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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 27, 2013 11:03PM
Two months after their wedding/honeymoon…Halloween

Elvira and Virgo’s Bedroom

After a spectacular wedding and an even greater honeymoon, Virgo and Elvira settled into their new lives as a married couple at the Marulo Estate. Elvira’s pregnancy was advancing at a rapid pace and it soon got to the point where she could barely move and had been confined to her bed for the duration of her pregnancy. The twins were sapping all of her energy on a daily basis and it was an effort for her to get up to go to the bathroom. And like the loving man that he was, Virgo doted on her and catered to her every whim.

Halloween had always been Elvira’s favorite time of the year. She never understood why that was. It just gave her a sense of true belonging. Maybe it was because she felt closer to her roots on this particular day.

It was an unseasonably warm Autumn day and Elvira had asked for Peter to help her outside to rest in the chaise lounge that had been placed on the balcony for her use. The babies were especially restless this day and she had begun having little shooting pains through her back and abdomen every couple of hours. Virgo was out dealing with some business and Sally was helping Cook in the kitchen, preparing Elvira’s lunch. Peter’s brother, David, was on guard duty.

She sighed with relief as she relaxed back and off her feet. The sun beat down upon her chilled skin and before long her eyes slipped closed.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 29, 2013 08:25PM
The Road to the Marulo Estate

The black carriage raced along the forest road that led the Count back to his family home, where his beloved wife Elvira was in the last stages of her pregnancy. Though he wished to be with her around the clock, he still had businesses to attend to in the city, and this meant he had some long absences from her side. Sporting a tall top hat that looked rather distinguished upon the Count, his face was etched with worry. The team of four black horses brayed and snorted as they raced through the country side, with the gates to the estate about five hundred metres up the road. Gripping at the side handle of the carriage, he peered out the window, to see his sprawling estate. Surrounded by century old oaks and the drive lined with statues of wolves.

The clattering sound of the horses hooves on the gravel road would bring out the servant staff and they waited on the steps in a straight line as the carriage finally came to a stop. A footman went to open the door, but the Count was already pushing the door open, and lept out of the carriage, taking off his hat and tossing it to Gerald.

“How is she? How far along are her contractions? Get me Sally. I want the latest report on her health.”

The Count went up the stairs two at a time, and bowled his way in through the front door, his eyes searching for her. Worried for her health and that of her unborn children.

“ELVIRA!…I’m home!” He thundered, as he took off his coat in a hurry and raced up the stairs for their room.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 29, 2013 09:09PM
Virgo & Elvira’s Room – Balcony

“ELVIRA!…I’m home!” Virgo shouted, as he ran up the stairs.

Sally was standing in the hallway, hands on her hips, blocking his way into the room.

“Virgo Marulo! I know you have more sense then that! Running around, shouting people’s names, scaring them out of their wits. What’s the matter with you?” Sally scowled at him. The way she was standing, like a pitbull guarding a home, he would have had to slide right into her to get into the bedroom. “Elvira is napping, if you must know. I just checked on her. She’s been extremely tired today and has been keeping off her feet like Doctor Bianchi ordered her to. Now you march yourself back downstairs and walk like you have some sense.”

At hearing her mate’s shouting of her name, Elvira startled awake, nearly falling off the chaise lounge in her fright. She sat up, eyes wide, a hand over her heart as she tried to focus on where she was. Once she realized she was in the safety of her own home, her pulse began to stablize.

Hearing muted voices in the hall, she carefully got to her feet and shuffled her way back inside. As she moved closer to the bedroom door, she recognized Sally’s voice and wondered who she was grinding into the dirt this time. She opened the door and smiled upon seeing her husband standing in the hall.

“Virgo, when did you get home?” she smiled, moving around Sally to kiss him on the lips.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 29, 2013 09:25PM
Virgo & Elvira’s Room – The Stairs

Now normally, Virgo would never let anyone order him about in the fashion that Sally did. However, this woman had a certain amount of sway in the Marulo household. Such as caring for his wife when he was not home. In his panic and worry for Elvira, he did enter the manor like a bull through a china shop. Had to be expected. She was due any day now, and Virgo’s nerves were as frayed as you can imagine. He pouted as the diminutive maid gave him the what for.

“But…but.” He stammered, pointing towards their bedroom.

Thankfully, Elvira had heard the Master bellow. Wasn’t hard really, for when he let fly, the whole estate could hear him. He was after all a devoted and loving husband to Elvira and she was his number one priority and concern. The pregnancy had truly taken a great deal out of his wife, and you could see the stress written all over his expression.

When Elvira emerged, and then rounded the sassy Sally, Virgo instantly melted, going down on one knee, and placing his arms around her wide middle. He crooned and cooed at her stomach, as if to try and soothe their unborn young.

“Have you been upsetting your mother, little ones?” Virgo asked, his voice softening, no longer the bellowing voice that rocked the halls. Rising up, he cupped his wife’s cheeks and plants a kiss on her forehead.

“You should be laying down, my heart.” Virgo insisted, his eyes filled with love for her. At this moment, Sally could go jump about him going down the stairs and coming up again.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 29, 2013 09:47PM
Virgo went down on one knee before his wife, wrapping his arms around her expanding middle. He cooed and crooned at her stomach as the babies rolled every which direction.

“Have you been upsetting your mother, little ones?” he asked, his tone soft and gentle. As always, the twins knew when their father was near and pressed little fingers and toes against the cheek pressed to her stomach. Smiling, Elvira pressed a hand to the top of her mate’s head, a soft smile upon her lips.

“They’re very active today, love.” Elvira nodded. Virgo got to his feet and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“You should be laying down, my heart.” he stated. She looked back at Sally with a smirk on her face.

“Well I had been asleep at one point, but someone seemed to have bellowed my name in their haste to get into the house.” she giggled, poking Virgo in the stomach with her finger.

“I tried to tell him you were resting, but he’s like a rampaging bull.” Sally snickered. The two women always had a way of ganging up on poor Virgo, knowing he wouldn’t do anything in retaliation.

“Darling, you don’t need to worry so much. I and the babies are just fine. Sally’s taking great care of us all.” Elvira smiled, pressing a kiss to her husband’s lips.

Gerald joined the group in the hall at that moment, rescuing his master from the women’s teasing. “Dinner is ready to serve, My Lord, My Lady.” he announced.

“Thank you, Gerald.” Elvira nodded as she linked her arm through her mate’s. “I’m so hungry I could eat a bear.”


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 29, 2013 10:15PM
Stairs to Dining hall

“I would pay to see you finish off a bear, my heart. Though I do doubt you would struggle to make it fit.” The Count said, his voice joyous at the affections of his adored wife. He proudly held her arm through his as they made their way down the stairs towards the dining room. He nodded to all the wait staff, and showed his love to her chair, which he drew out for her, then assisted her in taking her seat. As always he was dutiful, making sure she was comfortable, and getting in the way of the staff, as they tried to serve. But could they blame the man for wishing to fuss so over his beloved. No doubt Sally would need to urge him to sit, for he seemed to be content to stand in behind her as she ate. Odd, but he was a tad wolfish that way. Soon the stares from the staff got too much and he took his seat at the table. Though he could not take his eyes off his wife.

“Did the Doctor say when we could expect your water to break, my heart?” He asked, as the staff tried to place napkins in his lap, and his plate in front of him. He let out a growl as they were getting in his way, and tried to maintain patience and show respect, not to upset his wife. If Elvira thought the Count was over protective before, this was a whole new level.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 29, 2013 10:55PM
Dining Room

Virgo, ever attentive to his wife’s needs, escorted her to her seat, hovering over her like a worried fishwife. She found it adorable and didn’t have the heart to tell him his hovering was annoying. She sat down with a sigh, always happy to get off her feet for a short time, and rubbed her hands over her belly. She had been feeling off all day, but put it down to the fact that she was due to go into labor any day now and was feeling somewhat anxious about it.

“Did the Doctor say when we could expect your water to break, my heart?” Virgo asked as the staff tried to serve him. She had to giggle when he growled at them when they tried to tend to his dinner as he was focused on her.

“Could be today, could be tomorrow. Could be next week. But he did say it would be soon.” she stated before leaning forward as much as she was able to place a hand over her husband’s. “Darling, do stop fussing and eat your dinner. The kitchen staff put so much effort into our meals, you could at least take the time to enjoy them. I love you, and both I and the babies are fine. I would tell you if something was wrong. That is the truth.” She pulled his hand forward and pressed a kiss to the palm of his hand. “Now…tell me about your day.” she urged, trying to get his mind off his impending fatherhood.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
December 29, 2013 11:35PM
Dining Room

The meal placed before Virgo was simply amazing. And normally, the Count would eat with an appetite that was hard to match. But his wife’s words brought no comfort, as to when to expect her to go into labour.

“Could be today, could be tomorrow. Could be next week. But he did say it would be soon.”

“You would think with his great knowledge he could give us a time…a day. I hate waiting.” The Count grumbled, picking up a fork and absently stabbing at the meat on his plate. He held it up for a moment, then heard his wife tell him how he shouldn’t worry so, that she and the children were just fine. Virgo saw the wait staff watching him, hoping he would eat and he stuffed the entire piece of steak in his mouth and chewed vigorously, wanting to get this meal over with, so he could take his wife upstairs and stand guard over her….like a good husband should. The chef coughed as the Count set down his fork, and had not touched the rest of his meal. The Count rolled his eyes and started to stab at each thing on his plate and eat it with a ferocity that was rather unusual to see.

Elvira enquired to the Count’s day and he stopped mid chew.

“I am looking at investing in a weapons factory. You know how I love hunting and guns. I believe there will be a strong market for them in the future. One must make good investments for the betterment of the family. Other than that, mostly worrying about you, my heart.”

The touch of her hand on his did make him stop carrying on with his meal, but no sooner had she pulled her hand away, he placed down his napkin on his plate and rose to standing.

“Shall I carry you back to our room….so you can, rest some more, my heart?’

He wasn’t giving up on his desire to look after her on his own.