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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
December 17, 2013 11:09AM
The King’s Chambers


That bastard..how dare himself to tell her such thing. She just shut her eyes and allowed more tears to fall down. Why wasn’t enough? He was turning her into his damn toy, he was waiting for her to give him a child, and its not enough?! Why he wanted a child from her anyway? He had that witch, why involve Metia in this matter, only to torture her, wasn’t it? Only because he found it fun seeing Metia in struggle with herself about this baby, she won’t give him anything, she will never bare his child, and deep inside, she won’t bring a child into this horrible world.
Metia stretched out her hand, and was able to drag a blanket that was on the ground into her cage. She began to rip the dirty parts of it, and threw it away, then she used that to cover her body, doing her best to cover everything. When she was done having the blanket wrapped around her body, she just curled her up, and keep on whimpering. While she was busy in her misery, somebody else stepped in. She quickly pushed herself away from the maid, wondering who the hell was she. She was Tempest’s nana? She was asking what they done to her and Metia could only wipe her tears as she sniffed a bit, as much as she wanted to share, and beg this woman to get her out of here, no words came out. Her throat was sore from screaming, for help, from pain, and so on. When the nana gave her some fruits and nuts, Metia stared down at it, then down at the water. Should she take this? Or was this another trap from Brandon? But Metia quickly believed the nana when she said she would return, to have faith that she was not alone, and the smile, it allowed Metia know this woman meant what she was saying. Whenever the Nana left, Metia began to eat an apple that was there, then drank the glass of water quickly, only half of it, it calmed down her throat, but she also used a bit of it, to wash her mouth and just spit it out, back in the cup, but that was the last thing she done, so she didn’t had to touch that cup again. She was trying to make the witch’s taste go away, but its like the taste got stuck in her tongue, and wont leave it, it was so awful for her. 

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December 18, 2013 06:14PM
Brandon continued to stare out into his domain silently before he turned to Minerva and offered a soft smile. As he smiled softly he would speak softly and with a longing tone in his voice. “All i want is a daughter that i can dote on and cherish yet it seems that has yet to happen.” Then with a deflated sigh he would embrace his beloved Minerva while kissing her lightly on the lips as he locked his eyes with hers. While he held Minerva in his arms he would rub her back contently while nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck to deftly nip he flesh before pulling away away with a sly grin on his face. As he pulled away he would whisper softly for her ears alone. “If you would bless me with a daughter it would make me the happiest man alive Minerva my queen.” His forest green hues would search her own green hues as he kept his queen close to him before turning around and gazing back out the window over the night lands. As he watched his domain in silence he would turn his thoughts to the prospect of having a daughter to dote on and cherish. Oh how he looked forward to bringing a daughter into the world and giving Joffrey someone to protect and love as much as he did his own daughter Tempest. Brandon’s eyes where clouded in thought as he pondered the aspects of which of the two of them their daughter would take after if they even had one. If anything Minerva was softening this Demon King and turning him to putty within her fingers as he had never felt more complete then he did now with Minerva by his side.

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December 18, 2013 07:57PM
Halls of Blackfog.

Minerva listened as the king spoke softly of his intent and desire to have a daughter. One to dote on and adore. This soft side of the Demon King was unusual, to say the least. But Minerva was one that understood his passions,and his zeal when it came to the things in life he craved. So, if it was a child that he wanted, then by the devil, that is what he shall have.

“My King has filled me with his seed, and thus being as I am fertile, it would have taken root within my womb. I can do my utmost to give you the daughter you wish, and all it takes is the right herbs, and a few small sacrifices to ensure this happens.”

She knew this would bring a smile to the King’s lips when he hears of how willing she is to make his dream a reality.

“Your happiness is paramount, and I live to serve and give you the gift of my body to create life in the shape of a girl.”

On this she made her promise, and her life with the King would be complete.

The jeweled collar around her neck tightened, as though the very hands of the King was tightening its hold upon her. It gave her a pained yet pleasurable feeling, almost like he was being intimate with her. Often, when she was alone, she would feel the tightening of the collar, and then she lay on the bed and pleasure herself, so that the feelings and delights be transmitted to the King.

A smile remained on her lips, as she stood fast and kept close to the King. They would be a perfect family, if all went according to plan.


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December 27, 2013 08:49PM
“Minerva my lovely queen nothing pleases me more then to hear such a thing from you” Brandon whispered softly as he gazed out over his domain while remaining still as a stone. “My queen please relay the fact that my armor is to be cleaned at once and my greatsword sharpened please…” He would speak with a deadpan tone before turning around and drawing Minerva his witch queen into his arms and kissing her lightly and teasingly. As he kissed her he would reach down and smack her ass lightly yet firmly enough to let her know that she was his and his alone until the day death tore them apart. Brandon then turned from the window over looking his lands before walking down the halls and towards the arena where he grinned at the battle to be waged and the price to be paid. Oh how he was anxious see the pain written over Henry’s face as his greatsword clove through his flesh. The very thought of killing the angel King brought forth a sneer before he looked around and bellowed for all the castle to hear. “Joffrey! Are you secluding yourself again!?!” It was at that point one of the squires came forth and told the king that his son had assailed the angel’s castle itself before Brandon growled softly. “That little shit leaving his father behind to claim all the glory..” Then with a sigh Brandon would shake his head slowly before shrugging and walking to the armory in silence as he looked left and right. Once within the Armory he would look upon his armor with blank face. As he stared at the armor he had worn into battle he would sigh heavily before shaking his head ruefully as he muttered to himself. “Soon this will all come to an end…with either my death or Henry’s death…”

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December 29, 2013 10:02PM
Halls of Blackfog Castle

Minerva curtseyed as the King left her to head towards the arena. Her orders were clear. That she had to arrange for the King’s armour and weapons to be cleaned and prepared before his final showdown with the King of Angels. Minerva went to the hall and summoned a squire, to arrange for all the King’s armour to be readied. Giving clear instructions before seeing to it the King’s gear was taken away. Now left on her own, she wrapped her arms around herself, before taking a walk in the opposite direction of the King. Her mind she tried to clear, for any ill thoughts would surely be relayed to her King, her Master via the collar. There was no mistaking the fact, that there was a high chance the battle may not go as well as her Liege may hope. The very thought of losing her King had her feel a knot that grew in her stomach.

Stopping by a window, she stared out and down at the arena. Her green eyes etched with worry, as she pursed her lips. She had to believe her King would be victorious, she had too. Then there was the matter of her promise, that she would bare him a daughter. One for him to dote on and show love. Minerva could not fail him. Her body filled with a wave of determination. One way or another, she would give him his child, and should he fall at the blade of the King of Angels, she would stop at nothing to bring him back. That decided, she headed down to her chambers, far below the castle, to set to work on a special brew.

Land beyond Blackfog Castle

Day and night, the King of Angels rode. Pushing his mount on till it was near exhausted from exertion. King Henry had ridden out alone. Why would a King do such a thing? To not take his own knights to back him up. The reason was simple. He believed this to be between himself and the King of Brax alone. Two men would enter the arena, and only one would walk out. His mind was filled with the face of his adored wife Metia. How he had missed the warmth of her body against his in their marital bed. Her touch, and her scent. Henry swore, for each crime that was committed against his wife, he would make them pay tenfold.

Approaching the ominous gates of Castle Blackfog, the guards on the towers would see the glimmer of the holy armour, the flutter of the striking white cape that flowed behind his Majesty, the King of Angels. A trumpet blasts to warn the King of Brax of the impending arrival, but the King of Angels is allowed to ride across the drawbridge, with the iron gates raised. He gallops straight in, and makes for the arena, where he is sure the King of Brax is waiting. Many people come out of their homes, and cottages, to see the finery of the King of Angels as he gallops past. Chickens and dogs scatter, as the clatter of horses hooves sounds out, and people chatter and follow along behind.

The fight of the century is about to take place. The Lord of all that is darkness, versus the King of Light.

His white stallion thunders into the arena, which is slowly filling and he reigns up his steed, that brays and paws at the earth, turning round, left and right. Wearing his helm, that is decorated with the Casterly crest, he roars.



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December 29, 2013 11:09PM

The Demon King smirked slowly while walking from the shadows resplendent in his obsidian black armor while being armed with his Greatsword resting over his back..”Oh you mean your precious whore? Oh how she came to me willingly begging for me to take her…..oh the joyous memories of that affair…if you don’t believe me why don’t you ask her for yourself!” With that being said the same vulture that had brought Metia to the castle would come flying into sight carrying the cage she was imprisoned in. Then with a dark chuckle Brandon would wait for Metia to speak the truth. “Metia tell him of our affair….and don’t you dare lie because i’ll make damned sure to make your husband suffer if you do!” With that being said and done Brandon would sneer derisively before cracking his neck and looking around the arena and the gathering crowd of Brax nobles who took seats on the raised bleachers as they readied to watch the bloodsport about to begin. With each passing moment Brandon would watch Henry silently and with a predator’s gleam in his black soulless orbs. The very essence of death radiated from the demon king as he slowly drew his great sword from its resting place on his back. As Brandon drew his singular Great sword from his back aptly named Purgatory he would burst into motion racing across the open arena in an obsidian blur. As Brandon raced across the arena with Purgatory’s tip creating a horrid scream as it scratched against the marble flooring of the arena leaving a long running scratch in its wake. No sooner had Brandon closed the distance between him and Henry would Purgatory come arcing around in a blistering arc as the Demon King swung his six foot long greatsword with everything he had aiming for Henry’s chest intending to cleave through the Angel Kings chest and put an end to him as fast as possible. If that blistering swipe failed to connect Brandon would release his grip of the monstrous sword and let it fly into the far wall of the arena where it became embedded about a fourth of the way up the blade. With himself being unarmed Brandon would offer a sadistic snarl before leaping back and away from the Angel King as a pair of claws extended from Brandon’s very knuckles causing his black blood to drip from them and puddle on the marble flooring. As this happened Brandon would speak with derisive sneer. “Perhaps you should just leave and take you precious SLUT of a wife with you……oh wait that’s right you can’t because she’s a caged bird under my very whim!” If anything Brandon was seeking to completely demoralize the Angel King and weaken his resolve. As Brandon hurled insult at the king and his “wife” the Demon King would slowly circle the Arena as if he where a predator on the prowl and stalking his prey and next kill. So confident in his victory Brandon was that he had voluntarily disarmed himself though that was not really a matter of concern as Brandon’s circling of Henry took him within reach of his Greatsword Purgatory within moments leaving him ready to respond at any given moment to Henry’s retaliation. The battle between Kings had begun…..Demon versus Angel….Good Versus Evil……who will win this show down of Kings???



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December 30, 2013 12:14AM
The Arena of BlackFog

The King of Angels had entered a realm where HE was the enemy. There was no banners flying for the Casterly, and the crowd roared with approval on the sight of their Lord and Master entering the arena, resplendent in the finery of his royal armour. Thousands rose to their feet and cheered, stomping their feet. Giving their full support that the Angel King be shown no mercy and fall to his knees. They had lost many in this war of the Demons and Angels, and in the eyes of many someone had to pay for this.

King Henry dismounted in a quick movement, smacking the back end of his horse, so it would leave the arena. Now alone to face the King of Brax, he withdrew Angel sword from its sheath. An immaculate sheen of blue steel, that shined with a holy brilliance, that would be blinding to many a demon and dark creature. He held it defensively with his right hand, that gripped it fiercely around the woven handle. The King said a quiet prayer, as he stood his ground, however when the King of Brax spoke, his words silenced Henry immediately.

“Oh you mean your precious whore? Oh how she came to me willingly begging for me to take her…..oh the joyous memories of that affair…if you don’t believe me why don’t you ask her for yourself!”

Henry’s blue eyes shone and his face grew ashen behind his helm, as the King of Brax called his wife a whore. The crowd erupted into fits of laughter, jeering and insulting the name of the Queen Metia.

“LIAR!…She would not dare touch the likes of you!” The King believed whole heartedly that his wife would never ever consider such a thing, and this did make its first strike into the King’s emotional armour. But it was the sound of the heavy beating of wings, the crack sound of metal as a large cage was flown into the arena proper, and this cage held within it his beloved wife Metia.

“My love!” The King cried, seeing her in such a state as the vulture landed with the cage beneath it. She looked terrible, and his first thought was to run and use Angel sword to free her from the cage like prison. But before he could do that, the King of Brax made his first attempt to attack, racing towards him and dragging his sword Purgatory behind him. Readied with his sword he moved to counter as Brandon brought his sword up to cleave through his chest in one foul swoop. The clang of metals rang out as the two King’s swords struck the other. A clap of thunder like sound and a sonic wave echoed off the enchanted swords, throwing King Henry back a few feet, where he skidded to a stop. Breathing heavily, his eyes darted from the King of Brax and his imprisoned wife. The great sword Purgatory was released after their swords hit and embedded itself in the arena’s far wall, as Brandon grew great claws, that dripped black blood upon the ground. King Henry’s great white wings erupted from his back in a blaze of holy glory, each feather had the sheen of white metal and looked like an extension of his white armour. His cloak had fallen to the ground in a heap, and he began to beat his wings fiercely.

“Perhaps you should just leave and take you precious SLUT of a wife with you……oh wait that’s right you can’t because she’s a caged bird under my very whim!”

The Angel King could see his wife, his heart near breaking at her dire plight. The words spoken to shame his beloved were as much a weapon as the sword Purgatory. The King’s boots pushed off the ground, and with his sword on high, he flew hard and fast directly for the King of Brax. The sword then brought down, to slash across the clawed right hand. His aim was to slice his hand off at the wrist, and thus he would have trouble fighting back. He fought with all his will to not let the barbed words pierce his heart.

“You may kill me, Brandon…but my wife and our children will go on to rule and see our will done!” The King of Angels said with defiance. The blue vial shining brightly, hung around his neck.

Minerva emerged up into the stands, and saw the battle that was taking place. She placed her hand over her belly, and hoped that in the event of the death of Prince Joffrey, that her unborn child would one day rule all of Brax.


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December 30, 2013 04:43AM
Kings’ Chamber

After such long day, Metia simple passed out on the cold ground of the cage, and allowed her arms hug herself, tightly. Her days were like this, full of agony, anger, pain, and despair. She even prayed, for her husband’s sake, she didn’t wanted nothing to happen to him. She’d rather suffer for him, then have him suffer for her, because he doesn’t deserve it, he doesn’t have to suffer for somebody like Metia, this days made her think a lot about what she done in the past, and deep down, she knew she didn’t deserved somebody like Henry, he done everything for her, and she simple played with him like a little doll, till the roles changed, and she suffered, because she wanted his love. The only time they had to be a family was one day, a simple day that got ruined by this damn war, and everything was falling apart.


The sunlight woke her up, and when she noticed she was already outside, where was they leading her? She stared around confused, and fear written all over her face. Her blonde hair messed up, and with only a white sheet around her, pretending to be like a dress. Her green eyes were basically red from crying so much, and she had some bruises upon her skin, due the ways of torture this kingdom had for her. Whenever they stopped moving her cage, she could hear her husband’s voice. At first she thought it was her mind playing games with her, like it has been doing this nights, but when she turned around, she saw him, that was Henry, and he wasn’t any kind of illusion, he was here, to protect her. Metia’s instinct forced her to stretch out her hand from the bars, and basically begging for Henry to take her away from this, but Brandon’s words, hit her heard. He wanted her to tell Henry about the affair, no, she couldn’t. She couldn’t do such thing, it was past now, she didn’t had to deal with this again, she just didn’t. Metia didn’t said anything, she watched the two King’s fight, while inside her there was an extreme conflict, she needed to tell whatever the true Brandon wanted or else her King would die.
Metia shouted, as she grabbed on the bars tightly, and began to push herself up, so she could stand on her feet, she was so damn weak, the only thing she had to feed, was Nana’s fruits, but not all the time she could eat that because of the guards and stuff.
A tear was already sliding from her eye when she faced the Kings.
“Its true..I did had an…”
She swallowed hard, and began to tight more the bars with the strength she had, it was so hard admit this, she felt her stomach turn.
“I had an affair with Brandon..It was a long while ago..before Selene was even born. But I didn’t meant to, I swear I didn’t meant to. Its not my fault, this is a dark curse inside me, its so hard fight this darkness daily, you gotta believe me. I finally got the strength to fight it when Clarice born.”
Her voice sounded shaky from her sobs, from her fears, from her pain.
“But not now! You bastard kidnapped me!! You abused me! You even put that damn demon poison seed of yours inside me!! I never wanted this, and I still have those disgusting awful words of yours inside my head..you said I better bear the child to full term if I conceive , and, and If didn’t you would find a way or another..”
While she was saying those words, she was staring down, at her own belly, she would never bare a child of his, never. Her voice didn’t sounded so depressed now, it was anger, anger she had towards that demon King. She allowed her body drop on the ground of the cage, as she stretched out her hand from the bars, and was able to pick up a dagger that was left in the arena from past fights.
“I will never bare a child of yours!! Never you hear me?!”
After shouting this words, she aimed that dagger to her own belly. She wasn’t going to carry a demon inside her, and Metia’s mind probably wasn’t the best right now, this all torture during this all days, this all hopeless situation was driving her crazy, and she wanted everything to stop. 

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December 30, 2013 09:29AM
Brandon chuckled softly as he deftly shifted his stance allowing the blade of the Angel King to sweep through empty air. “You heard her….she did have an affair with me all those years ago…but Alas her thread has been snapped and her time of reckoning has come…” Then in a black blur Brandon would turn from the Angel king and make a beeline for Metia as he offered a soft chuckle. The Demon King would reach the cage within a couple of moments before he took the dagger from her hands and attempting to grab Metia by her hair and wrench her head back. Should he succeed he would drag the dagger across the Angel Queen’s throat. As the dagger was dragged across her throat he would roar for all to hear. “She’s Gone Henry! NOTHING you can do will save her…” As soon as he had hopefully terminated the Angel Queen Brandon would walk from the cage and drop the bloodied dagger before making a flat out rush towards King Henry that would put a professional football player to shame. AS he raced across the Arena he would arc to the left and grab Purgatory’s handle before ripping it from the Arena’s wall as the claws retracted back into his knuckles for the moment. Once Brandon had once again closed the distance he would take a flying leap aiming to send him bodily crashing into the Angel King and bear him to the ground. Should he succeed he would bring purgatory down aiming to cleave through Henry’s chestplate and into his heart killing the Angel King. Though something did catch his eye as Brandon flew through the air which was the blue glowing vial which he made an attempt to grab and rip from Henry’s neck so he could throw it against a wall where it would shatter and its contents would spill to the floor. Should he miss the vial he would snarl and rush Henry again this time with his left shoulder dropped aiming to slam into Henry’s chest and bear him into the wall behind him with enough force to split the marble behind him. Then again Brandon would reach to grab the vial and attempt to throw it clear of the Angel King again aiming to throw it against a wall and deny its use to the Angel King.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
December 30, 2013 10:00AM
The Arena

~Long Live the Queen~

Emotions. One of the most powerful forces known. They can bring us great joy, and great sorrow.
Truth. What we had come to know and believe, was not always to be.
Love. Unconditional, beauty defined through the joining of spirits, hearts and minds.
Sacrifice. The final gift.


As the words slipped from Metia’s lips, that she had in fact been unfaithful. The truth had finally come out. She had lived a lie. Her darkness led her to lay with the King of Brax many years ago. The King of Angels lowered his sword slowly, as she spoke with such sadness, guilt. All these years, she had carried this secret close to her, keeping him oblivious to the truth of her misadventures. Each sentence, punched him harder than any strike the King of Brax could make.

Henry’s eyes welled with tears as he listened. Everything he held true was a lie. The only day that he truly had his family was the one right before the war. How cruel fate was. Did it change the way he felt about her? No. He was more dissapointed in himself if anything. The whole world slowed, as she brought the dagger to her stomach, to kill the demon child that was now growing within her belly. She had given up the fight. The King of Angels reached up and tore the vial from the chain around his neck, and held it in his hand, and he let the sword of Angels fall to the ground.

Little did the King of Brax realize….he had just won.

The King of Brax, then went on to run at the cage, and take his wife’s hair, pulling it back as he took up the dagger. By now…the King of Angels was no longer seeing, his eyes blurred by the tears unfallen. He could not hear the King of Brax shout out as the crowd went into hysterics, to see this macabre play go into its final act. Was she dead? Did any of this matter?

The King of Angels looked to the sky, and with a quivering chin he made his peace with his God, as the Demon King launched the final act, ploughing him down where he stood. The vial slipped from his hand, and rolled towards the cage that held his beloved, reaching the tip of her foot.

“You shall see me in the stars, and I will shine my light down on you…for eternity.”

The King of Brax’s blade then seared straight through the King of Angel’s breast plate…..killing him.


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December 30, 2013 12:51PM
The Arena

Metia was totally going to destroy this demon, even if she killed herself, she didn’t wanted this. Even tho deep inside its not the poor child’s fault, its not the unborn fault that she got abused by this demon, but still, her mind didn’t worked well anymore, she was tired, exhausted and the pain didn’t had any end. Brandon approached closer to her, and began to snatch the dagger away from her hands, she yelped at him, trying her best to not let him take it away, but then he grabbed her hair, and she could only gasp in pain, and shut her eyes tightly. When Brandon cut her neck with the blade, Metia’s body simple dropped on the ground, it looked like she passed out. But she was only in pain.
She saw the blood falling from her neck, she done her best to hold it, but she was having lack of oxygen, she pressed her hands against her neck, it was extremely painful, and it seemed like the oxygen was even less. But it was either die of blood loss, or die without oxygen, but she would die trying. With this all struggle, she felt something touching her foot, she looked down and noticed the vial. She stretched out for the vial, and quickly open it, her instinct was telling her to drink it or let a drop fall upon her wound, she didn’t knew what to do, all she knew is that she had to survive. While doing this, she saw her husband, her king, her love, getting killed. The moment the sword passed through Henry’s chest, she gasped, she made no sound because of the shock, she was basically mute right now, this was a painful scene for her to face, and tears rushed down over her cheeks, like desperate rivers with no goal. If the Queen could make a noise she would, but we could only hear small sobs from her, as she shut her eyes tightly, her heart was hurting, so much, it was no flesh wound, but she believes its a wound that will never heal, nor will stay with a scar. She couldn’t believe Brandon done that, she wanted to kill him so much right now, but the only thing she done was stretch out her hand from the bars, like trying to reach her husband’s hand, even tho he was far away. She never had a last kiss, she never enjoyed her life like she should with him, now its too late.

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December 30, 2013 02:53PM
Brandon watched with glee as Purgatory clove through the Angel King’s chest plate with a scream of tortured metal and the soft sound similiar to a key entering a lock before he stood up slowly and roared his victory. “DOWN WITH CASTERLY!!!!AND LONG LIVE BRAX!!!!” As he roared such he would turn and look to Minerva before sighing softly as he now knew that she had heard the Angel’s Queen’s words and that a possible fight was brewing between them. Without a word he silently withdrew his greatsword Purgatory from Henry’s cooling form before bending down to wipe it off on his cloak that had fallen from his body when his wings where revealed. Brandon then cast his gaze to Minerva his Queen and soon to be wife before wordlessly tightening the collar upon her neck to silence any qualms she might of held about the affair he had before they had even met. Then Brandon would walk from the Arena before heading for the armory and taking off his armor for the last and final time hopefully for a good while. With that being done Brandon would summon Minerva by sending a squire to fetch her before standing looking over his armor silently waiting for her to arrive. As he waited he was worried that this would be the end of them and the loss of his truly beloved Minerva. Brandon swore under his breath as he shook his head slowly while waiting for his queen to come and join him. Soon enough he was pacing anxiously waiting for her to answer his summons so that they could talk this out and not let this be the end of them. Once Minerva had arrived the Demon King would look upon his beloved Witch Queen before speaking with a soft tone. “Minerva I know you heard everything the Angel Queen said but who do you believe more my word or hers? Trust me at this fact….Yes we did have an affair but that was years ago and a single night’s one time deal my heart. I would do nothing to hurt you now that i have all i want being you and a child on the way. In all honesty Minerva you have made me happier then anyone ever has…and i don’t want to lose you in my life…If it means anything to you Minerva my heart….I should have told you sooner and it was wrong of me to hide the fact that me and that Angelic Bitch had an affair…” As Brandon spoke his voice was low and sincere in his words as he was well and truly afraid that Minerva would attempt to leave him which was something that he didn’t want at all. All Brandon wanted now was to live a happy life with his pregnant queen and deliver the unborn into a world where she would be loved and cared for by both parents and not just one. If anything Brandon was willing to go to any extent to keep his beloved Witch Queen Minerva in his life and prove to her his regret over his actions.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
December 30, 2013 04:05PM
The Arena

The crowd went wild, as the sword was driven straight and true through the King of Angel’s chest. He didn’t even put up a fight. For many, his head meant that the war was over. Brax stood victorious through the King’s win this day. All cheered and called his name over and over, as the banner of Brax fluttered proudly on many a stand. All cheered…accept one.

Minerva had heard the words spoken by the Queen of Angels, and as she did, her eyes locked on the King. Adding to the weight that he had impregnated Metia, he had once before laid with her and she him willingly. The taste of bile that rose from her stomach coated her tongue. But before she could move or speak, the jeweled collar around her neck suddenly tightened, as though the King himself wished to silence any words of protest or indignation that would leave her lips. At first she made a choking sound, but this soon passed as the collar was relaxed slightly at the moment the King left the arena. The show was over, and many filed out of the arena, the witch Queen with her ladies in waiting followed suit.

Two guards marched out into the arena pit, ready to carry the fresh corpse of the King of Angels to a ditch, when a large woman in black cloth hurried out and stood before them as they went to pick him up.

“Guards…take his body by the cage. Let the woman at least farewell her husband. He fought with honor till his last breath and ended the war.” Nanny said, as she appealed to their sense of duty. Shrugging, they dragged the body over to the cage, then dropped it so it was in reach of the bars. Nanny appeared at his side, and looked down at the fallen King, whose face was so youthful. There was no pain etched in his eyes, though they stared directly at his wife, his beloved Queen.

“He sacrificed himself…to save you, M’lady.” Nanny said in a quiet hush, crouching down. “He was a good man, and a good King.” Nanny rose and then ushered the guards back, to give Metia privacy to say her farewells. She deserved that much.


A King’s squire approached the gathering of ladies, and stopped short of the witch Queen. He bowed and then uttered in a shaky whisper.

“The King wishes your presence.”

Nodding, she sent her ladies back to their chambers, and walked along behind the squire, to the armoury where the King was staring at his blooded armour. She stood with her hands clenched together, and bowed her head in reverence.

“Minerva I know you heard everything the Angel Queen said but who do you believe more my word or hers? Trust me at this fact….Yes we did have an affair but that was years ago and a single night’s one time deal my heart. I would do nothing to hurt you now that i have all i want being you and a child on the way.”

Minerva felt the collar tighten around her throat again, as she listened to the King speak. He said he loved her, and her unborn child. She had to believe it, she wanted to believe it. One night of sex, does not make a relationship. Minerva raised her head slowly, green eyes glistening as the words rang of truth. How could she have ever doubted her love?

“Your love is a gift, my Master and King. I wish nothing more, than to be the Mother of your child, and the woman to warm your sheets. I believe in you, my Lord.”

The witch Queen lowered herself to her knees, then bent forward to kiss his his boots, showing full submission. Glancing up, she showed no malice…only undying love for her Liege.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
December 31, 2013 06:25AM
The Arena


DOWN WITH CASTERLY!!!!AND LONG LIVE BRAX!!!!..this words was echoing in Metia’s head, the Casteryl King was dead, the Casteryl Queen was destroyed. The Brax King left the Arena, and there was guards on their way to take Henry’s body again, Metia moved her lips, trying to say something, but no sound was coming. She didn’t wanted them to take her husband away, she never had the chance to say goodbye, but she doesn’t want to say goodbye either. However somebody else showed up, and Metia knew this voice it was Nanny, she was still wondering what was this woman’s real goals, but the moment she told the guards to let Metia say goodbye, she felt way more relieved. When they dragged his body over, she stretched out her hands, so at least his head would fall on her palms, she hated the way they dragged him, and the way they dropped his body on the ground. Her tears keep on falling, like she had no control on herself.
The Casteryl queen, scooted her body closer to the bars, and done the best she could to at least hug him, which was basically impossible. His eyes was staring at her, that freaked her out, and made her feel so guilty, he had no pain on his face, its like he died happy. He might die smiling, but she’s crying. Metia still couldn’t say anything from the shock, she was mute, but this was the last problem she wanted to worry about. The way she held her husband’s head, the way she stared at him, and the way she closed his eyelids, it would be enough to show how much guilty she feels, and how many sorrys she was expressing to him. Her fragile fingers trailed over the skin of his face, carefully, and caress his hair, before Metia tilted her head down, and pressed it against the bars, to be the most closest she could to her lover. What was going to happen now? What was going to happen to her anyway? Going back to those torture days, if so, she can’t wait to die, but she doubt she will be in the same place as her husband, however, as long as the all pain ends, she’ll be fine.