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Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 25, 2014 05:57PM
The Military Training Grounds

The Ranger did not fight him. Even if she had the physical strength to, she would not have. She simply continued to clutch the bag in her hands until a few of her knuckles split, crying into the chest of an angel she once plot against. A white winged angel that saved her despite of all she was and all she’d done. Sir Wayne was of a few people that were willing to do so. The number was smaller now with the death of Winona. Calypso couldn’t find words to speak, but fortunately for her, the voice of Celandiam, a rare thing to experience, found them for her.

“Guide her, Sir Wayne Ahorld of Casterly. Protect her. Winona had volunteered as my vessel to gaze upon the mirror in my stead, but I selfishly chose our beloved Ranger in her stead. There is much danger in its pool. It cannot hurt her if she remembers. Help her remember that it is not real. She will have need of you, and the Lands of Old and Gravida will have need of Casterly. Only the Gods can defeat the Angels, but we face a power that even the great Valar bowed to – we face Death herself. But the only task I ask of you – specifically you – is that you stay with Calypso. Even if she tells you to leave her, or if she tries to return to the mountains on her own, follow her. She bears the Mirror. It is our only hope.”

All during Celandiam’s words, the said Ranger continued to cry into the great angel’s chest, cursing anything and everything that contributed to Winona’s passing, including herself.

The Donkey’s Dick

Mithrildanne watched the whole scene unfold, her gaze frozen on the Prince and Captain before her. Giselle had been taken outside by a few of his crew, her screams reaching the deaf ears of the Watcher not. “It is time.” She whispered, unknowingly reaching for Derek’s hand. None noticed, as most of the men around were either too drunk to see or intent on Giselle’s angelic presence outside. She was a young one, not yet into her full power, not to mention beautiful. But Mithrildanne was too focused on finding what she needed – the Gates. She needed to see for herself. In her reverie, she betrayed her purpose for coming to the lands of Casterly. “Your people have need of you. Become who you were born to be, my Prince.” They were not her words, not truly. They were the words of the Watcher, slipped onto the voice of Mithrildanne while she looked elsewhere in the world. Hard as she tried, she still could not find them. The Black Gates were simply… gone.

The Green Dragon

While the Donkey’s Dick was one of the more popular hang outs for the manly men, the Green Dragon remained ever the family place. June bustled about as fast as her little Hobbit body could, taking orders and greeting friends. Heranne was busy at work making the food and passing out the drinks, and June couldn’t help but smile at her Dwarvish diligence. It was a shame that June knew the poor girl was stuck here. She’d not be hired anywhere else – no angel knew of the skill of Dwarfs until they witnessed it, and angels weren’t always patient, especially those with meager “men” jobs. She’d never be married – no man would want strangely mixed children, no elf would marry a girl part Dwarf, and no Dwarf would marry a girl part Elf. June thought fondly of her time with Elves for a moment, then cursed herself for the typical Hobbit simplexes that had seeped into her mind now that her days of travelling the world were over. She wasn’t that old, as it was. Only around fifty. She had a friend that had an adventure at fifty. Then again, he was part Took…

“Miss Harlowe, I don’t reckon that’s safe there, it’s not.” June laughed out loud when she realized she’d almost handed Mister Barliman’s five year old a pint of ale. The little girl giggled as well, and her father let out a hearty laugh despite his worried face moments before. She’d need to pay more attention, but her damned delivery of the very thing she was giving to the man now. Where was that damned boy that usually brought the cart of barrels? It was going to worry her sick. And then she’d be even sicker when she realized she’d once again lapsed into her Hobbit worrying.

Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 25, 2014 08:24PM
The Military Training Grounds

It is not everyday that you hear voices in your head other than your own. So it was with some surprise that Sir Wayne suddenly started to hear the voice of Celandiam speaking to him about the woman he now held in his arms. He went completely still to concentrate on just what Celandiam was saying, and the more he listened, the more he understood why Winona had brought Calypso back to them. The sheer importance that Celandiam had placed on Calypso staying in his care was paramount, and he had to wonder just how he was going to achieve that.

Calypso, regardless of her form, was stubborn and willful. He was unsure if Calypso was aware that Celandiam was speaking directly to him, and then he did something totally unexpected. Using both hands, he clasped the sides of her face, and then kissed her….He kissed her for a good solid minute. One, it would stop her tears, or she would slap him. It might be enough to make her question him, and everything about her return.



Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 25, 2014 09:04PM
The Military Training Grounds


Everything froze. The squires training stopped dead. One of them had raised a club above his head, and dropped it on the boy behind him’s foot. Noise ceased in the camp, or so it seemed. Time itself stopped. But perhaps it was meant to, because Calypso felt nothing but rising anger at the knight’s actions. But then the anger subsided and despite whatever Sir Wayne had expected to happen, the tears kept flowing from the Ranger’s wide eyes. She was not worth this. She was not worth going this far to comfort. She raised her hands from the bag (ignoring the searing pain in her knuckles as the blood ran from them underneath her gloves) and pushed gently on his chest, not enough to truly move him, but as a gesture of nonconsent. If he broke away, she would lower her head and remove her shaking hands. She would stay this time. Repay her debt, rekindle her friendships. But she would not allow herself to fall in love with this man who was so kind to her, so gentle. It would do her no good, and probably end that kindness in its wake.

Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 26, 2014 02:00AM
The Donkeys Dick

Celeste, fair maiden as she was had traveled long distances and many a night to get to the land she’d gotten to, only to not know of its name. Her golden brown hues laid rest upon a sign above her as her long dress gathered dirt in the air from laying amongst the ground for so long as she walked the busy streets this night. T’was a night such as this that gave her fair skin such a faint but lovely glow. Her lips parted to speak, but in doing so she was brushed rudely by a man leaving a nearby building.

“Dear sir, what place is this that you’ve parted with such haste?” She’d asked as she twirled around, her hair locking in cascading waves over her right shoulder, the moon’s fair graces shining along each strand so neatly that her hair had given a strong shine. So much so that it looked to be made from the softest of manes when in reality all locks attached were purely locked in place to her head.

The man looked at her in complete shock at her beauty despite the clothes she wore, ones which seemed to be those of a worn out servant girl, which indeed she wasn’t. His lips moved in a rambling motion and he laughed a bellyful laugh and coughed up a cough much like that of a smoker and responded with a crooked smile upon his face, finger extended wearily towards the sign.

“Donkey’s Dick, ma’am” He smirked wildly and laughed again before then proceeding to look at her beautiful features and responding in kind once more.

“You’d be wise to part ways from this place, lest you want to come in contact with a ruffian or two. Give or take a dozen inside.” He turned his back from her just as she was to respond to him. But to no avail her outstretched hand failed to reach the man’s shoulder. She stood lone this night and pondered the thought for an instant before a strong wind rushed by and ran through the course of her ragged dress. For although rich and smart she dressed in secret to act as a normal woman would, for normality was all that seemed to be left in the world she’d known thus far.

As quickly as the man left, no sooner did she waste her time to enter the building. “Donkey’s Dick” The man had said. What a strange name for the place. As she pushed her way through the room her eyes darted cross the place instantly she was shoved to the side, her breath suddenly locking in her chest as a gasp begged to be freed from her inner cage. She’d known the prior man who’d exited was drunk, but if this was how all of the men were she’d rather be left for fodder for the birds come morrow. But she braved through the rough crowd and made her way to the bar as soon as a wench was brushed to the side, no doubt from her mate having had enough of her constant whining of wanting to leave. He’d brushed her off and shoved her to the direction of the bar, but she’d lost her footing and fallen upon Celeste. Instantly as the contact brushed her, Celeste reached for the bar stool but missed and fell near close by booth. Just catching the end of a lost man clouded in his thoughts, more than likely a dashing man of his time, if such time was of the present. She’d sighed and let the caged gasp escape her lips and immediately fell before the man landing with a hard thump, her already weary eyes failing to comprehend the fact to stay open. And as the energy from her body left her she smiled a beautiful smile even the gods revered and fell faint before the man, completely unconscious.

Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 26, 2014 03:18AM
The Donkey’s Dick Inn

“Your people have need of you. Become who you were born to be, my Prince.”

The Prince’s hand was taken by Mithrildanne and these words spoken. Prince Derek looked at the woman oddly, and yanked back his hand, almost knocking over his mug of ale.“What on earth are you talking about, Woman?’ Clearly he was not ready to be receiving messages today. Especially when he had been weighing up in his mind what he was to do. “The people certainly have no need from the likes of me.” Spoken like a true pirate.

Just then a fair maiden looked like she was trying to fight her way through the crowd. Many a man was after service from the bar wenches, or were so full of ale that they were a danger unto themselves. She was jostled back and forth, till she was knocked by another woman, and after trying to catch a bar stool failed and fell near close to his booth. Honestly, this was starting to become ridiculous. The inn was obviously overcrowded, and the likes of people were completely mad, or inevitably lost souls.

The woman collapsed by the booth, passing out on the floor at the Pirate’s feet. Prince Derek groaned, and then looking at Mithrildanne, he said.

“Great, now I have to save this woman on the floor, before she gets trodden on, or taken advantage of by the next fall down drunk.”

Pushing himself up and sliding out from the booth, he crouched down and gave the girl’s face a light tap.


Sadly, she was out for the count, and the Pirate/Prince thought it best to at least get her off the floor. He scooped her up with an audible grunt, and then threw her over his shoulder. He reached for his hat and plonked it on his head. The crew that were still in the inn all cheered, thinking the Pirate Prince had made a fine catch. He rolled his eyes, and forced his way out of the inn, to the street outside. Looking around, there was really nowhere to put the girl down, not anywhere safe, anyways. So, he decided to take her back to the ship, where at least she would be safe for the time being. Leaving Mithrildanne behind, was probably for the best. He could save at least one soul today, and not the entire nation.

The Lady Bass

Going up the gang plank, the night watch crew all cheered to see the Captain carrying the young damsel over his shoulder.

“Sweep her off her feet, Cap’n?” there was much laughter and the Captain simply replied “She was knocked out by my wit and charm.” the cabin boy giggled and said. “Probably his breath that did it. All the crew again were holding their sides and guffawing, as the night watchman ruffled the boy’s hair playfully. For pirates, they weren’t a bad bunch really.


Down the stairs, and the long corridor, the Captain pushed open his chambers door, and then strode in and lay the unconscious woman on his cot. She was quite a pretty thing really, and he drew a blanket over her, before going over to his chart desk, and studying the maps of the next port to go to. In his mind, now that he had discovered the deaths of his parents, and the full weight of responsibility that awaited him if he returned to Haven, he was now no longer sure he wanted to do his royal duty. At least, no at this moment in time. Derek glanced over at the sleeping girl and muttered. “I hope she doesn’t scream when she wakes up.”


Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 26, 2014 10:42AM
The Donkey’s Dick

Celeste having fainted and clearly unconscious paid no mind towards any actions tried against her, whether it be that of a tap or a slap across the face, her body lay spewed across the floor near the booth.

The arms of the Pirate/Prince held her body over her shoulder just as he’d shuffled towards the inn’s door and into the night. Cold air brushed the graceful Prince’s face and immediately he wasted no time in moving her to a safe place, but the question was, where? He’d look left and right, but all places seemed occupied, and t’was too late to pay for some place where she’d not get taken advantage of. So thinking the best and using his final resort he made way towards his ship, leaving behind any prior women, conversations held in the bar for the eve.

The Lady Bass

The captain reached his ship, ascended his gang plank and instantly caught sight of his crew, whom all cheered for the handsome pirate, more than likely thinking he’d caught himself a nice one from the rowdy inn. Few comments made here and there such as.

Sweep her off her feet, Cap’n?” The Captain all but replied charmingly as assumed he did all the time. “She was knocked out by my wit and charm.” The men amongst the main deck guffawed and laughed at the Captain before the Captain himself had enough of their rowdiness and moved towards his chambers. Down the stairs and through the long corridor, the Captain pushed open his chambers door, strode in and layed the woman to his cot. Her hair fell over beneath her back and her bangs lay over her right eye as she mindlessly layed on the bed. A blanket was soon drawn over her body and she could all but hear the sound of the waves as she tried to come to.

Her ears all but catching the solemnly soft words spoken by the Captain himself as he adjusted himself comfortably at his chart desk.

“I hope she doesn’t scream when she wakes up.”

Time had passed since her earlier fainting spell in the inn, seemingly a whole hour, if not two. Her eyes sprung open the instance her ears picked up the sound of moving waves. Her body from breasts up covered in damp sweat, probably from her tossing and turning from possibly nightmares of her parent’s death during her weird state of unconsciousness. Or did she finally wake and just fall asleep then? She didn’t know, but what was clear to her now was she was not where she was hours prior. Her heart caught in her throat as her hair fell over her shoulders and back while scanning the quarters to which she’d lain in. Not a moment later she’d caught eye of the Captain, a man who’d by this time she’d recognized from the inn, although just faintly. His voice sounded muffled and instantly her voice came through and she caught her breathe once more.

A single word, and she was as safe as sound. “Parley. I invoke the right of parley. According to the Code of the Brethren set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew, If an adversary demands parley, you can do them no harm until the parley is complete.” Or so she hoped. It was then the Captain immersed himself further and instantly she spoke once more.

“I said… Parley. And pray tell how I’ve come to be on this wretched thing, this ungodly boat you call a ship.” Her voice caught in her throat in fear of the Captain’s reaction, for all she knew of was his voice, and all she saw just now was his hair, beautiful as it was she dared not let her guard down.


Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 26, 2014 05:34PM
The Lady Bass

“Parlay? Are you serious invoking that?’ The Pirate Prince said as he looked up from his charts, and took out the wooden pipe that was clenched between his teeth. What was it with women and the word Parlay? Sadly, she looked serious and wanted answers as to why she was on board his ship, which she was rather filthy about in her description.

“You, my dear fell unconscious right at my feet at the Donkey’s dick, and me being the hero that I am, gathered you up and rescued you from what would have been a night you would not have wanted to remember.”

He meant that if no one picked her up, she would have been assaulted where she lay.

“That Inn is no place for sleeping beauties….Miss.” The Captain finished, as he set down his pipe in its holder on the charts table. The Captain showed a cheeky smile and then looked around his quarters, that weren’t lavish, but they weren’t too shabby either. And this…ship is the Lady Bass, once a proud member of her Majesty’s service….and funnily enough is now mine. God didn’t forsake it….the King did.”

The Pirate prince wandered around his chart table and spun an atlas of the world, before staring at the woman’s ample breasts. They were of good size and her face wasn’t too bad looking either. “Would Miss care for a tour of the ship?” I’m sure my men would just love to meet someone as fine….and proper as you, dear.”




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Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 26, 2014 08:16PM
The Lady Bass/ Captain’s Quarter’s

Celeste winced and inhaled a sharp breath, a sudden headache beginning to form as she quickly placed her feet on the stable bearing of the wooden panels. The sudden change from warmth of a bed to cold floor was like summer to winter. She barely had time to acknowledge his words.

“You, my dear fell unconscious right at my feet at the Donkey’s dick.” Had she really been so careless on the way she had ventured through the inn? She closed her eyes and tried to think, but to no avail, no thoughts came to mind. Her memory was obviously clouded. It wasn’t until just then, she’d heard him say. “And me being the hero that I am, gathered you up and rescued you from what would have been a night you would not have wanted to remember.”

Celeste’s lips parted in a half gasp, half laugh and instantly her arms crossed over her waist as she tried to contain the sudden outburst from her sweet mouth.

“That Inn is no place for sleeping beauties….Miss.” She’d parted lips once more and smiled at the thought of her being a beauty. A blush crept along her cheeks but instantly retracted as her gaze grew serious when his words continued.

“And this ship… is the Lady Bass.” The Lady Bass? She thought to herself as she looked right and left around his quarters. “Ahh, I take it she’s your prized possession.” She laughed again and raised a brow awaiting an answer.

It was when the Captain moved from his place from the chart table did her eyes soften at his pacing movements. Never in her life had she seen someone move with such awkward paces. Her smile formed into a sudden frown and before she could think anything more of it he’d spun his atlas of the world.

Would Miss care for a tour of the ship?” I’m sure my men would just love to meet someone as fine….and proper as you, dear.”

He was offering her a tour of the ship? The thought of seeing the open seas on a boat left her queasy, but she simply stood her ground and snapped out of it. Not moments later did she realize the position his eyes had set on. “Excuse me, my face is up here.” She waved her hand around her eyes before extending her hand to slap him in the face with blunt force, hopefully so as to teach him a lesson so as to not look at her boobs with such intensified stares and lustrous gazes.


Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 27, 2014 01:54AM
The Military Training Grounds

Sadly, the kiss did nothing to stop the well of tears from flowing. Calypso in her darkest times could never see herself being worthy of love from another, especially the Knight of Casterly; Sir Arhold. With her hands she placed them to his chest and pushed away, showing in her eyes that she did not want this, not from him. The Knight stood silently, and then looked down at her hand that held the bag, her fingers bleeding. He pursed his lips and then frowned. How was he going to keep her from leaving, if that was her want? Regardless of what Celandiam had said. Wayne brought his hand up and raked back his loose curls, before he gave Estelle a sideways glance. Estelle stood with her mouth agape. He kissed Calyso and she rejected him. The young Angel could barely believe her eyes. With a gentle voice, Sir Wayne said to Estelle.


“Make sure she has sufficient bedding in your tent, and I would like you to tend to her hands.”

That said, he then nodded to each of the ladies, and headed back to the training area, to pick up where he left off, with Sir Reginald, who was speechless at what he saw.

Estelle was dumbfounded for a moment, and then she stepped in closer to Calypso and said in a low voice.

“Are you mad? He is only the most eligible knight in all Vaas. And you reject him? Why on earth did you come back again?” She said, then walking back towards the medical tent, leaving Calypso standing on her own.


Re: (RP) The Vaas Lands – Angels.
January 27, 2014 02:48AM
The Lady Bass/ Captain’s Quarter’s



The girl clearly had some balls, smacking the face of the startled Captain with her hand, as she took offense to him staring at her rounded breasts.

“Excuse me, my face is up here.” She cried with some authority. Now, it was pretty safe to say, that invoking parlay, and then abusing the Captain AFTER he had been kind enough to offer her hospitality….was a very bad move indeed. His face moved in the flow of the smack, only to round on her. He had a lopsided grin, and faster than a whip, he crossed the distance to her and seized her by the waist, throwing her up and over his shoulder.

“Now…about that tour.” He said jovially, as he marched out of his quarters having her most likely screaming as he decided to take her up onto the top deck. This was going to be one hell of a sight, when the crew got a gander at it. And sure enough they all roared with laughter as the Captain carried her up on deck.

“Here we have the top deck of the fabulous Lady Bass. This…mighty mob of scoundrels and villains to ever stain the sea with the blood of the lily livered men, is my crew.” Another cheer rose up from the crew as the Captain spun her around and the wind picked up her skirts.


“See? What a great bunch of lads. Now…off we go to the plank.”

He boldly strutted over to the plank and set the young damsel down right on the edge of it. The Captain stepped back and then made a mock bow, before withdrawing his sword and pointing the sharp end at her.

“Care to go swimming, dear?” he said, his face beaming, while the crew all roared with laughter.

“She must have rejected the Captain.” First mate Joel said, with another pointing at the red welt on the Captain’s face.

“I think you’re right, Joel. He’s got a shiner.”

The Captain glanced back at the crew and said.

“Shut up.”

They all laughed again, as the Captain went back to taunting the young lady.

“Do say hello to Davy Jones for me.”