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RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
January 05, 2014 05:06PM
Restaurant: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
Location: Uptown
Parking: Some along the street
Stats: can hold up to 100 customers comfortably at a time
Restuarant Type: Breakfast/Lunch; Family style restaurant that also offers pastry and coffee to go.
Hours: Monday thru Sunday 6am-3pm and Late Night on Friday and Saturday 10pm-3am
Rush Hour Times: 9am to 12pm

Sample Street View

Style of Decor

Sample Menu

Abby Bowers -waitress (Played by FireStar32005) no relation
Deter Pohl (NPC)- Cook, Bus Boy, Waiter Son to Fred and Berta, quiet type, strong,friendly
Fredreich Pohl -Owner, Cook, Waiter (NPC) -Friendly, loveable type but not good to work for and crude to employees
Rebecca Scholsen- waitress, crude, classless type, no relation (NPC)
Berta Pohl – Co Owner, Cook, Waitress, wife to Fred, friendly loveable type (NPC)
Maggie Pohl- Waitress, teenage daughter to Fred and Berta (NPC)

Places to post available in Waffle House: Booths (for customers looking for more private seating), Circle Tables (for more open seating), front bar (patrons that are alone usually sit here and are regulars of the Waffle House and watch television), Take Out/Cash Register, Outdoor benches, Kitchen, Pantry, Parking Lot Please write in your post where your character is placed

((ALL NPCs are availble to those that wish to use them in their posts))

Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
January 08, 2014 10:57AM
Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House

NPCs throughout the Waffle House

The sun wasn’t even up, and the lights to Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House were already on. Every day, at 4-o-clock in the morning, the lights turned on, and Freidriech and his son Deter went in to start prepping for the day.

“I go check stock, and you Deter, sweep the floor and wipe down the counters, ja?” Fredreich said with his smooth, but heavy German accent; already awake and chipper. Deter, was not as much of a morning person. “And I’ll get the coffee going!” He took his son’s coat and hung both their coats up.

“Pop, I messaged Abby to come in.”

“Abby, closed last night.” Fredreich said quickly. “And she didn’t do a good enough job cleaning up the counters. She’s off today, why’d you call her in?”

“Maggie is sick.” Deter explained. “She was up all night pop, didn’t ma tell you?” Fredreich waved his hands letting out a frustrated “eh” sound, and walked away from Deter to check the freezer and how much they had left before his new shipment came in. “We need her help Pop..”

“Yeah, fine. But don’t let her stay too long, I don’t want to hear from labor board that I overwork people.”

“You kind of do…” Deter chuckled.

Mein sonne if you are going to stand there, help me double check these boxes, and get the ovens preheated, your mutteralready worked on the loaves earlier, and they’re ready to bake soon. Go! Go!” Fredreich was a bit hyper and his blood pressure was already rising. “I love your mutter dearly, but I don’t need her to be a bitch today, like yesterday..” Deter rolled his eyes, and left his father with checking the stock and went to preheat the ovens. As promised the pastries and bread were already made, and ready to bake. But there was only enough for the first three hours or so of the day. Double checking the time he left the kitchen and started to sweep and wipe the counters down again, and started up the coffee pots. It was a waffle house, but a waffle house wasn’t a waffle house without the smell of maple syrup and fresh coffee.

Outside the Waffle House, Waffle House back entrance, Employee Area

Abigail groaned as she pulled her bike along the street parking in front of the Waffle House. Already irritated from the end of her night DJing, she was cold, tired and in no mood to be kind and sweet to customers that bark at her for coffee and to turn the news up on the television. But she had no choice. If Maggie was sick she had to go in. Locking up her motorcycle she rubbed her eyes a moment looking in at the already well lit Waffle House. She hoped that Berta was in, at least Berta understood that she had more than this job, and understood that she worked long nights. Berta often made sure there was an extra apron and toiletries for Abby when she came in. Abby had come in on more than one occasion, right after a long night at the clubs. She saw Deter walking in and out of the kitchen cleaning, but there was no sign of Berta Pohl, not yet.

“Damn..” she whispered, her body slowly beginning to ache. “All right, get a cup of coffee, and you can get through this. It’s only another eight hours…” With that said she head into the back entrance of the restaurant where she was immediately greeted by Fredreich.

“Good morning!” he said in a bright way. Noticing the state of her he grunted. “What is this, you come to work looking like that?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Pohl, I came straight here from working.” Fredreich waved his hand to stop her.

“Excuses are no good here!” he began, then started grumbling in German. “You look like a whore! My workers must look clean and tidy. You work for Fredreich’s! What do we do here Abigail?” he then continued in German his hands moving to his passionate words, which she was certainly not ready for at four thirty in the morning. After the great speech was over, which reminded her of a politician’s attempts to invigorate the people, she acted as one in such a crowd would, over passionate and zealous.

“You’re absolutely right, sir!” she said. “Now, I’ll go clean up and do my best to make you, my boss, very proud..” with that said she walked away from him, inwardly cringing and seething from his comment about looking like a whore. She locked herself in the employees bathroom, which was just outside of Fredreich’s office, and paced a bit. Leaning over the sink she took in a few slow and steady breaths, then washed her face of the night’s long hours. After washing her face, she continued to clean herself up a bit before slipping on the cute little Dutch looking apron over her DJing outfit, and inwardly hoped that none would see her and recognize her.

What the hell are you worried about.. she thought scolding herself. The Tongue is in downtown, why would anyone from there come uptown? she smirked some looking at her fully cleaned face and removed her snake bites. She was not allowed to wear them when she worked here. She also removed her rings, but kept her bracelets on, then slipped off her cuff earrings and left her first and second earrings in, since they were simple studs and she left her septum in however, it was small and barely noticeable. As she was about to step out she could hear Deter on the phone in his father’s office.

“Ma, Abby is opening this morning and she just got out from her other job… ja” suddenly she heard a little knock on the door. “Abby, the cupboard next to the sink, third shelf.” Blinking a few times, Abby sees a pair of her washed faded jeans and a long sleeved black ribbed shirt. Sighing with relief she went to say thank you, but Deter was already gone.

Restuarant Main Entrance

The restaurant was already starting to smell like maple syrup, and Deter was in the middle of making the pancake and waffle batter. Fully changed and feeling a little more comfortable, she went to walk over to Deter as she tied the apron in front of her, her hair up in the uniform bun.

“Deter…” she started, but he turned away from her and Fredreich handed her a sheet of paper.

“Today’s specials, write on the board please!” Fredreich said. Abigail nodded taking hold of the paper. Looking up at the cleaned chalk board where the specials were posted, she grabbed the chalk and the stepping stool. Climbing up she studied the paper then started to write the specials down one by one.

Apple Stuffed French Toast
Kielbasa and cheese stuffed Pierogies with mushrooms and onions
Kielbasa Omlet served with Pierogies and Potato Bread
The Lone Ranger: Western style omlet with ham, kielbasa, peppers and onions and tex-mex cheese blend with bread baked beans homefries
Belgian Apple Pie: Belgian Waffle with fried apples and strudel served with whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream
Berta’s Brunch: Serves 4 Strudel Pastry, fruit, cheese, potato bread, Vienna sausage

RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
January 09, 2014 10:33PM
Sidewalk Outside the Bar

Kali held her raised eyebrow before then hearing Pandora perk up with a response, although not the response she expected Kali shrugged it off and then turned to look at the two cars in front of them. “Wow, looks like someone’s gonna get a ticket…” She laughed to herself and then turned back to her girls and shook her head at Simone’s actions.

“Crazy girl, I swear. I’m going to get you a yoga ball… just you watch.” Kali winked at her and Pandora before then turning to Ame who looked lost in her own world. “You alright, hun?” Kali asked. And just before she could hear her response Pandora yelped in excitement.

“She’s a sex fiend. I knew it!” Kali howled with laughter and wiped her eye before the tear ran down her face. It was then her entire expression changed as Pandora began to look at her and Ame.

“She does know the waffle house is 10 miles away, right?” Kali shrugged and sighed tiredly.

By this time Pandora had ushered Ame over and had begun to wave down a cab. And just as it pulled up she pushed Simone in and looked back at Ame to see if she had followed suit in climbing in before then looking around and spotting Kali.

“Pancakes and waffles await, my ladies. And I’m buying. Kali, you taking your car or you riding with us?” Pandora asked with excitement. Kali smirked at the two cars in front of the bar and whirled around to look at her gal pal. “Uh, no, Imma take my car. I’ll be good.” Smiling softly she winked at her and watched as Pandora waved bye, told her to be careful and to text if needed before the cab sped off in the direction of the Waffle House.

End scene for the Ladies at The Poisoned Tongue- Thread Change to Waffle House-

Streets of Uptown Seattle

It was rounding 4:30 pretty quickly, and by the time Kali had gotten into her car she had already glanced back at the bar as if something was happening inside, a number of times. “Probably just my imagination” She thought to herself.

With everything that had transpired during the night she had completely forgotten her recent argument with her husband, and instantly it replayed in her head.


Kristian looked over to her while he grabbed the plane ticket from the dresser drawer. “Is there no other way I can get you to change your mind, I know my way around an office and can be pretty persuasive…” Kali had said to him. He had heard enough of her words, this business meeting needed his sole attention if it was going to be successful and with her there he wouldn’t be able think clearly, her scent now almost made him want to strip and take her there and then, but this negotiation was one that had been held off for too long.

He needed to be clear that this was not a meeting for her to involve herself in and being soft on her would get her nowhere. He proceeded away from the dresser. ” I said no and that is the end of this discussion… Kali!.” He looked at her for a mere moment as she crossed her arms, pouting and growing angrier by the second. “I have a right to go with you if I want to, you can’t force me to stay here Kristian.”

Ugh.This woman was impossible to work with. His palm began to twitch and before he thought better of it he placed his hands on her cheeks and held her gaze. “All I want is your happiness and safety, but I need to go to this meeting on my own.”

As the words left his lips he half-smiled and walked away from her, gathering the last few things before opening the door. He stood still for a moment as she finally wished him a safe flight and then he closed the door.

End of Flashback

Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House Parking lot

Finally veering the final street corner sharply Kali sighed and swerved into a parking spot before finally thrusting her car into park. “God… what the fuck is wrong with me?” Kali sighed heavily just as she had at the bar and face-wheeled. Instantly her windshield wipers turned on and she yelped, springing her body back against her seat and hitting her head hard against the wheel yet once again. “Fucking shit… are you serious?”

Five minutes had passed on and she had rubbed her head a number of times before relaxing herself in her seat and waited for her girls, and then grabbing her phone before sending out a mass text to her girls, Abby included, that she had arrived at the Waffle House. “Hey loves… I’m here. See you soon. XoXo- Kali Grey.”

Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
January 10, 2014 06:09PM
Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House


“If it’s one thing I hate about taxi cabs. It’s the fact you usually end up in the wet spot.” Simone groaned, as she felt something slimy under her gold hot pants. “Not to mention it smells worse than the PT men’s toilets in here. Ugh.” She unclipped her clutch and took out a small air freshener and gave it a few squirts, trying to kill off the horrid smell. How did she know about the Men’s toilet at the Poisoned Tongue, you might ask? You may not want to know.

Arriving at the Waffle house, Simone was one of the first to pile out, checking her ass with her free hand to see just what she sat in. Whatever it was, it was funky. Grimacing, she looked at the other girls before sighing. “My ass is wet for all the wrong reasons.” Not waiting, she headed into the Waffle house to go to the ladies’ loo to clean herself up, if that was at all possible. She would throw in her share for the cab later, though she felt more like she should get a refund.


In the ladies loo, she managed to get some paper towels, and started to clean off the back of her pants, as the filtered german music was playing. The room was so..so..German. With scenes on the walls in murals like the set to the Sound of Music. It was actually irritating. Once she got the soil stain off her pants, Simone went about fixing her face and her hair…again. Perhaps she was a touch vain, but could you blame here with her looks. Pleased with the end result, she took out her lipstick and scrawled a message on the glass mirror over the vanity. She then blew herself a kiss, before taking up her purse, and going out to the main part of the restaurant, to see where the girls were sitting.

The message on the mirror;

“Every woman needs a man that smears her lipstick, and not her mascara.”


Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
January 10, 2014 06:17PM
The Poisoned Tongue- Bar

Alex turned to Julian before pushing him against the bars wall, kissing him firmly and laughing into his lips. “That was close…” Julian cringed in surprise at the sudden kiss and laughed awkwardly. Here they were, in the bar, alone. Julian took a deep breath before turning back to the door and then towards Alex again. “So, what do you say?” Alex’s brow rose at Julian’s question. “Yea..,” Alex knew Julian was talking about the famous waffle house uptown. Alex licked his lips at the thought of the delicious food they served. “I’m game…” Julian winked and slid from under Alex’s pinning position and began making his way to the door. “Come on then.”

Alex blinked and then turned to look as Julian began motioning him to follow. “And how do you expect to get out of here? It’s locked, remember?” He smiled and crossed his arms waiting for Julian’s smart ass remark. Alex’s feet shifting to and fro as he drew closer to where Julian stood waiting.

“Well you see,” Julian began to thrust his arms forward as he began to explain. “I was hoping you could, you know. Show me that neat parlor trick you did in the bathroom.” He winked at Alex. Alex smiled and laughed at this. “Cute, but my ‘parlor trick’ is no trick. It’s more of a gift. And besides… if I was going to show you a trick, it’d be in bed.” Alex looked into Julian’s eyes and winked before grabbing a hold of Julian’s arm and dragging him with him, towards the door and straight through it.

The Poisoned Tongue- Sidewalk

“So, we can take my car, and I can–” Julian had begun to explain before Alex cut him off. “No, it’s alright, I’ll take my car, it’s just a scratch.” They both looked at each other slightly confused before exchanging numbers and parting ways.

“Bet you I’ll make it there before you.” Julian texted Alex. And not a second after… the race was on. Julian jumped into his car, thrust it into drive and took off down the road, his destination… Fredreich’s.

Streets of Uptown Seattle

Alex watched as Julian sped off, dazed and confused as to why he instantly saw the flash of his cellphone and a small buzzing noise escaped the speaker. *bing* “Bet you I’ll make it there before you.” Oh it was so on. Alex smiled widely, hopped into his car and pushed his foot on the gas shortly after placing it in drive and swerved in the direction of Fredreich’s. His hand fiddling with his phone as he then quickly sent a reply back to Julian. “Yea, good luck stud… this is one game I’m not about to lose.” He smirked and laughed before placing his hand back on the wheel and looking ahead of him, trying to focus on the cross streets in case their was a way to possibly shortcut it.

*bing*Julian’s phone binged with a new message from Alex. . “Yea, good luck stud… this is one game I’m not about to lose.” Julian smiled at the text message and raised a brow. “He’s flirting with me…” Julian thought to himself.

A small laugh escaped his lips as he then came to a stop at a light and began speed texting a reply back to Alex. “Let’s get straight to the point here… I like you, you like me. If I win, I get to go back to your place and we have dinner later tonight. I mean… not that we’ll be eating, of course.” Julian sent the text and laughed before turning around to see if Alex had caught up to him. He hadn’t and just as Julian looked back in front of him the light had turned green, he dropped his phone and took off once more.

Alex sighed and looked ahead of him as he turned left at the fork in the road and smiled finally having found a shortcut. His smile came all too soon, because as soon as he was down the street he hit a light. Instantly his phone vibrated and sent off the same noise it had again. “Julian.” Alex thought with a straight smile on his face.

“Let’s get straight to the point here… I like you, you like me. If I win, I get to go back to your place and we have dinner later tonight. I mean… not that we’ll be eating, of course.” Alex let out a howl of a laugh at the text and instantly replied with ease.

“Sounds like a plan… I don’t mind dinner with you, I had fun last night.,” Alex smirked and let out another small laugh before continuing to reply. “But, in regards to the not eating part… we’ll see, if you really wanna play this game with me, you’d do best to keep in mind. I’m the devil in disguise.” Send. Alex nodded to himself and then put his hand back on the wheel before finally moving forward to find a place to park in front of the Waffle house.

Julian cringed as the time frame grew to a close. He knew he was just down the street, and just as he veered the final corner, there it was. Fredreich’s. And of course, he should have known. “Bloody hell!” Julian thought to himself. Alex had beaten him. He let out a small sigh of disappointment before then pulling up behind Alex and jumping out of his after parking it. “Good game…” Julian smiled as Alex had slowly gotten out of the car. “Yea, maybe next time…” He winked at Julian and laughed before clicking send on his latest text.

“Even though you lost, dinner sounds great.” Julian heard the *bing* noise from his phone and began reading the text from Alex. A smile crossing his features as he looked up and followed after Alex who had already made his way inside the diner. “Whoah, hey… wait up.” Julian laughed and spoke out and reached for the handle, entered the diner after Alex and looked around the place before extending his hand out to Alex… waiting to see if he’d take it so they could find their seat somewhere and wait to be asked about their meal for the day.

Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
January 13, 2014 06:40AM
Waffle House – Sidewalk Curb

The ride in the cab was interesting to say the least. Simone complained about everything from the smell of the car to the crud on the seats. She was right of course, but Pandora wasn’t about to let her know that. Her head would swell bigger then a balloon filled with helium.

The cab screeched to a halt outside the waffle house and the cabbie turned and glared at Simone as she practically tumbled from his car, still complaining.

“Crazy drunk whore!” he yelled. Pandora glared and slapped a hand over his bare forearm so that he could feel the unusual burn her touch caused.

“Call her a whore again and I’ll rip your lungs out and barbecue them.” she glared. She tossed a couple of twenties in his face before slipping from the cab, slamming the door behind her as she did. Not wasting a second, the cabbie stomped on the gas and drove away in a squeal of tires, leaving behind tracks on the road and the smell of burning rubber.

Pandora turned in time to see Simone yank open the door to Fredreich’s with more force then necessary and beeline to the ladies room. Pandora, noticing the hours posted for opening, sighed. Following along at a more calmer pace, she noticed both the owner and his wife standing at the counter. The smells of baking breads and such permeated the restaurant and caused her stomach to rumble in appreciation.

“Fred, Berta…I am sorry for us barging in so early. I didn’t realize you wouldn’t be open yet.” Pandora, who held great respect for the Pohl’s, as unusual as it seemed, apologized on behalf of her friend.

Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
January 13, 2014 07:17AM
Waffle House – Just outside the Ladies Loo

Simone emerged refreshed and clean, only to notice that there weren’t too many clients.

“Wow Fred, business must be really slow, huh?” Completely oblvious to the fact that they arrived an hour before the usual opening time. Course, Simone managed to pick up on what Pandora had just said and the apology about “Simone” entering before hours, and Simone rolled her eyes.

“They love us. I always get the He man hungry man special, right Fred?” Simone said, flicking back her hair, as her cellphone vibrated in her clutch. “Well, at least someone wants me. Hello, this is Simone…” Her voice trailed off as she went to sit at the girl’s usual booth. After a few minutes of one sided conversation that comprised of “Shut Up!”….”The nerve..”..”So how big was his dick?”….and lastly..”I think you dated Franken-Cock.”, Simone finally hung up from her call, and put her cell phone away, only to reach for the menu on the table and start perusing the choices.

“I don’t feel like a He man this morning. Hmm…what to have…what to have?’ Simone simply couldn’t decide, and slapped down the menu, wondering what was taking the others so long. Absently, she sung out to Pandora;

“Dicks…why can’t they all be the same size? By the sounds of it, this guy Erica dated had one the same size as Mister Ed’s. Hello? Fucking a guy with a huge dick, is like trying to scale Mount Everest and only getting to Base camp one.”

Erica Stanton was one of Simone’s more…obnoxious friends. One would only hope she didn’t fancy waffles at five am.


Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
January 13, 2014 04:46PM
Waffle house- Booths

Alex had accepted Julian’s hand and was instantly dragged off into the direction of one of the homey-looking booths. Alex was the first to slide in and then looked up at Julian with a questionable gaze and offered him a seat beside him before then watching his expression change from a frown to a smile, Julian shook his head and sat across from Alex and turned his head to the right, placed his arm on the table, elbow up and began biting his thumb nail. “So tell me…” Alex broke the awkward silence between them and smiled while laughing, Julian turned to look at him with an expression that said ‘Hmm?’ “How is it you were able to drive so well, and so fast might I add… when you were ‘supposedly’ drunk?” Julian curved his lips into a smile before placing both arms flat on the table, one against the other as he patted his hands in a rhythm and responded almost instantly. “I have this great ability, it’s called…. Immunity to being realistically drunk.” Alex almost howled with laughter before spotting the owner of the diner, and with his elbow now propped up he gave him an awkward wave and smiled. Julian turned just then, possibly after seeing Alex wave to someone. Probably out of slight jealously, but when he noticed who Alex had waved at Julian let out a small laugh before waving to the Fredreich.

“Yo, Freddy, how’s it going man?” He waved him down and smiled, wondering if the man had remembered him from his visits at the diner with his mother. “You know the owner?” Alex questioned before then leaning back in his seat. Julian shifted his body around and nodded before watching a woman sweep herself out of the ladies room. “And look what the cat dragged out…” Julian smirked and eyed the woman who’d he caught the name of from the bar.

“Right on cue” Alex had said, and as he had said it Julian then turned over to see the one and only Pandora enter the diner. “How did you know she was coming in?” Julian asked. “I just had a feeling… plus, you honestly think these girls leave each others side?” Alex smiled and then turned to look at the way Julian had mulled over the question. “Honestly, no. I don’t think they do. But I have to wonder where that other woman is…” He furrowed his brow and instantly snapped his fingers as he remembered the name. “Kali!” He had said a bit too loudly. Alex brought his hand to his face and shook his head at the display of Julian’s tone of voice.

“Keep it down… you just went from being as quiet as a mouse to as loud as an elephant.” Julian winced as if the comment had heard, he placed his hand on his heart and began to display an act of being hurt. “Alright, alright… Chill out.” Alex placed his hands in front of him. “So, did you really act drunk?” Alex asked. “Well, to be honest… I wasn’t exactly lying to you in my text.”

It was finally Alex’s turn to blush, and as he did so he leaned over the table and stared intently into Julian’s eyes before everything in the restaurant grew quiet. “Why don’t we figure out what we’re going to eat for breakfast…” Alex closed in proximity and moved his arm from the table to brush against Julian’s cheek, his firm, strong hands guiding along his jawline before holding him by his chin and pulling him for a warm and lustrous kiss. One filled with complete mystery, want and hidden intent. Julian blinked at the sudden boldness displayed in the diner, his stomach already craving for the wondrous bread and food alike that filled the air with it’s glorious smells. But now, this man, Alex. Had kissed him, a full frontal assault to his lips and in that moment Julian whimpered and submitted to Alex’s will and lips. His mouth had been overtaken by such seeming ferocity that made his stomach cave. It took everything in Julian’s body to keep himself still and not hop over the table to push himself onto Alex and further the kiss. But by the time Alex had finished and relaxed back in his seat, everything on Julian’s face said ‘wait’…’come back’…’I want more…’ But instead Julian pushed himself back onto the booths seat and began flipping through the menu to figure out what he’d wanted for breakfast, all while stealing looks at Alex and waiting for someone to come to their booth.

Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
January 19, 2014 04:12PM
Fredreich’s Waffle House

Apple Stuffed French Toast
Kielbasa and cheese stuffed Pierogies with mushrooms and onions
Kielbasa Omlet served with Pierogies and Potato Bread
The Lone Ranger: Western style omlet with ham, kielbasa, peppers and onions and tex-mex cheese blend with bread baked beans homefries
Belgian Apple Pie: Belgian Waffle with fried apples and strudel served with whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream
Berta’s Brunch: Serves 4 Strudel Pastry, fruit, cheese, potato bread, Vienna sausage

“Yoo hoo!” she heard the jolly voice of Berta Pohl sounding from the kitchen. “Mein sonne aren’t those breads in the oven yet? We have to open soon! Oh my, oh my it is quite chilly outside…” she shook her head as she finished up her writing of the daily specials on the chalk board. The writing was slow because she had to make sure the writing was neat, legible and precise. Just as her boss would want it. She could hear bickering between the married couple in German and could not help but smirk a bit. She was beginning to die down. Her energy lowering with each passing second. She needed a cup of coffee, desperately. She suddenly felt her phone buzzing in her back pocket, but if she was caught checking it in the middle of the restaurant, Fredreich would have her hide.

“Yoo hooo!” she heard Berta calling. Turning her head she could see the woman peeking out at her from behind the pick up window for the waitresses. “Yoo hoo Abby!” she called out, her heart shaped face already a bit red from the kitchen and her thick hair tied in a large, long braid. Abby smiled to her and waved back. Suddenly Berta’s smile faded as she started talking to her husband once more, and the bickering in German continued. As she started to step down from the stepping stool she almost lost her balance. Just as quickly as she heard the bell from the door open, she felt a gust of wind rush past her. Being tired she almost fell, but her shadow darted out behind her keeping her from falling, and her feet landed on the floor with a hard thud. Berta and Fredreich stood near the open counter studying sheets of the inventory and talking amongst themselves. Abigail looked from where she stood toward the female figure that suddenly disappeared in the woman’s loo and shook her head blinking a few times.

Deter walked over to her with a soft smile. “You all right?” she nodded slowly, closed up the stool and went to put it away. Suddenly she heard the bell again. Walking further into the back hallway she heard a muffled woman’s voice:

“Fred, Berta…I am sorry for us barging in so early. I didn’t realize you wouldn’t be open yet.” she wasn’t sure who it was, but she vaguely recognized the voice. A regular, must be a regular.

“Oh deary, that’s all right, have a seat!” Berta was saying. “Welcommen, welcommen!” Next came the voice of another female. She walked into the kitchen where she was greeted by Deter once more, who held a bread basket out to her filled with fresh baked white bread, potato bread and breakfast rolls as well as Berta’s homemade jam and marmalade and whipped butter as well as maple butter.

“The girls that just came in, are regulars. It’s a little early, but set this down for them, they’re usually here a long time.” Deter explained. “Can you bring this out to them? Table nine.”

“Wow Fred, business must be really slow, huh?” she heard the muffled speech. Looking over to table nine she blinked and pressed her back against the wall. They were at the club. How could she not know who they were at the club. She knew there was a reason she kept looking them over at the club. She knew them from somewhere, how could she have forgotten? She inwardly cursed, and Deter studied her carefully.

“Something wrong?”

“No… no. I’ll take this out.” she said carefully. Taking hold of the basket of fresh bread and jams she slowly heads out of the kitchen. Breathing in slowly she puts on her “best waitress smile” then walks over to the girls, then noticed two gentleman were also seated in a booth nearby.

“Dicks…why can’t they all be the same size? By the sounds of it, this guy Erica dated had one the same size as Mister Ed’s. Hello? Fucking a guy with a huge dick, is like trying to scale Mount Everest and only getting to Base camp one.” the female in hot pants said. It took everything she had to not laugh at the comment. She then slowly cleared her throat placing the bread down with two plates.

“I’ll be right with you.” she said over to the two gentleman who were very much engaged in one another. Then turned her attention to the girls. “Welcome to Fredreich’s original waffle and pancake house. Here is some fresh bread for you, just got out of the oven, and Berta’s special jam and marmalade. Can I get you lovelies anything?” she asked her gentle voice sweet and chipper despite her exhaustion. Inwardly she prayed the two women would not recognize her from the club. She did not want it to be well known that she worked here and was also a DJ. Some people frowned upon DJs, and had a tendency to judge her. Out the corner of her eye she watched Berta lay down a basket of fresh bread for the two gentlemen.

“Very chilly this morning isn’t it? ” she asked in her jolly voice. “Thank you for coming to my waffle house, are you coming in from a long night? What can I get you boys?”

Abigail envied the woman. She couldn’t help but wonder if Berta got juiced in the morning with some hyped up drug to be so chipper. She smiled sweetly to the two women waiting to hear what they would like.

Re: RP: Fredreich’s Original Pancake and Waffle House
February 14, 2014 07:52PM
Fredreich’s Original Pancake House Parking lot

It took not even 10 minutes before he finally reached Fredriech’s Waffle House. The outside didn’t look all that great compared to rest of upper Seattle, but the employees put passion into what they served their customers, which is one thing that Kristian loved about his food. It wasn’t long before he found a place to park his car in the parking spots, it was right next to another car like his, almost similar looking to Kali’s. Grabbing his wallet, Kristian exited his driver side door and clicked in the button attachment on his keys to lock the car. Without the tint on his window, he could now see that this was his partner’s car. She too must have come here to eat. However last he heard she was out with her friends clubbing. It made him wonder if that trouble-maker Pandora was hanging around here somewhere, or even worse…Simone. As the car door opened slightly, his eyebrow raised, and then suddenly figured she must have just parked as well. Before Kali even had a chance to open the door, his fingers gracefully reached for the separate handle and apprehended her door open, detaining her from doing it herself. “Well, I did not expect you to be here Mrs. Grey.” He smirked, and waited for her to exit the vehicle before he would close the door softly. The interior of her car was almost as fancy as his, but his unexploited the smell of perfume.