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RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 26, 2013 10:24PM
The Poisoned Tongue is the seediest, rowdiest dive bar on the western seaboard. Located in downtown Seattle, the local SPD don’t even bother waiting for a call to come in as they patrol by the place pretty much every night. It’s owned and operated by Cecil Martin, the sleeziest man on the face of the planet. He has a penchant for groping his female employees whenever they are within arms reach. Pandora LaRue is employeed here as a waitress and has had several battles with Cecil about his “ass-grabbing hands”.

Please state where your character is located in the bar when you post (i.e. bathroom, bar, table, outside on the sidewalk, etc.)

Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 27, 2013 09:15PM
The Poisoned Tongue – Bar

Another night, same old bullshit. Pandora was moving from “rapidly annoyed” to “seriously pissed”…and her shift had just begun! First Cecil had tried (once again) to put the moves on her when she had gone to see him about the previous week’s pay. She had to slap him down to get him to back off. Then their nightly beer delivery was an hour late. No beer equals pissed off rednecks. One of the other waitresses called in sick and she was now covering twice the amount of tables she normally did to pick up the slack. One of the more rowdier drunks didn’t take kindly to her repeated denials that she was his destined wife and had tried to kiss her. All he got for his troubles was a black eye, bruised balls and an arrest record as the cops hauled him out of the building.

Grumbling under her breath, she slammed her tray on the end of the bar. Mike, the bartender, eased his way toward her with a glass of water and two ibuprofen.

“You are an angel.” she sighed, taking both items as he set about pouring her drink orders.

“Rough night?” he chuckled. She glared at him and he tossed his hands up in surrender. “Don’t tase me, bro!” he grinned. She rolled her eyes and laughed a little. “Ease up on the hostility, Pandy. The night will get better.”

“I’d like to know when that is. And don’t call me Pandy. You know I fucking hate it.” she growled as he put the drinks on her tray. He patted her on the shoulder and shoved her away from the bar. She looked back at him and stuck her tongue out in a childish gesture. But it effectively brought her out of her bad mood and there was a bit of a swing in her step as she returned to work.

Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 27, 2013 09:39PM
The Poisoned Tongue- Bar

It was half past 11 o’ clock at night and Kali had just parked her car, a gift from her husband. Probably because she knew they were on the brink of a divorce, barely into the marriage and they had more arguments than she could count. The night was young and she couldn’t help but make her way towards the excess noise she heard from down the street. “What in the bloody hell?” Her thoughts whirled as she slowly inched closer to the rowdy area. It seemed to be the only place alive at this time of night. Sounded like her kind of place too. As she made her way around the corner she finally came face to face with the place, looked up and began reading the sign. ‘The Poisoned Tongue’ And just as soon as she had let the words slip from her mouth a man who seemed to be in his late 40’s was being tossed on his ass and out the door onto the cold hard concrete. “Ya take anotha crack at the Pandy and she gonna rip ya a new asshole, ye hear.” At that Kali giggled and nodded before side-stepping past the man and into the crowded room.

Her eyes took in the appearance of the place and it was a sight to see, somewhat of a mix between a rodeo and a club. She couldn’t exactly put it past her that this place indeed had potential. Before furthering attempting to assess any sort of situation she made her way down the steps of the entrance and over to the bar where she saw a fiesty yet classy woman who more than likely knew her way around the place.

As she made her way around the number of tables a drunk ran his hand along her backside and instantly she whirled around, caught his hand and looked him in the eyes. Her icy green eyes beginning to cloud at the anger suddenly boiling inside her as she spoke, “Woah there cowboy, you take a crack at this old horse and you might find yourself on a whole other level of pain, understand me?” By this time her hand had begun to crush his and she instantly released it seeing she was causing a scene of sorts and returned to making her way to the bar after flipping her hair and dismissing the man.

Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 29, 2013 09:09PM
The Poisoned Tongue – Entrance

When Simone walked in a joint, many a man would stop what they were doing, talking to, or drinking. Looking absolutely fabulous with her flowing blonde locks bouncing on her bare shoulders; her gold tight short shorts showing off the cheeky rounds of her ass, and the legs that needed a mountain climber to scale, she was a walking wet dream. That was..until she opened her mouth.

“Fuck Jamieson, I swear. That sad ass son of a bitch has screwed me over for the last time. Just cause he thinks since he got the lead role, does not mean he can have the key to my dressing room. He’s got some deal with the director. Probably fucked his way into the role. Him and half the chorus line. Fuck him, fuck him sideways with a rusty crowbar right up his ass. No…better yet, fuck him with a dead donkey’s dick.”

Following along behind her, was of course her agent; Wally Fosters. A balding middle aged gay man, with a glowing forehead. He was wringing his hands as he tried to keep up with the sassy dancer.

“Simone…sweetheart. Really, is that anyway for a lady to talk? You are in public, you have a reputation.”

Simone slammed down her glow purse on the bar top and snarled at her manager, gripping his tie and holding it up as if to strangle him.

“I’d still get more fucks in this bar speaking like a back street boozer, than you would in a decade.”

Turning to face the bar staff, she had a crooked grin, as she took out her cigarette packet and tapped it on her open palm.

“Yo Pan. Cosmopolitan. Tah, thanks.” Her voice was now huskier than a dock worker after fifty years of smoking and yet it had four men all offering her a light.


Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 29, 2013 09:34PM
Pandora noticed Kali stepping into the bar and waved at her.

“I’ll get your drink in tic, darlin!” she called out to the woman as she made her way around the floor. From the corner of her eye, she noticed another of the drunks trying to feel Kali up and Kali nearly breaking the man’s arm in the process. She nodded to the two men at the door, who immediately moved to haul the groper from the building.

“Two down, several more to go.” Pandora smirked.

A blonde woman was next to enter the bar and Pandora chuckled at the little bald man following behind. The woman was ranting and raving about work while her shadow was trying to calm her down. The woman planted herself at the bar and caught Pandora’s attention.

“Yo Pan. Cosmopolitan. Tah, thanks.”

“You got it, dollface!” Pandora nodded as she served up the last of the drinks on her tray. She tucked the money and her tips in her apron pocket and the tray under her arm and made her way back to the bar, where she discovered Cecil was waiting for her. She rolled her eyes and tried not to groan.

“Cosmo and a Gin and Tonic, Mike!” Pandora called out as she put the money she got for the drinks in the till. Cecil pressed in behind her, running his slimy hands all over her hips. “Back off, Cecil!” she growled.

“Ah come on, Pandora. Give a guy a chance, eh?”

“You’re not a guy. You are a worm. Now back the fuck off before I break your nose again.” she scowled, shoving him away.

“Goddamn, you’re such a bitch!” Cecil grinned, rubbing his crotch in full view of the other patrons. Pandora flipped him the bird and took up her tray of drinks.

“Asshole.” she scowled, taking Simone her drink.

Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 29, 2013 11:54PM
The Poisoned Tongue – Entrance

Finally, he was here. The Poisoned Tongue. It had taken him long enough to find the place, but by the looks of it, he had arrived just in time. But before he had a chance to hit his brakes a car slammed up against the tail nearly knocking his head against the wheel. “Oi, what the fu–” his words had been cut off by the man who’d ‘nicked’ him. “Oh you gotta be fuckin’ shitting me?” The man instantly got out his car and stalked over to Julian. Standing at a height of 5’11 he seemingly towered over him while Julian sat in the car, and instantly they looked each other over. “So, I’m guessing,” He rubbed the back of his neck just then before then eyeing the man as if to let him know to move out of the way to let him on through. The unknown man obliged and stepped back with a curious look upon his face, but not before then looking at the damage that had been done to Julian’s Lamborghini. The man began to talk, but before he could Julian finally rose to look at him and smirked softly before shaking his head. “You don’t get into these kind of situations often, do you?” He had said with a quirky, almost tired smile.

After having spent most of the early morning getting to know one another Julian couldn’t help himself finding himself intrigued with this man, this man who he’d come to figure out worked right down the street from The Brew, Alaric’s coffee shop. “So, Alex, right?” Alex nodded and smiled up at Julian before then extending his hand to him in yet another greeting. “You know… we did that already, right?” Julian almost choked on his instant laughter and veered his vision to Alex’ outstretched hand. “Oh, right… yea, sorry, I guess I am still a bit jumpy from me nicking your ride. Which by the way, I can totally…,” Julian chuckled and shook his head before interrupting him. “Don’t worry about it, I can easily get it fixed…” Alex raised a brow at Julian and smiled and let out a sigh of relief that spoke Thank god, that would have cost me a months pay check’. “I still feel bad…” It was by this time Julian grinned devilishly at Alex, raised his hands to the collar of Alex’ jacket and dragged him along while saying. “Come on stud, you can buy me a drink…”

Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 30, 2013 01:19AM
Having finally sat down at one of the bar stools Kali smirked at the rather good looking bartender before then hearing the sudden call from her not so easily noticed friend Pandora. “Good lawd, Pandora… is that you?” She shook her head and smiled widely. “Took me a good minute or two, I didn’t notice you for a sec” And just like that her concentration ran off the tracks, but only by the sudden burst of a woman making her entrance, blonde, stunning and with looks to kill. This woman sure looked like she could give any man a run for their money. A solidified vixen in human form, that’s what she was.

“Fuck Jamieson, I swear. That sad ass son of a bitch has screwed me over for the last time. Just cause he thinks since he got the lead role, does not mean he can have the key to my dressing room. He’s got some deal with the director. Probably fucked his way into the role. Him and half the chorus line. Fuck him, fuck him sideways with a rusty crowbar right up his ass. No…better yet, fuck him with a dead donkey’s dick.” Yep, I figured she had to show up some time. Kali thought to herself, her arm propped up on one elbow as she eyed the flashy woman.

“Oi, bitch! Buy me a drink!” She giggled and laughed so hard she nearly fell off her chair as she waved Simone to come sit by her. “I done saved ya a warm one, right by me darlin’.”

Re: RP-The Poisoned Tongue
December 30, 2013 04:39AM
The Poisoned Tongue – Bar

Simone let the better looking lad of the litter that all pushed forward their lighters to help Simone light up. She took a drag, then let the smoke curl lazily out of the side of her mouth, before winking at the winner of lighting her up. Course, her concentration was cut by Kali being her usual self.

“Oi, bitch! Buy me a drink!” Kali blurted, giggling so hard she nearly fell off her bar stool. Cheeky bitch, Simone thought to herself, a sly brow rising as Wally was taking a call from another one of his lesser known clients. “It’s going to cost you later, Kal. I always get people to pay their debts.” In a sense what she said was true, but the question was, how.

When Pandora brought Simone her cosmo, she took out a fifty and placed it down on the bar sliding it towards the raunchy barmaid. “Whatever Kali wants and..a Shirley temple for Wally.” Simone rolled her eyes, and moved across to the bar stool that Kali had been “keeping warm”. Wally hung up from his call, and gave Pandora a light nod. He was shit scared of the girls that Simone kept company with, manly cause they had more balls than half the men in the bar.

Dropping her bag and ciggy packet on the bar next to Kali, she cocked her head as she saw the guy who had just tried to feel Kali up, and was worse for wear for it. “Seriously Kal. You should try the gay bars. Least when they try to touch you up, I’d be entertained by the wrestling afterwards.” Simone’s sense of humor was…trying at best. She glanced at Cecil who was rubbing his bulge, and she sung out to Pandora. “Next time he tries shit, fuck his nuts up. I got a good pair of pliers in my purse, that should do the trick.”

Simone often wondered why Pandora worked in such a dive. She could do a hell of a lot better, but who was she to judge. Simone then winked at Cecil and chortled. “Move on my gal again, and I’ll have you searching for your fucking balls in the pool table pockets.”

Fun part was…she was serious.