaponry and upgrading the defenses of the town. All was going to plan, as he sat back in his throne closing his eyes he started to drift off to sleep

xZephyrZ: Stripped of his gear and separated from his steed the Young Dragon was led through the village, he noticed a few choice words and glances being fired in his direction but he did not allow this to bother him. As they moved further through the village towards what appeared to be the Lord’s manor the people became older and more refined, most likely nobles meeting to discuss the course of action they would take. It seemed as though everyone had been shaken by this, the ripples were inescapable even by those who had not seen fit to enter such waters. All was quiet as they delved further in to the Lord’s manor, the occasional snicker could be heard but every other voice grew distant except for just one, someone had noticed they were coming, perhaps this was the Ronin. As they rounded the corner he was the group for the first time: one man, not unlike himself, rugged and unkempt and woefully under-armed if he was to be a wandering swordsman, the next a woman of porcelain, her features elegant, her skin flawless, one might say the incarnation of a goddess, finally an older man, boa staff in hand, he was extremely well travelled and it was plain to see. The relationship between these people was unclear, however a child could see that there was a great tension between the old man and the beautiful girl, what part the other man played here was unknown. Before he could go any further the guard stopped in front of him (Guard) “Wait here, I’ll introduce you” he walked over to the three and continued “This man came looking for a Ronin, he claims to be the son of the recently deceased Dragon, he has surrendered all his weapons and his horse is tied up outside the city, how would you like to proceed” this final comment was directed toward the older gentleman, apparently he acted as some kind of advisor here, this meant he could not be the Ronin, this meant then it must be the ragged looking man, for the world of the Samurai was not one for a woman to enter. The Young Dragon waited silently for a reply from the Old man, by now all three of them were staring at him and it was obvious each was skilled in their own way, he bowed to show his respect and continued to wait.

CharlotteCarrendar: – No one could have forseen that the youngest Son of the Dragon would enter the house of Rikken without weapons or even his own men. After discussing plans on how to gather defences, who would lead the people of the village – namely Tyunayoshi, and that the Serpent would also do her bit to protect these people, everything came to a halt, as the guard announced the unexpected guest. Tyunayoshi rose slowly from his chair, looking at the Serpent with a hard stare, before he made an odd grunting sound under his breath. It took a great deal of honor for the youngest Dragon to wish to come and have talks with those of Rikken’s lands. Little did he know, the very murderer of his father sat at that table. The Serpent remained perfectly still, not speaking or even looking at the young dragon. Already in her cold heart she knew the truth would come to light. Who would dare be the one to say it? Tyunayoshi? Her newly found brother? The old warrior walked with a slight limp towards the young Dragon and then bowed low in a show of utmost respect. “Emperor, welcome to the land of the fallen Rikken. I am Tyunayoshi, I once served your father in the War of a thousand moons.” He was the fabled War Horse, a legend that had become a ghost with the days of the conflict that had long since passed. So, this would be news to the ears of the Ronin. More of the old warrior’s life was slowly coming out into the open. He gestured towards those at the table. His hand had a slight shudder, a tremor if you will. “This is the Ronin….and the woman, is….” At this he paused, as though waiting for her to announce herself. “Ayame.” You could hear the softness in her voice, as she slowly turned her head towards the Son of the Dragon. She did not give out her last name, for she did not see the need. She was a woman in the midst of the affairs of men. The Serpent did not smile, but she rose and bowed graciously. What if the guard whispered the truth of her identity? It was a case of wait and see. :: “Shall you have only but a taste? Or will you indulge yourself in a feast.” Kayne was more or less offering himself to her, his beloved sister, and as tempting as that was, she did not want to leave him with more scars than he currently had. “You know of my hunger, and while I appreciate your offer I must say no. I will feed when I am in the land of the Dragon. So many many soldiers on which to dine.” She curled her lips into an evil smile and winked. “Time is a wasting. Let us find this new Dragon, and bend him to our will.” <3>

IceTe3a: Ronin watches the strange young man as he is introduced as the young dragon, so the dragon had a younger son, how interesting but what exactly is he here for? He glances over to Ayame and smiles as he comes to a stand. Slowly he walks over to Tyunayoshi quietly as his eyes fall upon the young man before him, Ronin did not bow before the young dragon as he was not his emperor. He imagined someone from the Dragon’s bloodline to be… Taller to say the least, as he glanced over to Tyunayoshi who had just shared more of his past with everyone “What exactly is it you seek Young dragon?” he said in his low tone, before extending his arm for his sister to come join him near his side. “I am Ronin, I believe you have been looking for me” he knew his sister was indirectly to blame for the dragon’s death, but he would not admit to that nor would he inform the young dragon of this instead if the young dragon asked he would intervene and explain to him how the warlord hired mercs and snuck in his own men as monks, placing full blame onto the warlord where it should be. This would allow Ayame to move on from her past and not have the repercussions of something she had no control over come back and bite her in the ass.
IceTe3a: Kayne arched a brow as Keke declined this was unusual, she did not wish to leave her mark on his skin? Perhaps she still felt bad about the scar on his neck, or perhaps he wasn’t what she wanted; Either way it was the first time he’s been rejected from a female after offering himself which he hardly ever offered himself most females offer themselves to him. In keke’s case she just did as she pleased, never asked not requested something he was used to. He kept it in the back of his mind so it would not distract him as he gave his usual bow one arm extended outward to his side the other tucked in onto his stomach “As you wish Keke” he said gently, as he walked over to the table and gathered his guitar strapping it onto his back. Walking over to he casually he raised his palm and gently stroked her cheek as he glanced into her eyes “Shall we?” he smiled once more awaiting her

xZephyrZ: The Young Dragon was a little overcome by this greeting, it seems they didn’t know much about what had transpired between the Young Dragon and his father. (Seiyuu) “Please do not bow, do not address me as Emperor, I have not earned it.. I have been away from my home for many years, I am heir by blood only, not by right.” He paused for a moment, he had not heard of the War of a Thousand Moons, not that he had paid particular attention to wasteful details like that back then “I apologise, Tsunayoshi” he continued, with a small bow “I have not heard of such a war, it must have been before my time, nevertheless, I am honoured to meet you.” It occurred to him Mitsunari would certainly know something about this subject, having been advisor to his father for as long as he could remember, of course it wouldn’t hurt to make inquiry “Tsunayoshi, I wonder if you had served under my father if you know of any man named Mitsunari? He had always been one of the closest advisors to the Dragon” without waiting for an answer he turned to see the Ronin approach, he bowed respectfully as he had done before, he seemed cautious wasting no time before asking questions (Ronin) “What exactly is it you seek Young Dragon… I am Ronin, I believe you have been looking for me”. Of course it didn’t bother Seiyuu, this was his reason from coming to these lands (Seiyuu) “Ronin, I am pleased to meet you, you are correct I have been searching for you. I was informed you had recently been tracking an assassin by the name The Serpent in the lands, this assassin was responsible for my father’s death, I wish to find them, have you got any information?” Even as he spoke something seemed amiss, the girl had not paid him any attention since entering, the tension in the air had grown ever so slightly, the old man seemed at odds with one of them and it did not seem to be the Young Dragon. He bowed once more “I apologise, have I interrupted something?”

CharlotteCarrendar; – The young Dragon was to the point as to his reasons for coming to the land of Rikken. To find the one known as the Serpent. The one that was responsible for the death of his father and many others. While the old Warrior and the Ronin spoke with such a politeness, the Serpent held back, even though her brother had offered his arm to her to come stand at his side. There was something in this about honor, that was mentioned time and time again. They were all warriors in their own rights, fighting for their land, and what they believe to be true. Ayame was really no different from them, but for the first time, the Serpent was about to come out of the shadows, and reveal herself. If she was going to start a new life, it was going to have to be clean. The Serpent glided from the table and headed straight for the young Dragon. Past her brother and the old Warrior. You could hear the growl under the old man’s breath as he sensed something was about to happen. “I can give you the information you seek on this…assassin.” She said simply, holding her head up. Could one believe a creature as fair as Ayame was capable of committing murder? Tyunayoshi could not hold back, he could feel it in his bones what she was doing. “Ayame…sit down.” His voice grumbling like thunder. She shrugged her shoulders and then glanced at the old War Horse. “You have killed countless men, War Horse when engaged in battle, why am I any different? Why try to cover up the fact of what I did?” The Serpent then rounded on the young Dragon and said simply. “The one you seek, is me. I am the Serpent. I killed your father on the orders of the Warlord.” She then stood with a cold hard expression, ready to defend herself, should he lash out in rage. :: The innkeeper had arranged horses for his guests, after Kekeyama had tickled his fancy and made promises that he hoped she would one day keep. Heading out of the inn, she took the reigns of a mare, as a stallion was waiting for Kayne. “I don’t plan on walking.” The gypsy said, mounting the horse and patting it’s neck. <3>