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Live Roleplay Session on the IMVU Client on February 12, 2014
Roleplay: “Ladies Night”
Players: KalypsoGrey (Kali), CharlotteCarrendar (Simone), LadyBelz (Pandora)

“Wild Encounters: Part 1”



Apartment 7D: Pandora LaRue
*takes place a few days after Tessa and Izu’s Wedding.*

KalypsoGrey: Oh lordy lord lorde.
KalypsoGrey: Looks like you finally did something with the room. I done told you, clean it up and it’ll look much better.
KalypsoGrey: And see… the end result.
LadyBelz: Shaddap
KalypsoGrey: winks-
LadyBelz: Not my fault the only working laundry machine in the whole place is busted.
KalypsoGrey: Mhm… excuses, excuses.
LadyBelz: Kiss my ass, Miss Penthouse Floor. -sticks tongue out-
KalypsoGrey: flips hair-
KalypsoGrey: The perks of having a very rich husband.
LadyBelz: Yeah yeah.
LadyBelz: And some of us enjoy our single life.
KalypsoGrey: -raises a brow while looking over her nails “Did I mention he was a millionaire?”
KalypsoGrey: shakes her head and turns back to the discussion at hand- “Anyway, how’ve you been?”
LadyBelz: I’ve been doing just great. Went to a wedding…Why people spend so much money on something that takes less then an hour to do is beyond me.,
KalypsoGrey: Oh yea… did you know… “-she blinked before then pulling out the magazine from behind her- “You made the front page.”
LadyBelz: -gapes- WHAT?
KalypsoGrey: Yea.
LadyBelz: What the hell???
LadyBelz: Give me the details.
KalypsoGrey: Anyway, it says here that you were spotted leaving the scene with some hot arm candy.
KalypsoGrey: -continues reading-
LadyBelz: ‘Hot Arm Candy’? I wouldn’t use those words around Brock.
LadyBelz: Sexy Man Candy maybe.
KalypsoGrey: “Who this new man of Pandora’s is, we don’t know, but stay tuned because we’re sure to find out.”
KalypsoGrey: Hey, I’m only reading what it says.
KalypsoGrey: Not my words.
LadyBelz: He was the son of the groom. Met him at work. Saved me from a drunk redneck and a mugger all in the same night.
LadyBelz: You were there.
LadyBelz: You saw.
KalypsoGrey: Wait… the same mugger from the previous night?
KalypsoGrey: I thought I told him if I saw his ass again he was dead.
LadyBelz: There was another one?
KalypsoGrey: sighs-
KalypsoGrey: People these days.
KalypsoGrey: They will never learn.
LadyBelz: Tried to steal my tips…which I didn’t have because I turned them in before I left.
LadyBelz: But if he had tried for my bike…it would have been on like donkey kong.
KalypsoGrey: I was about to say, please lord tell me you did something.
LadyBelz: I tried getting the guy to go away…he was going through drug withdrawals…and he had a gun.
LadyBelz: Brock whacked him with a trashcan lid.
KalypsoGrey: Oh good lord, you have a hero.
LadyBelz: Apparently. -chuckles- I bought him coffee and he invited me as his date to his dad’s wedding.
LadyBelz: I had to wear…a dress for Christ’s sake.
KalypsoGrey: He must be in to you.
KalypsoGrey: It is the end of the world… a dress ladies and gentleman.
KalypsoGrey: Laughs-
LadyBelz: And it wasn’t black either.
KalypsoGrey: Oh lord.
KalypsoGrey: Not Black!
LadyBelz: It was a Maroon – Wine color. Brock seemed to like it.
KalypsoGrey: Well then, try wearing it more often.
KalypsoGrey: Or something in that color.
LadyBelz: No way. Dresses give me hives.
KalypsoGrey: Well then get Wine colored clothing.
KalypsoGrey: gets up to look upon her closet-
LadyBelz: If it ain’t black or gray, I’m not wearing it.
KalypsoGrey: Let’s see what we got here.
LadyBelz: Don’t touch my leather!
LadyBelz: Evil wench!


CharlotteCarrendar: Okay..I’m fabulous
CharlotteCarrendar: -squishes titties together-
CharlotteCarrendar: My milkshakes are vanilla -jiggles-
KalypsoGrey: I know I didn’t just hear that bitch say she fabulous! -calls from the closet while tossing leather about-
CharlotteCarrendar: I am so!
LadyBelz: She did say that.
KalypsoGrey: comes out of the closet with leather clothes in hand-
CharlotteCarrendar: Girl got it she gotta share it
CharlotteCarrendar: -juts and pouts-
KalypsoGrey: All talk, no game love.
LadyBelz: Hey! What are you doing with my clothes?
CharlotteCarrendar: Its collection day?
LadyBelz: I don’t think so! Put those back, Kali.
KalypsoGrey: “Oh… these?” She motioned to the clothes in her hand. “They’re charity’s problem now.”
KalypsoGrey: “How nice of you Pandy.”
CharlotteCarrendar: -cough- Gut her.
LadyBelz: No way! I paid good money for those clothes! You are not giving them to some homeless person!
KalypsoGrey: eyes the open window-
CharlotteCarrendar: -eyes Kali’s butt-
LadyBelz: -jumps up from the couch- Put them back, woman.
KalypsoGrey: -stalks toward it-
CharlotteCarrendar: -grabs the popcorn-
LadyBelz: -runs toward Kali, intent on tackling her to the ground-
KalypsoGrey: puts hand with clothes out the window-
CharlotteCarrendar: -can’t get over how fabulous she is and winks at her reflection in the mirror-
LadyBelz: Kali! -tackles her from behind and takes her to the floor, trying to wrestle her clothes away-
KalypsoGrey: -eyes slowly begin to glow over with shrouds of clouds behind them-
CharlotteCarrendar: -counts and slaps the leather couch- 1..2….3
CharlotteCarrendar: All we need is the Rock and we got an orgy
LadyBelz: Give me my clothes back, you slut! -growling-
CharlotteCarrendar: OOo profanity
CharlotteCarrendar: Call her….a skanky hoe
CharlotteCarrendar: with blue waffle
CharlotteCarrendar: :3
CharlotteCarrendar: -pats her hair-
CharlotteCarrendar: -hears crickets- Should I call 911?


LadyBelz: If she doesn’t give me my clothes back, you might have to. How about helping me instead of rubbing your tits, Simone?
KalypsoGrey: winks and moves to pin her arms to the ground while her legs and lower body move about to straddle her waist. “You know… even though I’m married, I go both ways.” winks and continues to hold her clothes away from her. “Always the instigator, you skanky bitch Simone. I heard you got lip surgery. What’s a matter, DSL weren’t working for you?” raises a brow while then turning to look down at Pandy. “It’s alright love. Once we get you Wine colored clothes you’ll feel better. And so will Brock… if you get my meaning.” -howls with laughter soon after-
CharlotteCarrendar: Only way I would get lip surgery was if they were able to extract enough fat out of your ass.
LadyBelz: I hate colored clothes. Get off me, you’re heavy!
KalypsoGrey: -gasps-
KalypsoGrey: You bitch!
CharlotteCarrendar: -grins- You know it.
KalypsoGrey: -moves from about Pandora’s lap and tosses her clothes in here face before then hurling herself towards Simone-


LadyBelz: -shoves Kali off of her while she’s distracted and steals back her clothes- Crazy woman…trying to steal my best clothes. -hangs her clothes back in the closet- I don’t need a makeover. If he doesn’t like me the way I am, then there’s no hope for it.
CharlotteCarrendar: -ducks epicly and watches Kali head for the pot plant-
CharlotteCarrendar: Oh my…look out.
KalypsoGrey: -places hand against the end of the couch and flips right side up-
LadyBelz: Hey! No busting up my furniture either!
CharlotteCarrendar: Sure she isn’t with like…the demolition wrestling team. She gotta lay off the testosterone pills.
KalypsoGrey: Whatever, just because you’re not athletic.
KalypsoGrey: And wait..
CharlotteCarrendar: I’m a dancer
CharlotteCarrendar: and naturally bendy
CharlotteCarrendar: -sticks tongue out-
LadyBelz: She has a point.
KalypsoGrey: So you’re interested in him Pandy?
KalypsoGrey: sighs and catches her breath before then dusting herself off and fixing her hair.-
LadyBelz: I have to admit…he’s easy on the eyes…and he’s got an ass that looks yummy in a tight pair of jeans.
CharlotteCarrendar: Tight buns…the baker’s son.
CharlotteCarrendar: Hehe.
LadyBelz: Don’t squeeze the Charmin. -winks-
CharlotteCarrendar: -laughs-
KalypsoGrey: shakes her head-
LadyBelz: Ah who am I kidding…he’s probably got women lined up by the dozens.
KalypsoGrey: Well… judging from the magazine, he seems to only have his eyes on one prize… And that’s you.
CharlotteCarrendar: Question…you ladies prefer batteries or extension leads for your vibrators?
LadyBelz: Batteries.
LadyBelz: He probably just wants in my pants, like the rest of them.
CharlotteCarrendar: Thinking of going for heavy duty…like..a drill with a penis extension
CharlotteCarrendar: I like a rough ride
KalypsoGrey: Batteries.
LadyBelz: You should look into one of those machines.
CharlotteCarrendar: If he doesn’t want in your pants..he might be gay.
LadyBelz: Oh lord…hope not…
CharlotteCarrendar: Is he a gentleman?
LadyBelz: I think so…flashed some leg and he didn’t try to get fresh.
CharlotteCarrendar: Wow.
KalypsoGrey: He sounds like a keeper.
CharlotteCarrendar: I didn’t think guys like that existed
KalypsoGrey: For now at least.
LadyBelz: It wasn’t even a real date.
CharlotteCarrendar: What was it?
LadyBelz: We went to his dad’s wedding. I wouldn’t call that a date.
KalypsoGrey: Shit, I would.
CharlotteCarrendar: That’s torture
KalypsoGrey: I think it’s kind of romantic.
LadyBelz: Gave me an excuse to drink. -shrugs-
CharlotteCarrendar: True
CharlotteCarrendar: Free bar and all.
KalypsoGrey: Hey you were around family. Did you meet any of his family?
LadyBelz: He’s got 4 brothers…
KalypsoGrey: Oh wow.
CharlotteCarrendar: All men
CharlotteCarrendar: That’s rare
LadyBelz: Big strong men too.
LadyBelz: All muscly.
CharlotteCarrendar: What does he do for a crust?
LadyBelz: I…you know…I haven’t a damn clue.
KalypsoGrey: You should get to know him better.
KalypsoGrey: I’d say there’s no harm in giving it a shot.
CharlotteCarrendar: He might be an exotic dancer….oh wait, that’s me.
LadyBelz: I haven’t heard from him since the wedding…I think that ship has sailed.
KalypsoGrey: Oh, well don’t give into doubt baby doll.
LadyBelz: I thought you called it a stripper?
KalypsoGrey: -agrees-
CharlotteCarrendar: uhm..no
LadyBelz: Same thing.
CharlotteCarrendar: No…I do..other things
LadyBelz: Do you take your clothes off?
CharlotteCarrendar: Not all of them
LadyBelz: Do you get paid?
CharlotteCarrendar: Mhm
LadyBelz: Do strange men try to grab you?
CharlotteCarrendar: At bars?
LadyBelz: Yeah.
CharlotteCarrendar: Uh huh.
LadyBelz: Honey, you’re a stripper.
CharlotteCarrendar: -sighs- I’m still fabulous
LadyBelz: -Chuckles- Touche.
KalypsoGrey: A fabulous bendable stripper.
KalypsoGrey: nods-
CharlotteCarrendar: -smiles-
CharlotteCarrendar: With a killer dildo
LadyBelz: Have you checked out those fucking machines? They do all the work for you.
CharlotteCarrendar: Really? Like you just mount and switch a button on?
LadyBelz: Yeah. Hang on… -starts rooting around under the couch- …I have a catalogue somewhere…AH! -sits back up- Here you go.
CharlotteCarrendar: -takes the catalogue and puts on her dainty glasses-
LadyBelz: -points to the Fuckmaster 5000- That one comes with attachements.
LadyBelz: And a nozzle for water sports.
LadyBelz: -Turns the page of the catalog- This one comes with an anal plug…I don’t know if that’s your thing, but you can go for double pen with that.
KalypsoGrey: Oh she loves the double pen.
KalypsoGrey: You should know this.
CharlotteCarrendar: -she flicks- I don’t like things up my pooper shooter…its…an exit, not entrance.
LadyBelz: Hey I don’t hide out in her closet when she’s getting her freak on. You never know.
CharlotteCarrendar: God gave me a mouth..for talking and a pussy for fucking
LadyBelz: You can do other things with that mouth…so I’ve heard…
CharlotteCarrendar: Although my pussy talks if it gets too much air
KalypsoGrey: I say you give Brock a call.
KalypsoGrey: Leave him a voicemail.
KalypsoGrey: Anyway, he did give you his number right?
LadyBelz: No he didn’t…but he knows where I live…
KalypsoGrey: …
KalypsoGrey: Wow.
KalypsoGrey: Phonebook?
LadyBelz: He picked me up for the wedding. I had to give him my address.
LadyBelz: He’s unlisted. I already looked.
CharlotteCarrendar: So the ball is in his court?
KalypsoGrey: Pretty much.
LadyBelz: Pretty much.
LadyBelz: Anyway…this isn’t about me…Simone needs a fuck machine.
LadyBelz: Or a man.
LadyBelz: Either or.
LadyBelz: Or both.
LadyBelz: -shrug-
KalypsoGrey: So then…
KalypsoGrey: Which do you want Simone?
KalypsoGrey: A man
KalypsoGrey: Or machine
KalypsoGrey: Or both?
LadyBelz: -Snorts laughter and waits for the answer-
CharlotteCarrendar: “I would want…a man that is able to fuck like a machine.”
LadyBelz: Dick like a steel hammer?
CharlotteCarrendar: Sledgehammer
LadyBelz: -Nods- She knows what she wants. Smart woman.
KalypsoGrey: laughs and then hears the phone ring-
LadyBelz: It’s the hubbeh.
KalypsoGrey: walks over to the phone and picks it up- “It’s your house phone…” Answers it and listens to the voice on the other end. “Oh, yea…” She nodded. “Uh, no, this is her girlfriend, who is this?” sighs and then walks on over to Pandora with a slight smirk to her face. “It’s for you.”
LadyBelz: -Frowning, taking the phone- “Who is it?” -she mouths-
KalypsoGrey: Collect caller?
KalypsoGrey: Or is it Brock?
KalypsoGrey: raises brow-
LadyBelz: -eyebrows disappear into the hairline as she puts the phone to her ear.- “Hello?”
CharlotteCarrendar: -standing in his apartment, Brock runs his fingers through his hair as he waits for her to answer. “Yeah…hey. Sorry for ringing like this….but uhm….fancy grabbing a meal on the weekend…my treat. Lunch perhaps in the park?”
KalypsoGrey: listens in-
CharlotteCarrendar: Simone continues to admire herself in the glass table top.
LadyBelz: “Brock? How did you find my number? Not that I’m not thrilled you called, of course…but I don’t recall giving it to you.” -pokes Simone-
CharlotteCarrendar: -Brock cringes and then has a worried expression.- “I uh…checked Facebook, did a trace, then I…uhm…yeah. Well, this is awkward.”
KalypsoGrey: Aww, how cute… he stalks you on FB! -squeals-
LadyBelz: -Slaps a hand over the receiver and glares at Kali- “He’s freaked out already. Stop listening.” -she turns back to the phone.- “I’m flattered by that actually. Um…lunch would be great. When and where?”
CharlotteCarrendar: -Brock breathes a sigh of relief and licks his top lip nervously as he tries to regain his train of thought. “Central west park…about noon. It’s popular with families, and…I thought it might be nice to get to know each other better.”
KalypsoGrey: grabs the phone from her-
KalypsoGrey: “She’ll be there!”
KalypsoGrey: -clicks and hangs up=
CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone rubs her side- “You got a stalker?”
LadyBelz: -Gapes at Kali- “What the hell, Kali?!”
CharlotteCarrendar: -Brock stands there stunned, holding the phone. “Er…hello?”
KalypsoGrey: “What, he’s interested. I wouldn’t turn it down. Plus, he’s kinda cute from the pictures.”
KalypsoGrey: looks at the clock-
KalypsoGrey: You got 45 minutes.
LadyBelz: “I would have at least LIKED to have finished the conversation.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “He might be an axe murder with a fetish. But…its your life, Pan.”
KalypsoGrey: Chop chop!
LadyBelz: Settle your tits woman. I won’t see him until this weekend.
CharlotteCarrendar: I think she just wants to raid your wardrobe again
CharlotteCarrendar: I saw her eyeing off your shoes.
LadyBelz: He drives a Porshe, Simone…what’s that tell you. Kali, you touch my leather boots and I will gut you!
KalypsoGrey: Shakes head.-
KalypsoGrey: I don’t want your boots.
CharlotteCarrendar: He could be a used car salesman.
LadyBelz: Brand new Porshe.
LadyBelz: Not a scratch on her.
LadyBelz: And it had that new car smell.
CharlotteCarrendar: New car salesman?
LadyBelz: -Shrug-
LadyBelz: I’ll ask him when I see him. That satisfy you nosey Nellies?
CharlotteCarrendar: Maybe he is a gigilo?
LadyBelz: Oh now you’re scaring me.
CharlotteCarrendar: -smiles-
LadyBelz: Can’t even remember the last time I had a date that didn’t end with me on my back.
CharlotteCarrendar: So you never got on your back with him?
LadyBelz: Nope. Like I said. Perfect gentleman.
CharlotteCarrendar: Impossible
LadyBelz: He even got to see my boobs in a dress. Not even a grope.
CharlotteCarrendar: only find guys like that in the movies
LadyBelz: -Goes into panic mode- Oh fuck me! What am I going to wear?
CharlotteCarrendar: Clothes?
LadyBelz: Hardy har.
LadyBelz: Lunch in the park.
CharlotteCarrendar: -smiles-
CharlotteCarrendar: Casual
CharlotteCarrendar: Shorts…tank top…hat
LadyBelz: Everything I own is black.
CharlotteCarrendar: Go shopping?
LadyBelz: I hate shopping.
LadyBelz: The colors are so bright.
CharlotteCarrendar: Online?
LadyBelz: Can’t I stick to black? I’m sure I have some black shorts around here somewhere. I have a wife-beater in white.
KalypsoGrey: No, that won’t work.
LadyBelz: Why not?
KalypsoGrey: It just won’t.
KalypsoGrey: Let’s go shopping.
LadyBelz: I hate shopping. I hate malls. I hate crowds. I can barely tolerate that rowdy bunch at the bar.
LadyBelz: First screaming child I see, I’m burning it.
KalypsoGrey: Fine…
KalypsoGrey: Either you come… or I shop for you.
LadyBelz: Oh that’s even worse. You’ll pick something bright…and….-makes a face- girly.
KalypsoGrey: Yea…
KalypsoGrey: So, what is it going to be?
LadyBelz: -growls- Fine. I’ll go. But I’m not wearing girly colors.
KalypsoGrey: Have Simone help you.
LadyBelz: Boob Central??? Miss Vanity herself??? I have a better chance of getting a fat man to do a Spiderpig impersonation.
CharlotteCarrendar: “How rude. I have you know I have discount cards from all the majors, cause of how much I spend on fashion. Looking this good takes panache'”
KalypsoGrey: “I am so sure…”
LadyBelz: “How much does a stripper make in one night?”
CharlotteCarrendar: “Depends, and I do Broadway….so that is $300 a night.”
LadyBelz: “I like black, Simone. It goes with everything, including my bike. I do not want bright pastel…girly colors.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “How many vampires do you see during the day?”
CharlotteCarrendar: “None.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “Case in point.”
KalypsoGrey: “Oooooooo”
LadyBelz: “Dammit. I’m not wearing colors. To hell with that. If he doesn’t like me for who I am, then he’s not worth my time.”
CharlotteCarrendar: -twirls her hair around her finger- “Shame…seemed like a keeper.”
KalypsoGrey: “So then you’re dressing in black?”
KalypsoGrey: “I know, I thought so too.”
KalypsoGrey: offers Simone a piece of gum as she pops a piece into her own mouth-
LadyBelz: -throws her hands up in disgust- “Fine! Have at me! But if he laughs at me, I’m burning all of you to cripsy marshmellow sized bits.”
KalypsoGrey: “Pfft, you can try”


—-Part 2 continued in the Downtown Seattle Thread—-