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Death Club Role play Live

Palour Dreams

”Do you come from a land Down Under?”



CharlotteCarrendar: Another dark and cloudy day in Prague didn’t deter Dixie’s mood. Now in her second trimester of her pregnancy she was no longer throwing up, and was able to keep meals down. Needless to say she was more than happy about that. Tito who was running Dem’s Tattoo shop that she lived behind decided to hire Dixie to do the artwork for the shop’s tattoos to give him more time to work on clients, and less time in design. Dixie was a natural, and not only that the customer’s loved her cheeky ways, and sense of style. A grunge chick with her own ink, she was a walking advertisement. Dressed in black jeans and a loose tank that was off the shoulder, she was turning up her ipod with Spiderbait playing on the sound system. Bopping her head, she danced across the tiled floor as Tito looked up from where he was tattooing a girl’s arm. “Whata you play, huh? I like the classics…this is shit.” Dixie flipped him off, saying. “It’s Aussie shit, Tito and I happen to like it.” Tito couldn’t argue with her there, and he went back to working on his customer, as Dixie scored another win. She was enjoying the freedom of being able to work right in front of where she lived, and it meant she didn’t have to travel the public system anymore. The tattoo shop had a few customers, some that liked to just hang out with the Aussie backpacker, others were always looking for new tattoos to be done. <3>

IceTe3a: – The roar of a muffler, attached to a 2003 Anniversary Softail Harley Davidson it was in mint condition Sprayed black, chrome polished as it should be. Nothing looked bad about this bike and Logan loved her, Sitting on her he was sporting black bikie boots, ripped denim jeans that covered part of his boots, and a Bikie vest, on the right side of the vest it had stitching on it saying ‘ Sgt At Arms’ and ‘Nomads’ Under it on the back it simply had a picture of the Nomads symbol and in big letters ‘Nomads’, both arms were tattooed all the way up to his shoulders, the right arm was pure Demonic tattooing as the left side was pure Con man with Cards, dice, money, Pool balls with a female sitting on top of it. His chest and back was clear of ink, but that was an issue he wanted resolved as soon as possible, On his knuckles he had “Ride Free” one letter per knuckle. His black hair fell down to his shoulders and covered the sides of his face, as his piercing blue eyes glanced at the map trying to make sense of it, He was a well built man standing 6’4 and built like a brick, his muscles toned as ever. But that was only thanks to his good gene’s and working as a Farm hand back in Australia, those cowboys sure knew how to work hard, and they partied even harder. Something Logan got used to quite quickly, he loved the countryside and all its hardships; “Fuck sakes… OI MATE” he said loudly in his thick aussie accent towards people walking by “Tattoo shop, Where the bloody hell is it?” he said once more pointing at the map, Eventually he was given what he thinks to be directions to a tattooist. “Thank fuck, Cheers mate” he waved behind his head as he sat on his bike, Clicking at the gearpedel with his left foot, the bike switched into gear as he revved it out, changing it two second the bike responded driving off in a scream, she was a loud bike and could be heard from quite the distance but that sound just gave him the chills “nothing like the sound of a bike or a v8 in the morning” he’d always say as he drove along the roads of Prague taking left turns, right turns he knew he’d be lost in this place again soon enough. Finally he could see a sign down the street which promised of a tattoo shop “Dem’s Tattoo shop, Bloody good enough for me” he revved his bike hard, speeding down the road, coming to a stop he backed his motorbike in front of the shop giving it a few loud revs before kicking the motor off. Swinging his leg over his boot hit the concrete floor, He could hear music playing from inside the store, as he took off in a stroll swinging open the door he welcomed himself into the store. Without a second note of warning he smirked “G’day mate’s Bloody hell it’s hard to find you lot, Mate back there was all like Yeah mate she’s just round back. Round back my fucken ass.” as his head slowly bobbed up and down to the tune, his piercing blue eyes and rugged face turned slowly to glance at everyone in the shop. He was as aussie as they came, spoke the lingo and didn’t care who understood it, blunt and swore like a true sailor, he was also a country boy as if his rugged skin wasn’t enough to state that.

CharlotteCarrendar: Dixie was about to grab a new sketch pad, when she heard the distinct Australian twang of a biker that just came through the door of the Tattoo shop. The patriotic Aussie practically beamed, hearing someone that spoke her lingo –Aussie slang. Setting down her pad, she strode over, looking the guy up and down. Biker vest, boots, jeans…some pretty cool ink on his arms. Dice, money, pool halls and a girl straddling the lot. Dixie nodded in approval, before giving him a wink. “Round back, eh? You’re lucky you found us if that is the kind of directions they gave ya. I struggled for a month just to find the nearest Maccas. You’re in good company. And if you’re wondering, I’m from Melbourne. St Kilda.” She outstretched her hand as she chewed a piece of gum. “Dixie Chix, mate. You after a tatt, cause Tito over there is one of the best in the game.” Tito was busy shading a girl’s butterfly, which was situated on the top of her left boob. <3>

IceTe3a: He glances down to this young female who stood before him, an arched brow as she gave him the once over suddenly she let it rip. ‘Round back, eh? You’re lucky you found us if that is the kind of directions they gave ya. I struggled for a month just to find the nearest Maccas. You’re in good company. And if you’re wondering, I’m from Melbourne. St Kilda.’
“ G’day Sheela! Doll, you don’t know how good it is to hear someone else from down under” his rugged hand gripped hers as lightly as he could giving her a still firm shake, as he slightly leaned to the side glancing at the one she called tito. “G’day mate” he gave a friendly holler out towards tito who was working, before glancing back down to Dixie “Lil thing ain’t ya, I’m sure you hold your own though” he smirked as he started to punch the air lightly “That so love the best? Well doll I’ll take your word for it, Rigto sign me up for some ink, Looking to get something somewhere, Either round back or round front” he let go of her hand as he ran his fingers through his hair “ Melbourne eh? Your far from down under love, what brings out this way. I myself traveled to much down under to give a general location, but I love the outback so Out west of Queensland, near the cattle ranches love” he smirked as he glanced around at the tattoo’s on the wall “Speaking of which I have no bloody idea what Im going to get, speaking of maccas Where does a bloke get a burger around this joint, Im yakkered and in need of a good VB and a pie.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The way this guy spoke reminded her so much of the patrons that her father used to get in the family pub back in St Kilda, that she couldn’t take the smile off her face if she tried. When he said it was good to hear someone speak the same lingo and actually understand him, Dixie couldn’t help but nod in agreement. “You have no idea. I mean, sure there is the odd Contiki bus tour, but you don’t get too many Aussies here outside of the tourist season.” Tito was keeping tabs on the conversation between the Aussie biker and his new art designer. While it was good to see she was bringing in new trade, he still had concerns about her, especially with how sick she had been for the past three months. With Demetrios away, Dixie had been far from her usual bubbly self, so seeing her like this, brought an odd smile from the Italian tattooist. When the Bikie hollered out to Tito, he waved back. “Ciao, my friend.” Tito was a big bloke, at least 6’ 4”, and when he was working on a client, he was often hunched over. Dedicated to his craft. Dixie chuckled when the Biker said he figured she could hold her own, to which she replied. “Yeah, I worked the bar at Death Club here in Prague for a few months, so I can take care of myself.” She did a fake body builder pose, just for good measure, but she was so slight, it looked comical. When the Biker said he would want some work done, Dixie was more than happy to show him through the books. The more she learnt about him, he favoured the Queensland outback, as opposed to the southern states, where she hailed from. But if it was one thing that he loved that was uniquely Victorian, was that he could go for a good VB and a pie. This had her laugh. “You’re serious, mate? I have some special sources that help me get that kind of goods in. Just hang here a tic.” Dixie headed outback to the garage, where she had a large fridge, that stocked – You guessed it, VB and…Four’n twenty pies. She was gone a good ten minutes, before bringing out the very things, that the Bikie craved. She set them down on a table near back, and gestured for the guy to come and enjoy this small Aussie feast. “Chow down on that, while I get the books for you to look through for your tatt. Oh, and I have some tom sauce if you want.” <3>

IceTe3a: Logan was his normal self again, seeing and hearing another aussie brought it all back to him as he smiled lightly, whilst chatting with the young sheela he could not help but chuckle at her pose and lightly pushed her “Put em away, you’re gonna scare the customers off” he arched his brow as she stated if he was serious, she disappeared for a moment as logan leaned to the left watching her stroll away out of sight what was the young sheela upto, then it hit him about ten minutes later his nose caught a waft of it .. could it be… no It couldn’t *Sniff Sniff* “aww what’s that you got there love” his eyes watching as she walked out with a Four’n Twenty pie and a VB “Oh darling, you’re a sheela after my own heart” he had not had a pie or a good beer since he left aussie, that was about two years ago “Fair dinkim, it’s been two years” he couldn’t help himself as he walked up to her and showed her that true Australian easy going way as he hugged her lightly “Cheers love, you made a bloke happier than you could imagine” he took a seat where she set the pie and VB and nodded “Yeah let’s get these pictures out and take a gander love, Nah on the sauce though I like to taste the flavor of the pie myself, Ow about you hun?” he took a bite out of the pie and almost started to tear up “Ahh I miss the vast lands..” he was reffering to Australia as he chugged down some of the beer “ I come from the land down under~~” he sung slapping his knee to the tune, it wasn’t often Logan got to enjoy the simple things in life, but he would remember this moment for the rest of his life.

CharlotteCarrendar: Dixie took the seat that was near Logan as he tucked into his Four’n’twenty pie, a tear in his eye since he had been without good aussie tucker for well over two years. She was pretty chuff to see a man enjoy what she had managed to find from home. Words could not describe what it felt like to sit down with an expat. Tito would never be able to understand, the happy banter, as Logan was speaking pretty fast, which was par of the course when you talk Aussie lingo. “I don’t mind a bit of tom sauce on my pies, but I don’t try and drown it, you know?” She rested her elbows on a tattoo art book, as she watched him eat up with his hearty appetite. “My favourite things are vegemite toast in the mornings, and a good tim tam bomb with my coffee at night when watching the telly. But every time I bring in my toast from the garage out back, Tito over there has a go. He said he thinks that stuff is like something from a cat’s ass. Course, I always quip back that I haven’t licked a cat’s ass so I wouldn’t know.” Tito overheard her and made some sort of Italian curse, while his customer was waiting for her butterfly tatt to be finished. Curious about her new found Aussie friend, Dixie asked. “So what brings you to Prague? Or are you just travelling through?” <3>

iceTe3a: – Scoffing down his pie he was thoroughly enjoying it as his hues glance over to Dixie who he just noticed was now staring at him, he stopped mid chewing and blinked slightly at the situation at hand, never had someone stare at his mug this long before. “ Ugh, I hate those Dongga’s drownin sauce all over the pie, I’m always like, Fuck give me the pie and drink the sauce mate” he said before he continued to chew down the pie. Overhearing that Tito disliked vegemite he choked on the pie as he was swallowing it *Cough cough* he swigs abit of VB “ Cats ass?!? Bloody hell mate, Nothin wrong with a good vegemite on toast, Hell I spread it thick for the flavor” he glances back at Dixie and slides the VB her way, Typical aussie always sharing a drink, any excuse to drink would do. He overheard her ask as to why he ain’t in aussie, he points to the back of his vest with his thumb swinging to the back of his shoulder “That’s why dear, I’m Free to ride the world’s roads *scoffing down the last of the pie and a sightof relief* Ride free darl’ “ he smirked as he leaned back in his chair and finally gave Dixie the once over from head to toe, being a typical blunt aussie “Cute little thing ain’t ya” a slight smirk on his face as he glances around the shop, “So you know my story partly, what’s yours doll”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The story of Dixie and how she came to be in Prague was a fairly unusual one. She was more than happy to explain, after he had been kind enough to tell her that he was touring. Free to ride the world’s roads. She had to admit, that was something she would love to do…one day. “Well..” She said, as she flicked back a stray lock of black hair. “I was actually going to Paris, where my dad had paid for me to go this fancy art college. But, I arrive at the airport, and some bastard steals my bag. So…I got no money, no bag…and stranded at the airport. That is where I met up with the Wallabys.” She was talking about the International Rugby union representatives from back home. “The manager happened to be a friend of my old man’s. He spotted me outside the terminal, and well, took pity on me I guess. So, I got to be the team mascot for a few weeks. Touring with the boys around from game to game. When I got to Prague, I decided to hoof it, and try my luck backpacking, and maybe doing odd jobs. That is how I ended up working at the Death club. It was like this….rave club, pretty shady. Lots of dancers, back rooms for…you know. So yeah, I was a barmaid, till the place got razzed by the Russians.” It was a fairly tall tale, so what would the biker from the Outback think? <3>


IceTe3a: – He listened to her story commenting every now and then “Strewth!! Bloody pricks, Tell ya what, you point them out, I’ll drag them round the shed and show them true Aussie culture.” He could not help but laugh at the comment he just made as he continued to listen “Wallabys? Lucky bastard, Bet that was an experience you won’t soon forget” he nodded in agreement with himself “ Russians.. Yeah, I’ve dealt with those pricks before that’s for sure. One tried to take my bluey Jack * He was referring to his dog called jack* and if there’s one thing you do not do, is fuck with an Aussies dog” he said firmly as he smiled slightly “You’ve had quite the experience that’s for sure. Though I don’t know how you stand all these Oh my god are you Australian?! Say That’s not a knife this is a knife, and do you have a pet kangaroo? Bloody wankers” he sighed slightly at the frustration of people. “So darling, show me what you got for me, in fact you choose the tattoo and the placing this’ll be a blast” he said, always up for a good dare or a great time he thought it would be fun to let her choose the tattoo and its location of where it was going to be placed. “Oh, here “ he said as he rustled through his pockets looking for something, he pulls out a handmade necklace that had a giant crocs tooth on it and then hanging near the crocs tooth was a dog tag imprinted with the Aussie flag on it, not something one could get from any tourist store this was hand made by Logan “ So you always remember where you’re from doll, and a thank you for the bloody pie and beer”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie thought long and hard about what image would suit this Aussie character. He was proud of his national heritage, and also understood how many foreigners got the wrong idea about Australians and the Australian culture due to movies and some subpar soaps like Neighbours. She actually cringed at some of the things that people have said to him, cause she had copped as much if not worse when working at Death Club. She opened up her book of art drawings, and then flicked through to the back, where she had done a collection known as “Aussie Pride.” The one that really caught her imagination was one of Ned Kelly, holding out his arm with a pistol cocked and ready to fire, with the words “Such is life” written underneath it. Dixie turned the book around, for Logan to take a gander at. “How about this one?” The outlawed Australian was one of the iconic legends of the Outback, as well as being something of a folk hero. Few new the true story of Ned Kelly, but that is for another time. <3>


IceTe3a: Logan watched her carefully as she flicked through her book, it looked like she had just found something as she flicked the picture to him, it was Ned Kelly holding his pistol up and the worlds ‘Such is life’ written on it, he loved it, nothing else would do as this was perfect for him, as his usual Aussie self he stood up stripped his vest off, so he was topless “Where should it go” He had a pure black 9mm berretta sticking out of the back of his jeans, he took it out and threw it on the table, on closer expectation one could see ‘ Live free, Die well’ scribed down the chamber of the pistol not caring how people reacted to him being topless, or the fact he carried a gun; or his full sleeves, gang tattoo or gunshot scars amongst other scars he kept turning from front to back “On the old six pack? Or round back “ he slapped his hardened 6 pack of abbs and then his back throwing down 5,000 on the table “That enough to cover the Ink work? Annd.. “ he fiddled in his vest quickly as he pulled out a wad of cash again counting it then working it In his head, “Drawing and time fee, as usual with a tip” he threw down 1,700 infront of her as all tattoo’s when getting a design sketched require a drawing and time taken fee, this was a little more than what it should cost but Logan put in extra on purpose to help out his newly found Aussie sheela “Don’t give me any Hissy fits now sheela I wouldn’t be true blue if I was gonna sit here and not help out another Aussie” he smirked as he glanced around wondering how Tito was going with the female and if he was listening in.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Up on the platform where Tito had been working on his client the whole time, he finally got finished, and was cleaning the tattoo and talking to his client. He showed her how it looked in a mirror, and she was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Needless to say, he did a good job. He’d want to, to keep his rep intact in a place like Prague. Taking the girl’s payment, he was counting the euros as he wished her a good day, before coming down to see what Dixie and her new Aussie friend were up to. Logan had stood up and taken off his vest and shirt, asking where the tattoo should go. Dixie stood up herself and checked him out, favouring his upper back for the affect that the tattoo she would design specially would have. Tito did a double take seeing the firearm that Logan was wearing, but when Dixie gave him a stern look, that was to be quiet, Tito zipped his lip. This was her client, and she would deal with it. When Logan slapped down the 5 G and asked if that was enough, Dixie nodded in agreement. But when he threw down an extra 1,700 that was more than enough. In fact, it was a hell of a lot. “That’s plenty, mate” Dixie said with a half smile, knowing that it would be rude to go off about that kind of money. He didn’t look like the kind of guy you wanted to argue with. “I can start work on the design tonight if you like.” She was hoping he would be okay with that. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiles and nods as she started talking about the location of where the tattoo should go he spun around so his back faced them, trying to turn his head to look at his back and trying to force his hand to hit the location she was talking about, he was a typical aussie “ There you have it then love the idea” nodded as he was pleased with the location she had chosen “Sounds like a date love, when should I come back to get the ink done” his hues glance over to Tito who was looking a bit funny “ OI mate Hows it hanging? *Aussie slang for Are you alright mate?* you look like you’re stuck between a tazzi devil and its food” he then glanced back to Dixie “ Your mate looks like he could use a feed some grog love” as he put his vest back on, he glanced down to his pistol, grabbing it from the hilt he laughs slightly “I forgot to introduce my girl Sophie” he laughs again and places his pistol back in his pants behind his vest.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Tito was confused by the question “How’s it hanging?” He looked at Dixie for a translation, to which she said “Are you okay?” Tito still looked confused and responded to the Aussie biker. “I have..good hangin’..yeah, they hang good.” Dixie rolled her eyes, and laughed. “In one ear and out the other. Oh, and you can come back tomorrow, and we can get started. I will have the artwork done tonight.” She was pretty sure she could do the details before and after dinner, since she really didn’t have anything else to do. “We are open till 10pm at night.” That would give Logan a good amount of time to do the things he needed to beforehand. “In any case, here is our card, should you need to ring in for anything.” Dixie handed over the card, which had the cell numbers and online details. Tito eased up slightly, when Logan introduced his weapon “Sophie” “She is…beautiful….mate.” Least he was trying. <3>

IceTe3a: – Logan was staring at Tito who was looking confused and a bit slow to finally answer back sayin ‘I have..good hangin’..yeah, they hang good. ‘ Logan stood there for a moment trying to figure out what he was saying “Righto… mate, you keep.. Hanging low? “ he glanced over to Dixie confused from Tito “ He trying to have a go at me or is he a Drongo? “ he glanced back at Tito then at Dixie, glancing down at the card he took it in hand and placed it in his pocket “Right, then, cya later love, I’ma go find me some tucker and a place to set up my swag, perhaps a few rounds It’ll take me that long just to find something in this bloody place” he chuckled giving Dixie a friendly hug he turned to tito and stuck out his hand waiting for him to give him a shake “Good on ya Tito, good bloke, you look after sheela here got it? Otherwise I’ll have to take ya round the shed” he said jokingly with a laugh

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie could hardly contain her laughter, when Logan asked if Tito was a drongo, or having a lend. She was quick to interject. “He uhm…yes, drongo is a good word for Tito.” Course, Tito had no idea what that meant, but she gave him a little thumbs up, and he chimed in. “I am..a drongo.” Dixie walked Logan to the door after they had a light hug. Tito being a gentleman, shook hands with the biker Aussie. “Chow, mate.” Tito said as Dixie leaned against the door frame. “If you get stuck for a VB, you know where to find me.” A light wink, and the Dixie headed back inside, with Tito following her. “What is this shed he talks about, Dix?” Laughing Dixie replied. “You don’t want to know.” <3>