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One of the fun parts of creative writing for me in role play, is to create characters that are antagonists.  I have never really found a passion for playing “the Good Guy” since to me it’s like the evil doers and plotters are way more fun.  The twists and unpredictability that these characters offer to a story in my mind only make it more interesting and far more fun to read.


If you are familiar with the Shane and Carmen stories, that started out under the “Shane’s House” blog section of River Marked; the character Shane Williamson started out as an antagonist against Carmen.  The weaving of that tale, was like a beautiful dance where you had two characters that appeared to hate each other but under the surface they were madly besotted.  Eventually, as the story played out, Shane became a protagonist.  It was not initially planned that way but when he did change it offered a fantastic opportunity for new antagonists to offer more story lines.


Now with the death of my character Vincent Casales (who was a lesser character, but antagonist), I had to come up with a new arch rival.  Who better than Vincent’s ex wife and the mysterious Vampire Queen who once held Shane in her clutches.  The gasps and cursed words from my co-writer; LadyBelz was reward enough to know that I had made a good choice with this character’s implementation into the plot.  No doubt, there is going to be a lot of drama down the track, and I for one can hardly wait.


Isabella Casales – Face Claim – Nina Dobrev.


Supernatural – The Human Realm.


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