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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 08:05PM
She swallowed everything he gave her, lapping at his sensative skin as she released him from her throat. She shuddered as his tongue moved against her own sensative flesh, pleasurable aftershocks arching through her body. She released him from her mouth with a soft pop, pressing her forhead against his thigh as she struggled to get her heaving body under control.

“I love you, Shane.” she whispered, her voice hoarse from his desire. “Love you so much it scares me.” she whispered. Vincent had almost gotten to her…almost stolen her away from her mate. She was never so thankful for her fae powers then she was at this moment.

And then Misty almost being killed…

Carmen felt tears well up in her eyes at the thought of that young, vibrant vampire being killed. The shock was wearing off and as Shane moved around, she pressed a hand over her eyes to try and stem the flow of tears.

“He needs to die.” she whispered, pressing close to him.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 08:17PM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

Listening to her as she whispered, and tried to hide her eyes from his gaze; Shane could feel the anger starting to build inside of him, that though they had renewed their love for each other, Carmen was still deeply troubled and upset about the attack that night. He gently tried to pry her hand away from her eyes so she could see he was not wanting her to hide her tears from him. He felt very much the same way, and pulled her close to him

“I promise you, he will be found and destroyed. I simply can’t have you all living in fear.”

Shane tried to kiss away her tears, and bring comfort to his beloved. She meant more to him than his own un life. In the back of his mind, a plan was forming. One that hopefully would end the nightmare that Vincent had brought into their lives.

“Carmen…believe in me, that is all I ask.” He said, with blue eyes locked on hers. She would have to know that the man she loved was working out a way to end the tyranny.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 08:48PM
Shane pulled her hand away from her eyes and stared down at her.

“I promise you, he will be found and destroyed. I simply can’t have you all living in fear.” 

At that Carmen laughed. “Oh I’m not scared anymore. Now I’m fucking pissed off!” And this was truth. She had been caught off-guard and unaware. Now she knew his face and his agenda and she would fight him tooth and nail until he was but ashes in the wind. She belonged to one man and one man only and she was wrapped in his arms.

He kissed her tears from her cheeks as she put her arms around him. She could sense he was planning something and hoped whatever it was, caused Vincent great pain, more then Shane had already dealt to him.

“Carmen…believe in me, that is all I ask.” he stated, his blue eyes staring into her brown ones. She did believe in him, like Peter Pan believed in fairies. He’d never once broken a promise to her, never lied to her and she trusted him with everything that made her who she was.

She smiled then, a smile full of so much malevolence it would send normal humans running in fear.

“Rip the bastard’s throat out and piss down the hole.” she growled.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 08:57PM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

From the very first time Shane had met Carmen, there was this edge to her. Devious almost. Powerful and well damn, she could make a man’s balls shrink right back inside themselves, just by the steely gaze of her eyes. But not Shane. God…the first time he met her, he ran back to his office and jerked himself off so hard he hit himself in the eye. (LOL) There was an allure to her…a passion that he knew once he had her, he could feed off her raw energy. But he came to find she was so much more than that. She wasn’t the iron lady all the time. A woman of many facets, like a diamond. Beautiful. In her eyes it reflected his own passion, and now his resolve. And she was pissed off. Her smile to him, that she wanted to see him rip his throat out and piss down the hole, had him smile that award winning Hollywood grin.

“Fuck…you talk like that again, I am going to bang you to next Sunday.” He growled back, before gnawing on her neck, not to tear it open, but to show he was incredibly turned on by her nature.

They were made for each other.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 09:08PM
Her laugh was throaty and sensual as he began gnawing upon her neck.

“He scared me. I don’t like being scared and I’ll be damned if I let him do that to me again!” she snarled, tossing her head back so he’d have better access. “Spill his blood back to the earth…make him eat his own dick! That bastard has fucked with wrong woman!”

Oh she was beginning to think of all the different ways she could eviscerate Vincent in the most painful way possible and was broadcasting those thoughts to Shane as he devoured her neck.

“Maybe we could stake him to a tree and douse him in fire ants.” she stated. “Or…or…Oh! Vampire bunny rabbits! Yes! They could drain his blood and take over the clan!” she snickered.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 09:19PM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

Yes, it was a crazy thing. One minute, Carmen is snarling and saying how frightened Vincent made her and then…the next she was saying all the diabolical things she want to see done to him. Some things were pretty violent. Carmen tilted her head, and Shane was really getting off on the nasty things she wanted him to do. Eat his dick…spill his blood into the earth. Oh he was getting hard again…

“Maybe we could stake him to a tree and douse him in fire ants.”

“I’d feel sorry for the tree.” He mumbled as he continued to suck on her neck….

“Or…or…Oh! Vampire bunny rabbits! Yes! They could drain his blood and take over the clan!”

THAT…had Shane stop and he actually pulled his head up and looked at her oddly.

“Vampire…bunny rabbits? Hun, the only bunny rabbits that are vampires around here….are probably us. Pretty sure that is what the kids call us.” he said with some conviction.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 09:29PM
She turned her head to look at him before looking up at the ceiling.

“Yeah, you’re right. Bunnies aren’t evil enough. I’ll think of something.” she nodded. Then she looked back at him. “Where were we?” she wondered, wiggling her eyebrows at him, before reaching between them to cup and stroke his wilting erection. That look was back in her eye. “How long until morning?” she whispered seductively.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 30, 2013 06:17AM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

“Few more hours at least. Why..what did you..” Shane’s voice trailed off, as Carmen’s skilled hand was working its magic on his softness. “Oh….so that is what you want.”Shane said with a dark chuckle. Facing each other, he nipped her bottom lip, teasing it and then releasing it. So full of blood and plump it was. He saw a droplet of her blood, teasing him as it captured the candle light, and his long tongue swiftly collected it. The taste was beyond compare.

“You know…if I had ever figured out earlier you were this eager to please, I would have done you like a dinner over your counter in the kitchen that time.” He still had pleasant memories of that encounter, since the sexual tension was unbelievable. “You hated me so much…or wanted to fuck me but couldn’t bring yourself to admit it.”Shane had a way with words, and these were to entice her further into his arms.

“You are everything a man could dare want and desire….and your mine.”

That pledge of ownership was finished with a throaty growl, as he rolled her over and mounted her. His blue eyes darkening as he licked at her full lip teasing.

“Mine to fuck…mine to hold…mine forever.”


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 30, 2013 08:47AM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

He wondered what she was about when he felt her hand caressing him and a wicked grin crossed his lips. He nipped at her bottom lip, breaking the skin slightly before releasing it. A droplet of blood formed at the corner of her mouth and he licked at it, moaning in delight at the taste that was uniquely Carmen’s.

“You know…if I had ever figured out earlier you were this eager to please, I would have done you like a dinner over your counter in the kitchen that time.” he stated. This caused Carmen’s eyes to glaze over as she thought back to that night. He looked right at home in her kitchen, stealing her food, stalking her in her own home, teasing and taunting her with her subconcious desires. She groaned in rememberance as she recalled that had been one of her deepest, darkest fantasies.

“I almost thought you would have. I probably wouldn’t have resisted you then as you staked your claim.” she whispered huskily, sliding her leg up and over his hip. “The fantasies I had after you left…I don’t recall how many cold showers I had to take, or how many times I pleasured myself thinking of it.”

With a growl, he rolled her beneath him and entered her body, causing her to grip him tightly within her as he moved within her. His eyes were dark as he licked at her lips. “You are everything a man could dare want and desire….and your mine…Mine to fuck…mine to hold…mine forever.”

“Shane!” she moaned, tossing back her head as her desires ignited her body once more. He knew how to play her body like a finely tuned instrument and in return she gave him everything he wanted. Leaning up on her elbows, her lips began to caress the skin of his neck, tongue sliding sensuously across his skin, teeth nibbling delicately and driving him to further heights of passion.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 30, 2013 09:06AM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

Sweet memories fueled the rising passion that now was again going to be racing between them. Carmen’s leg draped up and over his hip, as she cried his name. To him, she was his Queen of the night, but at the same time, he viewed her as his possession. One that he guarded with a zealous like passion. Now again they were coupling, but it would not be gentle. Time for sweet sonnets and beautiful whispered words were at an end. It was like she was a drug that drove him into a frenzy. The only thing that would add to it was if there was a blood doll thrown into the mix. Such beauty with his love splattered with the warm blood of a doll.

Covering Carmen, Shane started to grunt audibly, thrusting his girth inside of her, while she kissed and teased the skin of his neck. He stared down at her wanting total submission. Shane’s face altered slightly, showing off a side to the beast that lurked beneath the surface of his nature. He pressed his lips hard to her, hungrily devouring her, while at the same time, his hips thrust and bucked against her softness.

“Carmen…” He croaked hoarsely, before rolling off her and then laying flat on his back. He watched her without blinking, then waited for her to make the next move.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 30, 2013 11:05AM
Shane grunted above her as he thrust deeply, causing her to cry out at the sensations. He drew back his head, his dark gaze pinning her in place as she could sense the darkness lurking beneath his skin. She had been witness to such darkness once before and her body spasmed in rememberance. He kissed her hard then, as if he desired to swallow her whole and she whimpered as his kiss and the thrusting of his lower body demanded her complete submission.

“Carmen…” He huskily stated her name before he withdrew from her sweat-slicked form, laying flat on his back beside her, eyes glowing in anticipation of her next move.

Carmen, never one to back away when challenged, wondered at this. Was he submitting to her? Or was this some new way of getting her to submit to him completely. She knew a part of herself hadn’t completely let go, hadn’t completely submitted her entire being to her sire, master and mate. She didn’t know how to fully let go. But maybe he would be the one to help her achieve this goal.

She leaned over him, pausing an inch from his lush lips, her breath mingling with his own. She stared him in his eyes, seeing the beast beneath, her demonic lover. And she craved him. She closed the distance between them, sealing her lips over his, her tongue sliding into his mouth as her hand traveled the length of his body to surround the steel shaft between his legs. He was large, much larger than before, the vampire beneath struggling to be free. She moaned into his mouth as she stroked him in her hand.

Withdrawing from his lips, she licked and kissed her way down his body, pausing first at his nipples to worship the little nubbins of flesh, then at his belly button, dipping her tongue in a parody of the acts that consume them on an almost nightly basis. Further still at the joint where pelvis and thigh met, her hand still stroking his rapidly growing flesh between his legs. She drew his balls into her mouth, suckling them both gently, feeling his skin leap beneath her fingers. She wanted to smirk with triumph but was caught up in her own game as she moved up to take him into her mouth once again. Her own form rippled slightly as the vampire within her wished to be free as well, but Carmen was a woman of great control and iron will. She had never once let her full vampire free. And maybe that’s what Shane was waiting for…

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 30, 2013 09:07PM
Dungeon/Sub room

The rippling of his mate’s form was a clear sign she was almost ready. Oh how the beast beneath Shane was appeased by her skilled hands. But she kept that side of her locked down, hard and fast. Now if they were to face Vincent properly, she had to assume her true form. He let her tease his pecks, while her hand pumped his member fast and with vigor. Letting out a loud growl, he withdrew from her, as a large door that had never been used started to open, and the man known as Shane started to change fully to the beast. His enormous bulk, naked and proud, then left the room, going down the stone staircase. Illuminated by fiery torches, it led to a vast underground cavern, that was filled with many more of their kind, including Jarvis, Bianca and Misty. All were in their forms, and the trio had their own blood dolls, for amusement and pleasure. From the sides, many bowed, as the grand Vampire walked through them, all falling back, while there were blood dolls on chains, that raised up their hands, begging to be chosen. Female and male, naked and glistening, eyes filled with desire of pain and absolute pleasure. Turning before a stone throne, the Vampire raised his fist, and roared her name.

“My Queen Carmen….has come at last.”

All turned to see her, as her form continued to shimmer, blending from that of her human form.

Shane sat proudly on the throne, as he snapped his fingers, and two male blood dolls were released, both falling at her feet and looking up expectantly.

“Our Queen, we sacrifice ourselves so you may rise to greatness.” the twins said in unison, swaying to beating drums, as all around, became a gluttony of feeding and sexual misadventures. All the while, Shane looked on grinning broadly.

“Make me proud, my Queen.” He said, holding up a blood chalice, and watching her with blood red eyes.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 30, 2013 10:43PM
Dungeon/Sub-basement/Cavern Lair

Carmen had thought that Shane was enjoying her ministrations and was itching to surround his turgid flesh within her body…when he did the unthinkable. He withdrew from her embrace. She looked at him, stunned for a moment as he got to his feet, his form rippling into that of his vampire. She was mesmerized at how easily he achieved his form, and how sexy he looked. There was a rumbling sound within the room and a door opened in a place she had never noticed there being a door before. He walked through the mysterious door and down a set of stone stairs. Wondering what was going on, she was quick to follow him, not caring about her state of undress.

Torches illuminated their way and the steps ended in a huge underground cavern. Carmen halted in her tracks, staring in shock and awe as numerous vampires, both male and female covered every available surface. They were all in their forms, including the trio and each of them had blood dolls, some as much as three at a time.

Shane walked through them, master of this domain, to take his seat at the front of the room on a large stone throne. Blood dolls raised their hands in supplication, hoping they would be chosen for the vampire’s pleasure, moaning with disappointment when Shane didn’t even acknowledge them.

He turned to face the room and waved a clawed hand in her direction.

“My Queen Carmen…has come at last.” he announced for all to hear. Supernatural eyes turned toward her as her form shifted between human and demon. She wanted to let go, craved it with every fiber of her being, to be what he needed – a true mate.

Shane sat, snapping his fingers and two male blood dolls fell before her, looking up at her with hopeful expressions on their faces.

“Our Queen, we sacrifice ourselves so you may rise to greatness.” they stated. Drums began to beat, a low throbbing sound that resonated across her skin and caused her fangs to elongate within her mouth. Her head fell back as her mouth opened, a sensuous moan escaping from her throat.

All around her, vampires fell upon their blood dolls in an orgy of sex and blood, moans of ecstasy echoing throughout. Carmen brought her head forward and saw that Shane was staring at her, a broad grin across his demonic lips.

“Make me proud, my Queen.” he grinned, toasting her with a chalice filled with blood, his eyes red.


The twins kneeling at her feet moved closer to her, touching the naked skin of her legs and thighs, pressing their faces against her body. She could smell the blood beneath their skin, could hear the low throb of their heartbeats, calling out to her. Did she want to do this? She was Shane’s. She didn’t wish to share herself with anyone else, didn’t think she should.

“Please, Mistress…we are yours.” the twins begged once more, both delicious looking with deep blue eyes and long blonde hair.


“What are your names?” she whispered, surprised at how rough her voice was. The control she was famous for was beginning to slip as her form began to ripple once more.

“I am Eric.” stated the one on her left. “And I am Ethan.” stated the one on her right.

“And you wish to be mine, to do what I will?”

“Yes, Mistress.” they stated in unison.

“What if I were to kill you? Snap your necks without hesitation?”

“If that is your desire, who are we to stop you, Mistress.” Eric replied. Carmen closed her eyes, struggling to remain in control of herself. A low growl caused her eyes to snap open and she spotted a female vampire she was unfamiliar with slowly stalking toward the twins, hunger etched in every line of her face. Carmen snarled in anger.

“Mine!” she hissed at the woman, placing her hands upon the blonde heads kneeling at her feet.

“You do not want them. You are no Queen of mine.” the vampire hissed in return. Carmen’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“You dare challenge me?” her tone was low and dangerous and on more than once occasion had been the cause of someone she was prosecuting to piss themselves in fear. Either this vampire was extremely stupid to challenge Carmen, or she had never heard of her before. Carmen was about to put the bitch in her place.

“I dare!” the woman hissed back, inching closer, a hand out to touch the ankle of the closest twin. With an inhuman cry of rage, Carmen’s control snapped and she morphed into the form she was meant to be.


Wings as dark as night sprung from her back, rising into the air nearly 6 feet above her head. She had gone from a standard height of 5′ 8″ (1.72 m) to an impressive height of nearly 7′ in her vampiric form, towering well over the vampire who dared to challenge her place in the coven. Her arm snaked out, lightning quick and claws wrapped around the female vampire’s neck, nails puncturing through her throat. She shrieked in pain and fear as Carmen pulled her closer to her demonic face. Her elongated tongue snaked from her lips, lapping at the blood from the woman’s puncture wounds. The woman’s blood was tainted with the poison that was cocaine and Carmen snarled in rage. “You dare bring your filthy blood into this sacred place?” she hissed. The vampire in her clutches was beating at Carmen’s arm, ineffectively trying to be released. Carmen turned blood red eyes toward Shane, the twins each wrapping an arm around her thighs.

“Do you, or do you not require your coven to be pure?” she asked, rage coloring her tone. She shook the woman in her grip. “This female dares to bring the filth of the human drug, cocaine, into this coven, to taint the others with her stench. I should kill her now and be done with it.” Carmen stated, throwing the woman away from her like she was a piece of trash. With her enhanced strength, the woman went sailing across the room, landing in a crumpled heap at Shane’s feet. Carmen immediately put the woman out of her mind, turning her gaze to the twins.

“You are mine. No one else. Understand?” she snapped.

“We are yours, Mistress.” they agreed. Without preamble, she turned to Eric and sank her fangs into his neck, pulling his blood into her body and marking him as her own. He wrapped his arms around her neck and moaned with want as she took from him. Withdrawing, she licked his wounds closed before giving his brother the same treatment. Once she had taken their blood, she made a vertical cut across both her breasts and drew their heads close to her, Eric on one side, Ethan on the other. Like newborn babes, they suckled from her breast as she shared the gift of her blood with them. Instinct let her know when they had enough to connect them to her, but not enough to turn them vampire as well as she drew their heads back from her body.


“Mine.” she whispered, kissing them both and licking away her blood that remained upon their lips. Her dark gaze turned to look at Shane, a smirk upon her lips. She was now his mate…in every sense of the word.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 30, 2013 11:27PM
The Lair

The jeweled goblet glistened as Shane brought it to his lips. Blood of a virgin, so fresh and pure ran down his throat easily, as he enjoyed the erotic sounds of mating and feeding going on all around him. He knew this was the time to turn Carmen fully so that she herself may help guard against the wants and desires of Vincent. A blood doll stood either side of his throne, both only wearing the barest of silk that covered their nether regions. Wearing veils to cover their faces, they stood silently, as the twins were brought before his love, and offering themselves to her, for her pleasure and needs. Though Shane would normally be sinfully jealous of any other male touching his mate, he allowed this…for she was to be Mother…Queen of their coven. As their wandering hands crept up her thighs, he watched as she fought so desperately to maintain control. Carmen believed she was only for Shane, but this was different, completely different.

The lower female vampire who dared to challenge Carmen to her right to have the twins, made the fatal error to cross the new Queen, whose anger in keeping her new boys turned her fully into the angered Queen. Shane simply sipped his chalice, as the two women fought, and then Carmen flung the defeated bitch at his feet, telling Shane off for allowing such filth within their walls. Cowering, she raised her head to see Shane look down at the girl with a menacing gleam in his eyes. The Head Vampire rose slowly, and made his way down the podium, till he stood over the cowering vampire.

“Forgive me…I cannot help my addiction.” She pleaded, as Shane crouched, and cooed as he cupped her cheek. For a moment she truly believed he would show mercy, till his other hand rocketed out and punched right through her chest, tearing out her heart and throwing it across the floor at a pack of hounds, that ate it hungrily. He simply dropped the remaining carcass and then rose to standing, his chest and face splattered with blood. A blood doll handed him a cloth, and he slowly wiped it from his flesh, as he smiled on at Carmen. So beautiful she was, with the twins begging her to be hers. He handed back the blood splattered cloth, and then snapped his fingers as the drumming increased and the frantic pace of wild debauchery continued. Faster and faster, as the moans and groans of pleasure and pain filled the ears of all. The hounds finished off the remaining body of the fallen female, as Carmen took the two twins to her chest, and allowed them to suckle from her. Shane stood silently, amongst the backdrop of the frenzied orgy, while he nodded at Carmen. She had rightfully claimed her place as his mate.

Walking through the throng, many blood dolls cried for Shane’s attentions, as their vampire Masters and Mistresses restrained them, but Shane cared for only one. He stood before Carmen as she kissed and caressed her new twins, and he was pleased to see her in her glory.

“You truly are my Queen. Enjoy my gifts, my heart. May they bring you absolute pleasure.” The Head Vampire took only her hand, and kissed the back of it, before releasing it and then walking around her, before heading up the stairs, as the rest of the vampires swarmed around her and then clamored for her touch. She had her coven…and he had just given her absolute power. She had it all.