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Re: The Human World [rp]
February 03, 2014 06:09PM
Isabella’s Manor – Living room 

Jason was nothing but smiles that showed pearly white teeth as he slowly slipped the ring around her ring finger. With the ring upon her finger he would stand up slowly and moved to embrace her. The vampire lord would nuzzle his head into her neck before tracing his fangs over her supple flesh teasingly. Though little did they know they where being watched by an ancient vampire through the windows in the living room. Silently the ancient would turn his back to the fledgling couple before darting off into the fog leaving nothing behind. Jason completely unaware of the now departed observer would walk away towards his chambers with a devilish smirk on his lips as he spoke tauntingly. “Come and get me my love”Then Jason would tear off through the house in a blinding blur having taunted Isabella hoping she would rise to the bait and give chase. As he raced through the house skidding around corners he would slip into his chambers before scattering rose petals all over the floor and lighting some incense so as to mask his scent. Slowly he would fade into the shadows cast by the candles before settling into wait for his queen to come in so that he could spring his “trap” on her and show her the true depths of his love.

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February 03, 2014 11:46PM
Shane’s House – Amelia’s Place

Dyna pulled into the driveway of Shane’s home and cut the engine. It was mid-afternoon and she’d gotten a call from Carmen the night before letting Dyna know that she and Shane were taking some time for themselves and would return before the end of the month.

She looked at her companion. “You ready for this?”

“Oh yes. I always wanted to visit a house full of vampires.” came the snorted reply.

“Will you relax. It’s broad daylight and they’re sleeping. And we’re not going in the house, we’re going around back.” Dyna stated. The person beside her snorted. “Come on, Rae. Did I or did I not promise to help you expand your powers?”

Raelyn, “Rae” to her friends and “Boo” to her Uncle Booker, looked at Dyna and sighed.

“Yeah. And you think she can help?”

“Amelia is one of the best witches I know. You’ll be fine. Come on.” Dyna climbed out of the car, waiting for Rae to follow her before she headed around the back of the house.


“Yeah. Sure.” Rae sighed, plodding along behind her uncle’s friend.

Dyna reached the door of the guest house and knocked on the door, slipping off her sunglasses as she waited for Amelia to answer.

“Maybe she’s not home.” Rae shrugged, turning to head back to the car. Dyna snagged the young woman by the back of her shirt, keeping her in place.

“Raelyn Charlene Bradford, you promised your uncle you’d give this a try! Don’t be a chicken.” Dyna snorted.

“I’m not being chicken. It’s called a tactical retreat.” Rae huffed, struggling to get away. Dyna yanked on her shirt, causing the girl to nearly trip. “Dyna!”

“Rae!” Dyna chuckled. Rae huffed again and stood still, crossing her arms in annoyance.

“You’re evil.”

“So your uncle says from time to time.” Dyna chuckled, just as footsteps echoed on the other side of the door.

Re: The Human World [rp]
February 04, 2014 02:04AM
Shane’s house – Amelia’s Place


Within the pool house, along with the sound of footfalls coming towards the door, you could also hear the voice of its occupant. Not until she opened the door, would they see a girl that looked remarkably like a vampire, but was able to stand in the sunlight, and had a puppy that was chewing on her plait.

“Rusty!…Mommy’s hair is not a play toy. HI! Oh my gosh, Dyna it’s so good to see you.” Amelia said in a rapid fire of a greeting, and telling off of her puppy. “So nice of you to come over. Come on in.” She noticed Dyna had a young friend with her, and she stuck out her free hand.

“Hey…I’m Amelia, your just in time, I been whipping up some of my home made chilli.” Amelia beamed and took a step back, almost tripping over her kitten, that had come to investigate the fuss. Amelia picked up her tiny kitten with her other hand, and this set off the puppy who started yapping at the kitten. The witch frowned and smartly spun around and went to place the kitty on her cat tower; a well made carpet structure filled with tunnels and scratching poles. Ideal for wayward pussies. She set Rusty down on the tiles, and then closed the door after her guests were inside.

Amelia had really turned the pool house into her own domain, with a large shelving near her kitchen filled with specimen bottles and a bookcase that had dozens of books on everything from human biology and forensic science, to witchcraft and spells. The kitchenette smelt heavenly of the delightful taste of chilli that was simmering away on the reflective stove top surface. The big tv and black L shaped lounge took up a greater portion of the living area, and it was easy to see why Bianca was a common quest when the sun went down.


Amelia became animated, as she went to and from the fridge, taking out a bottle of wine, and some glasses from the cupboard.“You must be the first non vampire visitors I have had. Well…I don’t get many visitors here period. I mean, this place gets pretty wild at night. The main house. David and his lads have set up residency, especially with Shane and Carmen out of town. It was true, that David and his crew were staying at Shane’s house, since David and Shane no longer had to hide the fact that they did get on after all. Amelia quickly changed the topic of conversation “You girls like red wine?”Amelia asked, trying to explain how things were, and being a good hostess. She noticed young Rae looked uncomfortable, and said. “You are safe here…just in case you are worried.” Amelia said with a smile. “Only Shane is allowed in here, as the others have to be invited, and I am still a bit unsure about Jarvis…as cute as he is.” She realized she was rambling some, and walked out the tray of glasses and wine, and set them down on the coffee table near the leather lounge. Tangles, her snake watched on from in his tank, obvious curious to the strangers in the pool house. Amelia picked up her iphone and set it into her speaker tower, so she could play some tunes, for her guests, to help them feel more at home. Amelia had a love for eighties music, so the first song was an oldie but a goodie.


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February 04, 2014 09:14PM
“It’s good to see you, too, Amelia.” Dyna smiled, reaching out to rub the puppy’s head. He yipped happily, his tail wagging so hard his whole body wiggled. She and Rae stepped inside, waiting for Amelia to close the door before they made their way into the living room. Amelia had really made the place her own. Rae walked around, looking around at the various knicknacks and pictures Amelia had arrayed around the room while Amelia and Dyna chatted. She stopped in front of the snack stopping in front of the snake tank.

“Nice snake.” Rae stated, looking at Amelia.

“You must be the first non vampire visitors I have had. Well…I don’t get many visitors here period. I mean, this place gets pretty wild at night. The main house. David and his lads have set up residency, especially with Shane and Carmen out of town.” Amelia stated. Rae looked nervously around, as if expecting a vampire to jump out at her any second. Amelia noticed the look and set out to reassure the younger witch. “You are safe here…just in case you are worried. Only Shane is allowed in here, as the others have to be invited, and I am still a bit unsure about Jarvis…as cute as he is.”

Dyna jumped all over that piece of info.

“I knew it! You think he’s sexy!” Dyna crowed with delight. “You’ve got to know that boy is crazy about you! Why don’t you go out with him? Shane trusts him and Carmen thinks of him like her own. Take a chance, Ami!” she grinned as the three of them went into the kitchenette to feast upon Amelia’s chili.

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February 06, 2014 06:56AM
Shane’s house – Amelia’s Place

Amelia was a bit surprised by Dyna’s enthusiasm over Jarvis. Sure, she knew Jarvis from the times she had been to visit Shane and Carmen, but Amelia knew that there was a different side to him. Maybe, she might let Jarvis into her world, but right now, after losing Rodger, and then Jason; Amelia felt that she was some how cursed in having relationships.


“I don’t know…” Amelia said, rubbing the back of her neck and turning her body awkwardly. Her face was creased as she just wasn’t sure about Jarvis. “I admit, he is sexy and all that…but I don’t fancy being his blood doll…or being turned. I mean, even if he could do that, I really want to at least have a choice.”

Amelia went to get three bowls out and then started to serve up the chilli with crusty rolls on the side. All had been warmed in the oven, and the kitchen had that wonderful fresh baked smell. Few people knew how much Amelia loved to cook, but what with living on her own for years, she really didn’t entertain much. Although Bianca was a regular at her pool house, Bianca wasn’t fond of chilli. Pouring out good size helpings, she took them over to the small dining table, just on the other side of the breakfast bar. With a large center piece of candles and little cat ornaments, Amelia finally sat down, when there was a knock at the door. Surprised at yet more guests, she excused herself, placing down her napkin and went to answer the door. Low and behold, it was Charmaine, Amelia’s friend who owned the local craft shop in town. She was carrying a brown paper package, and to look at her you would think she had just stepped out of a picture book, dressed in an outfit that screamed the sixties, a kaftan and with her hair in plaits, and moccasins on her feet.

“Hi Ame.” The girl embraced the startled Amelia as she stood in the doorway, half wondering what Charmaine was doing on her doorstep. When Charmaine released her, Amelia asked. “You’re doing your own deliveries?” Stepping back, she let Charmaine enter the pool house, and you could see that the girl was clearly in awe of the glamour of the room.

“Yes, can’t find good help in town, so now I do my own deliveries. Gosh Ame…woah, this is like totally not you. Why did you move here again?” The hippie witch asked Amelia, as she handed her the package. “The book you ordered, I figured you would want it right away.” Charmaine then noticed Rae and Dyna at the table and she cocked her head and beamed a wide smile. “Hellooooo, I’m Char..you must be Amelia’s friends. So nice to see her making mortal friends now.” At this, Amelia gave Charmaine a bit of a nudge with her elbow, to which Charmaine cried “Whhhaaa? What I say?”Clearly thinking that Dyna and Rae were human. Amelia set the book down, and then gave Charmaine something of a strained look. She could be so ditsy at times. “We were just having some chilli, home made, you want some?” Amelia asked, seeing as Charmaine really didn’t look like she was leaving in a hurry. This had Charmaine brighten and she nodded twice before dashing over to take a seat near Dyna and speak rapidly.

“You would be amazed by the sheer amount of magical energy in this very room. I mean, I get that feeling, that buzz. I don’t know, can’t describe it. It’s a gift.”


Amelia was dishing up another bowl of chilli and rolling her eyes. Sure, the girl had a good heart, but it was a pity her foot was always in her mouth. Coming back and handing Charmaine her bowl of chilli, Amelia was a little bit more forth coming on her guest’s antics. “Charmaine is one of the elders of the witches coven I am a part of.”

“Have been since….1969, oh..what a cosmic year that was.”

That made a lot of sense.


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February 06, 2014 07:32AM
“Sweetie…Jarvis…can be a tad much sometimes, but he’s a good soul. I believe Carmen had a talk with him about his more, enthusiastic approach to you. Besides…you’re the woman! It’s called “Pussy Control”. You own it, he wants it. Make him beg for it like the man he is.” Dyna grinned as Amelia brought over the bowls and bread. Rae, who’d just taken a sip of wine nearly spat it back out at Dyna’s words.


“Oh so that’s how you get my uncle to behave!” she grinned. Dyna tossed her a wink. She’d been aware of Booker’s feelings for her for a very long time. He just hadn’t crossed the Friend line just yet and Dyna was just waiting to see how long he could hold out before she put the werewolf out of his misery.

There was a knock at the door and Amelia excused herself to answer it. There were muffled voices before she returned with one of the strangest women the two had ever met. She looked like she stepped off the stage from a production of “Hair”, dressed head to toe in the style of the hippies of the early part of the 1960’s.

She spotted Dyna and Rae and grinned.

“Hellooooo, I’m Char..you must be Amelia’s friends. So nice to see her making mortal friends now.”

Dyna eyed the woman carefully. She was getting a very strange vibe from her, almost as if she were…

Dyna mentally shook herself. “I haven’t come across any other witches in this town. Why would one suddenly pop up?” she thought.

“You would be amazed by the sheer amount of magical energy in this very room. I mean, I get that feeling, that buzz. I don’t know, can’t describe it. It’s a gift.”

Dyna looked at Amelia.

“What is she on about?”

Amelia heaved a great sigh before she explained. “Charmaine is one of the elders of the witches coven I am a part of.”

“Have been since….1969, oh..what a cosmic year that was.” Charmaine nodded.

“You’re a witch??” Both Rae and Dyna asked at the same time. “An elder witch?” Dyna added after pinching Rae to shut her up.



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February 08, 2014 12:39PM
The Woods

Deep within the woods, the white were dragged the unconscious vampire hunter back to a small winter cabin that was nestled deep within the forest. Unknown to many and signed to keep people off the property there was a family that lived here, that had kept their true identities a secret. Hearing the throaty growl as the she wolf dragged the injured man, the cabin door opened, and a semi naked man appeared. He stood, running his fingers through his shaggy unkempt hair, and saw the white were dragging something. Concerned, he stepped down off the porch, and ran over to where the white were stopped, and raised her head.


“Whose this?” The alpha said to his mate, who started to transform back into her human like form. Wiping the blood stains from her mouth, as she took full form, she said. “A hunter…but not one that likes deer. He was almost killed by a vampire. A new one.” The alpha crouched down and surveyed the man’s injuries, deeply concerned. “We can’t keep him here. Last thing we need is the authorities on our doorstep, asking questions.” Just then, the couple’s two sons emerged, and both came down to see what was going on. “Mom?” Rory asked, seeing the vampire hunter on the ground, who was now groaning lightly. “Let’s get him inside…then figure out what to do.” The twins helped carry the vampire hunter inside their cabin, as the Alpha kept a lookout for anyone that might have been watching them, before following his family inside.

Isabella’s Manor

Jason was one that loved to tease and play games with Isabella, and now that she accepted his proposal, he took off from the room, insisting she catch him if she could. In a blink she vanished from the den and reappeared in a swirl of mist in her room. She didn’t normally like playing chase, but she was in a good mood for now, and would oblige.

“Where are you, lover?” she crooned.

The Vampire Queen glided around the room, peeking behind curtains, and in her closet for him.


Re: The Human World [rp]
February 11, 2014 07:44PM
Saint Vladimir’s – Student Dorms



“Miss Incarceron, will that be all?”

Vern smiled at the guardian and winked, then laughed and nodded her head. “You really didn’t have to, but thanks. You can go if you have somewhere else to be.” Her classmate smiled back and shut the door to her dorm, and she listened a little longer as he sighed and walked down the hall. She wouldn’t be making the mistake of being silly with a Dhampir again, even if Alec was different from Mikhael.

She sighed herself and watched the snow fall outside, wishing she could go lie down in it and relish in the fact that it didn’t affect her at all. But she couldn’t do that, because the sun hurt more than being alone. She didn’t want to sleep yet, but she knew that she couldn’t very well go see the Headmaster with dark circles under her eyes or she might get staked on sight. That would be interesting for Dimitri to explain to her parents. She wondered if the Russian God of a Head of Security was on post at the moment. Her thoughts drifted to a few other Guardians, and then they landed on Guardian Chekova. Chekova was one of the most loveable Guardians at Vladimir’s, but everyone knew she would hand them their ass if they thought they could take her. As she readied for bed, Vern thought on night (or, day) several years ago those suspicions had bloomed to truth before her very eyes…

It was a hot night for Montana. Strigoi ran amuck about the outer grounds, taking down novices left and right. Vern was hidden in a hollowed tree. She was too young, her magic was not yet strong. She could see Dimitri among the fighters, his larger form taking down Strigoi after Strigoi. Of course, he was only subduing them for the moment – it generally took five of their best Dhampir’s to truly kill one of the worst Strigoi. Some older fire magic students were out burning the Strigoi, but they were being pushed into the tree-line by the Guardians. And then she saw her. Savina Chekova seemed to appear in thin air, driving her stake left and right. She dodged attacks and delivered expect blows. With her and Dimitri working together, the Strigoi numbers started to thin. What seemed like hours later, they were all gone. But Vern would always remember. Always.


Saint Vladimir’s – Campus Gates


Savina gazed out into the trees. The sun was just rising – most students were in bed. Most. She didn’t mind if the Dhampir wanted to enjoy the sun for a little while, as long as they stayed safe. Dimitri was a different matter, but what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Unless it did. Then it would be her fault. She didn’t want to think about that at the moment.

Footsteps crunched the leaves behind her, but she knew those footsteps. “There are more of them by the day. Sunlight is only so long. What’s to stop them from attacking again?”

Her companion didn’t respond. He simply remained behind the gates. She assumed he was watching her, but she didn’t know for sure. Dimitri must have sent him. Guardian’s worked best in pairs, but Savina had always had a way of avoiding being assigned a partner. Perhaps it was Dimitri himself, but that would be ridiculous. After all these years, that man still thinking she needed a protector would get him smacked down, regardless of academy titles.

Savina simply turned her head up towards the sunlight, closing her eyes and holding her stake out before her. Hopefully, it would be a peaceful watch, and an even more peaceful school night.



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Re: The Human World [rp]
February 11, 2014 08:58PM
Shane’s house – Amelia’s Place


Charmaine suddenly took an interest in Dyna and Rae; her eyes darting between them when they both reacted to the news that she was a witch, and not just any, but an elder of the Coven that Amelia was a part of. Amelia quickly picked up her glass of wine, and skulled it back. Oh she knew that look that Charmaine had and now that her interest was seized, she was not about to let go.

“I knew it! It wasn’t just my senses tingling.” Charmaine believed that either Dyna or Rae had magical powers. The question was, who and why she had not come across this pair before. Had Amelia been keeping them a secret? Looking squarely at Dyna, she beamed a bright smile.

“Elder, yes I am. Been practicing the craft since as long as I can remember. Holly McCloud and I started the coven back in the summer of love…1967. A very cool time to be dabbling in the arts. Those warm summer nights, frolicking naked in the woods, and the joys of bonding with my fellow witches. I don’t know what I loved more..the drugs, or the music. But enough about the old days, I take it you have some questions?’ Charmaine asked, looking between the two ladies, then at Amelia, who seemed to be lost for words about the whole Woodstock reflection. The idea of Charmaine prancing naked around a fire erked her for some reason. Amelia did find her voice however and said.

“Charmaine runs the local craft store….for the arts. Everything you need to celebrate being Wicca and some darker magics.” She said, lazily toying with her spoon in her chilli.


Re: The Human World [rp]
February 11, 2014 09:51PM
Dyna looked at Charmaine, eyebrows arched.

“You’re a bit of a free-spirit. I like that.” she grinned. “No, I don’t have any questions, but…my girl, Rae, here is still developing her powers and hasn’t really gotten the hang of her control. Show them Rae.” Dyna suggested. Nodding, Raelyn directed her attention to a plastic bowl of fruit on the table. She gathered all her powers and concentrated hard. The bowl vibrated for a moment, an orange rolling out of it across the table before the entire bowl lifted into the air, hovering a few feet above the table. Rae’s concentration began to waver and the bowl shot toward the ceiling with the force of a rocket, smashing into the tiles and splattering bits of fruit and plastic everywhere, making everyone duck.

“Dammit! That always happens!” Rae growled, as Dyna patted her shoulder in support.

“You had it there for a moment, Rae. Don’t beat yourself up. You’ve just learned about your powers. You just need to exercise them a bit more. Then you’ll have the control you need.” Dyna sighed.

“How long did it take you?” Rae wondered.

“I don’t think I had full control until I met your uncle in college.” Dyna stated.

“That’s decades!”

“Rae…what have I told you?” Dyna scowled.

“True control is being in control. Don’t let your emotions rule you or that control will be weak at best.” Rae sighed.