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Re: RI- Very Detailed Bio Template
December 30, 2013 01:42AM


Quote : “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them.”

FC : Katarina Van Derham
Name : Simone Jackson
Occupation : Dancer – Current Lead in Chicago, the Musical.
Sex : Female
Height : 178 cms
Weight : 59 kgs
Eyes : Blue
Hair : Blonde
Parents : Samuel and Denise Jackson
Birthplace : Seattle, Washington
Siblings : Only child….(I wonder why)
Personality : Utter total bitch, Sassy, dominant, feisty, potty mouthed, but loyal to those she calls friends.
Likes : Drinking, parties, dancing, her dressing room, being in charge, her dildo collection, cats
Dislikes : Her lead dancer, Jamieson.
Marital Status : Don’t even ask.
Special talents : Contortionist, and rock/wall climbing without ropes or nets.


Wheels : Honda Civic Hatchback – Pink


History : Only child of Samuel and Denise Jackson, Simone had always shown a talent for dancing and performing at a very young age, but what her parents couldn’t stop her from doing was climbing. Incredibly lithe and supple, she was a natural and won many awards for rock climbing as well as dancing from the age of five.

A real go getter, she set her sights on a career of dancing, though she does continue her climbing, only what she does it for remains a closely guarded secret. Currently starring in Chicago the Musical, she is the toast of Seattle, though she often gets herself into trouble care of her terrible manners and lack of femininity. Mind you, that would not stop her getting a man….if one ever measured up. Good friends with Pandora and Kali, she is a regular at the Poisoned tongue, where she never fails to let her own tongue get her into trouble.

Theme song : Cell block Tango – Chicago the Musical.