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Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
January 14, 2014 07:28PM
Wintervine Castle Gardens

Tempest listened to Willow wax on about marriage and love at first sight and she thought back to the first time she had seen Sirus. Something had happened when her gaze landed on him. She had felt a slight fluttering in her very being.

“What you say makes sense.” she admitted. But was she ready to marry? She had seem what marriage had done to her own family and she still didn’t know if it was what she wanted. It was all very confusing to her.

“It’s our differences that keep the spark of love alive.” Willow finished. Tempest nodded, contemplating all that Willow had told her.

There was a rustle of leaves and heads turned to see Sirus emerge into view. The smile that lit Tempest’s face could have rivaled the brightness of the sun. She felt that fluttering sensation once again, and she realized it had been getting steadily stronger the more time she spent in his presence.

“Is this love that I feel?” she thought to herself. “If it is, I never want it to end.

Sirus approached the two women and mare, leaning against a tree close by. “I see that you are in good company, Princess.”

Willow perked up with a cheeky grin. “Was just telling the Princess about how marrying-“ Gertie chose that moment to spit all over the front of Willows dress at the same time, Tempest elbowed her in the side. Offended on both fronts, Willow stood up and strode away, grumbling under her breath, Gertie trotting dutifully after her.

Tempest’s face colored in embarassment and she looked down at her hands so that Sirus would not see her flushed face. He chose that moment to join her on the bench. His nearness was intoxicating to the hybrid girl and she clenched her fingers tightly against the bench beneath her body before she did something foolish…like throwing herself at him.

“I am glad I found you, Princess. Sirus stated. This did cause her to look at him.

“Oh? Why?” she wondered.

“There is something I wanted to give you.” he stated, taking her hand and placing something in her palm. Giving him a look, she stared down at her hand and gasped in surprise. It was simply beautiful. She held it up to the light, watching the sun bounce off the gemstone in the center.

“What’s this for?” she wondered.

“Go on…try it. he urged.

She unclasped the chain and slipped it around her neck, adjusting the pendant until it rested between the cleavage. Her skin warmed against the delicate metal and the center stone began to glow. This went unnoticed by Tempest but Sirus was sure to see it.


“Thank you. It’s very beautiful.” she smiled, resting a hand against his forearm.

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
January 16, 2014 03:07PM
Wintervine Castle Gardens

Sirus watched Tempest closely as she placed the chain around her neck, and allowed the pendant to rest between her cleavage. The girl’s skin immediately warmed the center piece, and as it did so, it began to glow. Was this the sign that his Mother spoke of? Did it truly mean she was ready for love? Sirus contemplated what to do. To just go off the charm and magic of a pendant seemed like a good idea earlier, but now the Prince felt he needed to do more. If they were going to have any long term relationship, it needed to be built on a foundation of trust.

So while the pendant glowered around her neck, the Prince merely smiled.

“It looks lovely on you, Princess.” Sirus said. “It was actually a gift from my Mother. To be worn by Princesses.”

This might have sounded comical in a sense, or perhaps a clue to its true usage. Either way, he was not about to press upon her his own desires. He placed his arm around her and gave her a light squeeze, before releasing her and rising to stand.

“Care to join me for a stroll, Princess?” He asked, offering her his hand.


The gardens were abundant with many a wild flower and the trees full of precious coloured leaves, that rained down around the pair as they walked together. There was a certain magic in the air, and as small forest creatures watched them walk on by, you could hear the gentle babbling of a brook, along with a chorus of frogs, whose song was a merry one. There was a sense of harmony between flora and fauna. Pity the realms could not coexist in the same manner as this.


Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
January 16, 2014 07:37PM
Wintervine Castle Gardens

“It looks lovely on you, Princess.” Sirus said. “It was actually a gift from my Mother. To be worn by Princesses.”

Tempest looked at him with wide eyes.

“This was your mother’s? Then I will take extra-special care of it. You have my word on that.” she nodded.

He smiled, seemingly pleased. He wrapped an arm around her and gave her a light hug before getting to his feet. He held out his hand and looked at her.

“Care to join me for a stroll, Princess?”

With a smile of her own, and no hesitation whatsoever, she placed her hand in his and allowed him to pull her to her feet.

“A stroll sounds lovely.” she smiled, linking her arm through his.

As they walked among the many flowers of his mother’s gardens, they talked about random things, Tempest very comfortable in Sirus’s presence. The fluttering sensation was back in full force and as she asked him questions about his life in the Willow, and seeing how animated he became, she found herself admiring his strength of conviction, his character and his devotion to his mother. She was saddened to learn that the Queen was ill and hoped she got well soon.

Francois flew overhead, keeping an eye on his young charge, pleased to see that Tempest was doing much better then she had been a year ago. Although sometimes he wished he could return her father to her, but this was the best for everyone involved. He had been keeping an eye on Joffery, unobserved and unnoticed and knew that he wasn’t too far away. If he did manage to find his daughter, Francois would have to reveal himself and step between them. Tempest had gone through too much to lose this happiness she was finding with Sirus.

Little did they realize…someone else wanted the young princess as well…

Hidden in the shadows of a crop of trees, someone watched the Hybrid Princess of Brax and the Heir Regent of Laegess with narrowed eyes.

“How dare he steal what is mine…” a voice whispered.


Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
January 16, 2014 09:39PM
Wintervine Castle Gardens

The ragged huff and puff of one Klaus could be heard as he raced up the path to the Castle gardens as fast as his feet could carry him. He had interesting news for the Prince, as the Castle was abuzz with the announcement. On seeing Tempest walking in hand with a happy looking Prince, he slowed to a stop, leaning on a tree trying to catch his breath.

“M’lord…Princess. Phew..I don’t know how you do this walk. I swear I am out of breath.”

Sirus chuckled to hear the rampant panting of his trusted Squire who though had been trim on returning to the castle, had found the kitchens once again, and midnight raids were a common thing. “I use my legs actually, how about you, Princess?’ Sirus joked, squeezing her hand in his, then turning his head back to Klaus, who was holding up a finger, still trying to breathe.

“Word..is, that there is to be a ball in your honor….your Highnesses.”

“A what? Why?” Sirus asked, now not looking all that pleased. He hated pomp and ceremony, and he hated the chorus line of Princesses from far off realms that always come expecting to be the next Cinderella. He rolled his eyes, and let out a sigh.

“You know how I feel about those. Sweaty…bearded women from countries, I can’t even pronounce. One year, this beast of a girl trampled on both my feet. I was limping for days.” He lamented, clearly having had some terrible times at balls in the past.

Klaus looked between the couple and then smiled.

“Well, who says you have to dance with the Rampaging Regent Princess from Krackaztan? You have got the Princess. Fill her dance card. Then no one can say boo.” He thought it was a splendid idea, but the Prince knew better.


“If you don’t dance with the daughters of allied Kings…its...*he ran his finger across his throat dramatically*…off with my head and there goes the alliances.”

That made for the Prince’s mood to fall. He let go of Tempest’s hand, and then excused himself with a bow.

“Excuse me….I don’t feel well.”

The Prince then headed back to the castle, past his Squire, who suddenly looked stricken.

“Please tell me that I didn’t ruin your walk, Princess?’


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January 16, 2014 10:21PM
Wintervine Castle Gardens

It was a pleasant day for their walk and Tempest was enjoying her time with Sirus. That was until Klaus intruded upon them with (what he thought was good) news from the castle.

“M’lord…Princess. Phew..I don’t know how you do this walk. I swear I am out of breath.”

Beside her, Sirus chuckled and made light of his squire’s dilemma. “I use my legs actually, how about you, Princess?” He joked, squeezing her hand.

“Walking is good for the heart, so I’ve heard.” she giggled. “What news do you bring us, Squire Klaus that has you in such a state?” she wondered.

“Word..is, that there is to be a ball in your honor….your Highnesses.”

Tempest was surprised at that. The last time a ball was mentioned in her presence…the results had not been good. Sirus seemed as surprised as she was if the look on his face was any indication.

“A what? Why?” he wondered, “You know how I feel about those. Sweaty…bearded women from countries, I can’t even pronounce. One year, this beast of a girl trampled on both my feet. I was limping for days.”

“I’m not too fond of balls myself, My Lord.” Tempest agreed.

“Well, who says you have to dance with the Rampaging Regent Princess from Krackaztan? You have got the Princess. Fill her dance card. Then no one can say boo.” Klaus put out for them. Tempest knew that would never work. As a royal, there were certain traditions and protocols that had to be followed, and one of those was dancing with visiting dignitaries daughters and sons. Tempest wanted to roll her eyes.

She recalled the one ball she was allowed to attend when she was little. It had been a complete and utter disaster…her father had dipped into the mead one too many times and had proceeded to fondle and molest every woman in attendance, married and unmarried, while both his wife and young daughter looked on in surprise. Tempest had been hustled from the room by Nanny and the castle shook in the force of her mother’s rage that night.

And then the debacle with her grandfather…

She shook her head to dispel thoughts of the past. It did no good to dwell on what could have been. But she understood Sirus and his thoughts on balls. He actually looked scandalized over Klaus’s suggestion.

“If you don’t dance with the daughters of allied Kings…its…” He made a slashing motion across his throat. “…off with my head and there goes the alliances.”

So saying, her released Tempest’s hand and turned to her with a bow. She felt the loss immediately and was saddened by it.

“Excuse me….I don’t feel well.” He turned and strode away from her, much to her shock. Klaus looked just as upset.

“Please tell me that I didn’t ruin your walk, Princess?”

“N-No.” Tempest sighed, her eyes on Sirus’s back as he headed back to the castle. “We were finished anyway.”

“But it’s such a lovely day for a walk. I would hate to see you not continue it because of certain individuals.” came a deep voice behind them. Tempest whirled around, a hand to her throat in fright as a man practically materialized from between the trees. “Oh, my apologies, Princess. I didn’t mean to startle you.”


“Quite all right.” Tempest nodded. “Who are you?”

“Forgive my manners. I am Lord Pyres Devaroe, one of the Queen’s advisers. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, My Lady.” He smiled, taking up her hand and kissing her skin. She shuddered. Something about him was making her wary and she slowly withdrew her hand, hoping he wouldn’t notice her reluctance in allowing him to continue holding it. He did notice of course, but it suited his plans not to mention it.

“A pleasure, Lord Devaroe.” she nodded diplomatically, when in reality she wanted to be as far away from his as possible.

“I would be honored to join you on your walk, if you so desire.” Pyres suggested, knowing full well she would most likely say no. But that was okay too.

“I’m afraid I must decline your generous offer, My Lord. Tis nearly mid-day and I promised Klaus I would enjoy the mid-day meal with him. Maybe another time?”

“I will look forward to it.” He bowed toward her before he walked away, a knowing grin upon his face.

Shaking her head, she looked at Klaus.

“Please keep this between us. No sense in worrying Sirus with this, I’m sure. He has enough on his mind.”

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
January 16, 2014 10:55PM
Sirus’s Chambers

The Prince threw open the door, and stormed inside his massive chambers, ready to take up a vase, a planter; anything and throw it as hard as he could. A ball was just another way of saying “Hello…Here is the Prince of Laegess, what a catch!” He brought his hand up to his forehead then dragged it down slowly, knowing that he would have to go through with it, though in his heart, there was only one girl for him. One girl that he was dying to sweep off her feet, declare his undying love and whisk her away. But…though the pendant glowed, he still felt she deserved to be romanced, not rushed into something that she may well not be ready for. He sat on the edge of his sill that over looked the gardens, knowing that she was down there…somewhere.

“What a fool I am.” he thought to himself, picking at a loose thread on a cushion.

There was a slight knock at the door, and the Prince didn’t even bother to look up.


It was Willow, in her human like form. She could see the state the Prince was in, and became confused. Willow wandered over and sat beside him, watching him with a worried expression.

“Why do you look like the sky is falling?” She asked, checking herself for a moment, to see if it was. Naturally, it was a picture perfect day, and she returned her gaze to the Prince, who refused to look at her. “Did you ask her yet?” Willow asked, wanting to know if maybe the girl had knocked him back.

“No…no, I didn’t”


“Why?!” the Witch screeched. Incredulous since he had the opportunity in the garden. The Prince near jumped out of his skin at her loud voice. “Because….she isn’t ready.” Willow rolled her eyes, not quite understanding the Prince’s reasoning. It didn’t make sense to her. “But the ball….”

Oh..that was the wrong thing to say. The Prince leapt to his feet and shouted. “Balls!…balls…Balls….BALLS! How I hate them. And yes, I know what your thinking. Ugh. Now, I am getting a headache.” He slouched his shoulders, looking defeated, and the witch took this moment to make a suggestion.

“I know…you hate Balls..but…why not, use this as an opportunity to ask her. At midnight…under the gazebo. Mask on…so romantic…I can see it. Like…a fairy tale.” She just grinned like she had just come up with the most wonderful plan.“Be…the Prince Charming of her dreams. You already got the looks.”



Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
January 17, 2014 04:19PM
The Royal Stables

The white stallion neighed and bucked to prevent from the stable men to try to give it bath since it reeked to high heaven. One with a pail of water tried to get a brush to touch its sleek fur but the horse knocked the stable boy away with its huge mass. Another tried to calm it down, “Whoah there, fella. Its alright. We won’t hurt you,” the stable master tried to calm down Spirit but Spirit only got up on its hind legs to only start kicking them towards him. The group became fearful of the horse and ran, the water pail dropping and water spilled everywhere and they held fear on their faces.

Many folk began to gather around the stable to see what the commotion was and who was involved. Male a female patrons muttered upon seeing the white stallion creating a ruccus,“Whose horse is that?”

When Saluna walked around a building that was a tavern, she stopped in mid stroll, turning her head to only see a large group forming. She turned her direction and started to head towards the stables. She tilted her head in confusion upon hearing the crowd mumbling among themselves as she managed to push her way through tiny spaces that people left. Once she got near the front, she walked into the stables to only see her stallion rear its head towards the stable staff. She sighed and shook her head and once she entered, the white male placed its front hooves on the ground and whined at the sight of its owner, pushing the stable staff out of the way to reach Saluna. Saluna stopped shaking her head for a few to only see her horse trot over to her after it finished the rampage it decided to give.

“Spirit, why must you always put up a fight when others try to give you a bath? Is it because you only know me and not others?” she asked Spirit those questions and gave her a nudge, as if to answer her questions. Saluna chuckled and gave a gentle pat on his cheek, “You were always a trouble maker when it comes to cleaning,” the horse snorted and scrapped at the floor in protest to the word cleaning.

“Now, Stable Master, get me some water and soap so I can give Spirit a bath.” she looked towards the elderly man as he gave a nod.

“Right away, Ma’am,” he scurried away towards the well, having the pail in hand as the other stable staff ran off to get soap.

Saluna grabbed the reigns to only guide her horse to where it was proper to give horses a a lather and rinse. She tied the reigns to only turn to see the stable master shakily hand her two pails of water as she signaled for him to get more and he did so. She took the brush that was handed to her by a stable boy and dipped it in water and started to brush Spirits white fur to soak it so she could use soap. This was a process she always enjoyed working on since she practically raised her companion from his birth since the mother died as she gave birth to Spirit.

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
January 28, 2014 08:12AM
The Queen’s Chambers


“My Queen…”

“Just tell me. I can see in your eyes the news is not good.” Arianna sighed. Hours before, one of her ladies-in-waiting had come across the Queen, slumped unconcious at her writing table. Knowing the Queen didn’t want anyone to know of her ill health, she’d descreetly sent for the kingdom’s physician, who had come immediately to tend to Her Majesty’s needs.

Looking at her now, sitting up in her bed, surrounded by her ladies-in-waiting, he could see the fatigue in her eyes. She was losing strength on a daily basis and there was nothing more he could do for her.

“My Queen…*sigh*…at the rate you are deteriorating…you may not live to see the rest of this season.” he stated in a solemn tone. There was a gasp as the ladies listened to the diagnosis. She silenced them with a glare, sitting forward.

“You are all bound by secrecy. If I hear even a slight hint of a rumor of my ill-health, I will know where it came from and I promise you pain like you’ve never imagined.” she snapped. The brief spat of anger over, she sat back with a tired sigh.

“I must see to it that my son is crowned as soon as possible. It was my sole purpose for this ball. It was to be his coronation ceremony. He is ready.”

“Your Majesty…maybe it is time you tell him your wishes on this…before it is too late.” her most trusted lady, Illiana, stated in a soft voice. She looked at the young woman, a small smile on her face.

“And that is why you are among my favorites, Illiana.” Arianna laughed, making the young girl flush with embarassment. “Please send someone for my son. I will tell him this eve.”


Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
January 29, 2014 05:54AM
The Queen’s Chambers

And so the sun set over the horizon and brought with it the end of another day. But the night would bring news and sadness, that was sure to leave many with aching hearts. Sirus had been advised by lady IIIiana that the Queen seeked audience with him that eve. He knew in his heart that something was amiss, for usually she would see him at dinner, not request a private audience.

Dressing more casually, he forgo his meal and instead decided to go straight to her apartments, and spend quality time with her.
The halls were eerily silent and many of the servants seemed absent from their usual places. A chill descended over him, and for the life of the Prince it was hard to understand why. Truth be told, the angel of death had already made its mark, and now it was simply a matter of time.

Reaching the outside of her doors, the Prince pulled in his jacket edges and smoothed down his coat. He had showered and shaved, and looked decent. Sirus took a breath, and held it before rapping on the door two times.


“Mother, it is I, Sirus.” He said with slightly raised voice, just in case she had not heard the knocking. “May I come in?”


Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
January 29, 2014 07:44AM
The Queen’s Chambers

Illiana had been by Her Majesty’s side since her betrothal to the King. She knew the ins and outs of the day to day life of the Palace and it’s residing family. She was attuned to her Mistress’s moods and knew when Arianna was having a good day and a not so good day.

She anticipated Arianna’s every move, every wish, every desire…as a dutiful Lady should. It was how she came to be Arianna’s favorite, much to the jealousy and spite of the others. They all treated their Queen as if she were a prize to be won and catered to. Illiana just wanted to be a friend, someone Arianna could count on to be honest and forthright.

She had known Arianna was falling ill of health the moment the King was pronounced dead. It was as if all the light shining in Arianna’s eyes had upped and vanished. And Illiana knew the Queen would not be long of this world.

To her surprise, Arianna’s strength of character saw her through the next few years of life. When other mates would have died within a year of their other’s death, Arianna stayed strong until her son was old enough to be crowned.

And now that time had come.

As the sun set over the palace, as everything was prepared for the Crown Prince’s Coronation Ball later that same evening, Illiana was at her Mistress’s side, helping her to ready for the evening. Arianna looked pale and wan and even the simplest of tasks tired her.

Illiana brushed and styled her hair before settling the Crown Jewels upon her head.

There was a knock on the Queen’s door before Sirus announced himself. She waved Illiana off to show him in as Arianna applied a tint of rouge to her pale cheeks, giving her some much needed color.

Sirus was lead into her chambers and she stood, somewhat shakily, to greet him.

“Sirus.” she smiled, reaching a hand to him so that he could draw her into his arms. She lead him to her chaise so they could sit and talk.

“I hear you weren’t very happy with the announcement of the Ball this evening.” she started off, keeping his hand held in hers. “But I have a reason for it, my son. It is also to be your Coronation ceremony. You are ready to be King, I have seen it, I feel it in my heart. And tonight, it shall be so.”

She looked up at him, a small smile on her face. If he would ask what was going on, she would tell him.

“I am not long for this world, Sirus. Your father’s soul is calling to me. And I am ready to join him once more.” A look of shock overtook his features and she touched a hand to his cheek. “It was why I pushed you so hard to marry. I did not want you to be alone after I was gone, like I was. Your father…he was my whole world…and when he died, I knew that I did not have long. But I wanted to see you settled into your role, and rightly so. You are ready, Sirus.”