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Fifty Shades of CRAY CRAY

Live Role play on the client of IMVU 19th February, 2014

Ladies Night

Writers :

Location : Balls of Steel Gym 

Part Two


T1Legend: /Two/ folded pair of a socks. And a roll of quarters. Giggidy.

KalypsoGrey: Kali sighed heavily before then shaking her head at everything around her, a sudden buzz coming from her phone in her bra just then. She reached in her bra, retrieved said phone and instantly read the text.: Taylor- “A few people just came outof the gym, is everything alright Mrs. Grey?” It was Taylor her body guard checking up on her again, and before she had the chance to reply back she turned to view the fight and then Simone and some random block head hitting on her. “Hey! Back the fuck off, prick…” Instantly a pool of energy slowly started whirling inside of Kali as her anger slowly began to build. If this went on any longer, things would not be pretty for anyone.

T1Legend: “Okay,okay. Say no more, clearly you’re all gay! I know when I’m not wanted. ” He continued to work the crowd, but this time he walked quietly up behind another girl and thrust the knuckle of his right hand into her back. ” I have a .45 pressed against your kidney. Would you like to get some coffee? ”

Morinehtar: She succeeded in pinning the woman with no problem, but as she grabbed for her arms, an odd thing happened: A burning sort of stench began to fill the air. Now, much as Roisin liked the idea of her insults manifesting as actual burns, she couldn’t think that was the case. Something funky was going on. The woman’s skin was heating up fast. Pulling herself up and back quickly, Roisin sprang back, fists ready. What the fuck?
KalypsoGrey: “I’m fucking married you bitch… now leave my best friends alone. Get lost!” She screamed at the man.

KalypsoGrey: “Good, I wouldn’t have wanted you anyway… Pfft… bye.” She stated as the man flipped his hair and walked off.

LadyBelz: She felt when the woman released her arms and moved away, allowing Pandora to scramble to her feet, eyes blazing in her anger. “I don’t know what the fuck your problem is, but you don’t insult me or my friends the way you just did. Do it again and I’ll fry your guts for breakfast.” To drive the point home, Pandora shot a short stream of fire from her fingertips at the soles of the woman’s shoes. “Do we understand each other?”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Then…it was like the Gods decided to send in the….one. His name. Andrei..Andrei. With bbq sauce nibblable hips, and a goatie you just wanted to suck off his face, he sauntered through the doors, his gym bag slung across his shoulder as he spotted Mister Muscles. With a cat like grace, he stalked this man of meat and socks, and said in a high pitch voice. “Baby…gotta love a man with..buns of steel. Do you have balls to match?” His eyebrows wiggling suggestively.


FireStar32005: Abby sighed softly, a groan escaping her as she walked into the gym. It had been a long night the night before, and she noted that she was a bit out of shape from her last DJ session. She was easily winded, which was a key sign that a week not working out, was not going to work for her much longer. Slowly walking in she heard commotion and blinked a few times, hesitating in her tracks at the words: “Baby gotta love a man with buns of steel. Do you have balls to match” Blinking a few more times she took her key chain off from around her neck and slid her entry card to clock into the gym with her membership. She almost burst out laughing at the words, but chose to carefully ignore them, and repeat them in her mind and smile as she stepped up onto the elliptical machine her eyes slowly scanning the areas of the gym. Stepping up onto the elliptical machine, she threw her dark, red tipped hair up into a messy ponytail, and started her normal work out regimen: “60 minutes, hills, starting speed…” hearing the machine beep she cringed at the feel of her muscles moving after such a rough night. Tilting her head some as her eyes peered over the others present in the gym she slipped in a set of ear buds playing some of her beats for the next night’s DJing list.-

Morinehtar: Well, roast her on a spit. The woman was magma barbie. Roisin didn’t care about her threats until the woman shot a thing of fire at her feet. Okay, the girl has some firepower. “Suuurrreee” Roising drew out the word as a means of distraction. A water dispensor was to her left. With a kick, she busted it, sending water spraying directly towards Pandora, probably soaking her if she hadn’t somehow moved.

CharlotteCarrendar: “It’s virgin pubic hair. I get it imported from Kazakhstan.” The sultry male model gay creme puff said, with a lick of his lips. He then noticed that the sign for the pool being open flashed, and he made goose lips as Mr Muscles, before swaggering off to the locker room, making a phone like gesture with his right hand and mouthed. “Call me maybe..baby.”

LadyBelz: Pandora saw the woman moving toward the water fountain and guessed her intentions a moment before it happened. She didn’t move out fo the way though, her body temperature going beyond normal means and causing the water to evaporate the moment it touched her skin. The gym became an instant steam room, causing the poor girl at the desk to burst into tears. “I don’t get paid enough for this bullshit! I quit!” she screamed, darting out the door.

CharlotteCarrendar: “I can’t see shit!” Simone cried as the steam was building.

Morinehtar: Roisin stood there, hands on hips, looking at the woman: “Steamy Panda is steamy,” she remarked, eyebrow arched.

FireStar32005: As the gym began to heat up and steam filled the room, Abby blinked a few times and shook her head. “What the hell?” slowly taking out her ear budgs she stopped what would have been a decent work out and stepped away from it. Hearing the receptionist cry out and rush out the door she shook her head and let out a gentle sigh. “Well, I guess she’s not a fan of saunas?” she asked with a little quirk of her brow.-

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone did see that. “Oh now he takes his shirt off.”

LadyBelz: The doors opened once more and a couple of firefighters and a policeman entered. “We got reports of a bomb threat! Everyone needs to clear the building!” the cop shouted.

FireStar32005: “Relax officer…” she smiles tenderly her shadow moving out in front of her just a bit. “It’s just Sauna day at the gym… don’t you like the heat?”

TormentedPerfection: *Suddenly, a fat guy who was passed out on the tread mill rolls around, panting.* “Bomb? What bomb? OH SHIT NO I HAVE DIABETIS STOP.” He struggles to get on his feet, looking like a bitching whale in heat.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Firefighters. Okay, this is too much.” Simone fans herself and skips over to one with an extra long hose. “Quick, spray me down with your hose, mate.” Instead he hoses the fat guy right out the window-


T1Legend: “I’ve got a hose if you need spraying down. ” Bodybuilder pose.

KalypsoGrey: It was then when the police entered did she lower herself to the ground, smile innocently and then made her way over to one of the cops. Her eyes darting to Pan as if to ask her to grab her duffel. “I have police reports to fill out and I am sure to get blamed for this by my husband later on.”

T1Legend: ” Everyone relax! They are probably just here to arrest me…..”

TormentedPerfection: The fatguy finally gets on his feet, to run. Oblivious to whatever happens. he charges forth, but trip, rolling…rolling…and BAM! He spearheads, a ball of pure Fat and Sweets towards the fire fighter, easily setting them off balance if they don’t dodge.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Simone stares at Mister Muscles and shakes her head. “Not into golden showers thanks.”

FireStar32005: Her lips curl into a sweet, sultry smile, normally only saved for the pretty ones at her DJ station. “Anyone mind if we get some beats in here?” she walked around one officer. “Surely you all came here to work out too?”

T1Legend: ” For being too sexy for this gym. ”

T1Legend: ” Happens all the time. ”

Morinehtar: Roisin took that as her cue to make tracks. Darting back around the woman, she went back to her treadmill and snatched up her gym bag, presumably with the scrap of paper with Mr. Muscle’s number inside. She had a few ideas for ways to prank him, but wasn’t sure she was bothered. She then walked out around the firefighters.

KalypsoGrey: Her eyes slowly returned to normal as her hands whirled in a small circle near her waist in an attempt to die down the steam in the room so the gym was back to normal.- “Come no officer, we have much to discuss, no thanks to the sudden situation at hand.”

LadyBelz: Pandora caught the hint and this was more attention then what she needed. She grabbed her duffle and followed Kali outside, breathing in the fresh air. “God, what the fuck was her problem?” she snarled, feeling her core temperature start to return to normal.

FireStar32005: -Grabbing a towel she wipes off her brow, and gingerly drapes the towel around her shoulders, swings over the railing and walks out of the steamed room-

T1Legend: Shot down again, Muscles slinked off to the locker room to sulk. v_v;

CharlotteCarrendar: -Where Andrei Andrei was waiting. In a mankini. “Oooo baby. I like a little lunchbox in the locker room, Suga.” he minced about, pulling hard on his straps and teasing his nipples, while his balls seemed to have dissapeared up his ass-

KalypsoGrey: After having spoken to the officers outside for more than 10 minute she sighed and made her way back towards the entrance, only to see Pan coming out with their bags. “Everything is fine, I promised to pay for the repairs if any were needed to be made, and I also said we would add a sauna in. Apparently it was a good idea.” She sighed and nearly fainted before Pan and then thought better and tried to compose herself accordingly. “Can we go… please?”

KalypsoGrey: “Oh, and I’m in charge of finding a new front desk clerk… joy.” She exclaimed sarcastically. “What else do I have to deal with today?”

LadyBelz: Pandora looked at Kali, wondering where Simone went off to. She nodded to Kali and linked their arms. Simone would catch up to them. “Getting back to my earlier topic, Kal…I want to try with Brock. He’s…different…and he likes me too.”
T1Legend: ” Little! ” He stood up from the bench, indignant. And that was when the roll of quarters fell down his pant leg. ” Awh, who’m I kidding. ” He sat back down, sobbing.

KalypsoGrey: She raised a brow and then nodded while walking with her, her head practically leaning on the woman’s arms. “Ugh, I know. And I’m sorry for earlier. Forgive me Panda?” She sulked then and looked up at her with puppy eyes.

T1Legend: ” It’s the steroids! ”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone was getiting phone numbers of one of the burly fire fighters and was in her element. “I love a man in uniform.” she giggled, taking a fireman’s hat and popping it on her head. “Need a mascot?” One of the other gym members passed her and she sung out, “They already have a dog, Simone.” Simone snarled at the lycra covered skank. “Shut up.”

LadyBelz: Chuckling, Pandora wrapped an arm around her friend. “I’ll always forgive you, Kal.” She grinned, hugging her close. She noticed Kali was looking a little pale and grew concerned. “Did you have breakfast this morning?” she wondered. Not bothering to wait for an answer, she turned toward the iopen doors of the gym. “SIMONE! WE’RE GOING TO LUNCH! MOVE YOUR ASS!”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Giving the fireman back his hat, she heard Pandora call out, and ran on after them. “Wait for me!”

KalypsoGrey: “Honestly no…” She replied to Pandora’s question. The embrace still felt as she then moved alongside her friend and called in unison with her to their girl Simone. “SIMONE! WE’RE GOING TO LUNCH! MOVE YOUR ASS!” She laughed then and moved to turn her head as Simone called back out to them both. “Wait for me!”

LadyBelz: “Where to? My treat.” Pandora stated as the three women piled into Kali’s limo. “Chinese Buffet sounds good right now.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “All that working out and flirting takes a lot out of a girl.” Simone said, panting as she reached them on the curb. As for food. “I could do a china man.”

KristianTrevelynGrey: ~Kristian rode up to the gym after receiving a text from Kali that she was going to the gym, and he took the opportunity to grab her some Tea and lunch. As he parked in the lot, he more heard that saw the sirens that went off out the front, along with Kali and Pandora standing there talking, officers near them. Raising an eyebrow Kristian would look out his window but noticed Kali gathered into a limo with Simone and Pandora. He decided to follow them to wherever they were headed. ~

KalypsoGrey: Kali smiled at her girls and moved into the limo before the three of them drove off down the street towards the nearest Chinese buffet. “Yea, I’m hungry, let’s get out of here.”

LadyBelz: “Hey. Stop the limo.” Pandora called out. The limo screeched to a halt a few feet from the gym. “Isn’t there a restaurant on that yacht across the street? Let’s eat there.”

KalypsoGrey: The limo driver stopped the car and instantly she forgot about the yacht. “OH shit, that’s right…” And just as she turned her head to look, there it was as plain as day. “Alright, let’s get going.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone got out of the limo and headed across the road, going up the jetty to the floating yacht restaurant. She’d been here before, just never straight after gym. Seeing the girls following, she made her way up the gangplank and nodded to the sailor at the top deck. “She’s paying.” Simone said, motioning back to Kali.

LadyBelz: “She is not! It’s my treat, you silly wench!” Pandora argued, following Simone to a prime table overlooking the ocean.

KalypsoGrey: Kali shook her head after telling Taylor to stand by and wait for them. He nodded and parked the car as the girls left and made her way aboard the yacht with the girls. “Hey hoes, calm down. I can pay for it.”

KristianTrevelynGrey: ~Kristian slowed down as the limo driver came to a halt, and he was about to yell at the driver, but instantly spotted the yacht that wasn’t far, and realized they must have been heading there… Kristin drove ahead and tried to reach the yacht before Kali and her friends, to surprise them with an extravagant lunch. He hopped out of the car and reached the plank to walk up onto the yacht, heading into the dining area before he heard a woman say “She’s paying, then another woman contemplating and arguing” Kristian smirked and knew exactly who that would be… and he also knew who would now be paying.


CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone flicked back her wayward ponytail and shrugged. “Okay, fine. She can pay for the next one.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Just then, Pandora’s cell phone rings-

KalypsoGrey: Kali sighed and rose a brow at the sound of Pandora’s phone ring. “Well, get it.”

LadyBelz: Pandora had just sat down when a vibrating sound caught her attention. She had forgotten that she had silenced her phone. She quickly dug it out of her back, checking the caller ID before she would even answer it. It was a number she was unfamiliar with, but she answered it anyway, on the offchance it was Brock. She still hadn’t gotten his number yet. “Hello?”

CharlotteCarrendar: -It was Brock- “Hey…not interrupting you from anything. I…just wanted to hear your voice.” yeah it was corny, but did she have her speaker sound up for the girls to hear. “I felt like I ran off on you at breakfast..and wanted to say sorry.”


KristianTrevelynGrey: ~Kristian followed them as they sat down, and lucky for him it was a 4 seated table.~ “Well well, look at what we have here, the three musk…. No. We have Catwoman, WonderWoman, and Barbie.” ~Kristian smirked and sat down next to them, inbetween Simone and Kali. Leaning over he placed a kiss to Kali’s lips and smiled at them.~ “Here for lunch I suppose? Let’s not waste any time then… food is an important part of the day..” ~He waited for the menus to be brought over~

LadyBelz: Pandora got a silly grin on her face when she heard Brock’s voice. She was well aware that the girls would try to listen in to the call, but at that moment could have cared less. “No…just having lunch with the girls.” Kali’s husband arrived at that moment, “And Kali’s husband.” She blushed when he mentioned wanting to hear her voice. “No need to apologize for leaving this morning. We both had things to do. Um…are you coming over tonight?” she wondered.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone raised a brow when Kristian came along, naming the trio after superheros, and of course regarding Simone as Barbie. She was pretty sure that Kristian wasn’t too fond of Pan and her influence on his beloved Kali. In fact, she was sure of it. “Oh..Hi Ken, I mean Kristian.” Yes, she named him after a plastic male doll with no dick.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Brock breathed a sigh of relief that she was not upset about the fact he took off without doing the dishes, or eating with her. “Tonight?” The very idea of being near her again, after the morning in the kitchen got him excited at the thought of it. “Yeah, once I finish up at work, I can be over around seven.”

KalypsoGrey: Kali slowly began to lean back into her chair as she began to relax a bit, but evidentially, it was impossible to keep up with everything going on. But just then as Pan started chatting away her husband arrived and began to step forward, his words slipping out in a joke… or so she hoped. Before he then sat next to Pandora and her before then gracing his lips against Kali’s. The kiss was short and sweet, but it was enough to sustain Kali for the entire day. “Funny babe…” Her ears then suddenly perking at Pandora’s conversation and the mention of her new beau. “Oooo”

LadyBelz: Pandora’s grin was the stuff of legends and she had to strongly resist the urge to do the Touchdown Dance in the middle of the restaurant. She quickly composed herself. “Seven it is.” She smiled. She turned away from the other girls so that her part of the conversation was for Brock’s ears alone. “Miss you, babe.”

KristianTrevelynGrey: ~Kristian raised an eyebrow at Simone as he stared for a while~ “I’m suprised you almost forgot my name, although Ken is the number 1 leading hot male doll around the world, probably more famous than I.” ~He intended to shrug of her shrudness and looked at the menu as it was brought over. His eyes scanned each thing before he gave it back to the waiter~ ” We shall have finger sandwhiches, some ribs, chinese, sushi and… some mexican food.”

KristianTrevelynGrey: ~Kristian raised an eyebrow at Simone as he stared for a while~ “I’m surprised you almost forgot my name, although Ken is the number 1 leading hot male doll around the world, probably more famous than I.” ~He intended to shrug of her shrudness and looked at the menu as it was brought over. His eyes scanned each thing before he gave it back to the waiter~ ” We shall have fingersandwhiches, some ribs, chinese, sushi and… some mexican food.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Brock’s voice was so smooth as he replied to Pandora’s “Miss you babe.” He was standing outside his CO’s office, and had other officers walking past, so he couldn’t say what he really wanted too. “I’ll see you then, love.” Then he hung up, walking down the hall of the command centre, a smug expression.

LadyBelz: Pandora hung up her phone, a grin on her face that was wiped clear the moment she heard Kristian ordering their food. She dropped her phone into her bag and looked at him. “Excuse me? I know you did NOT just order our food.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “And he called me Barbie.” Simone pouted.

KalypsoGrey: Kali raised a brow after picking up the end line of the phone’s conversation. “How cut–” But she was interrupted then by the now slowly irritated Pandora. “Yea… he did.” she sighed then before leaning back in her chair and pressing her finger against her husband’s chest. “Babe… let the girls order their own food and you can order mine.” She smiled and kissed his cheek as the waiter slowly began coming back for their food, her hand waved him off as if to let him know he wasn’t needed at the moment and the food could be sent back.

KristianTrevelynGrey: ~Kristian shrugged and looked around the room.~ “Well, miss Shimmy Shimmy lip gloss Barbie was porbably looking at her perfect features the the reflection of a spoon. I most always order food for my wife and I. You as well, Pandora… were on the line to what I assume to be someone you care deeply for, considering the blush hiding behind your cheeks and grin upon your face earlier as you hung up. I damn well did just order food for us.” ~He then looked to Kali as she pleaded with him for them to order their own food.~ “it’s done… You may order your own food if you insist, however I am sure the meal that will be provided will be to satisfaction.”

KalypsoGrey: She submitted to her husband then before turning her head from him in frustration, a low grumble escaping her lips. “Whatever…” She scowled. “Sorry girls…” It was clear now that Kali was upset, and she didn’t care for anything more at the moment. Nor did she feel the need to want to eat.

LadyBelz: Pandora bit her tongue on what she really wanted to say. It was a known fact to her that Kristian hated her and it was a sure bet that Pandora loathed him. By mutual agreement, they tried to be civil for Kali’s sake but there were days when Pandora just itched to burn every inch of hair off the man’s body…including his nose hairs. The way he treated his wife got on her last nerve, but for some reason, Kali loved the man. The urge to be insulting was on the tip of her tongue. Instead, she settled for a heated glare at her best friend’s husband and turned to look at the waiter. “I want spaghetti and meatballs, a side of clam chowder, a salad, ranch dressing and an iced tea.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone’s bottom lip quivered and she rose to standing. “Excuse me. I’ll just take whatever comes.” That said, she went out the back of the boat to think.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone’s bottom lip quivered and she rose to standing. “Excuse me. I’ll just take whatever comes.” That said, she went out the back of the boat to think.

LadyBelz: “Now see what you did?” Pandora hissed, getting to her feet and going after Simone.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Reaching the back of the boat, she stood with her hands clasped to the rail, and stared out at the shoreline, as waiters were carrying plates of food to their table. She could hear Pandora coming and could only imagine what was going on at that table now.

KristianTrevelynGrey: ~Kristian just stood there and listened with that “MMhmm” Face as Pan ordered her own 10 course meal and watched as Simone looked as if she was about to burst into tears… and then heard Pandora yell at him~ “I did nothing.” ~He shrugged back, and then looked to Kali, who was set on ignoring him, and would probably refuse to eat lunch at all if he kept it up. In that moment he looked to her and rolled his eyes~ “Fine, but you and I.. are going to have ‘words’ later on this.. ” ~Kristian stood up and walked over to where Pandora was before he yelled towards her, trying to calm his rage, his palm slightly twitching.~ “Go and keepy my wife company, I will talk with her. ” ~He didn’t even wait for her reply, yet simply walked over to the rails where Simone seemed to be lost at sea, and waited for her to say something to him~

CharlotteCarrendar: – Simone could hear it, but hardly believe it. Why? Why was it everytime that Kristian showed up that the unity of the girls was split down the seams? She felt his presence and could smell his cologne as well. She tapped her foot twice, knowing it was going to be her doing the talking. “You might own Kali…hell, you got Pandora tied up by destroying the lease on her apartment..” *she then rounded on Kristian and said with a snarl. “But don’t think for a minute you can pull your dom crap on me. Take your lunch. And shove it up your ass.” With that said, she looked at the other girls with a dead pan expression, then marched off the boat, getting into a waiting cab and sped off for the top end of town.


KalypsoGrey: Kali raised a brow at her husband when he spoke about doing ‘nothing’. A small laugh escaped her when this was said and she could all but slap him right there and then, his own movements making him move from the table, turn to her and speak. “Fine, but you and I.. are going to have’words’ later on this..” She shook her head yet again at him and then waved the waiters in to bring the food before she then whispering to the waiters to bring her a selection of the food she liked. (c)

LadyBelz: Pandora was keeping an eye on both Simone and Kristian and saw when Simone turned toward the man, fury burning in her eyes. The restaurant went dead silent as Simone’s words laced the air before she stomped off the boat. Pandora smirked, mentally cheering Simone. “Take that, you smug sonofabitch.” Pandora grinned to herself. She tossed down her napkin and got to her feet. “I have class in an hour. I will see you later, Kali.” Glaring at Kristian, she grabbed her duffle bag and left the yacht. If he wanted to treat them so badly, he could pay for their uneaten lunch.

KalypsoGrey: Kali could instantly hear the bickering in the area Simone and her Husband were at and as she inched off her chair to hear the conversation more she saw Simone rushing off the boat after giving both her and Pandora a look that clearly said ‘I’m Done’. “Are you fucking serious?” She sighed and exclaimed wildly before then flipping the table over and kicking it against a random side of the boat. “Seriously?!” And it was then, just then she moved her way to the back of the boat where a now lone Kristian stood. ” You really need to control this whole dom thing you got going on. With me, that is fine. But when it comes to my friends, that is never alright. I hope I am making myself crystal clear Kristian! ” By this time, all eyes were on her and her husband when she’d approached him and Pan said goodbye to her. “Please, I don’t often ask for alot but please try and make nice with them… I just… honestly don’t know anymore…” She spoke of their marriage at this point and sighed before moving to exit the restaurant, her voice barely audible when she spoke then. “Just take me home Kristian…” (E)