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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 29, 2013 11:52PM
Elvira chuckled as she ate her meal. Virgo was antsier than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. “My big strong mate, so impatient. Don’t worry, my love. When these babies are ready to be born, they will let me know.” she reassured him.” He noticed the staff watching him and he tore into his steak with a vicious snarl that had her hiding a smile behind her napkin.“Shall I carry you back to our room…so you can rest some more, my heart?” he asked as he rose to standing, not even finishing his meal.”Virgo, please stop fussing! I’m fine! You worry too much. I assure you, you will be the first to know if I require anything. Listen to your mate…she is always right. Agreed?” she laughed. “Now sit down and finish your dinner. If I know you, and I do know you quite well, you skipped lunch today worrying about me. Eat.” she pointed her fork at his dinner plate and waited to see if he would follow his Beta’s orders. If he did, she would reward him with a kiss after their meal was over.——

Virgo & Elvira’s Bedroom – Ensuite Bathroom

After their meal, Elvira allowed Virgo to carry her back to their room as she didn’t relish the thought of climbing all those stairs in her condition. She didn’t show it, but she had been experiencing small, stabbing pains in her back since dinner and they seemed to be coming with greater frequency.

“Must be those Braxton-Hicks things Jonathon told me about.” she thought to herself, thinking a bath would be just the thing to soothe her aching muscles.

“Would you draw me a bath? I want to soak for a bit before we retire to bed.” she requested of her mate.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 30, 2013 12:30AM
Dining Hall  
Virgo sat down with a heavy thud, and picked up his napkin again, stuffing it into his collar. He gripped both utensils like they were implements of war, and hoed into his remaining meal with gusto. Boy was he going to have gas later. He ate with his lips smacking and then belched loudly even flashing his tongue to show the meal had been eaten….in under two minutes flat.He then ripped the napkin from his collar and slammed it down on the table. He didn’t mean to get so feisty, he was just insanely worried about his beloved and very pregnant, annoyed wife. With large strides, he pulled back her chair and scooped her up before not another word could be said in protest from anyone. In fact, it was probably a good idea no one said anything. He was liable to tear them a new one.Up the stairs he carried her, keeping her close to him and not once complaining of how heavy she had become. It was twins after all. Kicking open the door to their room, he strode over and placed her gently upon their bed, before going to draw her a bath. Tipping in oils and other things to make the waters feel good against her skin. Normally, he would hover over her, but now he felt bad and bowed before her.

“I will let you bathe in peace, my heart. Just…ring a bell, and I shall be at your side.”

That said, he left the room and headed down to the den for a much needed brandy.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 30, 2013 08:19AM
Dining Room
Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, Virgo fell back into his seat, shoving his napkin into his collar. Gripping his eating utensils as if one wrong move from anyone would see them skewered with them, he dug into his meal, shoving food into his mouth without really tasting it. Elvira wisely kept silent, her eyes sparkling in amusement as she watched him from the corner of her eye.In less then two minutes, his plate was clean and he loudly proclaimed himself finished with a loud, undignified belch and the smacking of lips. Not even bothering to ask if Elvira was finished with her own meal (she was, but it was the principal of the thing), he shoved away from the table, slamming his napkin down before moving to her side and scooping her into his arms.Startled, as she wasn’t expecting such a reaction from him, she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her back to their room.

Virgo & Elvira’s Bedroom/Bathroom

He placed her on their bed and ducked into the bathroom to draw her a bath, as she had requested. He stepped back into the bedroom and bowed to her.

“I will let you bather in peace, my heart. Just…ring a bell, and I shall be at your side.” And before she could reply, he stalked from the room. Chuckling at his antics, Elvira wrapped her arms around her stomach.

“Daddy is such a worrywart.” she cooed to her children, as a particularly hard kick signified that the babies agreed with her assessment. Easing to her feet, she removed the day robe she had been wearing and made her way to the bath.

Carefully stepping into the scented water, she eased back with a tired sigh, happy to be off her feet once more. She began to hum a soothing tune while rubbing wet hands over her belly, hoping to settle the children enough to allow her to sleep later that evening.

The scents surrounding her and the gentle rocking motion of the water relaxed her so much, her eyes slipped closed as she fell into a light doze. There was a slight noise, like the popping of a balloon and a slight rushing sound as if the taps hadn’t been turned off, but both went unnoticed by the dozing succubus.

A short time later…

A sharp stabbing pain caused her to awaken quickly and she she hissed in annoyance. She pressed a hand to her stomach, feeling the sudden tightness of her skin and frowned.

“Be calm my darlings. Mummy needs her sleep too.” she murmured as she pulled herself to her feet. The tightness eased a little and she breathed a sigh of relief. After drying her skin as much as she was able, she slipped her nightgown on and made her way to bed. Once she was comfortable, she rang for Sally.

“Yes, Elvira?” Sally asked as she stepped into the room. She was pleased to see her mistress was resting as much as she could.

“Could you find Virgo, please. I sleep better when he is with me.” she requested.

“I’ll drag him up here by his ear if need be.” Sally nodded, causing Elvira to chuckle.

“No need for the violence, Sally. I fear the stress of the babies coming is making him behave rather irrationally where I’m concerned. It can be annoying at times, but I know he loves me and is only concerned for my health and safety.”

“As he should. No worries my darling, I will fetch your wayward and tempermental mate for you.” Sally nodded before leaving the room. Elvira took up her hair brush from her side table and began to run the bristles through her long locks, humming.

A sharper, deeper pain lanced through her body and she dropped her hairbrush with a hiss of pain. She placed her hands against her stomach and felt the tightness return before ebbing away. A few moments later…and other stabbing pain, this one much sharper then the last and she couldn’t help but cry out.

“Devil’s teeth!” she shouted, now realizing the babies did not want to wait anymore. They wanted out and they wanted out now.“VIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRGOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed, not bothering with the bell as it was loud enough to shake the entire mansion. She did not want to be alone when these babies came into the world. Her twin bodyguards scrambled into the room, took one look at her heaving, rolling body and the sweat pooling on her brow and scrambled to find their Alpha. He was needed to help bring his pups into this world.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 30, 2013 08:34AM
The Den
Marching back and forth, you would think Virgo was going to wear a track into the rug that covered much of the floor of the den. Every so often, he stopped and refilled his brandy glass, mumbling incoherently, whilst his stomach rumbled noisily from his boisterous eating antics earlier.“I’m a damn good husband…and alpha. I am.” Virgo thought to himself, as he downed yet another glass of brandy and then started with the pacing. “But…I am not going to bother her again tonight. Too overprotective..smothering my wife like a duck down quilt. Hmmph. Gone soft. But no more.”Another lap of the den, and he was about to pick up the brandy decanter top, when Sally marched into the den. She took one look at him, and he at her. “Now…don’t you start.” The Count grumbled, still hurt about being pulled up by her when he got home and wanted to see his beloved. Course, before Sally could grab his ear, or his tail or say a word, there came a god awful scream that shook the very paintings on the wall.


“ELVIRA!?” The Count roared back, his eyes wide as saucers, his heart near missing a beat. All his tempered thoughts left his mind and he sprinted past Sally in a blur that would have turned her into a spinning top.

“I’m coming!” Again he was letting her know that he was practically about to kick the door down after flying up the stairs. He rocketed in her room, then took one look at her rolling belly. It had changed as her waters had broken and the babies were coming. Virgo had to collect his thoughts, as to which end to attend to..her hand or her…(yeah). “Remember breathe.” The Count said, then turned his head to the door and roared;

“SALLY..THE PUPS ARE COMING!” You would think it was him in labour. He went to her other end and then looked between her legs….

…there was a dull thud as his body hit the floor.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 31, 2013 12:50AM
Virgo & Elvira’s Room
Virgo heard Elvira screaming for him and a moment later burst into the room to see her writhing in pain upon their bed.“Remember, breathe.” he urged her, looking a bit green around the gills.”I AM breathing, you halfwit!” she snarled, the pain causing her to behave very irrationally. He turned to the open door, yelling for Sally. And then he made the mistake of moving to the end of the bed and looking between her spread knees.

He paled drastically as he caught a glimpse of the expanding birth canal. To her surprise, his eyes rolled up into his head and he fainted.

Sally ran into the room, took one look at Elvira and started issuing orders like a general in an army.

“David, Peter…I need the two of you to go and find some blanket and place them on the floor in front of the fire. Not too close because I don’t want them to catch, but not far away so they don’t warm properly. The babies need to be kept warm once they exit Elvira’s body.”

“Yes, ma’am.” they nodded, leaving the room. Gerald entered behind them.

“Gerald, I need warm water and towels from the kitchens.”

“Yes, my love.” he nodded, turning to leave. Orders issued, she turned to stare at Virgo, still out cold on the floor. She took one of the pillows from the bed and placed it beneath his head, shaking her head the whole time. She looked at Elvira who was near tears.

“Sally. I can’t do this! I’m not ready!” Elvira sniffled. Sally took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“You are ready, dear heart. You have been ready for this since the very beginning. I have faith in you. And your husband, poor thing, has been waiting for this moment for a long time. You…are…ready.”

“Wake him up, then. I need him here.” Elvira demanded as Gerald returned with the water.

“I will take care of the Master, My Lady. You just focus on your young ones.” Gerald reassured her.

Peter and David returned with a pair of thick blankets and spread them out over the chairs in front of the fireplace, making sure there was enough wood to keep the fire going well into the night.

Another contraction hit and Elvira moaned, clutching Sally’s hand like a lifeline.

“Virgo! Wake up, you lazy arse!” Elvira snapped. “I’m delivering your children and you’re sleeping! That isn’t right!”

“I’m going to check you over, love.” Sally stated, removing her hand from Elvira’s clutches. Elvira nodded as she breathed through another contraction. Sally moved to the end of the bed and slid her hand beneath Elvira’s nightgown, pressing tenderly into the birth canal. Two inches in and she could feel the soft skin of a baby’s head. She looked at Elvira over the edge of her knees.

“Baby number one is about to come into the world, love. Seems they do not want to wait.” Sally grinned. Elvira nodded as she breathed. She made Gerald, Peter and David wait in the other room while she helped Elvira out of her nightgown. Sally moved the water and towels to the floor beside the bed before taking the knife her mate had brought as well and sterilizing it in the fire’s flames. She pulled the sheet up and over Elvira’s chest to preserve her modesty and helped the young woman get her legs and knees up in a better position. She called the men back into the room, just as an even harder contraction caught Elvira in its grip. Sally looked under the sheet and saw the baby’s head beginning to crown.

“It’s time. Now on the next contraction, I need you to push as hard as you can until I tell you to stop.” Sally commanded her mistress. Elvira nodded, not even having the breath to argue. Sally got upon the bed at Elvira’s feet and pulled the sheet up and over Elvira’s knees. Virgo was still out on the floor, and would be no help whatsoever. “Gerald, I need you and David to hold Elvira’s hands. She needs to have some leverage to push.”

Both men nodded and moved to help Elvira sit up further, ready to push her children into the world. She could feel another contraction coming and looked at Sally with wide eyes. Sally understood and got into position. Elvira grit her teeth and screamed as the contraction finally came. “Push, Elvira!” Sally demanded. Gripping the hands that held her own as tightly as possible, Elvira took a deep breath and bare down as hard as she could, wanting to expel her firstborn child from her body as fast as possible.


“Stop!” Sally commanded. With a groan, Elvira stopped pushing and had to smother the instinct to clench her lower body closed. David took up a spare towel and dabbed at Elvira’s sweaty brow. She gave him a tired but grateful smile as Sally checked the position of both the baby’s head and body. She noticed with some gladness that the umbilical cord was not wrapped around the baby’s neck. “All is well, darling. One more big push and you’ll have your first born in your arms.” Sally smiled. Elvira nodded quickly and moved into position as another contraction rocked her body. She took a deep breath and pushed once again, Sally between her knees helping the babe slip from her body. With a scream of relief, her first child slipped into Sally’s arms with a lustful cry at being taken from its warm home. “It’s a girl!” Sally grinned, quickly sponging the baby clean with the warm water. Elvira burst into happy tears as she got her first glimpse of her baby girl. Sally took up the knife and cut the umbilical cord before clamping it off. Peter was at Sally’s side with one of the warm blankets to wrap the babe in. There was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” Sally demanded.

“It’s Chelsea, Miss.” came the young voice through the door.

“What do you want?” Sally wondered as she placed the little girl in the bassinet beside the bed.

“I took the liberty of sending off a messenger to Doctor Bianchi. He should be here soon.”

“Thank you, Chelsea. Please inform the household that…” Sally looked at Elvira for confirmation.

“Dominique.” Elvira smiled, tears still streaming from her eyes.”

“…Dominique Marulo has been born unto this world.” Sally finished.

“With pleasure, Miss! And congratulations, Countess!” Chelsea ran away from the door to announce the news to the entire estate.

“Sally!” Elvira moaned as another contraction ripped through her. Sally got back into place to help the second child be born…

At midnight, the 1st of November, 5 minutes after his sister, little Damion Marulo was born into the world.

And still…Virgo had yet to wake…

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 31, 2013 01:28AM
Virgo & Elvira’s Room 
It was around half past twelve when the shaggy and dishevelled head of the Count finally appeared from under the foot of the bed. What he discovered as he had finally woken from his little nap, was his adored wife dressed again in a sweet lace nightie, and holding in her arms two bundles of joy. A slow smile crept upon the Count’s lips as he realized that his wife had done it. Delivered the twins, and done it so cleanly. He was half amazed, cause last thing he remembered was seeing…well, her vaginal opening, and now she was the epitome of motherhood. She truly was a remarkable woman.“Well that went well. Wasn’t hard at all.” Virgo said with some satisfaction. Surely when Sally heard him, he was going to cop a good back hander for such a gaffe.As he made his way around the bed, the door to the room opened and Doctor Bianchi finally arrived.

“You’re a bit late, John.” The Count said, taking a closer look at Dominique and Damion. He didn’t know they had been even named. Johnathon chuckled, and set down his medical bag, and went to wash his hands in the basin. “Congratulations Countess, you look to have two fine children. Only wish I was here sooner.” He said, wiping his hands clean with a towel, provided by a maid. “So, what are their names, Virgo?” He asked, looking at the Count expectantly. Course, he had no idea and then flapped his gums, hoping Elvira would fill them both in. Johnathon seemed confused, like he was missing something. “You were here for the birth, Virgo?” Good question.

“Technically, yes. Johnathon, I just uhm…can’t remember much after telling Elvira to breath, and calling Sally.”

“You passed out?”

“Don’t have to make a point of it. I’m still Alpha.”That said, he sat on the edge of the bed, and started making that noise, that he usually does when being possessive over Elvira. Now he had a true family. A daughter and a Son, to carry on the Marulo name, and he couldn’t be prouder. With large hands, he tenderly touched each of their heads, and then leaned in to sniff them, and get used to their scent. Looking up at his wife, he whispered.“I’m so proud of you, my heart.”

And he was.