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The Ronin & The Serpent

Part Six

The Demon Twins


IceTe3a: Ronin ‘s eyes watched as the serpent bounced down on the floor, only to get back up within an instant, Of course her reflexes were fast, she was a trained assassin. He expected her reflexes would kick in, so much for helpless girl as he watched on her body sliding into a fighting form; yet another confirmation, she knows unarmed combat which should be expected but he wasn’t really sure what she was trained in since she kept running from their fights he was glad they finally got to face off, coming to a tall stand, he faces her side on his right shoulder facing her, as his left arm bends behind his back to rest on the bottom of his back firmly, his right arm in front of him, bent at the elbow as his palm was open his knuckles facing towards her, his palm was level with his chin, this was a more relaxed and cocky pose used from those who knew they did not need to take the fight seriously, or So he thought he wouldn’t have to. Suddenly she propelled herself towards him with great mass; her left hand jabs up towards him, His right hand simply swung in a anti clockwise motion collecting her left jab in the motion and pushing it outwards away from his body, as his right arm came back up he barely had enough time to deflect a secondary swing from her right hand aimed centre at his neck, he managed to get his right hand up towards the same position it was before, but not in enough time as her right hand strike was well past the point where he could deflect it entirely, instead his right palm twisted slightly until his palm met with her wrist, her arm rubbing and gliding across his open palm as he managed to move the blow slightly but not enough late as the hit landed on the side of his neck, he felt it with great force as his neck muscles clenched in protest to the hit, he felt a bit winded if she had landed that blow he most certainly would have been completely winded, but now with her left arm flying outwards and his right palm rubbing up against her right arm, she was left open, His eyes get a sharp look in it. His knees bent slightly, locking his feet in place to allow for a more forceful hit, his left arm comes swinging out from behind his back, his palm locked into place bending back at the wrist as his palm was open, coming under their right arm, he aimed to land a blow right into her stomach, Hopefully landing the blow causing her to stagger, although this left him wide open for an array of counters and submissive attacks, of which he hoped she was not trained in. Back in the Great hall, the old warlord was watching the Bard know as Kayne sing with his silver tongue, The warlord has never actually see that man not seductively dancing around as he walked, and then there was the Gypsy dancer Kekeyama who no one ever forget once laying eyes upon her, they were both advisers to him, in which he counselled often as they have travelled the world and their knowledge is worldly at the very least, but there was something about those two that never sat straight with him, They were human enough but never exactly had the same feeling a human gave off around him, the rumours about Kayne being a Incubus of silver tongue and Kekeyama the seductive Succubus, they were portraying the skill sets of demon’s but he was just glad that they were on his side, he never would show such dishonour and ask them directly about their pasts or how they met each other, people just always had their assumptions of them and it was left at that. His arm raised he summoned them over but did not wait until they were near to talk to them, instead he just bellowed towards them until they came closer “I see you two have made it just in time for the celebrations, and of course the oncoming war. Kayne, Kekeyama what advise do you two have for a old friend such as me” Kayne was skilled in the tarot cards so he commonly read the warlords future which was to be expected by now. Kayne’s devilish smirk caught the eyes of many a female in the room, his eyes have trapped many a young lady allowing them to get lost, or so they say. The females of the room were all chatting amongst themselves as they watched on towards Kayne who simply gave a slight nod towards a particular group of young ladies, although his eyes were glancing towards Kekeyama watching to see how she would react to all of this a raised brow was all he gave Kekeyama as a statement before he walked straight past her gliding his open palm across her shoulder, nodding towards the old warlord; Kayne swung his guitar onto his back strapping it in place, no one knew exactly but everyone thought he used that as his weapon to kill people, but it was more complicated than it seemed.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Serpent was one that learnt never to make a single strike and just hope for the best. She fought with a dogged determination and fury unlike that of many of her contemporaries. Naked as the day she was born, and in a locked fight with the Ronin, the truth to her abilities was about to come to the fore. First attempt to set up a block so the Ronin’s right hand would be engaged with her left, meant the second attack of her right fist to his neck would have made it’s mark, but only deflected after she had made impact to the side of his neck. Her left arm out wide, meant that she had an opening to her stomach region which the Ronin sought to exploit, going for a right hand fist low blow, which made its mark. Striking her with enough force to blow her back slightly. The mark of his fist causing instant bruising; as the veins beneath ruptured. The Serpent was forced back, but this did not mean she would run. Two quick bounces on her toes and the viper was rising once more. This time propelling off her left foot, she went for a full left jab to the Ronin’s head – right side. The right foot follows through but her knee is bent slightly, ready for a turn to the waist to generate a round house kick to the left side of his stomach. :: Kekeyama danced towards the Warlord, who had taken a marked interest in Kayne and his sister. He was smart enough to know that the pair were dangerous in their own right, and the saying to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, rang true with this couple. Kayne was already enticing a group of ladies of the Warlord’s court to giggle and whisper about him, while the female succubus was all too happy to answer the Warlord’s questions. The war, and the fact they arrived when they did. Holding herself gracefully Kekeyama answered simply. “My gratitude for your welcome, my Lord. I fear we thought we might not get here before the action, but it looks to me that we arrived just in time. As for this…war. My advice is simple. Don’t show your hand too early.” That said, she waited for her brother to interject. <3>

IceTe3a: Ronin’s blow hit her hard, sending her back with a forceful blow to the stomach, he knew this damage would hurt but it was not enough to stop her fight as she sprung back up to her feet ready for round two, he knew she’d come back and come back hard as he watched her movements slowly trying to quickly gather exactly what she was going to do, he studied her feet movements and then the twitching in her muscles as his eyes quickly dart just in time to see a downward blow towards his head, with instinct he raised both arms to block the blow successfully not without causing some pain towards his arms though, it hit hard suddenly he didn’t know what hit him as her leg came around full motion singing straight into his ribcage on the side, it hit him hard the blood veins rupturing instantly as his lips parted trailing with a rather low and angry “ARrrgh” it looked as if the kick fractured some of his ribs, two at least, now bent over at the waist In pain he tries to catch his breath back each breath he took raising and lowering his chest, causing pain with the movement of his muscles around his rib cage.right hand clutching the spot where he was hit, Could he continue the fight? Or was he done for only time would tell. The warlord nods as his eyes examine the sensual female known a Kekeyama, “Mmmmhmm” he let slip out of his lips agreeing with what she had to say, he glances quickly over to Kayne who was busy doing what he did best, wooing the female’s in the room and with great success so it seemed, his brows furrowed that Kayne was not here as he summoned but he would not protest as to little was known about the two to be safe. “I understand what you are saying, we may be looking at a siege though” he was determine not to get into a siege war with the dragons army but wanted to face them front on, although this may not be the best course of action for this war. His eyes swing back to Kayne who was walking this way, with one girl on each side of him his arm wrapped around both their waists, he gives a slight nod towards him, as kayne came to a stop near his sister, he shook his head at the disrespect kayne was showing him, bringing two ladies from the party wrapped around himself infront of him? The warlord? Whilst they discussed sensitive matters? But that was kayne and only his sister could control him, the old warlord looked towards Kekeyama as if to say deal with him please, sitting back into the chair he awaited for this to be dealt with. “Oh, how interesting? You two are just friend’s? Not young sisters? But you’re both so lovely” Kayne said in his devilish tone, his digits rubbing against the bottom of their chin’s, he glances over to his sister who was conversing with the Warlord, he knew if he didn’t get over there soon his sister would smack him with her dammed whip or drag him over by his ear, They both seemed to be dominate but no one could guess who was in charge of their operation. Kayne’s eyes fell upon the two ladies who he was so simply wooing without much hasle, his index fingers on both hands touch just under the chin of the two ladies as he guided them into his arm’s spinning them all around to face his sister and the warlord he raises a brow as he noticed the Old warlord glancing over at him ‘Honestly this old man really needs to die already’ He thought to himself, although he wondered if his sister would hear his thoughts she was always good at that, as he started to lead the ladies towards the warlord and his sister, he slipped a hand around each of their waist and pulled them in closer to him, so they got more personal “Shall we” he said in his silver tongue, before coming to a stop just next to his sister.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Spinning back the Serpent draws her leg in after a successful strike to the Ronin’s ribcage. The distinct crack of the ribs, breaking bone a sure certainty that she had done good damage. But not one to bask in the glory of a simple hit, she was going for the final move to end this fight and bring the Ronin down. As he was doubled over in pain from the kick she raised up both hands clasped together with fingers interlocked and then slams her joined fists together on the space between his neck and the top of his back, the force of the blow was to send him crashing head first to the floor, where if he hit his head on the stone he was sure to be knocked out. That was the plan. :: Kekeyama kept the Warlord in her sights, always one to pay heed to the words of the reigning Lord of this land. She used her feminine wiles to keep his eyes upon her for she was indeed very pleasing to the eye. The subtle sway of her silk clad hips, and the way her vest clung so tight to her form, it accentuated her ample bosom, showing off cleavage that would leave many a man with their tongue hanging out. Course, this was not about pleasure, this was business. Flicking her tongue inside her mouth, she nodded at the notion that they may be headed for a siege, which is not what any true Commander wants, but rather to face the enemy head on. “I’m sure when the Dragon comes that you my Lord will ride out in lead of your men, and fell the Dragon the same way he was taken last time. Just remember, acting out of emotion makes for rash choices. Always keep them in check. Or it will be your undoing.” These words were meant respectfully, as she was sure he understood, however, her brother was not being respectful, in fact by bringing over two lovelies and wooing them before the Warlord, was a tad embarrassing. The look Kekeyama got from the Warlord, was more or less to deal with her Brother’s insolence straight up. Kekeyama understood perfectly. She rounded on her brother and his two choice females and offered each a sinister smile. “There is a time for service, and a time for pleasure. I am sure you two ladies would not want to disappoint the Warlord, after all is it not he who holds your lives in his hands?” She then backed up and hoped damn well the Warlord heard her, so he could make a gesture that the women would understand that he would follow through with the threat. <3>

IceTe3a: Ronin was bent over still recovering from the last blow, his eyes on the ground before him his breathing still heavy, what was she doing? He forgot all about her whilst trying to regain his composure, his eyes glance forward only to see the Serpents leg’s, noticing they were moving forward towards him, he attempted to get back up as his eyes followed the flow of her body, to late he saw her hands clasped together falling down with great force his eyes widen as her strike hit true, right smack in the middle of the neck ”ARHH….” He couldn’t even finish screaming out before his head was sent flying down to the rock hard floor below him with great speed, *BANG* his head hit the cold stone floor, his body went limp as he blacked out laying down in front of her, a small amount of blood trickling out from under his head into the grooves of the stone floor, signalling the blow was a success he was still breathing but out cold, was this the end for the Ronin? Should he have listened to the old warriors advice? His life was now in the hands of the Serpent and what she saw fit to do with him. :: Leaning back in his throne his gaze become narrow as he watched Keke address the two females around her brother, . “There is a time for service, and a time for pleasure. I am sure you two ladies would not want to disappoint the Warlord, afterall is it not he who holds your lives in his hands” keke suggested towards the two ladies there face said it all Embarrassed and angry that Keke would impose such a thing towards them, their eyes fell upon him as a low growl came out from his cracked lips, leaning forward with one open palm resting on his knee, he was about to get up when the two girls eep’d and ran off into the crowd, their faces would not be seen again he would bet his entire kingdom on that fact. He laughed aloud pleased with the results Keke had promised him, this was a gesture towards her as he sat back in his chair “Only you could do something like that with a straight face keke, I assume you will keep him on a tighter leash from now on” his eyes flicked over to kayne who was unfazed by this motion to remove his newly found toys “Now to business, I do agree we should wait and see what the dragons army do, let’s allow them to make the first move. I thank you for your guidance in this Keke” he extended his arm to allow her palm to fall into his where if she would allow it he would kiss her fingers in a sign of thanks and deep respect, his eyes narrowed on Kayne “ I want a reading as soon as you are ready Kayne” he gestured to the private chambers behind his throne, a small room with one entry and exit, no windows just a table and four chairs with torches on the wall to light the room up, The warlord nodded at Keke and then made his way into the room to await the two gypsy kin. Kayne watched as his sister told off the two girls who were not pleased with what his sister said, although once they saw the Warlord was not pleased with them they ran off in a scurry, a slight grumble in defiance “ you never let me have any fun sister” he whispered so only she could hear his digits run through his course hair as he smirks slightly, a twinkle in his eyes as he glances at her with a wink, quickly registering what the warlord said he nodded slightly as he watched the warlord make his way off “ Eh, I don’t really fancy it, Besides there are so many other young ladies to woo” he spun on the heel of his foot turning his back on his sister, he had full intentions on not going into the room where the warlord awaited for his card reading as he much preferred to spend his time around the ladies.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Breathing heavily, the Serpent stood over the felled body of the Ronin. A slight pool of crimson was showing upon the cracks between the rock floor, and though the Ronin was still breathing, he was no longer conscious. The Serpent did not come off without being injured herself, looking down as she placed her slender digits upon the dark swelling of her stomach where the Ronin had made a hit land. The Serpent swore silently that he would pay for damaging her once more, but at least he was now out cold on the floor. Snatching up a simple robe, she made her way to the door, opening it and then calling out for a guard or two. The clatter of footfalls was heard as two of the Warlord’s top guards appeared, and thankfully they were not drunk. “In my chambers a man is unconscious. He broke in and attempted to kill me. He is wanted by the Warlord for crimes against our lands. Drag him to the dungeons, while I get ready for the feast. You are to report back to me when you have completed this task.” The two guards ambled in, and saw the weapons of the attacker discarded, the man on the floor in a small pool of blood. One guard looked back at the Serpent in amazement. She had taken down a man…with only a robe on? If only they knew the truth. Dragging the Ronin out, the Serpent closed the door, and then leaned against it. A true look of fear came over her face. That was too close. She had fought out of the instinct of survival and managed to get a break. She secretly swore there would not be a second time. Blinking away a tear, she then went to get ready for the Warlord’s feast. :: Kekeyama graciously allowed the Warlord to plant a kiss upon the back of her hand, and then turned his attentions to the brother – Kayne. He wanted a reading, and he wanted it now. Reassurance no doubt that what Kekeyama had said, and that he was acting properly in his ideals on how to go about winning the upcoming war. Kekeyama knew her brother well enough at losing the two frightened females back into the crowd. She knew that there would be others, for it was all too easy for Kayne to gather more into his web of deceit. But now was not the time for play, and she knew it. When Kayne lamented that she never let him have fun, she smiled innocently as though she had no idea what he was talking about. “You can suck the souls out of the nimble creatures of this court…after you have appeased the Warlord. I am sure the lovely ladies will all be wet with anticipation for your attentions.” She then gestured with her hand towards the door which the Warlord had gone through. “So…keep it in your pants and go read the cards.” <3>

IceTe3a: Ronins lifeless body laying there as his blood marked the floors of the serpent, a steady stained memory on her floor to remind her How it went down, and how easily it could have gone the other way If the Ronin did not disguard his weapons. The guards picked up Ronin’s unconscious body, dragging it down the hall feet first towards the dungeon, who knows what was to happen to him now, will the Serpent inform the warlord about Ronin? Did she have other ideas for him, only time could tell. A large sigh was heard as Kayne spun once more on his heels to face his lovely sister who was standing there with a smile on her face ‘You can suck the souls out of the nimble creatures of this court…after you have appeased the Warlord. I am sure the lovely ladies will all be wet with anticipation for your attentions.’ She had basically told him to stop messing around and do his job, she never let him have his fun as he grumbled under his breath before walking straight to his sister, swinging his left arm around her waist he pulled her in close and personal as he guided her with him “If I am to deal with him, then so shall you” he intended to bring her with him since he had to endure the old warlords company, others looked onto the two, as Kayne had her in arm the females from before were fuming, this is how the rumours spread about them, some said they were sister and brother others say lovers, no one could tell exactly all they knew is what they saw, and the females of the courtroom were jealous and fuming that kayne had Keke in his arm, it was all too obvious to see as Keke was given dark looks from females they passed “I wonder what the cards have to say today about the warlord” his digits strumming the back of Keke’s lower waist as he whistled a tune mid walk. Finally arriving to the door where the warlord disappeared into he opened the door for keke and gave her a helpful push infront of him through the door as he walked in behind her closing the door behind them both. As he walked past Keke his fingertips ran across the side of her face as he kept eye contact with her, his hues than flick to the now sitting warlord who was awaiting for Kayne to sit down, Kayne’s head and eyes facing the warlord his fingers trailed off the tip of Keke’s face and wiggled signalling her to follow him as he sat down on the chair and pat his knee awaiting her to come sit down on his lap he arched a brow whilst laying his hands on the empty wooden table. “The future is unsure, but to me the many pathways in life show me a glimpse of what could be, what will be and what has been” his palms lift up off the table hovering just above It as they cross over each other once, nothing happened and then back again once they separated they allowed the view of a Tarot card deck that was sitting on the table, just appearing out of thin air or so the onlookers would appear. With that he leaned back and waited for the warlord to continue his questioning as his eyes flicker to Keke. The warlord’s eyes opened as he saw Kayne and keke in arms walking into the room, these two are too confusing for the likes of him to understand as he watched Kayne walk forward and take a seat, his eyes directed to Kayne’s waving hands on the table suddenly the deck of tarot cards appeared out of thin air, He always enjoyed this part secretly, the warlord thought him and keke were truly demons with powerful magic although he was not sure exactly. “ I want to know the future, what will happen in this war, Whose paths do you see? Tell me exactly what I need to know, not what I want to know” his eyes fall upon keke for a mere moment before flicking back down to kayne whose eyes were devilishly glaring towards his awaiting eye contact, it sent a chilling feel down his spine.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Serpent prepared herself for the banquet in a stylish gown that was black silk, with a golden serpent that was sewn from the very top of her neckline, then went all the way down to the floor. Made specially it was an exceptional dress that showed off the Serpent’s curves without fault. Her hair was now tied back in a ceremonial bun, with long ornate hair pins, that were actually poisoned tipped daggers – holding her hair in place elegantly. She had used a light make up, and taken care around her eyes, accentuating them with a black ink that made her look all the more serpent like. Her jewellery was of serpents that wound around her wrists and ankles, with one that was made into a necklace that rested gently upon her skin – two rubies for eyes stared out from a serpent’s head. Pleased with her attire, she was now ready to attend the Warlord’s feast. She did however have to remind herself of the captive Ronin, and what part he plays in the killing of the Dragon and Rikken. She expected the guards to attend to her in the Dining hall, after they had ensured the Ronin was well secured. Half of her wanted to go check, but she knew that she could not keep the Warlord waiting. Raising her head proudly, she set off for the hall, unaware of the arrival of the Gyspy siblings that currently had the Warlord occupied. :: In the small room, Kekeyama took her place seated upon her Brother’s lap. She did not react to his frequent stroking and touching, as she got a kick out of seeing the anger rise from the mere females that had become infatuated with her Brother; Kayne. This happened everywhere they went. Perhaps Kayne did it to make all very aware that he kept his sister close, for reasons that would eventually come to pass. The tension in the small room was so that you could carve it with a knife. The Warlord showing his basic humanity. Desperate to be told if he was right in his actions, and his desires. If the cards would read in favour, or show him death. Often when cards of ill advice were shown, the humans tended to overreact and show fear. This would be interesting indeed, if the Warlord did such a thing. Kekeyama leaned back and rested herself against her brother, almost casually as the tarot cards appeared as though by magic. The Warlord had questions, and fired them at Kayne, while Kekeyama tilted her head; keen herself to see how this played out. <3>

IceTe3a: In a dark cell in the dungeon the floor covered in dried blood, scattered bones and bloodied tables amongst torture equipment and tools, two chains hung from either side of the walls guided by two chains hanging from the ceiling with one large hoop at the end of it, the chains coming down from the sides of the walls went through the hoops and dropped down, they were attached to Ronin’s arms forcing his arms to lay outward in a v motion above his head (( Like this \ O / <- :D )) his head drooping downward as his chin rested on his chest, his feet dragging across the floor, this was to make his muscles tense and more susceptible to torture and having a deeper effect. The guards who had taken Ronin to the cell had locked the door and taken the key, Finding the Serpent they nod slightly as the pass her the key “ The Prisoner is secured as best as we could although we cannot be sure when and if he will wake up” with the the guards quickly went back to their posts before the warlord found them abandoning their posts, They feared the serpent but they feared the warlord more. Kayne smirks at the questions the warlord was giving him, typical questions anyone asks when will I find love, Will I become Rich, What’s my future, When and how will I die. No one ever asked anything out of the ordinary which bored Kayne slightly, but it was to be expected, Nodding in understanding he grabbed the tarot cards in one hand as he single handed started to shuffle the deck of cards all 78 cards were guided smoothly through his controlling hands allowing for a swift and easy transition of placement no one knew the outcome of the draw not even Kayne knew what would come out of the draw. He stopped shuffling the deck quickly ; placing the deck in front of the warlord “Keep all your questions in your mind focus your energy on them and cut the deck for me. He watched as the warlord took a deep breath, he seemed to be meditating on the questions in his mind, Keke had leaned back against him allowing her weight to fall upon his body, he was used to this and never minded it he always kept her close to him as he wrapped his arms around her waist interlocking his fingers together as he awaited the warlord 10 minutes had passed as the warlord was still meditating, honestly this man took things to literal bored of waiting he rested his chin on keke’s shoulder nuzzling her cheek slightly as he took in her scent, he loved the smell of a female. Finally the warlord cut the deck, Kayne gathered the cards and placed them back on top of each other he knew exactly which spread he was going to use, it was the Five card Horseshoe spread each card had a different meaning starting from left to right the Present Position, the Present Desires, the Unexpected, the Immediate Future and the Outcome. He spreads the entire deck across the table placing his left hand up near Keke’s face he holds up all five fingers with a devilish grin, signaling for the warlord to choose 5 cards in total, the warlord picked five cards not turning them over he pulled them towards him, as Kayne placed his left hand over the edge of the cards on one side and trailed it to the right side of the table where the cards ended as he did the cards disappeared from the left side of his hand, finally the deck had disappeared all together leaving the 5 cards appear in the middle in front of them in a horseshoe set up, Kayne never did this himself and the warlord never set them up he just allowed people to believe it was magic. The warlord nodded his head signaling he was ready, as Kayne waved his hand near the first card he stated simply “ The Present – The justice card” he said just before the card flipped over on its own to reveal the picture of the Justice card. It was a Major Arcana card, this was indeed Ironic it made Kayne’s right eye twinkle slightly for he knew exactly what this meant, the Justice card does not apply to the laws made by mankind although sometimes the laws of mankind do mimic the laws of the universe that justice does enforce, and in rare cases like this one it indeed refers to them “ Rikken has died it may have not been by your hand precisely but it was by your order, with the outcome of this there will be a consequence for what you have done, Every action in life has its immediate reaction” This was the butterfly effect plain and simple the laws of the universe even though hidden to man was all to well known by Kayne and they could not be violated; only enforced. The sword of Justice, a double-edged blade as always, is ready to mete out punishment for those who have wronged, and to reward those who have done good deeds. Even though each man thought his own deed was good in the end it was up to the universe to decide. “war…” it slipped from the Warlord’s mouth as Kayne knew it would have, he was right he Killed Rikken and the Dragon and now war was on his doorstep, it was an immediate reaction to his action and the cards confirmed this. (MORE)

IceTe3a: He continued “The Present Desires – The stars “ He said once more before the card flipped over to reveal the stars , The stars prove a difficult card to read as it shows that the questionnaire know his path is true and is guided by this. “The path you are taking you continue to force yourself to believe is the right one, and no other path is truer than yours. You wish to unite Japan under your rule and nothing else will matter besides this” The warlords eyes widened how did Kayne know of his plan to seize control over all of Japan? It came a shock to him but Kayne expected this was the Warlords plan all along. “The Unexpected – The devil” Sure enough as the card flipped the Devil card appeared “ There is much going on around you that you have yet to understand and to learn, Your vision is tunnelled and this will be your downfall” he knew the warlord would not take this easy as he noticed the change in the warlords face “ I warn you to keep a close eye on those around you, for your path may become harder to reach than you first thought it would” glanced down to keke who was still leaning back against him, wondering how interested she actually was in all of this he continued “The Immediate future – Wheel of fortune” at this point the warlord stopped watching the cards as Kayne had proved himself once again he knew the outcome of the cards turnover before they actually turned over by themselves such dark magic was being used in this small room “ The Wheel of fortune tells a story of uncertainty and the want to control but the lack of will to do so, If you follow suit and ride to meet your fate you will surely fail.” More bad news the warlord took it in for a moment but instead of taking it as bad news he took it as a fair warning, Don’t ride out to meet the dragons army, instead allow them to attempt siege and destroy them from the comfort of home. “Lastly The outcome – The Tower” Within these walls you will be safe from failure although your own is secure Your sons failures you will learn all too soon” with that he wrapped his arms around Keke’s waist once more giving her a reassuring squeeze as he glanced into the Warlord’s eyes. The warlord who was taking all this in until the last part glanced from Kayne to the cards of which all but once had gone this card was not turned over to show its picture, the warlord extended his hand picking up the card and facing it to him, card in hand he started to shake uncontrollably, this was not an outrageous shake more of a scared body shake the warlord’s eyes flicked over to Kayne who just finished licking his lips, Kayne moved his head to face keke’s neck giving it a slight kiss behind the ear before whispering so the warlord and Keke could hear “Death” The warlord dropped the card and sure enough the card was Death. The warlord stood up suddenly as his chair fell backwards hitting the floor, his body shaking as he glanced back down to Kayne whose eyes had a devilish look in them quickly the warlord stormed out of the dark room back into the Great hall, “My son I need my son I demand to see my son GO GET HIM NOW “ he demanded as a guard went off to go get his son. Kayne smirked slightly as he gave out a devilish laugh and bit Keke’s shoulder out of boredom “Do you think he will be alright?” he said whilst biting down on her shoulder playfully. (End))

CharlotteCarrendar: – As soon as the Warlord stormed out of the small room, clearly terrified by the reading and the power of Kayne’s words, Kekeyama let out a sound laugh that shook her entire frame. She had so enjoyed the play that had gone on before them. How clever Kayne was in the explanations for the cards that were dealt in faith and fate. She actually bit her tongue as it protruded from between her plump lips, snuggling into her brother with her back as he had shown affection all throughout the meeting. It was a joy to witness someone as great and powerful as the Warlord show such a lack of control when confronted with the Death card. So it was true, he feared what all mortals do – an untimely death. He had no real control over his own fate, and his emotional outburst went against the bard’s sisters previous instructions. They just never learn. Turning her face toward her brother as they are mere inches apart, she whispers. “Now, wasn’t that worth it? I mean, tasting a woman’s lust is one thing, watching a powerful man practically piss himself with fear is really quite the show.” She actually took a deep breath, then shivered as it delighted her so. “Can you imagine the look on his face as he bellows for his son? I bet its red and purple, with the vein’s in his neck and eyes standing out, ready to pop. Hope his heart can handle the stress.” The true nature of the gypsy girl was now shining through. She was all for showing respect when due, but as soon as the Warlord’s back was turned, how she cruelly changed her tune. Kekeyama reached up to run her fingers down her brother’s cheek before tickling under his chin, much like he did with the females of the court. “You can go play now. It’s my turn now.” She rose up off his lap and then sauntered out after the Warlord, with a distinct swagger in her step. :: Out in the dining hall, the Serpent had arrived with the key in hand of the locked up Ronin. She clasped the key tight to her palm as she dared not wish to lose it. Now she had to explain to the Warlord about the captive, and the part of her report that she had left out. But he was calling for his son, and so the Serpent fell back, as the well dressed Son finally emerged, bowing before his father. “I came as fast as I could, Father, what is it?” <3>