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Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
March 01, 2014 08:47AM
Outside Tagor and IIyra’s tent

Little did Thiras know that she was being watched. A young warrior, whose name was Rangor who had high aspirations of becoming a leader in his own right knew of the altercation between the matriarch and the leader; Tagor. Seeing her now, watching through a gap in the tent flap of the Leader had him smirk to himself, as he strolled across to where she was crouched. He was like a shadow almost, and he bent down and whispered;

“If Tagor catch you….he would drag you for fifty miles.” His voice filled with menace as Thiras was startled at being caught. “Gah…young fool. Get away from me.” Clearly she was not having a good day, not that Rangor cared. He wiggled his finger suggestively and she huffed as she rose up and followed him to a place between two tents. The warrior was not the most handsome of Njada. An injury that he sustained in one battle, had left him with a large scar across his right cheek, and it was disfiguring to say the least. But he was well known with his talent for pleasing women, and not just slaves. Many a wife had secretly laid with the young buck, when the other warriors were away. He used his handicap to his advantage, and also was sharp of mind and knew how to manipulate.


“So..you have denounced your claim as mother to Tagor?” Rangor asked, knowing the answer full well. “And yet…you watch them on the furs?” Your current lover not giving you enough of a thrill?’ He bore a wicked grin, as Thrias rounded on him. “You…ask too many questions.” She practically spat, as he simply cocked his head, and then reached out to caress her left breast in a shocking move that would have her gasp. “Still ripe…after two sons? My, how I would love to taste your milk, Thiras, I bet it is so rich…like you.” Thiras slapped his hand away, as he was daring to touch a high bred woman such as herself, but she could not deny that it didn’t excite her.

“What do you want?” Thiras asked, knowing he was up to no good. Instead of answering her, he took her hand and led her into his own tent, where there was more privacy. Closing the flap, he then rounded on her. “I want…what every man dreams. To be the leader of the Njada.” At this, Thiras laughed. What an absurd notion. “Tagor would never renounce his leadership. He holds it with an iron grip, like he does that woman.” Thiras had a point, but then Rangor came in close to her and rolled out the charm.

“Then we need to find a way to GET him to let go.” Thiras started to back up as Rangor gripped her arm and threw her down on the furs. She scrambled as he then dropped down on his knees and pushed her back onto the ground. The look on his face was one of pure hatred and lust. “Your going to help me…but first, I am going to teach you a lesson in submission. Much easier to control a woman, who knows her place.”

From the outside of the tent, you could hear the pained cries of Thiras…but those passing thought it was just a reluctant slave, not the mother of the Njada leader. Rangor was savage…brutal as he raped her repeatedly, till she would no longer refuse him…and his dreams of the leadership.


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
March 01, 2014 04:55PM
-Ivan looked at Magarsa, hiding the anger in his eyes-” I am Chavek,my Lord, I was hired on a few days ago to help guard the slaves at they were brought to you”-Ivan said as he bowed his head. Lucky Ivan had been taught how to read minds my Tempest, a blood mage and friend to the cats, he knew enough about the guard whos place he took to be him for a short time.

“It was my honor to help you my lord”-I van said again not looking up. One of the other guards came back and too a knee-“He is a sell sword we picked up on the way here when one of the other guards was killed in an accident my lord, we have yet to pay him”

-Ivan still had his head bowed not saying a word, and fighting every urge to kill the man where he stood, every word out of Magarsas mouth made his blood boil with anger, he also knew he had to find a way to the elf from the sentence that was given to him-



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Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
March 01, 2014 06:15PM
The city of Tsumal

Carrying the whip; an artifact passed down from father to son to control the slaves, Magarsa observed his savior. A man by the name of Chavek. A sell sword. The Slave Master was impressed not only by his speed in taking care of the Elf assassin, but also the fact he stood before the Master unwavering. Many showed fear when they were in the presence of the great one. Magarsa had a history of being violent and unpredictable, even to his most loyal guards.

He approached Chavek, getting a better look at the man, while one of the other guards went about to tell the tale of how he came to be in the employ of the Slave Master. Magarsa held a stiff upper lip as he swatted his own hand with the whip, and took in all that was said. Chavek had his head bowed, as the guard explained that they had yet to pay the man for his service. Already he had performed above and beyond expectation, and he decided that Chavek would be rewarded.

“Crytek…give this man a bag of silver, and show him to the feasting room. Assign him a pleasure slave and a room for the night.”

The Slave Master was being more than generous, in the eyes of the other guards, as he turned to leave the Slave driver to take the remaining chained slaves from the room. Crytek approached Chavek and said. “This way. You have been blessed by the Gods. Magarsa is not normally one to grant such a reward.”

All the while, the Slave Master’s daughter watched, as the new guard was led away to enjoy a sumptuous meal.


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
March 01, 2014 07:10PM
-Ivan stood there wanting to rip Magarsas throat out and watch him bleed to death on the floor, even more so as he swatted the whip. Every second in the presence of this vile man made his skin crawl and his hair stand on end. He took a deep breathe and waited.

“Crytek…give this man a bag of silver, and show him to the feasting room. Assign him a pleasure slave and a room for the night.” 

-He took another sigh as he said this and watched as he walked away. He followed Crytek saying a small prayer to the closest great cat to save the young elf from his fate. After he looked to his left and meet the slaves daughters eyes. He locked eyes with her until they turned a corner. He again sighed but this time it was something diffrant, why did she have this effect on him?-

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
March 01, 2014 08:11PM
Noriand High in the Sky


-high in the sky lounging lazily on a puffy little white cloud laid a man twirling one of his long black braids. He looked pretty bored, and was humming a lovely song well, that the considered lovely. With a flick of his wrist he casted a simple illusion spell to give him some back up singers, and before long the magic had its own mind and an orchestra had joined in and there was a audience dancing and singing along.

He laughed softly to himself it sounded more like a giggle, well, he couldn’t decide. Instead he turned over and looked down at the ground far below him. The spell was gone in a puff of smoke and mist and the magic of the moment was gone. By the way he hadn’t stopped laughing.

“oh the things one can do to subdue boredom momentarily,” he said out loud, “right you are friend, by the way, It seems there’s a incoming message,” he responded back to himself, as if two people were there.

“oh a message, who can it be, the tree’s, the sky…or is it one of my lovely daughters or handsome sons,” the man asked, “oh there is always messages from them, one is from your grand daughter in law, you have a great grandchild now…and the other message, it’s from a young cat, seems he’s needs someone to save a poor elf,” he responded.

He turned over on his back again and crossed his arms behind his head and thought for a moment. Ah, did he really want to, of the details he picked out from the message, it was a man who tried to kill a evil soul, and he was to be dunked in honey and left in the wild to be eaten alive. Well that was just silly, if they had tied him to a post and cut him open it would have the same desired result. Tapping his finger against his lips he sighed.

His children would tare him a new asshole if he didn’t do the elf a favor, maybe he could take him to Mirari, or Kalio…or…oh he knew just where to take him! He bring him to the safest brothel in Roshawn and pay him a night’s stay, that keep him out of trouble and get himself a little fun as well hehehe!

He rolled him self off the cloud and fell from the sky faster and faster until he opened his jet black wings and took off at a lazy pace.

The Desert outside of Tsumal

The Elven man had accepted his fate in tears, he was uncomfortable and sticky and there were knotes forming in his stomach. He was dragged through the sand by two of the guards as he had long ago lost his will to walk.

They were carrying him to a post that was stuck in the sand, he wasn’t the only one that seemed to have suffered this fate. A pile of bones a bit scattered and some missing lay just a few feet from the post, others were probably long ago berried by the ever shifting sand dunes.

The Tsumal guards forced him into place pulling his hands around he post and chaining him to the iron hook on the back. One guard sighed and patted the mans head, “you were a fool you know, sometimes…its better just to accept things won’t change, if it wasn’t him, someone else would have stopped you,” the guard said talking about the man that had stopped his attempted assination.

The Elf spat at his face and the guard snared and whipped it away, “trying to comfort you and that’s how I’m repaid, maybe you do deserve this piece of shit,” the guard said and kicked him in the ribs. The man cried out.

The other four guards laughed sharply and kicked the man a few more times then turned and started to walk away, each of them talking about there different conquests. They paused however as something in the distance approached through the haze of the heat.

It was a large black creature, a haze of flames surrounded its feet, the men shuddered, they didn’t know what kind of beast that was, but for a moment they felt remorse for the man. The creature head turned it’s nostrils flaring. Then it roared loud the sound traveling across the sand as if the black beast was standing right next to the solders. Afraid they ran scrambling through the sand back to the waiting open gates.

The elf was sweating bullets from both the heat and the creature that was approaching. In the distance he could hear the solid thunk of the gates closing to protect the city from the beast. It got closer and the Elf did the first thing he could think of, trying to use his abilities to chase the beast away.

“go, get out of here! Don’t come near me!!” he shouted kicking his feet and sand at him.

The beast stopped just a few feet from him, and sat on it’s haunches, it was a giant black cat on fire with huge abyss black wings. The cat smiled slowly then started laughing.

Now the Elf was very confused and his mouth dropped open. That wasn’t what you would expect, he had to be hallucinating from the heat or fear. Then the cat stood up on it’s hind legs and burst into a blinding column of fire and reappeared again as a short lean man that looked about in his forties. His hair was shaggy at the top but most of his hair was gathered into twin braided pleats that swirled around in the air occasionally dusting the ground. He was bare foot and dressed in nothing but a pair of silk pants and a scarf around his neck. The oddest features were, that his eyes were a purple swirl of stars, feline ears, a very fluffy tail, and the same large black wings.

“mortals…really, how you doing friend, the name is Morcal, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Rune’s your name right,” he said pointing at him.

The Elf nodded, accepting that this was a death fantasy and that he was actually being eaten alive by a fire demon.

“oh no, this is real, there’s no fire demon, just me….i’m a heaven creature actually, I know I know, black cat not exactly heavenly I get it all the time, but it sure make’s things more fun.” he giggled and placed his hands on his hips and leaned forward.

“so, seems that guard who stopped you from killing that black soul, can’t help you out right now, so he sent me, or well prayed that I or someone else might show up and help you, I swear it took a while for me to decide if I would, but it was fun after all,” he said.

Morcal spit out a little dancing flame that made it’s way to the back of the man and settled on the chains, melting them away with out actually harming him. Rune scrambled to his feet and backed away from the cat man.

Morcal offered him a hand, “come come boy, I got places to be, ladies to seduce, I thought you might like to visit a brothel with me in Roshawn, it’s a reward for your vallar, once in the life time offer my friend,” he snickered.

The elf glanced back at Tsumal and opened his mouth to speak, “oh dear, don’t worry about that, you’ve done your part already, in fact, thanks to you, you’ve set to motion the fall of the slave master, well we should all hope anyways”with that said Morcal grabbed the mans wrists and shout straight into the sky with one powerful beat of his wings sending up a large cloud of dust. Rune screamed all the way. Behind the walls of Tsmual, the guards assumed the man was being eaten.-

(I got permission to get this information Morcal knows from Ciar, he allowed Morcal to pick Ivan’s brain from his message)

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
March 07, 2014 09:11PM
The City of Tsumal


Nerboti was bold if anything. She was used to getting her way with most of her wishes, except for the chance to have a new slave to toy with from the latest batch. After Ivan had been thusly rewarded by her father for his faithful service, Nerboti noticed that he kept staring at her. Was that really so unusual? She was dressed in the finest of silk and jewels that barely covered her, and her skin so rich and painted, as well as scented with exotic oils.

The girl sashayed over to where Ivan stood, and she then walked around him as though a jungle cat. Seizing him up. She knew her station was higher than the likes of a sell sword, and he would be foolish to try anything. His scent was unusual, as well as his physical build. He couldn’t be human, but was he immortal? That was the question.

“Is there something about me you wish to see more of?’ Nerboti purred, placing her finger on the right side of his chest and dragging it along slowly. “I’m no pleasure slave, I assure you. But….I’ve been known to leave many a man wanting more.” Nerboti drew her hand back and then acted demurely.

“What do they call you…Sell sword?”


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
March 07, 2014 10:05PM
-Ivan watched her move to him and then circle around him, if he did not know any better he would have sworn she was a cat getting ready to strike at her pray. “Is there something about me you wish to see more of?” Ivan looked down at her finger as she placed it on his chest, he then looked up at her “I’m no pleasure slave, I assure you. But….I’ve been known to leave many a man wanting more.”-Ivan never blinked never looked away from her, his Dragoneer training telling him she wayed him, and his cat mind conforming it-

“What do they call you…Sell sword?”

-still not looking away he said-“Chavek, my lady and i was just admiring the art work”-he said and began to follow Crytek again up to his soon to be room. He looked back at her one more time-“And I have no desire to touch the art-“-he then began back up the stairs right behind Crytek-

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
March 07, 2014 10:21PM
Tagor and IIyra’s Tent

IIyra was blessed with child, and now Tagor wanted to make sure that she was treated as though a goddess through and through. He gently lifted her off his lap, and then pointed to the furs.

“IIyra needs rest.” It was not so much a request, but an order that she lay down and keep her feet up so as not to get swollen ankles. The leader then rose to standing, and left the tent, going to find two slaves that would care for his wife this night. He decided then and there, that he would no longer lay with his mate until three moons after she had given birth and then it would be done carefully if at all. This may well mean he might find himself getting…well, frustrated but it was the price to pay for protecting the future unborn leader of the Njada.

Reaching the slave’s main tent, he made his order.

“Mate of Tagor needs to be massaged and cleaned. Riehas and Clerah, you both go to tent and care for IIyra of Njada.”

The two women got up immediately from their crafts, and bowed before hurrying past him and going back to his tent. That done, Tagor went to the council tent to spend time with the menfolk and enjoy some much needed wine.


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
March 07, 2014 10:47PM
The City of Tsumal

The sell sword’s name was Chavek, and while he was admiring Nerboti, calling her of all things “art work” he then expressed that he had no desire to TOUCH the artwork. ~WHAT?~ What man could possibly resist Nerboti? Had he had his reproductive organs removed at birth? The look on Nerboti’s face was a mix of confusion and shock. She looked down at her self, and wondered if there was something wrong with her. No..perky ripe mounds, child bearing hips, rounded tight buttocks. She thought she was the epitome of what a woman from Tsumal should be.

Now..there are many coloured and cursed words used by the Tsumal, and that day Nerboti invented a few new ones as the sell sword walked away from her. Seething, she marched over to one of her father’s guards and gripped his arm.

“MY ROOM..NOW!” Nerboti dragged the unwitting guard off to her room for some very angry sex.


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
March 08, 2014 09:36PM
-Crytek stopped at a door a few minutes later and opened it-“Your room Chavek, please make your self at home, I will have a proper attire brought to you for tonight’s feast, oh and please keep your sword on you, i think Lord Marsala would feel better knowing you are armed”.

-Ivan nodded and stepped into his room. It was gorgeous, a king size bed red velvet carpets and curtains. trow rugs and pillows all over the place to relax in, even a nice sized bowl of fruit. Ivan sighed again and turned and lock the door. He went walked to the farthest corner of the room and dropped his guise then pulled the mirror out. The man appeared again-“What is your condition lieutenant? he asked.

“Infiltrated the guard, saved the head slaver from an assassin, will soon be in the inner circle and have the info needed”
-His CO nodded-“Be careful, if you have to bail do so quickly and quietly”-Ivan nodded and put the mirror up and resumed his guise, just as there was a knock on the door. Ivan walked over to the door and opened it, there stood a small women with a measuring tape and a pad-“Lord Marsala has requested you be fitted properly for tonight dinner”-she said meekly. Ivan nodded and after a few about thirty minutes she left. Ivan sighed again and watched her leave then turned around to head back into his room-