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Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 19, 2013 12:36PM
Throne Room

Metia keep watching Clarice as the little girl keep on caressing her turtle, once she heard Selene’s words about how it wasn’t easy being a mother, and that Tempest didn’t made things easier for her. Metia just smiled and nodded. Selene sometimes was like that, even tho she was way more obedient than her brother, and of course, than Clarice.
“You were the most quiet and obedient, I ever had.”
Metia told Selene as she thought about the past, when everything was different, when Selene was a little girl, even tho she doesn’t wish all of her past back, lots of problems happen, and that was the phase that Metia had that desire on wanting to take over her husband’s kingdom, and was wicked like hell. But time changed her, or love changed her, she started to love Henry and once he turned the tables, she only felt pain, because she was finally feeling how it is to have somebody ignore her beauty and her existence. Love basically conquers all, well in books it always does.
Soon the subject changed, and now it was about Joffrey, if there was nothing that Selene could do for him, and if Henry would truly kill him.
“OR will Joffrey kill your father?”
Metia replayed Selene with a question and not an answer. She rose her head slowly, and saw somebody else in the throne room, but then her eyes changed to the extreme large window as she looked at the sky.
“I’ve already faced Joffrey’s demon, when you got pregnant. And I felt he was able to do anything to destroy what got in his way.”
Metia was remembering that meeting with Joffrey, that thing even “eat a bit of her”, at least one of her birds, when Metia shifted into dozen birds he ate two or something, luckily for her it only left her some scratches on her true body figure.
“The only thing that stopped him was probably the thought of you. If it is meant to be, he will stop, or either will regret his mistakes. In the end love tends to conquer all.”
Would this really happen? She feared losing her husband, this wasn’t easy for neither of the two them. Both their husbands were going in a war, that maybe one of them would die. Would it be easy for Metia face her daughter if her husband dies? Or will it be easy for Selene face her own father if he kills Joffrey? Life isn’t easy.
“But all we can do now just, wait.”
She finally turned her head to look at her daughter, and showed her some small smile while saying those words. It was the best comfort in words Metia could give.


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 19, 2013 01:57PM
Throne Room

As her mother admitted that she was the most quiet and obedient child she ever had, Selene couldn’t help but laugh softly. It was true, she had been such a well-behaved child and forever idolized her mother…even to this day. But so much had changed from the day she had met Joffrey for the first time. To reflect on a time when she was so quiet was humorous in a time of sorrow. But soon the conversation steered back to Joffrey, and the princess felt an ache in her chest. She too remembered that horrible time when she felt her fiance had forsaken her. She lay in an inn dying, and she felt like her world was ending. There was no point living if she could not do so with her dark prince. And yet, there was a war waging between her own blood and her one true love. Life was truly cruel.

Love did conquer all as her mother proceeded to state, but could it really stop a war between all that Selene herself loved? Feeling torn and broken, she turned to look at her mother. A war was happening whether they liked it or not. Either Joffrey or Henry would die, and Selene would be heartbroken no matter what. And what if her husband killed her father? Surely her own life would end from the loss. What was going to happen to her baby?

So many negative thoughts swirled around in her mind. But she knew she had to be strong. Tempest was her daughter, her own flesh and blood, born from the very love that the world condemned. Nothing could destroy it. Smiling faintly as she thought of the strength Tempest brought to both families, Selene looked at her mother with tears in her eyes “I just wish my daughter was here to wait with me.”
It was true. The princess longed for her daughter to be here, as well as her son. But looked at his grieving mother after Tempest had stormed out and had no words. Bowing to his mother and grandmother, he slipped out to find solace in the library.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 20, 2013 01:32PM
After Sirus had left, Tempest found herself walking around the castle in a dazed state, her thoughts everywhere at once. She didn’t know what possessed her to kiss the man. She barely knew him for Heaven’s sake. But he’d been kind to her when she was within his mother’s kingdom and she felt as if she owed him a kindness in return.

But when he’d laid hands on her and kissed her like that?

It made her tingle still thinking of it.

She wandered around the unfamiliar halls, watching servants and errant knights run about, doing whatever it was they were supposed to be doing.

She passed the open doors of the castle’s library, taking a quick peek inside. She would have continued down the hall but a familiar head of honey-colored hair caught her attention and she backtracked. Stepping into the library, her steps were light on the flagstones as she approached the figure bent over one of the more heavier tomes.

“Hello, Lucan.” Tempest greeted softly.

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November 21, 2013 08:28AM
Castle Library

Lucan stood before a vast mapping table, different charts and maps scattered around. In one hand, he held a thick leather book that was filled with different war strategies. His other hand was busy dragging his pointer finger from place to place as if he were coming up with a strategy all his own. He felt utterly useless to his family. The young warlock didn’t know enough to fight, and yet he wished to defend his family just as his grandfather was. So here he was, finding solace if the vast amount of books and maps offered to him.
When he heard the pleasant sound of his sister’s voice, Lucan glanced up to offer a small smile to his sister. “Hello, Tempest. Do you wish to join me?” One of the castle servants was close by and seemed to have a fondness for the young wizard. When Lucan glanced towards her and reached out for his tankard of mead, she blushed furiously and bowed her head. Despite being born out of wedlock, it seemed Lucan was able to capture respect like a royal. He chuckled softly before looking at Tempest once more as he brought the tankard to his lips “Would you care for some honeymead? It is quite excellent.”

The servant girl walked over and bowed her head politely with a gentle smile, one hand holding the tray with the other gestured towards the mead. As Lucan waited to see if his sister would partake in a drink with him, he searched her face warily. After a moment or two, he asked quietly “Are you as troubled as I am? “ Lucan chose his words carefully. He despised Joffrey himself for what he was doing to his family, but he knew that the prince was still Tempest’s father. He would have to be be respectful.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 21, 2013 12:38PM
Throne Room


Metia watched her daughter, Selene, with a small smile upon her face. Clarice was already removing herself from Metia’s lap, as she just sat down at her feet, and keep playing with her turtle, the little princess seemed to be more interested on her own turtle, even tho deep inside she was caring about this matter, about this entire war, and she feared something bad would happen to her father, she had never met Joffrey before so she doesn’t care about him, whoever, she cares about her sister, Selene, and she knows if this Joffrey dies, Selene will be devastated, even tho that man isn’t the same anymore. Her mother says love conquers all, but it can also fuck up everything, right?
Whenever Metia noticed Selene’s eyes getting redder as she was about to cry again, Metia quickly removed herself from her throne and walked up to Selene as she got on her knees and wrapped her arms around her daughter, tightly, hugging her with the all love she had, and giving it all to her daughter, the strength both wanted and the support they needed.
“Its going to be okay, just give Tempest some space, she will be fine. She’s still a young lady, and sooner or later will understand it is not her fault. Sometimes what she really needs is space from her mother and company from somebody else or just alone.”
Metia whispered into Selene’s ear, as she began to play slowly with Selene’s hair and caress her back with her other hand, still hugging her daughter. She was simple telling Selene what she used to do when her children were younger, she gave them space once she knew that they really didn’t wanted her around, or they needed time to deal with their problems alone and have the solution alone.
Metia pulled back and stared at her daughter’s face as she tucked a bang of her hair behind her ear.
“Whatever happens, you will at least always have your mother love.”
Metia told her with a warming smile.

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November 21, 2013 09:12PM
Lucan looked up at the sound of her voice and spared a small smile for her. “Hello, Tempest. Do you wish to join me?”

“Yes, thank you.” Tempest nodded, slipping into the chair beside him.

“Would you care for some honeymead? It is quite excellent.”

“No,but thank you for the offer.” she replied. There was a silence between the two as he continued pouring over charts and graphs.

“Are you as troubled as I am?”

“A little.” Tempest replied, staring at her hands. And then her anguish and heartbreak began to pour out of her. “This whole thing is my fault, Lucan and I don’t know how to fix it! If I had just done what my grandfather asked, none of this would be happening! And now..it’s too late! I’m going to lose my family!” Tempest felt tears welling up in her eyes and flow down her cheeks. “And now there’s a man out there…a fae prince…fighting in a war that’s not even his to fight…all because of me! If he dies…” She covered her mouth with her hand to muffle the sob that wanted to escape her throat. “I wish I was dead.” she mumbled sadly. “Everybody would be better off if I was no longer alive.”

Some would have been horrified by her words, how she wished she was dead. The guilt of her actions was eating her alive and she didn’t know how she was going to bounce back from the hurt and the pain she was feeling. Her life was worth nothing to her anymore. She just wanted the people she hurt to be safe and whole.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 22, 2013 11:20AM
Throne Room

Selene watched as her sister played with the turtle. The younger princess seemed so content to play by herself that she found herself envying Clarice. Her life seemed so perfect in her own little world. When tears began to fall, she was surprised when her mother got up to kneel before her with a hug. It seemed so much had changed with her parents. Leaning forward, Selene wrapped her arms around Metia and closed her eyes. With her mother’s affections, the world seemed a tad bit brighter. Listening to her mother give her advice on Tempest, Selene knew she was right. Tempest needed her space, and it was often something she needed herself when she felt frustrated.
Pulling back to look at her mother, she said “I just hope that she stays safe.” Seeing her mother’s smile, she offered a weak smile in return.
Soon Magda returned in a simple yet elegant dark blue dress that brought out her eyes. It fit her perfectly while keeping her modestly covered as she should be in the angel realm. Walking into the room, it was then that she noticed the stranger that came in with Tempest. Stepping cautiously towards him, she asked politely “Do you seek an audience with the king and queen?”
The Library

As his sister slipped in the chair beside him, Lucan sat down and neglected the charts. Crossing his legs like a gentleman, he looked over at Tempest while placing his hands on his knee “Of course” he responded in regards to her preferring not to drink.

Soon the princess began to spill about her feelings and what her part had played in the war. Lucan listened politely and intently as she spoke, his head nodding every so often as he pondered silently. Seeing her so distraught only increased his anger towards Joffrey further but he would not speak based on his own prejudices.

When the fae prince was mentioned, the young warlock raised an eyebrow with intrigue and smiled faintly “My dearest sister, are you in love?” Waving a hand so she did not feel obligated to answer that, he continued “Yes, I am sure things would have been a bit different if you went with a powerful king’s decree. However, that is the past and what’s done is done. But the prince is waging a war against our mother’s kingdom. A kingdom that is known to be peaceful. You cannot blame yourself for your father’s corruption.”
As Lucan spoke, he wanted to speak foully of the demon prince. And yet, he himself had been born out of dark magic. How could he judge a situation he did not know everything about. With a deep sigh, he spoke quietly “I truly believe Joffrey would not do something to hurt mother and yourself so. There must be something else going on. Something you cannot blame yourself for.” Leaning forward, he grabbed Tempest’s hands “I do not wish you were dead. Yes, you may have acted poorly on behalf of your father and the demon king. But you are young. You know how imperfect your own parents are. Feeling sorry for yourself will not keep your knight alive.”

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 22, 2013 04:36PM
-As Ryo empties his flask, he bends down and puts it back into his left boot, where it belonged. As he sits back up, he sees the woman walking toward him.-

Stepping cautiously towards him, she asked politely “Do you seek an audience with the king and queen?”

-He felt like a worm being dangled in front of a fish, but wanted to be as polite as he could, so he stands up, removing his hood an bows his head to her-

“Honestly, I am not sure, ma’am. I arrived here with Lady Tempest, but it seems that there are more pressing matters here… But if I would have left, I would have been seen as a spy. I do not need any more beings hunting me down. So, I guess what I am saying is that at the very least, I do not want to make an enemy of this kingdom.”

-He felt a little unease as he stood there. He was not sure what she would say.-

-He thinks to himself- I am not sure what will happen here, but whatever the outcome will be, I will accept it.


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 23, 2013 09:27PM

“Of course I blame myself! If I had just done what I was asked…and now it’s too late.”

She looked away from her brother, her tears leaving silver trails down her cheeks. He reached over and took her hands.

“I truly believe Joffrey would not do something to hurt mother and yourself so. There must be something else going on. Something you cannot blame yourself for….I do not wish you were dead. Yes, you may have acted poorly on behalf of your father and the demon king. But you are young. You know how imperfect your own parents are. Feeling sorry for yourself will not keep your knight alive.”

“He is not my knight.” she declared hotly, her body language screaming “denial”. And it was somewhat true. Sirus and his family had been kind to her when she was in need. She owed them a debt she wasn’t sure she could repay. And now he was out there with her grandfather. “And I would truly hate myself more than I already do if he were to come to harm.” she whispered.

Without waiting for Lucan to reply, Tempest rose to her feet and strode from the library.

Castle Courtyard

Some of the servants were staring at the young princess in awe. She was standing in the middle of the courtyard with her golden wings extended to their fullest width. Her blonde hair was blowing around her as if caught in an invisible wind and her eyes were closed. She looked almost Angelic and they wondered if she was of the Holy Lands much like the Thrones of the Lord. One brave soul approached Tempest, a hand out to touch her. Tempest’s eyes snapped open and her eyes flared red.

“Don’t touch me!” she snarled, her demon fangs clearly visible in her mouth. The poor boy jumped back in fright and the others realized she was more her father’s daughter than her mother’s. Tempest crouched low to the ground and with a single flap of her majestic wings, launched herself into the sky.

She flew around the battlements under the watchful gaze of the guards, who had been warned beforehand that Tempest was a hybrid and to give her space when she needed it.

She flew in a circle around the castle, higher and higher until she was near the tallest tower at the tallest part of the castle. Like a majestic bird of prey, she landed upon its roof and from there she had a perfect view of the battle. She could see dust clouds in the distance of the approaching demon horde and she could make out her grandfather upon his horse as the encampment at the training grounds was slowly dismantled.

She crouched upon the roof, head bent as the skies overhead opened up and the rain began to fall.

“Please…keep them safe…keep my family safe.” she whispered.


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 25, 2013 10:59AM
Throne Room

Madga looked at the stranger curiously, wondering what his purpose was here. But as he stated why he was here, the mermaid looked around curiously. Tempest seemed to not be here anymore and she wondered silently if the princess was all right. Her blue eyes fell on Selene inquisitively before she looked back at the stranger. She seemed clearly confused while looking at him.
“Well…I…um. I am Magda, Princess Selene’s handmaiden. I can assure you, the last thing this kingdom needs is a spy.” Her eyes searched his face before she asked “Why were you traveling with Princess Tempest?” Realizing she was being rude by asking so many questions, she smiled weakly and added “Forgive me if I appear rude. Everything is just so hectic now.”

Castle Library

Lucan watched his sister’s outburst silently. She seemed so convinced that she had to be down on herself, and he was done doting on her feelings. Things were far too bad now to sit here and stroke his sister’s conscience. Tempest felt it was her fault and no matter what anyone said, it was how she would continue to feel.

Still saying nothing as tears rolled down her eyes, the young warlock just sighed heavily. Before he could manage to even say anything, she was storming off yet again. Lucan crossed his arms and stared at the empty seat before him. Everything was just a mess.

Selene was in a daze with his grandmother, Magda was dealing with her own loss, and Tempest was completely down in the dumps. Could he help no one?

Still silent, Lucan picked up the leather book again and began to absorb himself in his reading once more. It was all he really could do at this point. 

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 25, 2013 11:50AM

]”Well…I…um. I am Magda, Princess Selene’s handmaiden.

-He listens to her as she speaks to him, taking note of her nervousness. He listened to her closely, trying to pick out any underlying threats. It had become a habit of his to do this, never really trusting anyone. Was he a fool, or did he just trust too much of others, especially those he had just met.

Why were you traveling with Princess Tempest?” 

“No need to apologize, I completely understand, Miss Magda. I am a refugee, a fugitive on the run. I had been in the mountains, hiding out for a few days, and one night, the princess had found the light from the cave and came in. It had been a long time since I had the privilege to hold a conversation with another. I found that she did not repulse me, and once we drifted off to sleep, we were attacked by trolls, and she diverted their attention momentarily. I followed her here because I would not have survived the onslaught of attacks, and could not stay there an longer. I though that I would have been a little more accepted here, though I knew not of the affairs that were coming loose here.”

-He sat there, looking to the woman as he spoke. Once he finished, he looked down. He was not sure why, but he thought to himself that it would be better if he just told the complete truth, what they did with him from there was becoming more and more inconsequential.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 26, 2013 09:01AM
Throne Room

Magda offered a small smile when he said he understood and went on to explain how he was on the run. It made sense to her that someone would seek refuge in a peaceful angelic kingdom such as this. From what the handmaiden had seen, both the king and queen were quite welcoming. However, at the moment, everything seemed a bit broken. Princess Selene was in a daze and worried about her family, Queen Metia worried for her family as well, and Lucan and Tempest were nowhere to be seen in the throne room.
As Ryo explained the troll attacks, worry crossed her face “The princess was attacked by trolls? Are her parents even aware of this?” With a sigh, she realized he probably didn’t know that.

Turning away from him, she ran a hand through her hair before exhaling slowly. This was just a mess. Glancing at him once more, she offered another small smile “Would you like me to fetch you anything to drink? I suppose you are a guest here in the castle now.”

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
December 04, 2013 07:42PM
The Castle Grounds

As Lucius magic had foreshadowed, the Queen of Elves and young Lady Karena were transported back to Haven Castle in a flash of blinding light. Some guards came running at them, but immediately recognized the noble and Queen form earlier. “We wish to speak with Queen Metia. However, there is an item I require urgently that only the young Lady can attain.” The guards nodded and stood aside a bit to let Celandiam speak with Karena. “Do you remember where you were born?” Karena though a moment before responding. “Yes. In the mountains, at Angel’s home.” Celandiam nodded and continued after the Lady answered. “The item is hidden there, among the floorboards. The item is the key to a chamber below the… house itself, where the real object I require is hidden. It will not be easy to retrieve, but you can signal Lucius from the location and he will transport you back. You will only have to fly there. Do you remember how to find it?” Karena glanced at the guards and nodded, then spread her greyed wings. She’d never had the blessing of white wings, because of her mother’s possession during the pregnancy. She, fortunately, had also never been taught the difference between black and white winged angels, so she did not know the significance of her misfortune.

As soon as Karena took flight, Celandiam turned back to the guards and raised a single pale eyebrow. They immediately stood at attention and bowed to her, then turned to lead her to the queen.

Castle Halls

“I will wait here for the young Lady Karena, good knights. Thank you.” The Casterly guards looked at each other worriedly when the Queen of Elves suddenly stopped walking, but they simply nodded. One went to fetch Prince Lucan so that he be aware of the audience that was going to be requested of his grandmother, and the other went to make said grandmother Queen Metia aware of the audience as well.

Castle Library

“M’lord, Queen Celandiam of the Free Elves and Lady Karena Jameson of Stormwind are to seek an audience with our own Queen when the young Lady returns. Do you wish to attend?” The guard seemed nervous, but perhaps it was because the Daughter of the Moon was more beautiful than any woman he’d ever laid eyes upon. And Lady Jameson wasn’t far behind her.

Throne Room

As the second guard entered the great throne room, he kneeled before Queen Metia and her daughters and bowed his had. “My Queen, Queen Celandiam of the Free Elves, Daughter of the Moon, has sent two powerful warriors among our knights and King to fight House Brax. Her companion, Lady Karena Jameson, daughter of the late Lady Johanna and missing Lord Karl Jameson of Stormwind, has gone to acquire something for Queen Celandiam. When the young Lady returns, they wish to request an audience with you and the princesses.” He kept his head down when he finished, hoping he had worded everything correctly.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
December 05, 2013 11:57AM
Throne Room


Metia stared at her daughter into her eyes, as she kept her arms slowly around her body, so she could still comfort Selene.Metia could see that Selene was a bit surprised on seeing Metia hugging her like this, but time did change everybody, and changed a lot Metia, now she’s way better than before. Whenever Selene said she hoped Tempest would be safe, Metia simple nodded, its not like her guards would stop doing their work, even if the war is going on, right? And there’s Lucan as well for Tempest, maybe the both of them can get to know more each other, and get a long, maybe a company of a sibling is needed, who knows.
As Metia was having her time with Tempest some guard decided to step in, and say something. Metia stood up from the ground, and stared down at the guard, as she heard his words. It seems the Queen Celandiam of the Free elves, wanted to have a chat with her. She sent two powerful warriors among her knights and her king to fight House Brax, she was glad this Queen done such thing, and she wouldn’t mind to have a chat with this Queen, even tho her husband is out there, fighting for his kingdom, all she can do now is just pray everything goes fine, and she never prays, she never believed in such thing, and yet, she’s feeling something that makes her want to pray, even tho she doesn’t believe in such things.
“Alright, tell them that I allow and invite them into my castle for the audience.”
Metia told the guard, as the man simple bowed and went tell the others about this.
Clarice was still on the ground, leaning her back against her mother’s throne, she kept on playing with her turtle, yet her ears was focused on everything, her eyes wasn’t watching much, but she was still pretty much aware of what is going on, and is feelings the pain the others does as well, maybe not as much as they do, but enough.


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December 06, 2013 03:26PM
The Skies above Haven Castle



If one were to be watching the war unfold from high above, to the east they would see the red glow of the battle between Angel and Demon forces, right on the borders of the Vaas and Night lands. The dull roar of the battle could be heard for many many miles, and no doubt this would leave the people of the Vaas wondering if their Knights and soldiers would be coming home….or going to meet their maker.

But…from the north, a dreaded sight. For the Women, the Witches, Vampires and all dark females were now riding on beasts and brooms, heading straight for the Vaas lands, and to seize a window of opportunity against the royals of the Casterly.

Headed in the front of the large swarm, was none other than Minerva and her three sisters. Each looking frightful and wicked, with their hair flowing about them, their silken black robes billowing, as they cackled and whooped, not caring who heard them.


“Almost there…I can taste that angelic aura…fly faster!” Minerva urged, as Portia giggled and sang, flying in behind her. Ethel was licking her lips in anticipation of tasting Tempest’s essence.

“I smell….I smell….”

“You do actually.” Delilah said, who was riding in behind her..


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December 06, 2013 03:57PM
Haven Castle – Tower


The rain continued to fall as the battlegrounds became damp with the blood of the fallen. Angels and Demons alike fell to their foes and Tempest simply wished it would all stop. Tears mixed with the rain upon her face as the sounds of the battle echoed across the lands to where she sat, still upon the roof of the tower.

A cackling drew her attention away from the battlefield and she looked northward. A dark swarm, which she at first mistook for a storm cloud, was heading in her direction. As the darkness moved closer, she realized it was no cloud. It was a coven of witches.

“Oh no!” Tempest whispered to herself. She realized the implications of this. With most of the men out in the battle, the castle and its inhabitants were left virtually unprotected. “Mother! Grandmother!” she gasped. She stood quickly and unfurled her wings. Shaking the water from her form, she launched herself from the tower and began making her way to the ground. She had to put out the warning so the others could get to safety. She would not let another member of her family come to harm. Not if she could help it.

But would she be able to call out the alarm in time?

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
December 09, 2013 09:47AM
Throne Room

Selene was enjoying the comfort from her mother when she heard others being announced. Sitting up in her throne, she looked down at the guests curiously. It was hardly the time to be entertaining, but it appeared the elves had sent reinforcements to help with the war. Offering a polite smile, she said nothing. Metia was handling the business herself and the princess was dealing with her own inner turmoil.
She was happy to hear that her father would be protected…but she still felt so torn about her husband being in the war. Was he even her husband anymore? Did he love her? What of their family? So many thoughts and doubts clouded her mind that she hardly was the princess her mother could be proud of.

Castle Library

Lucan was once more reading in the library when he was interrupted yet again. Glancing up, he raised an eyebrow as the man announced his news “My audience? I suppose I ought to attend. It would be wise to check on my mother.” It seemed he was speaking more to himself than the man, but it didn’t matter to him. Stepping around the table, he offered a polite smile“Shall we?”
As he stepped by, it was then that he noticed the fair maiden. Pausing in his steps, his smile grew as he bowed “A pleasure to meet you, m’lady. I am Lucan Casterly. Will you give me the honor of escorting you?” Taking her hand, he brushed his lips over her soft skin before tucking her hand under his arm. Looking down at her with a boyish smile, he waited for her permission to lead her to the throne room.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
December 09, 2013 05:47PM
Castle Haven – THE ATTACK!


The sky grew dark, with rolling clouds that splintered lightning bolts. The ominous sound of thunder rolling across the plains and mountains signaled that a storm was brewing, but in fact, this was no ordinary storm, no….this was the signal of a diabolical force that was on the wind, using extraordinary powers granted to some of earth’s most evil females. Cackling laughter, hooting and screaming obscenities, had gathered on mass in a force that few had seen before. The grand aerial procession began to circle the castle turrets, with hair flowing wild and free from witches large and small, dark and tall. A dark shadow befell the castle Haven and many windows from the smallest room, to the grand throne room were blasted open, cracking with a blue energy no one would have ever seen before. Curtains billowed and those that had gathered in rooms across the castle may well be dumbfounded by the unnatural event taking place. Witches, Vampires, dragons of night, goblins, necromancers…an ominous sight.

“BEHOLD…THE ROYAL JEWEL, SISTERS!” Screamed Minerva who rode high upon her ancient broom.

And then it happened, whizzing through each open door and window, the black clothed army arrived on mass, causing paintings to fall off walls, statues to collapse.

Throne Room

Witches…witches three and their leader arrived in the Throne room through the opened balcony window, and lept off their broomsticks, and stood tall amongest angel and elf folk. Behind them, vampires emerged from sweeping black mist, and the crowd grew to a size that would overwhelm those within.

In the midst of this corrupt crew, was Minerva, who wore the King of Brax’s collar, its jewel gleaming with a radiation of power. She glanced side to side and then snarled as she saw the Queen and her daughter Clarice.

“What..have we here? The -tries not to laugh- Angel Queen and her…ch…ch…child. PORTIA…get the kid!”

Portia licked her lips and flicked back her hair, moving at lightning speed and clasping the girl around the throat, lifting her up and off the ground.

“Like this?” She squealed, shaking the girl as though she was a fish.

“Like that…yes.” Minerva laughed, as Rashna unfurled her wings from behind her in a show of strength.


Portia stuck out her tongue at Rashna and said simply. “No.”


In the mean time, Ethel was sniffing the air. “I smell….I smell….TEMPEST!” Ethel said with a gasp, as Delilah jumped up and down clapping her hands. “Finally…we will be BEAU-TI-FUL” she said, smoothing back her hair and showing off her over sized mole.


Minerva didn’t care for all that, she had her sights set on the Queen, Metia.


“SO…You’re the one my King, my MASTER told me all about. How…on earth you came to be Queenie of all this, is beyond me. What did you do to blind the King to what you…TRULY are? Hmm? She said with a menacing stare. “Well, doesn’t matter…you are going to meet with MY King again……right…about…NOW!”

At this moment, the jewel within her collar glowed brightly, showing a rainbow of color that then streamed out and formed bolts of light, that moved with the eerie look of snake like streams, gathering around Metia, and turning into a cage, that looked to harden like steel. A trap of sorts, that made her look like a bird in a cage.

The other witches and vampires all laughed and hooted, to see this show of power.

The battle to kidnap the Queen had begun…..