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Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 30, 2013 09:02AM

Pandora laughed as her two best friends went at each other, even having a go at Cecil before he scampered off back to his office. Mood considerably brighter now that Simone and Kali were there, she went back to her job with a bounce in her step and an extra sway to her hips that many a man couldn’t seem to keep their eyes (and in some cases, their hands) from.

“Your drinks, ladies and gents.” Pandora announced, returning to the bar with their choice beverages. She sang out to Mike, “Mike, handle the bar. I’m on break!”

“You got it, Pandy!” he nodded, causing her to growl in annoyance. He brushed her off with a chuckle as he placed a couple of shots of vodka in front of her. She picked one up and faced the girls. “To the sexiest bitches on this side of the Mississippi.” she announced, raising her glass in salute before downing the shot. “So, are we going out this weekend or what? I’m in the mood to get my dance on.”

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December 30, 2013 09:40AM

Kali couldn’t help but try to keep her bearings when Simone had taken her seat. Her words expanding through the air as they reached her ears. “It’s going to cost you later, Kal. I always get people to pay their debts.” Kali shook her head then and began to speak in response. “Oh, well bring it on babes, because…” She had looked Simone in the eye and began scooting her chair closer, her head advancing near her ear as she began to whisper seductively in her ear while then placing her finger at the center of her shirt, right were her bra was exposed. “You know, I’m game if you are…” She giggled and moved back in her chair comfortably before then letting out a mad cackle as Pandora pulled up, drinks in hand.“To the sexiest bitches on this side of the Mississippi.” Kali eyed the woman up and down before noticing how exhausted she must have felt. “First of all bitch, we in Seattle, and second of all. You sure you can hang tonight, I heard these boys been giving you a run for your money…” She raised a brow then and burst up once more at the mention of Simone beating someone’s ass. “Damn girl, you know how these men be. They see us come in and they just can’t help but crop a feel.” It was by this time Kali spoke and made her voice seemingly boom throughout the entire bar. “But these boys and gals know, there’s a time and place for that, and if they know what’s good for them they gon’ keep they hands off us.” Another cackle left her lips and she couldn’t help but slam her hand on the bar table an shout. “Hey, bar keep, I believe I asked for a drink, and the lady said she was payin’ so why am I not drunk by now?!”

A weekend out with the ladies sounded more than just what she needed, Kali ran her hands down her chest and over her breasts before then turning to look at the door. Just in time too because as soon as she did, right at the entrance it seemed as if all of time stood still. Two men to be in their early 20’s made their way into the bar, laughing at one another and getting along all too well. But even so, Kali couldn’t help but lick her lips and give her girls the look before then waiting for their reactions.


Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 30, 2013 05:05PM
The Poisoned Tongue – Bar

Simone simply laughed at Kali’s boldness, then placed her ciggy in the ashtray, before holding up two fingers in a v shape and licking between them. “Promises promises. I believe it when I see it, Kal.” Wally hung around behind Simone as she caught up with her friends, till she felt the presence of his shadow to be a bit much. Spinning on her barstool, she clicked her tongue and then started pointing out the night’s offerings.

“Hmm…let’s see if I can get you laid and off my back, hmm?” Simone said with a sneer, before bobbing her head and checking out the talent or lack of it. She spotted a young lady with horn rimmed glasses and clutching her purse, sitting in a corner. A real school teacher look if ever she saw it. Simone shot a look at Pandora and Kali, and waved her hand.

“Just a sec.”

Boldly, the sassy blonde strutted over, to the girl in the corner, and she leaned forward, whispering something in her ear. The girl near spat her drink, much to Simone’s amusement, and Wally groaned.

“What is she saying to that poor girl?” Wally wondered out loud, as Simone came back with a Cheshire cat smile.

“Grab your man bag Wally. Miss Simpson wants a quiet drink with you.”

Was it true? Wally gulped and downed his Shirley Temple before straightening his tie. He even licked his fingers and tidyed his comb over. Heading off like a proud strutting peacock, Simone smacked her lips and picked up her drink to toast her friends.

“To men with 12 inch cocks…..and Wally.”


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December 30, 2013 07:38PM

Alex had nervously smiled at Julian a number of times as they slowly entered the bar. The way Julian had acted so calmly about the car incident amazed him Alex. But there was something rather off about Julian, and by the start of morning, Alex intended to find out exactly what that was. “So, you come here often?” Julian shifted his arm to position just round the front end of his khaki’s as he then turned to look at Alex and laugh. “Honestly, yea. I tend to have no social life, so I like to come by and just knock a few drinks back.” Julian smiled tiredly at Alex and moved his arm to position around Alex’s right shoulder. “Come on, I’ll show you a few of my good buddies.” Alex smiled and inadvertently leaned into Julian’s embrace and nodded to him.

“Hey Mikey!” Julian had called out from the steps. Alex winced at the booming noises that emanated throughout the bar and stiffened his laughter at some of the ongoing conversations people were having, but not before noticing a woman staring at him and Julian from afar. “Hey Julian,” Alex had leaned in towards Julian’s ear and could inhale every scent that ran over his figure. Intoxicating him so much he had to step back and catch himself from nearly ripping off Julian’s clothes right then and there. “You alright, Alex?” Julian looked at him up and down before extending his hand to him to take. “Come on, you owe me a drink.” Alex nodded and reached out to accept the hand offered to him, but before he had a chance to place his hand in Julian’s he tripped over the step before him and fell forward. Julian blinked rapidly and pushed his hands to the side of Alex’s waist, his grip loosening as Alex fell limply into his arms before looking him over. “Whoa, are you alright?” Julian asked. Alex groaned and pushed his feet against the ground and then began to slowly lift himself off of Julian’s burly chest. And then, it happened, they’re eyes met and instantly a spark flared between the two. “I am now.” Alex clarified. Julian smiled a cheeky smile at him and patted his cheek, practically brushing it lightly before dropping his hand and noticing the crowd that gathered around them. “So, how bout that drink?”

}OOC{ Julian has gone from being at The Brew to The Poisoned Tongue, if it gets confusing please contact a mod or myself.}OOC{

Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 31, 2013 06:02PM
The Poisoned Tongue

Somewhere Downtown
“You have got to be kidding me….” she groaned softly, roughly tearing a slip of paper off her motorcycle. She skimmed over the writing crumpling it up in her open finger, gloved hands. Same officer as the last six or seven she had received.
‘Parking Violation, Dark Custom Harley Davidson 2013′ Fine: $150 Section 7E6341’
“Well, you little son of a bitch…” she snarls softly, tossing the parking ticket with the others ones, deep into her Fossil bag that was more like a sling back pack than a purse. “You can piss on your ticket…” Slipping her slender and sport frame onto the bike she checks her watch. She was running late, yet again, and she had to be at The Poisoned Tongue in less than twenty minutes to get there on time to start her set. She wasn’t sure what night it was music wise for them, so she made sure that her laptop and her mixes were versatile and ready for anything. Quickly brushing her dark copper tipped locks from her face she throws her helmet on, quickly starts the engine.

‘Well this is going to be a great night.’ she thought bitterly, and revved the engine before taking off into the street.

Poisoned Tongue- Back Entrance
‘Five minutes late…’ she inwardly cursed for the time and for being late, and cursed even more that she had a parking ticket that she wasn’t going to pay. if she wasn’t careful, she would have to resort to using the public transportation system, and she was going to be damned before that happened. She left her bike in the rear parking that was available to people working in the bar.
“Fuck..” she hissed grabbing what she needed. Straightening herself she looks at a darkened window. Using it as a mirror she quickly threw her hair up into a pony tail, her locks immediately spilling down her left shoulder trying to free itself from the confines of a scrunchy. She studied her dark make up. She tried her best to make a smoky look to match her attire of dark jeans, dark boots and black tank top, and of course her all time favorite, her black vest. She kept her chain snake bites at home, and stuck to the simple hoops, and her septum piercing glittered some matching her studs that traced the bridge of her nose, and the hoops in her ears matched the other piercings. Silver. She prided herself on a K-I-S-S style. Seeing there wasn’t much more she could do she slipped some clear lip gloss over her full lips, and swung open the door into The Poisoned Tongue.
She ran into the back room to bump into someone that was an underdog for Cecil. Inwardly she cringed but kept her cool as she looked up at him, his face as greasy as his hair and teeth yellowed and rotting. He blew a wave of smoke in her face as he looked her over smirking.

“Well, well, look what the cat dragged in…” he drawled in his drunken voice. “You’re late…”

“Thank you for noticing.” she stated plainly. “Now, I’m guessing your customers want to party, so I better get out there quickly.” as she spoke she tried to avoid him as much as possible, and reached into her bag for her headphones. She tried to step past him, but he stopped her by raising his arm up in front of her , blocking her way. The smell of him emanating from his arm pits, made her stomach turn.

“You’re pay is docked.”

“Oh Jesus Christ Mort, it’s just a few minutes. Now can I get to my job?” she asked her gaze looking up at him. “I was already doing this for cheap, you can’t dock me more…”

“Deal with Cecil on it then, but I already told you. Or maybe we can come with a new little arrangement..” Taking in a slow breath through her mouth she tilted her head looking up at him. Parting her soft lips she smiled sweetly.

“An arrangement? Sure… I’ll arrange a shower for you.” with that said she dumped the pitcher of water that was left there, most likely for her, over him. “Now if you’ll excuse me…” she stated coolly, then carefully stepping past him she made her way out to the dance floor.

Dance Floor, Club

She was thankful the DJ booth was set up with a new power cord. Finally, the bastard listened to her. Last time she had to use up all her battery packs, and finish early. Looking out over the bar she noticed the crowd was its usual self. She noted the bar was increasingly busy, and would need to worry about a drink later. Especially since she dumped the pitcher of water all over a man who would be on her ass as soon as she got away from the public eye. Taking out her CDs one by one, she thought she’d start the group on something old. Turning on the speakers and finishing her set up she pulled out her laptop, and readied herself, taking in a deep, slow breath.

“All right all you ladies and gentlemen of the night… Miss Abby, your lady of darkness and taker of souls, is here to make sure you do it right. We all know the saying out with the old and in with new… but I say, if it ain’t broke, nothin’ wrong with a bit of old school!” she smiles looking out and throws on an older reggae dance hall mix. To get the bodies stirring a bit, she started it off with an old school DJ siren. ((Sample))

As the beats started up she started to move to the beat, occasionally adding her own sounds and a few scratches here and there. Even if the people didn’t dance to enjoy the music, she could always enjoy it on her own. She moved to the beats smiling to herself and looked over to the bar. She noted the beauties at the bar then offered a playful wink to the bartender.


Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
January 01, 2014 06:32PM
Center of the Dancefloor, Club

Kali had by this time licked her lips enough time a small pool of drool gathered down her chin and onto the bar’s table. Raising a brow she blinked and then noticed and gathered napkins to clean up the mess. Just in time too, because as the seconds ticked on Simone had begun to grow impatient with her agent Wally. “Hmm…let’s see if I can get you laid and off my back, hmm?” She had said to him. Kali giggled at this and let Simone do her thing and continued to look around the bar, and there they were again. She had lost sight of the two gorgeous men and instantly began moving around in her chair before raising a brow at Pandora, as if to hint her to take a glance at them. But just as she did so they one of them had fallen, and before Kali had a chance to react to the situation the other male had caught the one who’d fallen. They exchanged a glance and then began making their way over to the bar, right next to them. “This oughtta be an interesting night…”

20 minutes and 3 tequila shots later she was ready for whatever the night/morning brought her and her girls. Kali looked to her girls and then had lifted her drink as Simone had begun to toast.

“To men with 12 inch cocks…..and Wally.”

God, these girls were about to get themselves into a whole world of trouble. She smiled at each of her best friends and shook her head, clinked her glass and drank before then placing her shot glass on the table and getting a refill. Her lips curved into a smile and she couldn’t help but pound the drink back, grab both Pandora and Simone’s hands and dragged them to the center of the bar, a small spacious open area that allowed enough room for some dancing. And just as she was about to say something the DJ came into the clearing and began to speak on the mic.

“All right all you ladies and gentlemen of the night… Miss Abby, your lady of darkness and taker of souls, is here to make sure you do it right. We all know the saying out with the old and in with new… but I say, if it ain’t broke, nothin’ wrong with a bit of old school!”

“Right on cue” Kali smirked and flipped her hair before walking over to a random drunk on the chair, her eyes glowed with a fierceness and her wildness began to take over. She placed her hand on the man’s chest and shoved him against a wall before then winking and grabbing his chair, slamming the hooves onto the ground in the center of the room where her friends eyed in curiosity and began to begin her routinely dance.

“Let me show you girls what you’ve missed.”


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January 03, 2014 08:19AM
PT Bar

Pandora chuckled at Simone’s antics with Wally. Simone returned to the bar and raised her glass, successfully shoving Wally off on some poor, unsuspecting woman.

“To men with 12 inch cocks…..and Wally.”

“To Wally!” Pandora grinned, tossing back her drink before slamming the glass on the counter.

Kali grabbed their hands and lead them off to an area cleared for dancing and right on cue, the DJ, Abby, if Pandora remembered her name correctly, appeared.

“All right all you ladies and gentlemen of the night… Miss Abby, your lady of darkness and taker of souls, is here to make sure you do it right. We all know the saying out with the old and in with new… but I say, if it ain’t broke, nothin’ wrong with a bit of old school!”

Kali broke out into cheers and moved over to a drunk man who was somewhat falling out of his seat. She shoved him off his chair and against the wall. Taking the chair, she slammed it down in the middle of the dance floor, Simone and Pandora eying her to see what she was planning.

When she began to dance like she was a Pussycat Doll on a Friday night, Pandora couldn’t help but laugh at the girl’s antics.

“No, no, no! This is how you do things down here!” Pandora shouted, moving into place. She waited a beat to pick up the rhythm and then her body began to flow.


Men began to cheer and holler around them as they did some strange kind of dance battle between them. Things were going well until a crash somewhere behind Pandora signified a really big problem. Stopping mid motion, she spotted a heated argument between a drunk man and what may have been a girlfriend or wife.

Now normally, Pandora didn’t involve herself in bar fights, they usually tended to end pretty quickly with the Seattle PD patroling by every half an hour. But they must have been new to the area as the man hauled off and slapped the woman across the face, sending her to the floor.

Pandora literally saw red.

“Excuse me a minute, girls.” she stated, stalking toward them. The man had his foot drawn back, ready to kick the woman but another man jumped him from behind and sent the bully crashing to the floor.

That seemed to be the catalyst to start a bar fight and Pandora was not going to let it continue. Already the bouncers were wading in, trying to restore order.


Even the woman who’d been knocked on her ass was itching to get a piece of anyone she could to reach the man who struck her.


“KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!” Pandora yelled, her voice amplified by sheer willpower alone. The music cut off with a scratch and everyone froze in place.

“Bitch you better back the fuck off or I’ll give you some, too!” the drunken braggart growled, raising a fist at her.

“I fucking dare you, you dickless peabrain.” Pandora dared him. Apparently the man took offense to her insult for he let his fist fly. Before anyone could stop it, when it looked as if the hit would connect, her arm snaked out and she grabbed his fist in the palm of her hand. The man and everyone around them looked at her in shock. She leaned forward until she was in the man’s face, his captured fist hidden between their bodies. “Leave now…before I do something I won’t regret.” she hissed, her powers flaring. The scent of burning flesh wafted up between them and the man cried out in pain, trying to yank his hand from her grip. “And if I ever find out you hit another woman again, there won’t be a hole deep enough to hide you from me.” she growled, shoving him away from her. The man scrambled to his feet, pushing people out of his way to get away from her. Nodding in satisfaction, she returned to the bar as the music started up again. Mark laid out a glass of water for her and she drank it down in three large swallows. “Thanks.” she nodded. He saluted her and got back to work. He was probably one of the few in on her small secret. She looked at the girls. “Sorry about that mess. I hate women beaters with a passion.” A few of the men in the surrounding area heard her words, and considering what she’d just done, cringed, not wanting to bring her wrath down upon their heads. There were a few women who would find some very different men when they returned home that night.

Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
January 03, 2014 08:39AM
PT Bar


With the Girls doing their own fancy dance moves, Simone slams down her cosmopolitan and makes a whooping sound, as a fight breaks out on the other side of the bar. Oh its on. and Pandora is off like a shot, off to stop the fight from getting so bad that the cops would be next to show up at the door. With the music blaring, she sticks her fingers in her mouth and makes a huge wolf whistle sound, for a change of music, and with her cheeky gold lame pants, she gets up on the bar, and kicks off all the glasses and bowls of nuts. With flashing lights and the pumped up crowd, she starts to gyrate and glide along the bar, kicking up those mile high legs of hers. Blonde hair spilling over the bar, she goes into her own world more or less, to the tune of “Spinning around” (Yeah, daggy). A popular song from Australia, the potty mouth dancer screeches.



I’m spinning around
Move out of my way
I know you’re feelin’ me ‘cuz you like it like this
I’m breakin’ it down
I’m not the same
I know you’re feelin’ me ‘cuz you like it like this

Clearin’ this house out of joy that I borrowed
From back in the day
Threw away my old clothes
Got myself a better wardrobe
I got something to say


I’m through with the past
Ain’t no point in looking back
The future will be
And did I forget to mention that I found a new direction
And it leads back to me?

I’m spinning around
Move out of my way
I know you’re feelin’ me ‘cuz you like it like this
I’m breakin’ it down
I’m not the same
I know you’re feelin’ me ‘cuz you like it

She slides off the bar, grabbing a man by the tie, and drags him out onto the dance floor, grinding against him, all the while keeping one eye on the fight. It ends with some choice coloured words from Pandora, that earns her a few wolf whistles in support from Simone, who is giving her dance partner a real hard on in tight jeans.



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January 03, 2014 07:32PM
PT Bar

It was getting closer and closer to closing time, and by the time the men had gotten over the bar the girls that had been watching them had slowly sauntered into different directions. One of them was off pushing a man against a wall and then dancing wildly on a chair, another began to flip her hair and began to slowly roll her hips and dip low against the ground whilst continuing said hip rolls.”Looks like things just got interesting in here.” And just as the words left Alex’s lips, out of the corner of his eye he shook a fight ensued and quickly ceasing ti exist as soon as it had started. “Hey Julian, do those woman’s hands look weird to you?” Julian turned his head from the barkeeper to the woman whom Alex pointed out and nodded. “Yea… their burning up, literally. Heh, that looks like a mighty gift and she looks like someone who needn’t be trifled with.” He smirked and again patted Alex’s cheek before then noticing a woman had made her way onto the bar and began dancing and grinding wildly against the bar, her mind possibly lost in her own world as she did so. “Good lord, now that is some mighty fine dancing…” Julian then smirked and pointed at the woman just as Alex turned back to look. “Wow, if you think that was good, did you see the way those two are going at it?” Alex pointed back to the direction where the fight had ensued. “See..” Indeed it was a magnificent sight to see, but just then Julian’s mind kicked into overdrive and a light-bulb popped into his head, he smirked and turned to face Alex. His hand brushing up against his arm as he then spoke out. “Wanna show these women a thing or two about dancing?” Alex smiled wide and blushed before nodding in excitement. “Yea, let’s see if they can keep up.