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Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 30, 2014 09:32AM
Rock Island – Mermaid lagoon

“You’re dead wrong.” Celeste screamed, hurling a bolt of mystical energy of pure invisibility at the mermaid, which sent Amber flying up and out of the water, and smashing into a rock wall, then tumbling down into the blue waters without so much as a sound. Celeste may have defeated Amber for the moment, but Celeste was not alone.

And right on cue.

The waters below her rippled as there were dark shadows coming in from the deep. It was clear that the danger was ever present, and while Celeste had managed to expel a great deal of energy at Amber, would she be able to fend off the rest of the mermaid coven? Two large mermen appeared, breaking the surface and throwing back their heads as they did so. Foam of white water built as more and more appeared. Menacing hisses and in human growls filled the cavern. It was not a place for the faint hearted.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” She cried silently. “Celeste Dubois, what have you gotten yourself into?” She thought to herself silently as she slowly began trying to plan her next move.

It was then that Amber re-emerged from the watery depths more vicious than before, this instantly sent a slight shiver down Celeste’s spine. Although tired and weary from not having any sleep she closed her eyes and began to think. The mermaids and mermen were coming closer, and at full throttle, nearly close to a dozen if not more. How would she be able to fend them all off?

And just like a light to a small cavern, she’d gotten an idea, just as the angry Amber released a shockwave like scream, Celeste covered her ears. Her body formed into that of a cradle position as the oncoming waves of crab like creature’s neared her.

And as the final resort finally thinking of the worst and holding onto the last bit of courage she’d had left Celeste spoke. “Fine” She sighed and rose while watching as the crabs came closer and closer. “You can have him. I’ll leave him alone; find my own way in this land, wherever I am. And figure it out.” Celeste eyed the oncoming crabs and fended them off with waves of her hand here and there, sending them spiraling back into the water after slamming into the walls.

Celeste stood idly by, her hands readied to defend herself as she breathed heavily from exhausting herself from using too much energy. “You let me go, and I will never see the prince again.” She sighed and felt her heart push against her chest as she prepared for the worst.

“Just promise me… you’ll do what you can to take care of him, and keep him from harm.”

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January 30, 2014 04:56PM
Rock Island – Mermaid lagoon

It was turning into a nightmare for Celeste, with the onset of crabs towards her and the menacing mermaids and men that were encircling the rock on which she stood, but litte did they all realize the long boat had just entered the lagoon, the pirates having silently lifted their oars as the Captain hung over the side of the boat, making a bee line for Amber. In his teeth was a curved dagger, that glistened in the moon light. Before she knew what had happened, an arm drapped around her neck, and then the blade was held to her throat. He was a Pirate after all, and knew how to fight.

“Listen up, you tentacle covered sea lizards. You are to let the girl go….or I cut this mermaid’s head right from her neck.”

The Captain made good on his threat, while Amber thrashed and tried to bring her hands up to tear his arm away. It was safe to say, that the Captain was far stronger than the mermaid, and he kept the other mer people in his sights.

“Derek!” The mermaid squeaked, as she felt the metal of the blade to her throat. Her eyes practically bulging, and pupils dilated. All the other mermaids and men swam back as they watched on in horror. The Captain had never looked more serious than he had in his life and then the blade pierced her skin, causing her to shriek.

“Let her go.” The mermaid cried, obviously defeated and feeling her blood trickle out from the knife wound, that would soon be attracting sharks. The moment the mermaid made the order, the crabs backed away, and this gave the girl the chance to clamber around the rocks and leap into the pirate long boat. Once she got on board, and only then, would Derek release Amber, and then make the order to sail back to the Lady Bass.


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January 30, 2014 05:40PM
Rock Island – Mermaid lagoon

Celeste felt the effects of having used too much power when tired and sleepy. Instantly as she began to fall towards the water’s edge near the mermaids and mermen out of the corner of her eye she spotted it, the ship; the Lady Bass. Her heart practically leapt out of her chest as instantly her courage reformed and she began rising and steadying herself on the outpost.

“Listen up, you tentacle covered sea lizards. You are to let the girl go….or I cut this mermaid’s head right from her neck.”

The captain had his arm draped around Amber’s neck, dagger in hand ready to slice the mermaid’s neck straight off. Instantly Celeste’s eyes widened at the scene and before she could do any more she looked into Amber’s eyes. Full of complete and utter defeat, she knew Amber was done for, and that she’d lost this one. Celeste looked on as Amber squealed in arms while she cried.”Derek!” she’d cried out. Amber was desperate and felt the cool blade against her neck and instantly Amber commanded to release Celeste.

”Let her go.” Amber insisted almost instantly. Obviously feeling the blood trickle from her skin, to the knife and slowly dripping down her chest, Celeste knew it’d attract the sharks. And thinking on her feet she moved towards the different rocks she’d never noticed before and leapt on each to make her way towards the small long boat to climb aboard then sail back to the Lady Bass.


The Lady Bass

Finally aboard the Lady Bass, Celeste eyed the men of the main deck and moved to stare at the Prince or rather; the Captain at this time. She’d smiled a tired smile and sighed before speaking.

“Derek, she did it to get attention, everything she’s ever done, was purely for her own self gain. She’s loved you as long as she can remember, as long as she’s lived. And til this day her love has never wavered.” Celeste inched towards the Captain, slow, cold and steadily as she could. “But severing her head won’t fix this…” Celeste smiled then. “You can ensure her the worst possible way by always enjoying life on land, and moving about freely; as well as loving someone who isn’t her.”

Celeste turned to look at the coming rays of the morning dawn. “You’re playful in your own way, a ruler by blood, and above all; you are the kindest and most handsome man I’ve ever laid eyes on. Being crude and violent isn’t in your natural nature. I can’t stop you from harming her further, and if you feel the need to continue, please. Do so. But know that finding someone other than her and moving on about your life as a Captain, Prince or the natural Angel that you are is the best choice in this manner. Doing this, hurting her, isn’t what you want. Not having known you for a full 24 hours, and this much I’ve gathered. Just promise me you’ll do what you feel is right.”

The Captain’s Quarters

Having said her piece Celeste moved about the main deck, nodding to those she’d seen prior to walking the plank and pushed her way through the men and down the decks below towards the long hall that led to the Captain’s Quarters. Her hand jiggled the door. It was locked. But why? She sighed and let out a yawn before then zeroing in on the lock and opening it while swinging the door open. Moving inside towards the map and spinning it once, Celeste soon after making herself comfortable at the desk, waiting to see if the Captain had followed, made the right choice, or severed her head.

It was just a matter of time, because as she looked around the desk, she could only smile to herself while feeling the warmth of her heart. For not only was she finding herself in the random world she’d fumbled upon. She’d found herself to fancy the handsome pirate, the one everyone called; Derek.

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January 30, 2014 06:03PM
Vaas Lands – Haven Castle

There was much excitement about the castle with the news Rashna was returning to the Vaas with Princess Clarice, the youngest of the Casterly children. Having kept her in a safe haven whilst the search for Prince Derek had gone on, now that he was nowhere to be found, the desision was made that Clarice was to ascend to the throne as Queen of the Casterly, so that the Kingdom could move forward, from its years of mourning.

Both Rashna and Clarice flew high on the wing, and were seen to be spiriting down by Ira, the current head of the family. King Henry’s own brother, he had done a mighty fine job in holding the realm together, but now it was time for the new generation to lead the people of Vaas into the future.

With fluttering wings, Rashna and Clarice landed, their feet barely touching the ground, as Ira walked towards them and then swooped up Clarice in his arms.

“Welcome home, your Highness.” He said with a joyful air, as Rashna beamed in behind the pair, setting down their bags. Clarice hugged Ira’s neck tight, before pulling back to show off her turtle, that she had brought home in her pocket.

“Aunty said it was time to come home, Uncle. Where is my Brother? Is he here? I want to show him Tog, the turtle.”
Her voice was almost like a melody, as her eyes sparkled at the idea of seeing Derek again. Rashna suddenly looked worried, when she saw the look on Ira’s face. Gently he set the girl down and then crouched, so they were at eye level.

“Princess….your brother could not be found. We did try so hard to find him, but we fear he has gone to a land where he is simply not able to return from.”

This news was somewhat shocking to the young girl, who held her turtle tight in her hands.

“So…he will not be King?”

Ira shook his head and then tilted it as he said what had to be said. “No, child. He won’t. That is why you are home now. The people and the Kingdom need a leader, and that…is to be you.”

Clarice looked shocked and almost dropped Tog.

“But…I am just a kid.” She said, looking bewildered and then glanced back at Rashna, who stepped forward and placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders.

“You are the daughter of King Henry and Queen Metia…you are next in line as heir. It is your duty to become Queen.”

Clarice shook her head and sighed. “But I am just a kid.”



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January 30, 2014 09:56PM
Mermaid Cove

Amber was swiftly released from the Captain’s choke hold as soon as Celeste was settled in the long boat. Sheathing his dagger, he then gave the order for the boat to make its way back to the Lady Bass, now that Celeste had been rescued. The Mermaids and mermen gathered in the waters around Amber who was now bleeding on her forehead and neck. The evil look she gave Derek as the boat sailed away showed that though he won this round, there would be another. This was far from over.

Lady Bass

As the crew hoisted the long boat back on board the side of the Lady Bass, Celeste was assisted onto the top deck, by the first mate as the Captain supervised the tying off of the boat to the ship. Leaping up onto the rail, he then listened to Celeste speak her mind about Amber, or at least her interpretation of the relationship that the Captain must have had with the aquatic maiden some time before. He raised a brow, as she cast her judgement, and then swanned through a sea of pirates and crew before descending down towards what he imagined was his cabin. Blinking, he rubbed his right temple, and frowned, as he jumped down onto the main deck, and followed the chatty young lady down to his quarters.

Captain’s quarters

Opening the door, the Captain spied the young lady looking about his desk. He closed the door behind him with a loud bang, that was certain to startle her. Walking on, with his hands behind his back, tapping the back of his palm to the inner palm of his left hand, he lowered his head as he tried to gather his thoughts on exactly what to say.

“You are by far, one of the most…bizarre women I have ever encountered.” Well, that was a first for the Captain, who was usually more reserved in casting judgement on others. He started to pace back and forth, every now and then pointing at her, as he spoke.

“You had the nerve to parade yourself in front of my crew about what you believed me to be, and I can assure you, that your assumptions are FAR from accurate. I DO not appreciate my identity being so easily flounced around with aplomb.”

Oh he was just getting warmed up.


“The fact that you decided to jump off the plank, was…YOUR choice, and then you put yourself in danger with the likes of Amber and her underwater goonies. Yes, I did come to your aid, and yes, I am sure you are grateful, my dear.” At this point he rounded the desk and stood right in front of her so she could get a good whiff of his scent.“Never…EVER..speak in front of my crew like that again…SAVVY?”


Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 30, 2014 10:59PM
Captain’s Quarter’s

Celeste easily drifted to sleep in the time the Captain was gone. Her mind had wandered a she slowly fell into a day dream, fields of flowers and meadows, the sight of her in a gown envied by many and a man, who this man was, she’d no clue… but she was sure to find out as she slowly inched closer to him, though he be not far off from the meadow she strolled and frolicked through.


The door to the cabin of the Captain’s Quarters had shut with force. Celeste opened her eyes, calmly, yet in a startled like fashion.

“So you’ve come and let her off.” Celeste spoke tiredly.

The Captain looked at her and narrowed his eyes. “You are by far, one of the most…bizarre women I have ever encountered.” Celeste laughed slightly if silently at best, at this. Her eyes rose and she lifted her head to look at him as he continued.

“You had the nerve to parade yourself in front of my crew about what you believed me to be, and I can assure you, that your assumptions are FAR from accurate. I DO not appreciate my identity being so easily flounced around with aplomb.” By now the Captain was throwing his arms up in every which way to emphasize how serious he was when he spoke to her, his anger only beginning to build. A light whimper escaped Celeste’s lips as she brushed her hair from the right side of her face to fall behind her back, just no later having the left side of her hair cascade right down her opposing shoulder, half covering her face, beautiful; though tired.

“If you think that was a parade, then you’re wrong Captain. That was far from a parade. Far be it for me to speak on my own beliefs of what I’ve seen, but also from what I’ve heard from that wretched mermaid beauty, who by now far off in the distance is plotting her revenge schemes as we speak.” Celeste was feeling it, the warming up of the Captain’s speech and it was then she placed her hands to her arms and rubbed them as she continued to feel the cold chill down her spine.

“The fact that you decided to jump off the plank, was…YOUR choice.” Celeste sighed heavily before speaking in turn. “If you’d paid attention to the call of the waves, as rough as they’d been last eve; as a Captain should might I add. You’d known I’d fallen and not jumped.” She’d had enough, and just as she rounded to stand he continued.

“And then you put yourself in danger with the likes of Amber and her underwater goonies.” This was becoming too much for her, and she felt it. But with each passing moment she also felt another. Her courage; rising from the depths within her core. “You’d think I’d willingly place myself in danger? Just like that?” She coughed then and continued before then beginning to move to stand. At this point Derek had rounded the desk and stood right in front of her so she could get a good whiff of his scent.“Never…EVER..speak in front of my crew like that again…SAVVY?” By this time, she stood. Celeste was near eye level if not a foot or two shorter than he. His eyes, doe brown as they were looked into hers and she instantly felt it again. The same pool of energy she’d felt when she was first captured by the wicked mermaid, Amber. His scent drifted in the morning, dawn air. She’d not know what the smell was exactly, but it’d made her knees weak. And she’d had enough of the arguing they’d done. Celeste inched closer to the Captain, as dangerous as he was at this time, and as tired as she was, she didn’t care. The pull was real. As her head lifted to look towards the sunrise, the rays danced along her fair skin and allowed the light to surround her, her body slowly glowing in an angelic rarity of white light; her lips parting from her cold, now pale and pouty lips as she spoke slowly and precisely to the Captain, to Derek.

“Why?” She spoke. “Why save me?” Her eyes glowed in the glistening light, as her skin did. Awaiting a response, hopefully now having had the courage to withstand whatever amount of rage he’d unloaded on her. Her tired body collapsed forward and she placed a hand amongst his semi-bare chest; purely on accident and from having collapsed from her weary and exhausted night. Still, her head now downward moved to look unto his chest, small hairs protruding from the open space as she awaited his response.


Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 31, 2014 01:17AM
Captain’s Quarter’s

“Why? Why save me?” Now that was indeed a good question. The Captain somewhat surprised when the girl more or less collapsed against his chest, fatigued from the arduous night. At first all he could do, was stare into her doe like eyes, and feel the caress of her slender digits upon his skin. So cool on his warm chest, it sent a tingle through him which was totally unexpected.

“I err. I…well, it’s what you do, isn’t it? You did invoke parlay, and then you got into strife. I was obliged…I..”

The Captain’s voice died away the longer that he stared at her. The morning’s light had shone through the small portholes, and not only illuminated her skin, by brought out the beauty of her eyes. His brow creased as his anger seeped away like the tidal currents. Derek placed his hands over hers, then pushed her back so she was standing freely. She was still wearing the wet and ragged dress that she wore in the ocean, and not only that she was shivering from cold. This simply wouldn’t do.

“You need to get out of those clothes, and to be warm.” He said, with some authority. He then called over her shoulder.


Behind the door, you could hear the shuffle of footsteps, and then the door opened, a light creaking sound of rusted hinges.

“Aye Sir?” The young cabin boy asked, looking at the couple with a slightly raised brow, like he had walked in on something he shouldn’t. The Captain then ordered:

“Get this lady a clean set of clothes from the trunks in the hold, and get the guest cabin ready.”

“Yes Sir.” Thomas said, tipping his red hat before closing the door again, leaving the Captain alone with Celeste.

“Regardless of what you may or not know of me, I don’t take advantage of a lady in…such a state as you are in. I suggest that you go to the third cabin on the right before the stairs, then take the fresh clothes that Thomas brings you and then have a sleep. It will do both you…and me some good, I think,”


It wasn’t totally unreasonable, and this would give the Captain time to think, of what to do with the girl.


Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 31, 2014 09:18AM
Captain’s Quarters

The Captain’s expression changed, he’d been surprised by the collapse of her, his chest felt cold at the touch of her as all he did was stare into her eyes, feeling the ever soft touch of her cold fingers against his chest. Celeste breathed heavily for a moment, as she’d felt it for the third time in less than 24 hours. This man, this Prince; or Pirate as everyone so knew him by. He’d captivated her.

“I err. I…well, it’s what you do, isn’t it? You did invoke parlay, and then you got into strife. I was obliged…I..” Celeste’s lips parted and she slowly bit her lip at this bit as he spoke, a small blush rising to the surface of her pale cold cheeks. But as they stood idly by, the warm rays of the sun caressed them. She’d listened to him and smiled tiredly.

The Captain’s voice died away the longer he’d stared at her. The light of the morning sun shone through the portholes and illuminated her skin, but more so brought out the beauty in her eyes. Derek’s brows creased and Celeste then furrowed her own in a way as to wonder what was wrong. And by that his face softened, his anger seeping away like the calm after a storm. His hands moved about hers and he distanced them both from each other. She was standing freely and the Captain looked about her garments and noticed she’d been wet, ragged and completely worn out from. It was true as Celeste followed his gaze and noticed the very thing, a slight gasp escaping her lips as she tried to slowly rub the dirt marks from her tattered old dress. A light wind picked up through the morning air and instantly she shivered.

“You need to get out of those clothes, and to be warm.” Derek had told her. Celeste then nodded in agreement and released a heavy sigh, not speaking a word so as to not upset the Captain or bring forth his former rage.


The Captain had shouted over her shoulder. And not long after the sound of shuffling feet could be heard from down the hall, the moving of the creaking door on rusty hinges of the Captain’s very Quarters opened, and out before them came a boy, one who’d looked to be like that of a cabin boy.

Celeste smiled at the young boy and then turned forward to look at Derek.

“Aye Sir?” The boy looked shocked and surprised to see the Captain with such a beauty, and alone at that. His facial expression changed and he’d coughed without thinking so as to ask about moving about his business, and why he’d been summoned.

Get this lady a clean set of clothes from the trunks in the hold, and get the guest cabin ready.” Celeste eyes widened at the thought of sleeping at sea. And when she’d heard him speak about her being a ‘lady’ she laughed a bit before then speaking. “You may call me by my name, Captain. Which, forgive me, I’d never had the chance to properly introduce myself… But, anyway, my name is… Celeste,” She smiled then. “Celeste Marie Helene Dubois… Captain.”

“Regardless of what you may or not know of me, I don’t take advantage of a lady in…such a state as you are in.”Celeste tilted her head and smiled, almost warmly as to understand what the Captain had meant.

”I suggest that you go to the third cabin on the right before the stairs, then take the fresh clothes that Thomas brings you and then have a sleep.” Celeste looked at the boy once more and then to the Captain as he continued to speak. Her lips moved slowly and she spoke in the same manner. Slow and steady. “I agree…” She nodded then and closed her eyes before listening to the last bit he’d said.

It will do both you…and me some good, I think. Celeste gave a final nod and moved round the desk of the Captain, brushing his shoulder in the process, slowly and in strides of small paces did the entire scene play out before continuing on and moving towards the door to follow the boy who’d left.

Third Cabin on the Right aboard the Lady Bass

Celeste, weary and tired as she was could not think straight, for she now thought at a mile a minute. Following the Captain’s directions she’d moved into the third cabin on the right. It was homey looking, for a pirate and his crew. But now looking further she’d noticed a flower in the room on some random mantle. Slowly withering away, it brought a smile to her face. And instantly her thoughts were bothered. The boy from the Captain’s Quarters had come forth, extended his hands out with the clothes and spoke.

“The Captain’s instructed me to let you know to bathe before sleeping, you’d done and dirtied yourself in whatever mess happened last night, and well… Just clean up. Aye?” Celeste nodded to the boy as he then pointed to the clawfoot tub. She’d nodded once more to him and pondered the thought of cleaning herself as she knew that most to all pirates never cleaned themselves while out at sea. And if they did it was only with the use of buckets of saltwater. So as to why she’d be so lucky as to have a claw foot tub to use she’d no idea.


The night was long, it’d turned into morning and having bathed and brushed her teeth, the best she could she moved about the room to the small cot and blanket she’d been given. Never in her life had she looked upon a man with such splendor. T’was a first for her. She closed her eyes as she slowly drifted to sleep. Hopeful so not to have nightmares of her parents violent death at sea, and to dream of pleasant dreams of the Captain himself.


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February 01, 2014 04:43AM
Captain’s Quarter’s

A short while later, there was a knock at the Captain’s cabin door. By this time, the Captain was going over some charts, whilst enjoying a brandy. He set down the small crystal glass, and sang out;


It was Thomas, the young cabin boy. A good lad, with a mop of blonde curls and the darkest blue eyes you ever did see. Son of a beer wench from one of those lazy stop overs, he was won in a game of cards, as his father couldn’t pay his dues. Thankfully he ended up on the Lady Bass, and the Captain was more of a father to him than his real one. The door creaked open, as the Captain looked up expectantly.

“Aye, what is it, Tom?”

“The fine lady took the clothes, and she was having that bath you suggested. I past her cabin and not a peep. I think she been mighty tired. What with..everything.” the boy said with his unusual high pitch. Some found it annoying, but the Captain knew his voice would break soon enough.

“Ah..good. Nice to see she is finally doing what she is told.”

This had the cabin boy chuckle, though he couldn’t help himself. “Do ya like her, Cap’n?’ Thomas asked, his face riddled with curiosity. It was a good question too. The Captain walked around from his charts table, and took a look out the window at the sea, before answering.

“She’s a challenge, my boy. Do I like her? What man wouldn’t, have you seen her breasts?’

This had the cabin boy flush with embarrassment. “Captain…really. I’m a kid, Sir.” This was true, but it was worth seeing the look on the boy’s face. The Captain roared with laughter and then smacked his hand on the boy’s back.


“I be honest, Lad. I do fancy her. Just don’t be letting that get out. Bad enough all the fuss when I brought her on board. The crew don’t need more ammunition.” He had a point, but the truth was, it was plain as day to see the Captain liked Celeste. The cabin boy had heard enough, and then nodded as he asked to be excused, so that he may go and do his other chores. The Captain waved his hand, and the cabin boy left his cabin, leaving Derek to go stand by a window, as he watched the mountains of the Vaas lands start to fade into the distance.

“Goodbye…my homeland, may God watch over whoever rules you.”


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February 01, 2014 09:54AM
Third Cabin to the Right aboard The Lady Bass

Background Music for Dream

Kokiri Meadows/ Celeste’s Dream

The morning waves swayed to and fro as Celeste had drifted into a dream. The meadows again, filled with different flowers from daisies to sunflowers. And then, in the burning rays of the sun, a single ray seemed to illuminate the center of the fields. The fields where a girl played through skipped and frolicked. A young girl, with curly blonde hair, flowers in hand giggled. Her hair bounced as she moved from place to place, bewildered by the many flowers she held as well as the ones around her. But it was short lived for the young girl; her mother called out in the distance and she knew it was the end to her fun.
“Celeste, darling, come quickly, it’s time to wash up.” Her mother dashingly beautiful and elegant beyond any other woman looked on as her child turned her head while fiddling with flowers and stalks of the sorts.


“Coming mother…” Celeste had smiled and clenched the flowers she held tight in her hands while running towards her mother. Her smile was that of grace and beauty, and her giggle was the most joyous sound any man or woman had ever heard. Celeste’s arms flailed to and fro as she ran and ran across the fields, her hair bouncing up and down more and more while the rays of the sun cast it’s shining glow upon her fair porcelain skin. “Mother” Celeste exclaimed with British twang to her voice while then moving in a rapid motion to wrap her arms around her mother’s neck.

Lymsleia responded with ease and laughed joyously as her daughter had done so, while all but embracing her daughter in a loving hug. “Ooo,” Lymsleia exclaimed with some surprised excitement in her voice. “Someone’s had a great time in the fields.” Celeste nodded and shoved the flowers, that now half gathered in petals along the floor towards her mother. “Mommy, look what I got for daddy!” Her daughters smile was beautiful, her teeth as white as the snow from coming winter, and her hair as bouncy and voluminous of that of a well-kept horses mane. Lymsleia brushed her fingers through her daughter’s hair, moving it back while placing a kiss on her daughter’s cheek; then grabbing the flowers and placing her daughter on the ground. “Come, let’s go find him.” She’d said with flowers in hand, and daughter in the other.

Night of Storm/Scene Change

Death by Storm

The storm, rough and never ending was raging on in the distance. Celeste sat by the windowsill, her hand placed on the cold, icy window as if calling to her parent’s who’d taken a trip to The Vaas Lands.

A turn of Celeste’s head and off in the cold far off places, down before it sunk beneath the watery rigorous trenches she caught sight of the silhouette of the ship her mother and father had been on; the thunderstorm moving about the lands and the rain falling harder than before.


Everything silenced then, and all that was seen was the face of Celeste as her high pitched scream moved about the many rooms in her parent’s home. Her aunt then rushing into the room and embracing her in her arms, cradling her while she cried for her parents.

“Shh…” Sialeeds brushed the girls hair with her hand. “Dear sweet Celeste, please calm…” But she didn’t Celeste couldn’t having witnessed the tragic death of her parents. “I’m so sorry…” Sialeeds then cried out with her young niece, trying to hide the girl from the scene that unfolded before her. “I’m sorry…”

Third Cabin to the Right aboard The Lady Bass/Scene Change

Celeste woke, a scream moving from her lungs towards her airway and out of her mouth, the rays of the morning sun shining brightly in her face as small drops of sweat covered her chest and dripped down along her breasts.
The small happy scene, the only one that calmed her during times of duress played in her head whenever she’d had the nightmare.

Kokiri Meadows/ Mini- Scene Change

Her parents, both Isaac and Lymsleia had brought out their daughter Celeste for a small picnic. Delicacies of all sorts gathered around them as they ate. And before long they’d finished and Isaac had looked down at his daughter and smiled, placed a kiss upon her fair lips and held her tiny hands in his. “So, what would my princess like to do this afternoon, ey?” He smiled his dark blue eyes and light brown hair glowing in the sun’s rays while he awaited her answer. Not a second sooner she answered with a giggled and a playful kiss on her father’s nose.

“Pillow Fight.” She exclaimed with more excitement than guessed. And instantly it began, Lymsleia moved from her place on the picnic blanket and handed her daughter a pillow, before then giving one to her husband. “Let’s see if you can win this round, love?” She eyed her husband with a wink soon after. Thus ending the happy scene she’d remembered of her family.


Morning Sun Background Music