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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
January 03, 2014 11:48PM
Virgo & Elvira’s Bedroom

Elvira stared in unashamed awe at the two new lives she now held in her arms. Tears glistened in her eyes as Damion suckled at one breast, Dominique at the other. Feeling their little hands squeezing at her flesh as they took from her body…it was one of the most greatest feelings she’d ever experienced.

Sally stepped into the room, having just come back from washing the sheets from the birthing bed. Virgo was still out on the floor and she stepped over him to join Elvira at her side. She stared down at the twins, both with an identical head of silky dark hair. She reached out to stroke Dominique’s soft skin.

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” Elvira whispered, emotions making her voice husky.

“Just like their mother and father.” Sally smiled gently, pressing a kiss to Elvira’s brow.

Just as the clock chimed half past the hour, a groan was heard from the vicinity of the floor. Both women glanced up from watching the babies feed as the shaggy and disheveled head of her mate popped up over the edge of the bed. He saw Sally and Elvira looking at him before he finally noticed the babies in his wife’s arms. A slow smile crept over his face. He moved in beside Sally to look over his children.

“Well that went well. Wasn’t hard at all.” he grinned. Elvira looked from her husband to Sally, and incredulous expression on her face. Sally glared and smacked Virgo in the back of the head.

“You wife did all the work, Virgo. You decided to take a 5 hour nap!” she snorted. Damion had finished feeding and Sally took him from Elvira, wrapping him up in his swaddling blanket before passing him to his father.

Jonathon finally arrived and was lead to the bedroom by one of the staff.

“Congratulations Countess, you look to have two fine children. Only wish I was here sooner.” He said, wiping his hands clean with a towel, provided by a maid.

“Sally made an excellent mid-wife. I thank her for the lives of our children.” Elvira smiled.

“So, what are their names, Virgo?” Jonathon asked the proud father. Of course Virgo missed that conversation as he had been passed out on the floor at the time. His mouth opened and closed several times and no sound came out. Elvira took pity on her husband and answered for him.

“Dominique and Damion.” she smiled, just as Dominique let off of Elvira’s breast with a soft sigh. Adjusting her nightgown, Elvira carefully cradled her daughter over her shoulder, rubbing her small back in slow circles until the tiniest little burp could be heard. Sally cooed with delight as Elvira passed over her daughter for a cuddle from the children’s new Nanny, Sally stepping into the role as easily as she had stepped into the role of Elvira’s personal maid. Elvira would not have chosen just anyone to be her children’s nanny.

Jonathan stared at Virgo.

“You passed out?” Jonathan chuckled. Virgo huffed at him and crossed his arms.

Don’t have to make a point of it. I’m still Alpha.”

His piece said, he moved to Elvira’s side as Sally passed Dominique back into her mother’s waiting arms. Virgo nuzzled his wife and children, learning their scent and imprinting upon them. A new family, a growing love. Virgo looked at Elvira and she him, eyes sparkling.

“I’m so proud of you, my heart. he whispered. She pressed her forehead to his, sighing with contentment as they stared at the new additions to their family. Elvira felt complete.

Unseen by those in the room, Evangeline’s presence was felt by the twins and she laid a blessing upon their souls.

“May you find love everlasting within the arms of those who sired you.” she whispered before vanishing away. A new generation of Marulos to guide and protect and Evangeline was determined to do her job to the best of her abilities.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
January 04, 2014 04:22AM
Virgo & Elvira’s Bedroom

Both Virgo and Elvria were blissfully unaware that they were being watched over, by the same angel who had been there at the creek to save Virgo’s life before. The arrival of the twins, marked a new era for the Marulos. Not only did they have their pack to worry about, but now the twins were certain to take up even more of their time. But if you were to look at the couple, who now were laying in the grand bed, with the young newborns between them, you could see that this was going to be one very special family. Virgo had missed much of the birthing, due to his inability to hold it together as Elvira went into labour. He copped a good whack from Sally when he woke and thought that the birthing must have been a breeze while he slept. He would of course get an education, as Elvira was most likely to fill him in on exactly what he missed. He would probably feel very guilty for spending more time on the floor of their room, than actually helping with the birthing.

Johnathon crossed the floor to Sally, as he started to feel like they were intruding on the young family getting to know their new babies. He whispered in her ear, keeping one eye on the Marulos.

“Everything seems to be in order here, Miss Sally. Perhaps you might like to show me where I can get a cup of tea.”This was more or less a cue to head out the door, and if she obliged, he would go out after her.

Alone finally, Virgo could only smile, as he turned his attention from each of the twins, back to their beautiful mother. He was in awe of how she had created life and brought the babies into their world. He could not help but draw back the small hoods that covered Damion’s head and gently run his fingers across the soft scalp. Virgo acted very much the doting father, making gentle noises to soothe them, while at the same time huddling in closer, forming a barrier with his body to protect his young.

“We did it.” Virgo said softly, staring at his wife’s face. “I have everything I could ever have hoped for. You, and now our young children.” Virgo planted a kiss upon her lips, as Dominique squirmed in her swaddling cloth. She was so tiny, but the Count believed that one day, she would be a real fighter. She was born first after all.



~This is the end of the Rosas Spinis Elvira and Count Virgo story for a while.  Both Belz and myself felt this wrapped it up nicely to this point where they are a happy family with their twins.  For further stories, we will be posting in Rosas Spinis – Roarin’ Ritches, where the twins are grown up.  And taking us out…a fantastic video…that celebrates…Babies  <3~