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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
December 13, 2013 06:56PM

The sounds of the doors slowly opening to the Throne room startled its occupants before Brandon himself walked into the room caked in blood and gore with his helmet cupped in the crook of his left arm. He then growled softly before sending a contingent of guards to fetch his queen Rose. Once they had brought Rose in he would speak with a flat deadpan tone. “Rose Brax you are hereby stripped of your crown on charges of adultery and treason. You conspired with others in planning a coupe to take the throne of House Brax for yourself…” The Kings very words would silence the whole throne room before as one the crowds began to exude the very essence of fear itself. When one was brought up on charges of Treason the punishment was usually death in the most prolonged and excruciating way possible usually dissection while being kept alive through it all as every organ was removed and the flesh peeled from their body. Now King Brandon leaned forward until his face was in his former Queen’s face. “I have eyes and ears everywhere bitch….next time remember that….oh wait there won’t be a next time will there?.” With that being said Brandon would gesture for the guards to drag her away to the torture chambers where his torturer resided. Then with a sigh Brandon would rake his hand through his hair before sending for Minerva his Mistress. As he waited he would turn the crown in his armored hands. Once she had arrived he would look over to her with a soft smile before speaking calmly. “Come here Minerva…I have something to bestow upon you…” Brandon would then motion for her to take a seat upon the queens throne before kissing her supple lips lightly and tenderly as he whispered softly. “Welcome home my Queen.” Was all that he whispered into her supple lips before placing the crown of the queen of Brax upon her scalp. Then he would sit beside her and take her hand in his and give a gentle squeeze before he roared for all to hear. “LONG LIVE BRAX!!” After a few moments he would send for the smith he kept on retainer with a dark gleam in his eyes. Once the smith had arrived he would speak plainly. “I need another collar made for our…..house guest….” The last words where spoken with a bit of a strained voice on Brandon’s part as he was half tempted to just up and rekindle their affairs but he wouldn’t do such a thing to Minerva his newly crowned queen. He then looked to Minerva before speaking softly. “Minerva darling do you think you could create a gem that suppresses any and all magic I don’t want our “guest” to get away…?” It was clear that Brandon had designs for Metia and was rearing to act on them. Once the request had been placed the smith would nod as Brandon turned over another sum of gold in a pouch while speaking. “Half in advance and half upon completion…”

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
December 13, 2013 09:16PM
Corridors of Blackfog Castle

A growing feeling of pride swept through the King’s Mistress, as she waltzed along the corridors of the Castle. She had done her Lord’s bidding, and gained the upper hand, by defeating Tempest and handing her over to her sisters, while at the same time, seizing the Queen of Casterly in a cage made from her King’s own power, via the jewel that glistened within the collar around her neck. Dressed in the finest spider silks, that barely covered her nipples and nether regions, she walked barefoot, with jewels on her anklets and toes. Her hair swept up into a fashionable style, so she looked every bit the King’s consort. Those whom had traveled with her to take the King’s wife, all nodded and smiled as she passed them on her way to the Throne room. One of their own was about to make a rise to the highest station in the land, so the whispers said, that criss crossed the hallowed halls.

From the start, Minerva had a goal, and that was to be Queen, but she took a dark road on this odyssey. At first nothing but a whore to the King’s desires, he found her to be truly unique, and then bestowed upon her a specially made collar, that would bind her to him; protect her from harm, and channel the King’s power through it, to do his bidding. Passionate nights of sexual endeavors found the witch to fall in love with her Demon King, something she could not have foreseen.

Now, a new dawn was rising, and great change was to sweep through the lands.

Reaching the outside of the Throne room, Minerva stopped, as she heard the cries of the Queen, Rose of Brax, for she had been found guilty in the King’s eyes of treason and treachery. A wry grin formed upon MInerva’s supple lips. Oh this was too good to be true. As the Queen was dragged out screaming in protest, Minerva winked at her slyly, before raising her head proudly, to enter as the King ordered. The Court rose to their feet, seeing Minerva return victorious from her mission to kidnap the Queen of Casterly.

With eyes only for the King, green swirling hues locked on his, as she glided down the center line of red carpet that led to his throne. She then lowered down, as she was his submissive and bowed her head in reverence, paying homage to her liege. He then spoke to her…and these words would be forever remembered.

“Come here Minerva…I have something to bestow upon you…”

Minerva rose as she was called, and made her way to the throne just to the side of his. The place of the Queen.

“Welcome home my Queen.” Brandon placed a kiss upon her lips, so soft, yet behind this kiss, you could feel the immense power of the Demon King. Minerva closed her eyes, savouring this moment, and then felt the press of the crown upon her scalp. The King had just made her Queen of the Brax. She whispered unto him. “My lord, My King…I am home.”

She took her place at his side, their hands held showing unity, as the King declared. “LONG LIVE BRAX!!”

All the court joined the call, and repeated the phrase, as Minerva’s eyes glistened. She had achieved her dream, and she was beside the man she loved. Nothing could top this moment. Nothing…..

After he had dealt with the smith, on having a collar made for the newest house guest, he asked Minerva to find and charm a gem that could bind the powers of another. This…was something Minerva could do easily. She gently nodded her head, and said quietly to her King.


“Before the setting of the blood red sun…your will shall be done, My King.”



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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
December 13, 2013 10:00PM
Brandon nodded his assent before leaning over and kissing his new queen Minerva lightly on the lips while he squeezed her hand yet again. “Best get to it then my queen its quite rude to keep a guest waiting…” Brandon’s words brought a snicker from the crowds within the throne room before he stood up and winked mischievously at Minerva his queen. He then walked from the throne room and into the armories before taking off his blood caked armor to reveal a tunic and set of leather leggings on the verge of rotting away so great was the wear upon the clothing. Brandon then sighed to himself before making his way from the armory and sweeping Minerva from her throne and into his arms bridal style should she allow him to do so. Once he had her in his arms he would walk away with her before kicking the door open to a set of guest chambers where he then proceeded to toss his queen onto the bed with a soft growl of yearning. “The war has left your King in need of desperate attention.” He would whisper softly with a longing smirk before he tore off his tunic revealing the broadly muscled chest beneath it as he slowly sauntered over to the edge of the bed before reaching for Minerva’s left foot and grabbing it to drag her to him as he kissed his way up her leg and into her dress only allowing the subtlest of teases upon her sex. Once he had graced her lower body with the love it deserved he would kiss his way up her stomach to her supple lips once again as he took her hands in his to pin them above her head. Then with a lusting hiss against her ear Brandon began to lower his godly body down atop Minerva’s own. As he lowered himself atop her he would slowly shimmy himself out of his pants to reveal well toned legs and calves. While Brandon proceeded to tease and torture his newly crowned queen he would keep his forest green eyes locked with her own green hues. Within moments Brandon was atop Minerva with her hands pinned above her head and his lips pressed firmly against her supple lips as he sought to wind her tighter then ever before taking her as his Queen for the first time instead of his Mistress. Brandon then used his own legs to coax Minerva’s own shapely legs open before taking his stiff eight inch cock and slowly sliding it between the lips of her sex trying to entice her into begging him to take her and consummate their unity as King and Queen. Should she beg him he would chuckle softly before pulling his hips back and slamming them forward into hers plunging his stiff cock deep into her sex with a loving hiss as he tore her hymen in one swift motion. No sooner had he fully entered his Queen would he grin slowly and begin to pump his thick shaft into her mercilessly and savagely before biting her left nipple lightly at first then with growing pressure. He would suckle her nipple as he bit down upon her supple flesh whilst releasing her hands and tracing her form with rough fingers and tender caresses. As he caressed his way from her head down to her hips then back again he would whisper sweet nothings into her left ear as he continued to pound her. It was clear the war had worn on the King as he seemed to have missed Minerva dearly even though they where connected thanks to the collar she wore. He then rolled onto his back and dragged Minerva atop him before swatting her ass as he growled lovingly. “Ride your King like never before my beloved Queen.”


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
December 13, 2013 10:41PM
The Guest chambers

Thoughts of the magical stone needed for the collar that was to be fitted to the Queen of Casterly, was soon blown from her mind, as her King decided he would consummate his relationship with his newly crowned Queen. A light gasp escaped her lips, as he whisked her up into a bridal like carrying hold, and marched triumphantly from the Throne room, to take his dark love down to the bowels of the castle, and to the guest chambers.

His boot kicked open the door, and with great strides he took her to the bed, where he tossed her down upon satin covered sheets. She landed with a light bump and stared up at her love with hypnotic green eyes. She crawled backwards on the bed, as her blonde hair cascaded down her back, loose and free. One of the shoulder straps of her black silks fell down onto her arm, and she was partially exposed, though the lower flap of silk had been brushed aside, showing her naked mound, that was hairless, with a small tattoo of a scorpion. Lustfully, she stared up at her King, as he shed his tunic and revealed rippling abs, that had a small hair line that traveled down below his pants. Minerva chewed her bottom lip in anticipation, like a female leopard, that was about to be attacked.

“The war has left your King in need of desperate attention.” 

“Then I shall tend to my King’s most pressing needs.” Minerva replied, knowing his dominant streak he would seize her and do as he wished, for it was his right as Master and King. More than just a consort now, she still knew her role well, to give all of herself willing to him, so that he may use her body to bring his own peace and pleasure.

The King took her by the foot, and dragged her back to him, his lips then paying service, travelling up the length of her leg to her hot sex, between quivering thighs. Minerva gasped as he hovered over her, and pinned her arms over her head, so that he had her restrained and unable to move from under his hold. At first it was gentle…subtle, then with the speed of a cobra, he forced his swollen head inside her sensual flower. Minerva cried out as her magical hymen was torn, and shred. Blood spurted upon the satin sheets, as he pounded her mercilessly. Her golden hair framed her face, as she turned her head to and fro, begging him to go harder, to push her boundaries and seize her as his own.

Her call went answered, as he turned her over and had her astride him, telling her she was to ride him like never before. The bare breasted Queen did as asked, with her rounded globes slapping down on his thighs, rolling her hips, as she held her arms over her head. Sweet mounds bouncing before her King, with the pink peaks of her nipples standing out and proud. Minerva grinded and then did a series of bounces, that brought sounds of hard skin slapping. She cried out his name over and over, swearing her undying love. Licking her lips, with a serpent like pink tongue, as she gazed down upon him and gave a guttural growl of satisfaction. To her he was her God, and she worshiped him like no other. His thickened meat pushed the insides of her muscular walls, and soon she found them pulsating violently, as she experienced an earth shattering climax, that would have her seep her juices down his balls, and onto the silken sheets below them.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
December 13, 2013 11:16PM
Brandon groaned and bucked in perfect sync with his Queen Minerva driving his thickened meat ever deeper into her before he reached up and yanked her down into a soul stealing kiss as he flipped them over again so that he was atop her with his lips pressed tightly to hers as he took her savagely. Brandon didn’t care that Minerva was a witch or anything else all he cared about was her undying loyalty and love that she had pledged to him. Having heard her words he would hiss his release into her mouth as he flooded her fertile womb with his seed and lay there panting with her locked in his arms. As he lay there with Minerva locked in his arms he would whisper softly into her supple lips. “How about we make this official my lovely Minerva and make you my wife….” As Brandon finished his sentence he would gaze into her eyes before nipping her lower lip and tugging on it affectionately while awaiting her response. While waiting he would smile softly knowing he had left her highly likely if not damned positive to conceive as he raked his hands through her blonde tresses. After a few minutes of laying there he would sit up slowly and move from the bed as he grinned slowly while dressing himself in a form fitting leather tunic that advertised his god worthy chest and legs with a matching tight fitting set of leggings. As soon as he was dressed the smith would come walking in before turning right around upon spotting the naked Minerva as he stuttered. “S…s….s…s…sorry Milord I should have knocked but the collar you requested has been completed and is awaiting the gem to inset.” Brandon merely grunted before he tossed a burlap sack of gold to the smith who caught it before scuttling out of the room leaving the two lover’s alone for the moment. “Minerva my love and queen i want you to put an express order on the gem if you could..we have dallied enough as it is and i would like to properly greet and gift our newest “guest”.” He then cast a longing glance back at his queen and resolved to take her in front of their “guest” as well as possibly do some other things with the guest being a willing participant or not. What did Brandon have planned for the angelic Queen??? Only time will tell.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
December 14, 2013 02:22AM
The Guest Chambers

“Minerva my love and queen i want you to put an express order on the gem if you could..we have dallied enough as it is and i would like to properly greet and gift our newest “guest”.

Minerva understood what was required of her, and slowly slid out of the bed, rising to her feet. Still coated well in his seed, and her blood, she sashayed over to a wash basin, and began to sponge herself down, so as to cleanse her skin and be clean before dressing. She knew the King’s eyes were upon her, and she stole glances over her shoulder as she squeezed the water filled sponge over her svelte form.

“I shall attend to it at once, My Love and King.” Minerva uttered, content in the knowledge that not only was it possible he had planted the seed within her for them to conceive, but also that he wished to marry her properly. The attentions he would bestow upon the Angel Queen were to be brutal, to say the least. She represented the House of Casterly, and all of them would pay for the damage they had done to the Family Brax.

Dressing herself in a light gown that happened to be hanging in the closet of this guest room, she excused herself, so she may go work on the jewel to be fitted to the captured captured Queen of Casterly. A stone that would render her unable to exercise her divine powers against the King of Brax. A devious plan, if she did say so herself. Minerva wore the King’s collar, but it was given to her, to protect and channel the King’s powers to do his will. A powerful force, and one that would never be removed from Minerva’s neck.

Minerva glided from the room, still on bare feet, and made her way down to her own chambers, deep within the bowels of the Castle Blackfog. On reaching her own room, she unlocked the door, and entered, still wearing the Queen’s crown, and she caught sight of herself in the mirror, and had to stop and gaze.

“All my dreams…have come true.” She thought to herself, letting her wandering finger touch the very jewels of her crown. Once worn by Queen Rose of Brax, it now belonged to her. She felt like she now had everything. The King’s love, without a doubt. Oh how her body was still trembling from the raunchy bout of sexual pleasure. He consumed her every thought, and she knew she had to snap out of it, to concentrate on the jewel.

Making her way to her potions lab, that she had set up in the corner of the room, she snapped her fingers, causing a candle to burst into life. Minerva went from drawer to drawer searching for a jewel that was not part of any necklace or ring, till finally she found a black opal. Mysterious, and colourful in its own right, she held it up between pinched fingers, and examined it carefully. Pleased that this would be a perfect gem to enchant with her magic, she took down her book of spells, and flicked it open, running her fingers along many a page, till at last she came across the perfect spell. A binding spell. So long as the wearer bore the stone, she would be bound from using her magic to help herself. Grinning broadly, the new Queen set the stone upon a small stand, and then took out a wand that she kept in her lab. Closing her eyes, she started to speak in a voice that was much darker than her own, rocking back and forth, as though she was going into a trance. The stone on the stand quivered and started to rise off the stand, rotating in front of the Queen, who then waved her wand and yelled out.


There was a blast of blue light that rocketed out of the wand and then hit the stone, causing it to illuminate and shoot out an aura of majestic colours, before settling back down on the stand, looking normal once more. Minerva opened her eyes, and giggled furiously as she tried to pick up the stone, that was so hot, she dropped it again and blew on her fingers.


“Oooo hot stuff. What my King wants…my King gets.” Taking out a small black velvet pouch, she placed the hot gemstone inside the pouch and tied it shut. Her work was done, and now she had to take it to the King, so that it may be fitted into the collar, and placed around the neck of the Queen of Casterly.