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Death Club Role Play Live

Parlour Dreams

What a Wally.



CharlotteCarrendar: – Tito was already out on the pavement, putting up the easel open sign for the passing trade to hopefully get a few extra customers this early. Inside, you could smell the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee and bagels, as Dixie was putting on breakfast for the pair. The joys of living behind where she worked, meant that the cheeky Australian didn’t have to rush in the morning, but take her time and actually serve breakfast to a starving Tito, who had to drive through thirty minutes of traffic to make it to the shop. Dixie was always waiting, opening the doors, and smiling at those pedestrians that ventured past the old shop. With a grunge pair of jeans and a black Sabbath t-shirt, Dixie looked in her element set against the walls that were lined with art work, pictures of famous customers, and of course the neon signs of the Tattoo parlour. With a steady beat coming from Dixie’s iPod stereo speaker stand, she was already bopping around the floor. Taking up a broom, she started to sweep the lower floor, as Tito came back inside, and sniffed that wonderful aroma. “Ah…Dixie..You do a good a coffee. This is the best parta of my day.” Naturally he would say that, after being kept up half the night by his aging mother. Was often the case he would come in with bags under his eyes, after she did one of her random escapes and terrorized the neighbourhood in her underwear. But that is another story. Tito poured himself a good mug of coffee, turning his head to the busy Aussie girl. “You wanna cup?” he asked, holding up her favourite skippy mug from home. “Nah, I want to put the finishing touches to that Ned Kelly design I was busting my gut on last night.” Tito gave a quick nod. “Ahh for the Aussie Logan mate. He good man. How you a say…Top blokea?” Dixie chuckled and replied “Yeah, something like that. He should be coming by soon.” Least that was what she had hoped. Sitting down at her art desk, she flipped open her work folder, and did the last of the shading on her Ned Kelly tattoo design. It was looking pretty damn good so far. <3>

IceTe3a: The morning air still crisp in the wind, the sun’s rays slowly glancing through the shades of the cheap motel room Logan had passed out in last night after having a few, he was resting peacefully ** BUUZ BUUUZ BEEEP BEEP WOOP WOOOP * The alarm clock in the room goes off “Awww bugger off” yelled loudly followed suit with a *SMASH* *groaning noises* rolling onto his back, he slept in his jeans and boots as usual, his vest thrown on the floor near his pistol, Rug sack, and his belt with his now attached large blade. “Ugh… what bloody time..” he glances at his phone for the time “WHO IN THE BLAZING HELL SET THAT” he blurted out loudly, as the alarm was set off for an early morning rise “Strewth mate” he said as he came to a stand letting out a rather long stretch “right then, spoze it’s time to go get me tatt” he grumbled as he put his vest and belt on. Placing his pistol behind his back under his vest and in his jeans, he repositioned his knife’s brown leather pouch letting it hang on right right leg. Walking out to his bike he gives her a well deserved pat * Thump Thump* “ Atta girl, ready to wake up love?” he smiled as he turned the key in the ignition, kick starting her; she revved over, and started purring. Pulling out a ciggy and lighting it, he smoked it for about five minutes to allow his baby to wake up before tossing the smoke and riding off towards the Tattoo shop. Thankfully he remembered the way, as he wasn’t too far away from their shop he rented the room back there for that purpose. As he came roaring down the street the tattoo shop was in, he gave some loud revs allowing Dixie and tito to hear of his arrival before parking his baby. “KOOOOWEIII!”” he hollered out of the top of his lungs as he got off his bike, a typical sign of a aussie asking where you at? Loudly. Casually strolling up to the door of the shop he glanced in.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie was busy sketching the last parts of her design, when she heard this monstrous bush call. Stone the flaming crows. She had not heard that kind of call since she went out on a bush trek with her Uncle Pete. It actually made her drop her pencil and jump up from her chair. Tito poked his head out from the supply room, where he was getting the dyes, and his eyebrows had shot up fair into his scalp. “MOMMA MIA!” Dixie laughter could be heard just from his reaction alone. “I know right?!” It was clear she was excited about their client, mainly since he was a blast from the past of her life back home in Australia. “I think I heard the bush call before the bike.” Dixie said, heading to the door, only to see Logan strutting in. She pointed her finger at him with a cheeky wink. “Just the man I wanted to see. I do believe we are going to put some Aussie flavour on your back today.” Her bright smile was infectious, as she gestured him to come in, and take a seat on one of the comfy leather couches. “I have just about done the design, Logan. Fancy a cup of coffee?” She asked. <3>

IceTe3a: He overheard something about a mother? “Is someone’s mother ere?” he said suggestively as his hues glance over to Dixie who gave him a wink whilst pointing at him ‘Just the man I wanted to see. I do believe we are going to put some Aussie flavour on your back today’ a cheeky smirk appeared across his face “Hope I’m to your liking love “ he said as he showed off his two arm guns as a joke, the young 28 year old bikie was fit that’s for sure but he never really boasted it more just did the cheeky cheesey lines once in awhile as he gives her the once over again, before giving her a sexy whistle “Smokin love, Can’t wait to ave her on me skin I’ll wear that one with pride kinda like that shirt you wear with pride, Rock on” giving her the rocker tongue and fist. He followed her in dropping down into the lounge harshly “Ahhh, Sure doll, Love a cuppa” he smiled lightly as he glanced around the room looking for Tito “Aye love where’s the drongo at?” Stretching out so his legs took up the entirety of the couch his elbow rested on the arm rest as his hues flickered around “Who’s doing the damage to me today?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie blushed as Logan paid her a compliment, blurting. “Ah, go on.” A red rose appearing on her cheeks, as the lanky Italian came out of the supply room with a small box of dye. He caught on how Logan behaved his mannerisms and the rocker fist he used to end his sentence. So this was the epitome of Aussie cool? Tito went on to take the dyes up to his studio at the second level, while Dixie continued to play hostess to Logan. Hearing Logan’ sexy whistle, Dixie did a little wiggle as she went off to get Logan a cup of coffee, while Tito leaned on the bar rail that separated the lower floor from the top. “The Dixie…she do a good a coffee…mate.” He gave a cheesy big thumbs up, before adding. “I am the drongo…doing the ink today for you.” Least you had to give the poor bloke a few points for trying. As Dixie brought out the hot cup of coffee and offered it to Logan, Tito added. “Dixie just has to put her art through…the err scanner, and I print out the copy to place on your back…then..WE BEGIN!” The last part of his sentence was said with an exuberance, as he was pretty excited to be doing the Ned Kelly tatt. He had never been asked to do an Australian design before, so this was a first. Dixie left Logan to enjoy his coffee, as she quickly went back to her art desk, and did the final touches to her work. “And ready. I will just go do the scanning, and get the art copy ready to do the stencil.” <3>

IceTe3a: Logan arched a brow as she did a small wiggle, coming to a chuckle he clapped his hands together in applause, his ears tingle as he hears the voice of Tito ‘The Dixie…she do a good a coffee…mate.” He gave a cheesy big thumbs up, before adding.’ “THERE HE IS, Where you been mate? Round back?” he laughed as he nodded his head to, Tito saying he was the one doing the inking today “Righto mate, you’re a walley that’s what you are” he chuckled as he finally understood Tito didn’t know what Drongo meant. “Ahh tourists Eh love?” he smirked as he sipped his coffee, glancing around at the famous people in the photo’s and art work he admired them all “Love the chicken scratch doll, Yours?” he was referring to the artwork on the wall, as he continued to sip his coffee. Coming to a stand he got curious of how the sketching was going “Come on love gimme a gander” he smirked as he didn’t know if she’d be upset if he took a peek before she finished so he just leaned his back on hers playfully until she said it was fine to look. “So Mate, what’s your story; You ain’t from here” he was referring to Tito but would Tito register that he was being talked to?

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Walley?” Tito asked, confused about what a Wally was. Dixie could be heard chuckling as she had finished the art work. “Wally…uhm…I think he was the Wallpamur chimpanzee in the 80’s on the telly.” Tito didn’t like the sound of that. “I’m a Wally?” Dixie nodded. “Everyone loves a Wally.” This didn’t really make him feel better, but he tried to keep from getting cross, since…well, Logan was packing heat, and he didn’t fancy being gunned down over being called a Wally. Logan was admiring some of the sketches that adorned the walls of the Tattoo shop, asking if the chicken scratching was hers. “Yeah, its kinda my thing. Aside from tossing bottles and serving up drinks at my old work place, the Death Club.” Now bringing up the Death Club made Tito upset and he waggled a finger at her. “No talkie Death Club. That place bring nothing…butta pain and death. Look at Dem…Huh?! He off in the Russia…fighting…who knows who he killing…ALL OVER THAT CLUB!” Dixie took a bit of a step back at his reaction, and hoped Logan wouldn’t be offended. “Settle ya petals, Tito. I won’t bring it up again.” She rolled her eyes, then went to show Logan the tattoo design of Ned Kelly. It had come up beautifully. From the intricate detail of the body armour plates, to the revolver that he was holding in his hand. The swirl of the lettering, all melded perfectly. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiles at Dixie who was chuckling at the language barrier between himself and Tito “AHh don’t worry mate, You’re a top bloke” he gave a half salute with his right arm as he glanced back to Dixie who started explaining about her sketches, and then her old job back at Death club which seemed to tick Tito off. His hues glance over at Tito as he watched him start rambling on, Death, killing and fighting? What’s this girl got herself into? Glancing down at her just after Tito had finished ranting on, he arched a brow but didn’t ask as everyone had their own secrets. ‘ Settle ya petals, Tito. I won’t bring it up again.’ She threw that back at tito pretty fast. Noticing she started to show him the drawing his hues examined it, as he rubbed his chin “You’re a born natural doll, Love it” he chuckles as he gives her a playful nudge with his knuckles. Glancing from Tito back to her “Righto, spoze I should strip before I get up there?” he said as he ripped his vest off and folds it up “Ahh right” he pulls his gun out and rests it on the top of the vest “Mind if you look after these for me love?” he said standing there half naked, “I’ll keep me knife on me, Won’t do anything stupid promise” he gave her a wink as he waited for her to go off and scan the picture so they could imprint it onto his skin.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Tito started to relax a bit, when Logan called him a Top bloke. There was a commerardery between men, and if you sort your differences out, with a few friendly words, everything is kosher. Dixie took Logan’s shirt and vest going through this drill often. “Don’t worry, I will hang your things out back.” Taking the gun along with it, she said. “And, I will keep these locked in the store room so they are safe.” It wasn’t like she wasn’t used to handling firearms before, and casually walked out back, as Tito took Dixie’s artwork and ran it through the scanner. This brought it up on screen and he played around with the size, to get it the right fit for Logan’s back. “If ya you take a seat over on the chair there, butta your stomach facing the back, I can start to prepare. Okay? Okay.” Dixie came back up, as Tito went to get the equipment on his trolley, including the disinfectant swatches, and the needle gun. He had his dyes all sorted, the colours arranged, and now just waiting on the imprint stencil that was coming out the printer. It was coming up pretty well so far, and Dixie took a seat on a swivel stool on the other side of Logan. Tito snapped on some latex gloves, before he started to clean down Logan’s back. The oddest song came on the iPod. It was Dean Martin’s “Everybody loves somebody…sometime” Tito started to tap his toes in time to the song, as he worked. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches as Dixie strolls into the back insuring his gear would be safe back there “Yeah I think the safeties on love” he chuckled as he glanced over at Tito who was now asking him to go sit down allowing Tito access to his back, Nodding he casually strolled up to the chair where Tito had asked him to sit, spinning the chair around so the backrest was facing the opposite way, he sat down and leaned his chest on the backrest, as his arms rested ontop of the backrest. “Lets get started shall we” he was excited to see how the tattoo would look, as he waited for Tito to finish prepping his things. He glanced over at Dixie who was now sitting next to him, giving her a wink “Ready to watch me become one of your pieces of art?” he chuckles slightly at the pun. Tito started to clean down his back, he could feel the cold air rubbing up against his skin, The smell of Disinfectant was thick through the air “I love getting tattoo’s, The smell of the disinfectant, the noise of the gun and the warmth of the needle going against your cold skin just feels awesome” he chuckled slightly as he arched a brow to the now playing song of Dean martin everybody loves somebody “ Top song, bloke’s got a voice that’s for sure. Sway ain’t to bad either” he smiled as he glanced over to Dixie “Although nothing beats the good olds 50’s to 80’s in my eyes.”


CharlotteCarrendar: “Nothing beats…Dean.” Tito said proudly, finished with cleaning Logan’s back and tossing the wipes into the bin beside him. He took up the fine trace paper that had the outline of Dixie’s sketch and placed it smooth on Logan’s back, humming to himself in time to the music. He wanted to make sure he got it centred and the angle just right. It was an impressive piece of artwork, and even Tito had to comment. “Dixie…how you get this so good, huh?” Even he was curious. “You would be amazed what watching the Ned Kelly film, along with archive drawings of it can do for an artist.” Dixie was a bit chuff herself with the way it had come out. Tito pressed his hands on the imprinted paper, and smoothed it over, leaving it for a few minutes, and reaching for his coffee cup to take a sip. While he did that, Dixie answered Logan’s question about how she felt of him being a walking piece of her art. “I always love watching. I know Tito is one of the best in the game. You are in good hands, Logan.” She said with a cheery wink, resting her forearms on the swivel chair back which she was straddling. When the time was right, Tito pulled off the stencil marked paper, to reveal Dixie’s outline of Ned Kelly on Logan’s back. “BEEEAUTIFUL…now, I begin.” You could hear the hum of the needle gun machine firing up, as he placed the ink vial in the compartment, so it was ready to start. He then pressed down on the start of the outline, and the tattooing began. <3>

IceTe3a: He nodded at what Dixie had to say in return, commenting on how Tito was the best in the game “Righto, I’ll trust ya on that one” he smiled as he felt Tito press the Imprinted paper onto his back, smoothing it over as he left it there for a few minutes. His skin soaking in the fresh ink, allowing the outline to transfer from the paper to the skin on his back perfectly, after awhile Tito took the paper off to reveal the outline, hearing Tito praise the work so far he arched a brow “Look good eh?” as he remained still, his ears twitched as he heard the buzzing of the gun, time to get this started “Righto game on” he said just as Tito started to tattoo the outline, He didn’t flinch even once his body was that used to being tattoo’d that it never flinched, as for the pain it wasn’t unbearable but rather comforting as he suggested earlier “ We’re in for the long haul now, Ain’t we. So what shall we ‘ave a yarn about?” as he could feel Tito working away back there, he could feel his skills in tattooing being shown as Tito knew exactly how long his skin could handle one firm press before having to lift it before the skin burned from the friction.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Skilfully Tito worked the outline of the Ned Kelly sketch – lifting the needle back at the right time, and then wiping away the excess before setting the needle back in place and starting again. The drone of the machine rose and fell as it was put in use and then moved away. Tito didn’t talk much as he worked, preferring to hum along to the tunes being played at the time. Dixie on the other hand, was right there and able to keep Logan company as he was being worked on. No doubt this was going to take a while, and Logan’s ability to hold still as the needle was applied, showed that he knew this procedure down pact. Dixie tapped her lip for a moment, and then said. “I happen to have found this cute little cafe…kinda cool and its not far from here. The guy who owns it is from the Gold Coast, can you believe it? Sells all kinda home grown foods, and beers. Must have got some special licence, I don’t know. But anyway, I thought if you like, we could pop by there for a meal. He gets all the footy and cricket.” Dixie said with a firm nod. <3>


IceTe3a: He could feel exactly where Tito was working from the feel of his back, his piercing blue hues glance at Dixie as she taps her lips, he arches a brow and then hears her talk about some café she knows about ‘kinda cool and it’s not far from here. The guy who owns it is from the Gold Coast, can you believe it? Sells all kinda home grown foods, and beers. Must have got some special licence, I don’t know. But anyway, I thought if you like, we could pop by there for a meal. He gets all the footy and cricket’ he smiles lightly at the invite “Aussie food, Footy and beer? Say no more love, it’s a date” he nodded slightly to reconfirm this “So, what are your plan’s love? You gonna stay in this place for the rest of your life? Or is there more to you than that beautiful smile.” Arching a brow once more he wondered how the tattoo was looking, he really couldn’t wait to see how it faired as time passed by.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Logan’s question about what Dixie’s plans were for the future made her stop and think for a moment. “I know I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a garage, that’s for sure. Maybe..open my own gallery. That would be the top of my list of lifelong goals.” She spoke with a sincerity as she showed of a shy smile, right as the bell to the shop rang. It was Roberto, Tito’s baby brother who had with him…Mamma. “Tito…I gotta leave the Mamma here. I got a rehearsel at the studio and they ban a Mamma.” Mamma was a grumpy frail looking old woman dressed in all black, with a black scarf on her head. She took up her hand bag and started to beat Roberto’s back with it. Abusing him in Italian as he cowered from the strikes. “Mamma mamma…I can’t a take you. You abuse the guests…and you peed on the couch in the green room. Mamma Mia!’ Without a second word he fled out the door, with Mamma chasing after him, tossing her bag at him before storming back inside. She stood there with a foul look on her face, as the sound of tyres screeching was heard. Roberto making a clean getaway. Dixie cringed, as Tito looked up from his work. “Oh..notta now. Dixie..please..get Mamma something to do…a magazine…or..or put on a movie outta back. Anything, but I can’t deal with dat woman. I worka.” Dixie did a small salute before approaching the elderly Mamma like she was approaching a great white. “Mamma..remember me? Dixie.” This, the Mamma did remember. She knew Tito liked her and then smiled a toothless grin. “Dixie!” Dixie nodded and led Mamma out back to put on a movie for her and make her a cup of tea. <3>

IceTe3a: He was busy talking to Dixie as someone else came in, talking about mamma he put it down to they were related as he glanced at the old woman and made a scrunched up face “ Bloody oath, what a old bat” he said reffering to the old lady, who was obviously Tito’s old mother he could not help but shake his head at the fact he had just insulted Tito’s mother.
IceTe3a: Glancing at the other man it kinda looked like Tito as well must be his brother, giving the bloke a slight nod he watched as he ran off out of the shop hearing tires screeched he arched a brow “If your brother hits my bike driving like a hoon, I’ll drag him round the shed” he said in a low tone, as he watched Dixie run off to take the elderly lady out round back. “Righto love, take er round the back of the shed” he said with a cheeky tone as she walked off. “Aye Tito mate, the hell’s all that about?” he chuckled slightly as he went over his head what exactly just happened, back in aussie the oldies weren’t that useless, but they were a hand full that’s for sure. “Tito, wanna see something mate? Course ya do” he chucked slightly as he glanced around the room to see if Dixie was back. “Tito, when Dixie come’s back look at her dead in the eyes and say Help a dingo stole my baby, watch and see what happens eh?” he said in a low tone so Tito could hear it but not Dixie unless she was right next to him. He hoped Tito would do as he requested, it be interesting to see her reaction to Tito saying it, “Why not put your mother in a care house mate, that way she’s off your back quicker than a jack rabbit on heat in spring”

CharlotteCarrendar: Dixie had set up Mamma out back with a nice cup of tea, and happened to find some old Rat pack movies on DVD for her to watch. Apparently she was a huge fan of old Blue eyes, and made herself comfortable, with some biscuits and her tea. The anger having left her as soon as the television came on. Least for now, she was under some control, but Dixie did worry about the couch. Leaving Mamma with a soft smile she came back around the corner, and shook her head. “Roberto is an idiot. What was he thinking bringing her here?” Dixie said, knowing how this was going to be answered. “Since Papa passed away, me and Roberto we share the care. I usually up all night with the Mamma. He supposed to take the day.” Clearly, he couldn’t cope with Mamma at his work, after she got banned for bad behaviour. Tito apologised to Logan saying. “Eh…family you know. Blood is thicker, but it’s a bitch.” That was all he could think of to say, as he tried to get back into doing the Ned Kelly tatt properly, which was coming along well, as he was near completed the outline. The shading was going to take a lot of work though. When Dixie did come back, Tito stuttered a moment, then said….”Helpa…a dingo steals my baby.” This had Dixie stop in her tracks, and she then burst out laughing. “You wally.” <3>

IceTe3a: Logan nodded as Tito explained his situation about his mother, so their father has died and tito and his brother look after their mother, Good on them. “Understandable mate, Family is family” He had no family of his own, his father had passed away 2 years ago and his mother died when he was 20, Only sibling although he did have cousins and aunts so forth, but they hardly got together and saw each other, he was mainly shunned from the family due to his lifestyle choices, a bad influence on the kids they told him. “Pfft”. He could feel the tattoo was coming along from where the needle has been and where it is now, but it wasn’t even half way done yet. His hues pick up Dixie’s movements as she came closer, he wondered if Tito was going to ‘Helpa…a dingo steals my baby.’ He smirked as he glanced up at Dixie “I’ll ave him true blue in no time, How’s it looking?” he arched a brow as he glanced up at the clock to see how long they’ve been sitting for, and then back to Dixie “So, I’ve been asking questions all morning, Anything eating at you that you’d like to ask? I know there must be something.” He chuckles slightly “I am a bikie after all, that’s usually the topic most choose to talk to me about” he said as he lifted his arm up and scratched his nose

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie checked the progression of the tattoo and so far Tito had managed to do most of the outline, which was pretty good going considering the distractions earlier. Dixie returned to sitting on the stool and rested her arms on the rounded back rest. “It’s looking ace from where I am sitting. Spot on to my illustration.” Dixie said confidently. Time was always the killer with tattoos, and Dixie was more than happy to strike up a conversation whilst the shop was reasonably quiet. All you could hear was the odd chatter coming from Mamma, when a favourite song came on. But going back to Logan, Dixie did have some curious questions. “Have you ever been really seriously injured riding your bike…and what make it is?” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiles as she said his tattoo is ace, sounds like he’ll love it; can’t wait until its finished so he can lay his eyes on his new tattoo. Of course allowing others to ask any questions they wanted to him there would be the odd weird one but generally it was all the same, so he listened to Dixie asking her questions before he rubbed his chin “Hurt eh? Never fallen off her before so there’s a good thing, I’ve been clipped by a stray bullet before” he points to the circler scar on his left shoulder, actually if someone knew what they were looking for they’d notice he’s had a couple different weapon scars across his body among them 3 bullet wounds. Chuckling slightly he was reminded of a past time “There was this one time, I was sleeping on the side of the road after a long drive, leaning against me bike. She decided I’d had enough sleep and fell on top of me” he shook his head in laughter “Apart from that, not really, Oh I once got a stray part of my jeans caught in the chain whilst riding” he said as he pulled out the big blade and pointed the hilt of the blade towards her as he held the point “Cut er out whilst riding with this, otherwise I doubt I’d be here today.” as he glanced out of the window to his bike “Yeah love she’s a 2003 Anniversary Softail Harley Davidson, Love her with all my heart, Like your bikes doll?” his hues glance back at hers as he waits for her to answer.