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Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 22, 2014 10:09PM
Wintervine Castle – Throne Room

When Sirus announced he was ready to take his place as King, Tempest released the deep breath she hadn’t been aware she’d been holding. The smile that lit up Arianna’s face was one Tempest would treasure the rest of her days: the love and pride in the Queen’s eyes was there for all to see.

The trumpets and horns sounded, indicating that all should return to the throne room for the Coronation Ceremonies.

Sirus bowed before her and took her hand in his as squires attached the Red Robes of their new offices to them, clasped at the neck with the symbol of House Laegess.

Arianna stood before them, waiting to lead them to the dais and once all were ready, nodded for the doors to be opened. The choir’s voices were raised in song, welcoming the soon-to-be King and Queen into their midst and Tempest held her head up proudly as she followed her mother-in-law to the elaborate throne that sat upon the dais.

The Elder Council awaited them, two of their number holding silk pillows upon which rested the Royal Crowns. If Sirus noticed, he would see that his crown was the same one worn by generations of males in his family, the last being his own father, Leifold. Tempest was already aware of the fact her crown once graced the head of Sirus’s mother. She was honored to be wearing it in her stead.

Arianna stepped to the side as Sirus and Tempest took their seats upon the throne. The Elders took up the crowns and moved to place them upon their heads as they were asked to recite their Oathes.

“Do you, Prince Sirus of Laegess, and Princess Tempest of Laegess solemnly swear, to serve and protect the peoples of Wintervine, its allies and all that live beneath the banner of Wintervine?”

Sirus’s voice was strong and steady as he stated his Oath, the crown placed upon his head.

“I so solemnly swear it.”

“I solemnly promise so to do.” Tempest stated, her own voice strong as Arianna’s crown adorned her own brow.

“Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?”

Sirus stated his agreement as Tempest did the same.

Tears gathered in Arianna’s eyes, but did not fall as she watched her son and his bride take up the mantel of Royal Law in their lands. She could not have wished for a better son and the woman who was his bride to lead their people into the future. She would go with the knowledge that her homeland would be in good hands.

The ceremony came to its conclusion with the announcement of the new monarchs.

“As One, Shall They Rule. And Let No One Divide Them. Ladies and Gentleman, Visiting Dignitaries. I present to you, His Royal Majesty, Sirus of House Laegess and Her Royal Highness, Tempest of House Brax – King and Queen of Wintervine. May Their Reign Be Long and Just.”

And it was done. The Throne of Wintervine now had new monarchs to see their people through the light and dark times ahead. As the room exploded into applause, Arianna stepped forward to hug both her son and new daughter, tears running unheeded down her cheeks.

“Your father would be so proud of you, my son.” Arianna whispered in Sirus’s ear as she hugged him. “I only wish your sister were here to see you.” She drew back, pressing her palms to his cheeks. “Now…why don’t you take your Queen to your chambers and enjoy your time alone. I would say you deserve it.” She winked at him as she wiped her tears away with her handkerchief. Tempest had heard what she said and her face flushed red with embarassment, even as her body gave an approving throb.

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 22, 2014 10:40PM
Wintervine Castle – Throne Room

To be told by his dear Mother that she was proud of him, made the newly anointed King flush with pride and also a bit tearful. He had met his obligations to the throne and to her as he had promised. Married to the fair Tempest, and wearing the crown of his father and forefathers, he could commence the reign and a new era for the people of Wintervine. Hugging his Mother tight, he whispered in her ear.

“I know you haven’t long, Mother, but please don’t leave just yet.”

He was worried, that after the service, she would go on to be with his Father -and that was something he was not quite ready for, not yet. His Mother gave blessings that he may take his new bride to their chambers and enjoy time alone for the first time in months. He gripped Tempest’s hand tight in his own and winked. “Been putting this off forever, love.” In a way he too was nervous, but it was expected and the natural course for the new King and his bride.

With well wishers applauding, he led the young Tempest out of the ceremonial hall, their long robes following them as they made their way up to the King’s chambers which had been properly decorated to be enjoyed by the new Royal couple. The King chuckled as even the Knights were applauding, some were singing out some colourful suggestions on how to please the new Queen, that even he had rosy cheeks at the thought of it.

On reaching the chamber, two footmen opened the grand doors, and Sirus led Tempest inside, where the very first thing he wanted to do, was pull her into his arms, and kiss her dearly. Even with the huge crown and robe…it mattered not.

“Oh how I have waited for this moment. Alone at last.” His smile was wide as he broke the kiss, before he slowly took off her crown and laid it on a small side table. “For each thing I take off you, I shall give you a kiss.” Sirus said, with a teasing glint in his eyes.


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March 23, 2014 12:36AM
Wintervine Castle – Throne Room

Arianna was blessed to have such a son. It showed that she must have done something right in her life, for this day had been one of her dreams.

Sirus hugged her as tightly as she hugged him and returned her wish with one of his own.

“I know you haven’t long, Mother, but please don’t leave just yet.”

She drew back to stare him in the eye.

“No worries, my darling boy. I will still be here when you wake. Now go.” She turned him toward his wife and sent them on their way, to the applause around them.

Tempest grew nervous as Sirus took her hand in his, tossing her a wink as he did so.

“Been putting this off forever, love.”

She tried to smile, but it was strained as he lead her from the room. She wondered if he could feel her trembling in her hand?

King’s Chambers

As they walked through the hall, Tempest had a thought that should the floor open up and swallow her, she would go with it, gladly. The knights in the hall were tossing out lewd and bold suggestions to Sirus on what he should do to her once they were alone. They were not helping the virgin bride’s nerves in the very least.

Leading her into their new room, she took a moment to admire the beauty of the furnishings, her eyes caught by the portrait of the former King and Queen hanging over the fireplace. She knew that one day, a portrait of her and Sirus would hang there and couldn’t help but smile.

Her hand was released and they stood facing one another. She clasped her hands in front of her, waiting.

And it seemed he couldn’t help himself. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. It was so sudden and unexpected, she moaned before she could stop herself. She was feeling a bit light-headed when he pulled away.

“Oh how I have waited for this moment. Alone at last.” He grinned. Her own breathing was ragged and her nerves were strung tight. If he didn’t do something soon, she was liable to bolt from the room. He reached for her again, this time removing the crown from her head and placing it on a small table. She watched the movement of his hands, wondering how they would feel on her naked body.

Again her face flushed, much like it did when they were dancing. He had mistaken the flush on her face of her needing air after their dance. There would be no mistaking it now, for it was the blush of desire.

“For each thing I take off you, I shall give you a kiss.” Sirus stated, a teasing glint in his eye that caused her breath to catch in her throat.

“A kiss? Might I ask where these…kisses…will be placed?” she murmured huskily, swallowing around a lump in her throat.“Please don’t let me faint…” she thought to herself.

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 24, 2014 07:17AM
King’s Chambers


Sensing his new bride’s unrest, Sirus stops his actions with his eyes trained on hers.

“A kiss? Might I ask where these…kisses…will be placed?”

“Well, I can start…here.” The first kiss was to her forehead, his lips pressing softly before drawing back. Hands reaching for the toggles on her robe, and he starts to undo each one, so the long fur and velvet robe falls to the floor at her feet. A warm smile graces his features, as he leans down to kiss beneath her ear. “Then here…” He was being so delicate, and taking his time. The kisses lingered, so she could feel the warmth of his breath upon her skin.

Pulling back, he said.

“We can both play this game, if you wish.”

He was trying to get her to feel at ease with him. This would be the first time either of them had been naked, let alone had sex. Sirus traced his finger down the roundness of Tempest’s cheek, till it came to be under her chin. Raising her head slightly, he said. “Don’t be afraid.”


Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 24, 2014 08:33AM
King’s Chambers

“Well, I can start…here.” His first kiss was against her forehead, making her eyes close at the tenderness of his touch. She reopened them in time to see his hands reaching for her robe, slowly undoing the buttons and letting the material fall to the floor. She stood before him in her wedding dress, a finely made piece that she had to remember to thank the seamstress.

“Then here…” She shivered when his lips touched the spot behind her ear. He lingered, his warm breath teasing upon her skin.

He pulled back, pinning her with his gaze and she could see the desire in them. She trembled anew, this time with desire of her own.

“We can both play this game, if you wish.” he murmured, his finger tracing along the skin of her cheek. He tilted her head so she could see him fully. “Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid, Sirus.” she whispered. “I trust you.”

Hands shaking, she reached for the buttons on his own robes, undoing them until the material was puddled at his feet. He looked very dashing in his outfit. There was a small smile on her face. She reached out, smoothing her hands over his shoulders against the material. She could see glimpses of his skin beneath the collar of his shirt and on impulse, leaned forward to press her lips to his neck before drawing back, exhaling deeply.

She dragged her eyes upward to stare into his own, pupils fully dilated.

“Please.” she whispered, not really knowing what she was asking for, but giving him permission to take full contol of the situation.

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 24, 2014 08:43AM
King’s Chambers

As much as Tempest said she wasn’t afraid, her timidness shone through as she moved to reach for his robes. Undoing the toggles and watching as the robe fell from view. The new King didn’t chuckle or toy with her for he knew this was all uncharted territory. Getting to know the other in a way that they had never done before. Sirus closed his eyes, when Tempest moved in to kiss his neck. His adam apple moving up and down as he felt awakened at her touch. Watching her pull back, Sirus could see the hunger growing rich in her eyes. Her whisper of “Please”, a voice put to her own desires, that she was fast losing control of.

“I’ll make this easier for you.” Sirus started to unbutton his own vest, as moved to slide off his coat. The vest naturally followed, and then he started to unbutton his shirt, which he pulled out of his pants, and then again, removed it with a gentle grace. He was now shirtless before her. Not a single hair on his upper torso. His skin almost aerodescent in the light of the candles.

“You can kiss me later.” Sirus whispered, as he walked around behind her, stepping over her train, and then started to slowly unthread her bodice, all the while kissing the back of her neck. A hungry growl in his voice, and the heat of being so close, he was ready to catch her should she faint.


Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 24, 2014 09:13AM
King’s Chambers

The light of day had long since passed and fireworks announcing the new King and Queen exploded above the castle walls. And yet, Tempest felt she and Sirus were the only two people in the world. The room was lit by dozens of candles, the fire banked low in the fireplace, throwing shadows across the stone walls.

But she took notice of none of this.

Her eyes were drawn to the man standing before her, her husband, her lifemate, her King. Sirus.

They were about to venture into an unknown area of their relationship, and as young as she was, she knew what to expect. But she didn’t expect the feelings that came with it.

Nervousness, tenderness, helplessness…and above all that…Desire.

Her entire body felt like it would go up in flames as he stared at her.

“I’ll make this easier for you.” He stated, just before he bared his upper body to her eyes. Her breath caught in her throat as the firelight played over his skin, turning it bronze in the dim light. There wasn’t a single hair to be seen upon his chest and she felt the saliva pooling in her mouth. She swallowed hard. “You can kiss me later.” He whispered, moving behind her, where she lost track of him…but only for a moment.

She felt the warmth of him at her back and inhaled sharply as she felt the ties of her dress being untied. His lips traveled over the exposed skin of her neck, making her moan huskily.

The last tie was unthreaded and the material fell like water at her feet, leaving her naked before him. She reached upward to cover her breasts. Her breathing was erratic and she was feeling light-headed but her resolve was strong. She was not going to faint on her wedding night.

“Sirus, please.” she whispered, turning her head, her chin resting on her shoulder.

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 24, 2014 09:23AM
King’s Chambers

Even though Sirus could feel the weight of the fabric of Tempest’s gown fall to the ground, he didn’t let up on kissing her neck. The sheer softness addictive to his senses. Eyes closed, he heard her whisper again. Please. Did she want to rush? Surely not, for they waited this long, and he had every intention of making it last. His hands reached around to where she was using her arms to cover her breasts in an attempt at modesty. Bringing up his head, still with eyes closed, he rest his nose to the back of her head, as he gently pulled her arms down. When they were by her side, Sirus brought his hands back up, and with a gentle caress, he started to explore her ripe mounds. Feeling them for the first time. The contours beneath then up to where each nipple was now hardening at his touch. He let a breath escape his lips as it felt so good to feel her hardening peaks.

Again he hungered for her flesh, his lips moving down the side of her head, to her neck, which he nipped teasingly, all the while kneading her breasts, tweaking her nipples. Sirus wanted her to feel every touch, every caress.

“You’re so soft, my Love.”

These words whispered between his kisses, as he pulled her body back towards his own.



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Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 24, 2014 09:50AM
King’s Chambers

His hands moved around her body, sliding up her arms, pressing his nose to the back of her head. Gently, he pulled her arms down until they rested at her side. To her credit, she didn’t return them to her chest. His hands traveled back up her body until his palms caressed her breasts. She gasped a breath as her nipples hardened beneath his hands.

His lips were again at her neck, teasing nips ghosting over her skin, making her moan breathlessly.

“You’re so soft, my love.” he whispered as he drew her body against his own. Again she gasped at the contact, feeling a steel hardness pressed against her backside. Her body flushed with heat, not of her powers manifesting, but the heat of true Desire. That flush of passion that made hearts race and bodies glow with need.

Tempest let her eyes fall closed as the smell of her husband nearly overwhelmed her senses. Her hands moved to cover his as they continued caressing and tweaking her nipples.

“Oh…” she moaned, dropping her head back to his shoulder.

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 24, 2014 06:32PM
King’s Chambers

A gentle moan escaped Tempest’s lips. Her hands moving to be placed atop of Sirus’s as he kneaded and teased her breasts oh so lightly. He was not about to rush this new found love for her. Rather, he wanted to savor each and every second of the bliss he was now experiencing. The tension between them building – her body flushed with the heat of desire.

One hand dared to escape from hers, following a path downward ever slowly till reaching her ripe mound. Sirus found the sudden urge to sway with his new virgin bride, rocking her back and forth, his pelvis pushing against her rounded globes.

Fingers found their way deeper, sliding between her rich folds. Lacquered by her own rising needs. The new King buried his face in her neck – teasing her skin with the flick of his tongue, which was much like his fingers teased her wet lips.

All the while, one hand did not stray from it’s placement. He wanted to bring her pleasure in many places at once. This would only leave his bride begging for more…for completion. Sirus planned to make her wait for that.