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Re: {RP} The Marulo Estate
December 13, 2013 05:01AM
Dining Hall

That moment that Damion stepped out from behind Sam and then went to his father and placed his hand on his father’s shoulder, to show forgiveness for all the bad things said and felt, Sam flushed with pride. It meant so much to know that Damion would not lose his family over the fact he loved Sam. To him, their love was a gift and perfectly natural. It felt right. Now, with his family’s blessing, they could continue as a couple, and go on to build a life together.

Sam smiled down at Damion as he took his hand, and gave it a gentle squeeze, his eyes showing a glaze from enjoying the beauty of this moment. Sam simply mouthed the words ~I love you, Damion~ as he returned to watching Elvira telling Virgo that she was trying to get him to see, that the love of Sam and Damion mirrored that of their own romance. In fact the similarities were startling.


Virgo had sucked in his pride, and knew when he was proven wrong in his thinking. Listening to Elvira and having his Son’s forgiveness, he then struck out his hand to Sam and said.

“Welcome to the family, Sam.”

Sam could hardly believe it, and then looked at Damion, before shaking Virgo’s hand warmly.

“Thank you…you don’t know what this means to us.” All anybody wants is acceptance.

Virgo released his hand, and then said.

“Well, I’m starved. Let’s eat some breakfast, before it goes cold.”

Johnathon was already on that, like a man on a mission, on his third helping of waffles.

“This is delicious, my hat off to the Cook.”

Sam looked for a place to sit down, and wondered if Damion would show him where.



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December 13, 2013 07:34AM
Damion could hardly believe this turn of events and was sorely tempted to pinch himself to make sure he was awake. His father finally accepted him as he was!

Damion looked at Sam, his eyes shining brightly.

~I love you, too.~ Damion couldn’t help but grin.

“Well, I’m starved. Let’s eat some breakfast, before it goes cold.” Virgo announced, resuming his seat at the head of the table. Jonathon, who was already on his third stack of waffles, nodded his head vigorously.

“This is delicious, my hat off to the Cook.” he grinned.

Keeping Sam’s hand in his, Damion moved around the table to his mother’s side and directed Sam into the seat beside her before taking his own chair across from his sister.

Dominique caught her brother’s eye.

»”Are you truly happy, brother?”« she whispered into his mind.

»”I am, sister.”« Damion smiled as he poured syrup on his pancakes.

»”It’s good to see. But be warned…he hurts you, and I will do my level best to hunt him down and suck out his soul before I piss all over the ashes.”«

Damion looked at his sister with wide eyes, looking between her and Sam.

»”It won’t come to that, Domi. He is my one and only and only death will seperate us now.”«

»”Then I am satisfied.”« Dominique returned, going back to her breakfast.

Elvira, who was using one hand to rub circles on her stomach and the other to drink her orange juice, turned as much as she was able to look at Sam.

“So Sam, what is it you do for a living? I feel like I know you…but I don’t really know you.”

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December 13, 2013 07:46AM
Dining hall

It was all a bit surreal. From the family all nearly ready to tear them apart, to suddenly being accepted, Sam was still on a cloud nine of sorts. He really owed much to the logic and wise words of Johnathon, and to the fact his beloved Damion got the guts to stand up to his father, and take the apology as he did. Now seated beside Elvira, Sam was asked what he did for a living. Sitting with his hands in his lap, he answered.

“Well, I take after my father who is in the building game, I found a love for architecture, and so started my own design business. Small buildings, mostly domestic. Condos and houses. It a very lucrative business, and I have an office in my apartment, so I cut down on costs.” Sam said, smiling at Elvria, as he noticed her rubbing her belly.

“Congratulations, by the way on the upcoming birth of your baby. Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?” Sam asked, trying to keep the conversation flowing. He had noticed Dominique and Damion exchanging glances, and wondered what they were thinking.

Virgo piped up and asked.

“Do you ride, or hunt?”

“Yes Sir, my father taught me both when I was quite young.”


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December 13, 2013 07:56AM
Sam spoke to Elvira about his love for designing houses and condominiums and a plan began to form in her mind. She kept her thoughts to herself however as Sam questioned her about the baby.

“We are hoping for a son.” Elvira smiled warmly, looking at her husband. “But I will be happy with whatever sex this baby is as long as they are healthy.” she stated, continuing to rub her stomach as the baby kicked and rolled beneath the skin.

As before…she knew exactly what she was having but had yet to share the news with her mate. She wanted it to be a surprise and quickly hid those thoughts from Virgo before he caught on to it. She so did enjoy surprising him from time to time and this was no different.

“Do you ride, or hunt?” Virgo asked him. Sam nodded in the affirmative, stating it was his father who had taught him when he was younger.

“Oh how lovely! Since the baby, I have been unable to ride with Virgo because it’s not really safe for me to do so. We used to ride every morning before breakfast together. Maybe you could join in on some rides with him?” she inquired.

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December 13, 2013 08:06AM
Dining Hall

“I do have a horse I keep at one of my father’s properties. I would be delighted, to go ride with the Count if he wishes some mornings. Mind you, I might need to bunk here, to get up that early. Traffic can be bad some days from the city.” Sam said with some certainty. More and more people were getting automobiles, and few seemed to know how to drive them properly. All cashed up and no brains.

Johnathon had finally finished his fourth plate of waffles, and eased back patting his belly.“Gosh..I feel like I am the one who is pregnant. So, Elvira, tell me, have you been keeping up your special diet, and exercise. I would like the chance to examine you if you don’t mind, after you have finished breakfast of course.” He patted his lips with his napkin and set it to the side, before taking a sip of coffee. The Angel had a way of making himself feel right at home.

“By the way, Elvira, how is that brother of yours…uhm Bart? I hear he got into the shipping business. Quite the tycoon.”

Sam knew nothing about this, and kept making eyes at Damion, as the conversation had turned over to Johnathon and Elvira. But would this latest line of questions upset the Countess? Virgo was already looking worried.

“Perhaps now is not a good time to discuss Bartholomew.”


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December 13, 2013 08:22AM
Jonathon sat back with a sigh, having finished stuffing himself silly on the breakfast spread. He looked at Elvira.

“Gosh..I feel like I am the one who is pregnant. So, Elvira, tell me, have you been keeping up your special diet, and exercise. I would like the chance to examine you if you don’t mind, after you have finished breakfast of course.”

Elvira looked down at her half-eaten breakfast and nodded. “I’m finished actually.” she stated. Sally, who was standing off behind her, looked at her with a frown. It was rare to her when Elvira never finished a meal. This second pregnancy was taking a lot from her and Sally began to get suspicious. She moved behind Elvira, ready to assist her from her seat.

“By the way, Elvira, how is that brother of yours…uhm Bart? I hear he got into the shipping business. Quite the tycoon.”

Everyone in the room froze in place, with the exception of Sam and Jonathon. Virgo looked at his wife, worried.

“Perhaps now is not a good time to discuss Bartholomew.” he stated, knowing it was a sticky subject with his wife. Elvira, for her part, pretended not to hear Jonathon’s question, scooting her chair away from the table so she would have room to stand. Sally was right behind her as Elvira pushed to her feet.

A whopper of a dizzy spell caught Elvira by surprise and she moaned as she bowed her head. “Virgo!”

“Elvira!” Sally exclaimed as she watched her mistress wobble on her feet.

“Mum!” Dominique exclaimed, pushing back from her place and racing to her mother’s side.

“Mother!” Damion cried out, just as Elvira’s eyes rolled up into her head. She fell sideways as she fainted. She never knew if she hit the floor or not.

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December 13, 2013 08:34AM
Dining hall

Due to the seating arrangements, the closest person to Elvira when she started to have the dizzy spell, was Sam. With lightning speed, and one knocked over chair, he managed to catch the heavily pregnant wife of Virgo in his arms, and saved her from hitting the floor hard.

Slightly winded, he looked to Virgo to come help get her to a sofa or a bed, whatever was closest.

Johnathon also got up quickly, feeling bad about mentioning Bart, but he was truly not to know about the family’s feuds. All he knew last time they saw each other, was Bart feeding his face in some Vampire queen’s lair.

He raced around the table, ducking past a clearly annoyed Dominique and stunned Damion. Sam got a better hold on Elvira, more like a fire man’s life and cradled her carefully towards Virgo.

“Where can I put her down?” he asked, not knowing the family home well at all.

Perhaps the den would be a good idea?


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December 13, 2013 08:48AM
Damion looked between his unconcious mother and his father, who stood rooted to his spot. Damion looked at Sam.

“I’ll show you to where her room is. She’ll be more comfortable on the bed.” he stated, taking charge of his mother’s well-being.

He turned and lead the way out of the dining hall and up the stairs to his parents’ bedroom. Dominique was hovering around Sam, worried for her mother, Sally not far behind her.

Virgo and Elvira’s Room

Damion directed Sam to the bed and watched as Sam carefully placed his mother on the soft mattress. Sally stepped in and placed a few pillows beneath Elvira’s head.

“Dominique, go into the bath and wet a cloth under cold water for your mother’s head.” she requested. Nodding, Dominique quickly complied and was back as quickly, passing the wet cloth to Sally who placed it over Elvira’s head.

“Is she going to be all right?” Dominique worried.

“Yes, love. Your mother will be fine. This little one is taking a lot of energy from her, much like you and your brother did when she was pregnant with —” Sally’s voice stopped dead and she whipped her head around to look at her mistress. “You sneaky devil woman!” she grinned. She looked up at her two charges with a grin. “Well…looks like The Marulos will be expanding by two more instead of one.” she smirked.

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December 13, 2013 08:56AM
Virgo and Elvira’s Room

Virgo entered the room, bringing with him Johnathon, right on cue when Sally called Elvira a sneaky devil woman.

“Now, hold your horses. Only I’m allowed to call her that.” Virgo said, looking at his unconscious wife, and going to the other side of the bed, taking up her hand and patting it like some concerned relative. (Odd) Sally had just told the other twins, Dominique and Damion that they were expanding two instead of one.

“Twins..again?” Virgo said incredulously, and then he looked down at his wife, and whispered. “Why didn’t you say something?” Course, she was out to the count, and couldn’t answer. The Doctor got out his medical bag, and then started to take her pulse and vitals, just making sure she was alright.

Virgo asked Sally. “So she never told you either?” He could remember the first time around. How he matched her in the throwing up part of the pregnancy, and then showed he had no way of standing upright during the birth. He might of been an Alpha, but he was weak when it came to things like this. He cringed at the memory of how silly he must have looked, and Sally knew all about it.


Re: {RP} The Marulo Estate
December 13, 2013 09:07AM
Virgo came into the room just as Sally revealed the news.

“So she never told you either?” he asked of her as he took up his wife’s hand.

“Not a word about it, the sneaky wench.” Sally chuckled. Elvira moaned then and slowly came to, blinking the fuzziness from her mind.

“Mmmm…what happened?” she mumbled as Sally patted the cool cloth to her flushed cheeks.

“You fainted, darling. Almost into your breakfast. If Damion’s young man hadn’t caught you in time, you would have been sprawled out on the floor.” Sally chuckled. Elvira looked at Sam.

“Thank you.” she smiled at him tiredly.

“Darling, why didn’t you tell me, tell us,” Sally asked, looking at Virgo, “You were having twins again? I would have adjusted your food choices a bit better.”

“I didn’t know how Virgo would react to having two more children.” Elvira admitted, looking at her husband. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, my love. Are you happy?” she wondered, reaching out to place the palm of the hand he wasn’t holding against his cheek.

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December 13, 2013 09:22AM
Virgo and Elvira’s Room

Feeling the press of her hand, though light to his cheek, Virgo gazed down at her like she had lost her senses. How could she thing that he would react badly to another set of twins? It was preposterous. Virgo shook his head, as he let out a light chuckle.

“Of course I am happy, my heart. I just wish you had of told me. We need to make arrangements if they are twins. You know how much work Damion and Dominique were. The feeding, the long sleepless nights. All that wonderful stuff we have to look forward too. Everything times two.”

Virgo was right, but concerned for his wife. This explained a great deal about why she had been so lethargic with this pregnancy. Least now, it was out in the open, and the Doctor took off his stethoscope and smiled.

“She is doing just fine. I would say her blood sugar level was a little bit low, due to her not eating all her meal. And I apologize for bringing up Bart, I had no idea there was tensions there.”

Johnathon was not to know of course, I mean, how can a family friend, know about the inner disruptions between relations. He started to write out a prescription for Elvira on a small medical notepad, as Virgo continued to stroke Elvira’s hand.

“Shall I send everyone down stairs so you can rest?”


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December 13, 2013 10:19AM
“Of course I am happy, my heart. I just wish you had of told me. We need to make arrangements if they are twins. You know how much work Damion and Dominique were. The feeding, the long sleepless nights. All that wonderful stuff we have to look forward too. Everything times two.” Virgo stated.

Elvira gave him a look of such love, it was a wonder none of the others could feel it.

Jonothan removed the stethoscope from his ears and put them in his bag.

“She is doing just fine. I would say her blood sugar level was a little bit low, due to her not eating all her meal. And I apologize for bringing up Bart, I had no idea there was tensions there.”

“I take the blame for my ill-health, Jonothan.” She looked each of her family in the eye. “I’m sorry I worried you all, and you have my word that I will be taking better care of myself and these babies from now on.” she stated, glad everything was now out in the open. The stress of it eased somewhat and she smiled tiredly.

“Shall I send everyone down stairs so you can rest?” Jonothan asked.

“I want Virgo to stay.” she looked at her mate. “I know you had work commitments this morning, but will you stay with me? Please?”

“I can take care of things at the factory, Father.” Damion spoke up, concern for his mother the foremost on his mind. If his father needed to be with his mother, then he would do what was necessary for her to be happy and healthy.

“Yes, Daddy. Mum needs you.” Dominique urged. She too was concerned for her mother and her new siblings.

Would Virgo agree to his children’s demands and stay with his wife or would work commitments drive him from their home?

Sally looked at the Marulo children as if they’d lost their marbles and took them to task. She glared at the twins, her hands on her hips. She was fiercely protective of Virgo and Elvira, even from their own children. It was a sight to see and Gerald, who had heard of Elvira’s fainting and had brought her a cup of peppermint tea at Cook’s urging, nearly dropped the tray he was carrying. He loved it when Sally got all riled up and angry. It made for some interesting bedroom activities between the two of them.

“How many times must I tell the two of you that your father’s number one priority in this life will always be your mother? You should be ashamed of yourselves!” she scowled. “The business could be burning down around his ears for all he cares of it as long as your mother remains safe, happy and healthy.”

Damion and Dominique both had the good grace to blush and bow their heads. Sally was correct as usual and the twins looked at their mother and father, faces red.

“Sorry, mum. Sorry father.” they mumured in unison.

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December 13, 2013 10:31AM
Virgo and Elvira’s Room

Virgo had to admit, that there was one other in the house, that ruled with an iron fist, and it wasn’t him. When it came to caring for the elder Marulos, no one cared as much about them as Sally did. She had been there from the earliest days of courting, right through the first pregnancy and now the second. She had watched them go through trials and tribulations that would put many to shame, but one thing she knew above everything else, was the undying love that Virgo had for his wife. He had proved time and time again, of how she was the center of his world. For years, putting everything else aside, and doted on this one woman, with a passion that was beyond measure. Even now, as Sally got fair up the children, he was still holding her hand, watching the words fly out of Sally’s mouth faster than someone calling a horse race.

Sam could see that poor Damion was coping a serve, and was ready to take him to work so that he could fill in for the Marulo Patriarch. When the kids looked to be dismissed, Johnathon, tipped his hat and handed Sally a prescription.

“See that she gets this, it will help with the dizzy spells. I will be off, and thank you for having me.” He left the room, and this would be closely followed by everyone else, save for Virgo, who went to draw the blinds in the room. Once the door was closed, he started to disrobe, and then he climbed into bed with Elvira. Time would have fallen away, as memories of him doing the very same thing when she was pregnant with the first set of twins occurred. The Alpha drew his wife close into his arms, and with the covers over them, he made that wonderful sound that he always did. Reassuring her of his love, and commitment. He made it the moment he first claimed her…and he had never let her down. So long as they were together, all would be well. Virgo nuzzled her gently, as the pair would drift off to sleep.