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Re: (RP) : Scotland Yard
January 17, 2014 05:08AM
Scotland Yard

Rise of the Night walkers.

Reginald sat stony faced in the carriage, as it was driven along the busy Oxford street with Miss Westlake for company. It wasn’t his idea to have her tag along with him, but Johnathon had to deal with his patients, and Reginald happened to be heading back to the Yard, after an extended leave after the Demon Ball disaster. He gripped the door handle of the carriage, as it tettered back and forth, while Miss Westlake appeared smug to be tagging along.

“You don’t approve of me, do you, Detective?”

Looking up slyly from beneath his hat, his facial expression said one thing his voice another.

“It’s not a case of whether I approve, I just don’t think you should be involving yourself in detective work, what with the dangers of these streets. A woman of your stature could easily be taken down…and lord knows that the streets are filled with all manner of men with ill intent and lustful urges.” The Detective was one who believed a woman’s place was in the home, and tending to her husband. He had high hopes for his daughter, but she was so strong willed half the time, he always seemed to lose the fight.

Vivian found his answer to be typical of a man of the age. Shaking her head she tuttered under her breath. “I am sure you will find, Detective that I am full of surprises.” So confident she was, that he couldn’t help but roll his eyes, as the carriage shunted to a stop. Right outside the Yard too.

“Well, this is where we go our separate ways, Miss Westlake. I would say it has been a pleasure, however..I am glad to see that you will be going back to your paper and out of our lives. Good day.” Reginald tipped his hat, before exiting the carriage, only to be met by one very worried looking Superintendent.

“Reginald. A word…terribly important. My office. Now.” He hurried inside, and Reginald picked up the pace, as Vivian leaned out the window. “Oi! You forgot your umbrella, Detective.” Course, he didn’t hear her, and she grumbled as she got out of the carriage as well, and gripping her skirts, headed up into the large building, where she normally wouldn’t be caught dead.

The halls were alive with people seeking help, others being brought in for questioning, homeless vagrants, pick pockets and prostitutes. Vivian made her way through the crush of people, trying to catch up with Reginald, when finally she came to the door that led to the Superintendent’s office. From behind the frosted glass, she could make out three people. The Superintendent, Reginald, and a middle aged woman, who appeared to be crying. Vivian pressed her ear up to the glass, to try and hear what was being said.


“Detective, this is Lady Addams, from the town of Luxley. Seems that there has been reported sightings of creatures that had come up from the marshes, and …killing her sheep.” The Superintendent said, as the woman nodded, but then interjected, since it was more than just sheep that were being killed. “One of the care takers. Mister Riley. A good..sweet man, he went missing last Tuesday after dealing with some hired hands that had not been doing their jobs proper.”The woman paused, then she struggled to get the next part out. “He….he was found. Bludgeoned…and, with his eyes and tongue cut out. My husband wanted this to be kept quiet. and he doesn’t know I am here to speak of this, for…he would not want the attention of the police. But I have to tell someone. I have small children, and the villages say…they say…that the Night walkers are back.”


Vivian heard this from the outside of the office, and gasped. ~Night walkers?~ Would such an old wives tale be true? Or was it foul play, committed by someone on the farm. Vivian kept listening, as the Superintendent stared at Reginald.

“I want you to go back out to Luxley and the Addams estate and investigate this. It’s top priority.”

“Is it alright if I pick up my colleague, Johnathon Bianchi? He is a specialist when it comes to gruesome murders.”The Detective asked, hoping that Johanthon wouldn’t be too furious to drag him from his work again. The Superintendent nodded.“That is a good idea. The Yard will pay for his expenses as he should be compensated for his time away from his clinic.”


Reginald was given a signed detail of how to get to the Estate by Lady Addams, who took up her bag and thanked the Superintendent and Reginald for their help. She opened the door, only to see Vivian standing there, grinning broadly. “Nice hat.” Vivian chortled, and then quietened as Reginald came out of the office. “I thought I told you to go back to your paper.”He said, with a disgruntled tone. Vivian smiled, and handed him his umbrella. “I was returning this…and I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation. Night walkers. Sounds like a job for the three of us. Let’s go get Johnathon.” She started, eager to solve the mystery. Reginald slapped his forehead, realizing getting rid of Vivian now, was virtually impossible.


So back to the Bianchi manor, they went.