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Re: (RP) Seattle Theater
March 07, 2014 07:38PM
Cast Dressing Room

To see the blonde diva throw a tantrum the way Simone was over being displaced from her personal dressing room to having to share with the rest of the cast, brought both amusement and laughter to a lot of the other dancers and performers. Jason Tweedy, one of the leading men, rocked on up and placed a hand on Simone’s shoulder as she looked set to tear the head off the next person to piss her off.

“Oh now lovey. We saved you a special place.” That catty tone, she knew right away that they were going to make sure that she never forgot how low she had fallen. He wheeled her around and pointed to the end dressing spot, right near the cleaners bay. You could smell the chemicals and other toxic cleaning fluids a mile away from that corner. “Didn’t want to make you feel special, now would we?’ Jason let out a loud chuckle, which earnt him a good elbow in the rib cage, as Simone stormed over to where her things had been moved too.


Such a small confined space, and someone had taken the liberty of scrawling a message in lipstick on her mirror that read ;“Oh look, a star has fallen.” Anyone would think it was Simone that was the one who had been arrested, not Lucy Luvich, her co-star. There was a paper on the table next to hers, and Simone snatched it up, only to see Lucy’s mug on the front page. She was trying to block the photographer from taking a snap of her face, but clearly she was still under the influence and her aim was right off. Mascara streaked cheeks, a bad hair day and with cops behind her – the girl had been caught out. It was no surprise really, she had a known drug habit in the inside circles of the showbiz world. Now, everyone knew. Simone tossed the paper into the garbage bin and gripped the edge of her counter. This was going to be one of those days.

The director popped his head into the change room and shouted. “Okay my pretties, five minutes to get your twinkle toes on stage for rehearsals.” There was an eruption of chatter and performers getting ready to go out on stage. Simone had not even had time to shower, or change from her night on the town. “I’m not ready, god dammit!” It was clear that Simone was going to be in for the worst day imaginable. Barely having touched her breakfast, one coffee, and now facing a day of rehearsals without having slept. Could it get any worse?

Mariah popped her head into the cast dressing room and chortled in a bright and cheery voice.

“Can’t wait to see you dance, Sugar.”

If steam could be seen coming out of Simone’s ears, it would have been ever comical. She hated being called pet names, and Sugar…was the worst. Gritting her teeth, Simone replied. “Break a leg.” Mariah blew Simone a kiss, and as soon as the diva was out of sight, Simone snarled; “…bitch.”