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Re: RP – The Curse of the Ring. new
February 08, 2014 11:56PM
Role play Group : The Carrendar DynastyThe Curse of the Ring.

Chapter Six

“Date with Fate”

Writers: IzuCarrendar

MidnightDarkPhoenix: It had been three days since they’d gotten engaged, Midnight had been racing up and down the stairs, paced back and forth between the bedroom and the bathroom a number of times before finally settling into a small chair. “Am I overreacting about this?” A question she’d been asking herself over and over again. But she knew she had nothing to worry about, the wedding would be perfect. Or at least she hoped it would be. There was but a few last minute things she had to take care of before beginning to plan for the event of the century. And those things were to speak with her parents and to speak with her fiancé about the possibility of her moving in with him. Her eyes had slowly began to change within the last hours of the afternoon, she’d spent the morning making breakfast the way Izu had liked it and fooling around with him in the shower. But she couldn’t help but wonder if something was missing. >e<

IzuCarrendar: It had been three days. The moment that Izu had committed to a permanent relationship changed everything in a blink. It wasn’t lost on him either, that Midnight had become more unsettled and her pacing he found unusual to say the least, like she was heavily pre occupied. Izu was a patient soul however, and he didn’t make things worse by being critical again over breakfasts, thanking her and then just enjoying her company, but after a day or so, he had to ask her. “Is there something wrong, or something I am missing, love?’ He stopped her in the hall way, as she was on another one of her walks around the house >3<

MidnightDarkPhoenix: By the time she was on her fifth round of the house she whirled right into Izu’s arms, a small gasp escaping her lips as she had done so. He must have been following her like a dog to its master. More than likely beginning to worry about her distressed state. How long have I been pacing? She couldn’t help but think to herself. And before she could answer her own question Izu had spoken. “Is there something wrong, or something I am missing, love?’ He had asked. And as soon as the words slipped from his lips she smacked his chest in frustration and cried. “Yes, I am concerned for this,” she motioned between his chest and her own. “Us… I haven’t exactly told my parents.” It was true, her parent’s had yet to be informed about any relationship she had with anyone as of late, let alone the fact she was getting married. Her mothers were protective of her and she’d seen their wrath first-hand. A sure sign of pre-wedding jitters is what most would call it, but they hadn’t even set a date yet, nor announced their engagement to the world. “I just, I worry. What if they start asking questions about you, and about me? And then what if they ask if we plan to move in together?” And this is where she knew it may get difficult. “I mean, we haven’t discussed all of this, and are you really prepared to say that to my Mothers?” Yet another sigh escaped her lips and she had yet to tell him the biggest news of all, but the truth of the matter is, she wasn’t sure if he was ready to accept it yet. But she knew, if they were going to make this work, they’d have to talk about it sooner or later. >e<

IzuCarrendar: Izu listened to her, as she unleashed a tirade of all the things that could happen, when her mother found out about them. This was kind of upsetting, since he had yet to tell his own family, let alone his children. Tessa made her Mother sound like someone to truly fear, and that had Izu raise an eyebrow. Knowing full well what he really was, he knew that he wasn’t exactly one not to be afraid of. Tessa’s nervousness was starting to get upsetting, and then he took her by the shoulders, so he could hold her in his gaze. “I thought this is what you wanted. For there to be an us. Now you’re telling me, that because you haven’t told your parents, that you are scared of what they will think, rather than the one thing that is more important. Like…there being an us.” Izu released his hold of her, and lowered his arms slowly. “I am proud of what we have, and if that is not good enough for them, then that is their loss. Surely, your mother would only want you to be happy. Or would she rather raffle you off to one of her friends, than find true love on your own?” >3<

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Tessa blinked before finally finding her ground and then moving about the many rooms, her breathing slowly beginning to pick up as she then shifted into Izu’s arms. His gaze gave everything away, even though she knew far better that he was more so concerned for them as a couple than anything else. His words flushed through her system as he spoke with both sincerity and sternness, but at that moment as she slowly felt herself getting worked up from what was being said she couldn’t help but fall into his arms and whisper into his jacket. “Izu, I know what you mean… It’s just—“ She stepped back from his embrace just then, grabbed his hands and then placed them to her belly before then looking into his eyes for his reaction. “Izu… I’m pregnant.” >e<

IzuCarrendar: The moment that she took his hands, and then placed them upon her belly, his gaze shifted down, and he suddenly realized that her nervousness was justified, by her own words, she admitted, she was pregnant. For a moment, Izu was shocked. “You’re what?” It was like he needed to be told again, though when he let his fingers caress her belly, he knew in his heart and mind, she was speaking the truth. “You’re pregnant.” The workings of a smile started to form, for he had not had this experience, of being told he was going to be a father for some time. “Well that explains a lot.” He said with a laugh. Izu cupped her cheek and then sighed. “Oh you have a lot more to be worried about than your mother’s reaction. Trust me.” >3<

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Tessa raised a brow and then widened her eyes as she slowly began to feel his reaction. A smile played across his face and slowly changed his form of features. “I um…–“ Before she could finish saying it once more he smiled widely and began laughing ever so slightly before coming to explain he understood her state of worry and stress. “Yea, I just… I didn’t know what to tell you.” Tessa then leaned her cheek into his hands and warmed to his touch again before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his lips gently. “And what do you mean I have more to worry about than my mother’s?” This time it was her own turn to question him. “Is there something we’ve yet to discuss?” Her body shifted as she then moved from his embrace yet again and clasped his hands with her to motion him to follow suit, enter the bedroom with her and sit at the edge of the bed as she did. “Besides, even if there is something more to add on to my worry, I won’t be shocked, nor surprised because… well. This life we have together, it’s about us, and our baby. And there is nothing I want more, so I am sure whatever it is you have to tell me, we will get through it together.” >e<

IzuCarrendar: “Well, of course our life will be ours to share and the baby’s as you say. Just…you know I have five sons, right? From my first wife. Raised them myself after her death.” he rubbed the back of his neck as he said this. “Most of them are grown now, well, cept Billy, the baby of the five. They live off the coast on an island, and…when they find out about this…us, they are going to have a lot of questions. So if you think seeing your mother is going to be a problem, try to times that by five, and all are going to be wondering how we can be one big happy family.” This was the first time in a while Izu had spoken so candidly. He joined her on the edge of the bed, and stared at her. “Could have sworn I mentioned them to you before.” >3<

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Tessa blinked at the moment he announced he had five other boys. Sons as he put it. “Oh…” And now it was her turn to be shocked, because not moments after she felt herself take a deep breath and then fall back on the bed as she slowly began to process everything her fiancé was telling her. “Well, as I said… these are our children, and if they love you as I am sure they do, they will or rather they should come to terms that they will have a new someone in their lives. And I can only hope for the best.” She smiled and then looked at him before reaching up to smack his face playfully while winking. “I love you with every fiber of my being and even if your sons don’t love me or take a liking to me, my love for you shall never wither, this… I promise you.” Her words were hard, cold and yet heartfelt and warm to the touch. Almost as if every word was like an arrow from cupids barrage of ammo was felt, tip after tip along his skin. And she’d all but hoped he understood where she was coming from as she tried to assure him she was understanding and she wasn’t going anywhere. >e<

IzuCarrendar: Meanwhile in downtown Lorewall, Orson and Brock Carrendar were strolling into the seedy nightspot, known as the Poisoned Tongue. Orson, was a bit of a ladies’ man, and he knew this was a really easy place to score. Puffing out his chest, he surveyed the offerings, and he was smug to see so many of the cities office girls were kicking their feet up with happy hour in full swing. Brock, who was a little more reserved than his ego driven brother sidled in beside Orson, who was already winking at some blonde in the corner. “Bro…anyone can get laid in this joint.” He said with some conviction, now making eyes at the blonde, as he made his mission to woe her this eve. Brock waved him off. “Yeah yeah, you always say that. Then..we have to have you checked at the clinic. Bro, I am going to go get a drink, and check up on my accounts.” Orson shrugged, and then sauntered off. The crack air force pilot loved to fly two different kinds of missions. One to break the speed of sound, the other, to break a woman in his bed. : Brock headed to the bar, and took a seat, placing down his smart phone and digging about for his wallet, as he absently asked to which ever barmaid was listening. “Beer in a schooner thanks.” >3<

LadyBelz: It was another night working at The Poisoned Tongue and Pandora had the migraine to end all migraines pounding behind her eyes. She had been working all of 4 hours and she was ready to strangle the next asshole who tired to hit on her, grab her ass or tits or tried to make a nuisance of himself by practicing lame pick-up lines on her. She’d already had to punch the owner in the face when he had tried to corner her in his office when she’d gone to get her paycheck. Thankfully, it was her turn to work the bar and she felt some of the tension leave her shoulders as she stood behind the protection it offered her. She spotted a man sliding into place on a stool and headed over. “What’ll it be?” she stated, her tone a bit gruff as the pain in her head made her a slight bit unfriendly. [Brock] -”Beer in a schooner thanks.”- came the reply. She nodded and quickly tapped his drink, slamming the glass on the bar before him. “That’s five bucks.” she stated, waiting.

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Tessa smiled after having gone silent for so long, her blood wine colored hair wrapped around the bottom of her shoulders in curls as she slowly placed her hand on the post of the bed and began to rise from it. Considering she wasn’t showing as much as other women might have been, she was very weak when it came to getting around to different places. Her eyes glazed over and her stomach slowly began to whirl around and make an awkward noise, but before she could even begin to find out about the noise that her stomach had made she whirled around a little too quickly and balanced herself out before then looking at her fiancé and smiling wide as her mouth slowly began to drip with saliva from her sudden urge to eat. “Let’s go out to Celebrate.” >e<

IzuCarrendar: The gruff sounding voice of the barmaid, had Brock raise his head slightly. She must have been on her last shift for the night, and slammed down his beer, with a simple request. “That’s five bucks.” Fishing out his wallet, he put down a five and slid it across the bar, but put another five in the tip jar, before going back to his smart phone. His black hair fell in front of his blue eyes, and he mumbled a thank you, as the light from his phone illuminated his face. He placed it down, since there was no new messages, not that he was surprised, and then reached for a bowl of nuts, before casting his gaze up to the big wide screen, where the latest football scores were being shown. In the background, Orson was in the middle of four lovely ladies, and flirting with all of them. Brock only hoped he could leave without getting caught up in Orson’s shenanigans. :: Izu chuckled, as he watched his beloved suddenly get an urge to go out and celebrate…and probably eat half the buffet at the local all you could eat restaurant. Pushing up off the bed, he buttoned up his shirt, and said. “Sure, let me get my wallet and keys.”

LadyBelz: Pandora wanted to roll her eyes at the guy as he seemed more interested in his phone than paying attention to someone who was speaking to him. She snatched the five and put it in the till before moving on to the next patron. One of the other barmaids came around the counter. [Barmaid] “Need 6 Screaming Orgasms for table 8.” she announced. “On it.” Pandora nodded, starting to pour. [Barmaid] “Can you take them for me? Gotta run to the ladies.” Pandora nodded, making the girl give her a relieved sigh. Drinks made and placed on the tray, Pandora walked out from behind the bar and over to the table of drunk military men. Pandora could feel her migraine returning. This was not going to end well. “Here ya go, gents. Screaming Orgasms all around.” she announced, setting out their drinks. She bent over the table to pass the man sitting on the far side his drink and felt a hand on her ass. She glared at the idiot. “If you know what’s good for you, lose the hand.” she growled. [Military Grunt] “I’d love to lose more than my hand in that sweet ass.” he grinned, making his companions laugh stupidly. “This ass isn’t yours to touch. Back the fuck off.” she snapped, shoving his hand away. The others around the table made booing sounds, making the offender go red in the face. The hand returned, this time around her waist. Before she knew what happened, she was jerked into his lap. “Let go of me!” she stated slowly through clenched teeth. [Drunk] “I will…for a kiss.” he grinned, reaching up to grab her boob. That was the last fucking straw for Pandora. Her hand flashed out and despite the noise level, the slap was heard far and wide. Shocked, the drunk man released her and she removed herself from his lap. Taking his drink, she poured it over his head. “That should cool you off, you bastard.” she snorted. Angered, the man surged to his feet, alcohol dripping from his hair and all over the front of his clothes. [Drunk] “You fucking slut!” he snarled, fist raised, ready to punch her and do some serious damage.

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Tessa smiled widely before then finding herself in their closet, god it must have taken them hours to have finally organized everything the way they’d each liked it. Considering how picky she was, Izu was very understanding when it came to catering to her needs. At this she smiled before then reaching for her winter coat and throwing it on along with her matching scarf. “Babe, are you almost ready?” Izu had called out. She blinked then and slowly began shuffling her way out of the closet and making her way towards the bedroom door before then turning back to the closet and watching it close on its own accord. Her eyes scanned the bedroom once more as she then exited the room and made her way down the immaculate staircase towards the door before eyeing her fiancé, keys and wallet in hand awaiting her. “How did he get down here so fast?” She thought to herself before putting a smile on and making her way over to him. “Yea, sorry I was just reminiscing and getting lost in my thoughts.” A light peck on his cheek and they were off and out the door headed to god knows where Izu had planned. So long as they both enjoyed themselves, it was more than enough for her. >e<

IzuCarrendar: There appeared to be a bit of a ruckus going on at one of the tables, that was filled with military personnel. Drunken ones to boot. Having all ordered…cocktails of all things, one decided to take the liberty of one of the barmaids. The drunk went for the grope, and in retaliation, not only did she slap his chops, she poured one of the nearby drinks she just served right over the top of his head. This brought a collective gasp from all around. I mean, that was a pretty tough move, and the drunk reacted as one would expected, about ready to take a swing at the barmaid. But as he was about to do so, a nut bowl from the bar, whizzed through the air at speed, striking the drunk right between the eyes, with a loud “ker tunk” sound, before the bowl clattered to the ground, rolling round and round till it finally came to a rest. The drunk roared angrily. “Who threw that? Who the fuck threw that?” This should have given the barmaid the chance to cut a break from this muscle bound baboon, as up at the bar, a man swivelled around on his barstool, one hand full of nuts, the other picking them out and then tossing them into his mouth lazily. “I did.” Brock said, not showing a cunning smile, or anything devious. He just didn’t like to see a lady getting smacked down. “Why you son of a bitch!” The drunk roared and started to charge for Brock, but he failed to notice a foot shoot out from one of the nearby tables he was passing, and it tripped him up. Tyson, another brother grinned, as the drunk hit the floor face first. “Bigger they are…harder they fall. Yo Bro…get us a beer, will ya?” Brock nodded, and waited for the girl to come back and serve, while Orson guffawed in the back ground. “That’s my younger brother, he throws like a girl.” :: Izu was patient if anything, and stood with his arms folded, as Tessa finally descended the stairs. She seemed a bit lost in her thoughts, dilly daddling around, and he placed his arm around her as he led her out to the car. “Ever been to the Poisoned Tongue? Might take you there first.” >3<

LadyBelz: Pandora was struck speechless as the man called her a slut. That was a word never used in association with her before. Sure, she liked men…but she didn’t consider herself a slut. Before she could reply, a bowl of nuts whizzed through the air, smacking the idiot in the face. He stood there with such a comical expression of shock on his face that she couldn’t help but laugh. And it became worse when the man startd toward the bar, intent on ripping the guy who’d asked her for a beer into little tiny pieces. A foot shot out, catching the drunk off guard and down he went sprawling, landing face-first in a puddle of vomit that someone had yet to clean up. That was it for Pandora. She clutched her stomach, laughing so hard it brought tears to her eyes. “Serves you right, you sonofabitch!” she cackled with glee. She looked toward the bar and gave Brock a nod. “Hey Mark!” she called out to the bartender behind the bar. Mark looked over at her. “Yo!” he acknowledged. “Get that man and any of his companions a drink…it’s on me.” she stated. “You got it, Pandy!” Mark nodded. Pandora pinched her nose. “How many times have I told you-” she growled. [Mark] “-not to call you Pandy. Can’t help myself, Pandora. I blame your parents.” Mark chuckled. She shook her head. “Tell the asshole I’m done my shift for the night, and if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll keep his goddamn hands to himself if he wants me to continue working here.” Mark knew she was serious. He’d had to stop the owner himself a few times from trying to get into Pandora’s pants. She was a good person and didn’t deserve that shit. He saluted her as she turned in her tips for the night and grabbed her leather coat. She was seriously itching for a shower to wash the grime of the place off of her body.

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Tessa smiled up at him before wrapping her arm around his waist and leaning her head on his shoulder as they made their way out of Mancino Place double door entrance. Different nods given to them both as they exited and made their way to the car. Her eyes looked upward into the sky and she smiled at Izu before then responding to his question. “No, I haven’t. Is it any good?” She giggled and wondered while continuing to walk with him hand in hand. “I will go wherever you want to go, just let me know and I will be there.” She was more than willing to agree with anything Izu had recommended so long as it contained stuffed mushrooms and some sort of green bean casserole. Or was it Mexican she was in the mood for? She couldn’t help but wonder, but her cravings were slowly beginning to kick into overdrive by each passing second. }e{

IzuCarrendar: – Walking his lady out to the pavement in front of the apartment building, a black stretch pulled up, which happened to be one of Izu’s governments issued cars. He promptly opened the door for Tessa and allowed her time to ease in gently, before hopping in himself and closing the door. Tapping on the glass petition between the front and back seating area, he asked the driver to take them to the Poisoned Tongue. Acknowledging Izu with a curt nod, the hat wearing driver took off from the curb, and joined the flow of traffic, heading for the entertainment capital of the city.

IzuCarrendar: Izu eased back comfortably in his seat, and did the old move of a yawn followed by placing his arm around Tessa and pulling her into snuggle close to him. The street lights flooded on and illuminated the street before them, as many pedestrians were going about their lives, much like worker ants in a large ant farm. Izu leant over and whispered in Tessa’s ear. ”How are you feeling? Just let me know if this is too much for you, and we can cut the night short. Your health is important to me.”His tone was firm and you could tell by the way he looked at her with those silvery eyes, that he was deadly serious. Sure, he could be fun loving, but Tessa was his number one concern. The inbuilt car stereo played orchestral music, that offered a certain ambiance, as the car sped along; a relaxing refrain and quite enjoyable, if one was into that type of music. Before long they pulled up outside the Poisoned Tongue, and Izu could see by the line up outside, the place was packed. Would they get a table? That was the question.

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Tessa had seen it all. As soon as the stretched out limo pulled up in front of them she sighed heavily and turned her head to look at Izu, her lips parting just slightly as she spoke. “Is there anything in this marvelous city that you don’t own?” Her facial expression changed the minute her lips curved into a smile, and instantly he opened the door and guided her inside the car. She proceeded inside with caution and wondered what other surprises he’d shower her with. As she settled into her seat Izu shuffled inside and positioned himself next to her and then closed the door. His arm extended ever so slightly as he tapped the glass casing between the front and back of the seating area where they were positioned and called out to the driver. Tessa eyed her fiancé and instantly raised a brow at him at the name of the place he’d directed the driver to take them. The Poisoned Tongue.

Having had the place explained to her Tessa leaned back into the seat and cozied herself up. It wasn’t until Izu had let out a yawn did her eyes turn to look at him, and as expected he was pulling one of the oldest moves in the book, the ‘Yawn Cross’. It was a very not so subtle move, depending on the person, where the man simply let out a yawn, real or fake, and made the move on the woman by stretching his arm during said yawn and wrapping it around her shoulder. At this point Tessa couldn’t help but let out a small giggle. “Really?” He’d impressed her with the subtle move and she smiled as he pulled her towards his chest. She nuzzled into him and enjoyed the moment as the city lights shone around them. She could admit it, this moment in time, and every moment with Izu. She loved it. Her attention had been caught by the immaculate lights of the city and its people, and instantly before her mind could shift back to attention Izu had leaned over and whispered into her ear. ]”How are you feeling? Just let me know if this is too much for you, and we can cut the night short. Your health is important to me.” She smiled then and instantly turned her face to his, her hand moving from his lap to his chest, and then his face as she pulled him in for a small but tender kiss.

“It’s never enough, not when it comes to you, and don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” The kiss ceased and she instantly turned back to paying attention to what was going on around them. The music had picked up and the classical tunes rounded through the car and instantly set her stomach at ease. But as soon it had the car had stopped, they must have pulled up to The Poisoned Tongue. A ghost of a smile kissed Tessa’s face as she placed her right hand over Izu’s chest and kissed his lips once more. “It sounds like we’re here…” }e{

LadyBelz: Stepping out onto the sidewalk, Pandora breathed in the night air, free of the stench of the bar behind her. If she didn’t like the job so much, she would have walked ages ago. But it was a steady paycheck and she like the people she worked with.

“…well some of them anyway.” she muttered out loud, thinking of that louse, Cecil and his grabby hands. Sighing, she pulled a cigarette from her pocket and with a thought, lit the end. She took a drag and exhaled the smoke into the air before walking down a ways and into the alley behind the bar to her motorcycle.

She was bending down to unlock the chain from her tires when she felt something digging in her back.

“Move and you’re dead.” came a harsh voice. Pandora sighed and dropped her head in resignation. “Turn around slowly.”

Pandora stood up straighter and turned to face whomever it was that decided to mug and possibly rape and or kill her. She couldn’t see his face due to the mask he wore. There was a gun in his hand, that trembled violently.

“Great…mugged by a druggie looking for his next high.” she thought to herself.

“Yes?” she sighed, throwing him off-stride for a moment.

“I want all your money. Now! And no funny business, or I shoot.”

“Is this fucking Pick on Pandora Night or something?” she sighed. “Look, dude. I don’t have any money.”

“I saw you come out of the fucking bar! Don’t lie!”

“Yeah…turned in my tips. I get paid at the end of the week like everyone else.” she said. He raised his arm until she was staring down the barrel.

“Don’t lie to me, bitch! Now give me the fucking money!” he yelled, his voice echoing down the alley.

IzuCarrendar:- Her sweet lips pressed against his own as she echoed her sentiment that he was never enough. Izu had a crooked smile as she eased back, her hand placed on her stomach, as their unborn child gave them a reprieve. He joined her in looking out the window at the city lights, and marveled in how the town looked more magical at night, than when it was pretty grimy during the day. Street after street, the limo sped along, till finally reaching their destination, but not before his temptress stole another kiss. Oh this wouldn’t do, if she was going to be petting him all night. Before she could pull away, he drew her tighter to him, and deepened the simple peck on the lips to something much more powerful. His left hand wandered up and down her side, before cupping her bosom and giving it a light squeeze. Only when he had gotten what he wanted, did he release her, and agree, that they had arrived

Out in the alley where Pandora was trying to unlock her motorcycle, a mugger had a gun to her back and was threatening her life, even though she assured him she didn’t have any money. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer, or some sob story about her not being paid. The barrel pressed deeper, till suddenly the man made an odd grunting sound. It was like something had hit him from behind, and the gun fell from his hand, landing on the pavement, before he collapsed straight there after. Holding up a garbage can lid, it was Brock. He stared down at the mugger, than gave him a good hefty kick in the balls, before tossing away the can lid. ”You really are having a shitty night.” Brock said with some humor, and then looked behind him to see if anyone was coming, before dragging the hapless mugger to a dumpster.

Izu helped his wife out of the car, and then offered his arm, to take her inside.

”Good a time as any to show the world we are together.” He said with some pride.


They had arrived it was true, but as she had begun to move towards the car door to open it she was pulled back and a surprised gasp filled her lungs and then breathed into the air. Izu had pulled her closer to him, an embrace that almost said ‘I’m never letting you go’ and he pushed his lips down onto hers and wrapped his arms around her waist ever closely. His hand then descending to the lower regions of her back and guiding over her round buttocks, squeezing them firmly and assuring himself a moan from her lips. And as expected, it happened, her lips parted from his before pressing back against her will and instantly she cringed and let a moan escape her lips and press into his. Her eyes re-opened and she knew they’d have more fun at a later time, for now her stomach grumbled and it instantly ruined the mood. Her body moved from atop his lap and she instantly turned to Izu, but when she had, he was gone. He’d moved from his seat to open her door, she smiled at this. Moved her right foot out of the car and placed her hand in Izu’s and laced her arm through his as she responded to his words.

”Question is, will they be ready for us?


Pandora looked at Brock, arching an eyebrow.

“Understatement of the year, bub.” she snorted, dropping her cigarette to the ground and mashing it with her boot. She turned to finish unlocking her bike, stashing the chain in her side box. She turned to look at him, leaning against her bike with a crossing of her arms. “That’s twice you’ve pulled my bacon from the fire tonight…thank you.” She was sincere in her praise. It wasn’t often she had to deal with Cecil, drunk rednecks and a coked-out mugger all in the same night. She was able to handle Cecil, he was but a blip on the radar. She kept waiting for the shock to set in of having a gun pointed at her, but it just wasn’t happening.

Pandora was a lot tougher then she let on.

“You have a name?” she wondered.