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Re: The Human World [rp]
February 11, 2014 10:19PM
Shane’s house – Amelia’s Place

Both Amelia and Charmaine watched on as Rae tried to show how far her powers had developed. As the bowl rattled, you could see Charmaine’s lip twitching and her eyes twinkling; hopeful that the girl could make the bowl of fruit levitate. What happened next however, was a fruit explosion, with the bowl becoming a rocket which hit the ceiling with such force, it broke the bowl, and showered all in bits of fruit and plastic. Amelia was picking bits of fruit out of her hair, and placing it in a small bowl on her kitchen table, as Charmaine applauded.

“Oh my wordy lordy yes! She has such potential….she does. You do, Rae. Just need to focus. And I know how hard that is, cause me being a klutz and all….its a miracle my spells work. What you do, is you have to find…your own inner self. Tap into that. Channel the muse and wallah! You got floating fruit bowls, and not exploding fruit salad. You know, Amelia would be ace at teaching you how to control your energies.” Charmaine knew for a fact that Amelia had great skill as a witch, and was far more level headed than the ditzy Charmaine, which was why she put the idea forward. “Amelia…show them.” Charmaine insisted, as Amelia became hesitant. “Show them?” almost incredulous that Charmaine would insist on such a thing. Charmaine took a piece of fruit out of her glass of wine and nodded again.

“Mhm…show them.”

For a moment, Amelia looked uneasy. She very rarely displayed her powers so openly. Chewing her bottom lip, she said in a quiet voice. “Okay.”


Slowly Amelia closed her eyes, and her lips started to move, but there was no words being said, well, at least that is how it seemed, but the bowl that had been obliterated which was in bits, started to reassemble itself, as the pieces of fruit lifted off the floor, table and out of people’s hair, all swirling around the room as they all started to go back together, before the bowl of fruit spun incredibly fast, then settled back down on the table, where it had been before. Just like it had never exploded. Amelia opened her eyes and saw that her magic had worked, and gave Rae a light smile.

“Anyone up for icecream?’


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February 25, 2014 03:37PM
Saint Vladimir’s – Student Dorms

A slender hand raised up to the frosted pain, as outside snow swirled and dance on the cool of the morning breeze. Light, and the day had begun for those of mortal beings, but not to the boy that stared out at the winter white scape. He should have been asleep by now…he should be doing a lot of things, but Zachary was never one to be conforming to others requests. A knock at the door, and the boy grumbled to himself.

“What is it?” He asked, not even taking his eyes away from the scene outside.

“Lights out…you know the drill, Zachary.” It was a guardian, though Zachary could never care for learning their names. He hated Saint Vladimir’s and he hated his elders that sent him there. His left hand curled into a fist which hung loosely at his side. The door opened, only enough for a shadow to be seen.

“But its snowing outside. Surely the guardians would not mind if I or a few go and…frolic?” Zachary was enough to test the patience of any guardian or headmaster. His lack of respect for authority was well known, and though try as they might to reign him in, he seemed reluctant to tow the line.


“Rules are rules. Now lights out.” The door behind Zachary slammed shut, and Zachary grimaced. Pesky guardians….not a sense of humor or fun. The boy lowered his hand from the glass pane, and he backed away from the picturesque scene, drawing the black velvet curtains and treading over to his resting place.

Zachary lowered himself in slowly, and twiddled his thumbs as he lay there. Outside Saint Vladimir’s was a world for the taking, and Zachary one day, planned to do just that.


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March 01, 2014 04:48PM
Amelia’s Kitchen


Rae was seriously impressed with Amelia’s control of her powers and it was something she longed for herself. Dealing with some of the more…jealous girls at school tended to have a profound effect on her emotions. She clearly recalled the day she tried out for cheerleading, thought she did pretty well, only to have the head cheerleader sneer at her and call her a derogatory name. Rae had gotten so made, the air conditioning unit the cheerleader had been standing under broke away from the ceiling to crash to the floor. The girl had to dive out of the way or be crushed and ended up breaking her leg when she dove the wrong way into the bleachers.

She looked at Amelia. “Will you help me? Dyna offered to but she’s too close to me emotionally and I need an nonobjective 3rd party to help. Please?”




Despite the disruption of the wolf and the hunters, and the strengthening of the security on the cabin, Carmen had a relaxing time with her husband. They spent an enjoyable weekend being a couple in love.

It was their final night in the cabin and Carmen was standing in the center of their bedroom, staring at her lingerie and trying to decide what to wear. She had sent Shane downstairs as he had wanted to watch her strip naked for him, but she wanted to surprise him with her outfit.

“Put on some music and pour some wine. I want to make this a night you’ll remember.” she told him, running the tip of a finger down the center of his chest and lower across the tight bulge of his pants.

She eyed each of the pieces currently in her closet, unable to choose. She put a hand over her eyes and did the “Eenie, Meanie, Myne, Moe” trick to make the choice for her.

When she opened her eyes, her smile was devilish as she took in her choice and reverently pulled it from the closet. Shane was going to lose his mind when he saw her.

Stripping out of her clothes, she headed into the bathroom for a quick shower, before she got ready.

Slipping into her shoes and dabbing a light perfume on her skin, she teased her hair with her fingers and affected a sexy look in front of the mirror.

“Try and keep your hands off this gal, hubby of mine.” she grinned at her reflection. She turned away from the mirror and moved toward the door. She poked her head into the hall. “Shane, are you ready?” she called out, waiting for his reply before she stepped into the hall and made for the stairs.

The only light in the room was the fire in the fireplace, perfect for what she wanted to do as she slowly descended the staircase. She knew she looked sexy and by the look on her husband’s face, he found her beyond sexy.

She stood a fair distance from him yet, hands on her hips, striking a pose for him. She had a moment of deja vu as she recalled a similar incident some months before.

“So…you like?” she grinned.



Re: The Human World [rp]
March 01, 2014 05:47PM
Shane’s house – Amelia’s Kitchen

If it was one thing Amelia had, it was a soft spot for those in need. The young witch was always taking in strays, be it cats or dogs, snakes, you name it. Here was this girl who obviously had been mistreated and bullied, but unable to control her powers in such a way that it would not harm the innocent. Learning to harness your powers takes a great deal of concentration, self belief and above all patience, something that many young people lack. Always in a rush, they fail to stop and take the time to smell the roses. The world was fast paced and keeping up with it meant people were always in a hurry; a rush to get from A to B. The incident with the fruit bowl showed Amelia that the girl’s thought patterns were scattered.

“Will you help me? Dyna offered to but she’s too close to me emotionally and I need an nonobjective 3rd party to help. Please?”

Amelia smiled and reached for the girl’s hand. “Of course I will. From this moment on, consider yourself my student, or pupil. Gosh, not done this sort of thing in forever.” Amelia said with a laugh, patting the girl’s hand. Charmaine laughed and took a sip of her wine. “That’s cause it has been forever. I told you before and I will say it again, Ame, you are a natural.” Amelia found comfort in that the elder spoke so highly of her, when she herself had issues, mainly due to the lack of picking a decent man. Thinking for a moment, Amelia suddenly had a wonderful idea.

Staring back at Dyna and Rae, she asked. “There is a place deep in the woods that are about twenty miles up the highway, that our coven often use for special ceremonies and rituals. I…think it might be a good idea to take Rae out there to start her teachings. I mean, if we are going to do this right, we need to get back to nature, and help to tap into her sub conscious mind, allowing her freedom to see herself, but from the outside.”


This might have seemed a bit intimidating, but Charmaine was already bouncing in her seat.

“Naked flame dancing….I love it!”

“She can wear clothes you know.”

“Yes but…once there; I find everything just falls….right off.”

“Only you….Char.”



The Cabin


Shane was in the lounge room down stairs, preparing wine, candles and of course selecting music for this their last night together at the cabin retreat. The wolf was in the room too, curled up by the fire, and was refusing to move. Shane made a face at the wolf and then sniffed. “Was that you?” The wolf whined and then placed a paw over its muzzle. Shane waved his hand in front of his face and grimaced. “Ugh, sometimes I wish my sense of smell was NOT so heightened. You stink.” If Shane had his way about him, he would force the wolf outside, but Carmen being…well Carmen, loved having the wolf inside since it was still unwell. Shane took a deep breath and went to the kitchen, where he could be heard wheezing since the air in the lounge was a tad pungent.

He knew that Carmen would be down any second, so he grabbed a can of febreeze and zipped back with Vampire speed and sprayed all around the wolf, before tossing the can over the lounge. It improved the smell of the room..somewhat.

With the smell now abating, Shane went back to preparing for his lover. He knew her well enough now that she was going to pull out all the stops to tease him mercilessly in some slinky number. It was part of her charm really. Funny thing was, he much rather her buck naked, but girls like lace and frills so he always made sure she could leave the silks on…for at least two minutes.

“Shane, are you ready?”

Was he? Oh he had been waiting for this all night. Shane had a smug expression and sung back. “Better believe it, Love.”He then shot a look at the wolf and whispered. “And you…keep your bum hole closed.” The wolf whined again and Shane rolled his eyes as he turned his attention to the stairs. There she was…a vision. So radiant in the light of the fire and candle light. My GOD! What did she have on? It was so sheer that it had Shane practically salivating. His jaw actually fell open, and if he was a wolf, he would be thumping the floor with his foot.

“So…you like?”

“Like…is too kind a word. Love, comes to mind.” He uttered breathlessly, watching her as she struck a model like pose.“Come to Daddy.” He purred, letting the words roll off his tongue as he approached her with a cat like grace, before seizing her hand and bringing it to his lips. His cool breath along with chilling lips would press to her flesh, as she would feel the reverberation of his sexy growl.


“There isn’t going to be a dry surface left in this room.” His steel blue eyes staring up at her with a hunger she would not have seen before.


Re: The Human World [rp]
March 01, 2014 06:11PM
“Like…is too kind a word. Love, comes to mind.” was his breathless reply. She smirked, pleased with his reaction. “Come to Daddy.” He purred, as he stalked toward her. She stood in place, the smirk never leaving her face as he took up her hand to kiss her flesh. She thrilled at the little sexy growl that reverberated across her skin. “There isn’t going to be a dry surface left in this room.” The look in his eyes was one she’d never seen before and she had the feeling she wasn’t going to be walking correctly for a couple of days.

She grinned in anticipation before she stepped away from him.

“Ah, ah, ah, my love. First things first, then you can play all you’d like.” she whispered seductively. She trailed her fingers across his chest, walking around behind him as the music changed to something sexy.

Her hands on his hips, she pressed her body against his back, wiggling up and down against him. She slowly unthreaded his belt from his pants, tossing it over her shoulder, before reaching up to undo the buttons of his shirt. Exposed skin met her questing fingers as she withdrew the garment from his body. She leaned forward, nipping at the skin of his hip as his jeans rode low on his hips. Sliding around him until she was facing him, she slid her tongue down his chest, dipping into his belly button just above the waistband of his pants. She shot him a coy look as she reached out to unbutton his jeans, breathing across his skin as she dipped her hands inside. Squeezing the tight globes of his ass, she shimmied back upward and made to duck away from him if he tried to reach for her. She wasn’t finished. She shook her finger at him in a teasing manner as she danced around him, raking her nails gently across his naked skin. She wanted to know where his breaking point was. How long could he hold out before he grabbed her?

Re: The Human World [rp]
March 01, 2014 07:37PM
The Cabin

Oh now Carmen was being a playful and terrible tease. Wearing her knockout teddy in crimson with the silvery heels, she trapsed around the Vampire with a strong scent that killed off any that the wolf was giving off. “Ah, ah, ah, my love. First things first, then you can play all you’d like.” A crooked smile formed on his lips as his steel blue eyes followed her movements. Cat like scratching of nails along him as the beat of the music changed to something more sultry.

“And since when did you learn to be the seductress?” Shane mused as she went behind him and pressed her lace covered body to his back. Shane tipped his head back slightly, and thought to himself, that if this was a pleasure cruise he would be a willing passenger. He closed his eyelids and exhaled slowly as she started to writhe against him. Tearing back his shirt after un-threading his belt. Undressing him? This was new. He allowed it as she pushed down his jeans, which he merely stepped out of in a quick one two step. Least he could do was help her, right? Now she was sliding around him, her tongue taking to his stomach and delving into his navel, that had him chuckle as it kinda tickled.

The wicked minx. Teasing and dancing, dragging nails across him and then ducking away before he could reach out and snatch her. So sexy. Here he was, standing before her naked and she was still in that lacy number.

Shane didn’t grab her, in fact he did something else. He leaned back against the banister of the stairwell, his engorged member proudly standing out before him, since she had awakened his desires. Inflamed them. He let out a heavy growl as his skin rippled and then his wings unfurled behind him as he sneered with a showing of fangs. The Vampire – the one she could never resist decided to make an appearance.

Running his slick tongue over his top row of teeth, he started to stroke himself and then growled in a sinister tone.

“Dance for me, my Queen.”

Using his mental bond, he started to flood her mind of the many times he had taken her as a full vampire. The images would be enough to make her insatiably wet and hard to resist from touching herself in his presence.

“I can play this game too, my Love.” Shane said to her mind, as the candles in the room burst into flame.



Re: The Human World [rp]
March 01, 2014 08:02PM
“And since when did you learn to be the seductress?” he asked as she moved around him.

“Hmm…I’ve been practicing during some quiet moments.” she answered him.

She pushed away from him as he went to lean against the banister. Before her eyes, he shifted into that of his Vampire, the one she could not resist if her unlife depended on it. His engorged member stood proudly before him as his wings extended. She licked her lips, her pupils dilating with desire as she watched him.

He ran his tongue over his top teeth as he leaned back to stroke himself.

“Dance for me, my Queen.” he commanded her, an order she could not refuse. She gasped as he mentally flooded her mind with images of all the things he had done to her with his true form and her eyes slipped closed, a moan teasing past her lips. She ran her hands slowly down her body, shivering as her fingers tweaked her nipples still covered by the lace of her teddy.

«”I can play this game too, my Love.”» he whispered across her thoughts as every candle in the room burst into flame. Her eyes snapped open, glowing with an unearthly light, her own fangs coming to bear with a delightful hiss. If the twins could see her in such a state, they would have prostrated themselves at her feet.

But there was only one man for her…they didn’t even factor into her thoughts.

Keeping her eyes on his, her hands continued to travel down her body. She dipped in a low crouch to run light fingers across the skin of her thighs and legs, slowly coming back up. She hummed as she pressed against her mound, feeling the heat of her wetness through the little lace undies she wore. She dipped into a backbend, sliding a finger beneath the elastic band against her thigh, shivering as she brushed her dripping folds.

She pulled her finger from her body and slipped it into her mouth, sliding her tongue across her finger, tasting herself with a little moan. The moves she was making for him were enough to put a porn star to shame.

Her eyes never left his as she teased her own body.

Shimmying her hips in a circle until her back was to him, she hooked her thumbs into the straps holding her panties in place and slowly slipped them off her body, shaking her ass before his hungry gaze. She smacked herself, leaving a red welt across one rounded globe, moaning as she did so.

Turning, she faced him once more, seating herself on the cushioned stool. She spread her legs wide, giving him a full view of her luscious folds as she slowly untied the ribbon holding the front of teddy together. She drew the material slowly away from her breasts, giving him teasing glimpses of her body before she removed the garment completely. Now fully naked before him, she rested a hand behind her while running the other down her body again.

Knowing he was watching her every move, and beyond caring that she’d never done such a thing before, she slipped two fingers into her body, gasping at the sensation this wrought as she slowly began to pleasure herself.

“Shane!” she moaned as she pressed her fingers deep.

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March 01, 2014 09:16PM
The Cabin

~I wanna do bad things with you~

When you came in the air went out.
And every shadow filled up with doubt.
I don’t know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with you.

I’m the kind to sit up in his room.
Heart sick an’ eyes filled up with blue.
I don’t know what you’ve done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.

When you came in the air went out.
And all those shadows there filled up with doubt.
I don’t know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with you.
I wanna do real bad things with you.
Ow, ooh.

I don’t know what you’ve done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.
I wanna do real bad things with you.~


If one could take a step back in time, and go over every single moment of pleasure, desire and lust then capture it and race it forward – playing the images, the sights the smells, the tastes so it was one orgy like feast of debauchery, then that was what Shane was projecting to Carmen’s mind. She may well be Queen of the night, but he was the Lord of her domain. No other man or beast on earth had the same powers over her that he did. One look, one word was all it took from the Master’s lips and Carmen became his toy and trophy.

And could she move. With the skill of an exotic dancer, the shamelessness of a street whore. What a powerful mix it became as she was slave to the moment.

“Yessssss.” he hissed as his gnarled hand pulled upon his enormous length; stroking in time to her own movements. He relished in watching her give herself so freely to her own pleasures. Slowly she started to undress, and he didn’t even have to lift a finger for this. Moaning, and smacking herself. If the twins were here, nothing would be able to hold them back. But Shane had far more control, and part of the game he loved so much was keeping his own desires in check. Carmen was at his will and he wanted her to push herself to the very edge of sanity.

Now on the cushioned seat, with legs wide apart, she showed no modesty as it was all stripped away.

How beautiful she was as the submissive creature she loved to be. Now her fingers; so delicate and slender had found their way inside herself. Shocked she was as she began to writhe to the sensations this brought her.

“My beauty..my Queen. I want to do such…bad things to you.” His voice that of a rogue, husky and determined. His wings opened fully and beat twice as he launched at her. Hovering, he seized her hand and reefed it from her silken slick snatch, licking the digits and winding his tongue around them as he levitated above her.

Releasing her hand, the Vampire descended upon her pinning her down to the floor and snarled as he sank his fangs into her neck, all the while his throbbing sex pushed up and deep inside her dripping jewel.


Re: The Human World [rp]
March 01, 2014 10:03PM
As she pressed her fingers in and out of her body, knowing that Shane was watching her gave her such a thrill. She tightened around her own fingers, gasping at the sensation and she could feel she was nearing her orgasm.

She heard him approach before she saw him and she growled in frustration as he ripped her hand away from her body, only to groan with need as he pulled her wet fingers into his mouth, his tongue lapping at her juices.

Now any other woman, seeing such a creature hovering over her would have been screaming her head off in fear as she took in the demonic features. Carmen was a whole different breed of woman, literally and figuratively. She grinned up at him, her fangs glinting in the firelight.

He released her hand and descended upon her, dragging her to the floor and pinning her slight frame with his larger one. She cried out loud as his fangs sank into her neck at the same time his throbbing length pressed into her as deeply as it could go.

She was his to do with as he would and as he drank from her, as he thrust deep into her body she began to murmur words of love in the ancient tongue of the Vampyre.

«”Da dragostea mea. Bea din organismul meu, ia-mi sufletul si completati cu mine.”» (translation: Yes my love. Drink from my body, take my soul and replenish me.)

Her fingers stroked across his skull, her legs tight around his waist. She did not transform, for she knew that she was much more powerful in her other form then he. She did not want that much control. Shane was her Lord and Master and she willingly bent to his will.

Her mouth dropped open on a low moan, a particularly hard thrust from him causing her to clench tight around him. Her eyes, slitted open as she watched her lover over her, were glowing with an eerie light, the light of a vampire. He played her body like the maestro he was, drinking her life’s blood and fueling his own desires. Unable to help herself, she brought her head forward and sank her fangs into the meat of his shoulder, taking his blood as he took from her. And as always, the sharing of blood linked their mind together and she could feel everything he was feeling. She moaned around his flesh, gripping him tightly to her with her arms and her inner muscles.

The tell-tale signs of her orgasm began to approach and she tried to remember if they had changed the windows to double paned glass. The room began to shake with the force of their impending explosion, knick-knacks falling from shelves with little tinkling sounds. The white wolf, having more sense then most, disappeared through the open basement door.

Carmen was lost in her desire, meeting her mate thrust for thrust, their thirst for each other overriding all sense.

She released her fangs from his shoulder, tossing her head back with a scream of pleasure as her passions ignited. The Queen wanted to break free, to rip and tear, to experience the love of her King, but this was Carmen’s to enjoy. She kept a tight lid on her beast as she rode out her climax in her master’s arms, crying out his name over and over again between words of love and devotion.

Her body trembled forcefully beneath him as he continued thrusting within her, his fangs still latched onto her neck. “Yessssssssssssssss.” she hissed, contracting around him once more, a feeling of euphoria like she’d never experienced before coursing through her body.

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March 01, 2014 10:42PM
The Cabin

The moment she sunk her fangs into his shoulder, the Vampire’s eyes grew wide and his jaw opened wide. He released his hold on her neck, and there was a joy to his face that one had to see to believe. Shane’s red eyes rimmed with tears as their union pushed through to a whole new level of intimacy. He could see through her eyes, feel every inch of her experiencing his own love. He licked his lips and then released a cry that she would never have heard before. Like that of a man that was taking his final breath, dying all over again. A bitter sweet death….she was his dark angel.


Her blood had lost none of it’s potency; still an aphrodisiac to the Vampire. Eyes closed he honed in on her, feeling the tightness of her jewel, as it closed around and locked tight as the last few thrusts were bringing her home. There would be no escaping the earth shattering climax, that would rock the entire house, as well as scare the death out of the wolf. Clever pooch ran for the basement. He would be safe there. For now.

But the Vampire wanted, what she was not yet willing to release. The ultimate prize, his very reason for un-life.

“Sângele Meu, regina mea … esti Domnul roag; de tine. Dulce Mila sa fie prezentat la mine, esti unul adevarat dragostea.” (translation : “My blood, My Queen…Your Lord begs of you. Sweet Mercy be shown to me, your one true love.”)

The Vampire pulled back and covered in blood, that trickled from his shoulder, his lips stained with the crimson blood, he gazed upon her..wishing for the most Majestic Queen to come forth from Carmen, and take her prize. She was far more powerful than he, and at this moment he wanted no one else. He dragged his claws across his chest, causing four large scratch marks, that bled out as he roared.

“Regina mea..EU sunt servitoarea dumneavoastr;.” (translation : “My Queen..I am your servant.”)


Re: The Human World [rp]
March 01, 2014 11:30PM
She heard his words and understood what he was asking. But did she want to let the Queen free? She thought for sure her answer would have been a sound ‘no’…that was until he drew back from her, blood covering his shoulder from her bite, her blood staining his lips and chin. But it was his eyes that caught her attention. He was seeking his Queen, almost begging for her to give him his release.

The glow in her eyes intensified as he ripped four deep gouges across his chest, the blood flowing from him. She slithered from beneath him, going up on her knees before him and pressing a hand against his blood, still feeling their connection.

Her skin rippled, the Queen so very near she was a tangible thing upon the air.

“My consort.” she whispered, pressing a kiss to his lip, licking her blood from his rough skin. “Do you desire me, my love?” Her voice was hypnotic, wrapping around him like a warm blanket.

“I do, My Queen.” Shane replied, gazing upon her with adoration. She smiled then. To a human, it would have seemed her smile was malicious and full of evil intent. To Shane, it was a smile of a woman in love with her man, a Queen who wanted her King.

“And so you shall have me, my Eternity.” Carmen whispered, releasing the control she had upon her Vampire. Her skin didn’t ripple so much as it simply melted from that of vampire to that of the Ultimate Predator, the Queen of All. Her gaze, dark red pinned Shane in place. He seemed frozen, awaiting her favor.

“My Desire.” Carmen hissed, moving in close to him. He remained where he was as her head descended to his chest, her elongated tongue lapping at his blood, savoring his taste. Within his blood she beheld his absolute love for her both as she was now and as she was before. She smiled against his chest, suckling at him with a gentleness that betrayed her nature. She enfolded her wings around him, pulling him to her as if she wished to absorb him into her skin, cradling him against her. She took her fill before she sealed his wounds, leaving his chest unblemished.

One clawed talon reached upward and punctured a hole in her areola, right above her nipple and she pressed his head to her chest. “Drink, My King, and replenish thyself with My love.” she hissed toward him. She moaned with delight as his fangs pierced her skin once more, her head falling back in ecstasy.

His arms wrapped around her waist as he drank from her, pulling her into his lap and onto his reawakened member. She moaned in delight as her body rotated over his, her desires raging once more.

There was no rush for completion this time around. The sharing of the blood between them was enough to keep them on a euphoric high for some time. With each thrust between them, with each drawing of blood, their bond was strengthened to the point that only death would be able to tear the two apart, and even then they would die together, moving on to Eternity as one heart and soul.

The Queen that was Carmen ran her talons down his back, scraping his skin in her desire for their completion. He continued to suckle at her breast as he thrust upward beneath her, her head again thrown back between her wings as they spread out behind her.

Release, when it came, was like a subtle wind brushing across their skin, wrapping them in a warm cocoon of flesh and bone.

Two minds forever linked as one.