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Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
February 11, 2014 08:18PM
Njada villageJamai had been watching IIyra as she offered to help the slaves with the baskets, in using her magic to help make them water tight. He was deeply impressed with how she was integrating with the Njada people, in particular the slaves, who sometimes got a raw deal from some of the more noteable Njada women. The village was abuzz with word of hearing IIyra cry out during her night with Tagor, and this brought a smile to his face.He wandered over after setting a girl to task on getting water for one of the Njada elders, when he came up behind her at the basket weaving tent.

“Enjoying your morning, IIyra?” He asked, a crooked smile on his face. He was unsure when Tagor had purchased IIyra at the slave markets, and remembered the grimy girl that he had taken to the bath house. So much had changed in a matter of days, that it was hard to believe the winter white haired goddess before him was the same girl.

“Tagor made you full Njada. Very good. It gives warmth to a heart, to know you have brought such happiness and pride to Tagor. Tell me, have you had the sickness yet?” He was inquiring as to whether she had suffered morning sickness, which was to be expected. “I can arrange the medicine woman to treat you if need be.” He spoke differently than most of the Njada, and you had to wonder, what were his origins. It was clear by his skin colour and jawline, that he was not a true blood Njada. Ilyra may well wonder. He had taken interest in her, due to how she came to be found, but also in what the mate of Tagor means, not only to the leader himself, but to the village as a whole. She was the first lady, if one could put it into perspective. Her health and happiness were paramount.


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February 11, 2014 10:23PM
“Good day, Jamai.” Ilyra greeted him warmly. “I have enjoyed myself quite well, thank you.”“Tagor made you full Njada. Very good. It gives warmth to a heart, to know you have brought such happiness and pride to Tagor. Tell me, have you had the sickness yet?”She tried not to blush at his words, slightly embarassed that the whole village knew what she and Tagor had been up to the previous evening. But Ilyra thought about his question for a moment. “No, I’ve been feeling fine. A bit hungry at odd moments, but medicine woman says that is normal at this stage.” she nodded. “Mejia and Senji take good care of me and have not let me get too overworked.” She nodded at the two slave women at her side. She felt a kinship with them, much like the kinship she felt with Sharma. She dared to call them friends.

She had to wonder about Jamai though. He was Njada, there was no doubt about it…but he didn’t have the look of a warrior, as he was a bit on the small side. She reached out slightly with her aura and was surprised to discover his aura was similar to Tagor’s. There was only one reason for that to be…

She set aside her work and got to her feet. “Will Jamai walk with me for a time?” she wondered. Surprised, he nodded and followed her to the tent she shared with her mate.

Tagor and Ilyra’s Tent

“You are brother of Tagor.” she stated once they were alone. Jamai looked ready to deny it but something in her manner made him pause.

“I am.” he admitted.

“How?” Ilyra asked kindly, guessing that the story was painful. She settled herself upon a cushion and indicated for him to join her. He sat across from her and wondered how to start.

“My father, father of Tagor…shared furs with mother on travels to slave markets. She was nomad woman, not Njada. Gave me to father of Tagor after I born to raise as Njada. Thirras hated me, wanted to kill me when she knew of me. Tagor’s elder father denied her, all sons of Barzghar were given status in village. Father proud of all sons. Thirras try to poison Jamai, almost die. Medicine woman save me but I not strong Njada. Not any longer. Tagor care for Jamai.”

It was the saddest tale Ilyra had ever heard. Thirras was truly an evil woman and Ilyra vowed to be on guard of her. She placed a hand on Jamai’s.

“Jamai has a sister now.” she smiled warmly.

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February 15, 2014 09:43PM
The Spy among Slavers. Dragonner rpThe city of Tsumal, one of the main cities where slavery was still in practice. A lone figure stood in the distance ready to enter the city and find the slave market, not to gain a slave, but to spy and gather information. His Name is Ivan, half Celestial cat and half human. His Mother is a fire celestial cat, while his dad was a shadow mage and illusionist, magic was in his blood but even though he had the talent he became something else, one thing many people respected and all feared, A Dragoneer. With his abilities and his amazing skill sets he was grated the free position into the Shadow Wyrms. A unit in the Dragoneers that specialized in stealth and attacking from the shadows. He walked into the city, standing 6′ 4″, he a very toned figure a with very tan skin, normally he would have brown cat ears a tail and, thanks to Ciar and Tempest, a full set black wings, but thanks to his Illusion magic he look completely human.He wore traversals cloths, and a rouges cloak. His Spear was hidden in a pouch of holding and he had a long sword on his hip. As he entered the city he headed to a dark ally or abounded house to hide and contact his CO. He found a nice dark ally and pulled out a srying mirror. It gleamed and a older human appeared. He had blue eyes and long gray hair pulled back-” Lieutenant I am glad you made it. Your mission is simple find the slavers main base of operations in the city and find out if there are any more and any other information you can, these orders come from the Wyrm Lord himself, do not fail-Ivan nods and the mirror goes back to normal. He places it back onto the pouch and heads back into the open and looks around for anything that could could lead him to the slavers-

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
February 15, 2014 10:19PM
Captial of Noriand: Frichassa: Iladar Castle
https://i2.wp.com/www.dezineguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Ancient-India-City.jpgElilesMuiLuminarde : -Jade was about 330 years old with long sun kissed hair that shimmered like pure gold. It hung clear to the floor and was twisted in a tightly woven mass of braids to make one large pleat to hang down her back. Her eyes were widely spoken of and many covet such beauty. Her eyes were shinning with the glorious sun, though to stare her in the eye wouldn’t burn like staring at the real sun, it gave many a sense of warmth in their hearts. Right now, Beautiful jade with golden wings was heavy with a child, due at any moment, and having been confined to her and her mate’s chambers for the expectant time. She often pondered what exactly would this child be, she was half werewolf (though she appeared more like a feline and little dog showed through except on the full moon) while the father, Emerick, was dragon and cat. She chuckled to herself as she sat in her rocking chair rubbing her stomach, her child was going to be some kind of freak, and she burst out laughing heartedly-CiarAdamyrKaredric -Emerick was a little over 100 yers old,(phyically, he was aged to help fight the hounds and was really closer to 12),With short gold hair spiked up His eyes mirroed his mothers, a galaxy of stars that danced in his eyes, except they were black instead of purple. He sat behind a desk, it had been months since the Armies of Blessed, the former king of dreams, had been defeated and Blessed himself killed by Emericks father Ciar. Emerick had left the Dragoneers and started a family with Jade, but he now had rule of Noriand, he did not know what to do most the time, but Jade and thier advisors helped him, but since Jade had been put on bed rest all he could think of was her and his child. all else was did not matter and was drowned out, even know as a representative from Kailo was talking to him about the remaining slave traders-

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -A hand maiden leaned her head in through the door curious of the ladies strange out burst of laughter. The paid servant had become in service to the new lord and lady of Noriand the day their strange winged feline relatives and the armies of Kalio had swept through Noriand braking the chains of the slaves they could find and sentencing some of the slave masters to there death (depending on the severity of their cruelty) while others were sent in exile from Noriand. Even now there were still slave markets trying to operate in the dieing practice in Noriand, and it was those that have been in practice for many years beyond the power of the lord and lady. “Lady Jade, are you well,” the servant asked timidly. Jade looked up at her surprised and smiled sofly, “yes i’m well, I was just thinking about what the child will look like….think it will be more dragon…or cat….maybe the dog will show through the most…..and….i just realized…magic can make some weird things happen,” she said making a face.-

CiarAdamyrKaredric;-The representative kept taking but nothing was getting to Emerick, after a few minuties the representative noticed this and sighed-“Lord Karedric I know you want to be with Lady Karedric, but this is really important”-Emerick shook his then looked at him-“I am sorry good sir, i have never had the mind for this kinda of thing, blame my father, and with Jade ready to give borth any day now my mind just dose not want to focus”-Emerick sighs- “Not a lot of training for this kinda of thing in the Dragoneers”- The representative sighed-Then maybe I should tak to your mother or one of your many aunts and uncles, maybe they will take this seroius’-Emerick growled-“I take free the slaves of this land seroius goos sir, but the way you want to do it confuses me, I do not know how to fight with a pen and papper, it is not my way and if you can not relize this then maybe you should go back to Kalio and send me someone who dose, cuase we are not going to talk the rest of the slavers out of hinding we need to hunrt them down”

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -the servant wanted to continue here conversation when Jade held up her hand. The lady of Noriand was making such a strange face, and then, a wet spot had formed around her, as her water had just broke. She looked up at the servant with wide sun shine eyes, and mouthed one simple command, “Get.Emerick.Now,” she said. The servants eyes widened to the size of saucers and she ran from the chamber faster then she had ever expected her human legs capable of. She tore down the castle hall ways shouting, “Lady Karedric has stared labor, fetch the doctor, fetch the doctor!” she shouted this all the way to the Lord of Noriand’s study doors which she proceeded to pound with her little fist on the door, “Lord Emerick, Lady Jade Summons you!” she shouted. Meanwhile jade was fairly calm, though her water just broke, the contractions hadn’t yet started, but she quessed, after watching so many births before, it wouldn’t be long now-

CiarAdamyrKaredric representative-“We will continue the talk later, but right now my Mate needs me” -Emerick stood up and quickly headed to his and Jades chmanber, as he did he grabed his calling and stone-“Mom’-he said and waited for her to answer-

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -there was no answer from the rune stone, Eliles was not available to reach, which meant his mother was actually out getting her own hands dirty in celestial cat or political work. In their chambers jade had stood up on her own and waddled across the room and was very determined to make it to the delivery room all by herself, acting like this wasn’t her first time she was. But she figured why let the kid call all the shouts now ya know. The doctor had just opened the door then to find the Lady already reaching for the door handle to make her way there. “lady Jade, what were you doing,” the doctor asked arching a brow, Jade smiled, “heading to the nursery, where else,” she said smiling.

CiarAdamyrKaredric : -Cair sighed the said”Dad”-a few moments passed then there was a “Hello” From the other side”Oh good dad you picked up”-Emerick said-“You almost missed me I am on my way to a meeting”-Ciar said from the other end-“Jade is going into labor, i just though i let you know”-Emerick said is a bit of a paniced voice-“Okay son fist calm down you are no good to her like that, and second, remember to breathe”-Ciar smiled on the other side_”I will be by as soon as I can to see my first grandchild, you call me back to let me know what she has and what you name the child okay-“Emerick nodded-“Okay dad i will, Love you dad-“ECAir smiled again”Love you too son-Ciar hung up and Emerick hurried as to thier chamber-

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -The doctor just shook his head at the Lady and spotted Emerick approaching, “Ah lord Emerick just in time, might you give us a hand, I rather her not try it, and it might be better to let it happen here,” he started but jade just about stamped her feet, “I am not staining the good bed sheets,” she growled very canine like her hands going to her stomach that seemed to start to bother her. That was the go ahead for the large dragon half-breed to carry his mate to the birthing room, that was located just down the hall way-

CiarAdamyrKaredric : -Emerick quickly and carfully pick her up and took her to the birthing room down the hall-“When this is over we need to teaar the representative a new asshole love”-He smiles at her trying to help take the edge off. They get to the room where the servents have the bed ready and Emerick carfully puts her onto it-“Okay Doc all your”

CharlotteCarrendar – The Doctor was having his hands scrubbed, while the patient was being a tad difficult. Her compaints were going to the wind, as he chuckled to himself, rinsing off the soapy residue. “Now, you may not want to stain sheet, but its a lot more comfortable than doing this on the floor. Of course, we can go with that, if you think that is better for you.” The Doctor cocked his head, as he knew time was of the essense and that the next contraction would hit soon enough. “I’ll just wait right here till you…make up your mind.” Emerick got to putting her on the bed anyways, and the Doctor gave a short nod. “Right now, lets spread those legs and see how far along she is.”

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -jade grumbled the whole way there, but they were starting now, those god awful contractions. She spread her legs on the bed, tugging up long dress till it pulled at her waist line. “answer me this one question Emerick, how did your mother do this, six times,” she muttered. I happen then, the contraction and she let out a long drawn out moan that probably set her mate into a cold sweat-

CiarAdamyrKaredric : -He held her hand and smiles-“You will have to aske her love”-he kisses her on the head-“You are doing fine”-He smiles at her then looks over at the Doc-How far along doc?

CharlotteCarrendar “Well…*squealch, grind -finger probbing…POP!*..I’d say about 8 cms dilated. Shouldn’t be long now…in fact, as soon as she squeezes your hand, like an iron vice, I’d get your catcher’s mitt ready. do ho ho.” It was clear the Doctor had a charming, if not odd bed side manner.

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -Jade made a squeaking sound feeling her doctor poking around her neither parts. But the feeling was gone just as soon as another contraction rolled through her body and she laid her head back on the sheets. She wondered if the baby would be winged like Emerick, or small winged like she was, unable to fly still it was given the potion that her mother in law got. Crying out her claws sank into the bed sheets and her other clawed hand sank into Emerick’s palm, “catcher’s mitt….haha…kind of funny,” she hissed forcing a laugh-

CiarAdamyrKaredric : -Emerick winced a bit in pain, he had prepeared for this and was in his full dagon form so his scales were able to black most of his claws but they still made it partly was through._Push love-he said grinding his theeth inpain-“You are doing great”

CharlotteCarrendar The Doctor now creased his brow. “Okay…remember to breathe through the contractions, and as soon as you get the feeling to push…you give us the word”

ElilesMuiLuminarde  -she had closed her eyes and opened them again to look at the Doctor with a sun that was blazing just a little brighter then usual, “wait, I tell you when I need to push…” another contraction and she breathed in and out, “i thought that’s what you tell me,” she squealed. Already her body was covered in sweat, from both thick golden hair on her head, and the heavy dress she just had to wear that day. Instinct pinged in her head, and she breathed harder panting, “so, would this be that moment,” feeling pressure she shrieked and started pushing with her inner muscles-

CharlotteCarrendar : “Yep..that’s it!’ The Doctor nodded to Emerick. “The head is coming…encourage her to push”

CiarAdamyrKaredric : “PUSH love”-Emerick said, his free hand now bending a bar that was next to the bed-“You are almost there”-Everytime she gug her claws into his hand he bent the bar a bit more-

CharlotteCarrendar It was getting very exciting, loud and probably painful for Emerick. The Doctor felt around the babies head and then urged Jade to push again. “Almost there…you can do it.”

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -Jade hissed at the Doctor, how dare he tell her what to do, she knew what she had to do, “damn ittttt!!1” she screamed and pushed again bearing down on the incredible pain in her stomach. She kept thinking about all the times she fought hell hounds alone in the forests after her clan cast her out of the protection of the clan more then 200 years ago, well before she was even old enough to be on her own yet. She could feel the child move out of her body just a little bit more, it was almost over-

CiarAdamyrKaredric : All…..Most…there…love-Emerick said inbteen her clawing his hand-Just…one….more…good…push-he winced even more-

CharlotteCarrendar : Working the head out, he then managed to get the left shoulder through. A smile breaking out on his face. “One more push!”

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -she screamed and pushed again, the baby coming free of her body, small golden wings and all, golden hair, scales on her fists and feet and a long golden tail. The baby wailed with so much ferocity you would think it could shatter glass, it was a girl. Jade in tears breathed in and out with exhaustion. “Emerick….I blame you,” she said breathless-

CiarAdamyrKaredric : -As thier daughter cmae out he broke the bar he was bending he smilesat her and smiled at JAde-I know love-he looked back at his new daughter tears in his eyes and not from the pain-

CharlotteCarrendar : Holding up the baby with the ambilical cord dangling, he hands it to the mother, and gets the scissors. “Want to cut this one, Sir?’ he asked of Emerick. The bill for this was going to be enormous

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -Jade curled her hands around her new born baby. She smiled, she looked normal…not a little oddity about her, and it looked like…that cat won out the battle as far as genetics went. Her furry ears were a little longer then what might be normal, and they did have a bit of flop to them at the moment, but they might stiffen as she ages. Her scales were really soft on her hands and feet, but that was normal to. The true test of her form, will be when she turned into her true form. “did…we even consider a name,” the thought dawned on her breathless-

CiarAdamyrKaredric -Emerick cut the cord then smiled at Jade again-Our little girl-kisses her on the forhead-

CharlotteCarrendar : -The Doctor leaves the happy couple to enjoy the birth of their baby girl-

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -the little baby still wailing waved her arms about, jade moved her free hand and ripped open her shirt that had not been forgiving to this birth, and tilted her baby to her exposed breast. The little brat latched on instantly and suckled away. “Emerick….we need to name her,”-

CiarAdamyrKaredric : I want to name her after a friend that feel in balle against Blessed, I want to honor her memory if it is okay

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -Jade looked up arching her brow, “mmm what was her name,” she asked getting use to the feeling of being suckled was lulling her into sleep-

CiarAdamyrKaredric : -He smiles at his love-Jennifer, we trained together

ElilesMuiLuminarde  : -she smiled softly and closed her eyes, “yea…i’m ok with that, i’m going to sleep now….good night Emerick….oh…dont’ forget…to tell the castle page, our people will want to know,” she whispered before falling completely into a nursing induced sleep-

CiarAdamyrKaredric : -he kisses her one more time and walked outside, now his mind was clear with the damn representative that was still waiting for him-

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February 15, 2014 10:44PM
Captial of Noriand: Frichassa: Iladar Castle-some time later a Maid had attended to the ruined bed sheets of the lord and ladies chambers and even carted in the hand crafted crib for the new young princess of Noriand. Some of the guard hired from the capital streets, who had grown very attached to the feline lord and lady, patrolled extra carefully that night. Not all supported the new rule of Noriand, and the young princess was vulnerable at this age, unlike her parents, she wouldn’t be able to regenerate a body in heaven if she was killed. The same maid had received the sleepy order from Lady of Noriand to have the scribe draw up a news letter to be sent to all the nobles and like across Noriand, even the one’s far in the wilderness, the news of the birth. It was the proper thing to do, but foolish to this one maid. But the lady wished to share the joy of Jennifer entering the world.Tilda entered the scribes room, where one of the many page boys were assisting him in sorting through incoming mail and out going mail. “good evening sir, I have a message from the Lady,” she said bowing her head clasping her hands infront of her.

“I’m busy, the Lady can wait can’t she,” he grumbled, having already had to send many a letter over the last three or four months. The maid made a face, the pretty image twisting into a demonic form so to speak and she placed a cold claws hand to the back of his neck, “The Lady said, if you do not send her letter, she will allow me to slice you into meaty chucks and feed you to the princess as her first taste of meat,” she hissed her long snake like tongue snaking across his face.

The scribe broke into a sweat and swallowed, “right, what is her message,” he said and coughed. The maid smiled and straightened up folding her hands in front of her again, “right, she wishes letters be sent to all the nobles and like, telling them of Jennifer’s birth, I’m sure there has been some anticipation, political engagements and what not,” she smiled sweetly and waved at him as she exited his office.

A few hours later or was it days, the scribe completed the letters and passed them off of the pages to be taken to the carrier room where there roosted nearly 100 hawks who were use to the jungle and desert like climates of Noriand. Each letter was strapped to the birds feet and sent off to carrier there messages to the corner of the country and while four went to the ruling leaders of the Central Kingdoms, Roshawn, Kalio, Dhima, and Mirari-

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February 20, 2014 04:37AM
The city of TsumalSitting back lazily upon a fur covered chair, the Slave Master Magarsa was helping himself to a dish of grapes, being held by a young girl, whose eyes held great fear for the Slave Master. He was a disgusting example of what wealth and greed had done to his massive bulk. Blood shot eyes peered out of blackened sockets, though he wore black eyeliner that gave him a more Egyptian look. The large oak and iron doors slowly were pushed open by two of his more illustrious guards, as the latest batch of slaves were being dragged before him for his perusal. Gangs of ten that were chained together by the neck and made to walk or at least try to with the heavy burden. Their frames were gaunt, and their skin darkened by the sun as they had walked many miles from the homeland where they had been stolen. How many had actually perished along the way remained to be seen, but the Slave Master was only interested in the fittest of this sad and sorry bunch. Chewing on yet another grape, his face contorted as he bit down on a seed that had struck a sensitive tooth.“Bah…I hate seeds!” He spat with drool and spittle raining down from his over sized lips. He angrily knocked the girl that held the grape bowl off her feet, sending her to the floor, the bowl clattering and making a din. Pushing himself up and off the fur chair with a loud grunt as though the very idea of movement hurt his weak muscles. With a chubby hand, he wiped the gruel from his lips and descended the stairs, as the Slave driver stood back, whip in hand. A tall and lanky fellow, with a face like that of a rat. A long mustache and short goatee, he sneered at his collection of slaves, who all were terrified. Had they walked all this way only to die in the sight of this their new Master.

He ambled past them, prodding with the end of a large knotted end staff. Pinching their flesh, and even going as far as to check their teeth. A few of the women, though suffering malnutrition looked to be worthy of his furs, and he shouted in a strange dialect, to have them removed from the group chains, and taken to be prepared for service. The others….well. What fate would await them? There was of course either the army of slaves, or the games.

One would think that death was a better option.

From the far end of the room, the daughter of the Slave Master emerged. Dressed resplendently in a fine skirt with headdress and sandals. Her fingers, wrists and ankles adorned with fine beads and gold. Seeing the rows of slaves that had been brought in, she minced up to her father and purred.


“I want one.”

Question was…which one?


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
February 21, 2014 10:33PM
-Ivan had seen the slaves being taken to the palace, he followed them from a distance watching there every movement. After a half a mile one guard in the back stooped to take a drink, Ivan quickly and quietly knocked him out and using his illusion magic and celestial cats magic he turned into the guard. He caught back up to the slaves and got into the guards place. one guard looked at him- “What happened?” -Ivan looked at him and shrugged- “I had to take a quick piss been holding it for the last hour” -The other guard shook his head–They got to the palace and he stood and watched what happened next. He saw the man on the throne and knew that was the head slaver just by looking at her. he wanted to jump out and kill him right there, but he knew he had to get information, even when he knocked the girl down. His celestial cat blood screamed out to punish him for his wicked deeds but his Dragoneer training stooped him. He had a job to do first.-Then he saw her, the slavers daughter, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. he watched her movements as she went up to her father and said- ” I want one” -He could not belive his eyes how could someone so beautiful want to do something so dark and ugly. He shook his head and watched and waited, waited to she what her father said and what fate would come of these slaves-

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February 22, 2014 07:44PM
The city of Tsumal“I want one.Nerboti was used to getting what she wanted, and normally had her father wrapped around her pinky. Daughter of his first wife, who was a noble woman and free, was the spitting image of her mother, and treated as though a Goddess much of the time. However, the Slave Master had plans for the remaining slaves. The games were to be on that weekend. A brutal exhibition match between the Gladiators of Magarsa and the rabble of slaves brought in for the amusement and pleasure of the well heeled people of Tsumal.

Grunting loudly, he said what needed to be, in this case. “I am afraid I shall not be able to grant you one. They are all needed for the games. You knew this when I explained last night at dinner.” He didn’t like to upset Nerboti, for she was known to have a foul temper at the best of times. The look on her face was one of disappointment, and she toyed with her father’s long plait, as he shook his head. “Don’t give me that look. I promise you, the next caravan of slaves that come from the north, you can have first pick.”

Nerboti huffed and flicked away her father’s plait, before glancing at the slave driver, who was looking at her with a lustful eye. Oh how she hated that man. Always sticking his nose in her father’s affairs, and she had heard word that he sought for her hand. It would be a cold day in hell before that happened.

“But that is weeks away. Hmmph. Very well, I shall have to make do with my current slave, though he bores me with his cries of his dead wife.” Rolling her eyes, she turns away from the lines of slaves, and sashays out to the nearest balcony overlooking the city.


The Slave Master sighed, only to have his driver come up to his ear, and say.

“She could be tamed…if the right man took her hand.”

“Nerboti is a wild cat, with venom in her claws. You be wise to keep your thoughts of her out of your mind. Besides, you have a wife.” The Slave Master said, as the Driver shrugged. “She is old…and poorly. I like to think of my future, and I haven’t given up on Nerboti. She will come around.’

The Slave Master laughed loudly and slapped the driver on the back.

“HA….Impetuous boy.”


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
February 24, 2014 01:33PM
-As the slavers talked Ivan looked around, looking for anything that could give him information, while doing so he noticed one of the others guards, he was sweating and shaking a bit. to the normal eye it looked like he was tired from the long journey here, but to Ivans very well trained eye he could tell he was nevus.- *What is he up to*, -Ivan thought to himself–Ivan watched him closely and as the slavers got close to him the guard drew his blade and went to strike the head slaver.Normally Ivan would have let him but he knew he needed him alive, so quickly Ivan drew his blade and in a flash Intercepted the guards sword. The guard looked shocked at this. Ivan pushed the Guard back and attacked again, the guard block but because Ivan sword was of way better quality, it went through the guards sword and into his shoulder. The guard screamed in pain and drooped to his knees.–Ivan held his sword to the man’s throat, he said nothing as the two other guards grabed the man and took of his helmet. He was Eleven, and judging from his tan skin, a wood elf. His dark green eyes stared at Ivan with hate- “How can you serve such a master?”-He said and spit at his feet. Ivan stood still said nothing. He seethe his sword and turned to the head slaver and bowed his head.One of the other guards looked at the slave master-“What shall we do with him?”– Ivan knew he had just got this man killed or worse, made into a slave, but he orders and he needed to be in the head slavers good graces-

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
February 24, 2014 08:22PM
Mountain ranges of Njada landshttps://i0.wp.com/www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/ut/st__george_fo/nlcs/wilderness.Par.88448.Image.500.238.1.gifHigh atop one of the tallest peaks, the scouting party of the Njada, led by their leader Tagor; the gathering of horsemen surveyed the surrounding valleys and hills of their land, for possibly enemy movement, or settlements that were not approved by council. Tagor sat high in his horse as the sun beat down upon his tanned torso. Glistening with beads of perspiration, he reached for his leather water canteen, and took a drink from it, as the cry of a raven was heard making its way up the mountain pass. It was common for different houses to send ravens in order to relay messages from kingdom to kingdom, clan to clan. Noriand had many kingdoms in its domain, and while all the races were different, they did hold a common respect of law, and alliances, that were either from the betrothal of young or the offering of soldiers and stores to the cause.

Hearing the raven, one of the lead scouts held out his arm and made a strange call, which enticed the raven to land. On its foot, was a small bound parchment, and this was quickly torn off, as the raven squawked loudly.


“Read..to Tagor.” The Leader bellowed, as the scout nodded and unfurled the paper. He coughed and then began to read.

It is with Lord and Lady Karedric of Noriand greatest of joy, that they inform there rulers, noblemen, and people, The Birth of Jennifer Karedric, young princess of Noriand. They invite you to meet the princess when then time suits you, they wish you to not feel obligaited to present gifts only your presence is asked for, and join the celebration.

Lord and Lady Karedric

Listening with a look of curiosity, he was unsure of these people – The Lord and Lady Karedric. Nobles, who had announced the birth of a young princess. Thinking for a moment, he had an idea. If they were to send a delegation to meet the princess, it may be good time for trade, as well as sure up any alliance talks. Also, he knew IIyra was with child, so the two women would have much to talk about. Women like that stuff, Tagor believed.

Tagor nodded, then said to his scout. “Write. Njada people come. Celebrate.” He was a man of few words, rather letting his actions speak for him. The scout immediately wrote up the reply, only one more detailed, and then fastened it to the raven’s leg. The bird was then released to return to it’s masters, and now that the scouting mission bore fruit, the Njada leader ordered them to return to the village.

~Some hours later~

Arriving back in camp, Tagor rode up to the corale, jumping down off his horse and handing the reigns to a small stable hand, before striding towards his tent, where he would find Jamai speaking to his woman – Illyra.

“When sun rises, we leave for Frichassa. Princess born to King. We Njada honor with horses and feast.” Tagor said, more or less explaining that they would be leaving with a caravan first light, to travel the dusty roads to Frichassa. Tagor smiled at IIyra and said.


“Princess…one day marry Njada.”

But would she?