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Re: [RP] Haven Castle
December 09, 2013 08:52PM
Tempest flew as fast as she could as the dark swarm came closer. She had to cover her head as all the windows in the castle blew, sending glass shards every direction. But this had the added bonus of giving her a quicker way into the castle.

She folded her wings close to her body, using the wind sheers to direct herself to one of the destroyed windows. It was a very controlled dive and she successfully navigated through the window and into the castle proper.

She headed for the throne room as fast as her wings could carry her…but she arrived too late. She landed in the middle of the chaos…her young Aunt, Clarice was in a witch’s cruel grip while her grandmother was trapped in a cage of pure energy.

“No!” Tempest yelled, her hands beginning to smoulder with the force of her anger. “You let her go!” she snarled at the witch who had Clarice. A vampire, who was standing off to the side, used his speed to go after Tempest, hoping to catch her in his grip. She saw him coming and turned in time to throw a ball of fire at him. There was no chance for him to dodge and was caught by the full force of the blast. He disentigrated before everyone’s eyes. The other vampires hissed menacingly and backed away from the powerful hybrid.

Tempest, her hand still billowing pillars of fire, turned to look at Minerva. “Let Clarice, my mother and my grandmother go…and you can take me instead. I won’t fight you, won’t raise a hand to you. But you let my family go free.”

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December 10, 2013 01:27PM
Throne Room

Metia after telling off the guard, she turned her back to just watch her daughter Clarice playing with the small turtle, all entertained in her own little world, better like this, so she wouldn’t be so worried about what is happening around her. Then her eyes went to Selene, Metia’s lips departed, as she was about to say something, till she felt an evil presence.
Quickly turning around with a frown on her face, Metia faced the witches. The blonde yelled to the other to get the child. Metia’s eyes open wide knowing already what that meant, she was about to reach out for Clarice, but the damn witch had already taken the child with speed light, and was shaking Clarice like a damn doll by her neck.
Metia shouted shocked, as Clarice tried to grab the witch hand, with her little hands, and tried to make the witch stop hurting her. Her turtle had fallen on the ground when the witch picked her up, and it seems Clarice was more worried about the turtle right now, than about herself. Yet, she keep gasping for air, and try kick around on the witch, to make her let go. Rashna stepped in, but the witch didn’t wanted to let go of her daughter. Metia was already getting extremely angry, it would be no time till flames would start appearing around her body, as the evil inside her would come out, till she had her child. However, the damn blonde, caught her in time. By locking her in a damn cage, like a damn broken bird. Metia tried to use her magic, but it was no use, its like that cage would stop her from using her magic, or taking its energy. Metia used her own hands, to try shake the damn cage, and try her best to get out of there.
“Let her go!! She has nothing to do with this-”
Metia knew what the blonde meant, this all was about Brandon, that bastard now wanted to start shit with Metia, he would have it. But if things keep going like this, Metia will be the next body headless in the Brax kingdom. Before Metia could say something else Tempest stepped in, she was about to attack the witches, till a vampire stepped in, but the creature got what it deserved it, burn to ashes. However, what she heard next wasn’t something Metia enjoyed, giving her granddaughter in change for Clarice and herself, wasn’t just acceptable. She wanted Tempest to fight and take Clarice away, with Selene, so they could run, while Metia tried to handle this witches, if that was even possible. But being in that damn cage, really was starting to get her energy, slowly.  

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December 11, 2013 05:29PM
Throne Room

A collective gasp and then evil laughter was heard, when Tempest finally decided to show herself, and when she saw that her family were now under serious threat, she cried out for them all to stop.

“No!” Tempest yelled, her hands beginning to smoulder with the force of her anger. “You let her go!”

Portia grinned gleefully, as swung little Clarice back and forth, like she was dangling her over a shark infested pool. Seeing the angered teen of Brax only made her shake the child more. “But its fun to play with children. SEE? She screams cause she knows its a game.” Rashna’s fury was now reaching fever pitch, seeing Metia trapped in a magical cage and unable to save her child. “I SAID PUT HER DOWN!” the Angel Throne roared, as a bolt of white light emitted from her chest, and tore at Portia’s hand, causing her to drop the child in a heap on the floor, right near her turtle.


“ANGELIC BITCH!” Screamed Portia, shaking her hand like it had been burnt. This at least meant that Clarice was free, and would be able to run to Rashna for safety. “Child…take up your turtle and come to me….quickly.” She urged, daring Portia to try something else, but this was when Minerva turned around and smiled triumphantly at Tempest, when she offered herself, if the witches would let her family go.

“Let Clarice, my mother and my grandmother go…and you can take me instead. I won’t fight you, won’t raise a hand to you. But you let my family go free.”

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk…Tempest Tempest Tempest. You…are the cause of all this. YOU..are the one that nearly killed your Father. That’s right. YOU…went against the wishes of the King of Brax, who was more than reasonable in finding you a husband. But….no, you HAD to have everything your way. So…how does it feel, Tempest, to know that thousands of men, on both sides of the lands are dying…cause you are a STUBBORN BITCH!”

At this she ran both her hands over her hair, and revealed her true identity. That evil witch that almost seduced her father over a white pony she wanted. The dark haired witch grinned and then said.


“You really are pathetic, you know that. Orion is dead…because of you. Your own Father…lord knows what’s happened to him, but…it’s because of you. EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED…the destruction of your parent’s marriage…the war…all cause you have been and always will be a spoiled brat.” This moment she took out a small crystal pendant, and held it up for all to see, it showed within it the Prince of fae, Sirus Laegass…fighting for his life.“And now…the man who you do care about…..is going to die…BECAUSE OF YOU!”

This made the sisters three come in behind her, and then all started to chant in a strange rhythm, as the trio’s powers started to combine. Swaying too and fro, the approached the girl, and encircled her, before all taking hands, and then the image of Tempest starts to glow as all the witches look to the sky, ending the chant….the chant to send her back to Brax lands….to meet her fate. The ceremony to remove her heart and then fed on her essence.


At this moment, a massive vulture smashes through the window and takes up the hook on the cage that holds Metia, cawing and squawking angrily as it lifts off, to take the cage with its prisoner back to the night lands, and the King’s chambers.

Now they had come what they wanted, the witches and their bitch army started to leave, turning into black mist, others shooting off out into the sky on brooms. Minerva looked back at Selene…and smirked.

“Everything…you held dear…is now…mine!”

And with that…she took off out the window, to join her sisters.


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December 11, 2013 07:19PM
Tempest watched on, her anger absolute as Rashna blasted the witch known as Portia away from her Aunt. Clarice dropped to the floor and Rashna urged the young girl to run to safety at her side. Tempest returned her attention back to Minerva as she gave the terms of her surrender. But Minerva had her own score to settle with the hybrid.

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk…Tempest Tempest Tempest. You…are the cause of all this. YOU..are the one that nearly killed your Father. That’s right. YOU…went against the wishes of the King of Brax, who was more than reasonable in finding you a husband. But….no, you HAD to have everything your way. So…how does it feel, Tempest, to know that thousands of men, on both sides of the lands are dying…cause you are a STUBBORN BITCH!”

Each word Minerva spoke chipped at Tempest’s hard earned anger and the fires along her hands and skin slowly started to dissipate. She did not need to be reminded that she was the cause of this whole fiasco. But Minerva did not stop picking at Tempest and continued to drag up every little detail she could get her hands on.

“You really are pathetic, you know that. Orion is dead…because of you. Your own Father…lord knows what’s happened to him, but…it’s because of you. EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED…the destruction of your parent’s marriage…the war…all cause you have been and always will be a spoiled brat.” And then the ultimate guilt…Minerva took a crystal pendant from somewhere and held it up for all to see. Within its mist Tempest saw an image of Sirus, battling trolls and goblins. He was bleeding heavily from a wound at his temple and there was a deep cut in his sword arm. And yet he continued to fight.“And now…the man who you do care about…..is going to die…BECAUSE OF YOU!”

Tempest didn’t even defend herself, didn’t deny anything that Minerva said because everything was true. Bowing her head, Tempest dropped her arm, extinguishing her fires. The other three witches took that moment to surround her and began chanting in a language she didn’t understand.

They joined their hands and Tempest was surrounded in a strange glow. Something entered her body and cut her off from her own powers, forcing her to lose control over her wings as they vanished from view. She cried out in pain, falling to her knees as the power of the witches overrode her senses. Another jolt forced another cry from her as the witches looked toward the sky, ending their chant. With the last syllable spoken, Tempest lost consciousness and her body vanished from the throne room of Haven Castle.

When she came to sometime later, she would find herself back in Brax lands, tied to an altar in an underground cavern. But for now, she remained unconscious.


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
December 12, 2013 11:10AM
Throne Room

Metia watched everything unfold in front of her, and she was hating the situation where she was in. Why couldn’t she use her damn powers in here? This stupid cage was turning her into a broken bird. Her whole family was in dangerous, her daughter was still in that witches hands! Where the hell where her guards?! She knew Henry took most of all, but there should be some left, right?! Were they too scared to show up, or did this witches done something to them? In her mind, Metia was already calling out for Henry, well “calling”, she was just wishing he was here, and could protect them, and save their child.
Clarice was still kicking out and gasping for breathe, while trying to scratch the witches hand with her little nails. If she could bite the damn witch, she would, but her hand was tighten her neck, that Clarice couldn’t even move her small head. She wished right now, she knew how to use her magic, but she can’t, nor she does how to make her wings show up. She made them show once, when she was very little, she was just raging a lot, and the reason was known, because when Metia got in the room, Clarice was with her black wings wide open. Her aunt quickly stepped in, and made the witch let go off her. Clarice fell on her back, near her turtle, as she groaned in pain, because her neck was hurting and so now was her back. Quickly picking her turtle, and shoving her in the pocket of her dress, Clarice quickly got on her feet, and ran towards her aunt, since she was calling out for her. However, while she done so, she looked back, and saw her mother, in the cage. Clarice was about to tell her aunt to help out her mother, but it was already too late. The witches had finished with harassing Tempest’s mind, and now they took Tempest and her mother away.
“No, mommy!!!”
Clarice screamed out for her, as she even began to follow the witches, till there was no more ground for her feet to walk on. Tears was already forming in her eyes, as she was finally realizing how cruel things were turning out. Hours ago, she was with her mother and father in her room, drawing, all happy, now this happens. Her father is at the war, and he can die, her mother is now on the enemies hands, and she can die. They needed to warn her father!
“Go get guards or warriors!! They can’t take her, go do something! Call daddy!”
Clarice screamed out, desperate while staring to the little that was left in the throne room, just her aunt, and her older sister, and some stupid maid that was hidden behind a pillar, afraid. She should have done something! Now that maid would get it sooner or later.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
December 13, 2013 09:17AM
Throne Room

Selene was waiting for the guests to arrive when all Hell broke loose. The witches soon had her mother entrapped within their clutches and the angelic princess was powerless to stop it. Standing up off her throne, she called out “No! Take me instead! She has nothing to do with the Brax family!” But it was no use. Turning to see Tempest offer herself, she shook her head slowly “Tempest, no! Your father isn’t himself! You will die!” Stepping down off the thrones, she moved as if she would throw herself at the witch who had Clarice. But luckily, Rashna was able to step in. Seeing Clarice running after the witches, she rushed forward and scooped her sister into her arms “Sweetheart, no. You mustn’t run after her…if you die, it will pain mother more than any death she may face.” As Minerva shot her a smile, she snarled after the tramp “Bitch!”
This wasn’t the time to worry about foul language. Spinning around towards Rashna, she spoke in a deadly voice “We must alert my father immediately. This is war is no longer being fought on the battlefields.” Walking swiftly over to the angel, she passed her sister over carefully before spinning around. Her runes were glowing and she was ready to take back what was hers.

As she prepared for battle, Lucan escorted the elf lady into the throne room. Seeing his mother in her black toga and glowing runes, he abandoned the elf to rush over to his mother. “Tell me what has happened! Where is Grandmother?” Looking around, he paled. “Tempest…where is she?” Selene’s eyes were as black as night as her sharp voice answered “Come, we go to the battlefields. The king must hear of this.” Without explaining further, she stepped out of the throne room and went in search of her father.

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December 14, 2013 04:40AM
Throne Room

Rashna felt so overwhelmed by what was happening, since they were clearly outnumbered and outmatched by the Witches of Brax. Horrified, she watched on as the great vulture lifted off, carrying with it the caged Queen of Casterly.

“Noooo!” Screamed Rashna, building up power in her hands and then firing it towards the large bird, only burning the tips of its tail feathers, for it flew so fast. All around her, was the ruined remains of the Throne room of Casterly, while the youngest, poor Clarice was screaming for her mother. Rashna ran to the child’s side, and tried to envelope her into a secure embrace, so she wouldn’t try to do something silly, like go after the witches as they flew away.

“Go get guards or warriors!! They can’t take her, go do something! Call daddy!” The child’s desperate pleas were heartbreaking, and Rashna tried to make her understand.


“Your father, the King, he is fighting the very foe that took your Mother away. He is on the battle fields…its a great risk to even go there.” She was trying to speak of reason, as much as she herself, wanted to go to the battlefields, she simply couldn’t take the child. Someone had to protect the child, and Rashna had sworn to do just that.

Selene was now incensed by all that had happened, and rounded on Rashna, who rose slowly, her wings folding around to protect the child in her care.

“We must alert my father immediately. This is war is no longer being fought on the battlefields.” 

“It’s too dangerous!” Rashna implored. “Have you not seen the sky, that is blood red, just as what the battlefields must be? You could get killed!” The Throne’s eyes were almost begging her not to go, but it was no use, she had made up her mind, and with her son Lucan in tow, they left the throne room.

Now, it was just Rashna and Clarice. Their only hope was that the King could be reached, and told of the fate of his wife and grand daughter Tempest, before it was too late.


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
December 14, 2013 05:16AM
Throne Room


Clarice looked up at her aunt, with a frown upon her face, as she was trying her best to not cry. It wasn’t fair, why was they taking her mother? The war was suppose to be in the battlefield, right? Why was they invading the castle? this was still too much for such young mind like Clarice, and have a young child like her witness such thing was harsh. Her sister seemed to have the idea on going to the battlefield to get their father, but Rashna was right, it was too dangerous, even tho Clarice wanted to go as well, she still was aware of the danger, that’s why she was fearing the loss of her mother so much, because she knew what could happen to her in the enemy kingdom. When Rashna spoke about the skies, Clarice’s green eyes stared up at the skies from the window and noticed how blood red it is, which means the battlefields are only worse. Taking a deep and shaky breath, Clarice wrapped her small arms around Rashna, and allowed her aunt wings to protect her. She was being more affectionate but she was dealing with a war of fears inside her, that even made her lower lip and her small fingers tremble. 

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December 14, 2013 12:44PM

Selene did not respond to Rashna as she called out, nor did she even turn around to face her. Anger had overtaken her thoughts and emotions. Everyone, everything she cared for most in this world was just stripped from her. Her husband was seemingly lost, her father was in battle against him, her mother and daughter taken away. All she had left was the young man beside her.

Halting in her steps abruptly, she turned to face Lucan. Gripping his shoulders, she pulled him close and murmured in his ear “Please, do not fail me. I love you more than the sun, moon and stars. But there is something I must ask of you.”

Lucan nodded slowly as she looked into the fierce blue hues of the angel princess. Reaching out, he caressed her cheek tenderly “Yes, mother. I will do anything you ask with no question. You have shown me great love, despite who….my father was. My loyalty is to you alone.”

Tears prickled in the angel’s eyes but did not fall. With a swift nod, she spoke calmly with authority “Good. You must go to the battlefield and alert the king at once what has happened here. Do not stop or speak to anyone but him.” Finishing with her demands, she drew Lucan in for what felt like one last embrace.

The young warlock held his mother close and whispered “You are strong, mother.” Pulling back at her, he gave her a soft knowing smile. He would not be returning. Spinning around slowly, he pulled from her touch and walked down the halls without another word or a look back.

Selene stood there silently, knowing that was the last time she would see her son. She was sending him untrained, unarmed, and unprepared for the battle. And he sacrificed himself willingly. Finally, the tears she was holding back with such fervor rolled down her cheeks.

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December 14, 2013 06:09PM
Outside the Castle Haven

~The Return of the Prince~

Prince Joffrey rode high in the saddle, of Scorn, as he and his three hundred strong army of demonic knights had achieved the unthinkable, of taking the chance to go and seize the Castle, as his Father and the rest of the Brax army were slaughtering the Angels and fae as they slept. Good plan is…a bloody good plan. Joffrey raised his head and sniffed the air, licking it with his serpent like tongue.

“Oh…yes, I remember this scent…its my beautiful wife…Selene, who is home in her own little castle. Waiting…waiting waiting waiting for my return. I gotta say, I love making an entrance.”

Riding through the gates, they were met with little to no resistance after the witch attacks had decimated many of the home guards and patrolling knights. It was almost errie as they entered the courtyard on mass, and the Prince lept down from his mount, handing the reigns to one of the other Knights.

“Secure the Castle….no one is to enter or leave, unless I give the order.”

“Yes M’lord.” His head Knight said, as many fanned out to create a perimeter, that the returning Angel army would find difficult to cross.

The Prince simply marched through the front entrance and strolled down towards the Throne room, grinning like a cheshire cat at the wanton destruction. “Ooo…someone’s been redecorating.” the Prince enthused, before finally reaching the throne room doors, which he kicked open with his metal boots.

First thing he saw was Selene, after she had just farewelled her son. Rashna was cradling the young Clarice, and the rest of the Throne room was deserted.


“Oh hello….Daddy’s back!” Prince Joffrey roared, before strolling up to Selene, and trying to sweep her into his arms.

“Miss me? Come on…give your hubby a kiss of welcome.”


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December 16, 2013 09:12AM
Throne Room

As Lucan’s form disappeared down the halls, Selene slowly pivoted to walk back into the throne room. Tears still flowed but she said nothing in regards to them. The princess turned to look at Rashna and spoke softly “Carry his soul to heaven carefully. He is a fragile boy.”

Soon, the doors were thrust open and she spun around defensively, more than ready to protect her younger sister from an attack. About to call out, she was soon silenced by the appearance of her husband. Fear and shock rooted her to the spot as the demon prince came striding up to her. The angelic princess was absolutely torn. On one hand, she was grateful to see that her husband had survived the battle unscathed…on the other hand, she wondered if her father had escaped as well. Memories of Orion’s head came rushing into her mind and she knew right then and there that this man was no longer her husband.
As Joffrey tried to sweep her up into his arms, she shoved back and growled at him “Keep your hands off of me, you monster!” Reaching out, to she made to strike at his face. Should her strike have landed true, she pulled her hand back and cupped it to her chest. Looking at the ground, anger and anguish tangoed with her chest as she tried to make sense of what he was doing here. After taking a moment to gather herself, she finally spoke as her blue eyes flicked to his hues “You’ve taken our daughter. You’ve taken her from me, and now my son is gone as well.” Laughing bitterly, she turned away from him“Not that you cared for Lucan anyways.”

Stepping over to Rashna and Clarice, she stood before them protectively as she turned to face the demon prince “I will go with you willingly, but you do not touch my sister. You have taken everything else away from me, but you will not take her.” Her eyes shone like lightening as her body began to hum from the power of her saintly runes. Should Joffrey try and touch Clarice, she was ready to fight. However, she did not wish to anger the beast within her husband further and was prepared to leave with him as peacefully as she could.

Her hope was that he would bring her to where Tempest and Metia were and together they could overcome the evil that was taking over the lands. But was that Joffrey’s plan for her?

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December 16, 2013 11:58PM
Throne Room

Selene’s slap across Prince Joffrey’s face landed true, smacking his head so it turned on impact. Spittle rained down, but the yellow eyed demon could only laugh. He actually enjoyed pain, so to him this was like foreplay. Selene was distraught and refused to acknowledge Joffrey as her husband. She was right to do so, because the being that stood before her….was not Joffrey at all. His vessel may have been, but Joffrey was well suppressed after the Snake demon had seized control of him, as he took his dying breathes.

Selene raged “You’ve taken our daughter. You’ve taken her from me, and now my son is gone as well.” To which Joffrey replied.

“Err…no, I didn’t take your daughter. That would have been the King’s Mistress and her sisters no doubt. Gotta hand it to them. Fancy doing a kidnapping right under the nose of the King. HA! That won them some brownie points with King Brandon, I bet.” As Joffrey spoke, it was starting to become quite clear, that he spoke about family as though they in fact weren’t. Selene pressed that Joffrey never cared for Lucan, and Joffrey shrugged his shoulders and replied. “That was the warlock’s bastard kid, right? Nope..never met him.”

The pieces of the puzzle were all starting to fall into place. This man before Rashna, Clarice and Selene….was not who they thought.. Not at all. He beamed a huge grin, when Selene got all defensive and announced she would not be going willingly with the Prince back to the land of Night, and Joffrey rubbed his chin, for he found this to be quite comical.

“Who said I wanted you? Though I imagine you might entertain me for…ooo..five minutes. No..no, you see…what ALL of you fail to realize is…I am not here for Brax…or the King…or you….or anyone. See….I am here…FOR ME!”

At this moment, the demon started laughing, a hideous cackle, as the demon armour he wore started to shred and his form began to change into that of a giant snake. Over sixty feet long with a massive head, that spun round and hissed at the trio of Casterly women.

“Oh…forgive me. I never introduced myself. I am…LEVIATHAN, the great serpent and the gate keeper of Hell. You insignificant fools. What on earth do you think I took Joffrey’s body for? Hmm? A chance to take the very lands right from under the nose of GOD and his angels. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHA!”

Leviathan curled his way around the thrones, and then looked at the trio with a sinister gleam in his eyes.


“Now…I wait for your King. My first catch of the day.”


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December 17, 2013 09:04AM
Throne Room

Selene listened silently as anger continued to boil under her skin towards the demon who stood before her. It was clear as night and day that this man was not her husband. Was her husband still inside..? Her jaw was set as she fought to keep control of herself. The angelic princess wanted to lash out and strike the demon again, but it was clear he would only get off on it more.

Stepping back as the demon changed form into a massive snake, her legs began to tremble a bit. This was no ordinary demon, but the gate keeper of Hell himself. Whirling around towards her sister, called “Don’t make any sudden movements.” Her eyes flicked to Rashna and she gave a small nod of her head before turning around. Staring the large foreboding creature down, she held her hand to her side as her gold sword adorned with heavenly jewels appeared. Surging with angelic power, she gripped it tighter and closed her eyes.
Saying a quick prayer, she took a deep breath. If she died, it would be to protect her family. Opening her eyes, Selene then prayed that her father was safe and was heading to The Night Lands to get her mother and daughter. It was clear the demon wanted her father, and she wasn’t prepared to lose him either.

Brandishing the sword, she stepped forward and snarled “If you want the throne, you will have to kill me first…” Staring at the large snake as it curled itself around her father’s throne, she smiled sinisterly and waited for the first move.

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December 18, 2013 07:02PM
Outside Castle Haven.

One of the Demon Knights had been kept on watch, scanning the hills for the oncoming tide of Angel and fae forces that would be returning from the battlements, scarred and battle weary. But what this knight saw, was nothing short of horrifying. The skies were now filled with Angels, bearing armor and the clouds erupted as light shone down and illuminated these Soldiers of the skies. Blasting massive horns, the remaining cavalry was charging back through the forests, emerging out onto the open plains. Whispers had swept through the army, that the demons had attacked their homeland, their sanctuary. A Queen’s life was at stake, and King Henry led his men on the return home, to see if the dreaded whispers were true.

“THEY’RE RETURNING!” The Demon Knight roared, as another held up a massive shell, to summon the three hundred so knights to fight to keep the Castle in their hold. But as they did so, flying bowman with exceptional aim, were firing arrows in a blaze that looked to rain down on the Knights as they stood, knocking many off their feet, and driving the sharpened tipped arrows through their hearts and heads.


The cries of the dying rose higher, as on the ground the thunder of horses hooves grew louder. Sir Wayne leading the charge with swords drawn, in a surge, to unseat the demon foe from their own door step. Whilst many of the demon knights stood their ground, taking out their swords, and trying to fell the Angelic onslaught, many were beheaded and swords driven through them, in a shocking display of pure rage and anger at this dare to take the Castle right from beneath them

Flying overheard, King Henry and Ira circle the top towers, before beginning their descent, to fly straight into the throne room……..

The Throne Room.

The evil snake, Leviathan wound its coils around the King’s throne and rested its large head on the top, mocking the three Casterly females in its presence. It almost appeared to be lazy in its conquest, unaware of the impending return of the King. But when Selene bravely drew her sword, and then uttered a prayer, the snake raised its head and cocked it to the side. Was she mad? How could she possibly think, she could take on the might of Leviathan, who even has God himself in fear.


Rashna was still clutching little Clarice fiercely, not wanting the child to be harmed by the scaly menace, but then she noticed something tied around it’s neck. The glowing blue vial; the essence of a Throne. She narrowed her gaze and wondered. Was this from Orion himself? Had the Snake managed to gain the power of Orion and had it bottled, and if so, for what purpose? Surely it would be dangerous to the Snake, if it were to break on its skin, or even swallowed. That would kill a high level demon for sure. Or save an angel. Could it be, that Prince Joffrey…was still in there somewhere? Hidden deep within the snake. Rashna’s eyes darted at Selene, who was now showing her hand. Brandishing her sword, which glinted with holy light, she cried.

“If you want the throne, you will have to kill me first…”


“Ahahaha, are you blind? I seem to already have it. But if you are willing to try and fight me, I be more than happy to oblige you….wifey.”

The last word was said with every ounce of venom within itself. It started to raise up and hissed at the Princess, large pointed fangs dripping in toxic venom, as it uncoiled from the throne, releasing it. It started to slither towards Selene, and chuckled as its swirling eyes tried to hypnotize her on the spot.

“Go on…strike me down! I dare you!”

The snake lunged at the Princess, its jaw wide open, but the necklace that held the vial slipped from the snake’s neck, the chain breaking from the exertion, and the vial rolled across the floor towards Clarice’s feet.


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December 19, 2013 07:42AM
Throne Room


Clarice kept her arms tightly around her aunt, her sister was finally coming back, but she wasn’t the only one. In that moment somebody else stormed in the throne room, she was wondering who the hell was this person, but his aura was no pure, he was a demon, and when he called himself husband to his sister, she figured out this would be Joffrey, the one that is causing them lots of problems. Clarice watched everything, and whenever that man began to transform into a snake, she open her mouth, amazed by the creature, she knew this wouldn’t be a time to be surprised and admire the snake, she should be terrified, and think about what to do, and where should they run. But damn, that snake was amazing. She gulped hard the moment her sister decided to protect them, if this snake wanted something, he would have to kill Selene. Would he? Would he kill his own wife? but this man wasn’t the same anymore, right? He was a monster now, he didn’t showed any kind of mercy, he wanted to see Selene try and strike her own husband.
While this all happen, Clarice watched something roll across the floor towards her feet. She stared down, and saw some vial. What was this? Clarice picked it up, and held it tightly on her hands, staring down at it glowing, it was beautiful, but she was still wondering what was this, and where it did come from. It come from the snake, didn’t it?

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December 19, 2013 10:26AM
Throne Room

Selene’s eyes narrowed as the snake called her ‘wifey’. Her husband was deep within the snake…she just knew it. But if she succeeded with her threat, would her husband die? Glancing towards Clarice quickly, she saw the little girl pick up the vial. Wait…was that…? Realization dawned on the angelic princess. Perhaps her husband was truly deep within the beast.

Raising up the sword, her eyes flashed with a heavenly anger as she stared the snake down. He would not take her home away from her or her family. Hell would not win. Stepping towards the snake, tears fell as she uttered a soft plea “Joffrey…forgive me…”
Rushing towards the snake defiantly with bravery that could perhaps kill her, she raised the sword and moved to strike at the snake. Should her sword successfully plunge into the snake, she fell back onto her arse and stared up at the creature.

Gasping, she spun around quickly and rushed towards Clarice, not bothering to see if the snake had in fact died “Clarice! Come to me!”

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December 19, 2013 04:59PM
Throne Room

There is a time to live..and a time to die. The moment the sword was drawn by Selene, she had made her choice, that despite the love she may have felt for her husband Joffrey, the snake demon had brought pain and suffering to those of the Casterly. The death of Orion, the call to war and subsequent battles that cost thousands of lives, right across the lands of Night and Vaas. In another part of the lands, their daughter had given up her fight. Realizing only too late the sacrifices that had been made for her, and that she would send her last gift, back to the father she so loved, the same one who was now trapped within the massive snake that was poised to strike his own wife.

“Go on…strike me down! I dare you!” The snake hissed angrily, its coils building up behind it so to propel itself forward at Selene with unnatural force. But in those seconds, two things occurred. One; the vial that was worn around the neck of the massive serpent, fell from its neck due to the increasing size of the snake. Rolling across the floor, the vial was then picked up by the very youngest Casterly; Clarice. The second thing to happen, was the arrival of the gift of Joffrey’s soul. Half of it was given up to Tempest to save her life in the mountains, and now she returned it to its rightful owner. A glowing blue sphere erupted from the ceilings and spirited down into the snake, which had turned its head for a split second, seeing Clarice pick up the vial.

“NO!” The last thing the snake wanted was the innocent to hold the vial of Orion.

The blue sphere blasted into the snake, causing it to seize up, right as Selene rushed forward and struck the snake across the neck, slicing its head from its shoulder. The massive snake head tipped back and forth, before falling back off and landing on the floor with a mighty thud, sending up a cloud of dust. The rest of the snake’s body lurched from side to side, as the muscles continued to contort, though no longer powered by the mind.

The snake….was dead. It’s yellow eyes staring straight ahead.

With a few last spasms, the rest of the snake’s body slowly fell to the floor. It’s long length starting to shrink, and slowly morphing back to the shape of the Prince of Brax. He was whole….but was he alive?


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December 20, 2013 02:49AM
Throne Room

Clarice quickly rose her head and stared at the snake who screamed whenever it got hit. The snake was staring at her hands, at the vial, so this was important for it? Clarice was still confused but she didn’t dared herself to let go off the vial. The blue sphere blasted into the snake, and whenever her sister began to attack, Clarice just watched the snake fall apart, her sister had screamed at her, to come to her, which left her confused, but she decided to go. Only for help her sister, to get up, so they could be more away from the snake. In Clarice’s mind this was still danger, and even if it was falling apart, like it was dead, the body of Prince of Brax was still there, so it wasn’t safe. Grabbing her sister’s hand, Clarice began to pull her away from there, she didn’t wanted to be closer, she feared. Her mother was already taken away, so she didn’t wanted her sister to be taken away as well.
Talking about her mother, Clarice quickly remembered something! Her bracelet, it was beautiful, made of white gold, but it was magic, this would connect Clarice’s heart with his mother, if they wanted, they could feel each other emotions and so on, but Metia done this, just to make sure her daughter would be alright, since Clarice was always a rebel, she feared something happen to her. With this idea in mind, Clarice stared down at her bracelet, and could make it work, her mother could feel her heartbeat, could feel her fear on losing her, and the snake that was right in front of them. However, the call wasn’t responded, her mother wasn’t answering, not even a single heart beat. Did this mean?
“Mom, doesn’t answer. Her bracelet isn’t responding to mine. Does it mean?..”
Clarice stared up at Selene’s eyes, with her green eyes, tears already forming, and it was only seconds till she began to cry a lot, and start sob. Little did Clarice know, the necklace King Brax placed on his mother, was annulling the magic of her bracelet, so it was normal the class couldn’t be responded. 

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December 20, 2013 12:47PM
Throne Room

Selene could hear the giant snake lurching around behind her and heard the bellowing no, but still her focus remained on her sister alone. As Clarice grabbed her hand, she clamored up to a standing position and scooped the young princess into her arms.

Rushing a safe distance away, she looked down into her sister’s eyes, fear clouding her own as Clarice’s words registered in her mind. Metia…their mother. If the bracelet was not responding, it could very well mean their mother was dead. But Selene couldn’t believe nor accept that. Placing her hand under Clarice’s chin, she tilted her head up and smiled gently with a soft whisper “Mother wouldn’t want us to give up hope…we must be strong. Father will bring her home.” As she slowly set her sister down on the ground, she began to wonder if it was true.

Glancing at Rashna, Selene spoke quietly still as she suggested “Why don’t you go and ask Rashna if she can sense mother? Perhaps your connection is off because of…what has happened here.” Gently giving her sister a push to get her to move, Selene swiveled around slowly to see the snake slowly morphing back into her husband.

Her heart lurched in her chest as the angelic princess wondered if her husband was in fact dead. Walking over barefoot, she clasped her hands to her heart before sinking to her knees before him. With shaking hands, she then reached out to caress Joffrey’s cheek with one hand while lifting his head with the other. Tears began to fall down her cheeks silently again, but she paid them no mind.

Brushing his hair from his face, Selene leaned down and whispered with heavy breaths “Forgive me, my love…forgive me…”Reaching down to pick up his hand, she brought it to her lips and closed her eyes. She would never forget their love if he were to die. But imagining a life without his charming presence by her side, she began to tremble all over and soon a sob ripped from her chest. Gathering Joffrey against her, she buried her face into his hair and cried “I won’t live without you! I can’t…”

A New Day Has Come

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December 20, 2013 05:51PM
Throne Room

The doors to the Throne room burst open. King Henry and his Brother Ira had returned, along with some of their head Knights which included Sir Wayne and Sir Reginald. The moment the King entered, his eyes frantically searched for signs of Metia, but all he saw was Selene cradling a dead looking Prince of Brax, his sister Rashna, and then Clarice.

“Where is she?!” Of course, the King was referring to the Queen, as he ran further into the room, and caught sight of the massive snake’s head. “What the hell happened here?….Where is Metia?” Clearly, he was deeply upset and angry, and Ira moved in further behind his brother, looking to Rashna for answers. Rashna cleared her throat and said.

“Metia was kidnapped by a witch from the Night lands.”

So the King’s worst fears were in fact true. Raking his fingers through his hair, he asked the next thing to come to mind, while working out how to save his wife.

“And what is this…big snake head?” He had so many questions, his mind boggled at all he was seeing. Rashna repled.

“The Prince of Brax, we think was possessed by the snake Leviathan, and when Selene killed the snake, the body of the Prince returned. Spinning on his heel, he walked over to where Selene was kneeling on the floor cradling her husband, and he spoke in a firm voice. “Is he dead?” This was a good question, for he had not awoken as yet, and lay limp in Selene’s arms. His chest was moving, but he was making no sound.

Ira took a closer look, and replied to the King. “He appears alive…barely. He is the one that killed our brother, Orion, yes?” Henry knew this to be true, and nodded. “Then he should be arrested and charged with the murder of a Throne.”This might not go over well with Selene, but Ira was following protocol. Rashna could not argue with this. As much as she knew Selene loved Joffrey, he had committed a terrible crime against the family Casterly.

In his moment of grief, he then saw his little Clarice. The poor girl had probably witnessed the kidnapping of her mother and then the attack of the snake. Immediately the King went across the floor and scooped her up in his arms, holding her head to his chest. He was practically tearful, as he was relieved she was alright.

“Are you okay, my Child? Daddy was so worried. I got back as fast as I could.” His words were racked with emotion, and he tried not to let it overwhelm him too much. If anything had happened to her, he would truly be lost..

At this moment, a raven flew into the throne room and landed on the remains of the Throne. Around its leg was tied a parchment. Rashna went to get the note, and then when she read it, her jaw nearly hit the floor.

King Henry Casterly,

Turn over the Vaas lands and your wife lives you have three days to comply if you fail to comply your wife dies!

King Brandon Brax.

Rashna read the contents of the note, and then stared at her brother, as he kept Clarice in his arms.

“They want our lands….or Metia dies.”

At this the King made his mind up then and there. He had enough of the King of Night lands antics, and the fact he had stolen his wife, and now demanded the Vaas lands be handed over or Metia dies; meant that the King had two choices. Surrender the Vaas, or fight for his wife.

He kissed his daughter’s head gently, then moved to hand her to Rashna.

“Brother…Sister. I am going to the Night lands. If I do not return, you will be the new King and Queen of Vaas. Protect and watch my children. Serve the people of Vaas well.”

That said, he marched out of the Throne room, and readied a horse, to take him to the Night lands…to face the King of Brax…one on one.



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December 21, 2013 03:45AM
Throne Room

Clarice stared up at her sister, hearing her words about their mother. Yes, they shouldn’t lose their faith, but still, there wasn’t much left to have faith or hope. Only her father was her hope right now, and he still didn’t arrived. Did something happen to him as well? Whenever Selene pulled her to Rashna, Clarice watched her sister over her shoulder, and saw her hugging the one that was trying to kill them all. It was her husband, but in Clarice’s mind it still didn’t made much sense, he wanted to kill them, he killed their uncle Orion, why was she hugging him? She should fear him and kill him. Clarice stayed quiet on her spot, as she looked down at the ground, it was on that moment her father showed up. She looked up at him, and he was clearly asking about her mother, Clarice’s lower lip was trembling, and right now she was biting on it to stop the tremble, and stop the tears. She doesn’t know how her mother is anymore.
Seeing her father finally paying attention to her, Clarice didn’t hold back, she just rushed her way towards her mother, and threw her arms tightly around his neck, as she began to sob into his neck, and hug him tightly. She never had the best bond with him, but he’s her hope right now.
“I’m fine.”
Clarice managed to say between her sobs, but she didn’t dared herself to let go off her father, not now.
A new come, it was from the King Brax, he wanted their lands, or else Metia would die. Clarice looked up at her father, wondering what he would do. She didn’t wanted her mother to die, but she didn’t wanted give their lands to Brax as well. But her father could fight, right? She removed her arms from him, and walked up to her aunt Rashna, just reaching out for her hand, and hold it, as she watched her father walking away. Its like a last goodbye. Would her father survive? and bring back her mother?

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December 21, 2013 03:31PM
Throne Room

Selene was so distraught over her immobile husband’s state that she at first did not notice her father’s arrival. Rocking back and forth, she continued to sob pitifully as one hand ran over Joffrey’s back while the other caressed through the hair. All the while, she repeated over and over again “I killed him….I killed him…”

When her father stepped closer, she lifted her wet blue eyes up to look at him and sniffled“I…I killed him…” Her shoulders shook from her grief and pain but she was powerless to stop her father and Ira from declaring her husband’s fate. Her heart sank into her stomach as she realized her husband was now a prisoner of war.

When her father walked away, she nearly fainted from the intense pressure of her emotions. Joffrey had wronged her family…but was it truly him that had done so? Her eyes shifted to Ira pleadingly but knew he would not go against the king.

But the princess wouldn’t let her husband go without a fight. Tightening her grip on Joffrey, she spoke defiantly “Then lock me up with him. I’m not leaving his side.”

However, the king marched from the room. Selene’s eyes fell on Ira and she dared him to pry Joffrey from her arms with one look.

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December 27, 2013 02:40AM
Throne Room

A low groan escaped Joffrey’s lips, as his wife Selene tightened her grip around his body Coughing slightly, his eyelids opened slowly. The wicked yellow stain that was on his irises was gone, replaced with the all too familiar black. Hearing his Selene speak so defiantly, he couldn’t help but comment.

“You…always did give such tight hugs, my heart.”

Realizing he was on the ground, and being held so fiercely, it took him a moment to get his barings. His eyes darted around, seeing the banner of the Casterly, then getting a real fright seeing the large head of the snake. “Could..someone tell me what is…going on?”

Looking up, he saw Ira and then Rashna with little Clarice. There was no sign of the King or the Queen of Casterly, and the throne room had seen better days. Again he looked up at Selene and then whispered. “I’m in trouble aren’t I?”

No truer word had been said.

Ira folded his arms, and stared down at the Prince, as though he was mad.

“You…most certainly are, Prince Joffrey of Brax. A war has been fought, a Queen stolen…and my brother slain by your hand.”

At this, Joffrey freed himself from Selene’s hold, and stood up looking completely gobsmacked by all this.

“Wait…wait..WAIT! What are you talking about? I…I remember… *he clutched his hair, pulling it hard as he tried to rack his brains, and then looked down at his armour and gasped* “Well for starters, I don’t remember this armour…and…where is Tempest? I..was trying to help her.”

“She was stolen, by Brax witches, led by Minerva. They took the Queen.” Rashna stated, keeping Clarice safe with her, as Joffrey’s face grew ashen with shock. “They stole MY DAUGHTER!?” This was all getting too much for the Prince, who was now starting to panic. He shot a look at Selene and then begged. “Tell me this isn’t true? Our baby stolen? Why?”

Ira shouted “ENOUGH! You are a prisoner of war and a murderer!”

“Please…please. Why would I want to harm my own family? My wife..my child. I’d never do that. TELL THEM, SELENE!”

As two guards came in to drag Joffrey away to the dungeons, Joffrey suddenly saw the vial that Clarice held in her hand. The blue glint in the light, the colour and aura made him remember…just enough.

“Child…you hold…you hold the key. It can save…your mother. TRUST ME!!”

The guards gripped the Prince, and started to drag him away, while out in the courtyard, the King was saddling up, to go on a mission to save his wife.


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December 27, 2013 05:43AM
Throne Room

Clarice watched how bad her sister felt by killing her own husband, and how much she wanted to be with him, if Joffrey was going to get killed, she wanted to be locked as well, which made no sense. That man killed their uncle, and he’s probably behind the kidnap of her niece and mother, so why worry about him? Clarice kept closer to her aunt, and watched everything, it seems Joffrey had no idea on what the hell was happening, it was hard to believe, but if he was right, than that means some kind of demon was within him, and was controlling his body, in that case, it wasn’t really his fault. But its still hard look at him and not blame him. He killed Orion, his kingdom is in war with hers, her mother was taken away, and so was her niece, both of them might not even be alive at the moment. Do you really think Clarice will accept his apologizes? And look at him like nothing happen? Maybe accept his apologizes, but looking at him and think nothing happen was something impossible for her to do.
He just began to rage around about those that took her daughter, at least he was caring about Tempest, and he should, he was her father after all. Ira told him he was a prisoner of war and a murderer, so the guards just come and began to drag him away, Clarice was about to shove her head into Rashna’s dress, till the Prince shouted at her, telling her saying she held the key? That could save her mother? Clarice stared down at the vial on her hands, and was thinking twice about it, should she really believe on this prince? Well, she had nothing to lose at the moment, so..
“IF he’s right, I need to give this to dad.”
Clarice said looking up at Rashna, as the little princess escaped from her aunt’s grip, and ran through the hallways to the courtyard. Luckily she caught him just in time, he wasn’t leaving, just yet.
“Father, father!”
The little princess called him out, and once she was closer, she took a deep breath, and showed him the vial.
“The prince said this is the key that can save mom. I don’t know if we should believe him or not, but we got nothing to lose now, right? So take it, and save mom.”
In the end of her words, Clarice stretched out her hand so her father could take the vial, as she pouted slightly, she just wanted her mother back, and this all fight to stop, so her family would be fine again.

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December 27, 2013 01:01PM
Royal Courtyard

Out in the royal courtyard, the King was having his horse made ready for the great journey ahead of him to save his wife. Many of his remaining Knights, including Sir Arhold and Sir Reginald were in attendance, wearing their blood stained regal armour. The King was defiant in his determination to go and take on the King of Brax, one on one.

“No more shall die for this cause. If it is my wife and I, then so be it. My siblings shall rule in our place till our daughter is old enough to wear the crown.” Henry said stoically, as he tightened the saddle onto his white mount. “Sire, I am not one to argue with your commands, but for the love of all that is holy, at least let two of us come with you.” Sir Wayne implored, genuinely concerned for their King. He was by far the most respected and adored of all the Kings of Casterly, and this was probably one of the reasons why. His selflessness. The King stopped with his tying of the leather straps, and turned to place a hand upon Wayne’s shoulder.

“You have served me and the realm well, Sir Arhold, but…you are needed here. Protect my family, that is all I ask.”

Suddenly, the sound of the pitter patter of tiny feet could be heard upon the stones, as young Princess Clarice appeared, crying for her father, and carrying the vial.

“The prince said this is the key that can save mom. I don’t know if we should believe him or not, but we got nothing to lose now, right? So take it, and save mom.”

The King lifted his daughter on high, then placed her upon his horse, as he looked at the blue vial she held in her hands. Could this be a device that might aid him in saving his wife? As much as he did not trust the Prince of Brax, something about the vial made him stop and think. He turned it over with his fingers, then placed it around his neck. He looked up to his beautiful daughter, and then kissed her forehead gently.

“My child, I shall use this to help bring back your mother safely, I promise.”

He picked up his daughter and held hugged her tight, inhaling her scent as though to remember this moment. His eyes closed tight, and he whispered unto her.

“Never forget you are loved my child. At night I shall look down upon you through the black of night, and shine my light to guide you….always.”

He kissed her head once more, and then placed her down on the ground, as he got on his mount. Taking one last look around at his men and servants, he nodded but once, in recognition and then rode out the gates, on his way to save the woman he loved, and bring her home.