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Re: Gravida: The Night Lands
January 05, 2014 11:02PM
Black Fog Castle – Throne Room

Minerva was incensed by the rude barrage of spittle that came from Prince Joffrey’s mouth as he bowed out from being head of the realm. For one, she was happy to see the back of him. Once upon a time, she thought he would be the perfect King, but after watching his dizzying spiral into the bottle, she knew he would never be fit. She held a stony expression as he left the Throne room, her only consolation was that her husband had regained control of the Night lands. It was for the best, yes, she had to believe that. But the King had other ideas. Not only did he want him arrested, he was probably going to have him executed. Minerva regarded Joffrey as a foul stain that needed removing, but didn’t think killing him was going to do anything other than provide a fine ornament on the wall of heads. Where the dead have their heads on display as a warning to all.

When you thought that it couldn’t get any worse, the decree to arrest Joffrey had begun a violent attack, whereby the cat demon Nero had released thousands of fire demons as a way to create a diversion while the cat and Joffrey escaped. Little did Minerva know, her daughter was in terrible danger from these creatures, that attacked anything or anyone that was in their path. The one that got in the way was Shiyra. Brandon roared as the screams of their daughter filled the air, and Minerva shrieked in horror at the sounds. “Baby?!” Could it be the demons had harmed her? Fleeing from the throne room, she raced after Brandon, only to find that her daughter had in fact been attacked.

“Minerva get the doctor up here now!!!!” The King bellowed, as Minerva came to an abrupt stop, seeing the pool of blood on the floor, coming from where their daughter had her arm torn off.

~gasps~ She was horrified, and without answering ran off to fetch the doctor, who had served the family for years. She tracked him down, huddled in his own chambers from the massive fire demon slaughter fest.

“Quick..my daughter has been attacked. Hurry, bring your medical bag.” She urged, panic showing in her eyes. The Doctor was shocked to hear the young child had been wounded, and obeyed the Queen without question. As she chased after the doctor back to where her daughter was with Brandon, she started a chant, that was one of the most powerful she had ever done…but what would it do?


Re: Gravida: The Night Lands
January 05, 2014 11:31PM
Nerothst pleased to see Joffery doing something other than blummbering he released a fire ball behind them to keep other’s from pursuing them.

But that didn’t stop the archers on top the battlements. Already on the verge of furious, Nerothst screamed a shrill sound of one pissed off cat where his body was swarmed suddenly in searing fire that just barely avoided Joffery’s form. The blaze ripped round around him swatting at the arrows while some still flew true going straight through Nerothst’s leathery bat wings giving them more scars then what he already had. He was just starting to get the flesh back, now this!!!

He flapped his wings harder forcing them to carry them faster and past and out of the line of fire. He could carry on like this for a while, but eventually he would need to land….because there was one problem that happens when he used the Hell Gate. Already a trickle of black blood was pouring out his lips.

moved to Sea of Tribulation


Minerva chanted, but what exactly was going to happen, one could only wonder.

High in the sky just beyond a thin veil of existence where the archangels rested a light blue she-cat was resting pleasantly in the lap of her master Raphael. She lazily cracked open an eye, her celestial cat eyes reflected a clear blue tide pool where even little fish darted back and forth playfully reflecting her tranquil mood.

Raphael smiled softly scratching the feline’s ear, “they call you dear heart, will you not answer,” he cooed to her in a slight baby talk voice.

Haavan the Storm Bringer was that light blue she-cat the most powerful water cat in all of the species. She lifted her head lazily and sighed softly, “an innocent at that, I felt the gate open master, but I didn’t think it would matter among the demon lands,” she said, her voice barely rising from a whisper like the situation didn’t bother her at all.

None the less she stood up and walked across the foggy ground, she bid her master a good by wave with one dark sapphire colored wing, then fell through the ground she stood on in a sheer death drop.

Haavan kept her eyes clothed, not caring as her body plummeted towards the ground, as her body increased in speed in her fall. She spun around falling head first. Suddenly her body was swarmed into light and she vanished with an explosion of sound and light.

Brax Castle

The castle was in chaos as the child’s screams and the demons that had been unleashed sent panic through the whole castle. The King od Brax screamed for a docter and the Witch Minerva feared for her daughter chanting a powerful spell that she yet to know exactly what she was calling to her.

Suddenly in the middle of all that chaos the air exploded with light, sending picture frames off the wall, tapestries flinging in the wind some even unraveling from the power that had forced them from there place. There standing in the same hall that the child’s blood pooled from the torn arm stood the feline of water and healing.

Haavan ignored the demon’s that would probably loop off her head, but if anyone knew there lore here, which Haavan would guess would be the one that summoned her, she was here to help the innocent.

“So, you allowed the Hell Gate of Fire to open his gate, and as such, an innocent was harmed, for shame,” she spoke so coldly you thought the she-cat didn’t care at all, but she did, truly it was in the expression she made.

Water pooled at her feet then, she waisted little time to begin, it dripping off her skin then rose around her in long serphant like shapes. It gathered the blood that spilled from the child tainting the water with demonic life force until it snaked its way towards the child.

“if you stop me in this moment…the child might die,” she said and if they allowed her to do what she knew best, the water collected the severed limb and carried it towards the child. If they didn’t stop her and allowed the flow of water to touch the child. The healing waters would make contact and try to force the cells to regenerate and heal rabidly. The process would be unbearably painful.

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January 06, 2014 12:04AM
Shirya screamed and writhed in agony much to the torment of her father and probably her mother as well while her cells where forced to regenerate through the she-cats healing waters. Though Brandon was wary of the new arrival who seemed to be there to help he would not move a muscle but instead cradled his daughter to his chest trying to sooth her as tears ran freely down his face. “It’s going to be ok sweetheart daddy dealt with the bad people so you don’t have to worry about them ever again.” He would coo over and over again feeling ever bit a failure for not being there to prevent his very blood from being harmed. Though Shiyra was still screaming in agony as the great feline worked her magic Brandon would refuse to move a muscle to harm her nor do anything else aside from cradling his daughter in his arms. Oh boy was he mad now if Minerva was paying close attention to his body subtle ripplings would be seen under his flesh as he began to slip from his wrought iron control and allow the darker side of himself to surface and come to the forefront. Oh this was indeed the catalyst that sealed Joffreys fate. All Joffrey needed to do was surrender quietly and come peacefully but no he had to be violent and resist obviously which lead to the amputation of his daughters arm. It was silently that Brandon stood oh so slowly and turned his murderous black soulless eyes upon the great cat. “I thank you for helping my daughter if there is something we can do to repay you please let me or my wife Minerva know. I’m sure my daughter greatly appreciates your healing.” As soon as he had addressed the great cat the demon king would stalk from the room before summoning the captain of the guard and leaving him with explicit orders. “Bring Joffrey Brax back no matter the cost….dead or alive am I clear captain?” The captain would only nod before darting off to send out search parties to look for the wayward prince and brig him to justice. All the while Brandon’s temper continued to mount as he berated himself for not seeing this coming before he walked back into the throne room and sat down in the throne radiating the aura of a very volatile and irate king. Oh he was angry alright first his wife insulted then his daughter maimed all seemingly at the hands of his son this was not going to go unpunished oh not by far. If anything Brandon’s thoughts turned to that of ways to make Joffrey suffer for his words and the harm of his sister. Oh when the time of Joffreys reckoning came Brandon would be the one to be judge jury and executioner but boy was he going to revel in that. Slowly Brandon’s temper began to die down until the subtle rippling under his skin came to a stop. It was clear the demon king was on the verge of one of his rampages but somehow he managed to hold himself in check….for now

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January 06, 2014 02:08AM
Black Fog Castle – Halls

What was a mother to do? She had brought the doctor as her husband asked, but it seems her chant had done something more towards the healing of their little girl. No sooner had Minerva arrived back, she saw her King, her husband on the floor sitting in their daughter’s blood. Their daughter was screaming incessantly, and the King tried in vain to quieten her and offer comfort.

“It’s going to be ok sweetheart daddy dealt with the bad people so you don’t have to worry about them ever again.” The King said, sobbing as he did so. It was enough to move the hardest of hearts, to see both so stricken, and Minerva felt an array of emotions, that clouded her judgement at that point in time. Malice churned deep within her, and her first thoughts were of revenge.

The cat that emerged from the blood, and had come from Minerva’s summoning, spoke directly to Brandon, in a voice that was cold and unfeeling.

So, you allowed the Hell Gate of Fire to open his gate, and as such, an innocent was harmed, for shame,”

Minerva bit her tongue or else a wave of obscenities would fly out. She knew the cat had powers to cure, to heal but at a very high price. It was going to be excruciating. The harder she worked, the more the child screamed. Would Minerva ever forgive herself for not being there to care for the child? She had sent the child to play with Orion after all, even made the decree that they would be watching. But they did not stop the attack. Minerva’s hands curled tightly into fists, wanting to lash out and hit someone, something.

“I thank you for helping my daughter if there is something we can do to repay you please let me or my wife Minerva know. I’m sure my daughter greatly appreciates your healing.” The King said as Minerva watched on helplessly. She shared the sentiments of her husband, but could not seem to find her voice, for her throat had become dry and it was difficult to swallow. So affected by this, who knew how she would react next.

When the King left with the Captain of the Guard, to take care of the issue of Joffrey, the Queen took up her child in his place, as the cat continued to heal the screaming baby girl. Minerva rocked her back and forth, with green eyes focused on the cat she had summoned.


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January 06, 2014 09:41AM
-The Great cat Haavan made little sound until the process was complete the little girls cells would heal quickly reattaching the arm as is no harm had ever came to her at all. However as a side effect the child would forever be marred with a wide jagged scar around her arm and for the moment be very weak until some of the blood loss was replenished by her body’s natural production. Haavan could do no more now.

The Witch that had summoned her replaced the king in holding the child still, Haavan’s ears were turned to the distant tirade the king was making in other rooms, she could only just make out the conversation’s going on, something about a prince and being brought in dead or alive.

Besides that, she didn’t much care if they repay her or not, her task was to heal the innocent and protect life, demon spawn or not.

“do not think I do this because you called to me witch queen, I am a heaven’s beast, I heal the innocent, and one day, when she is older, she will not have such protection from me, should she choose a path of darkness,” she said the tide pool reflected in her eyes darted back and forth more frequently like a tide was rushing in.

“There was a creature in your castle, one that is dark and very dangerous, he sits at the left side of the throne of hell, and whatever purpose he had here, he’s either taken someone over with his powers of suggestion or come to start things out of his boredom. Either way his point was to only cause chaos on the mortal plain, I smell his stink all around, and on the corpses of the hell fire demons here” she explained and sat back on her haunches.

She didn’t look like she would be leaving any time soon. The water that she had used to heal the child still floated around her tainted with the demon blood, but in more condensed forms like little bubbles floating around her head. She would need it in case of fevers or infections that might have rabidly developed in the rapid healing processes.

Her gaze did flicker to the lion that had been attacked as well, and as if an afterthought, the air above him briefly opened and drenched him in more of her healing water.-

Re: Gravida: The Night Lands
January 06, 2014 02:46PM
The young princess sniffled before looking up at her mother as she quieted down with the pain almost completely gone. Even though her face was white as a sheet she weakly struggled to free herself from her mother Minerva’s arms with arms outstretched towards Haavan. “Purty Kitty? Me’s wants to say fank you for helping me’s….” Should she escape from her mother’s arms Shiyra would make her way over to the great she-cat and attempt to hug her around her neck with a grateful kiss upon her cheek. “Fank chu purty kitty..what’s up wiff chur eyes kitty??? they wook wike water…and why does chu has wings???” As usual Shiyra was her inquisitive self and tilted her head waiting for the great she-cats response to her question. All the while Orion would shake himself dry showering the witch queen and her daughter along with the she-cat with the water on his fur. As soon as he was moderately dry he would stretch himself out before looking upon the great She-cat and prowled on over to her. Once he was close enough he would speak for the first time ever. “What are you? Some sort of heavenly cat?” Orion’s voice was as rough as the earth’s plates yet as soothing as a flowing creek. Shiyra would then look to her guardian before squealing with joy. “CHU TALK TOO!!! AWESOME!!!!” Of course Shiyra would then attempt to climb all over the great she-cat in a fit of energy before passing out hugging the great she-cat’s tail. Of course during all this Brandon was pacing through the hall way unable to remain still any longer. It seemed as if the Demon King was going to wear a rut into the floor at the rate he was pacing the halls outside of the dining hall before he walked back in and stood beside his wife where he belonged. Once he was beside his wife he would snake an arm around her waist before kissing her lightly and briefly. Though for the moment he remained silent as a ghost not trusting himself to keep him from speaking his mind and venting his simmering rage in front of everyone. Even though he looked completely calm he was in fact far from it but he was not one to show his inner feelings all that often. If anything Minerva was the one that saw most of his true feelings when he vented to her about various things and subjects. Brandon finally broke his silence as he gazed unto the she-cat. “Would you like something to eat? Fish? Anything?”

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January 06, 2014 03:17PM
Black Fog Castle – Halls

Perhaps it was Shiyra’s Mother’s presence that quietened the child or the fact that the healing done by Haavan was now complete. The child was whole once more, but she had a jagged scar that ran the full length of the join between her arm and her torso. Regardless, Minerva was thankful. The doctor who had been called stood by and watched; his mouth agape at the miraculous healing powers of the cat. He could not have done the magical feat, for he was but a simple doctor to treat ailments and do amputations. This was truly beyond his field, and he would be sure to write about this in his journals.


Holding the child now, Minerva felt a wave of relief till her daughter freed herself from her arms and made straight for the one that had healed her. Clearly, Shiyra had a thing for big cats. She spoke with her usual lisp, mispronouncing words but her message would have got across, just the same.

“Fank chu purty kitty..what’s up wiff chur eyes kitty??? they wook wike water…and why does chu has wings???” 

Again with the non stop questions. Shiyra was a very inquisitive little girl, that much was clear, and Minerva rose to her feet, allowing the exchange, since she felt if it made her daughter happy there could be no harm in it. But the cat Haavan had a message for the Queen Witch, and one that she didn’t truly understand until now.

“There was a creature in your castle, one that is dark and very dangerous, he sits at the left side of the throne of hell, and whatever purpose he had here, he’s either taken someone over with his powers of suggestion or come to start things out of his boredom. Either way his point was to only cause chaos on the mortal plain, I smell his stink all around, and on the corpses of the hell fire demons here” 

Listening, it became abundantly clear that it was not in fact Joffrey who had initiated the attack, but the cat creature that he was travelling with. Joffrey did not have the power to summon so many demons in one time, so if this creature was able to open hell’s gate it was a miracle that more did not die. Half the battle in fighting something, is understanding your foe. As they say, knowledge is power.

Orion who had been in behind them the entire time, stood and shook all over – showering those in his vicinity with the healing water and demon blood mix. Charming. Just what Minerva needed. He too spoke, and now this was becoming common place. Shiyra became a bundle of energy, lounging all over the healing cat, till finally sliding down her tail and falling asleep.

Least she was now able to sleep and no longer in pain. King Brandon finally re appeared. He kissed his wife and looked to be calm, however he was anything but if you could see into his mind. Vengeance reigned supreme and Joffrey was at the top of his list.

Minerva then explained to the King about the hell’s gate that had been opened within the castle, and that the creature that did all this damage, sat on the left hand side of the throne of hell. Joffrey had no such allegiance to the Hell throne, nor was he capable to open hell’s gate. But would Brandon care? It was not that Minerva was making excuses for Joffrey, but rather to inform the King they were dealing with something far more dangerous and insidious. Minerva fell silent as the King made an offer to the cat Haavan.

“Would you like something to eat? Fish? Anything?”

“A bowl of milk?” Minerva added.


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January 06, 2014 08:55PM
-Haavan didn’t care much as the child climb all over her body. It was not a new experience for her, though she didn’t have any children of her own.

“Purty Kitty? Me’s wants to say fank you for helping me’s….” the child said and then she proceeded to continue asking her questions about her eyes and her wings, she was surprised she did not ask why her fur color was blue to.

“My eyes are a reflection of life and healing waters, emotions and thoughts, they are windows into my heart,” she explained to the child.

“My wings carry me to wear I need to go so I have no limits in helping those that need me,”she answered her question about her wings.

That was when the lion awoke shaking his body back and forth spraying the room with water. The droplets that landed on Haaven simply absorbed into her body and she remained ‘dry’. There still hovered little bubbles of water mixed with the child’s demon blood. Haavan didn’t want them to go to waist, there were still curative powers to it, and as a gift to the doctor, she would give him the blood and water.

She nodded to him the docter, “take out a vile,” she ordered him.

The docter scrambled through his bag and pulled out a beaker quickly and uncorked it, figuring the cat had a purpose. The little bubbles of water and demon blood floated through the air and forced their way into the bottle till all was gone. The doctor recorked the bottle. His eyes gleamed thinking he might have the cure for all and she quickly said, “it is no longer under my control, whatever healing it has left in it, will be able to fight infection, and that will be the extant of it.”

“What are you? Some sort of heavenly cat?” the lion asked, she chuckled softly.

Choosing not to answer that for the moment Haavan made a soft humming sound she glanced at the child as she slowly fell asleep hugging her thick furry tail.

Haavan spoke softly casting a spell that allowed a silvery white mist to form around her body. It reshaped her form until there stood a beautiful woman of about five foot six in height with long heavy curly light blue hair that stopped just at her ass. Her eyes remained the same reflecting the tide pool and she still sported her eat ears, wings, and tail. She with a lithe of a woman however, her curves weren’t that prominent and she had a fairly small chest. She was sporting just a simple halter dress that swirled around her hips loosely and she wore no shoes, choosing to be barefoot.

She held the child in her arms cradling her having transferred her during the casting of her spell. Now she glanced at the Gravidian lion, “I am indeed a heavenly cat, my name is Haavan the Storm Bringer, Great leader of the water cats of heaven”she said softly then glanced over at the parents of the demon child.

The witch was explaining to her husband what Haavan had already told her. Weather the king listened, well Haavan didn’t care anymore then she did when she first arrived.

They did however say the magic words, “Would you like something to eat? Fish? Anything?” first the king asked
“A bowl of milk?” followed by his queen.

Haavan smiled softly running a clawed tipped hand through the child’s hair, “ I would appreciate some fish, it takes much energy to heal severed limbs,” she said wondering if anyone would take the child from her or not.-

Re: Gravida: The Night Lands
January 07, 2014 08:43PM
Brandon nodded before speaking loud enough for the servants to hear him. “Have a fish feast prepared at once.” The servants blinked knowing. The king was not one to eat sea food aside from shrimp and clams which made him extremely gassy. He the walked over and looked to Haavan with a gentle smile upon his face before gazing down at his daughter silently and then back up at Haavan. As Shiyra slept she would nestle up against Haavans chest thinking she was her mother before yawning softly and looking up into her eyes. “Where talking purity cat go? And who is you missy?” Shiyra had obviously not put two and two together yet being only three years old before she looked around and giggled sweetly. “Daddy? Chu been a bad boy chu didn’t cwean up chur mess” As she noted the body parts all over the place and in a rather matter of fact tone. Brandon could only blink in surprise and some shock before chuckling softly as he spoke softly. “Daddy will clean it up later sweetheart.” As Orion listened he would raise a brow before prowling over to Minerva and laying at her side contently. The gravidian lion then closed his eyes before drifting off into a light slumber for the moment feeling he was not needed. However though Orion was ever attentive to his surroundings. Shiyra would yawn again before dozing back off in Haavans arms quite content where she was before Brandon politely took his daughter from the cat turned woman and cradled her in his arms against his left shoulder. The demon king would then look to the table which was being set for four before the food was served. Brandon then motioned for Haavan to be seated before taking his own seat with his wife’s spot to the left and shiyra beside her. He then spoke softly as he glanced at Haavan. “Eat your fill doubtlessly your body needs to replenish its stores after such a healing which we can not thank you enough for.”

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January 08, 2014 03:31AM
Black Fog Castle – Halls

Minerva took her place at the dining table, dragging the wooden chair out, then easing herself in and adjusting her skirts. Brandon had their daughter now, who was snuggled to his shoulder, as he welcomed Haavan to come and eat her fill of a banquet that was filled with all manner of variety of fish and seafoods. One sore sticking point with this type of food, was that it made the King gassy, which made their chambers reek. Minerva couldn’t say she was looking forward to that at all.

With Orion laying close by to her, she took up her spoon and enjoyed a mouthful of seafood bisque, which was a delightful soup with mussels and prawns in a creamy sauce like substance. It was indeed one of her favorites, and she ate her meal quietly. Keeping a close eye on the King she was waiting for some sort of reaction from the stress of everything that had gone on. No doubt when he put Shiyra to bed, he was going to be calling on his council and making proclamations, she was sure of it.

Finishing her soup, she reached for a napkin and patted it to her lips, before setting it down, and then taking up a chalice of red wine with her right hand. She toyed with the stem of the chalice, then took a sip, eyes darting around the room, in particular Haavan, to see if the cat creature was enjoying the feast the King had provided. Minerva set down her chalice and then rose to standing.

“Might I be excused, I fear that all this drama today, has taken its toll.”

She waited for the King’s reply.