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Re: [RP] The Night Lands
December 19, 2013 07:33AM
Mountain of Medusa
The moon was slowly rising over the peak of the mountain, meaning the rescue party did not have much time before a princess was sacraficed to the whims and desires of cruel witches. In the shadows of the mountain, at the edge of the forest, the party of five didn’t have long to plan.“She may have lost the will to fight…but we are here to fight for her. Francois, lead us to her, before the moon is at its peak.” Sirus stated with conviction and confidence in his voice.”Before we go, I must request an Oath from all of you.” Francois stated, his tone one of grave seriousness. “You must pledge on your very lives and magic that you shall not reveal to the Princess who I am. To do so violates the very laws which govern the Guardians of Xoah and would mean your deaths. Even I cannot violate these laws, to do so would violate the Oath I took to protect the female of the lines of Brax and I would no longer be allowed to guard them and guide them.”

He waited for them to make their pledge before he accepted with a nod of his head. Shimmering back into his crow form, he took to the skies, circling around the rescue party so that they could get their bearings before he headed off into the woods. He had no doubt that the Faes would easily be able to see his dark form with their enhanced sight, and the White Witches had their own ways of seeing in the dark, and so he was confident he would be able to lead them straight to his mistress.

He simply hoped they were not too late.

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December 19, 2013 08:24AM
Mountain of Medusa
“Before we go, I must request an Oath from all of you…You must pledge on your very lives and magic that you shall not reveal to the Princess who I am. To do so violates the very laws which govern the Guardians of Xoah and would mean your deaths. Even I cannot violate these laws, to do so would violate the Oath I took to protect the female of the lines of Brax and I would no longer be allowed to guard them and guide them.” At his words, all nodded…accept one. “Do I have too?” Willow sighed, showing a small pout on her black lips. Course she had to, it was part of their mission.and not only that, Sirus gave her a very dirty look. “Alright, alright.” Willow said, dropping her small handful of flowers, and crossing her chest with a special finger gesture to signal that she took the oath.That done, the five started off after the raven, who flew on into the entrance of Medusa’s lair. Willow picked up her long skirts, by gripping the cloth between her pinched fingers, stepping lightly over rock and twigs. Gertie followed along behind Klaus, who appeared to be nervous about entering the dark tunnel. Their footsteps seemed to create an echo, and deep within the cavernous chamber, you could hear….arguing?

Council of Witches

“Delilah….I just said I am not trying to take more than my fair share. A third is all I want, enough to knock about five hundred years off my life. Give or take.” Portia was now pleading, for her sister Delilah was being more and more annoyed with her sisters choice of words. The spell cast upon Ethel started to wear off, and the gay looking pot plant soon started spinning on the spot, before finally filling out and becoming the busty Ethel.

“Oh…I so didn’t like that. So small, helpless and green. Just not my scene.” Ethel lamented, patting her wayward locks in place, as the first rays of the Moon, started to pass over the marble mantel. It was time! Delillah saw the change in the light of the chamber and then bellowed. “MIDNIGHT! Sisters, gather round, and Portia, the dagger of Denzenia. At the twelfth chime, we cut out her heart, and drink in her essence!”

All the witches gathered around the marble alter, as Portia gleefully handed over the dagger.

“I got it cleaned specially.”

“Ray of Moon, daughter of Demon, child of Angel…Hybrid creation. You are our ultimate salvation. Beauty, health, vigor shall be ours…as you will lose all your powers. Sisters One..Sisters Two..Sisters Three. The power of the charmed ones…The third eye sees!”


All cackled as Delilah raised the dagger on high, Ethel and Portia swaying back and forth, as the room was bathed in an evil blood red glow…..

Her time….had run out.


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December 19, 2013 08:54AM
Council of Witches
Tempest lay upon the marble altar, pale and silent. Random thoughts ran through her head, the least of which were thoughts of her parents. She missed them. Despite everything she put them through, she missed them. But she finally understood her place in life. She was neither Angel nor Demon. She was a combination of the two and would always be in conflict with herself. What was the point of living if she could not do that.In a sense, being caught by these evil creatures was a boon to her ravaged soul. She listened with half an ear as the three of them began to argue again, closing her eyes and hoping the end was quick.The one known as Delilah noticed the change in light and exclaimed with glee, “MIDNIGHT! Sisters, gather round, and Portia, the dagger of Denzenia. At the twelfth chime, we cut out her heart, and drink in her essence!”

So this was it…her time in this world was coming to an end. She was thankful for the life she was able to live and regretted the fact she wouldn’t be able to apologize to those she loved and cherished for her actions…even her grandfather. And Minerva, who Tempest now came to realize that the witch simply wanted the same things all women the world over desired…a love of their own and a family.

A single tear rolled beneath her closed lids and slid down her pale cheeks.

“I am so sorry to all I have harmed with my actions and deeds.” she whispered.

The chanting began and Tempest braced herself for the pain she would soon feel. She just hoped it was over quickly.

“Ray of Moon, daughter of Demon, child of Angel…Hybrid creation. You are our ultimate salvation. Beauty, health, vigor shall be ours…as you will lose all your powers. Sisters One..Sisters Two..Sisters Three. The power of the charmed ones…The third eye sees!”

Cackling echoed around the cavern and Tempest did not see the dagger raised high over her body as the clock began to strike the time.

An image of her father began to form in her thoughts…he seemed to be in pain. Eyes remaining closed, Tempest focused all her thoughts and all her love upon her father and felt she had to do the one thing that would ensure her death would not be in vain.

«”I give back that which you have gifted upon me. May you live your life with peace and happiness. I love you, Father.”»Tempest whispered across to Joffery. Concentrating as hard as she could, she began to return his gift of his soul to him that he had given to her to save her own life some time ago. Her body began to glow faintly as the chanting of the witches became very loud to her ears. There was a jerking sensation as the half of her soul belonging to her father departed from her body. Upon its leaving, her body seemed to collapse upon the stone slab.

Caverns of Medusa’s Lair

Francois heard the chiming of the clock and the chanting of the witches and with an alarming caw, he sped up his flight, urging the others to do the same. Tempest was running out of time…he could feel it.

Re: [RP] The Night Lands
December 19, 2013 09:17AM
Center of Medusa’s lair
Far from the land of Brax, a demon fought his own love and all for what? Was he truly that scaly beast, or something more? The answer lay in the hands of a small child, who knew nothing of its importance. The essence of a throne. The power of an angel, is not just measured by its deeds, its thoughts. It is…God’s love in the purest form. Little did Tempest realize, as she lay upon the marble slab, that her selfless sacrifice showed that she had more of the angelic streak in her than she could possibly have imagined. She was the ultimate creation, a fusion of good and evil. But her parents, they were not clear cut. For the most part, her mother acted more evil than her father…Her father’s only crime was that he gave into her demands. Is that evil? He gave half of himself to her, an act that showed again…the power of love.And so, as this parted soul was being returned to the father she so loved, Francois was leading to Tempest the one that could return the gift. Tempest may have thought that she deserved this fate, but she never truly did. Circumstance and twisted words, the actions of others spawned the path to which she walked. Wrongs were about to be righted, and the three witches, that swayed and hummed, with the dagger held on high…were about to get a big surprise.As the clock chimed, and Francois picked up speed, urgency was now needed. Willow saw with her dark eyes that he had spirited forward, with his alarming cry. Willow could not run fast enough in the gown of silk and satin, and her pace increased, as she suddenly had four feet, turning back into the horse that was spoken of by the Dragon; Phillipe. So to, Gertie changed back and thundered past Klaus, who cried.


“Wait for me!”

Sirus broke into a sprint, dashing through the cave as fast as his feet could carry him. He cried out her name.


The sound of the Prince’s voice suddenly broke Delilah’s concentration, only to have her turn at the dying seconds, as the eleventh chime rang out. A powerful series of thundering hooves, and the brilliant white horse leapt over the witches three, knocking the dagger clear from Delilah’s grasp. “NOOO!” the evil witch cried, as she ran around the table, trying desperately to pick it up fast enough to slam it down into Tempest’s chest with all her might. Cept, she didn’t count on the second horse; a massive beast, that managed a leap that was an amazing feat, and totally collected Delilah in one foul swoop, near crushing her under the mighty hooves.

The Moon’s rays passed over the marble alter and then faded, turning the room to darkness….but Tempest’s body showed no sign of life. Was he too late? Sirus ran up to the alter, as the white horse was terrorizing the other two witches, chasing them round the cavern angrily, snorting and braying.

Sirus cut the ties that binded Tempest to the marble slap and scooped her up into his arms. She felt cold to touch, and the tears she shed in her final moments, still seen on her cheek. Sirus hesitantly wiped the tear away, his eyes searching her face for life. Dathon and Klaus came up behind, and the rotund squire asked.

“Is she dead?”


The Prince’s chin quivered and then believing she was, squeezed his eyes shut tight and kissed her lips….


Re: [RP] The Night Lands
December 19, 2013 09:42PM
The Void
Upon releasing the soul of her father, returning it to him, Tempest’s conscious thought ceased to exist. Her body was still in the land of the living, but her soul slipped into the void. She felt weightless, but her senses were still intact. There was no sound, but she could hear herself breathing. She could not see, but her eyes were closed. She could smell, and there was a stale dampness in the air.She slowly opened her eyes and turned her head. She was surrounded in a pale, white mist, barely able to see in front of her.

“Hello?” she whispered, wondering if she was dead. The last thing she remembered was the dagger raised over her body.

“You are not dead, Dear One.” came a familiar voice. She sat up where she was and looked around. The mist began to clear and Philippe appeared to her.

“Philippe! Oh I am so happy to see you!”

“And I you, my Beloved Tempest Storm.”

“Where am I? Am I dead?”

“You are in The Void – a place between the land of the dead, and the land of the living. You have a choice to make.”

“A choice? What kind of choice?”

“To live or die.” Philippe stated.


“I have no wish to live…there is nothing for me there.” Tempest sighed, looking down at her hands.

“If that is your wish…” Philippe stated, setting to turn away.

“You make it sound as if there is another choice. What is there for me there but pain and sorrow?” she asked.

“Love?” That stopped Tempest in her tracks before she could work up a full head of steam.

“Love? Everyone I once loved is dead.”

“Don’t be too sure of that.” Philippe stated. There was a shimmer in the air and it seemed as if a window into the land of the living opened before her. And what she saw surprised her. She saw her body, laid out upon the stone slab in the witches lair. Two horses were keeping the witches at bay while two men she did not know stood around her body. There was a third man there as well, hovering over her body. He looked familiar. The third man moved forward, pressing his lips to hers, in the hopes of bringing her back from wherever she had gone. She felt a jolt of sensation move through her insubstantial body and looked at Philippe.


“He realized at the last moment, when he discovered that you were to be a sacrifice, that he loved you deeply. So you now must decide, Tempest of Brax. Do you love him in return? Do you wish to return to live out your Destiny with the one who would save your soul?” Philippe’s eyes glowed golden yellow and ruby red, pinning her in his benevolent gaze.

She looked back at Sirus…there was no decision to make.

“I wish to return. she announced.

“Your wish is my command…Your Highness.” Philippe seemed to smile before his great maw opened. She closed her eyes as she felt the hot breath move across her soul as she slipped into darkness once more…


As Sirus pulled back from his kiss, there was no movement from Tempest for a few short moments. It was very disheartening. But before he could move away, a soft sigh escaped from her pale lips and her eyes began to move beneath her lids. All movement stopped and all eyes were upon the golden-haired beauty. Tempest inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly as her eyes slowly began to open. Brownish-red met ocean blue as the light slowly returned to Tempest, Princess of Brax. Her smile, when it came, was like the opening of a flower beneath the warm sun.

“Sirus.” Tempest whispered his name, a soft sigh, but full of passion and love. She reached a hand up to touch his cheek, brushing her thumb lightly over his skin. “It is you.” Those three words…more powerful than any “I Love You” ever stated, and it was directed toward the heir of the throne of Laegess. Closing the space between them, she leaned upward and pressed her lips, now full of warmth and of life, to his.

Re: [RP] The Night Lands
December 19, 2013 10:11PM
Center of Medusa’s lair
At first, there was no movement. Nothing. She hadn’t responded to his kiss, and Sirus opened his eyes with his brow knitted. Thinking that he had simply been too late. Tempest must have lost the fight. Klaus reached up and took off his hat, holding it to his chest, and gazed down at his feet. What could possibly be said? They had tried.But then, a sigh escaped Tempest’s lips and this brought Sirus’s attention back to her. Was she breathing? He leaned closer and sure enough there was rapid eye movement beneath her eyelids. The two witches left standing but kept well back by the two horses stopped moving as well, as those that hovered around the marble alter. Like…waiting for her to move again. Was her body merely expelling air? Those seconds seemed so much longer then they truly were.Tempest’s chest started to expand, as she drew in a deep breath, her skin reclaiming its natural glow, as though her body was being filled with her spirit. Her soul was returning, though none would realize how close she had been to death. Sirus hovered over her, almost too scared to touch her. Waiting…praying for a sign. Just…one…sign.

It was then, the most radiant smile appeared on her sweet lips. Like a flower blossoming, rapidly filling with colour so vibrant. It was then…she said his name. Sirus’s heart actually skipped a beat.


Never before had he been so joyous to have his name said by anyone. He lost himself in the emotion of the moment, actually wanting to burst into tears to let the relief escape his form.

“It is you.” Yes, it certainly was. The Prince of Laegress let out a laugh, as he said. “Well, hello there Princess.” It was his way of saying…”I love you too.”

It was then, they shared a true love’s kiss. Behind them, Klaus was blubbering, and the horses went back to chasing the evil witches out of the cavern, while Delilah dissolved into a puddle of muck on the floor. The massive Clydesdale had done her in, when she leapt over the marble alter. But she may well be back….for death is never certain.


Finally, Willow trotted back into the cavern and nodded her head again and again, for the Prince to take his bride and place her on her back, so the Prince could take her home. Home to the Willow, where Tempest Storm truly belonged.

She had found her Prince….and one that loved her as much as she did him.