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Death Club Role Play Live

Parlour Dreams


Logan’s Sweet Ride


CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie was intrigued to hear about Logan’s misadventures though it was more what happened off his bike than on that made her quirk a brow. ~Shot?~ she thought to herself. She wondered who would be stupid enough to take a crack at him. As she considered this, he showed off the different scars, three of which were from bullets. Stray or intentionally, it was amazing that Logan was alive. Course, when he mentioned that he hadn’t fallen off his bike, but had his bike fall on him one night, that Dixie had to cover her mouth to suppress a laugh, since the way he told it, it sounded like the bike had a mind of its own. Logan laughed loudly with a shake to his head about that situation. And knowing how heavy those bikes were, it was sure to have woken him up. Logan pointed outside the window to where his bike was parked – a 2003 Anniversary Softail Harley Davidson. She was a beaut too, and well maintained. The gleaming chrome was a testimony to that. Dixie sat up a bit, and then heard Logan ask if she liked her bikes. Naturally, she nodded. “Dem owns a Ducati, buggered if I know the numbers and jazz, but it’s big enough for two people easy. I’m not allowed to touch it. It’s his…”baby” She accentuated this by bringing up her fingers to emphasize the word “baby” . Least she respected the man’s wishes about his bike. Tito was now underway with the shading, working on the plated helm that Ned wore. The needle gun hummed and buzzed, as he pressed down working in the colour, then lifted the needle out and wiping the ink in. He was making good time. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches as she covered her mouth to hide a giggle, he knew what had happened was funny and he didn’t mind that others found it as funny as he did ‘Hell! If you can’t laugh about your past misfortune’s what can you laugh about?’ he thought to himself as he came back to reality. He smiled when Dixie said she liked bikes he arched a brow “Ducati? Bloody jap crotch rockets, I prefer me Harley’s over anything else” he chuckled slightly and slapped his knee at the thought of a man riding a Ducati, that wouldn’t sit well with anyone his the Nomad charters around the world. “He won’t let you touch his baby?” he arched a brow slightly “Well that’s just not on, I hear where he’s coming from when it’s to do with touro’s or random people touching it, but someone you know.” He shrugs “Guess some people are different” scratching his head slightly he was lost for a moment trying to remember if Dixie had mentioned Dem before “Who’s this dem bloke and where’s he at? “ he glanced back to her, whilst waiting for her to explain he arched a brow “Never taken the Ducati out?” his face brightened up slightly as it looked like he had an idea “ How about you go take er around the block for me?” he smirks as he jiggled the keys in front of her face “Go on love, Once you’ve had Harley you’ll want nothing else” he really loved his Harley’s a lot, suppose it came with the turf he was in. His back was feeling great, he loved the feel of the tattoo gun shredding into his back leaving a inky trail behind that eventually turned into an art form. “I honestly can’t wait to see this beast, I reckon you’d be almost ready to start shadin soon, yea mate?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – There seemed to be a clear divide over those that preferred Harley’s to the Japanese model tourers. It all comes down to taste and also the comfort in a ride. Harleys have a long standing reputation as far as bikes go, and Dixie had to admit, she always got a thrill when she heard one pull up at the lights beside her. Logan called Ducati “jap crotch rockets.” That was a term she had not heard before, probably because Dem would never call his own bike that. It was pretty much a blast at the manufacturing and what they are used primarily for. It was true, that Demetrios did not take well to having people touch his things, be it his bike or his club. Now came the time when Logan was curious about Demetrios. This was going to be where Dixie tensed a bit. Tito glanced up from his tattooing and shook his head, but Dixie was not about to withhold anything from her new Aussie friend. “Demetiros, or Dem as he is known, is my partner. He owns this Tattoo shop, as well as the garage outside.” She gestured to the back and then continued. “He also owned the night club The Death Club.” This was where things were about to get very dark and interesting. “A few months back, it was a regular Saturday night – I was working the bar, the place was packed. There was an altercation in the ladies room, and I happened to be there, since I wasn’t feeling well. Anyways, the club came under a rocket attack, presumably from a Russian gangster. Yuri, I think his name was. Eight people died in the initial attack, and our star dancer, Mia was kidnapped. Apparently the whole thing was planned. Dem and his best mate Alex were both struck by gun butts, and were beaten up while the the place was getting pretty much razzed.” Dixie paused, as this is where things get sketchy. “Dem and Alex…know some very dangerous people. Both were in the Greek military…and they took a crew…uhm..” She stopped at this point, as Tito continued to shade the helm. “They went to get revenge…and save Mia.” This would be a lot to swallow, but when she finished, she felt that she had a great load come off her. Tito spoke this time, to try and better the mood. “Shading…already on it, half way done. How about Dixie get you a drink, huh?” <3>

IceTe3a: He didn’t know what he just asked as he was about to find out their dark secrets, he listened to Dixie who started to explain herself ‘Demetiros, or Dem as he is known, is my partner. He owns this Tattoo shop, as well as the garage outside.’ Nodding as she told him about her partner, and how he owned the club and this tattooshop “Righto” he said as he continued to listen to her ‘A few months back, it was a regular Saturday night – I was working the bar, the place was packed. There was an altercation in the ladies room, and I happened to be there, since I wasn’t feeling well. Anyways, the club came under a rocket attack, presumably from a Russian gangster. Yuri, I think his name was. Eight people died in the initial attack, and our star dancer, Mia was kidnapped. Apparently the whole thing was planned. Dem and his best mate Alex were both struck by gun butts, and were beaten up during the the place was pretty much razzed’ a single brow arched up as high as it could go just what has this little sheela gotten herself into exactly? And her man sounds like he was a bit shady himself not wanting to comment on anything until he had heard everything, he kept his opinion quiet for now ‘Dem and Alex…know some very dangerous people. Both were in the Greek military…and they took a crew…uhm.. They went to get revenge…and save Mia’ shaking his head slightly his lips part “Strewth love, you’re in some deep shit for someone like yourself. This dem and his friend’s sounds to me they’re playing wannabe gangster really.” He rubbed his chin as he continued on with his opinion “And he just up and left you, for revenge and to get this young lass back? No protection, no nothing?” he shook his head once more as if he was disappointed in this man “ Russian’s huh, I’ve had my fair share dealings with them, Jap’s, Americans. It comes with being a nomad. We’re international, we have charters all across the globe, even one here” he scratched his head “ Somewhere around here anyway” he had to laugh at that last part “ But, I don’t think that’s the life for you doll, trust me I’m a bikie” he gave her a cheeky wink before pulling out a scrunched up paper and a pen writing down his personal mobile number he holds it in front of her “Anything happens doll, call me” he said with a firm look on his face.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie got up as Logan was asking if she was left behind. Truth was, she was. He had left without saying goodbye, taking the bike out and then heading off to gather together his men, for the tour to Russia. She had the odd message on email, but that was it. “No, no protection. And yes he just up and left.” Dixie headed down to get Logan a drink as Tito was really going great guns with the shading. “The Dixie…she uh very sad a long time. I watch her…come home from art college…night after night, sometimes in the rain on the bus. No gooda. I say…work here, it safe…and you no getta wet.” It was pretty clear that Tito was keeping an eye on Dixie, but there was only so much he could do. “Dixie, only getta happy now. He gone a long time. We don’t know a thing. He could be dead.” Dixie came back up with a tallie of a VB and set it down for Logan, trying to regain her composure and show a smile. The whole world of gangsters, and the Russians…everything was totally out of her league. She was just a scrap of a kid from St Kilda living in Prague of all places, and trying to keep her head above water. She took the paper with the phone number on it and smiled. “You’re alright, you know that Logan.” <3.

IceTe3a: -He was surprised when Tito started talking to him about Dixie, but he listened anyway, ‘No, no protection. And yes he just up and left, The Dixie…she uh very sad a long time. I watch her…come home from art college…night after night, sometimes in the rain on the bus. No gooda. I say…work here, it safe…and you no getta wet.” He shook his head, so that prick up and left her without any protection? Any true man that was born into this lifestyle knows they will come after their loved one’s so always make sure they are protected “What a bastard” as he glanced over his hues followed Dixie as she started to walk back towards them ‘Probs won’t be coming back anyway.. Poor thing’ he thought to himself as he smiled when she came with a beer watching her place it in front of him he chuckled slightly. He watched as she took the number stating that he was ‘alright’ giving her a wink he smirked “You’re all ace’s love” as he reached around and tapped Tito’s knee “You to mate, ever need any help, Feel free to give me a yell” he smiled as he had now made some new friends, But what would Dixie think of him if she ever knew what he had done in his past as a bikie, or what he will do in the future? That question sat and ate away at the back of his mind, shaking it off his body was starting to feel the tattooing now, after a big session they’d almost be finished or at least he thought they’d almost be finished, as he took the VB bottle to his lips taking a generous sip out of it he gave a sigh of relief “Ahh cheers hun”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Tito had changed dye vials again switching the colours for the shading. It was now almost finished, and any true tattoo lover would be astonished with how well it was looking. You would swear it was almost life like. Seeing Dixie come back with a drink for Logan, Tito refrained from saying anything more about Demetrios and Dixie. He simply didn’t want her to know just how worried he had been. Logan was being the perfect customer, sitting so still as the tattoo was being finished off on his back. It was probably Tito’s best work, and no doubt Dixie would be taking a few shots for the Tattoo parlour walls. Dixie blushed at being told she was all aces. That was a hell of a compliment to the young Aussie. Tito felt the pat on the knee, and said he was alright, and welcome to sing out if he needed help at all. Tito pulled back the needle after finishing the last of the shading, and set it on the rack, as he cleaned up Logan’s back. “Mister Logan…she’s a finished.” Dixie actually got up to take a peek, and you could hear the high pitch squeal as she saw it complete. “Tito…you clever bastard.” She chortled, giving him a light hug for doing such a great job. Dixie asked Logan to stand so he could check the tattoo in the mirrors to the back of the studio, so he could see it for himself. It was pretty bloody good. <3>


IceTea: He could feel Tito finishing up the shading of the tattoo, going from one spot to another as he grinded the needle in then dabbing some ink on it, then grinding it into the same place this allowed the ink to spread through the grazed skin giving a shading look to it. Almost done, he could barely contain himself as he glanced over at Dixie who started blushing from his complement, he smiled lightly as he watched her, suddenly Tito announced the tattoo was finished followed by a high pitched squeal and a ‘ You cleaver bastard’. Dixie invited him to stand up and come see the tattoo for himself, as he took a stand his muscles were used to sitting. He had to stretch it out as he gave a big “Awhhhh, That’s better” you could hear the muscles relaxing as his bones clicked every so often. “Right then let’s see this” as he casually walked down to the mirror he turned so his back was facing it, taking a good long look at it, he turned his head with a big smile “You bloody ripper!!! You’re a champion mate!” he was extremely pleased with how the tattoo looked as he grabbed Tito’s right hand with his own shaking it firmly, giving him a slap on the back. Turning to face Dixie “And you!” he picked her up from the waist and bumped her forehead with his lightly before placing her back down on her feet, “You two are all aces in my books” he smirked as he stretched some more, going back to check out the tattoo again “The boys will love this one!!”

CharlotteCarrendar: – To have such a satisfied customer, especially Logan was all worth it for Dixie and Tito. Smiling broadly as she watched Logan see the art work for the first time, Dixie almost wanted to do a dance. Tito pulled off his latex gloves and sat back down on his swivel chair, starting to clean up his work station, plus he had to clean the needle gun as well. Tito smiled and shook hands with the ecstatic Aussie biker, continent to know how happy Logan was. “It a looka good on you.” Was all Tito could think to say. Dixie on the other hand, whooped as she was picked up and had her forehead bumped as part of way of thanks. She squealed as she placed back down, smacking Tito’s arm. “Told ya you were a Master of the art, Tito.” Tito waved his hand, getting all shy as he continued to clean up his things. Dixie then asked Logan. “I can go get your shirt and ….gun now, if you like.” Figuring he would be wanting to head off soon. Being stuck on that chair for hours must have really stiffened his muscles. <3>

IceTe3a: He chuckles slightly as he watched the commotion in the tattoo shop, hearing Tito saying it looked good on him he smiled “I love it mate, defiantly the favourite tattoo I have.” He nodded in confirmation as he smirked. Glancing over to Dixie who seemed more excited than he was, he watched her slap Tito’s arm and comment on how good Tito was as a tattooist. “She’s right mate, your top gun” he gave Tito the thumbs up just as Dixie asked if he wanted his gear back yet, he raised a brow slightly “Trying to get rid of me that easily huh” he chuckled as he nodded in the direction of the back storage area “ Go on then get me my gear, How’s about I shout you a drink, least I can do” he smiled as he glanced over to Tito “Aye Tito, your mother alright? She’s been pretty quite mate” he chuckled as he had just remembered that Tito’s mother was in the back room somewhere doing god knows what. “So what you say love, let’s go get a drink. I’ll take you on my bike” he smirked

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie had actually forgotten about Tito’s Mamma, who was oddly quiet out the back. Deciding to go and check, she excused herself and took off down the two stairs and ran across the checkered tiled floor to the back room. Coming through the door way, there was Mamma, fast asleep with her mouth wide open catching flies. The movie had long since finished, and Dixie carefully placed a small blanket over Mamma, trying very hard not to wake the old lady. That was the last thing that Dixie or Tito needed at the moment. The young Australian crept out of the back room and pointed to it so Tito could see. “She’s sleeping.” Dixie mouthed silently. From there, Dixie went to get Logan’s belongings, which were safely stored in the back store room. Coming back out, and in a good enough distance from the back room, Dixie said. “Nah, mate, not trying to get rid of you, just making sure you don’t leave these behind.” Handing them over, she was surprised when he offered to take her for a drink on his bike. “Really?” Dixie asked. She ran a hand through her hair, wondering if she looked okay. “Uhm, sure…let me go fix myself up and…we can go. That alright with you, Tito?” Dixie motioned her head towards Tito who was now comfortable about Dixie being around Logan. “You don’ta stay outta too late.” He wiggled a finger at her as if he was a parent, and Dixie poked out her tongue, before dashing to the garage, and getting ready. A few minutes later she was back, and wearing a biker jacket. “Ready!” She said with a bright smile. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as Dixie snuck in for a moment, leaning to the side to try to glance in seeing if the old bat had kicked the can he watched as Dixie came out and mouthed to Tito that she was asleep, he chuckled slightly as he watched her disappear again ‘Strewth she can move” he said, as she came out with his gear. Taking it in hand he placed the vest on, leaving his bare chest and arms exposed, placing the pistol back in it’s usual spot he arched a brow as Dixie started to rub her hair, asking Tito if it was ok. Tito came across like a parent as he told her to be careful, he chuckled slightly as she ran off “Don’t worry mate, I won’t let anything happen to her On my life” he said with a firm look across his face acouple minutes passed as Dixie appeared in her biker jacket, giving her a once over again, he winks once more “Love the leather doll. Should we get you patched in?” he said the last part as a jest, as he waved to Tito “Make once again Solid job on the tattoo. I’ll be recommending you to all the boys for when they come over here” he nodded as he walked upto Dixie placing his arm around her shoulder “Right love, you’re wearing the helmet” he said as he walked out shoving her out of the door gently in a kind of gentleman and aussie mixed way. Walking over to his bike he took his helmet and passed it to Dixie, as he sat down on the bike. Leaning against the handlebars he smirked “Come on love, ready for the ride of your life?” he smirked as he waited for her to jump on, Kicking the bike over he started the engine as he purposely revved the engine a lot louder than usual, the sound blasted straight out of the muffler and made a nearby car alarm go off as it echo’d down the street.

CharlotteCarrendar: – This was probably the first time that Dixie had been out on her own without her old Death Club bartender friends, or her friend Mary, who was busy working on a new design collection. Giving Tito a wave, she was almost pushed out the door by Logan, who was pretty keen to go after saying a last word to Tito about how the job he had done on the tattoo was bonza. Coming out to the pavement, Dixie was fixing her hair in a ponytail, as Logan handed her a helmet. “So much for my hair.” She joked, putting on the helmet and tying up the straps securing it in place. With her jacket zipped up and looking a million bucks, she jumped on the back of the bike, and put her arms around Logan’s waist. The roar of the Harley as it started up beneath her, certainly gave her a thrill, and she now understood what all the fuss was about. “All that power between my legs.” She thought to herself. Her visor down, she tapped her helmet to his to let him know she was ready, and then hung on for dear life. <3>

IceTe3a: -He glanced back with a smirk as she sat down on the bike, He gave her two good revs as he saw Dixie tapping her helmet signalling she’s ready. He shook his head chuckling as he pulled her arms to wrap around his waist “Don’t be shy love, besides she’s got quite a kick” he said as he leaned the bike up straight, kicking the stand back in its place he was now holding them and the bike up with one leg, as his left foot sat under the gear tab, holding the clutch he kicked it down from neutral to first gear, dropping the clutch fast as he hit the revs faster the back wheel started to spin, the friction of the wheel spinning against the road created a smokey cloud behind them in short he was doing a burn out as the bike finally gripped the road, speeding forward he kept up with the Rev meter as he kicked it into second. Finally on his bike again he could feel the wind in his hair as he took in a deep breath “Where’s a good pub love” he said as he leaned back so she could hear him over the roar of the engine. Coming to a red light he pulled up to the line near some cars, as he glanced over towards the drivers who were trying to get a sneaky look at him before glancing away once they noticed he was staring at them. He chuckled and revved his bike “Always happens, I like to think they’re bike enthusiasts but I know better”.’


CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie wasn’t shy, but this was her first time on a Harley. She was just excited, and the noise of the machine added to it. Hanging on tight, the bike took off at speed, and Dixie made a bit of a whooping sound in her helmet as the bike over took cars, and was speeding through the traffic. “Where’s a good pub love” Logan asked, as the biker leaned back so she could hear him over the engine. “Third right just down this street. A place called Molly’s.” Dixie sung out, trying to be heard. Molly’s was a small cafe and licensed bar that happened to be run by the oddest couple. Frank “Molly” Jenkins and his Czech born wife Helga. Together they ran a joint that had both Aussie flavour as well as Czech favourites. Dixie had been there a few times before, but knew this would be right up Logan’s alley. He loved Four’n’twenty and VB, he was going to love Molly’s. When they came to a red light, Logan pulled up the bike and she too noticed the other drivers who were giving them sideways glances. Dixie kindly flipped them the bird as the light went green. “Watch who you’re pervin’ at ya Gallahs!” <3>

IceTe3a: He nodded as she gave him the directions to the pub, noting it was the third right, arching a brow when Dixie flipped off the onlookers he shook his head and started laughing “Truly a sheela, doll” he said as the light went green he revved the bike kicking it back into first they flew off in front of the cars, as he kicked it into second and then third, passing cars as they weaved through them. The engine of the bike was that powerful it made the chassy vibrate, a well known fact about all Harleys. Coming to a stop at the next set of red lights they were close to the turn off as he clicked the stand on, he stood off the bike in the middle of the road “Don’t mind me love” he said as he placed his hand on her bottom waist of her back and slid her forward into the driver’s seat, kneeling down he placed her right foot on the rear brake’s “right foot, rear brakes; Light touch they are sensitive” he smirked as he walked around her grabbing her left foot he placed it on the foot rest and slid her toes under the gear tab “She’s in neutral now, so first is a click down, neutrals half a click up and u skip neutral from first by clicking all the way up that’ll put you in second, so click up for gears, click down for lower gears, switch her at around 6,000 revs” he smirked as he came up to sit behind her placing her right hand on the handlebar “ Don’t bother using the front break’s we’d just go flying off” as he placed her left hand on the clutch and handlebar “That’s your clutch, Don’t need to tell you how to use that I hope” he said as he took the weight of the bike off the stand, clicking it back into its place he sat there keeping her stead. “Don’t be nervous just think natural, I’ll grab her if she misbehaves” he chuckles as he waits for the light to go green.

CharlotteCarrendar: – When they came to the next set of traffic lights, Dixie got something of a shock when Logan actually got off the bike. What was more alarming was that he pushed her further into the driver’s seat. “Wait…what?” She spluttered beneath her helmet. She watched as he knelt down and then took her right foot, placing it on the rear brake. He wanted her to ride HIS HARLEY in the traffic. At first a wave of panic hit her. What if it toppled over, what if she stalled it? So many thoughts raged through her mind, until she found herself nodding like…a noddy as he relayed the instructions of how the bike worked. “Right foot brake…got it.” He then grabbed her left foot, and placed it on the foot rest. The gear tab was just above her toes. She’s in neutral now, so first is a click down, neutrals half a click up and u skip neutral from first by clicking all the way up that’ll put you in second, so click up for gears, click down for lower gears, switch her at around 6,000 revs” Dixie’s mind was racing. “Click up for higher, click down for lower, switch her around 6,000 revs…” this was all going through her head and she gripped the handle bars, while getting herself comfortable in the seat. Feeling Logan get on the back, and saddle up behind her, she took in a deep breath. “Don’t break it…don’t break it.” She kept saying to herself in her mind. The light went green, and with the kick stand up thanks to Logan, Dixie skipped the gears up to second, as she eased the clutch, and then accelerated as the bike took off with a find trail of smoke behind it. She was keeping it pretty steady and chewed her lip as she tried desperately to ride casually, if there was such a thing. She changed the gears up as the revs speed up. <3>


IceTe3a: He chuckles as he knew she’d be nervous on the bike but she didn’t need to be, he just wanted her to have fun “Heh, Don’t worry if you wreck it, She’s only a bike. Let’s have some fun, you’ll do fine” he said just as she was getting used to the position of everything. He didn’t bother watching her as he blindly trusted her just as any Aussie would, the lights went green she clicked it into gear leaving the cars behind them in a trail of burning wheel smoke. “You’re a natural love, Now don’t think about it too much just open her up and enjoy the moment” talking about letting Dixie speed the bike up as fast as she wanted he smiled as he placed his hands on either side of her hips gently, as they cruised around. She was in complete control of the bike now; he had nothing to do with it, as he hoped she would enjoy the experience of riding a Harley. “You sure you’ve never done this before?” he jested playfully as he continued to look around at the things passing by, it wasn’t very often he was able to look around whilst the bike was moving as he had to keep his eyes on the road, but this was defiantly a interesting experience to be had. With his new tattoo on his back, two new friends in his life, He was going to the pub with Dixie the smoking rebel chick for a few drinks this day was looking to be a good one.

CharlotteCarrendar: – There is something about experiencing riding a Harley that was hard to compare to any other machine. It was not just the noise, or the power – but the way it cruised along. Dixie went through the next two green lights, and was relaxing as she changed the gears effortlessly, the engine almost growling and snorting beneath her. Dixie was feeling a freedom that she had never before known. It was addictive and gave the young Aussie a sense of euphoria. The pub could bloody wait, as she rode through the beautiful Prague streets. Passersby were waving as she turned the corners like a champ, the roar of the machine as she picked up the gears invigorating her senses. If she could rip off her helmet and let her hair free she would have. When Dixie pulled up at the lights…there were looks, for sure. Dixie didn’t give the gawkers a second thought, only pulling away at speed and leaving the cars behind in her wake. Soon she had come back around after doing a few blocks and pulled up right outside Molly’s, where a rotund looking fellow was sitting on a cafe chair outside his cafe, smoking a cigar. “MOLLY!” Dixie sung out as she turned off the bike, and took off her helmet. Molly looked up from his paper, and then saw his favourite little Aussie girl. “Dixie Chix, what’s this? You got a bike? Suits you.” He said, then seeing who was on the back. “G’day Mate…come to try some of my home grown Aussie flavour?” The owner stood up and scratched his crotch. He wasn’t shy around people that was for sure. “Just be sure to wash your hands before serving us, Molly. Oh, and this is Logan…from ‘Stralia.” She said proudly. <3>

IceTe3a: He knew they had missed the turn off for the pub but he didn’t care, Dixie was enjoying the ride and he was not one to deny her the pleasure of this experience so he let her drive around Prague’s streets as people looked at them. Something she’d have to get used to, no matter who it was but when they heard the roar of a Harley they had to have a look at it. He had never seen a person say one bad thing about a Harley, as smiling he knew she was defiantly enjoying herself, she turned the corners without issue and he sat there as if he was being driven by a lifelong experienced bikie. Finally pulling up to the pub she was talking about she parked the bike like a champion, as he took the weight of it on his leg and kicked the stand down allowing it to rest on there. “Bloody hell love you’re a natural for sure.” He complemented her driving skills for a first timer as she introduced him to molly, who greeted him in kind. “G’day mate, I sure am from down under, came to get a few VB’s and some tucker. Ow’s it hanging?” he said. Taking a quick glance in the pub he could see it clearly as he grabbed the helmet off Dixie and placed it on the handlebar of the bike “Shall we love?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie’s face was a little flushed, but that was from the excitement and adrenalin of riding the bike. The young Aussie gave up her helmet to Logan, and started to unzip her jacket, as Logan made introductions with Molly, who was already heading inside to get the couple a table ready. “You betchya.” Dixie answered to Logan, as she led him inside the quaint cafe. Sure enough there was a wide screen TV that was playing a rugby league match from back home. Canberra versus the Rabbitohs. The people that frequented the cafe, many were from Australia, some from New Zealand, and a few odd token Americans. Molly had found the pair a table, and got out the menus. The rustic charm of the establishment, along with a lot of pictures and posters from home, was enough to cure the homesickness of many an Australian. He had team picks of his favourite football team, and then there was the Cricket players too. Jerseys in glass cases, and all manner of Aussie flags and bric a bac, that would bring a tear to an Australian’s eye. “Special today is the Reef and beef. Plus I do a bloody good meat pie if ya fancy. Beer wedge chips, and the usual salads. Wife insists I don’t serve enough. Ha!” His laughter rolled out and he was certainly enjoying seeing Dixie and her companion. “VB’s…you got it, Sport.” Molly said, heading off to get a couple as his wife berates him in Czech. Thankfully, it was just water off a duck’s back to Molly. “Couplea days..Beautiful!” He sang out, to which she threw her hands up and went into the kitchen again. <3>