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Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 06, 2014 07:48AM
She leisurely paced a few laps around the pool, unaware that Brock was watching her every move. She wasn’t lying when she said she was having a great time. She hadn’t expect to and was thankful to Brock for pulling her out of the house before she died of boredom.

Finishing her last lap, she swam to the pool ladder, hoisting herself out, water sliding down her hair and body in a waterfall. She sat at the edge of the pool, letting her legs dangle knee deep in the water, her eyes searching out Brock.

Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 06, 2014 08:50AM
The Pool

Brock swam up to where Pandora was now sitting – on the pool’s edge. With her legs still dangling in the water, it would be easy to just pull her back in, but he had no intention of playing games anymore. It was the way she was looking for him, when she was sitting there, that her face was serene. Getting away from the city, her job and all her worries were doing the job of helping her relax and unwind. Brock folded his arms and rest the forearms on the tiled step, looking back up at Pandora, as she kicked with her feet idly.

“I guess now comes that time of the evening, where I ask you, if you would like to be flown home….or..” he paused for a moment, and then reached out to brush his fingers along her left thigh. “If you want to spend the night.” So far the evening had been perfect, and up to this point he had been the perfect gentleman. However, he was still a man, who had hopes that she might want to stay.

“I mean, if you have to go to work early, it wouldn’t take long to change, clean up and get the plane ready.”

Brock then waited to hear what she wanted to do.


Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 06, 2014 02:32PM
She didn’t know there was such an expression of serene calmness on her face, but she did feel very relaxed being away from the city. The sun was slowly setting behind her and she didn’t really want to leave just yet. She kept her eye on Brock as he swam toward her, resting his forearms on the side of the pool.

“I guess now comes that time of the evening, where I ask you, if you would like to be flown home….or..” He paused and brushed wet fingers along her left thigh, sending a shiver through her body. “If you want to spend the night.” She could hear the underlying tension in his voice, that small bit of hope that she would tell him that she didn’t have any other plans. She thought about the pile of homework she left sitting on her kitchen table. Did she really want to go home to that when she could be here, with him?

There really was no decision to make. She leaned close to him to stare him in the eye.

“I have no plans for this evening.” she whispered, her voice husky. She slipped from the water, getting to her feet and headed inside. “I’m going to go take a shower…if you care to join me.” she teased, slipping in through the door.

Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 06, 2014 07:34PM
The Pool

Brock’s heart almost skipped a beat when Pandora said she had no plans for the evening, in that husky voice of hers. The young pilot could not get the smile off his face if he tried, watching her get to her feet and head inside to take a shower.

“I’m going to go take a shower…if you care to join me.”

Join her? Now there was an invitation he could hardly refuse. Brock climbed the pool ladder out and got to the tiled surface, where he reached for a towel, and started to dry himself off. Pandora had certainly made herself at home, and he had to admit, that he would definitely be bringing her back home to the island more often in the future. Wrapping the towel around his waist and tying it off, he followed Pandora into the house, past the large dining area, and made his way towards his bedroom, which he assumed she was, since he had a rather large bathroom off the side.

His room had a large balcony, that showed off the beach and sea below, as well as the gorgeous night sky. With six large glass panels, that could be made to tint out at the touch of a button, he could get all the privacy he needed, though with no one on the island, save for Lady Bunton and Pandora, he wasn’t too worried about being seen.

He tossed the wet towel in his hamper, along with his boxers, and then strolled into the bathroom starkers.

Pandora had already made herself at home, and was about to turn on the water faucet.

“Allow me.” Brock said, reaching past her and turning on the cold, then hot water till it had the temperature just right.

Pandora’s lace bra and smalls were still wet, and Brock game fully reached to undo her bra strap, while watching her.

“I know, I promised to behave…but, now that I am here.”

He pulled her under the hot streams of water, and drew her into his embrace. Powerful arms locking around her, as he kissed her passionately, unable to hold back after a night of gentle teasing.



Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 06, 2014 08:03PM
Brock followed along behind her as she found his bathroom, reaching in to turn on the water. His hand appeared in her view, beating her to the punch. She smiled as he undid her bra, the lacey material sliding down her arms to land at her feet.

“I know, I promised to behave…but, now that I am here.” he grinned, stepping into the shower. He grabbed her arm as he stepped under the hot spray, pulling her close, his lips passionately devouring hers. She moaned with need, holding tight to his shoulders as his tongue plundered her mouth. Her hands slid down his body and around his waist, moving to the tight buns she’d been dying to touch most of the day, squeezing them.

His hardness was pressed into her stomach and she groaned at the feel of him. The water created a delicious heat and friction between them as their bodies slid together beneath its spray.

She gasped for air as his lips left hers and her head fell back with a groan.

“Brock!” she hissed his name, desire coloring her tone. She was simply amazed at how quickly the flames of passion rose up between them. It was like the moment in her kitchen all over again. How did he make her feel so much in so little time?

Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 08, 2014 02:06AM
The Shower

Brock had never known a woman, to make him feel the way that Pandora did. Her lips so divine that he found himself dying to kiss her, while their bodies gyrated in a timeless dance beneath the hot spray of water. The silken flesh now awash with water became slick as the friction between them increased. His eagerness all too apparent, when she withdrew from the kiss coming up for air. His head falling forward and with a ravenous hunger he turned to her neck, all the while daring fingers sought to discover her most intimate places. Large hands gripped her buttocks, prizing them apart before kneading forcibly.

Hot breath upon her skin charged with his desire and with a flicking tongue he tasted her salty texture. With their bodies pressed hard up against each other, Brock’s needs were overcoming his sensibility. Brock came up for air, and then with a wide smile when he heard her hiss his name, he reached round and picked her up by her ass and pulled her up onto him.


“I’m never letting you go, Pan”

That was the last words he would say, as he drove her into the tiled wall of the shower. Brock had her sitting right above the swollen head of his cock, which was drenched in pre. Eagerly he pressed it to her rim, as he nipped at her bottom lip – urging her to let go her inhibitions, and give herself over to the pleasure.



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Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 08, 2014 07:38AM
Brock’s Shower

You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world. ~Sheila Graham

Passion on fire. Hot enough to burn from the inside out, the flames eating you alive.

This is what was between Brock and Pandora. She had never felt such passion in her life. It was like the time she had let her power get out of her control and set fire to her previous apartment.


He devoured her like she was the last piece of chocolate on the face of the planet. She was practucally putty in his hands as he mapped her body, touching her intimately and making her gasp and tremble in his arms. When her head dropped away, her neck was the next target of his passions as his hands grabbed at her ass, hauling her into his arms. She was pressed hard into the wall, his turgid member hovering at her apex.

“I’m never letting you go, Pan” His desire was plain to see, his need felt. She dragged passion-heavy lids open to stare at him.

“And I wouldn’t expect you to.” she murmured before her lips covered his, giving back what he gave. This was their moment, hovering on a precipice and set to reach the point of no return. She relaxed in his arms, wanting him as desperately as he wanted her, her body easily sliding down and welcoming him into her warmth.

A long, drawn-out moan escaped from her as he pressed home, her thighs tightening marginally around his hips. It was better then the moment in her kitchen, fully aware of what was happening between them.

For someone who was a commitment-phobe, that she was being exclusive with one man, who drove her to the heights of passion, was simply mind-boggling.

“My…god!” she gasped as he thrust into her.

Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 08, 2014 07:57AM
Brock’s Shower

How could one describe the depth of passion, the feelings that were like a tidal wave crashing over both of them simultaneously. Brock was gasping for air, as Pandora let herself slide down upon him and the tightness that she created, enveloping him whole. Their bodies now completely fused as one. He felt dizzy, light headed. Knees trembling as he struggled to hold her up. For some sex is just an act, a release. This was so much more. Brock could only stare into her eyes, his own wide and dilated. His lips parted, like he was trying to get out a word…a phrase, but all that came was her name…


Yes, they had shared passion before in the kitchen of her apartment, but now in the solitude of the island home, far from the cares or worry of the big city, they were now in the throes of erotic passion, that was fueled by an insatiable need to complete the other. At first, Brock was crazed, like a fiend he pounded into her – thrusting her against the wall, till something inside him changed. It was like it hit him all of a sudden. He’d found what he had been searching for, and could hardly believe it.

Brock held her to him, and reached around to turn off the water, as awkward as that was. Both dripping, his body trembling he had to tell her before he went on. “I just…I…I want to do this right.”

He carried her out of the shower, and onto the fuzzy mat, wiping his feet. Then carried her the few paces to his bedroom, where he set her down feet on the carpet. The moon’s beams illuminated the pair, as he reached for a towel and started to dry her over. She must have thought he was crazy, but if she were to look in his eyes, she would see that she meant the world to him. He dropped the towel, then cupped her face in with his wet hands.

“I’m in love with you, Pan.”

He had never said that to another woman before.



Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 08, 2014 08:20AM

Her name, whispered from his lips. She could hear the depth of feeling. She felt it herself. It was dizzying. They were both breathless. There was fire between them, hot enough to melt, hot enough to burn. Her heart was thudding in her chest and she was sure he could feel it as it was pressed against his own.

She was pressed tightly to the wall, her body a slave to his needs and her own desires. She moaned as he thrust into her over and over, seemingly without tiring.

But then…something changed. His rhythmn smoothed out and he slowed his thrusts. The sensation was different, almost as if she were falling. What was this?

She got her answers a moment later when he turned off the water and carried her out of its wet heat. Walking into his bedroom, he set her on her feet and she looked at him, confused. Had she done something wrong? Had he changed his mind? Was this just another notch in a bad string of notches that was carved into her heart?

He must have seen the confusion on her face and he rushed to reassure her. “I just…I…I want to do this right.”

Well that certainly confused her even more. He reached for a towel, rubbing it over her body as she prepared herself for the rejection she thought was coming. Her heart was throbbing in pain. The one guy she liked and now she was being tossed away. It actually hurt her.

Once dry, she nearly turned to collect her clothing that was in the chair beside her, but a touch of his hand to her cheeks and she was forced to look him in his eyes. What she saw…her heart eased up on the pain she felt. He didn’t look like he was about to toss her out on her rear. There was something heavy in his eyes and she felt dizzy all of a sudden.

And then he spoke the words that no man had ever said to her in her life.

“I’m in love with you, Pan.”

What? Her mind screamed. Did she hear that correctly? Looking in his eyes, she saw that he meant every word.

That someone could love Pandora LaRue, a motorcycle mechanic, full-time bar waitress and pyrokinetic from San Francisco – whose mother was a drug-addicted whore married to a child-raping bastard…

Tears sprang to her eyes, shocking the tough woman who had never shown any sort of vulnerability to a man before.

“C-Could you repeat that?” she whispered, stunned.

If he did, she would laugh, tears sliding down her cheeks as her eyes slipped closed. He would most likely think she thought he was joking, but it wasn’t anything of the sort. She found it amusing because…

“I’m in love with you, too, Brock.” she laughed through her tears. “I don’t know why, or how it happened, or why it happened so fast, but that’s what I feel and I could give two shits about it.”

Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 08, 2014 08:34AM
Brock’s bedroom

“You…Pandora.” He was saying it again, after she had become confused by what he was doing, what he was trying to convey. He kept his hands pressed to her cheeks, before letting them go, as she started to shed tears. Astonished at what was happening between them. Brock had never wanted a woman so much, but he had to tell her…she deserved that much. “I swear, I don’t think I even knew what love was before.”

When Pandora professed that she felt the same way, he let out a nervous laugh – that it wasn’t just him. “Thank God.” Brock was overjoyed, and brought her into his strong arms, holding her close. First he started to kiss away her tears, murmuring softly as he did so, whispers of her being in his dreams, in his waking thoughts. If she was a drug, he was sorely addicted.

Gently he scooped her up and carried her to the bed, laying her down, where he joined her. Laying beside her, still hard as before when he was in the shower. He could take her, sure, but he wanted this to be memorable. As though it was the very first time. Brock’s hands wandered, fingers dancing up and down her side, as he kissed her with such delicacy. Savoring her lips, her tongue. He wanted to map her out in his mind, just by touch and feel. Brock was being incredibly gentle, a far cry from how he was in the shower only minutes earlier.


Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 08, 2014 09:00AM
“Thank God.” Overjoyed and relieved, he pulled her into his arms, holding her closely. She pressed her face into his chest, inhaling his unique scent, her hands pressed against his back. Musky with a hint of sweet. She raised her tear-streaked face to his and he kissed away her tears, murmuring whispers of dreams foretold, of waking thoughts and desires.

She soaked it all in, treasuring this closeness she felt. He scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bed. He moved in beside her and she noticed he was still hard as a rock. But for once, she did nothing. This was a moment that wasn’t worth a quick tumble in the sheets. He meant more then that and let him take control.

His hands, large and steady, moved over her body, fingers sliding over her skin as if he were touching her for the very first time. His lips sipped at hers, his tongue teasing against her own, making her breathless, her body tingling. So different then their exploits in the shower and her kitchen.

Her own hand, still before now, pressed against his chest, palms caressing the defined muscles, the hairs on his chest tickling her skin. Over his rib cage and behind his back, sliding down and over the round globes of his ass. To thighs hard as steel but soft as cotton. Upward still, along the inside of his thigh. A muscle quivered against her hand as she came dangerously close to touching that part of him that had been buried to the hilt inside of her a short time ago.


Her breathing was erratic, her pupils dialated with desire. She hadn’t known before that he was what she was looking for most of her life.

It seemed her sting of bad luck with men was finally at its finish.



Re: RP – Carrendar Island
March 08, 2014 04:11PM
Brock’s bedroom

~We will together~

Everything was almost like it was slow motion, for the couple that now lay together on the black cotton sheet covered waterbed. The gentle flow and sway of their bodies as they continued to move in a sensual rhythm. Discovery – that was what Brock and Pandora were experiencing. Taking the time to touch and feel. Brock was having to hold himself back, but the fueling of the tension was making it all the more delicious.

Feeling her hands press to his chest, her fingers brushing the hairs of his pecks, he let out gasp and crushed his lips upon hers. Their tongues tussled and then began to dance. His seeking to dominate hers, as he rolled on top of her. Brock’s right hand caught up her thigh, pushing it back as he lifted his hips, and then slowly slid himself inside her. He broke the kiss, so he could watch her reaction. Panting hard he began to roll his hips, as they started a ritual like coupling. Words couldn’t describe the feelings, the emotions mixed with the physical delights. It was enough to make his toes curl up.


Brock wanted to drag it out as long as he possibly could, but trying to hold back was a feat in itself. The heady scent of her own feminine musk mingled with his own, and their sighs and moans were like a sweet symphony to this lover’s dance upon the cotton sheets. This was what love was. Giving and receiving.


Her beauty so exquisite – the fire in her eyes. She was his Venus, his goddess…and he treated her body as though the temple of his worship. The deeper he entered her, the further he fell under her spell, whether she knew it or not. Pandora had captivated him, and won his heart. Now his body was but a slave to hers.