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Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
March 02, 2014 10:53PM
The Waffle House
Simone was dejected when she was left sitting alone by her friend Pandora, who deserted her after a rather scary phone call from her step father. Simone stared down at the wad of cash that Panny threw down and then let out a sigh as she absently reached for her coffee cup and took a sip. As always the Waffle house made the best coffee in town, well, in her eyes anyways.The day had barely begun, and though this was an all niter, she knew that she was going to have to be at rehearsals for nine o’clock for the new Stage production she was staring in. Eating pancakes before hand probably wasn’t the brightest idea, but she figured that if she didn’t work it off, she would use the old two finger method.Simone had her own dressing room with ensuite and all the trimmings, as well as changes of clothes, so at least she didn’t have to race home to her apartment. Also, she could avoid Erica for a few more hours, since the fashion diva loved her sleep ins, as much as Simone loved men. A million miles away in thought, she barely noticed the waitress who had seen her get left behind by her friend.

“Are you all right?” she asked out of turn. “If you’d like I can have your meal packed up for you to go?”

Simone shrugged her shoulders, then said. “I’m happy to eat it here. Safer than taking it with me in the taxi cab to work. Not only that, my Producer would probably kill me on the spot if he caught me with it.” She spoke the truth, since the Producer used to pick at other girls that were eating such treats before the multi million dollar production. Simone gave the waitress a half smile and then set down her coffee cup and reached for her fork, randomly stabbing at a pancake as she knew that Kali and Kristian were bound to make an appearance, and…she might need a weapon handy.

But as luck would have it, the man that she had been admiring earlier, suddenly dropped his plate and cutlery at her table. Simone actually got a shock and nearly dropped her fork.


“Hope you don’t mind I sit here with you?” 

Simone looked past him for his very attractive friend that he had been sitting with, and she now started to wonder if her gay-dar was faulty. “What happened to your hunky friend?” she asked, almost forgetting herself, before gesturing with her hand that he was welcome to sit.

“Haven’t I seen you before somewhere? The Poisoned Tongue maybe?” She asked, stabbing at her pancake again.


Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
March 03, 2014 03:09PM
The Waffle House
By the time Julian had sped off Alex had moved to sit with the now lonely Simone who by the looks of it was dazed and off into her own world, but not before listening to the waitress Abby, whom now looked awfully familiar to Alex. He had to turn his head to look at her before then shaking it to the side and brushing it off. Simone’s voice then drifting into the air in response to her question about having her breakfast packed.“I’m happy to eat it here. Safer than taking it with me in the taxi cab to work. Not only that, my Producer would probably kill me on the spot if he caught me with it.” She’d said, then gave the waitress a half smile and began setting down her coffee and reaching for her fork and then dropping it in surprise to the slam of Alex’s plate, fork and drink. Simone then looked past him at this point and wondered where Julian had run off to before then asking.”What happened to your hunky friend?”Alex at this point ran his hand over his napkin and brought it to his mouth, then dabbed it a little before taking a drink of his water and placing it back down after clearing his throat. Only to then respond to the woman who now sat in front of him.

”He left to go to work, a coffee place not too far from here called The Brew.” He said before then raising a brow to her next question.

“Haven’t I seen you before somewhere? The Poisoned Tongue maybe?” Alex blinked and smiled before then shrugging his shoulders and giving her a wink and taking another sip of his water. ”I have no idea… Maybe.” he said in response before shifting to look at his cellphone, his hands moving about it to send a text to Julian, sending him a message letting him know to have a good day and that they’d meet for lunch later.

“What about you, where’d your friend run off to, she left in a rather big hurry. Almost as if she was late to something.” He asked before then relaxing in his seat, crossing his leg over his knee and studying the woman’s movements before waiting for her reply.


Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
March 03, 2014 05:39PM
The Waffle House
A woman can usually tell by the way man speaks, and his body actions on how well relaxed he is in conversation. This guy, whose playful wink followed a cheeky retort that they may have seen each other before at the Poisoned tongue was not giving off signals that said “I’m interested” – it was more like “I feel sorry for you, sitting alone.” Ah pity. Great. Course the next faux pas was for him to take out his cellphone and start texting away as the young dancer continued to stab idly at her pancake. Now she understood why wait staff and others in the hospitality industry hated people using cellphones at the table. It was a conversation killer, and sadly a sign of the times, of how technology was not only embraced, it was an addiction.Finally when he put away his cell, he decided to become detective and ask her about Pandora leaving in such a hurry. Simone eased back in her chair, letting her fork go free from her hand with a clink of the metal against the china plate.“I wouldn’t say late, more like she was annoyed by a call she got. If you ask me, she should just check caller id first if she is going to answer it.” Simone shrugged, though her disappointment of being left behind was pretty obvious. “Least she remembered to leave her part of the bill, even if she totally missed breakfast.”

That was one good thing about Pandora, she always paid her share. Did that come from her upbringing, or when she learned to take care of herself? Probably the latter.

This was an unusual conversation. For once, Simone was not being her usual skanky self, trying to impress Mr Tall Dark and Mysterious. She had pretty much clued in that the man sitting opposite her was not interested in women, unless to talk to about…men. Not that she had a problem with gay men, in fact she had quite a few that were dancers in many of the productions she had done. This probably was why she was opening up, unlike most times when she covered her true feelings with sly innuendo and a bit of bitchery.

“So…are you a closet gay, or flaming?’

So much for not being bitchy.



Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
March 03, 2014 07:42PM
The Waffle House
Having finally put away his phone he sighed and moved back to his plate as he listened to the response she gave him in regards to his friend who’d left in a hurry.”I wouldn’t say late, more like she was annoyed by a call she got.” Alex raised a brow at this and listened to her continue. ”If you ask me, she should just check caller id first if she is going to answer it.” He nodded as she shrugged and took a deep breath before then pushing his now finished plate forward.”Sounds to me like she’s got a case of stalkeritis.” Alex of course said this in a joking manner before he adjusted himself in the seat, turning round so he could lean his back against the wall and place his feet length-wise so he could relax. “Least she remembered to leave her part of the bill, even if she totally missed breakfast.” Alex then turned to look at the many different customers wandering in before he turned his attention back to Simone. ”Well, at least it’s not a dine and dash.” He spoke in turn as the woman before him began studying him. He smiled at her and lifted his glass to his lips, took a sip of the water and then slowly placed the cup back down just as he clued into what the woman was doing.

“So…are you a closet gay, or flaming?”

At this Alex let a small smile cross his face before he shook his head and spoke. ”I’m neither, I am simply… gay. I don’t see why everything has to have a specified label on it, if you know what I mean.

Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
March 03, 2014 08:04PM
The Waffle House
Simone realized she had probably been a tad rude, which for her was a huge revelation. The young man’s reaction was honest and he even argued that he didn’t know why everything had to be specifically labelled. This had Simone actually smile. A broad smile. Few times did she ever come across a man she liked just for being themselves. Not only that she didn’t find him sexually attractive, but intellectually. This was really saying something. In her world of dance and entertainment, many of those involved with the productions of her stage shows were gay. From the costume designers, choreographers, set builders and musicians. And the dancers too. Alex may not have been as out there as some of her acquaintances and co workers, but the fact he was not ashamed to admit it earnt brownie points with the young dancer.https://i2.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mb860mOJAc1qal3lwo1_400.gif“My bad.” Simone made cat paw like gestures with her hands. “I shall remove the claws, if you tell me your name.” She then waved her hand and bobbed her head, her mood improving.

“I’m Simone, by the way. Simone Jackson.” She extended her hand to shake his if he dare. That done, she quickly checked her watch and gasped at the time. “Time flies when your having fun. I need to get to rehearsals.” Grabbing her clutch and taking out enough money to pay for the breakfast she was now abandoning, she then took out a small envelope.

“Here. Two tickets to my new show. Chicago. It’s on at the Seattle Regent. Why not bring your boyfriend and make a night of it? You can also get backstage, just tell them Simone said it was cool.”


Now in a hurry to catch a taxi, she waved to the wait staff and made a dash for the door.


(Thread change – Seattle Regent theater.)

Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
March 03, 2014 08:45PM
The Waffle House
The clouds began to build overhead as the day drew closer to the afternoon. It was practically 9:00 in the morning and Kali had gotten no sleep whatsoever. Her eyes had closed a number of times and the fact she was still waiting for Kristian to lead her inside was aggravating her by the minute. And just like that she saw her, Pandora leaving The Waffle House. ”Pan, wait!” Kali cried out to her just as she entered the taxi. By the look on Pan’s face, it looked as if she might have been either one of two things, upset or crying. Either would explain the reason as to why she fled the diner in such a hurry.”Kristian, can we please hurry it up, we’ve been out here forever…” But by the time Kali had turned around Kristian was on his phone, his back turned from her as if to say his entire conversation was more important to him than her at this moment. Angrily Kali began fuming, her eyes slowly clouding over with anger as she began making her way over to him just as he hung up the phone. Kristian could see the anger upon her face, and before she could proceed to further blow up at him she felt his touch against her cheek, a stroke if you will. And then a kiss before he instantly turned to leave after letting her know something had happened at the office and he had to go.

Kali sighed and let her anger wither away as she then eyed him as he left. She was now alone in the parking lot, and she couldn’t take it, especially with not having eaten and with zero sleep. With a heavy sigh she shook her head and suppressed her tears before turning to the diner just as Simone now made her way outside, followed by the man who she’d seen at the club.”Hey, you forgot your—“And before he the man she now recognized as the tall dark and handsome type could reach Simone, she’d entered a cab and took off.

With this Kali screamed, enough to total an entire building if she didn’t cave it all inside and stomp towards her car, her head had already been throbbing from the accident she had upon her arrival. She was tired and cranky, and now she was hungry. It wasn’t enough that Kristian had to leave, but the fact both girlfriends of hers had to leave in such a hurry pissed her off. And she let out her anger by getting into her car, turning on the radio and shifting her car into gear and heading off to the Penthouse. Hopefully upon reaching home she could take a long luxurious bath to soak away all her sorrows and worries.


Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House new
March 04, 2014 01:10PM
The Waffle House/ Parking Lot
“My bad.” She’d said in response to his statement about labels. “I shall remove the claws, if you tell me your name.” Alex smiled at her and leaned forward as she spoke her name. “I’m Simone, by the way. Simone Jackson.” Alex nodded to her in response and extended his own hand as she did hers and shook it. ”You can call me Alex… Alex Meza. He then eased back into the chair and watched as she started rambling about the time, not knowing it had gotten much later than she’d expected.Reaching into her clutch she retrieved cash for her meal, just as Alex did the same, and with that being done she also pulled out a small envelope and handed it to him in the process.

“Here. Two tickets to my new show. Chicago. Alex took the envelope from her and while he pulled the tickets from the envelope he smiled as she continued speaking to him. “It’s on at the Seattle Regent. He furrowed his brow wondering where that was and then turned to stand in unison with her. ”Why not bring your boyfriend and make a night of it? You can also get backstage, just tell them Simone said it was cool.”

He smiled and watched as she hurried out the door, he hardly got a word into the conversation and noticed she’d forgotten something at the table. With this in mind Alex moved to grab it and left his cash before following her in a bolting like motion so as to catch up with her. His body practically phasing through the doors trying to reach her before she grabbed the cab that now stopped in front of the Diner. But as soon as it had come, it left.