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Re: Z for Zeedus
March 16, 2014 05:18AM
The Train to nowhere – Subway below Neo Arcadia.

Writer : CharlotteCarrendar.

The tiny rabble of hybrid creations of the crazed Doctor sat huddled inside the underground train system which was once the pride of a glistening city. The trains were fast, gleaming examples of the technology of the day, and yet like the city above they had become rusting relics of a world long since dead. In the darkness, only the glimmer of the white eyes of Radiant and her crew could be seen, for electrical power substations had long been put out of action after that terrible day. The day that 20 million people would take their last breath.

Told to hide by their fiendish creator, who had skittered off to his underground laboratory – Radiant was starting to lose her nerve over the pulse like shock waves that were coming from above. The roar and then cracking sound of metal and rock, bending twisting and breaking and all caused by either the enemies of the Lord of the Towers or perhaps those that came from the skies. The tiny possum girl was not to know who was causing it all, but she just wanted it to stop. Wasn’t it enough that every day or night, it was hard to tell the difference, that she had to outrun the fearsome dog like beasts that roamed the streets? But this was the way it had always been, at least for this little critter crew. A mole boy simply called Mole, a badger boy named Nigel, Radiant, the possum, and then there was the rat twins, Needles and Chomp. Created by the Doctor after he had lost his entire family due to the World’s end. Scavengers, the lot of them.

But here they were, trapped under ground for to go up there with all those explosions and aliens landing on mass, it was just too dangerous. What could possibly be worse than the madness above?


Radiant’s head suddenly popped up from behind the subway seat, her ears twitching madly. That…sound. What on earth could it be?


Again! The same horrible inhuman sound. Groaning…moaning..Radiant’s head looked set to spin off it’s tiny shoulders. The other critters all popped their heads up from where they were huddled within the train.

“What…what…what it that?” Nigel the badger boy whispered as Mole was frantic with sign language, terrified with what he could hear. Radiant scurried along the interior of the train, poking her head out, here…there…another window.. ~POP!~ Eyes like saucers as she tried to see what the devil was making that sound. And to her horror…the owner of the sound…was not one…but many.


CORPSES! The dead of the day of the end, were rising from their death beds. From beneath the train! So many, all heading for the stairs. All..heading for the surface. There must have been hundreds…no..THOUSANDS…and all on the march, with bits of limbs and other grotesque squishy body parts falling to the platform floor as they ascended to the surface. The critter kids all had their faces pressed to the glass windows of the train – horrified by what they were seeing. The very people of Neo Arcadia rising once more. But what was causing this? Who was making them come to life? The Doctor? No, he didn’t have the power to save his own family, so there was no way he could create the kind of energy to animate the dead.

As the last of them passed by, one dropping an arm that twitched and started to claw it’s way to follow it’s arm less owner, Radiant raced back up the interior of the cabin to her critter crew.

“We..we..we..havehavehavehave to to to find…find..the Doctor!” She squealed in her high pitch voice. He was down here, in the depths of the tunnels of the subway, and the only one that may have a clue to the way back….was Mole.

All the critter kids turned to him expectantly, as the Mole boy twiddled his thumbs and looked at them shyly. His hand sign said.. “Me?”

Radiant waited for the coast to be clear and the procession of zombie like corpses to pass, before she ushered the critter kids off the train, and then pointed for the track behind the train.

“This..this this this way!’

And together the critter crew went off in search of the Doctor.