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(RP) Seattle Theater
March 05, 2014 12:56AM

Seattle Theater – Home to scores of musicals and stage productions for well over a hundred years.

Re: (RP) Seattle Theater
March 05, 2014 03:16AM
Seattle Theater – Stage Entrance

The shiny yellow cab pulled up at the curb, just outside the stage entrance to the Theater. The Indian driver, who had decorated his cab with all manner of religious ornaments and trinkets as well as having burning incense, threw his arm over the seat and looked back at the young Dancer as she rummaged through her clutch for the money to pay for her ride.

“That be twenty dollars.”

“Yeah, yeah…hold on, I got this.”

Simone managed to find four five dollar bills, and paid them over to the turban wearing driver, before letting herself out of the cab and getting up onto the sidewalk. Slamming the door, Simone was all too happy to get out of the cab, since the cab smelt a lot like an Indian restaurant that she used to frequent when she was dating a real estate developer on the east side. Watching the cab speed off to its next fare, she turned to face the stage door, where already a few were outside, enjoying their cancer sticks, since management had made the theater a no smoking zone inside. It was understandable really, but still a bit chilly in the morning, to have to be standing outside. Two were stage hands; John Smite and Larry Picole. Wearing jeans and the company trade mark polos for the production of Chicago, they both smiled to see Simone, who was still wearing the tight gold lame short shorts from her night at the Poisoned Tongue.

John wolf whistled, to see Simone with those long legs of hers exposed. “Hey babe, shake that ass.” Larry burst out laughing and Simone gave them both a dirty look. “Don’t start.” John threw his hands up in surrender, as he playfully taunted her further.“Who was the lucky guy, Simone? You look like you haven’t even been home.” Truth was, there was no lucky guy, unless you counted the gay guy who sat with her at the Waffle house, when she had been abandoned by her gal pals. Simone placed her hands on her hips, as Larry waved his hand in a gesture that he thought Simone looked damn hot in those pants.“You’re only right on one count. I haven’t been home, just came from Frederick’s waffle house, and no…surprisingly there is no guy.” The stage hand sneered and lent forward, tapping his cigarette with his finger. “Well, that’s a first.”

Simone shook her head and flashed her ID card at the security officer, as the two men high-fived as Simone went inside.

It was the usual crush of people. Dancers, agents, costume designers, set builders. Always a hive of activity at the theater in the lead up to the opening night of the production. Simone walked past one of the large scale props of a large prison set, as she turned the corner to make her way down to the dressing rooms.

Simone was about to reach her dressing room, when she noticed that there was a large gathering of people blocking her way. Simone hopped up and down trying to see who it was, as there was much laughter every time the woman – well that is what Simone thought it was, was talking. The dancer tried to push her way through the crowd, only to come face to face with..


“Mariah Carey?” Simone blurted, seeing the world renowned singer standing outside HER dressing room with a lot of luggage. Mariah turned and saw the statuesque dancer and smiled broadly. “You must be Simone Jackson.” Well that was a first, Simone had no idea what was going on, and why Mariah Carey was even in the building. Simone’s mouth opened and closed like a fish, as the director pushed his way through the crowd of people.

“Times money people! Stop dilly dallying around and get back to work.” He then spotted Simone and cringed, when he realized that Simone had arrived at work a tad early and had yet to find out about the new arrangements. “Simone, darling. I’d like you to meet Mariah Carey, she is going to be using your dressing room, as she has taken on top bill, after Lucy Luvich got arrested for narcotics possession.”

Simone looked stunned. First her co star is arrested, and…Simone was having to give up her dressing room to the new Diva on the block. The director could see that Simone was about to blow a gasket, and put his arm around her leading her down the corridor to the shared dressing room, with the other stars. “I already took the liberty of having all your things moved in here. Now, be a good girl and go get ready for rehearsals.” He smacked her backside, as he went back to entertain Ms Carey, while leaving a fuming Simone standing outside the main dressing room. A few of the other dancers laughed to see Simone knocked down off her high horse, and this only made things worse. The cogs in Simone’s mind started to turn as she stormed into the main dressing room and roared like a mally bull.

“Where’s my stuff?!”