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Well, its almost over.  And as I look back, I can honestly say it was a year of many extremes, but as I come to the end, I am glad to have experienced it all.  Health wise I haven’t been the best, and two hospital stints were enough to give me a wake up call.  A new job meant new challenges, which I tackled head on, and getting time to continue my writing got a lot harder.  But when you love something like writing and role playing as much as I do, you find a way.  The way forward was to go into forum writing.  I honestly never thought I would like it or..no..love it as much as I do.  With my working schedule, and those people on different time lines, writing live became harder and harder to do.  But now, as I write for something like ten different forums, I can really try new things like different characters, genres…and also the chance to write with some pretty terrific writers.

The phrase “When a door closes, somewhere a window opens”, became very true for me.  I am blessed with the joy of good friends, that I continue to speak to both in real and on skype.


I have so many ideas for the new year, but since my holidays starts in ..one day, I am going to let those ideas go into the back of my mind, till I come home.  I really want to enjoy my Christmas with my family.


To my readers, a big thank you to you all.  Your likes, and comments have truly touched my heart, and I love to share my writings with you all.  I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas with your families.  Drive carefully, and drink responsibly.


To my co writers and fellow role players;    thank you.  You have made this all worthwhile.


Special thanks to LadyBelz.  My Minion and role play partner.  “You’re simply the best.”



See you all in 2014!!!!


Char ❤