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Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
February 21, 2014 05:39AM
3C – Simone Jackson & Erica Stanton

You could hear the angered grumbling of one very pissed off Simone as she struggled to find the keys to her apartment in her oversized sportsbag. Inside 3C, Erica was enjoying an afternoon delight; a martini, whilst flicking through a copy of the latest edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. With a snide look as she tugged at each of the pages to see that the fashion editor for that edition had stolen some of her own layout ideas, Erica’s attention was drawn to the front door. Clearly, Simone was still in a pickle out in the hallway.


“Did you forget your keys again?” Erica said absently, still leafing through the mag. There was three large knocks at the door, followed by what sounded like a kick. “I take that as a yes.” Erica chortled, releasing the page from between her well manicured fingernails, and then sliding off her bar stool to trot on over to the door. She undid the various locks and bolts, to then open the door, only to see a very red faced Simone on the other side. She was still wearing her gym gear, and without warning, she pushed past Erica into the plush apartment.

“I need a drink!” Simone growled, whilst Erica stood there looking dumbfounded. “Well that’s nothing new. What happened? Drop a dumbbell on your big toe, or did Macy get that breast job and show it off in the locker room?”Erica loved gossip as much as the next girl, and simpered after Simone, once she had closed the door. Simone tossed her sports bag on the couch and then stood there, hands on hips, set to throttle the next poor unsuspecting male that ever crossed her path. She tipped her head back as she fought to find the words to express how she felt. Erica waited with baited breath, going as far as to chew her bottom lip in anticipation. “Oh…this is good.” She had to admit it, Simone looked incredibly sexy when angry. Finally Simone found the word.

“Asshole.” It rolled off the tongue as though fired from a gun. “Who?” Erica needed a bit more intel, than just that word. “You just described about ninety nine point nine percent of the population.” Simone rolled her eyes and then said with a shake of her head. “Kristian. The enigmatic Kristian Grey.” Now it was starting to come out, and Erica looked a bit surprised. “Doesn’t he like…own half the city?’ This was probably a fair statement, but it riled up Simone even more.“Oh…he would like to THINK he owns everything. Including me and Pandora…but I am telling you, if he so much as opens his trap in front of me again, I am going to ram my size nine stilettos down his throat.”

Erica looked like a fish that had just been caught by a trawler, her mouth agape as Simone continued to rage.

“It was me, Kali and Pan..off to have some lunch on board the big boat thing near the Balls of Steel gym, right? And he shows up. First he calls us after superheroes. Well, he called Kali and Pan superheroes. Me? He called me Barbie. Do I look like Barbie..to you?”

“Is…that a trick question?” Erica asked, now starting to see humor in the situation.

“Grrrr…well he is a Ken doll with no balls, if I’m Barbie.” Simone growled, as Erica covered her mouth to stifle her laughter. “And…then what happened?” Erica watched Simone pace back and forth in the center of the living area. “He goes and orders our lunch AFTER Pan had already said she would get the tab. I mean, who does that? It’s not like he was even invited.” Simone saw Erica’s martini and snatched it off her, downing it in one go. Erica forgave her for that, but normally she would have slapped her for stealing her drink. Instead she asked “So..he ordered. Is that so bad?”

Simone slammed the glass down on the coffee table, nearly shattering it.

“Don’t you get it? He is a Dom..or should I say DUMB. If he thinks he can boss around every woman on the planet…I mean, sure Kali might get off on her husband being Mister High and Mighty, but no one….EVER treats me like I am some side show alley prized doll.” That said, she snatched up her sports bag and stormed into her room, slamming the door.

Erica stood there looking perplexed and then tipe toed to the door and tapped lightly.

“If you really want to get back at him, there are ways.” Erica suggested, as the door opened slightly. Simone was obviously interested. “How?” Her best friend simply grinned and said. “Let me in, and I’ll tell you.”

Simone thought for a moment, then opened the door fully, allowing Erica into her bedroom. Erica closed the door, and from that moment, all you could hear was girl like giggles, as the plotting began.