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Seattle Theater – Back stage.

~It’s murder on the dance floor~


Simone was furious, and when a girl like her is angered to the point of wanting revenge, she would stop at nothing. Getting changed into her outfit for rehearsals, she could hear the tea trolley lady outside. Sally had parked her trolley, while going into Trent’s dressing room, to get his dirty plates and cups. One thing about Sally, she had an enormous crush on Trent, and often stayed a little too long in his dressing room, probably smelling his undies, or something vulgar. A cruel smile formed on Simone’s face, as she looked to her right. The cleaner’s store room and chemicals. Licking her lips, she snuck in and found a bottle of detergent that was clear in colour. Sneaking out to the doorway to the main dressing room, she could see Trent’s door was open just a crack. On the trolley, a large refreshment container was seated along with food for the cast. Checking for anyone coming and hearing the roar of the director out at the stage area for people to get their places, she unscrewed the top and poured about half a bottle of detergent into the cordial. Simone re-screwed the cap and then raced the detergent back into the store room, where she hoped the cleaner would not notice his bottles having been messed with.

Snickering, Simone then grabbed one of her co stars red thongs, and tucked it in her pocket, before heading for the door. Sally was just coming out of Trent’s dressing room and saw Simone coming out. “You’ll be late, Missy.” Sally said, wiggling her finger at Simone. Simone acted innocent and then grinned like a cheshire cat at Sally. “Was just on my way. I had a hard night.”

At this point, Mariah Carey’s husband Nick Cannon came along with a large spray of flowers for his wife. Sally nearly swallowed her tongue, while Simone bore a crooked smile. Could this get any easier? “Can you tell me where Mariah is…I came to wish her luck.” Simone and Sally exchanged a glance, before Simone said. “She’s be out on stage with the rest of the cast. Why don’t you get Sally to put those in a vase for Mariah and I can take you out to the stage.” Nick, who had no clue about Simone’s intent was all to pleased to have the leggy dancer show him around. “Sure..be great.” While Sally was taking the flowers, Simone happened to pocket the red thong inside his coat jacket pocket by slight of hand. Stepping back, she noticed a pile of butter satchels for the scones for morning tea, and grabbed a handful, before then turning back to smile at Nick.


“This way.” Simone said with a chirpy voice, as her evil plans were all set in play. If she had a say in it, this was going to be a rehearsal to remember.