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Re: Z for Zeedus
February 25, 2013 12:12PM
The Guardian Angels; The Three Warlords.


Taking a small nap after a really ling time is indeed a medicine to one’s own madness. Valkyrion had finally gotten some rest in that ruined city that had nothing to offer. But he did not hate the city, no. He loved that city no matter its state. Neo Arcadia was his home and he would do anything in order to protect it from any harm. Thus he had created the Warlords, the guardians of the city; Neo Arcadia’s Sentinels.
But that had happened a long time ago. From the original eight warlords, only one remained; Valkyrion Stargazer. He himself had taken care of those who had abused their privileges and had watched others falling victims to their own arrogance as they had tried to prove domination over the beasts of Neo Arcadia.
Valkyrion was the sole survivor of the original Warlords, but somewhere along the way he had managed to find two more people to join him in his cause. Eon Echo, the demented scientist who would not hesitate to do anything in order to accomplish his goals. A human with a pure heart despite what he looked like. But also a human who always fought like an ogre. And the other one, Etherion. A unique being. A being that existed long before the dinosaurs themselves on that wretched planet called Earth. Yet when his race was slowly getting eradicated, he had chosen to fall in a slumber and awaken when the time was right. But sadly he had gotten a really rough wake up call after getting discovered by the Nazis in the World War Two and he was used for experimentation. But Etherion patiently waited and waited, and the time finally came. He had gotten his freedom back.
Three men with different backrounds, nobody knowing anyone, yet in the end by some wicked twist, their fates were joined. Of course there were a few fights between those, but in the end they realized the importance of their roles when they became the guardians of Neo Arcadia.
Valkyrion was the guardian angel at all times. Eon was located in the northern outskirts of the city where his lab was at. Etherion was spending his time either at the lab, or visiting other areas on that planet. But in the end, when the need was there, they all emerged to fend off any and all dangers.

[Current location: Neo Arcadia]
Damn, what a dream.
Flashes of the past events flashing before Valkyrion’s eyes as he slept. Maybe he had gotten old after all. Well, he actually was old despite his looks; at least his skills and abilities came in handy.
But in his dreams there was someone else too, yes, someone he had tried to forget that existed… Serenity…
Shoved deep down in his memory, Valkyrion never wished to see her face ever again, especially after the endless torments from her; calling him her one and only and in the end marrying another man.
Valkyrion began to shake his head as he was sleeping, sign that he was struggling in his sleep, fighting his own demons.
And then it was the quake throughout the city. Valkyrion’s dual toned eyes began to open, feeling the tremors turning stronger and stronger. As he opened his eyes he saw someone in front of him. A small frame and a tail. Oh yes, that was Radiant, the weird creature that he had met a few hours ago.
Suddenly he felt the shock on the ground. One… No. Two… No. Three. Three explosions. Valkyrion’s eyes opened and he slowly rose on his feet, looking at Radiant and grabbing his massive sword at the same time.
“Go find some shelter. Whoever woke me up is going to fucking pay for it.”, Valkyrion said and cracked his neck as his body turned transparent and after only moments it dissipated into thin air in a display of a massive electrostatic discharge, yet regardless of its looks it was harmless for Radiant.
Valkyrion once again materialized on the top of one of the tallest buildings in the very center of the city, 900 feet above the ground. Once there he placed his sword on his back and cracked his neck a few more times, taking out a cigarette and lighting it by igniting electric sparks within his right hand. After taking a few deep drags he looked around, spotting the area that those explosions took place. But something was really weird, those were not explosions, something had crashed there. Narrowing his eyes he remembered the appearance of those men with the suits the other day. Could it had been them? Taking a deep drag and exhaling it slowly afterwards, Valkyrion hoped that it was not them, otherwise people were going to be fried. Regardless, he took out his cellphone and immediately called Eon in his lab.

[Current location: Eon’s laboratory]
Sentinel, the quantum processed AI supercomputer had began beeping like crazy before it finally spoke.
“Eon, my scanners have gone crazy. There is something out there. Something with high energy levels.”, Sentinel said.
“Are you sure that it is not Valkyrion or one of those beasts?”, Eon asked.
“I have already checked. That energy reading does not match anything from my library. That’s something new. Though there is a resemblance to the energy that those suits had the other day.”, Sentinel replied.
“Oh, really now… That’s interesting.”, Eon said and got off the water tank where he had spent the last few hours, adding the final touches on the Optimus Nanomachines.

Once out of the tank, Eon, completely naked, walked towards the main room where Sentinel’s core was. The huge orb like construction on top of the star shaped CPU. Once in that room he looked at the orb and stretched his arms and legs.

“Sentinel, can you show me what is out there?”, Eon asked.
“I will try. You are fully aware that I can not use the positron scanner due to the interference of the—”, Sentinel’s phrase was cut in half by Eon himself.
“Yes, I am fully aware. Use any other means necessary and give me a picture of what is going on outside. Use the holographic projector.”, Eon said and cracked his neck a few times.
“Of course.”, Sentinel replied.

The supercomputer began making all kinds of noises, beeping sounds, the sounds of fans that worked to cool the CPU and the servers, and the servomechanisms that moved the CPU up and down in the liquid nitrogen to make sure that the temperature would never go over a certain temperature and damage the circuitry.

“Image coming right up.”, Sentinel said and the holographic projector was activated and images of the craters that were created in the city along with the explosion of the spaceship over the sky and something more, something really ominous; a dark figure in the sky.
“Sentinel, can you clear up the last images?”, Eon asked and got closer to the hologram, trying to think of what that thing was.
“I am afraid that this is the best image I can offer. The interference is too much for my scanners.”, Sentinel replied.
“It is alright. I don’t know what that thing is but…”, Eon paused for a moment and waved the images away. “…I have a really bad feeling about this.”, Eon said and gulped.
“Should I call Etherion back?”, Sentinel asked.
“Yes, tell him to come back here and get his new equipment. Make sure to have his gunblades, guns and gauntlets ready. Perform the final tests on them and fix anything that needs to be fixed. Use the notes I saved yesterday.”, Eon said and walked towards his room.
“Understood. Estimated time before the equipment is finalized, thirty minutes.”, Sentinel said.
“Very well. Also prepare Vector for me, I don’t want to use Raiden nor I want to start spending my energy on traveling.”, Eon said as he walked inside his room, heading straight for the closet where he had his clothes.
“Acknowledged. Unit Vector will be ready for deployment in one minute.”, Sentinel said.
“Excellent.”, Eon said as he took out his clothes and began dressing up.

Black boots with metallic heels, black ripped pants, black belt made from an old ripped shirt of his, black tank top, black arm warmers and a shredded coat along with a long silken black scarf with its ends on the back. Once he was done putting on his clothes he walked towards his desk, putting on his glasses and strapping the chocker around his neck, checking to see if his locket was still there. Holding the locket tight into his right hand, he then brought it on his black tinted lips, placing a soft kiss on it.

“Kaileena…”, Eon said and sighed deeply.
“Incoming call from Valkyrion. Should I respond or not?”, Sentinel broke the silence.
“Take the call.”, Eon said as he slowly let go of his locket and grabbed the portable surgeon kit from his desk with the 15 scalpels inside, 3 syringes with a special medicine that allowed instant regeneration of any kind of wound except for regrowing body parts. And last but not least the packet of cigarettes and the lighter. Shoving the kit in his right pocket and the packet of cigarettes in his left one, the call was established.
“Eon?”, Valkyrion said on the other end.
“I am here. What is it?”, Eon replied.
“I am sure that you are aware by now.”, Valkyrion said.
“Yeah, it is those bastards from earlier.”, Eon replied.
“I thought so… Dammit…”, Valkyrion said with a deep sigh.
“I am coming over there. There is also something else. Have you felt it?”, Eon asked.
“You mean that ominous presence high above the sky?”, Valkyrion asked.
“Motherfucker, you never cease to amaze me. Yes, I am talking about that.”, Eon replied with a chuckle.
“Do you know what that thing is?”, Valkyrion asked.
“I have no clue. The interference is too much for Sentinels scanners to pick anything other than a dark and really huge image.”, Eon replied.
“I see… Very well, I will be expecting you here soon.”, Valkyrion said.
“I had Sentinel send a message to Etherion telling him to return.”, Eon said.
“Good. Something tells me that we will all be needed this time.”, Valkyrion said.
“You know… I have this really weird feeling that something is going to appear any moment now.”, Eon said as he exited his bedroom and walked down the stairs to reach the core of Sentinel.
“I can sense it too. It is more intense out here. Whatever it is, it is strong. The pulse I get is t—”, Valkyrion tried to finish his phrase only to yell in surprise. “MOTHERFUCKER!”
“Valkyrion? VALKYRION?! What the fuck is going on out there?”, Eon shouted as well.
“I need to close. Come here as fast as you can.”, Valkyrion said and terminated the call.
“MOTHERFUCKER! I will kick your ass once I am there.”, Eon said and looked at the holographic projection that appeared in front of him as Sentinel activated the alarm.
“Danger, danger. Something is approaching. EM field is being deployed.”, Sentinel said.
“Whoa, WHOA THERE!”, Eon said. “What the fuck is going on?”
“Eon, unit Vector is ready. I think that you should check that with your own eyes.”, Sentinel replied. “You have 20 seconds before the EM field is deployed. I will only deactivate it for Etherion to come and pick his equipment, then it will be up and will operate at 100% capacity.”, Sentinel said.
“This must be serious.”, Eon said. “Fair enough.”

And with that, Eon walked towards the entrance of the lab, stopping ten feet away from it as Vector, a machine that resembled that of a snowboard appeared. Eon shoved his boots in the empty spaces that immediately tightened around his feet, securing him on the board.

“Unit Vector ready for deployment. Eon, I will keep sending you feedback. I will also keep an eye on Optimus since we did not have the time to perform all the tests.”, Sentinel said.
“That’s my girl right there.”, Eon said and winked at the core. “Anyway, I am off. Make sure that the lab is safe, alright?”
“Affirmative.”, Sentinel said.

Eon sent the command through one of his parallel neural networks that were installed inside his body by Sentinel after his own order. That allowed him to interact with any electronics that he cold touch and project this thoughts and have them act like his limbs. Vector utilized one of those neural networks and was pretty much an extension of Eon’s body.
The jet on the board was activated and Eon slowly moved upwards, exiting the lab and looking at the hatch close behind him as the EM field was deployed.
Then he looked towards the direction that Valkyrion was and after leaning forward, Vector’s engine roared and he disappeared from sight.

[Current location: Neo Arcadia]
After terminating the call and shoving his phone inside his pocket, Valkyrion looked up in the sky to see a purple comet like thing coming from the sky, leaving a trail of purple smoke behind. And then *CRASH!* what that thing was crashed just on the crossroad only one block away from the building he was currently on.
Waiting for the cloud of dust and debris to clear, Valkyrion was not taking his eyes away from that thing. Whatever it was it had a strong pulse and its energy was growing more and more. Yet the sensation he got was familiar to the one he was getting from that ominous presence from high above the sky.

“What the hell is this?”, Valkyrion mumbled to himself
“Whatever that thing is, it means that the days of boredom are over.”, Stargazer said as Valkyrion’s right eye shimmered bright.
“I am fully aware of that. I just don’t know if I need to be glad or irritated about that.”, Valkyrion replied.
“Oh come on, I thought that you wanted some action.”, Stargazer said with a chuckle.
“I do want some action, but dammit, the city is getting more and more ruined. If more impacts like those happen, the construct won’t hold and the island will be destroyed.”, Valkyrion said and took another drag of his cigarette.
“You have a point there. Well, how about going balls out right from the start then?”, Stargazer asked.
“You don’t even have to say it. That’s exactly what we will do.”, Valkyrion said and turned his head to look behind him. “Eon is here. Now, we will wait for Etherion to arrive and then we will act.”, Valkyrion said.
“That’s my boy.”, Stargazer said and both eyes shimmered bright; the deep crimson of the blood for the right one, and the crystal blue of the sky for the left one.

While boarding Vector, Eon arrived on the scene and flew upwards to meet with Valkyrion who was standing on the building. Once there, Eon nodded upwards and chuckled.

“Seems like we got busy here lately. What’s the situation? I sensed some really fucked up energy earlier and the pulse? Oh damn, that’s a strong one.”, Eon said.
“Check bellow.”, Valkyrion replied.
“Alright.”, Eon said and looked bellow to see that the cloud of dust and debris had already subsided and the figure of a man was standing there. “I see… A pervert just landed in here. I could have never imagined that aliens had perverts too.”, Eon said and shrugged his shoulders.
“You…”, Valkyrion slammed his right hand on his forehead and shook his head. “I will kick your ass one day.”, Valkyrion said.
“Yeah, yeah. Anyway. What’s the plan?” Eon asked.
“We will wait for Etherion. Once he is here, we shall make a move.”, Valkyrion said. “And turn off that thing. I don’t think that you want that… pervert to spot us.”, Valkyrion said.
“Alright.”, Eon said and gave the command to Vector to release the grip around his feet. He also gave the command to Vector to run circles around the city and release small bursts of energy to create a diversion in case any of the visitors were sensing energy. Then he got off the board and stood right next to Valkyrion. “All set.”
“Good.”, Valkyrion replied. “Now we wait.”

Eon nodded his head and they both looked at Vector leaving and going around the city in random directions, releasing bursts of energy to fool the senses of any machinery or any sensory types of individuals.

[Current location: Eon’s lab.]
Etherion had already arrived at the laboratory where he saw the EM field deployed. Immediately he took out his cellphone and called Sentinel, yet he got no response other than the hatch opening and the EM field disappearing. Shrugging his shoulders, Etherion began to land with his own Version of Vector till he was already inside the lab. The EM field was deployed once more and the hatch closed.

“I got your message. What is it this time? Is Eon in the mood of more pranks or more experimentation on him?”, Etherion asked as he got off his own Vector unit.
“There is a situation in Neo Arcadia. Just minutes ago several pods crashed in the city, pods that perhaps belong to some individuals who had visited the city some time ago. Eon rushed there and Valkyrion is already assessing the situation. They asked for your presence as well.”, Sentinel said.
“I see. Then I will get moving once Vector is recharged.”, Etherion said and walked towards Vector.
“Eon finished making your new weaponry. Gunblades made from titanium as per your request. Guns with a 0.457 diameter bullets that can fire electricity imbued bullets. And gauntlets that allow better energy absorption so that you won’t have to remove your clothes in order to better utilize your abilities. They are ready. Go in the training room and give them a try so that the final stage of the customization of the gauntlets will be completed.”, Sentinel said.
“Fantastic! I am on my way.”, Etherion said and headed towards the training room.

Once in the training room, Etherion took off his gloves and put on the gauntlets, feeling them tightening around his fingers and hands. He nodded to himself and then took off his old guns, replacing them with the new ones that Eon and Sentinel had made for him. Last but not least he attached the gunblades holster on his coat.

“Sentinel, I am ready when you are.”, Etherion said.
“Hold your hands towards the wall right ahead of you. I will send several surges of energy directly from the reactor so that the final stage of the customization will be completed.”, Sentinel said.
“Understood.”, Etherion said and pointed his hands towards the wall.

As Sentinel said, a ray of light aiming at Etherion was fired. Slowly the light became more and more intense. A light that carried massive energy from the nuclear fusion reactor that powered up the laboratory. The light gradually consumed everything in the room and then it suddenly dissipated into thin air.

“You may fire that energy shot.”, Sentinel said.
“Alright.”, Etherion replied.

Still aiming for the wall before him, Etherion slowly gathered all the energy that he had absorbed earlier in his palms. Slowly, very slowly he created two orbs that he fired at once at the wall. The spheres crashed on the wall, yet no damage was done.

“Customization complete. Judging from previous tests, the power output was more stable. Also keep in mind that the capacity for energy absorption has increased. Energy will also be stored inside the gauntlets as an auxiliary power source and you can use it regardless of the amount of energy left.”, Sentinel said.
“This is fantastic. Is Vector ready?”, Etherion asked and exited the training room, clenching his fists a few times to get used to the new ‘toys’ of his.
“Vector is fully charged. You may proceed into boarding it.”, Sentinel said.
“Thank you Sentinel.”, Etherion said as he got on the board and the grips around his feet tightened.
“EM field deactivated. EM field will be deployed after Unit Vector and Etherion have left.”, Sentinel said.

Looking at the hatch open and the EM field inactive, Etherion ascended and exited the lab, looking at the hatch closing behind him and the EM field deployed once again.

“Alright then, here I come.”, Etherion said and headed straight for Neo Arcadia where Valkyrion and Eon were at.

But little they all knew that deep underground the city, a light began to shimmer. And along with the light, someone had just awakened…

Re: Z for Zeedus
February 25, 2013 05:48PM
[Scene: The Floating City]

[The Cult]

[James] Something was very wrong, the other members of the citadel had not returned yet nor had they given any contact towards the remaining members within the citadel. The Dog-looking symbol on his hand itched like it had been stung by a wasp and he kept scratching at the thing nervously, looking about the main room on the ground level of the Citadel. Something felt very wrong, he was even contemplating leaving to go to the chamber when he was told by his superior to not interfere. He felt empty inside too, which was strange for him. The woman behind the desk said his name and he turned to view her, a female with tanned skin, white hair and blue eyes sitting behind the desk, smiling at him.

[Garland] Everything was going perfectly, he had sent his most trusted and strongest Magi to deal with the ritual to call their God back to the physical plane so that they may unlock their full potential, he hadn’t expected the strange vessel that was hovering just off the orbit of the planet but had quickly disposed of it with his own energy and had raised the shields to defend his populace, his people. A voice came over the intercom, it was his daughter, playing the role of a receptionist “Sir, James would like to see you, he’s very persistent.” Garland frowned to himself, he was about to become a God himself and he had to deal with the worm at the bottom of the food chain? No, it would be good to see the look on this creatures face as he told him what was about to happen. A smile came to Garlands face as he pressed down on the intercom button “Send him in, Kathrine.”

[Scene: The unknown building]

[Crugen] What had happened between him and Anya at that moment couldn’t have been more romantic, just crashing into the atmosphere and making love within the escape pod in which had saved them. But that romantic moment didn’t last. The realization of the situation became very apparent for both her and himself after their love making was finished. The pod was on it’s side making moving difficult but Crugen managed to open the small compartment behind Anya’s head and remove the two plasma pistols and several batteries for ammo. During the time where they had made love, their suits had shared nano bytes between them, causing them to be able to see one another’s vital signs and transmit thoughts via something close to telepathy using the nano’s that they shared between them. They heard movement outside and frowned to each other. Crugen whispered to his suit and it’s color changed from dark purple to bright white, a mask coming over Crugen’s face, creating some sort of alloy metal that would act as a face protector and hub for his suit, similar armor covered his shoulders, knees, & elbows. He looked to Anya and nodded as she did the same thing with her own suit, it was time.

[Anya] The moment that she and Crugen had just shared would forever remain within her memory, one; because it was her first time with any male, and second, she had always had a deep affection for her captain but never had a moment to tell him before they were either sent on a mission or Crugen entered his Bravado super-soldier thought processing state, and that moment was now. She ran over the checklist in her head, they had their suits, ammo, weapons and now that their suits with linked they could talk without even moving their lips, but they needed provisions. Based on the feed off the Camera on Crugen’s Max suit, in which she had watched time and time again, she knew that they had some very powerful allies on this planet (Or so she hoped) that may aid them. But she also knew that those creatures that looked like rapid Skags from Tarja 5 were also roaming around, so they must be careful and find the man whom Crugen had seen, he was motioning to her and counting down inside her head “Three, two, one..” And just like that, Crugen wretched the door of the escape pod off with a massive push of the forearm of his left arm and was pointing his pistol with his right, his suits flashlights turning on on either side of his cheek. Anya had read books on these kinds of buildings, they existed to be work places, and in fact they had landed in a cubical, but that wasn’t was worried Anya.

[Scene: The Life Bender]

[Zeedus] He may not have had his Ethereal energy, but that didn’t stop him from sensing the various amounts of creatures covering on his position, and one that had already been near where he landed. He stood tall and turned his bright blue-eyed gaze towards the humanoid looking-creature not to far from him. He expanded his senses, his pupil growing small and felt for heartbeats around him, ~Good, I still have the power to do this..~ he thought to himself as he felt around him for life forms, he didn’t turn his gaze upwards but instead he just stared directly at the man.. until he slowly lifted his hand and pointed a single finger at the male figure “You know…” Zeedus spoke, his voice rich and deep, echoing off the buildings for all to hear even though it was nearly a whisper “Being woken up from my dreams.. puts me in the mood to kill something..” at that, Zeedus moved his hand back, running it through his hair and chuckling madly, a electromagnetic field beginning to build around him, to those who could see the energy (Which most could) they would see the world begin to distort around Zeedus, as if his body was attempting to rewrite the code of the very realm of existence, though to no avail, they would also be able to see gravity around the magnetic field trying to crush it, as if the realm itself was working against Zeedus, trying to erase him from existence. The electromagnetic field slowly expanded a few feet away from Zeedus, eating at the concrete under him at a very slow rate, making it deteriorate, he remained in his pose but stopped laughing, a frown falling to his lips. Flames rising around them, purple flames that burned with an unknown energy but created what appeared to be fresh grass where the concrete had been destroyed.

[Scene: The Top of the Tower.]

[James] Garland could not have been a scarier man to ask for an audience with. He was what the others called a “Pure Bred” he had been born with only half a phoenix and had made up for it by burning on him all the other symbols that he had seen in his life time, his arms and face were covered with these symbols, but that wasn’t the only scary thing about him. This man stood roughly seven feet with a large build, a face that could make a woman weep just by looking at it. Garland wore a purple sleeveless robe that showed off his symbols and a circlet with a sapphire gem in the center, staring down at James with blue eyes that glowed against the soft purple light in the room, giving from the various torches that had been lit by Garland’s magic.
[James] “Uh-uhm Sir, a-are you sure that there’s?-” he was interrupted immediately by Garland who spoke out in a loud booming voice
[Garland] “James my boy, why oh why have you come to want my attention? I told you that they will get here when they’re done, I assure you all is fine.” he stared at James as if he were a child, or a repulsive rat that needed to be stomped to death.
[James] “A-about that sir, it’s been an hour, are you sure they’re alright?” James looked away from the gaze that felt so judgmental and angry towards him, he could feel the hate pouring off of Garland like a waterfall.
[Garland] he smiled at the child’s comment and nodded solemnly, standing up and taking a slow waltz towards James, a young child that hadn’t even had his symbol invoked, he spoke as he wrapped his arms around James “I’m sure they’re fine, and in the mean time..” he channeled his power into the entire arm, the various symbols glowing with such a brilliant light it would be blinding for anyone on the other side of them “You should take a nice, long rest.”
[James] He couldn’t tell what was going on but he felt his heartbeat increase and than a loud “Pop” inside his chest, and then the world went dark and he faded into the darkness faster than he would have thought death could come.
[Garland] It was always such a waste to deal with the young, exploding his heart was the least he could do to keep the child quiet for the rest of the night, he smiled and lowered James down to the ground, placing his corpse as if it were sleeping with hands over his stomach before going back to his chair and initiating the cloaking shield, causing the remaining energy in the crystal to be sent to disguise the ship.

[Scene: The staircase]

[Crugen] The moment he had popped the door of the escape pod off they were met with hostiles, rapid skag-like creatures that moved to bite them, lukily both he and Anya were excellent shots with the Capricorn x-10 energy pistol in which dispatched the creatures relativly fast so long as they hit them in the vitals. They had made their way out of the office area and were now moving towards the “Emergency staircase” hastening their retreat to ground level, he sent a thought to Anya as they were walking.

[Crugen] ~So I didn’t know you liked me that way, Anya. I thought you were going to slap me if I tired that move.~ he spoke quietly to her, in case anything could intercept their radio frequency.
[Anya] ~There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, captain.~ she gave a suggestive voice, smirking under her Skull-Like mask.

[Anya] They moved quietly through the building, taking on their Jobs more seriously now and turning on their active camouflage in which, was actually bright white and easier to see normally but could easily stealth them into complete nothingness dependent on what they touched. They moved into another office area, Crugen was looking for something, and then they found it, a window! She and her captain walked up to the window together and stared out in horror, they were near the center of a large area within the city, and below them they could make out small shapes, it was either hostiles, or their systems were going crazy. Anya turned on her radio to see if she could get a signal, but all she was getting was static, something was messing with her communications, but then; she got another idea she spoke a command to her suit and it responded rather quickly, picking up an Ai communication line, she spoke into it “Hello? Is anyone there?” she was speaking in her most innocent voice and only into that exact com center so that Crugen could not hear her. He seemed busy assessing the situation anyway.

[Crugen] He stared out at the area around him and spoke words to himself within his own apparatus, his suit immediately turning on his music, feeling his thought processing increase dramatically, streaming the music directly into his ears with a solid “Wub Wub” he stared out over the horizon. They were stuck in a large building and going down was no longer an option. They had a flare, their suits and a good twelves batteries of ammo, enough to last them through a week if needed. But food was a situation that he hadn’t considered, they had none of that and would need to forage whatever they could from the destroyed world around them

[Scene: The Icy Tomb]
[Weiss] He was nearing Zeedus, he could feel his energy rising, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, Yes, Yes! White Ice would Feed and Weiss would become his vessel, Weiss would exact revenge and take back what was rightfully his. The Ice crystal suddenly sped up as he entered near the planet, edging closer and closer with every passing moment, it was exhilarating to think that they would finally encounter the one whom so long ago threw them away!

[Scene: The Situation]

[Commander Varis] The VS had suffered a number of casualties on the continent of Endar and were now pulling back to their territory, the NGC and TVR were putting up a valiant struggle, but inevitably they would fall to his power. A holo-image popped up in front of him, coming off of his desk, it was his assistant AI; Lady. The Ai was dressed to look like a common foot soldier, but her face was that of his long dead wife, it put a tear to his face to see those beautiful blue eyes and the rare white hair, but he straitened up and spoke.

[Varis:] Yes, what is it?
[Lady:] Incoming transmission from Captain Crugen and Hawk Squadron
[Varis:] “Put it through, I want to see what they’ve uncovered with their deep-space mission.” he smiled, he always knew he could rely on Crugen, he had passed all his tests with flying colors and had more tactical genius than he thought he did, that’s why he sent Anya, his “Tutor” as Varis put it with him.
An image of Crugen with his hands folded behind his back appeared on the screen “VS Date: 1/3/61” Varis frowned at the first few words, this transmission was coming in weeks late, wherever he was; he was far away. “We have arrived at a planet that appears to be civilized, I will be awaiting further commands. I have made contact with several creatures on the planet, they appear to be intelligent, but the planet itself also appears decayed.” And just like that, the image disappeared. Varis spoke to his AI “Put in a request for the Shark 32 to launch towards Crugen’s location, I’ll be going personally. Also, tell him to load up the MAX-GX10 Prototype, this sounds like a fun endeavor to test that machine’s potential.”

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Neo Arcadia. The Dead City. World’s End. A barren and silent land full of danger and mystery, broken dreams and broken buildings. But though it was a dead land, it teemed with life. Life that could possibly save a planet that was slowly dying, hoping against hope for a miracle. Under the cover of the clouds that hovered over Neo Arcadia, floated the research vessel, The Spirit of Osiris.


The engines were silent as the ship floated serenely. Inside, the crew of 20 went about their business as they made preparations to land. “I’m picking up several readings to the east, just on the outskirts.” one of crew, monitoring life signs, spoke into the quiet of the bridge. “Hostiles?” The Captain asked. “The readings are off the scale.” was the reply. The Captain nodded once, adjusting the controls in front to direct the ship toward the center of the city. “Keep scanning. There has to be something here.” A beeping sound came from another console and then a voice came over the intercom. “Captain, I’m picking up faint readings near the city’s center. It seems to be what we have been looking for. We should check it out.” came a distinctly feminine voice. “Are you absolutely positive about that, Aria?” the Captain asked. “I wouldn’t have told you about it if I wasn’t sure, Lei.” came the amused reply. Leiana, The Spirit’s Captain, laughed as she leaned forward to type in some commands to her console. “All right, we’ll check it out. Do me a favor and send Xira to me.” Leiana stated. “Yes, ma’am.” Aria clicked off and Leiana turned to her navigator. “We need a place to land safely, Glixx, preferably away from the hostiles.” Glixx, tossed his hair over one shoulder, the inky black locks offset by the single strip of green indicating his status as a navigator and astrologist. “Yes, ma’am.” He began observing the terrain, pressing buttons every now and again as he read digital readouts of the surface area. “Ah, here. There is some kind of large platform on top of a building near the center of the city…the building looks to be some kind of native medical facility. It is structurally sound, easily accessible, should hold the ship quite well. I’m sending the coordinates to your screen.” Leiana looked down at her console and saw the same thing Glixx did. The platform he spoke of was formerly a helicopter landing pad atop of a destroyed hospital. Leiana nodded as the doors to the bridge whispered open. The large warrior woman that entered looked very out of place amongst the others. Leiana turned in her seat and smiled. “Xira, we’re landing soon and I need you with me.” Xira, Leiana’s personal bodyguard and best friend crossed her fist over her heart and executed a small bow. “I am yours to command, My Lady.” Xira stated before standing at parade rest. “Air quality?” Leiana wondered. “Breathable, similar to our own planet. Nitrogen content is slightly lower but we will not need breathing masks.” was what she was told. She nodded and flipped a switch on her console. “This is Captain Talon.” her voice echoed over the intercom through all parts of the ship. “We will be landing shortly. Please check all equipment and weapons. We do not know what types of lifeforms we will encounter, but it would be in our best interests to go prepared. Research Team, please make sure you are ready to go the moment we land. I don’t want to be here longer than necessary.” she added. “All crew, prepare for landing.” She turned off the intercom and dedicated all her concentration to landing on the platform. “Thrusters.” she ordered, hearing a moment later when the whine of the engine turned into a dull roar.


As the ship descended, a loud screeching sound was heard, and the ship lurched, throwing the crew on the bridge from their seats. A console exploded and a small fire broke out. “We’ve lost a shield, Captain!” Leiana heard from behind her. “I heard! Someone put out that damn fire before we roast!” she snapped. She felt something hit her arm and took a moment to glance around to see what it was. Azmarelia, the little gargoyle creature she had come to befriend, was clinging to her arm, shaking with fright. Leiana cooed reassuringly. “No worries, Az. We’re fine.” Az chattered at her rapidly, sounding like a deranged chipmunk. Leiana chuckled, shifting her attention back to keeping the ship from crashing. There was a second screeching sound, like nails on a chalkboard and the engines hum went from a dull roar to a loud grinding. “Stabilizers crashing. Landing is going to be a bit rough.” she announced. The ship rocked to and fro as they descended. Another screech was heard and Leiana was told that another shield had fallen. “Come on, baby. Hold together for me.” she murmured. “1300 feet, Captain.” Glixx called out to her. Leiana flipped a couple of switches and the ship jerked like a yo-yo as the afterburners shutdown. “700 feet.” Dust plumes rose into the air around the ships hull as the ship descended. “300 feet. Landing flaps engaged, Captain.” The jerking smoothed out and everyone around her relaxed slightly, she did not. As the ship descended the last few hundred feet, something exploded below decks, causing the engines to shut down completely. Like a puppet with its strings cut, the ship plummeted, landing on the helipad with a bone-jarring thud. The supports holding up the helipad on the building couldn’t handle the impact and snapped like twigs, sending the ship sliding from the building as if it was on a giant slide. Bouncing back and forth between two buildings like a pinball, the ship’s crew and the scientists were tossed about as the ship fell to the ground below. With an all-mighty crash, the ship hit the street, leaving a large crater in its place as a third explosion knocked out primary power. Leiana’s head bounced off the controls and a headache bloomed behind her eyes. “Well, shit.” she muttered as she lost consciousness. The cooling of the engines were the only sounds heard for the time being.

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Role play Group : The World’s End – Neo Arcadia

Z for Zeedus

The Doctor


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar

“Go find some shelter. Whoever woke me up is going to fucking pay for it.”, Valkyrion said and cracked his neck as his body turned transparent and after only moments it dissipated into thin air in a display of a massive electrostatic discharge, that looked far more dangerous than it actually was, well, for Radiant, anyways. But Radiant’s reaction, one of absolute horror. The sky, was filled with the sound of a landing ship.


Radiant covered her head, when Valkyrion just up and vanished, and on taking her arms down, she could see he was gone. Madly, she flailed her arms where he had been standing. Oh for the Lord of the Towers to just disappear, it must mean that there was truly a great danger coming, much worse than the massive beasts that ruled the streets of the decaying city. The realisation, that Radiant was out in the open and now alone, was a terrifying prospect. Gritting her teeth together, she made a terrible high pitch screech, that would be heard from a good few blocks, had it not been for the approaching descent of a ship from the Stars. Radiant could see clearly that it was in trouble, and was not going to make a five point landing, more like a spectacular crash landing.


Oh yes this was bad, and there was nothing for it, since Radiant had to vanish too. Seeing as the Lord of the Towers, was able to become invisible, Radiant had a terrific idea. She would try to become invisible too. Closing her eyes really tight, she willed, and wished herself invisible. Clenching her little fists, and her tail snaking around her form, she hoped the magic may work on her. A few minutes passed, and she slowly opened her right eye, looking around to see if there was any change. Was she now invisible? The possum girl held up her fist to her face, and sure enough, she was still visible.

It was useless; no amount of squinting, winking, hopping or flailing was going to make her vanish like the Lord. It was then that Radiant saw it with her own eyes, the ship that was trying to land. Trying, being the right word in this instance. The building it was trying to come down on, could not possibly support so much weight. Radiant looked like she was set to cry, and just stood there, hugging her tail, since she thought escape was not an option, when suddenly she was picked up by her tail, and then held out in front of the Doctor. A tall balding man, with wisps of grey curly hair, that stuck out from under a surgeon’s cap. He wore glasses, that had a swinging magnifying lens, much like a small telescope, that came shooting out all by itself, and inspected Radiant. With a nasty “Z” shaped scar on his left cheek, and sporting rubber dish washing gloves in pink, he smacked his lips, before leering at her strangely.

“What…have I told you about coming up to the surface, Radiant? Hmm…Hmm…Hmm? Mole has been looking for you everywhere, but you know he can’t come up top.”

The Doctor said with raspy mechanical voice that sounded like he was wearing a microphone strapped to his throat. Drawing Radiant closer, she would start to hold her hands together, as if to pray, her tiny legs drawn in, and her tail was actually flat, not fuzzy, because she knew the punishment well, for injuring the Doctor. Radiant was chanting incoherently, as she was suspended by her tail, waiting for the punishment that was to come. The Doctor started to shake her violently, causing her to start to cry, before blurting.

‘Mooole…MoleyMoleyMoley…Mole…..needs food. RadsRadsRadiant..me me me…they locked me out…out out *she squeals as her tail is pulled hard*…OUT!”

The Doctor made something of a “what the fuck?” face, and then dropped her promptly, seeing as she had only done what she could for Mole, who was actually a prized creation of the Doctor. But they had pressing matters, since there was a ship crash landing, not too far away. Seeing it hit the building nearest and slides, the Doctor snarled, and pulled up his surgical mask, before jerking his thumb towards the abandoned subway.

“Get your ass down to platform four with the others. I will deal with you later!” The Doctor then made a run and went to jump across to the next rooftop, which he barely made, and scampered up, before vanishing into a fire escape on the top of the other roof top. Radiant, who was just glad to be alive at this point, did as she was told, running for the building, and leapt off the side, but at the same time, she pulled out two sails, from her back pack, and started to glide her way down, much like a glider possum. The wind was blowing a gale, from the numerous ships landing, and with the dust and debris, it was choking the very air. Landing just shy of a burning wreck, caused by the sparks and electricity that the oncoming ships landing, Radiant raced for the entrance to the subway, and skidded down the walker’s rail, till reaching the bottom, far below. The subway station, was a derelict reminder of another age, with garbage everywhere, torn posters of starlets from the Show strip, and there was an abandoned train, still parked in the station.


Entering through a broken window, and onto a torn seat, Radiant curled up again, and whimpered quietly. It was then a few grubby children’s heads seem to appear, just over the top of the seat, one of them being Mole. He had a sorrowful look upon his face, knowing full well, the Doctor must have gone to fetch her. Mole quickly used his hands to say he was sorry, but Radiant bowed her head….and waited…for the Doctor’s return. <3>

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A crow spreading its wings.

[Current location: Neo Arcadia]

With Etherion on his way to Neo Arcadia, Valkyrion and Eon were keeping an eye on things, analyzing the situation, assessing it and thinking of a way to deal with the situation.

“You know… It has been a long time since something had happened around here.”, Eon said.
“I know.”, Valkyrion replied with a nod of his head. “And it has been an even longer time since we three gathered together in the city.”, he added.
“True. I think that it was when a new puppy was born?”, Eon asked with a chuckle.
“Yeah. But, puppy?”, Valkyrion asked and looked at Eon with an arched eyebrow.
“Well, they all started by dogs, didn’t they? No matter how those eight look now, they were once dogs. They were just lucky to have fed on fresh blood, then surviving all those endless fights and finally evolving to what they are now.”, Eon said.
“Yeah… But still, I could have never imagined that they would end up like that. From something so weak to something so powerful… If those scientists from back then were still alive, I am sure that they would be happy that their creations proved to be such a success.”, Valkyrion said.
“Well, the explosion on that day was the catalyst to their evolution. If that had never happened, they would not have mutated. Oh well…”, Eon said.

Suddenly they both felt a familiar sensation approaching them and they both nodded their heads before turning them to look at Etherion arriving.

“Well, well, well… If that isn’t the good old Etherion… Long time no see.”, Eon said with a smirk on his face.
“Yes, it has been a really long time Eon.”, Etherion said as he stopped right in front of them, using his Vector unit to hover in the air. “Valkyrion.”, Etherion said and nodded his head.
“Etherion. It’s good to have you back.”, Valkyrion said.
“By the way get off Vector. We don’t want to get spotted right away.”, Eon said.
“By the intruders? Sentinel gave me a heads up.”, Etherion said and took off his Vector unit.
“Yeah, Valkyrion here will let you know about most of it while I will have your Vector join mine in confusing the senses of everyone around here.”, Eon said and placed his right hand on Etherion’s Vector unit, sending the electric signal to move around the city and constantly releasing small bursts of energy and when the energy was about to be depleted, the unit should move back to the lab.
“Well… As Sentinel said, we have some intruders. We know nothing about them, but I suspect that some of them are some of the morons who appeared here not too long ago.”, Valkyrion said.
“I see. So, we sit here and wait?”, Etherion asked.
“Pretty much, yeah.”, Eon said as he rose back on his height while the Vector unit began flying around the city, executing the command that Eon had given.
“Good. So, what’s the status so far? I th—”, Etherion did not finish his phrase.

All three of them looked at each other as they felt the energy from an EM field nearby. Looking down they saw the man that had appeared earlier to shoot an EM field and killing one of the beasts that was nearby.
Eon chuckled at that though Valkyrion was as usual expressionless. As for Etherion, he did not care much about it.

“I think that this is going to be interesting. What do you guys think?”, Eon asked.

Nobody said a word. They just looked at each other in the eye and nodded their heads before looking down on the street again.
Whoever that man was, he was not an ordinary person. And perhaps maybe a thread to the city. Valkyrion cracked his neck in that thought and he knew that Eon and Etherion had thought the same thing.
And so the three of them stood there, observing the whole situation.

Of course while all those things were taking place, the beasts that resided within the city, they had all noticed the new appearances. And as it was natural, they had become a bit restless. Hell, they did not need much of a reason for that, but Valkyrion’s presence was enough to subdue them.
But this time things were different. Ever since the previous arrival of some guests, the beasts were slowly starting to move, and this time they just continued from where they had left. Slowly but surely the dog like beasts had become to approach the city center. But they were not alone… Their evolved states followed as well. Category two, category three, category four… And to make matters worse, even the last and most deadly categories had began to move as well…
One thing was certain, that was not going to be another ride in the park…

Valkyrion, Eon and Etherion had felt the beasts’ movement but they stood idle for the time being, knowing that they just wanted to know what exactly was going on.
But hell… ‘That’ had to happen…
A ship. A fucking ship began to descend from the sky and crashed on one of the buildings, making the whole city shake once again.

“Oh shit… I think that this is time to do something…”, Valkyrion said and looked at the other two.
“Sadly I agree. They are on the move now.”, Etherion said.
“So…”, Eon said and cracked his neck a few times while putting a sadistic smirk on his face. “Should we go all out?”, he asked.
“No. I will deal with it. I will once again show them who the boss is around here.”, Valkyrion said and jumped off the building before either Eon or Etherion had the chance to say something.
“Damn, I haven’t seen him this worked up ever since that time. This will not end well…”, Eon said with a sigh.
“What should we do?”, Etherion asked.
“For the time being, lets not get in his way. We will end up dead.”, Eon said and clenched his fists.
“Understood.”, Etherion said and nodded his head, noticing that Eon had clenched his fists. He knew that things were going to be hectic.

Valkyrion could hear some of the conversation between Eon and Etherion as he jumped from the roof, but he did not say anything. It was good that they had decided to stay behind.

“So… Will you take them all by yourself?”, Stargazer said with the characteristic shimmer of the right eye.
“That’s the plan.”, Valkyrion replied.
“You do realize that they are just too many. And not just that, there is also the issue of the uninvited guests.”, Stargazer said.
“I know… I plan on halting the movement of the mutts first. Then we will all focus on the guests.”, Valkyrion said and sighed.
“And how are we going to do that?”, Stargazer asked.
“There is one way…”, Valkyrion said and sighed again.
“You don’t mean that you are going to use ‘that’, will you?”, Stargazer asked.
“Sadly I don’t see any other choice. Their numbers are just too many.”, Valkyrion said.
“Yes, I understand that. But you had swore never to use ‘that’ again.”, Stargazer said.
“I know. But there is no other way to keep those mutts occupied enough to come up with a better plan.”, Valkyrion said.
“You have a good point. Should we go all out?”, Stargazer asked.
“Yes. For a limited time, lets raise the resonance to 100%. I will need all the energy I have to raise an army.”, Valkyrion replied.
“100%. Lets see how much this body will hold then.”, Stargazer replied.

While the whole conversation between Valkyrion and Stargazer was taking place, the distance to the ground was getting smaller and smaller till only 30 feet remained. As usual Valkyrion’s body had turned transparent and soon afterwards it dissipated into thin air in a display of an electrostatic discharge.
Valkyrion reappeared again in the very center of the city in the middle of the intersection. With the momentum that he had, once Valkyrion landed the ground shattered underneath his feet, creating a spiderweb pattern and a small crater of 4 feet in depth and a radius of 10 feet.
Once Valkyrion landed, he grabbed the handle of his sword and pulled it from his back, swinging it a few times before stabbing it on the ground 3 feet before him.

“Lets do this. Resonate to the max. Twin Soul Resonance.”, Valkyrion said and unbuttoned his shirt since he knew that with a resonance over 40%, his tops were always ripped to shreds.
“Do it fast. Our body won’t hold much. And you have a recoil to think along with our guests. Lets do this.”, Stargazer said.

Once Valkyrion had unbuttoned his top, he tied the sleeves on a knot around his waist so that he was not going to lose it.
And then it began.
Soon the area around Valkyrion began to heat up very fast. Valkyrion himself closed those dual toned eyes of him as he clapped his hands and held them together.
The heat slowly rose more and more, ending up distorting the view of the surroundings around Valkyrion’s body. As a result from the heat, several electrostatic discharges began to occur, lighting the area with their flashes and filling the area with the high pitched crackling sounds of them.
Valkyrion kept his eyes closed and his palms held together when he bended forward, staying in that position for a few seconds before opening his eyes in an instant and letting out a loud roar. But that was not all of it. After the roar, an explosion occurred that resulted from a sudden outburst of electricity from Valkyrion’s body. The roar and the shockwave from the explosion were enough to shake the ground and the buildings around him. Glasses from the windows shattered and began falling on the ground. Now an aura of electricity surrounded Valkyrion’s body and its radius kept expanding. 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet! The aura kept expanding more and more and the discharges were getting more and more violent.
As for Valkyrion? He stretched both his arms at once and bent forward some more as wings appeared on his back. Yes, a pair of black wings with each wing being 6 feet in length. Once the wings appeared on his back, some feathers fell from the wings and landed on the ground, only to get charred by the electricity. And then Valkyrion clapped his hands again, this time creating a shockwave that shattered more glasses.


“Twin Soul Resonance on 50% and raising!”, Stargazer said.
“Good… Keep it up!”, Valkyrion said and gritted his teeth.

All the muscles on Valkyrion’s body began flexing uncontrollably and his blood vessels had popped out and were visible on his skin.

“Not yet, not yet! DON’T STOP!”, Valkyrion said and gritted his teeth some more, his gums now bleeding.
“60% and raising!”, Stargazer said.
“MORE! MORE!!!”, Valkyrion shouted.

It was obvious that whatever was happening on Valkyrion’s body was really bad for him, but he did not seem to want to stop any time soon.
As the power on the resonance kept raising, the radius of that electric aura around his body kept increasing. On 70% it was on 70 feet already and it kept growing, all the while distorting the view of the surroundings with its immense heat.

“90%!”, Stargazer said.
“Just a little more. Just a little more. Hold on body of mine.”, Valkyrion said while panting.

Valkyrion’s body was covered in sweat and blood that came from his pores, obviously abusing his body to a degree that his regeneration ability could no longer keep up.

“100%! DO IT NOW! OR WE WILL BOTH DIE!”, Stargazer shouted.
“Lets begin then…”, Valkyrion said and swallowed hard.

With the aura around his body having formed a sphere of 120 feet in radius and the heat distorting the view around his body, the discharges were very violent and just one of those could knock out someone with ease.
The wings on Valkyrion’s back were already spreaded afar, standing proud that once again they had come out, only cover Valkyrion’s sides as he bent his knees and touched the ground with his palms.

“A long time ago I had made a promise. A promise that today I must break. Phanuel, forgive me but I don’t have a choice.”, Valkyrion said and closed his eyes. Taking many deep breaths and swallowing hard while trying to control all that energy that he was generating, Valkyrion once again spoke.
“My apologies for doing this to you. I know that you should have rested and that I should not have summoned you, but I need your assistance. With the life that I offer you, help me subdue those beasts that know nothing but destruction. Rise… Rise all of you who had fallen on that fateful day… RISE NEO ARCADIANS!!!”, Valkyrion said, adding emphasis and rising his voice on his final words.

Soon the ground and the buildings all over the city began to shake violently. The aura that surrounded Valkyrion’s body was becoming smaller and smaller till it suddenly dissipated. But it was not gone, no, no, no. All that energy was channeled through Valkyrion’s hands on the ground. Yet that was not all. That aura was only the tip of the iceberg of the power that was being generated within Valkyrion’s body.
The wings on his back once again spreaded afar as more and more electricity was sent on the ground.
Blood was coming out of Valkyrion’s mouth due to his gums bleeding, his nose and ears as well. He knew that he did not have much time. The energy needed to come out otherwise his body was going to explode.
Slowly but surely he had began to direct all that energy into the ground, making those tremors more and more intense.

“Yes, rise. It is your time now.”, Valkyrion said.
“Hurry up, otherwise you will be the one who will need to be resurrected.”, Stargazer said.

Throughout the city cracks began forming on the ground and pillars of electricity began to form from them.
After a few moments passed from that, voices, thousands voices were heard. No, those were not voices. Those were screams. Yes, the screams of those who had died on that fateful day in Neo Arcadia. Of course even with Valkyrion’s power, he could not bring them all back to life, but his power was enough to bring at least 5000 corpses back to life.
Yes… 5000 of those who had died on that day had now turned into Valkyrion’s army with only one purpose; to subdue all those beasts and stop them from advancing.
But those corpses were not normal ones. While Valkyrion had brought them back from the dead, their souls were not brought back. They were more like zombies that were controlled by Valkyrion himself like puppets.
5000 corpses in total came out of the ground, staring at the direction that Valkyrion was at. But that was not all. From the cracks that were made on the ground and from the electricity that was released, layers of electricity formed around the corpses like an armor; the very same armor that Valkyrion used on him. That way whoever would come into contact with them, they would get a really nasty zap that could throw them away for a few feet.


Once the army of the deceased with the electricity armor around them was fully risen, Valkyrion could finally relax his body from all that tension from before. Wiping the blood off his face and swallowing hard, he grabbed the handle of his blade and took a leap into the air, ascending to a height of 1000 feet above the ground.

“SCATTER!”, was the only word that Valkyrion had shouted.

The deceased all nodded and they started heading towards the outskirts of the city in every direction. Of course with all the time that had passed, the beasts had advanced closer and closer to the city center, but that actually worked better for Valkyrion’s army since the defense would be stronger and not having any large openings.

All the while that Valkyrion was preparing for what he was about to do, Eon and Etherion were observing everything that was taking place in the city. When Valkyrion had began raising his energy levels, they both looked at each other with their eyes wide open.

“I had seen him pissed off and releasing energy before, but not like that. What the hell is he going to do? He will die!”, Eon said and while no helping himself, he took out a cigarette and lit it, smoking it to calm himself down a bit.
“That’s too much even for him. Lets just hope that he will be alright.”, Etherion replied.

They both nodded their heads and kept looking at Valkyrion as his energy was rising and rising to the point of even the area around them getting affected both by the heat and the electricity too.

“Holy fuck! What is he going to do with that shit? His body won’t be able to handle it!”, Eon said and tapped his feet.
“He must have a plan. I don’t think that he is doing it just for show.”, Etherion said.
“But his body won’t handle it.”, Eon said.
“Lets just hope that it will.”, Etherion said.

The duo on the roof kept looking at Valkyrion and both shook their heads when they saw all that blood on him.

“Shit…”, they both said with a sigh.
“Hurry up…”, Etherion said.

Eon kept smoking his cigarette and lit another one. He was worried, yes, but he was also getting excited; and that was a bad thing. An excited Eon is pretty much danger for his opponent(s).
And after some more time had passed, they felt the ground shake violently and heard those screams. Eon immediately realized that had happened and his eyes opened wide.

“Excellent!”, Eon said and a devilish smirk appeared on his face.
“I can feel multiple energies all over the city. What is going on?”, Etherion asked.
“They say that dead men tell no tales, but on this case those dead men will make fucking history.”, Eon said and stretched his arms. “Over 20 million people died here on that fateful day. Only a fragment of them is brought back. That’s why he rose his energy levels that much.”
“I see…”, Etherion said and looked around the city, feeling the electricity from the corpses. “Will those numbers be enough?”, he asked.
“I don’t know. But get ready, it is our turn now.”, Eon said and cracked his knuckles as he saw Valkyrion ascending.

With Valkyrion flying 1000 feet above the ground, Valkyrion had a good view on the entire city. Not that he needed to see, but anyway. Like a puppeteer in some play, Valkyrion controlled the actions of all those who were brought back from the dead and reanimated with electricity.

“Showtime.”, Valkyrion muttered to himself as the army had already began running towards the advancing beasts.

The distance between the beasts and the army was now less than 40 feet; Eon and Etherion were getting ready after eyeing Valkyrion.
30 feet; Etherion grabbed the handles of his gunblades that were strapped on his back.
20 feet; Eon did not say a single word, yet a radiant light that originated from the locket around his neck was split in two and attached itself on his hands, forming two katanas in his hands.
10 feet; Eon looked at Etherion and nodded his head as he called Sentinel back in his lab. “Sentinel, we need the Vectors here as fast as possible.”, Eon said and went silent while waiting for the Vector units to arrive so that they could reach the ground safely.

[Current location: 500 feet underground of the very center of Neo Arcadia.]


A massive orb of 30 feet in diameter had begun to radiate and shed light even in the most shadowy corners of that underground room. An orb that was floating over a column of 10 feet in height and on its base numerous cables that ran in every direction.
On the left side of the room, a male figure was seen slowly rising from the ground.
“How long?”, the male asked in a bass and hoarse voice.
“Too long.”, another voice was heard, a female one but also a computer generated one.
“My Goddess, is that You?”, the male asked.
“Yes Prometheus, this is me. I have a request for you.”, the female voice said again.
“What is it?”, Prometheus asked.
“My name is Minerva. Call me by that name.”, Minerva said.
“But, how can I do that to you? You are the light that gave life to me.”, Prometheus said.
“Prometheus… Fine, do as you like. Now, you need to go to the surface. I am sure that you can sense it too. There is something going on but I don’t know what. All of my sensors are broken.”, Minerva said.
“Of course, if that is what you wish, I shall comply.”, Prometheus said and took a low bow.
“Your armory is ready.”, Minerva said.
“Thank you my Goddess. I shall do as you wish.”, Prometheus said and took another low bow before walking down the stairs.

The male known as Prometheus was a well built male that stood on 6 feet and 6 inches in height with pale skin and turquoise eyes with golden irises. Dressed in black boots, black cargo pants, a black sleeveless jacket, black gloves that covered his hands up to his elbows and a black mask that covered half his face. One characteristic was that his jacket had many straps and belts that he used to tie his hands with, but on his case they were just hanging.
Prometheus walked towards the base of the orb and he caressed the metal.

“My Goddess, I shall bring honor to you. Just wait.”, Prometheus said and walked away from the base with vast and slow steps.

As he walked away from the base, he suddenly disappeared as he passed by what seemed to be ripples in the air.

[Current location: Neo Arcadia.]

0 feet.
Valkyrion was holding his sword tight with his right hand while watching at the first wave of the beasts clash with the first wave of the dead army.
The clash left behind multiple discharges that of course killed most of the beasts as the dead army kept advancing; the armor of electricity doing a good job and killing every category one beast upon touching them.
Eon and Etherion were holding their weapons respectively while waiting for the Vector units to arrive.
And suddenly right in the middle of the intersection, 1000 feet bellow Valkyrion, ripples formed in the air and the male known as Prometheus made his appearance.

The sudden appearance of an unknown presence alerted Valkyrion, Eon and Etherion who all looked at the one who had appeared.
They did not know who Prometheus was, hell, they had no idea about the underground facility either.

“Eon, emergency, emergency. Quantum brainwaves detected. Quantum brainwaves detected.”, Sentinel said directly inside Eon’s head via the chip that he had on his neck.
“What did you say?”, Eon asked.
“My scanners picked up a transmission of quantum brainwaves 500 feet beneath the ground of the center of Neo Arcadia.”, Sentinel said.
“What the fuck?”, Eon said.
“And the man who appeared, he seems to be using the same frequency like the one my scanners picked up.”, Sentinel said.
“So… Is he an ally or an enemy?”, Eon asked.
“I don’t know. Proceed with caution.”, Sentinel said.

Eon nodded his head and looked at Etherion.

“Can I leave things to you here? I need to check the new guest.”, Eon said to Etherion.
“Do not worry, do what you have to do. I will be here on standby.”, Etherion replied.
“Thanks.”, Eon said.

Soon the two Vector units arrived and Eon jumped on his own one, not waiting for a single moment and diving towards the ground, heading directly for the unknown to him male (Prometheus).

What does fate reserve for the three warlords?
Who is that man who appeared?
Will the beasts be subdued or angered more?

Only time will tell…