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Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
February 03, 2014 02:40PM
-As the ball began the guest arriving by carriage or carried on their wings. It was the Princess Illyana with her aunt Lady Ariabell The Golden Song, her uncle Sir Chain and The Growling Winds with his mate her aunt Lady Taja. Ariabell was the golden earth cat that was very beautiful. She looked more refined then a few of these high class women in her long flowing earth green ground. Chain was a fine male specimen he had wind swept yellow hair, like his sister Ariabell. He however was a wind cat, and the oldest of all of Morcal’s children. The interesting thing about him though, is that his eyes were closed, and they appeared to always be closed you had to wonder how he could see with them. Very few have seen what image is reflected in his eyes, but Taja tells those that ask, it will bring you to tears. Taja was nothing special, she wasn’t a supernatural creature at all, she was a plain old cheetah, but, she was given many special talismans and trinkets that were enchanted to both give her the ability to speak and communicate intelligently with those that were not able to talk to cats as the celestial cats were. However as of recently she acquired a new form, one infused with the magic of close friends of Ciar the dragoon that transformed her into a bipedal creature with human features except for the beautiful patterning of cheetah spots all over her skin and through her long tanish golden hair framing her face.

Illyana led the way with her family trailing behind her, Lady Bell to her left, while Chain and Taja to her right the two arms linked together. They had arrived by flight, because of the balls short notice, they had chosen to use their wings to make it instead of following a more tradition approach of carriage and horse. Walking in through they great doors, the Princess of Mirari was announced by the Chamberlin, none of her family were given title, because even though they held high position’s in the celestial cat’s world, they didn’t according to the mortal plain’s government.

Regardless of that Illyana made her way to the out perimeters of the dance floor passing with little interest in the people or what they spoke about. It was then the music began.

“you should perhaps dance with some of the Lords present tonight,” Aunt Bell said leaning towards her niece.

“I would rather eat Dragon Shit,” Illyana said quietly, her voice barely a whisper, but loud enough her Aunt’s sensitive ears could pick it up.

“careful lil one, that can easily be arranged back home,” her aunt responded with warning.

Illyana rolled her eyes and moved to where she could place her back against a wall, she ivory white skin shone erely in the lighting of the ball room, it made her uneasy. The dress maker had done her best in picking colors that would maybe dull the color and give her a more natural hue. It was a dark blue color and well, as far Illyana could tell, she had failed at that task. Though, she supposed it was her fault the dress maker had so much trouble, because illyana with her heritage from her father, could change her skin tone to appear natural, but, she felt like she was telling one big lie to hide anything of her true appearance and she refuse to have anything built upon a lie. Accept her as she is, or don’t accept her at all.


she had refused them to do anything with her hair either the same had gone for her aunt’s, the flight would have ruined anything elaborate. So the ink black mass of hair fell straight down her back to settle against the back of her dress.

Taja stared longingly at the dance floor and her hand reached to the broach around her neck, she still seemed to have moments where she couldn’t believe she was able to wear dresses like this, she herself was dressed in a cream colored ball gown. Chain noticed her staring at the dancers the longing in her eyes told him what she wanted to do. In a matching tux Chain took up his mate’s arm and tugged her onto the dance floor. He had no feline tail but he did have the cat ears and whiskers like the other celestial cats. The two of them joined the dancers in a swirl of fabric chain having to take care that his white wings not hit any one in the process.

As the ball continued Bell made small talk and Illyana brooded quietly against the wall, some more brave souls chatted with her, and even braver souls that knew about the princess’s razor tongue had pleasant conversation with her about politics and her studies in music, finance, and government.

It was then that the crowd drew quiet as the chamberlin tapped his staff and the doors opened.

“Presenting, Her Royal Majesty, Arianna Margred Tarian Rhiannon, Queen of Laegess.” 

Illyana craned her next to see the woman on the stairs, she was very pretty to say the least, but the young girl was already ready to go home. Bell gave her a scolded look to show more interest. She pulled her niece further forward to join the line of dignitaries to watch the queen make her procession to the marching tune set by the musicians.

The queen made it to the dais, and addressed the attendants as the music died.

“Friends and honored guests…” she began, her voice strong and easily carrying to every corner of the room, “This is a very special night for myself. For tonight, all present shall bear witness to my son, Sirus, Heir Regent of Laegess, as he takes his rightful place as King.” There were murmurs through the crowd, some surprised by this turn of events. Arianna ignored them all and continued. “But before that occurs, I ask that you indulge me, as a mother…who shall watch her son be joined in the holiest of ceremonies to a woman he loves with all his heart.” The gasps of surprise were louder that time as the long-time family priest stepped up onto the dais, the music playing once more, this time a wedding march. There were glares from angry fathers hoping to snag Sirus for their tearful daughters as they all waited to see who the ugly beast was that had managed to claim Sirus for herself.

“So we had attended the ball with the thought of this being a celebration first of the prince’s return. And now, it was a coronation/ wedding, oh…how the mortals change there minds quickly,” Bell said dryly not caring about the glances she got from the other royals, Illyana glanced at her aunt and covered her mouth so as not to chuckle to loudly, even her Aunt had moments.

The doors opened again and the mystrious bride to be was shown, Illyana recongized her from paintings in her studies of surrounding kingdoms, the princess of Brax, someone who Illyana had secretly wanted to meet one day. They were kindred in a way…as Illyana to was a hybrid creature, between a species of cat and a dragon. Illyana inside admitted, she hoped this would be a happy ending for the Princess, her thoughts momentarily wondering to a certain fire cat who’s own mates had already shown some acceptance of her.-



Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
February 03, 2014 07:52PM


When she entered, she bypassed being announced. She needn’t make herself known until the young ones were settled in with their lives. Her aunt and uncle could handle things until then. That was her reasoning. That was what she told herself she was doing.

She was lying.

She was just buying time. Buying time until she fell apart. Fooling around until she was driven to insanity and sought out this Calypso. Her little sister – her baby sister – was dead. Winona was gone, and Lorien couldn’t do anything about it. This Ball, this damned Wedding, it was just a distraction. Just a part to play in this world before she was ripped away from it, as she surely would be. Nothing tied her to it any more. She’d never cared much for Rowanna, and she wasn’t on good terms with Elanar. Her aunt and uncle might miss her (well, maybe just her aunt), but she couldn’t care less. They’d only ever been there to serve themselves.

She sat alone in a corner, a small glass of wine in her hand, her face impassive and her posture uncaring. Her right leg was folded over her left and her foot kicked up and down slightly, the gold sandal glinting slightly in the beautiful lighting. It wasn’t a very Elf-like position, but then again, Lorien had never been very Elf-like away from the cold eyes of her uncle.

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February 03, 2014 07:56PM
The Wedding.

Never before had Sirus been so stunned to silence, as he witnessed the arrival of his betrothed; Tempest. She was simply radiant. Words could not possibly describe the feeling that flowed through the Prince, who felt just about to levitate off the ground with the joy in his heart. All around the musings and whispers, as the music played to welcome the bride into the Wedding room. Guests from many lands marveled at her divine beauty, some were jealous others were reaching for tissues to dab away the tears. For it is rare in the realms for a royal couple to marry for love. The walk up the long stretch of carpet would take a good five minutes or so, and this allowed for the arrival of…some late and unexpected guests.

A burst of bright blue light, and the fairy PIya whizzed across the room, showering many in her fairy dust that sparkled and twinkled, before she landed before the Queen.


“I found them, Your Majesty” Piya giggled, as the doors to the wedding room opened, and a small group of royals filed in as Tempest continued her march up the aisle. She may well be unaware, but this wedding, was about to become a reunion of sorts. The tiny Queen of Casterly, who was holding Tog her turtle, handed the Lord Chamberlian her invitation, then teetered back and forth in her tiny pearl coloured shoes. Reading the invitation, his monocle fell from the spot it perched near his eye. He was flabbergasted and then looked down at the crowned Monarch of Casterly. The Queen of Vaas lands. He quickly guided the group, that included Ira and Rashna, the siblings of the late King of Casterly; Henry, and a dressed up and glowing Nanny, who was beaming to see Tempest about to be married to a man she truly loved.

The group were escorted up the front of the bride’s family’s section, and given their seats, as Clarice sat and fanned out her dress, her legs kicking back and forth as she kept showing off her turtle. The vial of Orion, was around her neck, and glowed more brightly than ever. Nanny could see the glowing, and then she leaned over to Clarice and whispered.

“It is time.”

The child quickly placed her turtle into her pocket, and then took off the vial from around her neck. She chewed her bottom lip and glanced shyly at Ira and Rashna, who both nodded, knowing what she was about to do, would not only reunite the family for Tempest, but allow the chance for them to say goodbye.

“All you need….. is love…Tempest.”

She then released the vial from her hand, and the blue crystal shard fell to the floor. A small sparkle at first, and then the crystal cracked, as the mist released came to form the figures of three angels, that had lived, loved, and been a part of Tempest and Clarice’s life.






and Orion.

All looking heavenly, they were glowing spirits, that went from being transparent, to suddenly appearing as though real. Henry in his ceremonial garb, complete with large white wings, and the standard of the King. Metia, with flowing white hair and wings of pure black, and of course Orion, who wore the robes of a Throne. Rashna clamped her hands over her mouth, to hold back a sob of joy, as Clarice ran to her parents, who embraced her, before looking up at Tempest as she was about to wed Sirus. Orion stood in behind them, with a large smile on his face.

If there was one to reunite the kingdoms….it was Tempest.


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February 07, 2014 10:32PM
Tempest hadn’t even noticed her Aunts Clarice and Rashna, Nanny, and her Uncle Ira had arrived for her wedding. Her sole focus was the grinning Sirus waiting for her on the dais. She reached his side and placed her hands in his as they reached for her.

There was a tinkling sound and Tempest turned her head in time to see a crystal vial smash upon the flagstones. Eyes wide, she finally noticed her family sitting in the bride’s section and tears blurred her vision. Sparkles from the broken crystal shot upward like fairy lights before a bright glow illuminated the room, nearly blinding everyone in the vicinity.

When the light faded, Tempest nearly collapsed with shock as she stared at the heavenly forms of the former King and Queen of Casterly and her grandparents, Henry and Metia, and her uncle, the former Throne of God, Orion.

A second pillar of light shot up from the broken crystal, even brighter then the first, causing everyone to look away once more. When the light cleared this time, Tempest thought for sure her heart had stopped. She stared at the form hovering before her, tears running unheeded down her cheeks as she clutched at Sirus.

“Lucan.” she whispered, staring at the glowing form of her younger brother.


“Hello, sister.” Lucan smiled, his voice taking on an echoing quality.

“I am so sorry, my brother.” Tempest stated trying to swallow around the lump in her throat.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for, my dearest. It wasn’t you that caused our deaths, don’t ever think that.”

“But if I hadn’t left, if I had let Grandfather have his way…”

“We would still be where we are this day. Grandfather Brax is an evil man who only cares for himself. He now reaps what he sows. It is not your fault.”

“How is this not my fault?” Tempest wanted to know. “Mother and Father are missing…and you’re all dead.”

“This was foreseen long before you or I were born, my sister. The things that happened, were meant to happen, leading up to this day.”


“Sister, listen well for we do not have much time. We have come to you to place our blessings upon you and wish for you to forgive yourself. You have held on to this guilt for far too long and it is time to let it go. Be happy.” He looked at Sirus and graced him with a warm smile before looking at Tempest. “You have a man who loves you dearly. Do not dwell on past mistakes. Instead you must live for your future, and those of your family. Rise up and be the woman we know you can be. I’m sure I speak for the others when I say I love you. I always have. And I always will.” Lucan smiled at his sister. Releasing Sirus’s arms, she slowly moved toward her brother. She reached out a hand toward him, thinking it would simply pass through him. He surprised her by taking her hand in his own and she felt such warmth and happiness flow through her body, her wings involuntarily sprung forth, much to the shock of everyone in the room who had not known who she was.

The glowing gold feathers were nearly blinding in their intensity, Tempest entire form glowing with happiness.


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February 08, 2014 05:53AM
The Wedding.

~I just want you to know who I am~

What Tempest had forgotten about her own family, was that they were God’s servants. Angels. The closest beings to heaven and it was in this hall, that God had given his blessing that his children could return for one last time…one last goodbye. In the midst of Fae, and Elven, there was the Casterly family, the ones that had fought for light in the fight against the darkness of Tempest’s father’s family’s ideals. But Tempest was of both light and dark. She was the product of love between the two sides, and she was in fact the key to the reuniting of the two sides. Though the Brax were not represented by the likes of Prince Joffrey, who was trying to find his own way in the world now, it was clear that karma had hit home to the Brax and they were now paying the ultimate price for their treachery.

And so, the Casterly family now reunited one last time, watched on, as Sirus turned his beloved towards him. With her magnificent wings having opened and now bathing all in their glorious light, Sirus did something he had not done in a long time. His own wings, of the most beautiful sky blue flew open behind him, and beat slowly in time to hers.

The Priest nodded, and with a smile from the Queen, he began the service.

“Dearly beloved…..

As the vows were to be exchanged, and Sirus had placed the ring upon Tempest’s finger, he held her hand in his, and swallowing hard, he found the courage to say what his heart felt.

“Princess. From the first moment I saw you…I knew you were trouble.” This brought a titter of laughter from the congregation, the Prince being his usual casual self. “You were cocky, brazen, boisterous….and down right annoying.”More laughter came forth, and Clarice giggled since she thought that Tempest’s new husband was a court jester.
Sirus had trouble trying to hold back the quirky grin he used to make, as he described meeting the head strong girl wasn’t a typical fairy story romance. “You…like me, had been told we had to marry for the sake of our kingdoms. You rebelled and ran…I rebelled and ran.” At this he winked at his mother and shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry Mum.” He then held Tempest’s hand tighter and said.

“If I was going to get married, I wanted them to know who I was, not just some Prince. To care for and understand me, what I like….what I fight for. Above all, I wanted someone that I loved. It took a war, battling witches, crossing two continents, to find that love….and she is standing before me now.” At this Nanny burst into tears, and the angelic Metia handed her a hanky which Nanny blew her nose on.


“Princess….Tempest Storm Brax. I loved you the first moment I saw you, and I have loved you ever day since. You are without a doubt, the only woman that can keep up with me, and put me in my place. I wouldn’t be here if had not been for you.” He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it softly.


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February 10, 2014 09:26PM

Having the forgiveness and blessings of those she loved and felt that she had harmed , including her own brother was exactly what Tempest needed to hear. She felt Sirus’s hand on her shoulder and was turned toward him, her eyes glittering with tears. Her smile was bright as he lead her back to the priest so they could complete their union.

Sirus surprised her by exposing his own wings. They were much larger then hers and a beautiful blue color, almost as if the sky had been painted upon them in a glorious work of art.

“Oh Sirus…they’re beautiful.” she breathed, reaching out to touch them with a gentle stroke. He took her hand and kissed her knuckles as they turned toward the priest. With a nod from Arianna, the ceremony began.

“Dearly beloved…..”

The ceremony went off without any issue and as Sirus placed his ring upon her finger, she felt the lock on her heart click open. He kept her hand in his and she looked at him in wonder. He gulped then and she wondered what was wrong before he began to speak. In the silence of the room, his voice carried to every corner.

“Princess. From the first moment I saw you…I knew you were trouble.” There was general laughter from those in the know about how Sirus and Tempest first met. Tempest mock glared at him, a small smile trying to find purchase on her face. “You were cocky, brazen, boisterous….and down right annoying.”

“No more then you, I’m sure.” Tempest replied, as more laughter rang out.

“You…like me, had been told we had to marry for the sake of our kingdoms. You rebelled and ran…I rebelled and ran.”

Arianna giggled at that as Sirus turned to look at her. “Sorry Mum.”

“Forgiven.” she smiled. He clutched Tempest’s hand tighter and continued.

“If I was going to get married, I wanted them to know who I was, not just some Prince. To care for and understand me, what I like….what I fight for. Above all, I wanted someone that I loved. It took a war, battling witches, crossing two continents, to find that love….and she is standing before me now.” Nanny burst into tears and Tempest felt her own eyes welling.

“Nanny, please!” Tempest gave her a watery chuckle.

“I’m sorry, lovie. You just look so radiant.” Nanny laughed, wiping at her eyes with the hanky she was passed. Tempest shook her head and returned her gaze back to Sirus.

“Princess….Tempest Storm Brax. I loved you the first moment I saw you, and I have loved you ever day since. You are without a doubt, the only woman that can keep up with me, and put me in my place. I wouldn’t be here if had not been for you.” And with those words, he again brought her hand to his lips and placed a kiss upon her fingers.

The priest looked at Tempest.

“Well…I’m not sure what I can say after all that but I’ll try.” she stated. “Sirus…you and your family took me in when I sought shelter. Welcomed me as well as hid me from my enemies. Gave me comfort…but most of all…you saved my life. In more ways than one.” Her eyes remained fixated on his as she spoke. “We had similar backgrounds…encouraged to marry, not for love, but for position…something we both rebelled against.” She shook her head to dispel the memories of what happened afterward. “But in the end…what was left…was the love between two people who share one heart and one soul. You are my soul…my other half, my better half. Where I am weak, you will be my strength. When I fall, you will be there to catch me. Here I stand, ready to take that next step into the future…by your side. Your half, your mate, your wife and the mother of your children. It no longer matters to me if you are a pauper, a prince or a king. You are the man I love and I would be proud to stand with you.” She smiled at him as she slipped her own ring upon his fingers. “Sirus of the Laegess…I love you with everything that I am.” And she placed her own kiss upon his fingers against the ring…a closing of a circle.

Nanny sniffled quietly from her seat beside Clarice as Tempest continued to gaze into Sirus’s eyes.

Arianna watched the two of them, her eyes bright with her own unshed tears. This was all she had hoped for Sirus and she was sorry she had tried to force him into it. She felt a hand upon her shoulder and a whisper against her ear.

“We will be together soon, my love.” Leifold whispered across her skin, remaining invisible to everyone in the room. She didn’t turn to look, but knowing he was waiting for her soothed her troubled soul.

“They look happy.” Arianna murmured under her breath.

“They remind me of us on our wedding day.”


“Sirus has made me so proud. I am glad of the man he has become.”

“I made so many mistakes with him.”

“He has forgiven you. He knows you did it out of love. Hold on to that.” She felt a touch to her hair and she bowed her head to hide her tears.

“I’ve missed you, my love.” she whispered. She felt the press of lips to the exposed skin of her shoulder before the sense that her husband was there dissipated. She gathered herself and returned her attention to the closing of the ceremony.

Once that was completed, would be the time when her son would be crowned as King of the Laegess and lead their people into a bright and prosperous future.

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
February 11, 2014 04:29AM
The Wedding.

For a moment, the young newlyweds stood just held in each others gaze, as they had said unto each other their vows of marriage, both heartfelt and true, and there was not a dry eye in the room. The Priest had but one more speech to make, and he puffed out his chest at he did so.

“So to all that bore witness to the exchange of vows, the giving and receiving of rings, I am both honored and proud to pronounce them Husband and Wife. M’lord, you may kiss your bride.”


Sirus had been waiting for this moment the whole day, the chance to take his beautiful Tempest into his arms and kiss her, properly. That…was exactly what he did. A smile so wide and infectious, he put his arms around her, and brought her close, tipping his head to hers and the kissing her deeply, as all watched on and applauded. The Casterly family both living and spiritual were rousing in their applause and happiness, especially little Clarice who was showing her turtle the kissing couple. On the other side of the guests was Willow, Gertie and Klaus, who were all on their feet clapping, and of course, Klaus had out a big old hanky and was blowing his nose loudly. “I always cry at weddings.” He blubbered. Gertie, who normally gave him a hard time for once didn’t go off at him, but instead brought him into a big hug, nearly suffocating the poor man within her bosom.

The orchestra started up the bridal march, and Sirus took Tempest on his arm, to walk her down the aisle, and straight to the ball room, where they would have their first ever dance as husband and wife. Sure, the coronation was to happen, but it was their night, and he wanted to treat his new wife to dance. He whispered as he strolled down through the throng of well wishers.


“I’ve been practicing.” This might make her wonder what exactly, but it turns out that he really wasn’t a very good dancer. Leading her out onto the middle of the dance floor, with a change in the song, he placed his right hand around to Tempest’s back, and then took her right hand with his left. The music started and with many well wishers standing around the perimeter, the Prince led his new wife on a bridal waltz she would not soon forget.