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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 19, 2013 03:25PM
# 5 Wynter Rose’s


Wynter Rose slowly drove into the trailer park taking in her new home. On first coming in she sees the manager’s trailer she had talked to him on the phone and picked up the keys from him a few nights ago and was told she would be in trailer number 5 by Billy Bob. At Billy Bob’s trailer there were people passed out on the front yard butt naked she could not help but burst out laughing it looked like a out of control frat party that had gone totally wrong. The back yard there was a bath tub over smoldering coals she shook her head. There was a man with his pants on his head in the neighboring trailers yard in his boxers. A woman in a kiddie pool sleeping looked kind of comfy. On passing another trailer there was something leaking from the mailbox Wynter really did not want to know what it was.


Wynter pulled into her drive way and started to unpack her car and put things in her living room. While shopping earlier she had bought the local paper to look for employment she thought she would apply to the bar that was nearby as a bartender and parttime singer and see if there was any other places she could possibly sing at. Finally Wynter thought sweet freedom.

Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 19, 2013 07:21PM
#9 – Della


The morning after Billy-Bob’s party…

The alarm blared loudly in Della’s ears and she sat up quickly, heart pounding a mile a minute. Yanking her earbuds from her ears to silence the noise, she took some deep breaths to calm her racing nerves.

“Fuck me sideways.” she groaned, rubbing a hand over her face. She stumbled, bleary-eyed from the bed and made her way to the kitchen to flip on the coffee maker. While her coffee was brewing, she ducked into the shower for a wash and to wake herself up a little more.

The smell of coffee permeated her home and she sniffed with delight as she put her hair up and slipped into her clothes for the day.

She poured the coffee into her travel mug before cleaning up her kitchen. Grabbing her keys, she headed out to her car…

If she hadn’t had such a tight grip on her travel mug, she would have dropped it in shock. There was vomit all over the front seat of her car. She would have moved closer but the smell was horrendous…and the mucus itself looked to be a few hours old as it was dried and crusty around the edges.

“My baby!” she snarled in anger. She did not have time for this today. She looked at her watch and saw she still had a couple of hours before she had to be at the track for the time trials. She yanked out her cell phone and practically stabbed the buttons in her rage.


“Sachs Towing & Repair, George speaking.”

“George, it’s Della.”

“Della! How’s my favorite gal?” George’s booming voice rolled down the line. Despite her anger, she had to smile. George had been a family friend for a good number of years and had been working with her mother at the garage since before Della’s father had passed away.

“Not too hot, George. Some asswipe puked all over my car.” On the other end of the phone, she could swear she heard George’s heart stop.

“WHAT?!” he yelled so loud, Della had to yank the phone away from her ear. There was a muffled sound over the line and a moment later, she heard her mother’s voice.

“What’s this about someone puking all over Dee?” Shelia asked.

“Yeah, ma. Must of been one of those cunts that was at Billy-Bob’s last night.” Della growled.

“I ought to come down there and kick his ass. Did he keep you up all night? You have time trials today right?”

“I got some sleep, ma. I’m just pissed someone wrecked Dee.”

“George is on his way to pick her up. We’ll have her back to you by the time you get home tonight.”

“You are a life-saver, mom.” Della smiled. She closed the door to Dee and headed around to the back of her mobile home where she kept her car trailer.


“How you getting to the track?”

“I’m breaking out Genie for this one.”

“She still road-ready? Been a while since you drove her.”

Della opened the trailer door and climbed inside. “I’ve been keeping her tuned. She purrs like a kitten.” She climbed in and started the engine, feeling the rumble beneath her legs and she grinned.

“Sounds as good as the day you got her. Call me and let me know where you place.”

“I will. Want me to get you tickets for next weekend?”

“You know I would never miss one of your races. I’ll be there.” Shelia smiled.

“Love you, ma. I gotta go.”

“Bye, baby and good luck today!” With a grin, Della hung up the phone and put the car in gear. She backed out slowly and turned out toward the street. She spotted Fleur passed out asleep in the kiddie pool on her front lawn. With a smirk, Della revved the engine a few times before she took off in a squeal of tires and smoke. As she passed Fleur, she laid on the horn until she reached the stop sign, drifting around the corner and out into oncoming traffic. She laughed with delight as she headed toward the tracks.


Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 23, 2013 01:45AM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

The massive blast of the car air horn woke poor Fleur with a start as she lay in the empty inflated kiddy pool just near her trailer. Now, it was bad enough to be woken up by that hoon bitch Della, but it was another sound that was mighty odd. The light tinkle sound, like a leaky tap, or worse. No, definately something wet being hosed into the kiddy pool she was laying in. Opening one eye, she spied Jack, one of Joelene’s youngin’s who was all about three years old, and the little shit was peeing in the pool.


“WHAT IN TARNATIONS DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOIN’?” Fleur screeched, as she almost got hit by the kid’s wee spray. The child got such a fright, that Fleur woke, up, that and the car air horn, that he started crying his eyes out, but was still peeing in the pool.

The fly door to the trailer burst open and Joelene was standing there dressed in one of Fleur’s fancy underwear sets. You know, the kind you rip off in a blink. Waste of money really. “Jackson Tyler Micheal Jordan William Josh Jenkins! Are you peeing on your Aunt Flower?” She came thundering down the two steps and then quickly remembered she was still on a call, for her phone sex business.


“Oh…oh yes…Oooo oooo…gimme more Daddy.” Joelene muted the phone and picked up the now sodden toddler, as Fleur sat bolt upright. “Why you talking to Pa like you wanna rustle his sheets? AND WHY you in my sexy lacys?” Oh this was all too much for her….and so early in the morning too.

“Girl’s gotta make some money, and them men think I have the voice of an angel.” Joelene implored, bouncing Jack on her hip, and then going back to the call, as she wandered inside. “Yes…you want more you need to pay another twenty dollars.”


Slowly, Fleur got up and sniffed herself only to wrinkle up her nose. She knew she couldn’t have them stay if this was how it was going to be. Sighing, she headed inside her trailer….where you heard a blood curdling scream.


“What happened to all the food in my fridge?”

“Sorry Flower…kids got the munchies after those special muffins.”



Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 30, 2013 08:50PM
Billy Bob’s

Billy Bob awoke to find his wallet empty and the blonde gone. He was spent and groggy after his nights exertions.
“Damn that was one hell of a party” he said as he spied Larry passed out on the picnic table.
The waxing job had left him in none too good of a condition and he wondered if he might need some antiseptic.
Grabbing a cask of shine he pured it over the wound which awoke Larry with a start who cursing like a sailor and swinging yelled….

” Mutherfuckers! Sonofabitch! Where you at?” 

After regaining his senses a bit Larry chastised his friend and said

“Your such a dick Billy Bob.” 

” Well I was just treating your wound. Didnt mean to wake ya up.” Billy Bob said with a snicker.

Begining the cleanup he started to slowly work on the lawn. Knowing full well it might be an all day job, he popped open a beer and handed one to Larry.

“Well you helped make this mess. It’s time to clean up.”

With that the pair began the task of cleaning the yard hoping they didnt get too much more shit from the neighbors. Billy Bob was glad the cops hadnt got called. He was lucky he hadnt lost more than 40.00 the rest of his money had been in the bank thankfully. He wasnt stupid enough to leave it around with these crazies drunk on shine around.



Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
December 18, 2013 11:54PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

~Dream sequence~

Lazing on a plush lilo, dressed in a sparkling diamond encrusted bikini; Fleur is sunning herself, whilst being served spirit mixers from her very own apron wearing butler complete with bow tie.


~sips~ Ooo thank you, Jeeves. Oh this heat..it’s just got me so thirsty.” Fleur waves her hand to dismiss the muscular butler, as she sucks on the straw, watching Pablo, the pool boy cleaning ze pool, whilst in the garden to the left, Gregory the gardener is whacking weeds with his whacker. He is wearing a low hanging overall that is showing off his rippling abs and pecks, whilst dripping in sweat. Yes…she had made it. From the simple sponsor girl at the race track, to living the high life, married to the most wonderful man…that has given her all this. But who was this mystery man, with loads of cash?

“HONEY…I’m home!” You could hear the heavy twang of the southern accent of a man who comes stumbling through the back door of their mansion, covered in mud and missing his front teeth. It’s none other than….Turtle man!


“No…no that can’t be right. No..not him!” Fleur starts to scream violently, before waking up in bed with a shocked expression, ripping off her sleeping eye mask, as she hears the sound of her sister screaming abuse, to someone outside the van.

“You can’t do this! They are my children. I take good fine care of them.”

“Oh so you can explain the night’s damage to the trailer park? Mrs Wilson’s cat bowl is full of faeces, Mister Levit’s van has had the words “Kidz rulz” spray painted on it fifty five times, and Mister Connor caught three of your youngin’s covered in red paint, trying to use his sleeping wife as target practice with a paint ball gun. You are an unfit mother!”

Fleur hid behind her door in her room, hearing all the goings on. It must have all happened when she was asleep. Did this mean she would be rid of the ratbag family? She prayed she would be.

The children were all rounded up and put into a special van that had been brought out by Child’s services, while a news crew pulled up and started to try and get an interview from the lingerie clad Mother of eight.


“Is it true you tried to sell your children on ebay, to be used for scientific experiments?”

“Just the one…and I never got a bid!” Joelene screamed, as she was being read her rights and her head pushed down as she was put into a squad car, to be taken into police head quarters for questioning.

The sound of the siren started and this brought out a lot of people from their trailers, as Joelene and her wild brood got taken away by the law enforcement agencies. A few were actually applauding, and one old diddy was holding up a cat that had been painted red.

“May God strike ya’ll down, ya BASTARDS! Come on, Percy, let Mommy take you in and give you a nice bath.”



Inside her trailer, Fleur was dancing up a storm to her favourite song. Her life was back to normal….almost.