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Re: The Human World [rp]
March 05, 2014 06:22AM
The Cabin


The time that Shane and Carmen had spent up at the cabin together had truly restrengthened their bond, and left no shadow of a doubt for their commitment to each other. But like all good things, a vacation does come to an end. The sun had finally set on the lake, and as the skies became a mix of pinks and gold, the cabin would soon come to life again as the couple awoke from their daytime slumber. Only when the sun had finally gone over the horizon, would the shutters and screens be lifted up from the windows and doors, to allow the moonlight to filter on through.

The night before had been a wild consummation of their love in both forms. Shane lay fast asleep naked on the large fur rug that was near the fire place, with large scratches still prominent upon his back. At the clicking of the internal switches to the shutter systems, he stirred slightly before grumbling and wrapping his arm tighter around Carmen.

The Wolf that had dashed out of the room hours earlier, when things got a little too freaky, had returned and was curled up not far from the sleeping couple. The animal had become attached to the pair and though it was still suffering from the injuries inflicted by the hunter, it was more than willing to keep guard over the sleeping vampires.

The constant panting sound of the wolf finally roused Shane from his sleep, and he opened an eye lazily, only to see the big muzzle of the wolf a little too close for comfort. It’s doggy breath was not the nicest thing to wake up too.


“This…better not become a habit.”

Shane said, starting to stretch and then gently shook Carmen, to see if she would wake up.

“Rise and shine, it’s sunset.”

They had a lot to do when she did wake up, aside from getting dressed, packing, getting rid of the hunters gear, the hunters themselves, and lock up. You know, the usual thing you do when you leave an a cabin in the woods.

Shane kissed the top of Carmen’s head and went to sit up, realizing he was nude. The Wolf was all too happy to watch. This made Shane a little self conscious and he grabbed a cushion to cover his privates.

“Do you mind?”

The wolf just wagged it’s brushy tail.


Re: The Human World [rp]
March 05, 2014 07:27AM
With the setting of the sun brought forth the end of a most wonderful vacation for the younger vampire. Despite the little setback with the hunters, Carmen had spent a pleasurable time with Shane and wished they didn’t have to go back to the “real world”.

The clicks and whines of the security shades opening had Carmen mentally groaning. “Just a few more minutes, please?” her thoughts rumbled as she slowly was pulled from the land of dreams. Shane’s arm tightened around her waist as he lay snuggled against her and she hummed contentedly, not wanting to move yet. It was rare when Shane was awake before her, much to her amusement.

He finally stirred when he realized there was an animal breathing on him.

“This better not become a habit.” she heard him state and had to resist the urge to laugh. She felt him move and a hand landed on her shoulder, shaking her gently. “Rise and shine, it’s sunset.” She groaned as he kissed the top of her head and rolled over onto her back, stretching her naked body langoriously. She was pleasantly sore in places she never dreamed possible and it made her grin impossibly wide. She turned her head to look at her husband in time to see him cover the lower half of his body with a cushion, the wolf sitting close by and staring at the two of them. She giggled as he glared at the wolf for staring.

“She just knows a good looking man when she sees one, baby.” Carmen mumured as she lay there for a few minutes, not even bothering to hide her own nakedness. She was beyond such things. The she-wolf seemed to understand and wagged her tail in agreement, moving around the couple to Carmen’s side. Carmen gave her a scritch behind the ear before the wolf moved off to the kitchen in search for something to eat. She really was a smart wolf. She placed one hand over her stomach and the other behind her head, looking up at Shane as he sat beside her. “Do we have to go back?” she wondered.

Re: The Human World [rp]
March 05, 2014 07:52AM
The Cabin

The sad fact was they had to go back. For one, they both had un-lives there. Shane had cases to work on, and people to bring down, you know, the way things were before he meet Carmen had not suddenly changed. The wolf had padded around to Carmen to be scratched, then wandered off to the kitchen, allowing Shane the chance to get up and go get dressed without being watched.

“You know the answer to that, love.”

Shane tossed the cushion onto a nearby couch and then racked his fingers through his hair. He lifted his right shoulder slightly and made a bit of a grunting sound since he still had deep scratch marks that weren’t healing fast enough for his liking. Carmen in her full form had really let him have it. Carmen was stretching out on the rug, still on the floor. She was not at all bothered about being naked or seen by the wolf. Then again much of her inhibitions had been stripped away as she came to embrace her true self. Shane just stood and stared at her for a moment, as though lost in his own thoughts, before snapping back to reality.

“Those bags aren’t going to pack themselves, and I didn’t bring a blood doll to do the housekeeping. So…” Shane turned on his heel and took off up the stairs, to go and get dressed and start packing.

When he entered the bedroom, he could see his cellphone was flashing. Shane thought that they were too far out of range for the cell to even pick up a signal, and was a bit surprised. Not bothering to get dressed first, he picked up the phone and started scrolling through the messages. One, was from Marissa.


To Shane.

Shane, we may have a problem. I don’t want to text it, but when you get back call me to meet you, it’s urgent.


Shane’s brow creased as he wondered what on earth Marissa was on about. He knew she was handling things for him at his office, so it could be related to work, but this sounded like something away from work. His eyes narrowed slightly, as he tried to remember the cases he had lined up. Nothing out of the ordinary. Two murder trials and one of corporate embezzlement. Shane started to type back a text in reply.



To Marissa,

Carmen and I are on our way back tonight. Get everything ready in my office, or come met me at the house. You know the drill.


That done, he tossed the phone on the bed, and started to get dressed.