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February 22, 2014 07:28PM
Escala Apartments/Penthouse Kitchen


Kristian watched with a surprised expression as Simone waved her words through the air like poison…clearly she wished to act like Poison Ivy instead of Barbie. She took off in the cab after exiting the boat, and then was followed by Pan who said something about a class, however he did not miss the glare he received after her smug expression. He could barely take it, even his wife… his own wife had taken their side. Telling Kristian to ‘get in’, ‘fit in’ or ‘get out’ when it came to her friends, even though all Kristian wanted to do was order a lunch for her and her friends. THE NERVE! He scoffed and walked over to Kali as she asked to go home. He picked up some of the food and shoved it to her. “Fine, but you’re still eating.” He threw the money down on the table to pay for the meal as if it had cost nothing to him at all, which in reality didn’t. As they hopped off the boat he didn’t even open the door for Kali, simply waited for her to get in before driving back to the apartments. Obviously he had words to say and the sooner the better. The anger swelled more with the words that replayed in his mind, his hands going red and knuckles going white as he gripped the steering wheel tightly. He tried to relax and breathe, inhaling and exhaling slowly through his nose. The breaks screeched under the apartments, and he slammed the door to his Audi. He waited for her to enter the elevator before pressing the button that would lead them to the penthouse. His eyes remained closed the whole time he waited, his foot tapping the floor as they were being lifted. As soon as the ding rang, and the doors opened, Kristian slammed the doors open and walked to the kitchen, needing a bottle of water to cool himself.



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February 22, 2014 07:49PM
Escala Apartments- Penthouse Bedroom

“I told you, I wasn’t hungry…” She explained when he’d shoved the plate of food at her. He had already walked over to the near end of the boat by the time she shook her head and tossed the plate to the side. Kali had watched him pay for the meal and sighed before following him off the boat after apologizing to the waiter for the inconvenience. What was Kristian’s deal? She understood he was trying to be nice and pay for their meal and all. But he should have known when it came to the girls there was a time and place. A sigh could be heard from the other side of Kristian’s car. A door opening and then shutting before she was left to open her own door and sit inside, not even a buckle could be heard as they sped off down the street towards the apartments. No words were spoken between the two of them through the whole ride there. And it was short-lived when they’d finally pulled into the garage of the Apartments, Kristian wasted no time in getting out, and for once Kali felt his anger practically wafting through the air as if it had lifted off his body. No sooner had they exited the garage and gotten into the elevator did she notice Taylor inside with them. Kali must have smelled horrid from being in the gym, but for some odd reason neither Taylor nor Kristian acknowledged a thing about it.


The elevator had dinged at the top floor; the Penthouse. They were home, finally. Kali looked to Taylor, as if to ask if he’d wanted to exit, but instead of speaking he simply waved his hands out in front of him to let Kali know she was safe to exit before him. She thought against it, but so as to not anger Kristian further she exited. Kristian had already gone inside their apartment and opened the doors wide enough for all to see. She entered after and looked around the place before finding him in the kitchen, his hand wrapped around a bottle of water. “Are going to talk about this?” She lifted her hands up before her, extended out in near shrug when referencing the situation that’d just happened on the boat. Kristian turned to look at Kali, his smoldering gray gaze now looking straight into her sea green hues as he began to make his way towards her. The bottle had been roughly placed upon the counter before-hand and now he was standing but inches from her face, his hands drawing up to her arms while then grasping tightly around her wrists in a restraint like motion. “There is nothing to discuss…” He said with a cold, dark tone. Kali couldn’t stray from the situation; her hands lay flat against his chest before she pushed him away from him.“Yes there is, you just don’t want to face the fact that you were wrong and Pandora and Simone were right. I love you Kristian, but I’ve said what I needed to. I am still upset with you, and I know you’re upset with me, but sooner or later, we need to discuss this.” Having said what she needed to say Kali moved from his view and spoke softly while then entering their room. “I’m going to shower… join me or not, but as of now… I’d rather we didn’t talk about what happened, we both need to cool off.”


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February 23, 2014 01:19AM
Penthouse Bathroom


Kristian stared into Kali’s eyes of a deep sea green like colour. Hunger filled his veins and his anger did not calm him any either. As she pushed away from him, he could not help but follow her into the room, his eyes gazing down with edacity at the way her hips swayed with each strut, the way her mound slowly rose and fell. The room was not that far away from the kitchen, but with each tile they crossed it felt like forever. Kristian’s insides roared with attention and need, and as she slowly started to undress, so did he. “I agree, a shower sounds lovely.” His voice was raspy and deep, cutting through the silence as they unclothed themselves. Kristian undressed fairly quickly, his rod of steel throbbing for attention. He moved closer to Kali as she too was almost undressed. Before Kali could undo her bra, Kristian’s hands wrapped around her wrists firmly once more, before his teeth found their way to the thin straps that easily broke with one bite. His whole body was burning with elation, passionate flames of desire singing the edges of his soul, he dragged her into bathroom and closed the door. He kept pushing her forward, into the shower. Turning the handles of the shower, he waited for the water to cascade down their bodies. At first touch it was cold, and sent a shiver down his spine, the heat from his body coming off like steam at the contact. After a few seconds the water became slightly warmer, but not too hot. First his hands grabbed her hair, tugging it back slightly so her neck was in his full gaze, the water dripping down and sliding to the place in-between her beautiful breasts. His licking started from her jawline, her hair still in his hands as he slowly rolled his tongue down her neck, biting softly before continuing on the path of the flow of water. His lips found the softness of her nipples, as his hands then came down to pinch them after his lips had caressed every part of her breasts before coming back to her face. His mouth pressed against her own, ravenously mashing against her lips with the full force of his passion, his hand leaving an imprint on the stained glass wall of the shower as he began to ravish her lips with his own.


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February 23, 2014 01:22AM
Penthouse Bathroom

She could feel it, the rapid change of the air around them. The tension in the room both built and seemed to restrain itself when both Kristian and Kali neared one another. Kristian had looked at her; it was a look of pure hunger and thirst. A thirst that she knew needed to be quenched. It was a thirst for her. Kali had entered their bedroom and felt the presence of her husband behind her; a low sigh escaped her lips as she thought they’d go at it again while she slowly undressed herself. Kali ran her hands over both her shoulders and removed the red gym jacket from her body, and as it fell to the floor, she’d already begun to kick her shoes off and remove her pants. ”How did he undress himself so quickly?” she thought to herself when she saw his pants fall to the floor. Kali couldn’t believe it, her husband was actually going to join her in the shower.


“I agree, a shower sounds lovely.” He’d said. It had been a long while since the two had engaged in any acts together aside from the nightly routine of everyday lives; sleeping. Her head turned full circle to glance at his immaculate body. And in the light of the afternoon sun… his smile, his body and everything about him seemed so perfect. And she admitted to herself… Kristian Grey was not merely good looking; he was the epitome of male beauty. By the time she’d reached behind her back to undo her bra, Kristian had run his hands down her arms and found her wrists once more before binding them with his strong, firm grip. Her gaze turned round to look at him, but before she had the chance to speak, his forehead was to her back and his teeth had found her bra strap. The one part of her bra that kept everything in place instantly broke free along with her breasts the minute Kristian had ripped the fabric of the bra. Instantly she could feel the freedom the air had to offer her, along with the heat wave pooling around her husband. Kali had moved to look at her husband again, but found him missing before she’d had the chance to ask him something. His hand then graced hers and her head swerved and she looked into his now passionate gray eyes.”Kristian…” she’d said as he led them to their bathroom, closed the door and began to run the shower. He didn’t speak, nor did he look at her again until they were both under the cascading torrent of the shower. A stream of cold water ran over their bodies as they now stood dead center under the torrent of water, the water although warming near appropriate temperature sent a shiver over her entire body, it spread over her image and soaked them both from head to toe. Like drops of rain gathered from a recent rainstorm, the clouds of passion seemed to engulf them both. Kali’s breasts both now very wet and perky seemed to harden by the very closeness of her husband’s body; the feeling of his presence always did something to her. Just after finally coming to terms with the pressure of the water, Kali felt a sudden wave of heat come over her. Kristian’s hand wrapped around her hair, and instantly he tugged softly. Brushed it aside and began to slowly descend towards her neck. Kali’s inner goddess screamed and did a cartwheel as Kristian began lapping and sucking along the side of her neck.

”Oh god… Kristian.” A moan escaped her and she found herself running her hands along the side of his muscular biceps and over his back. Nails stretched forth and ready to claw his back at any given moment. He was a man of many mysteries, but Kali knew that when this man dominated, there was no stopping him. And that is just what he did. He dominated her. Kissing, biting and moving his lips down her neck, over her throat and along the base line of her breasts. It wasn’t until he found her breasts did he pick up the pace in his actions. His lips locked over her perky full now hardened nipples and when they did her nails began to scratch the surface of his back. The shower over them now streaming in consecutive waves as their heated actions fogged the bathroom entirely. Kristian had dominated over every inch of both breasts and moved his hands to pinch each nipple with a slight twist. Kali now looked up at her husband and bit her lip knowing what it did to him, but more so to conceal her moans within her; practically raking to break free, much like her inner goddess who was now dancing the tango.


Kristian had smiled a number of times throughout everything he’d done to Kali. He was finding great desire in pleasing her. This much was clear to Kali when he’d then moved from ravishing her breasts to gracing her lips with his own tender mouth. She felt it before and she felt it now, the full force of his passion for her. But by this time she found it to be enjoyable that they’d ignored the argument and moved onto the afternoon activity they were now engrossed in. Kristian’s tongue delved deeper into the trenches of her mouth and Kali submitted to the forced entry and closed her eyes and kissed him hard and deep as her back now pushed against the glass wall of the shower. The only thought running in her mind was clear as day. ” This man, is mine.”


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February 24, 2014 12:39PM
4D- Bellissima

Esme’s Bedroom


Esme rolled over in bed lazily, the sun pouring in through her black laced curtains. How she hated the sun…With a rather unladylike groan, she continued to roll around irritably before grumbling “Fine…I’m up.” But she was speaking to no one. For days she had been thinking about how it might be time to get a cat. Antony’s room was on the other end of the apartment and she hardly saw him anymore. His hours were wacky at the hospital and Esmeralda was often left alone. Not that she minded being alone too terribly. It gave her more time to think. Still, another house companion might be nice, too…As these thoughts rolled around in her head, the younger Bellissima decided it was time to get out of bed and see if her brother was home yet. Sliding her dainty feet on the floor delicately, she stretched her arms over her head before grabbing her pink lacy robe. Shrugging into it, she pulled her dark curls over her shoulders and padded over to the mirror. Her face was well-rested and young looking, no doubt thanks to the beauty regime she had been on for years. Beneath her satin robe was black lingerie that fit to her short and curvy body elegantly. She was stunning…and stunningly single. But Esme had no time for men and had no patience for them, either. It was better to do everything herself right…including pleasuring herself. A boyfriend was hardly necessary anymore with today’s technology.

Smiling at her refection, she tied the sash to her robe tightly around herself in case dear Antony was home. Her brother didn’t need to see her modeling her latest design. Strutting out into the kitchen, she called out in her thick Italian accent“Buongiorno…Anyone home?” But of course there was no response. With a heavy sigh, Esme wandered over to the cappuccino maker and went about her morning ritual. Soon her cappuccino was in hand as she sat at her cherry oak dining room table. Today’s paper was spread out before her and she was in no hurry to get to work. It was seven in the morning, after all, and she still had time. But what she was really stalling for was a chance to speak to Antony. He absolutely hated cats and if she showed up with one…it would be bad. Realizing Antony was her only friend was mildly depressing. Shoving the paper aside, Esme silently thought to herself I am going out tonight, and that’s that. He’s your brother, for fuck’s sake. Not your husband.With that, she disappeared into her room again to get ready for the day.

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March 06, 2014 07:56AM
Apartment 7D – Pandora

Pandora was still fuming when she reached her apartment. She was so pissed off at her mother and George for calling her. She had made it clear the day she left she wanted no contact from them whatsoever. They were dead to her she had screamed before she stormed from her childhood home, slamming the door so hard it shattered the pane of glass that made up its window.

And now they were trying to call her? God help them if they ever decided to show up in person.

The temperature had risen steadily as she paced her living room, doing her level best to calm her emotions before she set her apartment on fire.

And poor Louis…he had faced the full force of her anger, and nearly got himself singed for his efforts. It was unsure whether his eyebrows would grow back but he wouldn’t let it stop him from trying to befriend the rough woman. Oh he held no illusions that she would like him in a romantic sense, especially now that she had a boyfriend, whom she really liked. But deep in his little bookish heart, he pined for a woman that would never be more then “just a friend” to him.

She paced a few more times, counting backward from a thousand and the temperature in the room slowly came down to a normal range.

“Bastards.” she snarled, itching to throw something.

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March 08, 2014 05:57PM
Kristian forced his lips harder against Kali’s, more passionate with lascivious bites and groping. He took in her scent, as his hand came up to cup her blushing cheeks. His body pushed her against the shower wall, hands now moving to support her waist as his arousal demanded attention. When he took her by the hips, moaning lewdly as he did so, then slammed into her with full fierceness of his lust. He wasted no time and began to pound into her with mercilessly aroused thrusts, filling her with him to the very hilt. He gave her rear a kinky smack in time with one of his wild thrusts. He recklessly slammed into her with equal parts of enthusiasm and skill. He engulfed his mouth with Kali’s moans and felt her nails at his back, which only drove him further. His whole body was burning with elation, passionate flames of desire singing the edges of his soul. He moaned for her endlessly, feeling his gigantic shaft plowing as far into her depths as possible. Both hands held firmly to her waist, following each of her erotic movements. He ploughed into her deeper and deeper with each thrust, the force escalating until he could feel her womb brushing up against the tip of his cock. He could feel it surging uncontrollably, spurring on an all-consuming eruption. He wasn’t even aware he’d been drilling her at maximum force until his body began to frantically release. He buried his shaft into her all the way, pushing into her depths as far as humanly possible with his raw cock and began flooding her with his cum. “Gods Kali…” He breathed against her, coiling his strong arms around her vulnerable feminine body. As he slowly withdrew from her depths, some of his seed would also leak out between her thighs, an aroused smile plastered across his face as his eyes slid shut for a few seconds. “I love it when you get mad with me.” A few moments passed before he finally moved, finishing in the shower as turned the water off, the steam slowly evaporating from the bathroom. As much as he wished to stay here with her, he knew he needed to apologize to Simone and Pandora for lunch. As he dressed himself he waited for Kali to finish, she too seemed exhausted from what had happened only moments ago. “I’ll consider what you have said Mrs. Grey” Kristian smirked as his tongue called her by his own family name. She was his, and that is how it would be. Seattle was still busy with work, so the traffic wouldn’t be too bad. He picked up the keys off the kitchen counter and headed for the elevators. Perhaps he should text them first, because he had no idea where he would find them at this time. He wrote a text and forwarded it to them both
Simone, Pandora…. Was wondering if we could talk about today? If you are wondering, this is Kali’s idea and not mine, however I believe it would benefit us all for her sake. 


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March 09, 2014 06:03PM
Penthouse Shower


Kali felt the power of his thrusts, his twitching palms coming forth to grope and rough her up. It was moments like this that made Kali feel that much more at home. Not just because of the arguments, not because of the fighting, and definitely not because of the sex. But because being with her husband in the sanctity of their home made her life all the more complete. She was his, and he was hers. No matter the things they’d been through, through rough and rigorous times, they had each other, and they’d be there for one another no matter what. That is what she felt while being in his arms. And the more he pushed into her, the safer she felt being there with him. She met him, thrust for thrust, her voice singing his praises, her inner goddess clawing the inner cage of her sanctum; screaming at Kali to be freed and be released from her cage.


”Gods Kali…” He spoke as he breathed in her feminine musk, coiling his strong arms around her exposed, vulnerable body. His masculinity out-shined her and dominated her over and over again, slamming her into the walls of the bathroom shower. Kali arched her back as she felt herself nearing climax, her face dug into his neck and she inhaled his scent, his body, drinking in every little bit of her husband before he thrust a final time, and with it climaxing with her in unison. She’d done it, moved him to the edge and instantly been punished for it. But she was glad for it, she was happy with the end results. As much as she’d wanted to be with her husband in the shower, to please him and to fill his every need she knew she needed to move on with the day’s events.


Kristian pushed himself out of her, his cum slowly dripping from the depths of her as she exhausted herself and fell back against the shower wall, the water slowly running over her as she cleaned herself and moved to dry off after Kristian had shut the shower off. ”I’ll consider what you have said Mrs. Grey.” She couldn’t help but smile while getting dressed for the rest of the day’s agenda. ”I would hope so Mr. Grey.” A wink from her eye and he was out of her sight, and just like that she was alone again, fitting herself into her heels and moving to the bedroom mirror while she curled her hair.


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March 09, 2014 09:53PM
Wafflehouse Timeline…

Apartment 7D – Pandora’s Bedroom

Still fuming mad about the phone call, Pandora stalked into her room, throwing herself upon her bed. She screamed out her rage into her pillow, muffling the sound so she didn’t scare her neighbors before flopping onto her back. She took some deep breaths, the screaming she did easing some of the tension she had felt.

She knew she owed Simone an apology for leaving like she did. She pulled up her phone and shot off a quick text.

Sorry about this morning. Promise to explain and make it up to you soon. ❤ P.

She stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, feeling a crushing weight of lonliness surrounding her. Brock was away on a mission for the government with his family and she missed him terribly.

She looked at her phone, debating before she nodded. She opened her favorites and quickly pressed Brock’s name. Putting the phone to her ear, she held out little hope he would answer. A few moments later, she got his voicemail.

-This is Brock. Can’t answer my phone. I’m either with my girl or I’m working. Leave a message. BEEP!-

“Hey Brock…it’s me…-sigh-…miss you. Really wish you were here right now. There’s so much I want to tell you…about me…and my past…I think it’s time I did. -sigh- I love you. Stay safe.”

She hung up the phone, dropping it to the blanket beside her, rolling onto her side and staring at nothing.

“When will my life stop being so fucking difficult?” she mumbled, closing her eyes. She was so tired, she dozed off.

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March 09, 2014 10:27PM
Apartment 7D – Pandora’s Bedroom

The mission had been classified as top secret, and while Brock would have preferred to let Pan know what he was doing and where he was, sadly this went against government protocol. When he did touch down at the base, and went back to his office, that is when he got the message on his phone, from a very depressed sounding Pandora. Brock knew he had to make it up to her, being away from her for so long and without word. He thought for a moment of calling, but the hour was quite late. Deciding to shower and change at his office, rather than do it at her apartment, Brock changed into civvies clothes; a simple pair of jeans and a black t shirt, that happened to have a spider symbol emblazoned in silver on the left of his chest. With his hair combed straight back, and having shaved, he was ready to go see the woman that he had professed his love for months earlier.

His truck was still parked in his officer’s car park, and there was only a skeleton crew on at that time of night. Brock threw his bag in the back of the tray, before tying it down, than walked around to the passenger side of the 4WD, and getting in. The truck started with a loud roar, and he put it into reverse pulling out, before flicking on the headlights, and driving off the base.

The drive from the base took about twenty minutes, and soon he was driving through the city streets on his way to Escala Apartments. Sadly, none of the florist’s or shops were open this late, or he would have got her a gift. He made a bit of a face, one of disappointment, as he liked to bring her things from time to time.

Parking his truck in the basement carpark, he took up his bag, and then finding the key to her apartment in his pocket, he made his way to the lift and swiped the pass, so it would unlock the security system. The doors opened, and he stepped inside. Brock wondered if she was even awake. If she wasn’t he hoped to give her a nice surprise.

Reaching her floor, the doors opened, and he wandered out, till coming to her apartment door. He put the key in the lock and the light turned green, allowing him to push the door open. The lounge and kitchen were in darkness, and Brock tiptoed inside, shutting the door quietly, before setting down his bag.


“Pan?” his voice just above a whisper. There was no reply, so he crept to her bedroom door, opening it slightly, and just making out the shape of her sleeping body on her bed. Entering the room, Brock slowly peeled off his t’shirt, and then dropped his jeans to the floor, so he was only wearing boxers. Standing there, he admired her slender form beneath the sheet. Again he whispered. “Pan…I’m home.” No reply again. She must have been dead to the world. Chewing his lip, he made his way to the side of the bed, and pulled back the covers gently, before easing himself in. He lay on his side, and then his fingers walk up and down her side, as he waited for her to wake up at his touch. Pandora smelt incredible, and it took a lot for Brock not to draw her into his arms. Last thing he wanted to do was startle her.


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March 09, 2014 11:00PM
Pandora had awoken once, earlier in the evening, realizing she had fallen asleep on top of her bed sheets with her clothes on. She was still exhausted however and had dragged her body from the bed in order to take a quick shower. She hadn’t bothered with putting on her clothes, crawling beneath the cool sheets and falling back to sleep the moment her head touched the pillow.

A little after 1 in the morning and something jolted her awake. She struggled into wakefulness, wondering what it was that had caused her to do so. There! A soft touch down her side. Frowning, she wondered if a spider (LOL!) had found its way into her bed. She waited a moment to see if the feeling came again. When it did, she was ready.

Not even bothering to look, she reached out and swatted at whatever was touching her with the magazine she’d swiped from the side table. It made a flat sound as it connected to whatever it was and a feebly muttered “Ow!” got her to stop. She flipped on the light, blinking in the sudden brightness before she sat up to see Brock behind her. He was grinning at her. She was so happy to see him, she didn’t even care that he hadn’t even called her the whole time he was gone.

She threw her arms around him, planting her lips over his, her way of saying “Hi, baby. I missed you.”