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Re: The Human World [rp]
March 10, 2014 09:14PM
Shane’s House – Kitchen

When David finally showed himself, he had a blood doll on each arm, groping them shamelessly in front of everyone. His “I don’t give a fuck.” attitude pushed Carmen’s temper into the stratosphere.

“Alright..alright, you don’t have to shout. And it’s Alexander…not Alex.”

Carmen, her temper boiling over, just lost it right then and there. “I DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF YOUR NAME IS BLUE MAGOO MCSTASSERTON! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY KITCHEN???”

One of the male vamps let out a giggle and her gaze, eyes as red as the fires of hell, pinned him in place. He withered under that glare and moved behind some of the other vampires to hide from her gaze.

“Oh..oh yeah right. See, we all decided that if the guys cooked. The girls cleaned up. Look like they failed on that count.”

Misty, shocked that he would throw her and Bianca under the bus like that, decided to get in on that argument.

“What? This had nothing to do with us, David. You guys just kept on cooking even after you ate! How can we clean up, if you guys WON’T stop cooking?!” she demanded.

The argument descended into chaos then and there with each trying to talk over the other. David simply stood there making out with a blood doll. The noise level rose considerably until Carmen couldn’t hear a thing over all the arguments.

She blew her top. With a thought, two lesser known vampires exploded in a cloud of dust as she yelled. “ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It became so quiet, you could hear a mouse fart.

Stalking toward David, she grabbed both his blood dolls by their necks and snapped them, dropping the bodies to the floor. “I want this kitchen spotless in the next hour or I will find every single blood doll you claim,” she looked at each vampire standing in her kitchen, including Misty and Bianca, “and kill them. Do you understand me?” she hissed, turning her fiery gaze back on David.


Forests of New Hampshire – Clearing of the Witches Coven

“Rae…Dyna has brought you before us so that you may be cleansed before the fire and raised to the status of Sister to the Coven. Please, come forth child.” Rae looked toward Dyna who gave her an encouraging nod as she [Dyna] slipped out of her clothes and put on the robe someone held out for her. Rae took Charmaine’s hand and was drawn forward. Amelia was near the fire, chanting and adding herbs to a small pot floating over the fire.

Char took up a blessed chalice, throwing a wink at Dyna as she did so.

“Blood of our blood, life of our life. This we drink joins us in spirit tonight.” Charmaine intoned before taking a sip. She passed the cup to Rae. “Drink…child, and become one of us.”

Rae took a deep breath and gathered her courage. She wanted to belong so badly and with these women, she knew she had a chance. She brought the cup to her lips and drank, the burst of fruit and wine across her tongue driving all thoughts from her mind.

“We welcome Our Sister as we give thanks for our health and lives.” Dyna intoned, raising her hands skyward. Rae handed the cup back to Charmaine as Dyna approached her with a robe in her hands. “Be Blessed, Sister.” Dyna nodded at her. Feeling brave, Rae removed her clothing and passed them to a waiting witch as Dyna helped her into the robe. The material was warm and soft against her skin and Rae smiled for the first time since their arrival.

“We will now form our Circle and ask that our wishes be granted.” Dyna whispered into the young woman’s ear.

“What wishes?” Rae wondered.

“Whatever your heart desires, darling. No wish is too selfish.” Dyna responded, wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulders.

Re: The Human World [rp]
March 10, 2014 10:29PM
Shane’s House – Kitchen

The snapping of David’s blood dolls necks, brought a resounding “Awww.” from David, and he pointed at their lifeless bodies and chortled to Misty. “I’m not cleaning that up.” There was a dark voice behind David, and one that was to be heeded.


“Pick em up, or…I ram them both up your asshole.” David turned to see Shane standing behind him, his face contorted with rage. The rest of the household suddenly sprung into action, cleaning madly like their tails were on fire…all of them. David snorted, and picked up each doll by the hair and dragged them out of the kitchen towards the garage. God knows what he was going to do with the bodies, but it was safe to say that it was a good night for dumping trash.

Shane’s eyes glowered as the rest of David’s crew got stuck into cleaning with gusto, one even was wearing Shane’s kiss me cook apron and pink rubber gloves, levitating and trying to clean the mayo off the ceiling with a spatula. Marissa had her hand over her mouth, trying to hide the wide smile on her face to see the younger vampires pay heed to Shane. He certainly had a way with the kids.

Doing a quick head count, not including the unfamiliar vamps, Shane asked Carmen. “Have you seen Jarvis?”

That was a good question.


Forests of New Hampshire – Clearing of the Witches Coven

As the four women took hands, and the chant increased in tone, the secret circle started to shimmer with radiant lights, that actually illuminated the forest as though it was daytime, not night.


A soft musical chiming was heard and Amelia opened her eyes, letting out a laugh as she saw the power of magic that was now swirling the very leaf litter and petals from tall trees to life.

“It is time!” She dropped her robe, revealing herself to be completely naked, bar a simple ruby necklace that hung around her neck. Charmaine whooped and let go her robe as she started to dance on the spot. “Round the ring of fire and magic…dance Sisters, dance!”

If Dyna and Rae followed suit, the beauty of their natural forms, with the glow of fire upon their smooth skin would help bring a rousing end to the induction.

In the bushes, a gasp was heard, and it had a male tone to it.


Jarvis could barely believe his eyes. In fact they went crosseyed, as he started to fap in the bushes. Damn, Amelia had such a gorgeous backside.


Re: The Human World [rp]
March 10, 2014 11:00PM
Shane’s Kitchen

Despite her fierce anger, no one jumped to task until Shane arrived. In a flurry of movement, the other vampires jumped into action, David disposing of his dead dolls. Carmen raised her hands to her temples, massaging them against the headache that was forming.

She had been nice and relaxed prior to returning home, and now this…

She had the strong urge to leave the house and never come back if this was what she had to come home to every night.

Shane caught her attention, wondering where Jarvis was.

“I haven’t seen him since we’ve been home.” she replied.

“He went out about an hour ago. Said he had something to take care of.” Bianca answered from the sink where she was finally able to do the dishes.

“Did he say what?” Carmen frowned.

“Nope. Just said it was important and he’d be back before sunrise.”

Her headache grew worse and she looked at Shane. “I’m going to lay down.” She started past him, Tala at her heels.


Clearing in the Forest

None of the women of the coven were aware they had a silent observer. As one, they took up hands and began their chants. The clearing began to shimmer and glow with bright lights as their magic manifested around them.

A soft chime was heard and Amelia announced it was time, throwing off her robe to reveal her nakedness. The others followed without hesitation, except for Rae, who took longer to decide. Dyna looked at her.

“Rae. It’s okay.” she whispered. Looking at the other women as they danced, happy and carefree around their fire, Rae finally made her choice. She slipped off her own robe and took the hand Dyna held out to her. Together they joined the dance around the fire as they thanked their Gods for another day on the Earth.

The women laughed and cavorted around the clearing, simply enjoying their oneness as a coven. That was until…

“Well what do we have here? A coven of witches, ripe for the picking.” came a deep and husky voice.


Dyna stood protectively in front of Rae as they turned to confront the group of men standing at the edge of the clearing. She recognized their leader in an instant.

“Hola, Raymundo.” Dyna stated.

“Hola, Dyna. Long time no see.”

“How’s the arm?” Dyna snorted. Raymundo growled at the subtle reminder that 8 years ago, he and Dyna fought and she had sliced off his arm. She was surprised to see him this far north.

“Puta! Took me 2 years to regrow my arm again and I vowed I would drain you dry next time I saw you again!” he growled, flashing his fangs in the light of the moon. He looked her over, licking his lips. “But first, me and my brothers are going to have a little fun with you.” he hissed. This was the signal for the other vampires to advance. Dyna kept Rae close to her as she backed slowly.

“Rae…I need you to find our clothes, get the keys out of my pocket and run for the car. Lock yourself in. Use the phone and call your uncle.” Dyna whispered, keeping her eye on the vampires.

“But, Dyna-”

“Do as I say, Rae.” Dyna snapped forcefully. “Go! Now!” She shoved Rae hard as the vampires started to attack…

Re: The Human World [rp]
March 10, 2014 11:35PM
-Amber slid into her husbands lap with ease smiling softly at him she returned his kiss in kind heated and passionate. She heard the door make the soft click from the lock. That making it currently safe to speak more openly, and to act a little naughty.

She twirled her fingers over the back of his neck and leaned into him more placing her hand over his heart-“Well Mr. and Mrs Hamaru are not going to do anything about it, and the pack on the flip side is going to have to wait as well.” 

“But Mr. and Mrs. Hakamaru are going to check this out, and see what trouble they can find” 

she smiled wickedly, ignoring his statement about there son, she knew he was being rebellious she just thought his father would like to know Kiyoshi was using his fire destructively. But David wasn’t finished as he put on a series face “vampires” he said softly.

Amber rolled that word around in her head, thinking about it. She never considered them a huge threat, she’s faced far worse, hell she and her sister Fox faced off against one of the Sons of Saturia, a vampire was just shit and giggles then. But still, if there were vampires actually causing some serious trouble, enough to make David think they should be dealt with well….

Amber’s skin glowed, the eyes that had seemed just a bright emerald shifted and changed showing instead a lush jungle that was igniting in flame. The room’s temperature began to rise as the fire barely contained under her skin rose it’s pretty little head.“well Then, that’s a interesting word, shall we head out then?”

Re: The Human World [rp]
March 10, 2014 11:43PM
Shane’s Garage.

Grumbling David dragged the two dead blood dolls down the stairs, their legs causing a din as they smacked against each step till he came out to the concrete floored garage. David knew he couldn’t take the dolls out on one of his bikes, and then he got a rather sinister look as he spotted the newly returned sports car. Chuckling, he dragged the dolls over and found the door unlocked, the keys still in the ignition. Opening the door, he picked up each doll and thrust them in the back seat, one at a time, and smiled to himself at how he had always wanted to take this beauty cruising. He knew the perfect place to dump the bodies, and walked around the front of the car, about to get in the driver’s side. But a woman’s voice sung out.

“If you get blood splatter on those leather seats…he’s going to kill you…again.”


It was Marissa. She was bored with the cleaning frenzy in the house, never having really been domesticated at all, and found amusement following David. David rested his elbow on the roof, and stared at her.

“It already smells like shaggy dog in this car, since they brought back Scooby Doo, so…a little human excrement and blood is nothing really.”

Marissa rolled her eyes, and was about to go back up the stairs, when David asked.

“Fancy a ride to look out point? We could…park.” he said with a slight eyebrow wiggle.

Marissa was never one to knock back a good time, and quickly nodded. “Well, since you asked so nicely.” She trotted over quickly and got in the passenger side, as David grinned like a fool and got in the car. The pair both enjoying the luxury of the sports car, as David reversed it out of the garage and tore off out the gate towards…..the Forests of New Hampshire.


Forests of New Hampshire – Witches Coven Circle.

Amelia and Charmaine immediately reached for their robes, putting them back on for both were modest in the face of company. Dyna appeared to know who these men were, and by the sound of the conversation, the witches were to be on the vampires menu. The crazy part was, Amelia lived with vampires, and she never knew them to be like this. The reality was shocking. Dyna told Rae to make a run for it, and get the clothes and the keys to her car were in the pocket of her jacket. It was the best advice she could give to the young Witch, who did not have a handle on her powers.

One vampire had made a start, licking his lips with his fangs glistening as he started to approach Amelia.

“No…!” she screamed, throwing up her right hand and there was a pulse wave of power that surged from her, that caused the vampire to be blown back, hitting a tree with force and dropping to the ground. She was able to take down one, but it would take a while for her power to recharge to take on another. Another vampire zipped behind Charmaine, and grabbed her from behind, looking set to bite down on her neck, as she kicked and screamed.

“Ame!” She cried…terrified of the vampires.

Out of the bushes, there was a flash of movement, as Jarvis appeared behind the vampire holding Char and he gripped the Vampire’s neck, twisting it to break. He wasn’t prepared for this, and his pants were barely pulled back up from earlier. One vampire against a horde? They were going to need a miracle.


“Jarvis?!” Amelia cried incredulously as he felled the second vampire to attack Charmaine. Charmaine was skipping and trying to step over the downed vampire, whose eyes shot open as it lunged for her ankle.

“It’s GOT ME!!”

Jarvis reached for Amelia and swung her onto his back. “Hold on!” and then he took off through the bushes at speed, with Amelia’s mouth agape, her cloak fluttering behind her. “What are you doing here? Wait, you can’t leave them there!”


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March 11, 2014 07:38AM
Forest – Witches Coven

As the vampires were distracted, Rae took off at a run, scared for her life. A vampire popped up in front of her.

“Where you going, pretty-pretty?” he hissed, flashing his fangs at her. She screamed, a piercing sound and snapped her eyes closed. Something moved through her and there was a puff of sound. She opened one eye and saw the dust of a vampire being destroyed floating on the breeze. Heart pumping, she didn’t wait to see if he had a buddy with him, she ran for the car.

Dyna and Raymundo were facing off once more. She had seen Jarvis pop out of the underbrush to help Charmaine and Amelia, and was therefore quite stunned when he gathered up Amelia and took off with her, leaving Dyna and Charmaine to face off against the remaining vamps.

“That little bastard!” she groaned to herself. Raymundo popped up in front of her and she focused her concentration on him. She’d rake Jarvis over the coals later.

“I’m going to fuck you silly, then I’m going to drain you dry.” Raymundo snarled. “Hell…maybe I’ll just turn you and keep you as my pet.”

“I’ll just cut off your dick.” she smirked. With a roar, he charged her, but she was ready. While he was busy taunting her, she was gathering herself and readying for his first strike. She held her hands out in front of her and a blast of power left her hand, striking him in the gut and sending him backward about 30 feet.

She caught movement out of the corner of her eye and saw a vampire had latched on to Charmaine’s ankle and was trying to drag himself up to bite. She flung out her other hand and blasted him into dust. “Run, Charmaine!” she stated, as a third vampire made to move toward the witch. She didn’t watch to see if Charmaine did so, as Raymundo was on his feet and charging her once more. She kicked up a thick tree branch with her foot and swung in a way that would have made Barry Bonds say “Goddamn!” Her strike was true and caught Raymundo across the head, sending him flying face first into a thick oak.

She didn’t even stop her momentum, swinging around behind her and catching another vampire with her makeshift weapon.


Dyna’s Car

Raelyn locked herself in Dyna’s car as she was bid and quickly found the phone. With shaky fingers, she dialed her uncle who answered on the first ring.

“Uncle Booker, we’re being attacked!” she yelled into the phone before he had a chance to say hello.

“Rae? Where are you? Where’s Dyna?”

“We’re in the forest just outside of town! Vampires are attacking!”

“Where’s Dyna?”

“She’s out there fighting! She told me to lock myself in the car and call you! Please, hurry!”

“I’m on my way! Stay put!” The line went dead and Dyna crawled into the backseat, quickly pulling on her clothes. There was a thud against the car, rocking the whole frame. She peaked over the top of the seat to see that a vampire had landed on the hood. He was trying, without success, to break the windows [standard police issue, impervious to breakage] to get at her. She screamed in fright, tears rolling down her cheeks as she huddled back against the seat.

She did NOT sign up for this.


Ray was up on his feet once more, two other vampires closing in from her sides.

“You are surrounded, chica. You cannot take all of us and survive. And you are tiring.” Ray smirked.

“I can certainly give it my best shot.” Dyna panted. She was sweaty and dirty and seriously pissed off now. As one, the three vampires jumped toward her. There was a roar of rage before something moved into the clearing and grabbed the two lesser vampires in a massive grip. Ray was stunned as he watched a large, dark werewolf take out his two best fighters.

Dyna was never so glad to see Booker in her life. His yellowed eyes took her in at a glance, checking to see if she was unharmed. She nodded minutely before he turned his shaggy head toward Ray.

“I think you’re the one outnumbered, Raymundo.” Dyna smirked.

“Don’t be too sure of that, chica.” Ray grinned evilly as the trees rustled around him. More vampires moved into the firelight and Dyna counted at least 15 of them.

“Oh fuck me!” she groaned.

“Gladly.” Ray snarled as he signaled for the advance.

Re: The Human World [rp]
March 11, 2014 08:03AM
Forest – Witches Coven

It was like an invasion of Vampires that were coming out of the wood work and all had the taste for Witches blood. Dyna was amazing in her ability to fight off the leader, Ray, but Charmaine was having all sorts of trouble with the one that had been felled by Jarvis. Where Jarvis and Amelia was at this precise moment was a mystery, but they were bound to find out soon enough. Dyna, using her powers, blasted the vampire with the grabby hands to dust, and this gave Charmaine the chance to run. She didn’t need to be told twice, and though still naked, she spirited through the brush, trying to run back to the cars.

Far from the witches circle, Jarvis stopped running and gently tried to put down Amelia, who was only in the cloak, and much of her was exposed. She was livid. “Why did you take me away? You left them there with Vampires!” she screamed, and Jarvis started to get upset. “But they were attacking you, I couldn’t let them do that, Amelia.” Amelia through her hands in the air and started to head back for the witches circle to save Dyna and Charmaine, but Jarvis grabbed her arm. She turned her head back and said forcibly. “Let me go, Jarvis…I have to save them.” Jarvis shook his head a moment. “Can’t you just for one second look at me? Amelia…I love you. I have done since the first moment we met. Please…give me this much.” Amelia was incredulous. She couldn’t believe he was doing it again. “You promised Shane you would stop.” But Jarvis was beyond that, and he pulled her into his arms, and then kissed her. It was a kiss he had been wanting to do since the time he almost turned her. At first she fought it, pounding her fists on his back, but the longer he held her the less her fists punched, till her arms wound around him, and she started to kiss him back.

The Carpark.

Driving up the road with the dead blood dolls in back, David and Marissa were actually having a good time, with the radio up and the windows down. It wasn’t till they turned the bend, that they saw the two cars…and a shit load of trouble. David cut the lights on the car, and pulled it over, turning off the engine, as Marissa peered through the darkness.

“Wait…that’s Dyna…and…Booker?”

“Yeah…but whose all the….oh fuck me.” David said, as he recognized Raymundo. Marissa whispered. “Who is that?’ David undid his seat belt and rolled his eyes saying. “A real pain in the ass. Fuck, we better help them, or this is going to look so bad on my sheet.” David and Marissa both got out of the car, as the group of vampires were rounding on Dyna and Booker. David then made a wolf whistle sound to get their attention.

“Hey Dyna…you guys throwing a party and not invite us?”

Marissa looked around and then sniffed the air. “I think there’s more.”

David smirked at Raymundo as he started to walk towards him.

“Now…I don’t know about you, but…I do remember kicking your ass down at the boulevard. So…you want to have a rematch?” Marissa at this point was motioning for Dyna to get in the car and try and escape while she could.


Re: The Human World [rp]
March 11, 2014 08:19AM
Witches Coven

Things were looking bleak for Dyna and Booker. They were severely outnumbered and there was no chance for them to get away. Booker growled low in his throat at the advancing hoarde. Dyna was gathering her power once more, channeling it through her hands and into the branch she was holding, strengthening the wood.

That was until…

“Hey Dyna…you guys throwing a party and not invite us?” 

All eyes turned to see David and…was that Marissa? Dyna smirked.

“Well look who finally left his cave?” Dyna smirked. “I’m surprised Shane let you off the leash. And hello to you, Marissa.”

“Well, well. If it isn’t The Ghost.” Raymundo snarled. He was the last person the vampire expected to see.

Re: The Human World [rp]
March 13, 2014 09:41PM
Witches Coven

Jarvis finally came up for air, his eyes mesmerized by Amelia’s. He couldn’t believe she kissed him back, and the feeling was euphoric. But instead of seeing her filled with puppy eyed affection, Amelia was angry. She wiped the back of her hand across lips and almost spat at him. “Don’t think…I did that cause I love you!” You could see her chest pounding as she then gave Jarvis a good hard shove. Her hands dropping to her sides, furious at herself, and at him for being so self centered. “There are vampires attacking my sisters!” Her voice strained as her head whipped around, only to see a naked Charmaine run into the clearing.

“AMELIA…they are after Dyna and Rae!” The blonde haired witch said, before seeing the pair facing off. “Wait…he’s one too!” Charmaine realized that Jarvis was one of the town vampires, but she didn’t get just why he had taken Amelia out of the circle and left the others behind. Amelia’s face was flaming red – embarrassed that she was not helping her sisters. We have to go to the car park, come on!” Amelia ran off for where they had left the cars, Jarvis; who was upset by Amelia’s angered reaction stood there for a moment, as though not wanting to follow, till Charmaine yelled back at him. “If you feel anything for her, you will help us!” That was all that Jarvis needed, and he used his vampire speed to race through the forest, to catch up with Amelia and help her friends.

The Car park

Raymundo was not happy to see the Ghost arrive with the very startled looking Marissa. Though she was a vampire, she was not one that normally hung out in the woods. Her killing field was the night clubs and bars. Seeing Dyna, Marissa gave her a cheery wave, before she fell in behind David, who was cracking his knuckles and sneering at Raymundo.

“Brought your boys to the woods for the Teddy bear picnic, and got lucky with witches instead? Dude…you should know by now how this works.” David said menacingly as he strode over to stand in front of Raymundo, not giving two flying fucks about what anyone’s reaction would be. The right side of his lip crept up to show an elongated fang. “Anything…with a heart beat in this..zone, is mine.” He had thrown down the gauntlet to Raymundo and was ready to fight for it.

Breaking into the clearing was Amelia and Charmaine – who by the way was still naked. This surely would have taken Raymundo’s attention as a blur zipped between the trees around them…Something else was out there.


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March 14, 2014 09:12AM
Shane’s House – Bedroom

Carmen lay flat on her back on the bed she shared with Shane, eyes closed as she tried to will the headache blooming behind her eyes away. She had been so relaxed and carefree before they had returned home from their weekend away. Then to come home and see the house in such a state of disarray?


She felt like ripping all their throats out. As she wandered through the house, she noticed that the destruction hadn’t been contained to just the kitchen. The entire downstairs area (with the exception of Shane’s office -they knew better- and the garage) had looked like it had been through a war and come out the loser for it.

The headache she got had been near crippling in its intensity.


She simply shook her head and headed upstairs.

Sighing, she rolled to her side, reaching out to scratch behind Tala’s ears as she sat on the floor next to the bed. “Need to call the vet for you, girl.” she murmured. Tala whined in agreement, licking Carmen’s hand before she settled herself on the floor, her head between her paws.

There was a knock on the bedroom door and she turned her head to see Eric and Ethan standing in the open door.

“Yes? What is it?”

“We sensed you were unwell, Mistress. Anything we can do to help?” Ethan asked.

“No thank you, my darlings. I just need a moment to myself.

“As you wish.” Eric nodded. The twins left as silently as they arrived.

Sighing once more, she placed her head back on her pillow and closed her eyes. Not to sleep, for it was not yet dawn, but to block out the light and getting the pain in her head to go away.

She was unaware that some of her friends were currently in a battle for their unlives in the forest outside of town.