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Re: {RP} The Marulo Estate
December 07, 2013 07:46AM
Jaws dropped around the room and one poor servant fainted dead away at the sight of the two men practically devouring each other before the entire household. Elvira covered her mouth in surprise, finding the sight of her son kissing another man quite…breathtaking. Dominique was staring as well, mouth dropped open in shock. It was a side of her brother she’d never seen before…and she was slightly envious.As the kiss ended, Sam made a show of slapping Damion on the ass for good measure before Damion caught the look on his father’s face. He did not look amused.

Sam turned to face his father. “Count Virgo Marulo. My name is Sam Malone, and I am in love with your son.” he stated.

Jonathon dropped his fork with shock as Virgo stood from his seat and approached his son and his son’s mate. Damion gripped Sam’s hand and stood behind him, worried all over again.

“Do you now?” Virgo questioned, his eyes on Sam.

“Yes Sir…I do. I love him….and I am prepared to fight for him. I am his Alpha…his soul mate. Only death will separate me from him…not you.” Sam stated. Damion buried his face in Sam’s back and prayed.

“Virgo, please!” Elvira whispered, her fingers clutching at the back of the chair she stood next to. Dominique was watching her mother with some concern.

Re: {RP} The Marulo Estate
December 07, 2013 08:02AM
Dining Hall

The young alpha was not being cocky, when he said his statement, far from it. He was being honest and up front about his love for Virgo and Elvira’s son. He stood with a determined expression, one that showed he would not back down, in the face of Damion’s father’s wrath. Sam could feel Damion burying his face in Sam’s back, and this only gave him more drive, more depth of feeling, to push on.

“Virgo, please!” Elvira whispered, and both men looked over at her, before returning their gaze on the other.

Virgo was the first to speak.

“You understand in this day and age that homosexuality is frowned on in society, that it is illegal.” The alpha spoke with a hardened tone, making it clear, that he wanted both his son and Sam to understand.

“And Sir, do you realize that if the humans figured out what we were, there would be a massive witch hunt, the scale this world has ever seen? Yes, I understand perfectly well how society dictates on love and relationships. How the church views all manner of creatures…. *he shot a look at Elvira and Dominique* “of sin…demonized. You…like I have had to hide well what we truly are. What difference is it, in the fact that we; Damion and I are both men. Love is love, regardless of gender or creed. No matter the colour of your skin…or fur.”

At this point, Johnathon rose from his chair, and decided to speak

“The young Alpha is right. They may be viewed as corrupt and going against God’s law, but really…all God wants is for love and understanding. These two lads show that. Look at them. The young wolf is willing to die for his love. I am pretty sure that you yourself Virgo…were willing to do the same thing for your beloved Elvira. You almost died. I know….I was the one that sent Evangeline. If God truly forsaken all dark creatures, you would not be here today. Show them the same mercy…that you were shown, the day you fought for love.”

At this..Virgo bowed his head. How could he have forgotten. The day he fought his own brother, to prove his worth as Alpha and to protect his mate…even if it killed him.

“Son….forgive me.” He said humbly, to Damion.


Re: {RP} The Marulo Estate
December 07, 2013 08:28AM
Being reminded of what he faced to protect his own mate, and the mother of his children was exactly what Virgo needed to hear. And to know that it was Jonathon himself who’d sent Evangeline in their direction was more then Elvira could have ever imagined. She could have kissed Jonathon for his foresight.Damion peeked over Sam’s shoulder and saw his father had bowed his head.

“Son….forgive me.” he heard Virgo state. Without hesitation, Damion released Sam’s hand and stepped up to his father.

“Father…I’ll always forgive you.” Damion stated, placing his hand on his sire’s shoulder. “You and Mum…have given me and Dominique so much. But now it’s time for us to make our own way in the world. Whether that means we find our own true loves or not, first and foremost, my loyalty is to you and Mum and our family. Family that now includes Sam.” Damion stated, taking Sam’s hand in his own.

Elvira stepped to her mate’s side and grasped his hand, kissing Virgo’s cheek. “I was trying to get you to see that, love.” she smiled, no longer angry. “And I would no more kick you from our bed then I would throw Sally out into the cold.” she whispered in his ear.