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Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 01:38AM


The first rays of morning light filtered through the etched windows that were just opposite the newly weds bed. Through the night, Evangeline, the angel who had saved Virgo when he had been in his fight with his brother, came to bless the pair, and went as far to cover them over with a blanket. Such a kind and generous woman she was. Virgo had held his beautiful bride protectively in his arms all through the night, and as the warmth of the new day spread across the bed to reach the pair, one of his eyes slowly opened, then the other. There she was, his fair Elvira, nestled with his arms and safe. The memories of the day before, the dream wedding and glorious reception were of course still vivid in his mind, and this brought a roguish smile to his lips. He had given her the day of her life, and it went so smoothly, that it was a miracle in itself.

With his free hand, he gently stroked back her hair, so he could see the gentle look on her face as she slumbered peacefully. A blessing truly, since she was so far gone with the pregnancy and managed a full night’s rest. Virgo could only hope he could top the night before, with a wonderful breakfast, then perhaps a stroll through the forest. Course, he would leave that up to Elvira, but for now, he just wanted to enjoy her. Like a doll, he continued to idolize her, running his hand over her hair, and planting kisses on her forehead and nose.

He really was a hopeless romantic.


Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 03:40PM
Elvira hadn’t thought she would have slept as well as she had. With the advancing of her pregnancy, the twins were more active during certain times of the day, exhausting her at the oddest times. But they must have sensed she needed the sleep, especially with the activities she and her husband had participated in the night of their wedding. But she rested comfortably in Virgo’s arms, sleeping the sleep of content.

The morning sun filtered through the windows and across her skin, slowly pulling her from her slumber. She felt a hand running over her hair and small kisses on her forehead and nose and she smiled without opening her eyes.

“That better be my husband’s lips touching me, or someone is going to be in a world of pain.” Elvira murmured, slowly opening her eyes. It took a moment for her eyes to focus but when they did, Virgo’s smiling face looking down upon her was a welcome sight to see. “Good morning, my mate. Have you been awake long?” she whispered, not wishing to disturb the peace of their morning.

Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 07:46PM
The Cabin

“A world full of pain? That would be interesting.” Virgo said with a cheeky smile, before kissing her nose gently. He ran his hand up and down her side, and then he leaned in and whispered…“I..uhm…took the liberty of arranging you…breakfast in bed.”

Now this was no ordinary breakfast, far from it. You see, he knew his wife needed a certain type of food, that he could not always give her, and in fact, this meal was one to die for. He heard a knock at the door and then chuckled darkly, having that twinkle in his eye.

“I’ll get it.” Virgo slipped out of the bed and put on a small pair of pants, before heading to the door. When he opened it, a rather good looking man was standing there, holding an envelope. He was blonde, blue eyed…very handsome. Virgo leaned on the door, and smiled at the man, who peeked in curiously.

“Count? I believe you hired me to entertain your wife this morning? Bit of an odd request, but I know people have their kinks.” Oh, this was true, and Virgo stepped back to let the gent in. “I am not ashamed to say that I love to see my wife “enjoy” another man. In fact…I am getting hard just thinking about it. Won’t you come in?”

The man shrugged and sauntered in slowly taking off his coat, as Virgo glanced over at his pregnant wife.


“Oh honey? How’s this for breakfast in bed?” He said, as the blonde looked back at him oddly. Virgo shrugged one shoulder and said. “We have names for it. Eating in bed? Get it?” Virgo laughed, then waltzed over to the large chair opposite the bed, and took off his pants, easing back in the chair, and started to stroke himself to hardness.

“She’s all yours.”


Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 09:13PM
“A world full of pain? That would be interesting.” Virgo chuckled, kissing her nose gently. She purred when he began to run his hand up and down her side before he leaned in to whisper. “I..uhm…took the liberty of arranging you…breakfast in bed.”

That caught Elvira’s attention and she sat up slowly, her body covered by a thin sheet. She arched an eyebrow at her husband. “Indeed?” Before she could get a reply from him, someone knocked on the door of their cabin. Virgo climbed out of bed and Elvira bit her tongue to hold back the whimper of desire that streaked through her body as she admired his naked body. He slipped on a pair of pants and headed to the door. There was a man standing there with an envelope in his hands. Elvira caught a glimpse of him – blonde, blue-eyed and very good-looking – and her aura began to flare.

“Count? I believe you hired me to entertain your wife this morning? Bit of an odd request, but I know people have their kinks.” She heard the man state.

“I am not ashamed to say that I love to see my wife “enjoy” another man. In fact…I am getting hard just thinking about it. Won’t you come in?” Virgo stepped away from the door and allowed the man to enter the room, shortly thereafter closing and locking the door. He turned to look at Elvira who was now eying the hunky man with wide eyes. “Oh honey? How’s this for breakfast in bed?” Virgo grinned.

“He looks good enough to eat.” Elvira whispered. To the new man in the room, her voice sounded like it was full of desire. To Virgo, he would be able to hear the hunger coming from her words. The man looked between the two of them oddly and Virgo offered an explanation.

“We have names for it. Eating in bed? Get it?” Virgo chuckled. The man shrugged and watched as Virgo moved to the large chair on the opposite side of the bed. Unashamed, he dropped his pants and sat back in the chair, stroking himself to full hardness as the man returned his attention to Elvira. “She’s all yours.” Virgo gave his blessing. The man shrugged, not really caring that Virgo wanted to watch, before turning to look at Elvira, who was sitting up straight in the bed, the sheet barely covering her full breasts, now thicker and heavier with her pregnancy.

“What’s your name?” Elvira asked, toying with the sheet covering her leg.

“Calvin.” he replied, his gaze drawn to her hand as it trailed up and down her leg.

“Calvin. I like that.” Elvira murmured, exposing her leg to his gaze. “Have you ever done this before, Calvin?” Still clutching the sheet to her chest, she ran her other hand up over her stomach and across her shoulders. He gulped and alternated between looking at Virgo, who was slowly stroking himself, and Elvira, who had now let the sheet drop from her upper body. Calvin’s eyes zeroed in on her breasts and stayed there.

“No, ma’am. This is…uh…new for me. But the pay was good, so I said what the hell.” Calvin replied, gulping hard.

“Mmm.” Elvira moaned, getting to her knees, her aura pulsing around her, an air of expectation floating around the room.

“Why don’t you…take your clothes off and join me. I promise not to bite…hard.” Elvira hissed, her voice hypnotic and sensual. Calvin was instantly caught in her web and his eyes glazed over. His clothes flew from his body as he quickly divested himself of them. He crawled upon the bed on hands and knees, laying beside Elvira.

“You’re so beautiful!” he whispered, reaching out to caress her neck.

“Thank you.” Elvira smiled. “I think such kind words deserve a kiss.” She stated, bending her head over his, her hair creating a curtain between the two of them and the outside world. Elvira was very much aware of her husband watching them on the other side of the room and she could practically taste his arousal, fueling her own desires. She moaned with delight as she sealed her mouth over Calvin’s, her hand slipping down his body to surround the hardness at the juncture of his thighs. Calvin groaned as she touched him. She pulled back with a sensual smile as Calvin struggled to drag his eyes open.

The succubus was fully awake and ready to feed. But all Calvin saw was an incredibly attractive woman who he wanted for his own. Calvin exploded into action, grabbing Elvira by the back of her neck and pulling her into another kiss. She moaned with delight as Calvin reached out to caress her sensitive breasts. He kissed his way down her neck and body, pulling a nipple into his mouth and biting hard. She cried out in ecstasy, grabbing him by his head to hold him in place. His hand slid down her body, over her pregnant stomach, which he took no notice of, and slipped between her thighs, finding her wet and ready. He let off her breast as she knelt over him and scooted down until his face was between her legs. Before she knew what was going on, his lips sealed over her wet heat and began suckling at her most intimate place.

“Yesssssssssss!” Elvira hissed, grabbing the back of his head as she ground her hips on his face. She threw back her head and moaned, her aura so powerful, it was a wonder Virgo didn’t attack her right then and there while Calvin was licking away. Before she could achieve that ultimate peak, she pulled away from him, sliding down his body. The ultimate prize belonged to her mate. The time for playing was over. She was hungry.

“Kiss me.” she whispered, catching his gaze. Calvin’s eyes slide closed as her lips slid over his. Her body transformed as she inhaled sharply. As always, her victim felt the tug upon his soul and his eyes snapped open in fear. Seeing the demon above him, his moans of desire became muffled screams of fear as her claws dug into the side of his head, puncturing skin and drawing blood. The succubus drew slightly away and a visible glow could be seen between her lips and her victim’s as she drew his soul into her body. The skin beneath her claws began to wither and flake as she continued to feed, not releasing Calvin from her hellish embrace.


She withdrew the last of Calvin’s soul with snap of her head and sat back with a satisfied grin as she slowly reverted back to her human form. Her naked skin glowed with vitality and her hair was as dark as night. Shoving the empty husk from the bed, she turned her gaze toward her husband, a small smirk on her face.

Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 09:37PM

Viirgo did all this for two reasons. One, he wanted his wife to get the food she truly needed to sustain herself, and…the fact he found watching her dominate and lure the unsuspecting into her web incredibly erotic. He knew her heart belonged to him, and that his was just a pretty package that contained her meal, nothing more. Something else….that made him harder than a rock, was to see her oozing sexual confidence, such beauty could be unmatched. This was as much a pleasure for him, as it was for her. As the man shed clothes, faster than lightning, Virgo let out a grunt, seeing his wife losing her sheet and sitting up. God, those breasts. He licked his lips, and whimpered slightly, as his hard on was pulsating and throbbing in his hand. He arched his back in the chair, and at will, started to morph, changing from the human like Count, into the were, growing larger and hairier by the second.

Fully formed, he rose up, and watched his wife straddle the man’s face, and rock her hips, getting him to lick up her precious juices. Virgo licked at the air, and his tail was standing straight up, a tremendous boner hanging now between his muscular legs. The meal, aka Calvin, would be so caught up in tongue fucking Elvira, that he would fail to see that the husband, was now as evil looking as his beloved succubus. Virgo approached the end of the bed, and started to dry hump the bed post, watching his wife go into the final stages of feeding. The kiss of death. This was the moment he had been waiting for. A snarl from the were, as though he urged her to hurry, cause he felt like he would explode, if she kept him waiting much longer.

Sure enough, the life force drained from Calvin, leaving him to be a husk of a shell, no longer alive…no longer a concern.

Virgo leapt up on the bed, and stood over his wife, panting, and then he started to have his own breakfast. His muzzle digging deep between her legs, and using his rough tongue, he started to lick her out, with his fangs passing over her swollen lips.


Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 09:53PM
Virgo had fully transformed as she fed from Calvin, his arousal a palpatable thing in the room. When she finished, shoving the husk to the floor, that was his cue. He climbed up onto the bed, pushing against her with his muzzle until she was spread beneath him like his own personal feast.

He pressed his nose between her legs, his rough tongue brushing across her wet folds. Her back arched up off the bed and a moan echoed around the room. “Virgo!” she hissed his name, voice full of desire. “Yessssssssssss. Mmmmm. Oh darling!” she groaned, writhing beneath him as he took his fill of her.

This was her second craving of the morning, feeling the love of her husband and mate. His ultimate prize was her capitulation to his needs. Her reward was his worshipping of her body.

This was how it was meant to be.

The babies were awake but silent as they sensed the needs growing within their parents. Intelligent enough to understand fully what was occurring and to allow nature to take its course.

Once again, Elvira transformed beneath her mate, begging with need with little growls and mewls for him to slake his lusts upon her body.


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Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 10:09PM
The Cabin

Oh how the Count loved the taste of his wife. There was nothing it could be compared to, and the full on sound of lapping, mixed with hungered grunts, would have made for erotic teasing to her senses. Deeper and deeper, his tongue delved, thick and muscular. Sliding in and out, the delicious juices dripping on his tongue, which he swallowed and went for more. His back arched, and you could see the ripple of his muscles, his stiff cock now raging hard beneath him. He was not gentle, with drawing his tongue, then nipping and tugging at her glossy clit lips, letting the skin spring back into shape, before lapping hard, raising his head and lowering, repeating with his ears alert and his eyes closed. Concentrating on what he was doing. It looked like he was truly feasting on her, enjoying her for all he was worth.

Soon though, his needs foreshadowed the licking, and using his powerful head, he buried his snout under her right ass cheek to flip her over. This being done, not only so he could take her the way nature intended, but also, so he would not be pressing his massive bulk on the babies within her.

If she got on her haunches submissively as he wanted, he would come in behind her, and straddle her from behind, his body covering hers with his throbbing head pressed to her now moistened folds. Sniffing her and getting her scent, Virgo started to lick her spine, in long strokes, as he started to rock back and forth, preparing her for mating.


Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 10:20PM
Elvira was nearing her peak, she could feel it. But she was trying to stave it off for as long as possible. She wasn’t ready. His tongue and teeth were doing delicious things to her and her moans were becoming louder and louder the longer he feasted. “Virgo!” she whined.

He backed off immediately and using his nose, urged her to turn over on her hands and knees. Knowing what he wanted, and instinctively preparing for it, Elvira carefully turned herself over and got up on her hands and knees. She bent low, shaking her ass before him and whining with need. She felt his large bulk straddle her from behind, his large wolf’s cock pressing against her, ready to press his way home into her body. She heard him snuffle over her, getting her scent before his rough tongue bathed the skin of her back, over her spine as his large body rocked back and forth, preparing her for what was to come.

Elvira knew that her delicate human form could not handle a mating such as this, instinctively returning to her succubus form as her mate prepared to mount her with his massive form.

She bowed her head, her horns pressed to the mattress in a show of submission, signaling that she was ready for him.

Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 10:32PM
The Cabin

Nothing was more empowering to the Were, to see his beautiful and very pregnant wife go down low for him, wiggling that sweet tush of hers, letting him know that she was more than ready. Neither had orgasmed yet, no they were going to do that together, just like they did everything. Elvira fully morphed into the exotically beautiful succubus, her tail weaving in the air and tickling the Count’s chest. His right corner of his lip curled upward, and he grunted with approval, for he knew this form could fit him in her with ease.

The head of his member was now covered in pre and swollen so badly you would think he was in pain. But the moment she wiggled, that was it. He pushed inside her in one swift movement, holding himself there, as he bit down on the back of her neck. His calves quivered, the muscles flexing, as he raised his hips, pulling out slowly, then with another growl he pushed back inside her again to the full, his hot breath now blasting her hair from his nostrils.

The large were moved in closer, like he couldn’t get deep enough inside of her. Her cries set him off, and he pounded her ass, slapping furiously and biting harder down on her neck, as though trying to make her stay still, though it was more about ownership and dominance. His thickened member expanded the walls of her inner jewel, and the tight pulsating of her muscles, had his eyes roll back, as he drove deeper and deeper. His balls slapping her thigh again and again.

The feeding would have given her extra strength, and the rocking may well send the kids to sleep. (doubt it) Virgo could only see images in his head, of her riding the face of Calvin, and this set him off again, as though his growls were saying “Mine…my woman!” again and again. Make no mistake, when Virgo is pushed to it, he was a force to be reckoned with. He changed his angle slightly, so his cock would be rubbing up Elvira’s G spot, as he got closer and closer. You could feel the thickening, the pumping of blood through the veins on the surface of his raging member.

Then…the last four pumps, he held each one in there…as a dizzying feeling was hitting him. A moment, like you are about to die, like your heart actually stops….and then he released her from his hold as he roared in triumph..filling his mate with his seed.


Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 10:49PM
He was inside of her, so deep, so full, so thick. She cried out her desires, guttural growls and groans, her claws ripping the sheets beneath her to shreds as he pumped fully into her body. Her whole body froze in submission when he bit down on the back of her neck, marking his mate once more. He thickened inside of her, causing her to mewl with renewed lust and her inner walls to grip him in their tight embrace.

His thrusts changed in rhythm and direction until he was pressing against her G-spot. This effectively drove her passions to dizzying heights, her claws shredding the mattress, cotton stuffing and bed springs flying in every direction with the force of her desires.

She cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body. Virgo released her from his bite and howled as his own orgasm poured through him as well, filling her with his seed. The power of their combined auras shook the cabin’s very foundation, rocking the walls with the force of it and knocking glassware and pictures from their walls and shelves. Her inner walls throbbed around him as they both rode out the aftershocks of their simultaneous releases.

Her head dropped to the ruined mattress as she struggled to get her breath back, waiting for her mate to release her from his embrace. She felt him when he transformed back, slipping from her body with a tired grunt and collapsing beside her. She remained as she was a moment longer before her succubus, now fed and sexually satisfied returned to her slumber, allowing Elvira to transform back as well. Human once more, the babies decided to make their displeasure known for being woken in such a way and gave their mother, and by extention, their father, since Elvira’s stomach was pressed against his hip, a swift kick and punch at the same time. Elvira couldn’t help but laugh at her children’s displeasure.

“Sorry, darlings. Mummy and Daddy didn’t mean to wake you.” she chuckled, rubbing her stomach to soothe her restless children.

Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 11, 2013 11:00PM
The Cabin

Finally collapsing beside his beloved bride, Virgo sank slightly, due to the missing foam and bed springs. Its like she created a hollow in her wild clawing of the bed. Wasn’t as comfortable as it had been before, and Virgo even had to sit up a moment as he blew a large wad of cotton off the side of his lip.

“They don’t make mattresses like they used too. I think that is why doing it outside is safer, at least for the bed.” You could see where he had broken the bed post in his humping stint earlier, and then glanced around the cabin at the broken vases and pictures.

“I think I just lost the deposit.” Virgo said with a sigh, before smiling at his wife. “But it was so worth it.” he leaned in and kissed his wife, who was trying to sooth the babies, that were kicking up a fuss in her stomach. He added his weight to that, and whispered to the rounded mound of flesh that held their twins.

“You’ll both understand when your old enough.”

Wise words indeed.